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in -Jefferson Medical C illege, at Philadelphia, he
graduated in that institution March 7, 1857. He
has since been continuously engaged in the active
duties of his profession, until the spring of 1884,
when he began to devote a part of his time to the
delightful and healthful pursuits of agriculture on
his farm in Fairview Township, York Countv.

.1. A. KANN was born December 16, 1§37, in
Fairview Township, York Co., Penn., son of
Daniel and Eliza (Hutton) Kann, natives of York
County, Penn. His grandfather, Daniel Kann,
immigrated to America from Germany at an early
day and settled near York, Penn. He was a
member of the Lutheran Church. Daniel Kann,
subject's father, was born in 1809, came to this
township with his parents when ten years old. fol-
lowed farming, and owned about 400 acres of land.
He was a member of the Church of God, and died in
1876. He had seven children; Anna, Priscilla,
Jacob A., Margaret, Daniel, Ellen and Christiana.
J. A. Kann remained on the home farm till he was
twenty-three years old, when he began farming for
himself. In 1873 he bought his father's farm of
115 acres, and in 1881 retired from active life and
moved to Lisburn, Cumberland Co., Penn., where
he now resides, owning four lots and a fine resi-
dence in that town. In 1864 he married Rachel
Strominger, daughter of .John and Rachel (Kilmore)
Strominger, natives of Fairview Township. Mrs.
Kann is a member of the Methodist Church.

MARTIN KAUFFMAN was born in Lancaster
County, January 1. 1826, and is the son of Michael
and Barbara (Mosser)Kauffman. His grandfather,
Michael Kauffman, was also a native of Lancaster
County. Subject's father was born in 1791, in Lan-
caster County, but moved to Fairview Township,
York County, where he possessed 170 acres of land,
and where he followed farming until fourteen years
prior to his death in 1873. He was a member of the
Mennonite Church, and the father of eight chil-
dren. Martin KaufEman worked on the home farm
for his father until thirty years of age, when he
purchased the homestead and conducted it until
1883, when his son took charge — Mr. K. retiring to
New Market. He was malTied in 1857 to Mary,
daughter of Samuel and Catherine StricklerLandis.
and has had born to him three children: Emma,
Samuel and Kate.

HENRY KILMORE was born in Fairview
Township, York Co.. Penn., February 6, 1834. son
of Joseph and Eve (Peterman) Kilmore. Subject's
grandfather, Henry Peterman, was a farmer, and
was born in Carroll Township, this county. Joseph
Kilmore, subject's father, was born in 1797, and at
fifteen years of age moved with his parents to this
township, where he followed farming, and owned

135 acres of land. He died in 1871, and his wife in
1863, aged forty-nine years. They were members
of the Winebrentierian Church. They had ten chil-
dren, of whom Henry, David, Mary J., Susan, Joseph
and Williarh are living, and John A., Adeline. Cath-
arine and Dora are deceased. Our subject, at the
age of twenty-two years, began learning the car-
penter's trade, which he followed for fifteen years,
and in 1864 began coach-making in Fairview Town-
ship, and has since been doing a prosperous bus-
iness in building buggies, wagons, sleighs, etc. He
has a two-thirds interest in the homestead farm, and
has a fine home near the farm. In 1856 he married
Sarah Fink, daughter of John Fink, of Newberry
Township. They have had fifteen children, ten
living: Charles, Anna M., George O., Harry, John
A., Joseph, Jennie, Lerne, Himen and Minnie, and
five deceased: Cora M., Bertha, Ella, Florence
and Walter. Mr. and Mrs. Kilmore are members
of the Lutheran Church.

D. P. KILMORE was born in Fairview Town-
ship, February 13, 1836, son of Joseph and Eve
(Peterman) Silmore, also natives of the same
township, and parents of the following children:
Henry, David P., Mary J., John (deceased), Susan-
na. Adeline (deceased) , Joseph, William and Eliza-
beth (deceased). His great-grandfather Kilmore,
came from Germany at an earlj' date to America,
settling in Adams County, Penn., and engaged in
farming. He was a member of the Lutheran Church
and a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Subject's

frandfather, David Kilmore, was born in 1767, in
dams County, Penn. ; followed farming chiefly,
owning 200 acres of land in Fairview Township, and
died in 1853. He was a member of the Lutheran
Church, and in politics a Democrat. Joseph Kilmore,
subject's father, followed farming all his life, and
owned a farm of 136 acres in Fairview Township.
He was a Democrat and a member of the Lutheran
Church. D. P. Kilmore, at the age of twenty-two
years, began farming-for himself, and has since fol-
lowed that occupation. In 1873 he bought a farm
of 115 acres in Fairview Township, where he now
resides. In 1864, he married Sarah J. Nailor, daugh-
ter of Jacob Nailor, of Fairview Township. They
have two children, Ira J. and Ray. Mrs. Kilmore
is a member of the Church of God. Mr. Kilmore
is a Democrat and has held several township offices.
JOHN GEORGE MAISCH, the ancestor of a
numerous family of descendants, was a native of
Germany. On the 16th of October, 1751, he set
sail from the port of Rotterdam, Holland, with 106
passengers in the sailing vessel "Duke of Welling-
ton," which paid respects to England by stopping,
at Cowes, and two months later landed at Philadel-
phia with its load of emigrants. He first settled in
Chester County, Penn., but soon after arriving im-
migrated to the Quaker settlement in the northern
part of York County, and purchased a tract of land
in Fairview Township, now owned by George
Lefever. Some of his descendants joined the Soci-
ety of Friends. Joseph, his eldest son, married Bar-
bara Leidy. Their children were David, Samuel,
Joseph, Frederick. Barbara and Martha. The father
died in Fairview ; the sons all moved to Indiana. Da-
vid, second son of the immigrant, married Sarah
Stiekel, sister of Hon. Jacob Stickel.who was a mem-
ber of State Constitutional Convention of 1838. Fred-
erick, the youngest son of John George Maisch, was a
soldier of the Revolution, and died of camp fever at
Valley Forge, during the winter of 1777-78. He left
one son. who moved to New Philadelphia, Ohio, and
was killed by accident. Children of David Maish,
son of John George Maisch: Jacob. George, David,
Susan, intermarried with John Spangler; Polly, in-
termarried with Michael Wollet ; Hannah, inter-
married with David Crone, of West Virginia; Sarah,
intermarried with George Moser; Jacob, married


Lydia Sibhart. They had three daughters: Mary
Ann, Mrs. Zachariah Heindle; Ellen, Mrs. Benjamin I
Heindle ; Sasan, Mrs. Sebastian Stevens; George,
married Lydia Moser, daughter of George Moser.
They had children; David, George W., Thomas
Jetferson, Sarah, Mary, Emma, Ellen and Amanda.
Daj^id married Salome Neiman, daughter of George
Neiman, of Conevrago Township, a man of large
landed estates, who died a few years ago, at the
age of eighty-nine years eleven months twenty
days, leaving 184 lineal descendants. David had
three sons. George H.. Levi and Lewis.

GEORGE H. MAISH, Des Moines, Iowa, son of
David Maish and Salome nee Neiman. was born in \
Oonewago Township, this county, September 30,
1835. Being ambitious to engage in active busi-
ness life, at the age of seventeen he secured a posi- |
tion as salesman in the extensive mercantile estab- t
lishment of P. A, & S. Small, of York, in whose
service he continued for nine years. He was mar-
ried on October 1, 1857, to Miss Charlotte E. Wea-
ver, of York, the only daughter of Jeremiah
Weaver. In 1861 he engaged in the coal business
in York with John M. Brown, forming the firm of
Brown & Maish, in which business he continued
until 1865. when he was chosen teller of the York
National Bank, continuing in this position in a
very acceptable manner for four and a half years.
In 1869, he, with his family removed to Des
Moines, Iowa, where he arrived July 22, 1869. Here
he engaged in the drug business with his brother-in-
law, Charles A. Weaver. In the fall of 1875 he,
with other gentlemen, organized the Iowa National
Bank of Des Moines, of which he was chosen cash-
ier. In January, 1885. at the earnest solicitation of
many friends, he accepted the presidency of the
State Insurance Company of Des Moines (the larg-
est insurance companj' in Iowa having a cash
capital of $200,000), to the management of which
he is giving daily attention, in connection with his
duties as cashier of the Iowa National Bank, His
church connection is with the English Lutheran
Church of Des Moines. In political sentiment Mr.
Maish has been identified with the Republican par-
ty since its organization. Of eight children born to
Mr. and Mrs. Maish, seven are now living. Charles
Edward died when two and a half years old; Will-
iam Weaver, Annie Kate, Harriet Jane and Albert
George were born in York, Penn,, and Mary Martha,
Georgie Elizabeth and Lottie Salome were born in
Des Moines, Iowa.

CAPT. LEWIS MAISH was born July 2, 1840,
in Spring Garden Township, York County, within
a few miles of York. At the age of sixteen he
was apprenticed to learn the machinist's trade at
the Variety Iron Works, York, Penn.. where he re-
mained until the breaking out of the Rebellion. In
September, 1861, he took an active part in the rais-
ing of a company for the Thomas A. Scott Regi-
ment (afterward numbered Eighty-seventh Regi-
ment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry). On the
organization of the regiment he was elected second-
lieutenant of Company B. and soon after the regi-
ment was called into active service, and May 26,

1863, he was promoted to flrst-lieuteua-nt, and Octo-
ber 25, 1863, to captain of his company. June 23,

1864, Capt. Maish was taken prisoner, while the
lines of the army were being established in front of
Petersburg, Va., and taken to Richmond, and con-
fined in Libby Prison for a few days, after which he
was taken, with about 3,000 other prisoners, to the
State of Georgia. About 2.50 of the above being
ofScers were'left at Macon, (the principal military
prison at that time for officers), the remainder be-
ing taken to Andersonville. During the nine
months of the captain's prison life he spent about
one month at Macon, two months at Savannah,

Ga., about two months in the jail yard' att
Charleston, during the siege of that doomed city,.
and four months at Columbia, S. C. ; a few days at
Charlotte, N. C. From the latter place, in company
with two companions (Capt. H. C. Smyser, of Balti-
more, and Lieut. Anderson, of Philadelphia), he
made his escape into the Union lines. Incidents of
the captain's military and prison life, in connec-
tion with his escape, would make too large a vol-
ume to attempt here. Capt. Maish was mustered!
out of service March 24, 1865, having served his;
country three and one-half years. After the close-
of the war Capt. Maish returned to hisnalive town,
and resided there with his wife whom he had married:
at Winchester, Va., and remained for one j'ear, and;
then spent one year in the South. ' In September^
1867, he located in the city of Minneapolis, Minn.,
where he is now residing, and engaged as an active
member of the Variety Iron Works, in the manu-
facture of machinery.

JACOB MILEY was born in Cumberland Coun-
ty, Penn., July 21, 1827, son of Jacob and Catherine-
(Miller) Miley, natives of Lebanon County, Penn.
His grandfather Miley came from Germany at an.
early date, settled in Lebanon County, Penn., and
followed farming and distilling. He drove a team
during the war of 1812-14. Subject's father was.
born in 1790, was a miller by trade and engaged in>
distilling in Lebanon County, Penn. In 1#28 he
moved to Cumberland County, Penn., where he fol-
lowed farming and milling. He died in 1842, agedl
fifty-two years. He had nine children: William
(deceased), Ellen, Nancy, Richard (deceased), Mar-
tha, Lj'dia, Levi, Jacob and Kate. Our subject at
seventeen years of age began learning the tanner's;
trade, serving three years' apprenticeship, and!
worked at that trade eight years. He then bought-
a farm in Cumberland County, Penn., where he re-
mained three years, and in 1864 removed to York
County, «,nd bought 103 acres of improved land in
Fairview Township. He also engaged in sawing
timber three years. Mr. Miley owns 222: acres of
timber land in Perry County, Penn. In 18.59 he
married Susan Hursh, a native of York County,
Penn., and daughter of Christian Hursh. They
have three children: William, John and Laura.

JOHN R. MOORE was born in Fairview Town-
ship, April 15, 1840; son of John and Mary (Stett-
ler) Moore, the former a native of Fairview 'Town-
ship, the latter of Newberry Township, York Co.,
Penn. His grandfather Moore was born in York
County, Penn., January 9, 1777; was a farmer by
occupation and died February 29, 1852. His wifOt^
Hannah (Sutton) Moore, died November 8, 186?,.
aged eighty-five years. Subject's grandfather Stett-
ler was a native of York County, and a potter by,-
trade. His wife was also a native of York County^
Penn. John Moore, subject's father, was born ie;.
1811, was a farmer by occupation, and owned 170'
acres of land in this township. He held the office
of justice of the peace in this township for a num-
ber of years; was elected commissioner of York;
County on the Democratic ticket in 1850, and in .
1869 elected associate judge of York County, Penn. ,
but died before the expiration of his term, after-
serving about three years. He was a member ofr
the Methodist Church, and died July 31, 1874. His
wife died March 10, 1883, aged seventy years. They
had the following children; Hananiah, Henry Si„
John R., Logan C, Hannah E., Jacob A., Sara;h.r.,
and William (deceased). Our subject remained ou.
the home farm- till he was twenty eight years of
age, when he bought a farm of seventy acres from,
his father, and has a finely improved place. De^
cember 31, 1867, he married Anna M. Nailor, a na-
tive of Cumberland County, and daughter of Jacob,
Nailor, a nfitive. of, York County, Penn, They



have two children, William E. and Flora J. Mrs.
Moore is a member of the Church ot God. Mr.
Moore is a Democrat.

HENRY R. MOSSER was born in Fairview
Township, York County, July U. 1828, to Benja-
min H. and Elizabeth (Rupley) Mosser. Dr. Ben-
jamin Mosser, subject's great-grandfather, was a
native of Berne, Switzerland. Henry Mosser, sub-
ject's grandfather, a blacksmith, farmer and preach-
er for the Dunkard Society, settled in Fairview
Township in 1800; he married Susanna Neff, whose
father owned the Columbia Ferry which AVashing-
ton crossed when congress was convened at York;
and on one occasion, this lady, when a child of ten
years, had the honor of sitting on Washington's
knee while her mother was preparing breakfast.
One of her children. Dr. Daniel Mosser, became
Bishop of the Mennonite Reformed Church of Lan-
caster County; another son, Rev. Joseph Mosser, is
in Salem, 111. The father of our subject was born
an 1802, was a farmer, owning 200 acres of land,
also a lumber merchant; he was a prominent Whig,
and was a member of the convention which nom-
inated Gen. Scott for the presidency. He died in
1859, aged fifty-seven; his widow died in 1877, aged
seventy-five years. Henry R. Mosser was reared
on the home farm, and at the age of twenty-one
joined his father in the lumber business; his father
withdrew in 1857, and from 1864 to 1868 the firm
was known as Mosser & Coover, at New Cumber-
land. In 18.52 Mr. Mosser married Margaret A.,
daughter of Jacob Y'ocum, of York; her mother
was a daughter of Gen. A. Duncan. To this union
were born two children; Mettle and Rev. Benja-
min H. In 1859 Mrs. M. died, and in 1863 Mr.
Mosser married Jennie, daughter of John G. Miller,
and to this union also two children have been born,
Annie and John C. The family are members of
the Methodist Episcopal Church.

MICHAEL SHULER was born in Manchester
Township, York County, Penn., June 8, 1811, a son
of John and Rebecca Baker Shuler, the former a
native of Berks County, Penn., and the latter of
Manchester Township, York County. His grand-
father Shuler was a native of Berks County,
Penn., and a farmer by occupation. His grand-
father Baker, who came from Germany at an early
day and settled in York County, owned a
large mill and finely improved farm in Con-
ewago Township. Subject's father came to
York County and settled in Manchester Town-
ship, where he owned 212 acres of improved
land. He was a member of the Reformed Church
and died in 1844, aged sixty-six years. He had six
children, of whom Michael and Daniel are living,
and George, John, Eliza and Rebecca are deceased.
Michael was reared on the farm, and when thirteen
3'ears old moved with his parents to Conewago
Township. At the age ot eighteen he began learn-
ing the blacksmith's trade, serving two years' ap-
prenticeship. He then began business for himself
in Manchester Township, where he remained twelve
years. In 1848 he moved to Fairview Township
where he folio w(
for many years,
work. He has a farm of 149 acres, with fine resi-
dence and buildings, where he resides, another farm
where his son lives, and also thirty-sis acres of im-
proved land. In 1833 he married Jane Seward,
daughter of John Seward. Mrs. Shuler was born
in Lancaster County in 1815. They have had ten
children; Anna, John, Charles H.. Eliza J., Mi-
chael (deceased), Mary A., Ellen N., Amanda, Ade-
line and Henrietta. Mr. and Mrs. Shuler are mem-
bers of the Lutheran Church.


JOHN H. ANDERSON, son of Joseph R. and
Elizabeth (Wilson) Anderson, of Hopewell Town-
ship, York County,Penn., and Harford County, Md.,
respectively, was born September 9, 1835, on the home-
stead now owned by his brother. His father was
born in Hopewell Township in 1803. and lived there
nearly all his life. John H. Anderson lived with
his parents until 1868, when he bought his present
farm of 120 acres, and has resided there since. He
was married, in Elizabeth Wilson, daughter
of David and Jane Wilson, of York County, Penn.,
and has three children; Joseph C, Henry M. W.
and David R. Mr. Anderson is a member of the
school board, and a member of the Presbyterian
Church of Centre.

REED W. ANDERSON, son of Joseph R. and
Elizabeth (Wilson) Anderson, was born on the old
homestead December 24, 1840. The father was a na-
tive of York County, Penn., and the mother of Har-
ford County.Md. Our subject now owns and occupies
the old homestead place, which consists of 161 acres
of land. He was married January 14, 1875, to
Martha A. Brown, daughter of Milton and Sarah
Brown, of Lancaster County, Penn. By this union
they have been blessed with two children, Annie M.
and Nora B. Mr. Anderson is a member of the
Presbyterian Church of Centre.

JOHN ANDERSON, son of Robert and Nancy
(Payne) Anderson, natives of York County, was
born in 1834 in Fawn Township, York County,
where he has always resided. He was married, in
1861, to Margaret E. Grove, daughter of Jacob
Grove, of Hopewell Township. This union has
been blessed with four children: Mary A., Robert
P., Margaret J. and Thomas Franklin W. In 1863
Mr. Anderson purchased the farm on which he now
resides, and which contains 133 acres. He is at
present a school director; he is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church of Zion. His wife
died in 1883.

and Nancy (Payne) Anderson, of York County, was
born in Fawn Township, this county, in 1843. His
parents vvere born in York County, and lived there
until they died; the father dying in 1877 and the
mother in 18.59. Mr. Anderson owns a farm of 130
acres, where he has always lived. In 1871 he was
married to Elizabeth M. Anderson, daughter of
James Anderson, of York County. They have
three children living: James C, Mary B., and
Robert P. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are members of
the Presbyterian Church of Centre.

ROBERT BARTOL, son of George and Mary
(Bay less) Bartol, natives of Harford County, Md.,
was born December 23, 1814, in Harford County,
Md. He remained with his parents until he was
sixteen years of age, when he learned the tanner's
trade in Baltimore. He moved to York County,
Penn., in 1834,and bought a farm of 136 acres, which
he has since cultivated in connection with tanning.
He was married in 1841 to Mary Kurtz, who died in
1864. His second marriage was in 1871 to Mary
Quinlan, daughter of Philip and Mary Quinlan, of
Harford County, Md. He had twelve children, ten
of whom are living: Sarah, George, James, Robert,
Charles, Mary E., John, Corinne M., Nathaniel,
Robert, Imogene and Joseph. Mr. Bartol has held
several prominent school positions in the Town-
ship. He is a brother of Judge Bartol, chief jus-
tice of the court of appeals of Maryland.

ROBERT BLAIN was born February ll,1805,on
his present farm of 100 acres, which he inherited at
the death of his father, and where he has since resid-



ed. He is a son of William Blain, who came to York
County, Penn., in 1800, andsettled in Fawn Town-
ship, where he resided until his death in 1839. He
followed farming, and also did quite a large busi-
ness in distilling. Robert Blain was married in
1872 to Mary Tarbort, daughter of William Tarbort,
of Fawn Township. By this union they have been
blessed with two children: Robert S.and Elizabeth.

JOHN A. BOYD, son of Dr. Thomas Boyd, of
Lancaster County, Penn., was born .January 5,1811,
in Fawn Township, where he has since lived, with
the exception of three years, which he spent in Har-
ford County. Md. His father died in 1836. In 1861
Mr. Boyd was married to Margaret Anderson,
daughter of Nathaniel Anderson, of York County.
Penn. Mr. Boyd moved to his present farm of 116
acres with his parents in 1824, and at the death of
his father inherited the farm, and has lived on it
ever since

ROBERT D. BROAVN, son of John and Susanna
(Ray) Brown, natives of York County, Penn., and
Ireland, respectively, was born May 3, 1816, on the
farm of eighty acres, on which he now lives, and
where his father was also born. The father died in
1843, and the mother in 1853. In 1856 Mr. Brown
was married to Julia Mar.steller, daughter of Henry
Marsteller, of York County, Penn., she died in 1862,
leaving four children: Susan, Henry T., Robert D.
and James W. Mr. Brown's second marriage was in
1864. to Caroline Mitchell, daughter of Joshua and
Beulab (Wilson) Mitchell, of Lancaster County,
Penn. ; by thismarriage fourchildren have been born
to them: Clement L., Mary E., John and Carrie L.
Mr. Brown was county commissioner for four years.

JOHN CHANNELL, son of Abel and" Jane
(Anderson) Channell, of York County, was born
December 17, 1814, in Fawn Township; his father
died in 1868. John Channell was married in 1836 to"
Mary Clark, daughter of James Clark, of York Coun-
ty, Penn. They have nine children living: Elizabeth,
Jane, Agnes, James, Samuel M., Sarah, Rosa Anne,
Joseph and Annie. Mr. Channell lived in Pawn
Township all his life, and has held the ofBces of
school director and supervisor. He is a member of
the Presbyterian Church of Chanceford. The farm
on which he resides contains about 135 acres, and
was purchased by him in 1842.

ANDERSON CHANNELL, sou of Isaac and
Mary (Anderson) Channell, of Fawn Township,
York Co., Penn., was born January 26, 1818, on the
old homestead. The father died in 1830, and the
mother in 1874. Our subject was married in 1840 to
Martha M. Thompson, daughter of Israel and Phoebe
(Ewing) Thompson, of York County, Penn. By
this union they have had thirteen children: Alex. E.
John A.. Phcebe E., Clarissa A., William T.. Mary
F., Sarah V., James P., Henry C, Thomas I., Rosa
B.. Isaac M. and Etha M. In 1844 Mr. Channell
purchased the farm upon which he resides, and
which contains 100 acres. He has held the offices of
assessor and supervisor of the township. Two of
his sons were in the army during the late war; John
A. Channell, Company I, One Hundred and Thir-
tieth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, who
served from 1863 till the close of the war, and was
severely wounded, and William T. Channell, who
enlisted in the One Hundred and Eighty-seventh
Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, in 1863, and
served until the close of the war.

DeVoe, of Harford County, Md., was born in Har-
ford County, Md., October 10, 1828. He was edu-
cated at the Deaf and Dumb Institute in Philadel-
phia, and after leaving the school, began learning
harness-making, in 1845, at Jarrettsville, He was

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