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married, in 1856, to Martha Bonnister, daughter of
Joseph Bonnister. of Harford County, Md. They
have six children: Sarah P., Mary M., Henry C,

John, William A. and James F. Mr. Devoe pur-
chased his present residence and one-half acre of
land in Fawn Grove, in 1855, and has since resided^
there, doing a good business in harness-making. Mr.
and Mrs. DeVoe, are members of the Methodist Epis-
I copal Church, of Harford County, Md.

WILLIAM FLEMING, son of Robert Fleming,
a native of Ireland, was born in Ireland in 1823;
came to this country in 1846, and settled in Fawn
Township, York County. He was married, in 18.54,
to Agnes Keady, daughter of John Keady, of York
County. They have five children; Robert G.,
John it., Samuel B., Agnes J. and Margaret R. In-
1856 Mr. Fleming bought the farm on which he
now resides and which contains forty-two acres,
and, with the exception of a few years, he has-
since resided there. He is a member of the Pres-
byterian Cliurch, of Chanceford.

JOHN B. GEMMILL.son of Benjamin and Mary
(Brown) Gemmill, of York County, was born Janu-
ary 19, 1838, and resided on the homestead with his
parents until 1861. His father died in 1878, and his
mother in 1879. He was married, in 1860, to Agnes-
M. Workman, daughter of John and Rebecca
Workman, of Baltimore, and formerly of York
County. In 1874 he was elected member of the
legislature, re-elected in 1876 and served four
sessions. He has had five children, one of whom
is dead. The living are Milton C, Willie B.,
Benjamin M. and Ellis H. He also has an adopted
daughter — Molly Rinely. Mr. Gemmill is a niem-
ber of the Centre Presbyterian Church; hehas been
treasurer for thirteen years and trustee for six
years. He has also held important offices in the
township, and takes great interest in schools. He
served several terms as township school director
and was one of the originators of the Fawn Grove
Academy. He is a director in the Stewartstowo
Railroad. During his legislative career he was de-
voted to his work and faithfully represented his
constituents. He is an ardent advocate of the
principles of the political party which he represents.
In 1885 he was elected a director of the Codorus and
Manheim Insurance Company.

CHARLES H. GIESEY, son of John and
Catharine (Zellers) Giesey, of York County, was-
born December 10, 1836, at Shrewsbury, Penn,
He remained with his parents until 1853, when he
went to Hanover, Penn,, and learned the cabinet-
maker's trade. In 18.55 he returned to Shrews-
bury, where he remained two years after which he
went to Baltimore, and remained there five years.
He returned to Shrewsbury in 1860 and remained
there until 1878, when he went to Hopewell Town-
ship and resided there two years. He came to
Gatchellsville in 1880, bought a hotel property and
four acres of land and has since resided there. He
was married in 1861 to Rebecca Brenise, daughter
of William and Lydia Brenise, of York County.
Mrs. Giesey died in 1875, leaving three children:
.John B., Lydia B., and William B. Mr. Giesey's
second marriage was in 1882 to Mrs. Mary Brooks,
daughter of David Workinger, of York County,

CHARLES GROVE, son of John Grove, of
York County, Penn., was born in 1808, in York
County. He was married, in 1835. to Elizabeth
Leib, daughter of Joseph Leib, of York County.
Mrs. Grove died in 1880, leaving nine children;.
John W., Mary E.. Henry P., Laura E., Charles L.,
Jacob W., Francis N., Christopher T. and Catherine
J. Mr. G. purchased his present farm of 250 acres
in 1849 and has since that time resided on it.

DR. JOHN A. HAWKINS, son of John and
Susan (Thompson) Hawkins, was born in Harford
County, Md., June 30, 1831. His parents came to
York County in 1868; his ancestors were English,
and include the Chalk and Thompson families of



Maryland, the former of which located in the early
'colonial times, on Winter's Run, about sixteen
miles from the Pennsylvania line and exercised no
inconsiderable local iniluence in their day. The
family name, Hawkins, was brought to this country
b.y three brothers, who first trod American soil at
Elk Ridge Landing, Md., shortly before the Revolu-
tion. The youngest of these, Nicholas, had a son,
.John, who, in turn, was father of the subject of
ithis sketch, and who was widely known throughout
Shis county, having at one time represented it in the
legislature of the State. Dr. Hawkins received his
preliminary education at Belle Air Academy, and
graduated from Maryland University at Baltimore,
in 1852. He practiced medicine successfully in Bal-
timore County, Md., for one year, and then at the
'instance of some friends was induced to remove to
York County, where he has since resided and where
Jie is now enjoying a large practice. In 1855 he
was married to Hannah A. Jones, daughter of Asa
Jones, of Fawn Grove, a strict member of the S. of
F. He has two children: Charles A. and Vallan dig-
ham. In 1884 he purchased a small farm within the
borough limits of Fawn Grove, for the purpose of
■establishing a hennery, which he is now conducting
in connection with his practice. Both tlie Doctor
and his wife are members of the Methodist Episco-
pal Church.

FELIX C. HERBERT, son of Gideon and Mary
Herbert, of York County, Penn., was born In 1803,
an Harford County, Md., and came to York County,
Penn., when very young. He moved to his present
farm of seventy acres, in 1825, and has lived there
since. He was married, in 1825. to Rachael Harri-
son, who died in 1855, leaving eight children: Will-
iam Richard, Sarah, Mary J., Salome, Rebecca,
Elfie and Henry. His second marriage was in 1857,
to Anabel M. Boyd, daughter of Dr. Thomas Boyd,
of Lancaster County, Penn. Mr. Herbert has held
the oflSces of commissioner and auditor of York
'County. He is a member of the Methodist Episco-
pal Church of Fellowship. Mr. Herbert has always
taken a prominent interest in local politics, frequent-
ly representing his township in Democratic conven-
tions. He voted first for Andrew Jackson for pres-

THOMAS H. HERBERT, son of Richard Her-
hert, of Baltimore County, Md., was born in 1832,
an Baltimore County, Md. He came to York
'County, Penn., in 1857, and settled in Fawn Town-
ship. He was married, in 1857, to Melissa Jones,of
York County, Penn, They have seven children:
Oscar A., Milton J., Mamie M., Maggie, Wilburt J..
William D. and Annette. Mr. Herbert purchased
his present residence and one acre of land, in 1864.
He is a memberof the Methodist ProtestantChurch of
Fawn Grove. At present he holds the office of jus-
tice of the peace. His son, Milton J., who was born
in 1860, in Baltimore County, Md., came to York
County, Penn., with his parents, and has since re-
■sided there. He learned the blacksmith trade in
1881 and carries on an extensive business.

JOSEPH HOSTLER is a son of George and
iMary (Noon) Hostler, natives of York County,Penn.,
and was t)orn March 28, 1822. His parents dying
when he was yet an infant, he was brought up in
the family of his eldest brother, in Shrewsbury
Township, until his sixteenth year. He then went
to Groves Mills and learned the blacksmithing trade
and worked there for two years. He was married
October 21, 1845. to Sarah E. Herbert, daughter of
Oideon and Mary (McCurdy) Herbert, of Harford
County, Md. By this union they have been blessed
with three children: Israel T., John J. and Araminta
E. Mr. Hostler has held the offices of supervisor
and auditor of Fawn Township. He is a member
of Whiteside Cliapel, of Fawn.

ROBERT B. HYSON, son of John and Mar-
garet Hyson, natives of York County, was born
December 38, 1854, in Hopewell Township, this
county. He remained with his parents on the home-
stead until 1870; then spent about five years in Ohio;
returned to Pennsylvania in 1874, when he engaged
in general merchandising business at Mount Pleas-
ant, Penn., where he remained three years. He
then came to Gatchellville in 1879, and has since
remained there. He was married in 1880. Mr. Hy-
son is at present justice of the peace of Fawn Town-
ship. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church
at Centre, and it may well be said stands second to
none in the rank of business men of southern York

Ilgenfritz, was born March 3, 1828, in York, Penn.
The father, also a native of York, Penn., died in
1833, and the mother in 1874. In 1851 Mr. Ilgenfritz
was married to Susan Neff, daughter of Daniel
Neff, of Windsor Township, York Co., Penn. They
have two children livinjj: Edward and Mary E.
The farm on which Mr. Ilgenfritz resides, contains
100 acres, and was purchased by him in 1875, since
which time he has resided on it. He is a member
of the order of Red Men of York, Penn., and also
a member of the Lutheran Church of York, Penn.

GEORGE W. JAMISON, son of William and
Margaret (Murphy) Jamison, natives of Pennsyl-
vania and Ireland, respectively, was born September
16, 1830, in Carroll CountJ^ Md. He came to York
County, Penn.. in 1832, and after remaining two
years, went to Chester County, Penn., where he re-
mained until 1850. He then returned to York
County, and purchased his present farm of seventy
acres, upon which he has resided since. His father
was born in Philadelphia, and his mother was born
in Ireland, and came to this country when a child.
Mr. Jamison was married, in 1868, to Catharine
Wayne, daughter of Thomas Wayne, of York
County, Penn. They have had eight children:
Sarah. Mary Jane, Margaret M., Amanda, Alexan-
der, William H., George G. and Emma Belle. He
has held the office of assessor of Fawn Township.

ASA JONES is a son of Asa and Hanuah (Riley)
Jones, natives pf York County, Penn., and Balti-
more, Md., respectively, and was born July 17,
1833, on the farm of 120 acres, where he now re-
sides. His father died in 1862, but the mother of
our subject is still living. Mr. Jones was married,
in 1868, to Elnjira E. Powers, of Lancaster, Penn.,
who died in 1866, leaving two children: Inza M. and
Laura M. His second marriage, was, in 1867. to
Alice J. McCurdy, daughter of A. C. McCurdy, of
York County. Mr. Jones is an extensive dealer in
agricultural implements and stock.

JOSHUA R. JONES. A notable instance of a
.successful business career is presented in the life of
Joshua R. Jones. Born of Quaker parentage, in
the village of Fawn Grove, August 28, 1837, he
spent his summers during his boyhood working on
his father's farm, and his winters attending the
neighboring schools. At this period of his life he
displayed that buoyant vigor and exuberance of
animal spirits, which with him have always formed .
prominent characteristics. If there was a rabbit to
be chased Joshua was always there to lead the crowd.
One year was spent in a Friends' school in Loudon
County, Va., presided over by the veuerable Samuel
U. Janney. His studies were completed at the
Pennsylvania State Normal School, at Millersville.
After teaching one year, he entered another school,
a rough one, but replete with valuable experience,
and especially adapted to the study of human
nature. He became a book agent. After canvass-
ing with success for three years in the East and
West, he opened an oflSce as general agent in Balti-


more, liut removed to Philadelphia in 1864, where lie
is now operating under the style and title of the
National Publishing Company. His business has
grown with great rapidity, as the imposing appear-
ance of the new establishment at 724, 736 and 728
Cherry Street will attest. About SOO hands are con-
stantly employed in the manufacture of his large
stock of family Bibles, ' albums and miscellaneous |
books. Twenty-four large presses, and a number
of small ones, are used in printing liis publications.
Mr. Jones is quick to see a business point, and quick
to act upon it, decided in forming his plans and '
energetic in executing them. He seldom fails to
estimate aright the selling qualities of a book, and !
rarely publishes one that does not have a sale of from ',
50,000 to 350,000 copies. Still comparatively a !
young man, he applies himself closely to business,
and is ever watchful over its details. The National
Publishing Company is now one of the largest sub-
scription book houses in the United States. Mr. [
Jones' career affords a striking example of the re-
sults of American "push." His progress has been
steady and rapid until, it may be truly said, he has
come to be a marked man in his calling.

DANIEL T. KELLER, son of Daniel Keller, of
York County. Penn., was born in 1847, in Lower
Windsor Township, York Co., Penn., where he re-
mained and received a common school education.
In August, 1873, lie went to Ohio, and there went to
high school seven months, in Clyde, Sandusky
County, to superintendent Ginn, and then taught
school for three terms, and' worked on the farm the
remainder of his stay in Ohio; was married, in
1878. to Nancy Dice, formerly a native of Pennsyl-
vania, and in 1879 he came back to York County
with his family, and in 1883 he purchased his pres-
ent residence, and one and a half acres of land,
where he has since resided, running a cider-mill in [
connection with farming. They have three chil-
dren; Elsie, Iva and Emory.

HENRY KUNKEL, son of Michael and Eliza-
beth (Myers) Kunkel, natives of York County,
Penn.. was born September 2, 1814, on the home-
stead in York County. His mother died when he j
was very young, and he was brought up in the j
family of his uncle, Jacob Markey, where he lived ;
until nineteen years old, when he went to York,
Penn., and learned the shoe-maker's trade. He was !
married, in 1838, to Ruth "White, of Harford Coun-
ty, Md., who died in 1853, leaving six children. His j
second marriage was in 1853, to Sarah V. Herbert,
daughter of Phrenix Herbert, of Harford County,
Md. By this union they have had five children, i
Mr. Kunkel has now eight children living: Eliza- |
beth H.. Mary J., Salome E., Felix H., Michael J.,
Jacob M., John 'T. and Annie R. Mr. Kunkel owns
a farm of fifty acres, and also carries on general

M. H. McCALL, son of Matthew and Amanda
(Manifold) McCall, of York County. Penn.. was
born September 34. 1843, in Indiana County, Penn.
He came to York County when only five years old,
and lived with Alexander Manifold until fifteen
years of age. The father was a graduate of Jeffer-
son College, and died in 1849; the mother died in |
1850. In 1863 our subject enlisted in Company I.
One Hundred and Thirtieth Pennsylvania Volun-
teers, and served nine months. He then enlisted in |
the First Battalion Pennsylvania Volunteers, and
was promoted to first lieutenant. He afterward en- j
listed in the One Hundred and Eighty-seventh Penn-
sylvania Volunteers, in which regiment he was first
lieutenant and regimental quartermaster, and served
until the close of the war. He is now engaged in a '
general mercantile business at Gatchell villa. He
was married, in 1869, to Amanda Livingston, daugh-
ter of Andrew Livingston, of Chanceford Township.
They have one child— Hugh L. Mr. McCall has '

been postmaster of his town for twelve years. He
is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and of the
Presbyterian Church at Chanceford.

DR. D. MORGAN McDONALD.son of Thomas
B. and Elizabeth (Thompson) McDonald, of York
County, Penn., was born in Lower Chanceford
Township June 4, 1853. His father, who was then
residing in that township, engaged in smithing; he
moved to Hopewell Township in 1853. At tme time
he held the position of auditor for three years.
Our subject received his early education at the
Pleasant Grove Academy, and in 1873 went to Ohio
and read medicine with Dr. Gemmill, finally gradu-
ating from the Eclectic Medical Institute at Cin-
cinnati in 1876. He first practiced medicine in New
Market, Md., where he remained until 1881. He
tlien moved to Fawn Township, York County, in
February, 1883, and succeeded to the practice of
Dr. Wright, of Gatchellville, and has since re-
mained here. He was married, in 1877, to Ella G.
Warfleld, daughter of David A. Warfield and Sarah

B. (Curran) Warfield, of Wrightsville. They have
two children; Reba E. and Thomas W.

RICHARD McDonald, son of Robert and
Lydia (Payne) McDonald, of York County, was
born in 1833 in Hopewell Township, and has always
resided in York County. He was married in 1867
to Mary McWilliams, daughter of James McWill-
iams, of York County. "They have five children;
Richard T., Robert G., May C, Harriet and
Margaret A. Mr. McDonald purchased the farm of
150 acres, on which he lives, in 1865.

HENRY S. MERRYMAN is a son of Nelson
and Sarah (Davis) Merryman, of Baltimore, Md.,
and was born September 6, 1839, in Harford County,
Md. He remained there until 1861, when' he
enlisted in Purnell's cavalry. Company A, called
Purnell's Legion, and served until the close of the
war, when he returned to Harford County, where
he remained until 1871. He then came to Pawn
Grove and established a general merchandising
business, in which he is still engaged. He was
married, in 1866, to Jane A. Webb, a daughter of
William and Margaret Webb, of Fawn Grove. By
this union they h.ive five children; Carrie B., Harry

C, Nelson, William E. and Corinne. Mr. Merrj'-
man is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, of Harford County, Md.

JOSEPH MILNER, son of Cyrus and Sarah
(Carter) Milner, of Delaware and Harford Counties,
Md., respectively, was born March 11, 1808, in
Lancaster County, Penn. His great-grandfather
came from England to Pennsylvania with William
Penn, on his last visit in 1699. The parents of our
subject came to York County in 1856, and settled in
Fawn Township, where they resided until their
death. The father died in 1859 and the mother in
1860. Joseph Milner remained in Lancaster County,
Penn., until 1830, when he went to Illinois, where
he stayed two years. He then returned to Lancaster
County in 1833, and followed teaming in connection
with farming. In 1854 he came to York County
and purchased his present farm of 144 acres, where
he has since resided. He was married in 1840 to
Joanna B. Hamilton, daughter of Robert and Eliza-
beth Hamilton, of York County. By this union
they had six children, three now living; Robert H.,
Lewis H. and William G. Mr. Milner has held the
ofiices of treasurer and supervisor of this township.
George D., the second son, died in the rebel prison
at Salisbury, N. C, during the war in 1864. Mr.
Milner is a member of the Society of Friends, who
have a meeting house at Fawn Grove. Lewis H.
Milner, son of Joseph and Joanna B. (Hamilton)
Milner, was born October 3, 1844, in Lancaster
County, Penn. He enlisted on June 17, 1863, in
Company B, One Hundred and Eighty-seventh
Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served until the close



of the war, when he returned to the homestead
where he has since resided.

DAVID PYLE, son of Abram and Harriet
(Payne) Pyle, of Chester County, Penn., was born
March 8, 183i. in Chester County, Penn. He came
in 1851. to York County, Penn., with his parents,
who settled in Fawn Township, where they remained
until their death. He was married, in 1857, to Hub
dah J. Torbert, daughter of Andrew and Susan
(Jones) Torbert, of Fawn Grove. By this union
they have had two children, of whom one is living —
Abram. Mr. Pyle holds the position of collector
of Fawn Township at present. Abram Pyle, son
of the above, is a miller by trade, and is engaged
with J. R. Wiley, at Rock Run Mills.

BENJAMIN F. PYLE, son of Isaac and Cassie
(Brooks) Pyle, natives of Chester County and Lan-
caster County, Penn., respectively, was born April
11, 1857, on the same farm that he now occupies.
His parents came to York County, Penn., in 1854,
and settled on a farm of fifty acres in Fawn Town-
ship. The father died in 1876, but the mother is
still living on the homestead. They had seven
children. Mr. Pyle follows the trade "of carpenter,
in connection with farming. He wasmarried, June
5, 1884, to Ella A. Wilson, daughter of Josiah and
Elizabeth (Lutz) Wilson, of York Count}', Penn.

CORNELIUS PRALL, son of Isaac R. and Ann
B. (Rhodes) Prall, natives of New Jersey and Balti-
more, Md. respectively, was born November 30,
1833, in Fawn Township, York County, Penn. His
parents came to York County, Penn., in 1830, and
settled in Hopewell Township. The father died in
1880, and the mother in 1865. Mr. Prall was mar-
ried, in 1856, to Margaret Zigler, daughter of Peter
Zigler. of York County, Penn. They have four
children: Margaret M., Annie S.. Delfinia H. and
Chambers R. Mr. Prall purchased his present farm
of forty-eight acres in 1869. The family are mem-
bers of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of Pros-

ANDREW M. SCOTT, son of Robert and Susan
(Morrison) Scott, of York County, was born Octo-
ber 19, 1855, in Fawn Township, where he has al-
ways resided. His father and mother are both de-
ceased, the former dying in 1876, and the latter in
1871. At the age of nineteen our subject began
learning the wheelright's trade, and has been estab-
lished in his present location since 1878. He was
married, in 1881, to Sarah E. Enfield, daughter of
Andrew Enfield, of York County, Penn. They
have no children. Mr. Scott owns the dwelling and
one acre of land, where he resides, which he pur-
chased in 1880. He is a member of the Methodist
Protestant Church, at Fawn Grove. ' He has been
auditor, and is at present constable of the township.

JOHN STRAWBRIDGE (deceased), son of John
and Rachael (Alloway)Strawbridge of York County,
Penn., was born in 1804, in York County, Penn.
He purchased the farm near New Park, containing
1.50 acres, in 1835, and remained there until his
death in 1878. He was married in 1840 to Grizella
McDonald, daughter of Aquilla McDonald, of York
County, Penn. This union was blessed with nine
ohildten: John C, Mary E., Rachael., Aquilla M..
Richard A., Sarah J., Franklin P., Louisa and
Joseph. Mrs. Strawbridge died on the homestead
in 1877. Aquilla M. and Franklin P., sons of John
Strawbridge, inherited the homestead at the death of
their parents, and carry on the farm, with their
sister Sarah J. as housekeeper. Mr. Strawbridge
held various ofiices in the township, and was post-
master for thirty years.

JOHN B. THOMPSON, son of James Thomp-
son, of York County, was born at Muddy Creek
Forks, York Co., Penn., February 15, 1828. His
father removed from Upper Chanceford Township
to Pawn Town.ship in 1830, settling on property

now owned by W. R. & J. B. Thompson, and known
as Bald Eagle, there he remained until his death in
1860. John B. Thompson was married in 1860 to
Elizabeth Channell, daughter of John Channel!, of
York County. They have five children: Mary B..
John, Samuel G.. Joseph and William R. Mr.
Thompson has held the office of school director,
and has been postmaster of Bald Eagle for ten
years In connection with farming he carries on a
woolen-mill, manufacturing cloth, blankets, etc.

WILLIAM R. WEBB, son of William and Mar-
garet (Channell) Webb, natives of Fawn Township,
York Co. Penn.; was born in Fawn Grove, Januarj'
37, 1858. His parents always resided in Fawn Town-
ship; the father died 1878, leaving a widow and
four children: William R., Abel J., Mary S. B. and
Jane A. M. At the age of sixteen years William
R., began learning the cabinetmaker's trade and
worked at it until 1878, when he came into possession
of an undertaking and cabinet business, which was
left him by his father, which business he now
conducts. He was married January 25, 1883, to
JesseA. McElvain, a daughter of Josiah McElvain,
of Lancaster County, Penn., and they have one
child. Mary A. Mr. Webb is the owner of a hotel
stand and several building lots in Fawn Township.

JAMES R. WILEY, son of Thomas and Isabella
(Irwin) Wiley, of York County, Penn., was born
February 15, 1852. His grandfather, James Wiley,
was one of the earliest settlers of York County, Penn.
Thomas Wiley, subject's father, owned a farm of 100
acres and founded the Rock Run Mills, now owned
and worked by his son James R. The latter
began learning the milling trade when sixteen years
of age, and has followed it since. He also runs a
saw-mill. Mr. Wiley is a member of Centre Pres-
byterian Church, and holds the position of trustee.

JOHN C. WILEY, son of Samuel and Ellen
(Anderson) Wiley, of York County, Penn., was
born April 16, 18.53, on the homestead of 112 acres,
which he now owns. His father died in 18.59. In
1879, Mr. Wiley was married^to Louisa Strawbridge,
daughter of John and Grizella (McDonald) Straw-

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