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Hopewell Township; his wife died in her fifty-
eighth year. Mr. Shaffer is one of the leading
members of Shaffer's Church. He has been closely-
identified with this church since it was built, having
aided largely by his means and time in its construc-


GEORGE ENSMINGER, Esq., was born in
I Manchester Township, eldest son of Samuel Ens-
minger and grandson of John Ensminger, great-
grandson of Conrad Ensminger. and great-great-
grandson of Heinrich Ensminger, who came" from
the Palatine by the ship "Samuel, of London;"
I landed at Philadelphia, Penn., August 17, 1733,
I and settled near Lewi.sberry, this county. George
Ensminger, Esq., the subject of our sketch, lived'in
Dover 'Township from the time he was three years
old, and was educated in the public schools of said
I township and worked on the farm until August 13,
1863, when he joined the army and became a mem-
ber of Company L One Hundred and Forty-third
Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. He partici-
pated in the battles of Haymarket and Wilderness.
! In the latter he was unfortunately captured by the
j Confederates, was a prisoner of war at Danville,
I Va.. Audersonville. Ga., and Florence, S. C, for a
j term of nine months and twenty-two days. After
I being paroled joined his regiment, and was mus-
tered out with the regiment June 12. 1865; returned
home and worked on the farm till the fall of 1869;
traveled west to Ohio and Michigan, and returned
: to the oil region of Pennsylvania .and worked in the
oil fields till the fall of 1870; returned to York
County, worked on the farm till the spring of 1873.
He entered the York County Academy under the
instructions of Profs. Ruby and Heiges; taught
school in the winter and went to school at the York
County Academy during summer, and taught the



summer of 1874 as assistant teacher to Prof. Ruby.
Moved to Conewago Township in the spring of
187.5 and taught school. Was elected justice of the
peace in 1877, but did not take up his commission.
Was elected justice of the peace again in the spring
of 1880 by the votes of both parties; followed sur-
veying and conveyancing in connection with his
office, teaching school in the winter till the spring
of 1884, teaching twelve terms in succession, when
he was appointed United States Storekeeper and
Gauger, in which vocation he is at present (188.5)
engaged. The genealogy of the Ensminger family
is as follows: Heinrich Ensminger, father of Conrad
Ensminger and others; Conrad Ensminger, born in
1745 and father of John and others, died July 13,
1783, buried at Quickel's Church; John Ensminger.
father of Samuel, Jacob, John, Henry, Elizabeth
and Mary, born in 1788, died in 1863; Samuel Ens-
minger, father of George (the subject of this
sketch), Samuel, Albert W. and Jacob W., was born
March 9, 1811, died April 9, 1879.

HENRY H. KOCHENOUR was born in Man-
chester Township January 18. 1839, and is a son of
Henry and Catherine (Hoffman) Kochenour, natives
of York County. Martin Kochenour, grandfather
of subject, was also a native of York County, was
a distiller, and afterward a school teacher and musi-
cian. Subject's father was born in 1803, and was
for many years proprietor of a grist-mill and fifty-
six acres of land in Manchester Township, and two
farms in Conewago, in which latter township he
now resides. His wife died in 1883. Henry H.
Kochenour was reared to farming and milling under
his father. He received a liberal education, and
for twelve winters taught school and music in Cone-
wago Township. In 1864 he enlisted in Company
D, Two Hundredth Pennsylvania Volunteer In-
fantry, took part in the engagement at Fort Stead-
man and the siege of Petersburg, and at the close
of the war returned to Conewago and engaged in
milling, which he followed ten years. In 1866 he
married Susan Machlin, who died in 1867 at the age
of twenty-two, leaving one child — Susan L. In
1868 Mr. K. married Catherine Stough, a daughter
of John Stough and a native of Dover Township.
To this union" has been born one child— Henry A.
Mr. and Mr. Koclieuour are members of the
Lutheran Church.


SOLOMON BOYER was born in Manchester
Township, October 38, 1819. and is a son of Peter
and Sarah (Heidlebaugh) Boyer, both natives of
York County. The grandfather of our subject,
Frederick Augustus Boyer, came from Germany be-
fore the American Revolution, in which he took
part and afterward married a Miss Shull, of York
County, and died at the age of ninety-six. Subject's
father was born in 1789. was a millwright and far-
mer, remained in active business life until seventy
years old and then retired, dying in 1881 at the age
of ninety-two. Solomon Boyer was reared on the
farm, and also worked as a millwright with his
father five years. He has been a resident of Dover
Township since seven years of age, and is now the
owner of two good farms of 108 and 104 acres,
respectively, and also a tract of thirty acres, on
which he resides. In 1843 he married Elvisa,
daughter of Henry L. Lenhart, of Dover Township.
Three children have resulted from this union:
Edwin, deceased; ."i-manda L. Zinn, in Missouri,

and Aaron, who resides on one of his father's farms.
In 1880 Mr. Boyer was elected by the Democratic
party director of the poor of York County, for three
3'ears. He is a member of the Lutheran Church,
while his wife belongs to the Reformed Church.

MARTIN EMIG was born in Dover Township
March 39, 1840, and is the eldest of the seven
children born to George B. and Anna M. (Ziegler)
Emig. The father was born in 1814, was a miller,
and for ten years operated the Emig Mill on Cone-
wago Creek, and also managed the mill on the Little
Conewago for six years; he was also engaged for
fifteen years in mercantile pursuits. He died in
1876, the owner of 150 acres of land along the
Conewago and also a large grist and saw-mill. In

1877 our subject bought the mill, and has been doing
a successful business ever since. In 1865 he mar-
ried Susan Swartz, a daughter of Charles Swartz
and native of Washington Township, and to this
union have been born two children: Elizabeth J,
and George E. Henry Emig. brother of Martin
Emig, was born August 12, 1848. At his father's
death he purchased the old homestead of 130 acres
of improved land, which he has ever since cultivated.
In 1880 he entered the mercantile business. In

1878 he married Clarissa Julius, daughter of .John
Julius, of Dover Township.

DR. J. M. GROSS was born in Dover Township
January 19, 1844, and is the sixth in a family of
twelve children born to Samuel and Susanah
(Smyser) Gross, natives of York County and of
German descent. Subject was reared a farmer and
educated at the common schools, at the York
County Academy and at the Pennsylvania College
at Gettysburgh, from which last, after a three
years' course, he graduated with the degree of A.
B. and later with the degree of A. M. He next
studied medicine with Dr. J. J. Zitizer, of Carlisle,
and with Dr. Ahl, of Dover, in the meantime at-
tending lectures at the .Jefferson College, Philadel-
phia. He graduated from this institution in 1873,
and in 1874 began practice in partnership with Dr.
Ahl, and a year later on Dr. Ahl's removal to York,
succeeded to the joint practice, which he has since
increased and is now doing a lucrative business.
In 1875 he married Louisa A., daughter of Daniel
Smyser, of York County.

GEORGE N. LECKRONE is a native of Dills-
burgh, York Co., Penn., was born November 22.
1839. and is the son of Leonard and Hannah (Nes-
bit) Leckrone. of York County. The father was
born in 1812. was a tinner, and died in 1864. Our
subject spent his early days on a farm, and at the
age of sixteen came to Dover, where he held the
position of assistant postmaster for six years. He
now owns a fine dwelling in town and also nineteen
acres of land within the borough. He is a member
of the German Reformed Church, and a highly
esteemed citizen.

DR. WILLIAM LENHART, a native of Dover
Township, and son of William and Susan (Hamm)

' Lenhart, was born January 30, 1821, is of German

i descent, and the fifth in a family of seven children.

i He remained on the home farm until his thirtieth
year, but in the meantime acquired a good educa-

' tion and was engaged in the practice of medicine.
He then combined farming with veterinary practice

; and in 1861 relinquished farming and confined him-
self to his practice as a veterinarian, in which he
met with flattering success until his retirement in
1883. He is the owner of 130 acres adjoining the
town of Dover, a half interest in 114 acres in the
township, a fine residence- in the town, and also of
the Dover cemetery. The Doctor has held several

! borough offices and in polities is a Democrat. He
is a member of the German Reformed Church and
is a bachelor.

1 DR. CHARLES LENHART was born in


Dover Township, April 9, 1853, and is the fourth of
seven children born to John and Rebecca (Emig)
Lenhart, of German descent. John Lenhart was
born December 27, 1813, and died April 7, 1885.
Our subject was reared on the farm until twenty-
one years of age, when he began the study of
medicine with his uncle, Dr. William Lenhart,
with whom he remained until 1883, when he en-
tered the ColumbiaVeterinary College of Xew York
City, graduating in 1884, when he established him-
self in business with every prospect of success. In
1879 he married Emma J. Bond, daughter of W.
H. Bond, of York, and to this union have been
born two children. The father of our subject was
born in 1812, and is living on his farm of 160 acres
in this township, having retired from active life in
1869; the mother of our subject died in 1868, at the
age of forty-two.

in Dover Township, April 28, 1823,. is the son of
Dr. Frederick E. and Sarah (Kimmel) Melsheimer,
and is of German descent, his paternal grandfather
having come to this county in 1778. He was a Lu-
theran minister, and died in 1816, aged seventy years.
Grandfather Kimmel was a native of Washington
Township, was a farmer by occupation, a potter by
trade, and was owner of several tracts of land in
Washington Township. Subject's father was born
in Hanover Township in 1781, was a physician and
died in 1872, aged ninety-one, his widow, also a na-
tive of York County, died in 1874, aged eighty-
three years. Both were members of the Lutheran
Church, and were the parents of six children, of
whom our subject is the fifth. Our subject was
educated in the district school of Dover Township,
at the York County Academy and the New Oxford
College, in Adams County, and then for seven win-
ters taught subscription schools of his native and
other townships. His medical studies were pur-
sued under his father for a number of years, and
then a year at Oxford, ,Penn.. under Dr. Pfeiffer, a
learned German physician, after which he attended
the Pennsylvania Medical College, at Philadelphia,
from which he graduated in the spring of 1850.
He opened practice in Washington Township and
Wellsville, in Warrington Township, but eventually
settled in Davidshurg, Dover Township, where he
has met with abundant success. In 1851 the Doc-
tor married Miss Mary A., daughter of Joseph
Underwood; this lady died in 1852, the mother of
one child. In 1855 the Doctor married'Sarah F. A.,
daughter of George Massmore, and to this union
have been born five children — Mary E., Laura G.,
Flora B., Rosa L. and George F. E. Mr. and Mrs.
M. are members of the Lutheran Church.

HENRY H. SPAHR was born in Warrington
Township, August 28, 1834, and is the sixth of the
nine children of George and Rebecca (Myley)
Spahr, both natives of York County. The father
was a miller and farmer, owned 142 acres of land
in Warrington Township, and died in 1873, at the
age of seventy-seven. Our subject was reared
on the farm until nineteen, when he went to
Chicago and clerked a year and a half; on his
return he taught school seven terms in Warring-
ton, Dover and Paradise Townships; in 1876 he
was elected justice of the peace for Dover, and still
holds the office; in 1859 he married Miss Rosa M.,
daughter of Dr. F. E. Melsheimer, of Dover Town-
ship. Mr. Spahr is owner of twenty-five acres of
improved land in Dover, on which he resides. He
is an active Democrat, and with his wife is a mem-
ber of the Lutheran Church.

Z. B. TOOMEY is a native of Conewago
Township, was born February, 1847, and is a son
of John and Henrietta (Core).Loomey, being the
third in a family of eleven children. He was
reared until eighteen years of age on the home

farm in Newberry Township when he enlisted in
Company K, One Hundred and Ninety-second
Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was engaged in the
battles of Winchester, Culpepper Court House,
Cedar Creek, Woodstock and various minor en-
gagements, and at the end of eleven months re-
turned to the farm. He next engaged in the cigar
business in Newberry, where he enjoyed a very
lucrative trade. In 1883 he took charge of a hotel
at Dover, which he conducted in connection with
the cigar business for two 3'ears. In 1873 he
married Catherine Nailor, a native of West Man-
chester Township, and a daughter of Daniel
Nailor. To this union were born four children:
William L., Amanda E., Anna L., and Louisa (de-
ceased). Mrs. Toomey died in 1881, at the age of
twenty-nine, and in 1883, Mr. T. married Miss Em-
ma Leathery, a native of Dover Township.

JESSE YOST was born July 19, 1833, in Dover
Township, and was reared on his father's farm.
He married Margaret Bowersox, daughter of John
Bowersox, of Dover Township. Mr. Yost is a pros-
perous farmer and one of Dover Township's best
citizens. He is a member of Strayer's Lutheran


HENRY ATTICKS was born in Fairview Town-
ship, York Co.. Penn., December 16, 1833. His
parents, Henry H. and Elizabeth (Peterman) Atticks,
were natives of York County, Penn., and had nine
children, five living: Susanna, Henry, Sarah A..
Catharine and George; four deceased: William, Ja-
cob, John and Elmira. The fathet was a cabinet-
maker and carpenter by trade, and followed farm-
ing, together with his trade, in Fairview Township.
He owned a large tract of land, and was one of the
leading farmers of his time. Subject's great-grand-
father came from Germany and settled in eastern
Pennsylvania. The grandfather, Henry Atticks, a
native of York County, Penn., was a blacksmith,
and followed farming, together with his trade. He
died in Fairview Townsnip, in 1844. Our subject
at twenty-two years of age began farming on C.
Hursh's farm, in Fairview Township, and remained
one year; then worked one year on the farm and
driving team for Mr. Boyer. In 1857 he went West,
and engaged in farm work for two years in Kansas,
Illinois and Ohio. In 1862 he married Harriet
Greenfield, daughter of Jacob Greenfield, who was
county commissioner three years. They have three
children; George B., Charles E. and Jacob H. Mr.
Atticks has a finely improved farm of 114 acres. He
is a Democrat.

GEORGE W. ATTICKS was born in Fairview
Township, York Co., Penn., Februarys, 1843, son
of Henry H. and Elizabeth (Peterman) Atticks, na-
tives of York County, who had nine children. The
father was a carpenter and cabinet-maker by trade,
and followed farming, together with his trades, in
Fairview Township, where he always resided. He
owned six farms at one lime, amounting to 878 acres
of land. He was school director for many years,
and died in 1873, aged seventy-two years. George
W. was reared on the farm, and traveled in the West
four years. In 1870, his father deeded him a farm,
and he has since followed farming. He owns two
farms of ninety and sixty-seven acres respectively,
which he inherited. In 1869, he married Lucinda
Fluke, daughter of David Fluke, native of Ashland
County, Ohio. They have two children: Lee and
Kelsey. Mr. Atticks is a Democrat.


HENRY M. BITNER was born in Pairview
Township. York Co.. Penn., April 24, 1823, son of
Samuel and Annie (Mish) Bitner, natives of Leba-
non County. Penn., and parents of nine children:
Elizabeth, deceased; Margaret, deceased; Catharine,
Anna, Samuel, John, Henry M., Matthias and Sarah
A. Subject's father was born in 1786, and came to
Fairview Township in 1812. where he afterward
owned a farm of 200 acres of land. He was a mem-
ber of the German Reformed Church, and died in
1857, aged seventy one years. Henry M. was reared
on the farm, and after his father's death, began
farming for himself, and has since followed that
occupation, owning 126 acres of land in Fairview
Township, and twenty-two acres of timber land.
His son now manages this property, which is the
old homestead. In 1871, Mr. Bitner moved to Cum-
berland County, Penn., where he now resides, and
owns fifty-five acres of finely improved land. In
1857, he married Rebecca Cassel, a native of Dau-
phin County, Penn., and by this union they have
four children; "William H., residing on his father's
farm, in Fairview Township, and Samuel L.. .Joseph
M. and Henjy C , at home.

LEWIS CLINE was born in Newberry Town-
ship, York Co., Penn.. March 10, 1836, and is
the fourth of ten children born to Andrew and
Margaret (Foster) Cline, natives of York County,
Penn., and of German and Irish descent, respect-
ively. Andrew Cline was a hatter by trade, but
gave that up and began farming, which he followed
until his death. Lewis was reared a farmer, and at
the of twenty-one began teaching school, which
he followed for two terms. He continued farming
until he was thirty-one years old. when he took
charge of his father's mill, on shares, and since his
father's death has operated the mill in his own
name. He enlisted August 4, 1862, in Company K,
One Hundred and Thirtieth Pennsylvania Volun-
teer Infantry, and took part in the battle of Antie-
tam, where he was wounded in the left arm. He
was with his regiment at Chancellorsville where he
took no part in the battle, but carried water to the
wounded. He was discharged May 21, 1863, on the
expiration of his term of enlistment. He is now
a pensioner and receives |64 yearly. In 1871 he
married Elmira Mordorf, and they have three chil-
dren; Clara, Rosaline and Edith. Mrs. Cline is a
daughter of Levi and Susanna (Leiby) Mordorf.
natives of Cumberland County, Penn. Mr. Cline is
doing a good business in his mills, which have three
run of bnhrs, one on wheat and two on feed. On
the date stone of these the Lewisberry Mills is
carved in antique letters the following: "Samuel
Kniselley, Mason Iohn Hakmn & Eliz his wipe,
October ye 11, anndl785, in the 10th year of Amrn.
Independcy." Mr. Cline is a Republican.

CHRISTIAN GARVER was born July 24, 1818.
in Fairview Township, York Co., Penn., son of
Christian and Nancy (Horsht) Garver, the former a
native of Lancaster County, Penn.. the latter of
Fairview Township. His grandfather, Garver, a
native of Switzerland, came to America at an early
day and settled in Lancaster County. Penn., where
he followed farming. Subject's father was born in
1775, came to York County when about twenty-five
years of age, and settled in Fairview Township,
where he owned several fine farms, and wa« also
engaged in distilling. He retired from active life a
few years previous to his death in 1849, at the age
of seventy-five years. Our subject was reared on
the farm, and in 1845 began farming for himself,
which occupation he followed ten years. He then
retired from active work, and has "since resided in
New Market, Fairview Township. He owns a
finely improved farm of 160 acres, and a fine resi-
dence in New Market. In 1845 he married Eliza-
beth Miller, daughter of Tobias Miller, of Cumber-

land County, Penn. They have had four children:
Anna Baughman, Benjamin (deceased). Elizabeth
(deceased), and Christian M. The latter lives on
his father's farm.

JOHN M. HART was born October 16, 1822, in
Fairview Township, son of Isaac and Elizabeth
(Moore) Hart, natives of this county. His great-
grandfather, Jacob Hart, was born in Germany,
came to America at an early date, and settled in
York County, Penn., where he engaged in farming.
Subject's grandfather, John Hart, was born in this
county, and was a large landowner. He died in
1849, aged about eighty years. Isaac Hart, sub-
ject's father, was born in 1788, was a farmer by
occupation, and died in 1839. His wife was born
in 1799, and died in 1876. They had seven chil-
dren: Sarah J., John M., Joseph K., Jacob, Andrew.
Robert L. (deceased), and Elizabeth. John M., at
the age of twenty-five years, bought a farm of 125
acres in Fairview Township, on which he followed
farming from 1849 to 1884, when he retired from
active life. He has a finely improved farm, and
has made all by his own industry and energy. In
1870 he married Mary E. Lloyd, daughter of Will-
iam and Amanda (Anderson) Lloyd, the former a
native of Chester County, the latter of Cumberland
County, Penn. Mr. Hart has been a director of the
Second National Bank of Mechanicsburgh, Penn.,
for fifteen years, and was elected president of that
establishment January 1, 1884. Mrs. Hart is a
member of the Methodist Church.

SAMUEL B. HOFF was born in Fairview
Township, York Co. Penn., February 25, 1838, son
of Henry H. and Elizabeth (Boyer) HoS, natives of
Heidelberg Township, York Co., Penn. The
father was born in 1792, followed coopering, and
afterward engaged in farming in Heidelberg and
Fairview Townships. He owned 165 acres of land,
where Samuel B. now resides, besides a large
amount of other property. He was a Democrat.
He died in 1865. His wife, who was born in 1799,
is still living in Lisburn, Penn. They had five
children: .Jeremiah (deceased), Elizabeth, Magdalena,
Henry and Samuel B. Subject's great-grandfather,
Hoff, served in the Revolutionary war, and was
taken prisoner by the British. Subject's great-
grandfather, John Boyer, was one of the first set-
tlers in Heidelberg 'Township, to which he came
over 108 years ago. Samuel B. HoflE was reared on
the farm in Fairview Township, where he resides,
and at the age of twenty-two years began farming
for himself. In the spring of 1865 he sold his stock,
and spent two months in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois,
after which he returned to York County, Penn.,
where he has since remained. He owns a finely
improved farm of 165 acres, and 20 acres of wood-
land. Mr. Hoflf is a school director. He was
elected prothonotary of York County on the Demo-
cratic ticket November 4, 1884, by a majority of
8,504, for a term of three years. In 1868 he mar-
ried Mary Jane Anderson, born February 26, 1845,
daughter of William and Mary (Wiley) Anderson,
of Slonaghan Township. By this union they have
had five children: Harry and Willie, twins (de-
ceased). Charles (born July 16, 1870), Leroy (born
March 6, 1875), and' Morris (born August 26, 1882.
Mr. Hoff has a box which was made by the Indians
in Lancaster County, Penn., and which has been
handed down from his great-grandfather. Boyer.

JACOB HURSH, March 18, 1767, obtained a
grant for 300 acres of land near "Lofty Mountain "
in Newberry, now Pairview Township. In 1789
Peter Hursh, with his family of wife, five sons and
six daughters, moved to York County from Lancas-
ter County, and purchased 600 acres adjoining
lands of Jacob Hursh, a part of which called "For-
tune" was originally granted to Richard Ashton in
1734, by one of Samuel Blunston's permits. Four-


teen hundred and sixty pounds currency were paid
for the entire tract, it was divided into four plan-
tations, and conveyed to four surviving sons, each
son receiving one tract. These lands have since
remained almost entirely in the possession of the
lineal descendants to the fifth generation, who are
engaged in farming the coveted land-marks of their
ancestors. They are valuable limestone lands, and
very productive. Some of the descendants of the
family have immigrated to Cumberland, Adams,
Franklin and Fulton Counties, Penn. Those who
remained in Fairview Township have always been
among her leading citizens.

DR. GEORGE R. HURSH, a lineal descendant,
was elected a member of the house of representa-
tivesof Pennsylvania from York County in 1868, and
re-elected the following year. He was born Febru-
ary. 6, 183.5, in Fairview Township, and was brought
up on his father's farm. At the age of sixteen he
attended the Cumberland Valley Institute, after
which he made the study of medicine his choice,
and having attended the required course of lectures

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