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ty, Dr. Pfeiffer, principal. In 18.59 he began serv-
ing an apprenticeship to the printing trade in the
office of the Gettysburgh Star. For some years he
did journey worli, but spent most of his time in the
Patriot office at Harrisburg. During the time
spent at Gettysburgh he was also a law student un-
der Hon. Moses McCIain. In November, 1865, he
came to Hanover and purchased the Hanover Cit-
izen, which he conducted until 1879, when on ac-
count of ill health he was forced to abandon jour-

1 nalistic work. He has been a life-long supporter of
the Democratic party, and for many years he has
taken an active part in politics. He was married,
in 1865, to Miss Mary E. Doan, a daughter of Dr.
George Doan. Four children have lieen born to
this marriage, viz. ; Jlilton, Albert, George N. and
Alda M. He is a Mason and a member of the Re-
formed Church.

REV. HENRY HILBISH, pastor of the Second
Reformed Church of Hanover, is a native of Free-
burgh, Snyder Co., Penn., was born September 13,
1836, and is the sixth in a. family of seven children
born to Henry and Elizabeth (Keller) Hilbish, and
is of German descent. His parents were liorn in
Montgomery County, Penn., the father in 1790,and
the mother 'in 1801. The former died in 18.i8. and
the latter two years prior. His great-grandfathef



■was one of three brothers who were born in Ger-
many and came to America in 1749, and settled in
Montgomery County. Penn., and there the grand-
father of Rev. H. was born. Rev. H. was educated
at Freeburgh, Snyder Co., Penn. He studied the-
ology under a private tuto';, and at the age of twen-
ty-one entered the ministry. He preached one year
in his native county, and then went to Dauphin
County; he there preached some time and then
went to Berks County, and thence to Ohio, where
he remained until 1880, when he came to Hanover,
and here lias since been, and is a most eifioient and
successful clergyman, and was the leading spirit in
the erection of the Second Reformed Church of
Hanover. He was married. May 10, 1858, to Miss
Mary Whitmer, a native of Juniata County, Penn.,
and has had born to him eight children.

DR. CHARLES A. KAIN, born in York Coun-
ty , April 17, 1853, is a son of John and Susanna
(May) Kain. He attended the common schools, and
Ijegan teaching in the various schools of the
county at the age of seventeen. xVfter teaching
about five years he began a course of study under
Dr. J. M. Kilmore, of York County, preparatory to
his profession of veterinary surgeon. He located
in Manchester, York County, and in 1882 removed-
to Hanover, where he has since practiced his pro-

married, in 1878, to Miss Caroline,
daughter of Henry and Sarah Bower. They have
two children; Herbie B., born in January, 1879;
.tnd Charles E., born April, 1880. The Doctor is a
member of the Lutheran Church.

STEPHEN KEEPER was born in West Vir-
ginia, November, 29, 1816, and is a son of Joseph
and Mary Keefer, natives^ of the same State. He
remained at home with his parents until the age
of eighteen, when he was apprenticed to learn the
carpenter trade, and remained at this business
twelve years. He then moved to Hanover, and was
engaged for thirteen years in the grocery business,
where he laid the foundation of an ample fortune.
Mr. Keefer was elected a director of the First Na-
tional Bank of Hanover, when it was organized,
which position he held four years; he was then
elected cashier and served six years, but resigned
this position to seek a more active vocation. He
then became prominently identified with the rail-
road interest of this section of York County, be-
coming a director in the Hanover Junction, Han-
over & Gettysburg Railroads, and Baughman Val-
ley, Berlin Branch and Hanover and Baltimore and
Baltimore & Harrisburg Railroads; is a director of
the Hanover Gas Company, helped to organize the
Hanover Water Company, and is now president and
general superintendent of it. At the organization
of the Hanover Agricultural Society, he was elected
president. Always having been an ardent support-
er of the Republican party, he was elected county
commissioner in 1880. and performed the duties of
that office with signal ability, showing an extensive
knowledge of business. In this official capacity
he made many warm friends in both political par-
ties of York County. His marriage to Catherine,
daughter of David and Susan Bixler, occurred
December 24, 1842. His second marriage was to
Miss Susan, daughter of Rudolph and Elizabeth
Forry, of York, Penn., and was solemnized May
18, 18.58. Mr. Keefer is a member of the Reformed
Church, and his present wife of St. Mark's Luth-
eran Church of Hanover. He has always been a
public spirited citizen and has done much to im-
prove the material interests of Hanover. He was
elected burgess of Hanover, February, 1885.

ARNOLD KLEFF, hotel keeper, was born on
the river Rhine, nearSeegburg, in Prussia, Germany,
April 9, 1831, and came to America August 27, 1847,
where he landed at Baltimore. Until 1865 he was
clerking for Canfield Bros. & Co., jewelers, and

traveled for them six years. In 1868 he opened the
Montour House at Westminster, Md., and con-
ducted it four years, after which he commenced deal-
ing in agricultural implements and traveled a great
deal in the South until 1874, after which he re-
moved to New York City, where he began dealing
in notions. In 1875 he returned to Baltimore — to
Canfield Bros. & Co., and in 1877 he took charge of
the Diller House at Hanover, Penn., which he kept
until 1880, when he leased the Central Hotel, at the
same place, which he has kept since. May 12,
1853, he was married at Baltimore to Annie McGraw,
of tijat city, who died in 1860, leaving two chil-
dren: John N. and William (deceased). January 26,
1864, he was married to Gertrude Voshell, a native
of Maryland, and of French descent. They have
five children; Harry V., Annie H., Gertrude H.,
Arnold J. and Charles. The family are members
of the Catholic Church. The father of Mr. KlefE
came to America on a visit in 1854, but returned to
Germany, where he died.

BARTON H. KNODE, editor and publisher of
The Hanover Citizen and Der Hanuver Citizen
(the latter being published in German), was born at
Jones' Cross Roads, Washington Co., Md., April
19, 1851. He was educated at the public schools,
but had little oppdrtuiiy for attendance even at
those institutions — his father being a farmer, sub-
ject's assistance was required in that capacity. He
served an apprenticeship on the Boonesborough
(Md.) Odd Fellow, beginning in 1868. After his
apprenticeship, he held positions on the Baltimore
American and Baltimore Sun, as a compositor,
afterward obtaining a position in the Government
printing department of Washington, D. C, solely
on his abilities as a first-class compositor. In that
office his abilities were justly recognized by pro-
motion, until he was finally placed on "bill" work
and "rule and figure'' work, the highest . grade of
general composition. In the early spring of 1875
he was compelled to resign his position because of
the failure of his health. Retiring to the country
home of liis parents, however, by the careful and
tender nursing of a true and affectionate mother,
he was soon fully restored to his accustomed good
health, In the early summer of that year he made
his first venture in journalism by taking charge of
the Mechanicstown (Md.) Clarion during its pro-
prietor's protracted illness. Mr. Knode conducted
the Clarion for eight months in a most successful
and profitable manner, when the establishment was
sold. In December, 1875, he purchased the Littles-
town (Penn.) News, and conducted that paper with
credit and ability until June, 1879, when he suc-
ceeded to the proprietorship of the two papers
which he now so ably conducts. Since having
charge of these two journals he has conducted them
in the same channel as his illustrious predecessor
(Mr. William Heltzel) and enjoys the confidence,
esteem and respect of his neighbors, acquaint-
ances, and the political party (Democratic) whose
principles he loves and advocates. Mr. Knode's
acquaintances include a large circ'e of eminent
men of both political parties, and his influence at
home and throughout the country is extensive and
much sought after. He has been a member of the
order of A. F. & A. M. since 1875, and has for
many years been an active member of the I. O. O.
F., having "passed through the chairs" in both the
subordinate and encampment branches.

FRANCIS A. H. KOCH, "a physician of Han-
over, Penn., was born in York, Penn., August 31,
1830. His parents. Dr. Francis and Nancy (Hies-
tand) Koch, were of the pioneer families of the
county. His great-grandfather, who came from
Germany, settled in Dover before York Borough
was laid out. He has two brothers and three
sisters, one of whom is younger than himself. His



early education he received at the York County
Academy, and at the age of twenty he began read-
ing medicine with his father. In 1849 he entered
the University of Maryland, in Baltimore, and
graduated in 1852. He first practiced in York, but
removed to Hellam Township; returning, however,
to York in two years, and after a few months' stay
removed to Liverpool, York County, where he
practiced two years, then going to York again, and
from there, in one and a half years, to North
Codorus, where he remained sixteen years. In
1871 he came to Hanover where he has since re-
sided. In 1857 he was married at York, Penn., to
Annie M. DeHufE. daughter of Abraham DeHuff. of
Dlllsburg, and has had seven children: Abram (de-
ceased), Virginia, Annie E., Helen G., Francis
Abram, Susan and Edward TVilliam. He is a mem-
ber of the Masonic Lodge of York, of the York
County Medical Society, and was three times
elected chief burgess of Hanover.

REV. J. C. KOLLER, pastor of St. Matthew's
Lutheran Church. Hanover, Penn., was born Octo-
ber 34, 1839, in Springfield Township, York County,
a few miles northeast of Glen Rock. His parents
were Henry and Anna Mary Roller. He spent his
early years on the farm, and in teaching school, and
entered the preparatory deparJment of Pennsyl-
vania College, Gettysburgh, in the spring of 1860,
and graduated in 1865 — the valedictorian of his
class. He took a full course in the Theological
Seminary at the same place, and was licensed to
preach the Gospel by the West Pennsylvania Synod
at Chambersburgh, in September, 1867. He soon
after became pastor of the Glen Rock Evangelical
Lutheran Church, and remained there until the
spring of 1877. when he entered his present field of
labor as pastor of St. Matthew's Church, which
was organized in 1738. It is the second church of
that denomination, in point of age, in York County,
and with its communicant membership of 725 per-
sons, and nominal membership of over 1,000 per-
sons, is the largest congregation of the Lutheran
denomination in the county. Mr Roller is a
faithful and earnest worker, a close student and a
devoted pastor. He was married to Alice C,
daughter of William Heathcote, June 1, 1869.
They have one daughter and three sons.

JOSEPH LEIB. general freight and ticket agent
of the Hanover Junction, Hanover & Gettysburg
Railroad, was born in Hopewell Township, York
County, April 14, 1829, and is the sou of John and
Mary (Purkey) Leib, both natives of York County
and of German descent. His grandfather. Christian
Leib, also a native of the county, was a soldier in the
Revolutionary army, and bis father was a soldier
in the war of" 1813, and participated in the affair at
North Point near Baltimore, being one of 100
men. who went as defenders from his neigh-
borhood. He outlived them all and died at the age
of eighty-four. The Purkey family were, at an
early day, quite numerous' in the county, but Mr.
Leib's mother, who died at the age of seventy-five,
was the last of her father's family in its limits, the
rest having emigrated probably to the west. Joseph
Leib is the sixth son of a family |of eleven children,
ten of whom are living — nine sons and one
daughter. Four of the sons are railroad men; an
elder brother, John S.. has been treasurer of the
Northern Central Railway since 1854, and two
others are in Baltimore. The other members of
the family are farmers, one in Kansas, the rest in
York County. Mr. Leib was educated in the com-
mon schools, and followed farming until 18S5, when
he began railroadins as clerk in the Baltimore
freight office of the Northern Central Railway, and
in less than a month was appointed agent of the
same company at Hanover and filled that office
until 1876, when he was appointed general ticket

agent of the Hanover Junction, Hanover c% Gcitys-
burg Railroad, and in 1888 was appointed general
freight agent. His duties embrace the general
freight, ticket and auditing departments of the
coinpany. He was married at New Freedom,
Penn., in 1857, to Julia A., daughter of Peter Free,
for whom that town was named. They have two
children: Wilbur F., a railroad man by profession,
and Josephine H. 'The family are members of the
Methodist Church, of which Mr. Leib is a trustee.
He is recording scribe ofjHanover Division, No. 84,
S. of T.

REV. JAMES H. McCORD, resident minister
of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Hanover.was
born in Lewistown, Penn., January 15,^837: his
parents, James and Mary (Willis) McCord were
natives of Mifflin County, Penn., and of Irish and
English descent, respectively. They had four
children-two sons and two daughters-of whom Rev.
J. is the third now living. He was brought up and
educated at the public schools at Lewistown and at
the academy. When about sixteen years old he
entered Dickinson's Seminary at Williamsport.from
which he graduated in three years as A. B. He had
intended to study law, but being taken sick he
abandoned that idea and began to prepare for the
ministry. He at once entered conference and at
the end of two years was ordained deacon and after
four years, elder. He served as deacon for two
years in Frederick City, Md., and as elder in Balti-
more City three years, and Huntingdon Methodist
Episcopal Church for two years; at Danville, Penn.,
three years; Clearfield, Penn., two years; while at
the latter place he completed the church, which
cost $35,000. He then went to Tyrone for two years;
Waynesborough, three years; Gettysburg, three
years; Duncannon, Penn., one year; New Cumber-
land, Penn., three years; and in April, 1884,he came
to Hanover. During this time over 1,2.50 persons
were taken into the church. While in Baltimore he
married more couples than any other minister-300
in three years. He was married at Clearfield, Penn.,
March 13, 1871, to Clara Foley, daughter of Judge
W. C Foley. They have one child, Maggie, Rev,
McCord is a member of the R. A. M. of Frederick
City. He has repeatedly given lectures before col-
legiate institutes.

FRANKLIN G. Mc KINNEY, proprietor of the
Franklin Hotel, York'Street, Hanover, was born in
Adams County, Penn.' in 1842, and is a son of John
and Barbara (Wills) McKinney,of Irish and German
descent respectively. Brought up on a farm he re-
ceived a common school education and at the age
of nineteen began the trade of blacksmith, which he
followed eight years in Hanover, to which place he
came in 1855. In 1876 he became a brakeman and
afterward conducter on the Baltimore & Hanover
Railroad. In 1883 he bought and took charge of the
Franklin Hotel; which he has since conducted. He
was married in 1861 toMissLydiaLow.and they have
three children: Annie, Martha and William. Mr.
and Mrs. McKinney are members of the Catholic
Church. In politics he is a Democrat. He began
life a poor boy and has successfully made his own
way in the world.

JOHN A. MELSHEIMER, M. D., a promising
young physician of Hanover, Penn., was born at
that place January 13, 1858. His parents were
Lucius F. and Lucretia C. (Forney) Melsheimer, of
York County, and of German descent. John A. is
their only living child. His early education he re-
ceived at the schools of Hanover; later he attended
Dickinson's Seminai-y at Williamsport, from which
he graduated as A. B., in 1877. He then began to
read medicine with Dr. Snively, of Hanover, with
whom he studied for two years and then entered
Jefferson Medical College, from which he graduated
in 1883. Coming back to Hanover he stayed with



his old preceptor. Dr. Snively, for one year, and
tbeu, in April, 1884, began the practice of medicine
under his own name. The Doctor is very much
attached to his profession and devotes all his atten-
tion to it. December 23, 1884, lie was married to
Ella Trone, daughter of George E. and Amelia
Trone (deceased).»of York County.

REV. JOHN A. METZGER, A. M., resident
pastor of West Manheim charge (composed of St.
Bartholomew's, St. David's and St. Paul's Churches),
■was born at Liverpool (now Manchester Township),
York County. April .5, 1855. His parents were
Zachariah and Maria (Peiser) Metzger, of York and
Adams Counties, and of German and Polish descent
respectively. Rev. John A. is the youngest of three
children (one son and two daughters, one of the lat-
ter having died), and until his fifteenth year re-
mained on his father's farm, attending the public
schools. After that he attended" the Millersville
normal schools. When about nineteen years of
age he entered the York Academy to prepare him-
self for the Pennsylvania College at Gettysburg,
which he entered at twenty-one years of age with a
view of studying for the ministry. He graduated in
1880, and then entered the Theological Seminary,
where he remained until 1883. He came to Hanover
in July, 1883, to take charge of the congregations.
Three months previous to this he had already ac-
cepted the call, and had been licensed to preach in
1883, but in September, 1883, he was ordained as a
regular minister of the gospel at Carlisle, Penn.
September 25, 1883, he was married at Gettysburg,
Penn., to Mary C. Gulp, of Gett3'sburg, of German
descent, and like her husband a Lutheran. Rev.
Metzger devotes his whole time and attention to the
ministry. Having to attend three congregations,
and to preach in German and English, his duties
are necessarily many and burdensome, yet with the
spirit of a'true Christian, he attends to all his du-
ties with a cheerful spirit.

SAMUEL B. MYERS, son of John and Susan
(Bechtel) Myers, was born July 28, 1821, on the
homestead, where he has always resided, having
been reared to farming. October 10, 1844, Mr.
Myers married Magdaline Baer, daughter of David

and Polly ( ) Baer. Thirteen children were

born to them: David (deceased), Emanuel, Maria
(deceased), Susanna, John, Ezra. Sarah (deceased),
Elizabeth, Samuel, Abraham, Daniel, Magdaline
and Isaac (deceased). Daniel and Abraham are
school-teachers; at present they are at the State
Normal School at Shippensburg, Penn. September
6. 1881, our subject married Barbara Baer,- daughter
of Jacob and Barbara (Keagy) Baer, of Heidelberg
Township. Marlin Myers, the grandfather of our
subject, came from Lancaster County; his wife's
maiden name was Annie Dooner. Mr. Myers is
well and favorably known in his section of the
county, and is one of Penn Township's best citizens.
MAHLON H. NAILL was born in Taneytown,
Carroll Co., Md.. February 13, 1843. His parents,
William W. and Harriet (Kehn), were natives of
Maryland, and of German descent; they were mar-
ried in Carroll County. Md., where the father car-
ried on cabinet-making for a few years, but removed
to Ohio in 1849, where he died in 1851, leaving a
widow and two sons, of whom Mahlon H. is the
eldest. After the death of the father the widow re-
moved to Hanover, where she has since resided,
and where she brought up her sons. There she was
married to Samuel Trone, of Hanover, and has one
daughter— Catherine — now the wife of W. S. Gal-
latin. Mahlon H. began to learn the cigar-making
trade when about eleven years of age, and followed
it until 1877, working for his step-father, who was
a cigar manufacturer. His education he received
at the public schools of Hanover. .June 17, 1863,
he enlisted in Company 1, Twenty-sixth Pennsyl-

vania Volunteer Militia, and served during the
"emergency." Some three or four days before the
battle of Gettysburg he took part in a skirmish near
that place. May 20, 1869, he was married at Han-
over to Mary B. Long, daughter of Henry Long, of
Hanover, and has six sons: Harry C, George E.,
Irvin T., Maurice W., Elmer M. and Mahlon C.
Mr. Naill and wife are members of the St. Mark's
Lutheran Church of Hanover. Mr Naill is a mem-
ber of the Friendly Circle No. 19, B. U. H. F., of
Pennsylvania; is one of the orginal stockholders of
the Hanover Agricultural Society; was twice elected
assessor, and has held the office of postmaster since
1877, having been tirst appointed by President

H. C. RUTH, D. D. S., was born in York County,
in 1853; is a son of Henry and Louisa (Hoff) Ruth,
and is of English descent. His parents were also
born in York County. H is great-grandfather came
from England, and was an early settler in York
County. Our subject received a common school
education, and in 1869, began- the study of den-
tistry in Hanover under Dr.H. C. Derr, and now
has established an extended and successful practice.
He was married, in 1877. to Miss Ella S. Stine, a
native of Hanover, and a daughter of JohnR. Stine,
and is now the father of two children: J. Harry
and Austin S. The Doctor and Mrs. R. are mem-
bers of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, of Hanover,

AMBROSE SCHMIDT, born in Germany, Jan-
uary 11, 1834, is a son of Andrew and Catherine.
(Meisener) Schmidt, both natives of Germany. He
came to this country with his parents in 1843, and:
settled in the borough of York. Having served an
apprenticeship at the trade of mason in Germany,
he engaged in stone cutting and building soon after
his arrival at York. He assisted in tearing down
the old county jail at York and building the new
one. He continued at his trade until 1866, when he .
removed to Hanover, Penn., and engaged in the busi-
ness of beer brewing, to which he subsequently
added beer bottling and pop manufacturing, which
business he has profitably conducted to the present.
Mr. Schmidt was married. August 3, 1849, to Miss
Margaret, daughter of Anthony and Margaret Boll.
Six children have blessed this union, Catherine, born
April, 1850; Margaret, February 1853 ; Adam, De-
cember, 1854 ; Mary, April, 1857 ; John. August,
1859 ; and Ambrose O., October, 1863. Mr. Schmidt
and his family are all members of the Catholic

JAMES R. SCHMIDT, ex-recorder of York Coun-
ty, was born in 1830, is the son of Joseph W. and'
Catherine (Knaub) Schmidt, and is of German de-
scent. His father was born at Martinsburgh, Va..
in 1794, and when a young man came to York
County. The subject of this biography, in 1846,
began the drug business in Hanover, continued for-
a time and then went to Middlefown. Butler Co.,
Ohio, remaining there one year; he then returned
to Hanover, and again engaged in the drug business.
In 1863 he was drafted and was in the einployment
of the government almost one year, acting in the
capacity of hospital steward. He is a Democrat,
and in 1876 was elected recorder of York County,
and served three years. He was married in 1860 to
Miss Rebecca Sherman, a native of York County.
To this marriage five children have been born. Mr.
Schmidt is one of the representative men of Han-
over, and a member of the I. O. O. F.

HENRY M. SCHMUCK, of the firm of Schmuck
& Sons, lumber and coal dealers, and president of
the First National Bank of Hanover, was born at
Hanover, September 26. 1834, is a son of .Joseph
and Christiana (Felty) Schmuck, and is of German
descent. His father was born in York County, and
• in 1812 established the first English newspaper in


Hanover, which was known as the Hanover Ouar-
liian. His death occurred in March,1839. The.arrand
father of this subject was Michael Schmnrk His
maternal grandfather was Henry Felty. a cavalry
officer in the war of the Revolution. Our subject
was educated at Hanover Academy, and from 1841
to 1847 was employed in the dry goods store of Isaac
Baugher, Emmittsburg, Md. In 1847 he went to
•Charleston, S. C, and until 1848 was in the em-
ploy of C. & E. L. Kerrison, wholesale dry goods
dealers. In 1852 Mr. Schmuck engaged in the lum-

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