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1 Chanceford Township. They have three children:
Dr. David M., John A. and William T. Mr. Mc-
Donald held the oflice of assessor one year and was
elected county auditor in 1881, and still holds that
office. He and his wife are members of the United
Presbyterian Church of Hopewell.

WILLIAM H. McDowell, son of William aud
Sarah (McLean) McDowell, was born in Windsor
Township, York Co., Penn., November 15, 1812.
and is the third of a family of eleven children. The
1 father also was born in Windsor Township, and the
mother in Hopewell Township. His father was in
the war of 1812. Our subject was reared by John
Anstine, and at the age of twenty-one years became
engaged in tbe iron furnaces, with which he was
! connected for nearly twelve years, working at dif-
ferent furnaces. In 1849 he purchased his present
1 farm of 101 acres near Stewartstown, where he has
I since resided. In 1845 he was married to Catherine
] Hilderman, daughter of Adam Hilderman, of Hope-
well Township. They have seven children; Eliza-
j beth, William H.. Jacob. Agnes, Franklin, Adam
andMaggie. In 1845 Mr.McDowellengagedin distill-
I ing licfuors, which he followed for three years, and
also distilled apples on his farm. He has held the
offices of auditor and supervisor in the township.
He and his wife belong to the Reformed Church of
Mount Pleasant.

ADAM Mcdowell, son of Wllllam and Catb-
i erine (Hildebrand) McDowell, was born in Hopewell
Township, York Co., Penn., March 16, 1859. He
remained on the homestead, following farming un-
til 1884, when, in March of that year, he estab-
lished a cigar factory at Stewartstown, Penn., and
is doing an extensive business Ma}' 9, 1884. he
was married to Amanda Meier, daughter of John
Meier, of Hopewell Township.



JOHK A. MANIFOLD, son of Salem and Lizzie
T. Manifold, was born in Fawn Township, YorliCo.,
Penn., March 9, 1830. His greatgreat-grandfather,
Edward Manifold, emigrated from England before
1776. Subject's father was born December 6, 1799,
in Pawn Township, York County, but spent the
latter part of his life in Hopewell Township. He
had eleven children, of whom John A. is the eldest.
While the latter was yet a child, his parents moved
to Hopewell Township. In 1850 he began learning
the carpenter's trade, and moved to Indiana in 1854,
where he remained six years. He then went to
Missouri, where he remained six years, returning
to Hopewell Township, where he has since resided.
He married Emeline Diling. of Indiana, and they
have four children living: Eliza M., Franklin S.,
Cora W. and Alonzo J. The farm on which Mr.
Manifold resides, and which contains seventy-six
acres, he purchased in 1865. He, ids wife and fam-
ily are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church
of Zion.

WILLIAM MARTIN was born February 15,
1814, in Franklin Township, York County, and is a
son of John and Elizabeth (Lehmer) Martin, of
Franklin Township. In 1846, he removed to York,
Penn., where he engaged in the hotel business for
eight years; then rnoved to Liverpool, now called
Manchester, where he kept a hotel for some time.
He then returned to York, and engaged in mercan-
tile business. In the fall of 1860 he was elected
sheriff of York County, and held that position
three years. In 1863, he came to Hopewell Town-
ship, purcha.sed twenty-four acres of land, and has
since been engaged in farming. He was married,
October 14, 1833, to Miss Cassandra Small, daughter
of Joseph Small, of York. Mr. Martin is a member
of the I. O. O. F. He and wife are members of the
Lutheran Church.

DR. JOSEPH R. MARTIN, son of James and
Eliza (Morrison) Martin, of Lancaster County,
Penn., was born September 14, 1838, in Lancaster
County, Penn. He received his early education in
the public schools of his township, and at the age
of twenty years commenced the study of medicine
with his brother, Dr. John Martin, at Georgetown,
Penn., and graduated from Jefferson Medical Col-
lege, Philadelphia, in 1863. The same year he re-
ceived a commission as assistant surgeon of the One
Hundred and Twenty-fourth Pennsylvania Volun-
teers. On leaving the service, in 1863, he located in
Penningtonville, and commenced the practice of
medicine. In the fall of 1864 he received an ap-
pointment as surgeon of the officer's hospital at
Alexandria, Va., and remained there until the close
of the war. He then returned to Penningtonville,
and in the spring of 1869 removed to his present
place of residence. He was married in 1866 to Ab-
bie J. Smith, of Hopewell Township, daughter of
Rev. H. Smith. They have six children living;
Sarah J., Annie L., Harriet B., Dwight C, Jone-
well and John R, Dr. Martin is a member of the
Masonic fraternity No. 343, Skerret Lodge of
Cochransville, Penn. He and wife are members of
the Stewartstown Presbyterian Church.

HENRY S. OVERMILLER, son of Frederick
and Mary (Snyder) Overmiller, natives of Hopewell
Township, but later residents of Loganville, was
born in Loganville, Penn., August 3, 1844, and is
the twelfth in a family of thirteen children. He
was reared and educated at Loganville, and re-
mained with his parents until 1865, when he en-
gaged in the mercantile business at Hartley Post-
office, where he remained for two years, doing a
thriving business. In 1867 he engaged in farming
in Windsor Township, but excha'nged the farm in
the fall of the same year, and moved to a farm near
Dallastown, where he remained eight years, and in
connection with farming followed the mercantile

business and huckstering. He then went to Dallas-
town Station, on the Peach Bottom Railroad, where
he again engaged in the mercantile business, and
was also postmaster and agent of the York & Peach
Bottom Railroad. He remained there two years,
and in 1878 moved to Virginia, where he purchased
a farm, which he cultivated for three years. He
then moved back to York County, Penn., and pur-
chased a store at Mount Pleasant, Hopewell Town-
ship, where he has since resided, and has built un
an extensive business. He also works a farm of
twenty-two acres. He was married, in 1865, to
Hannah M. Althouse, daughter of George Althouse
(deceased), of Hopewell Township. They had
seven children; George F., Oscar H. (deceased),
Virginia L., Daniel W., Wilburt F., Tyburlus J.
and Silvanus.

JACOB SAYLOR, son of Jacob and Elizabeth
(Ramsay) Saylor, was born in Manchester Town-
ship, York Co., Penn., December 35, 1837, and
is the fifth of a family of nine children. His father
and mother were born in Manchester Township—
the latter died in 1858. Jacob Saylor, our subject,
at the age of twenty-one years, began farming,
which he followed two years. He then learned
blacksmithing, and worked in the car shops at
York for two years. In 1868 he went to Illinois,
and worked at farming for two years, and then re-
turned to York, Penn. ; was again employed in the
car shops until 1867, when he began selling machin-
ery as traveling salesman. In 1870 he rented the
hotel property near Stewartstown, known as Pat-
terson's Hotel, where he lemained three years, and
gained an enviable reputation as a first class hotel
keeper. In 1875 he rented the Douglass hotel, near
Winterstown; remained there only one year, when
he removed to the Plank Road," and engaged in
smithing for one year. In 1877 he rented a hotel at
Winterstown one year, and then rented Snyder's ho-
tel, where he also remained one year, after which he
removed to the present hotel property at Cross Roads
where he has since been located, and is enjoying an
extensive trade. In connection with keeping hotel
he is also dealing in agricultural implements and
horses. He was married, in 1859, to Henrietta Al-
bright, daughter of John Albright, of York, and has
four children; William E., George B., Emma K.
and Clara E. His wife died August 4, 1868. His
second marriage was in 1869 to Mary Jane Portner,
daughter of Mrs. Mary Portner, of Cross Roads,
and they have one child— Henry Irving. In 1880
Mr. Saylor was elected constable of his township,
and held that office four years. He and wife are
members of the Lutheran Church, of Mount Pleas-
ant. He is now building a hotel on property which
he owns at Pelton Station, on the York & Peach
Bottom Railroad, where he intends locating.

WILLIAM SBCHRIST, son of John and Elij;,
abeth (Grove) Sechrist, of York County, was born
December 34, 1819. At the age of seventeen years
he was apprenticed to John Gemmill, in the manu-
facturing of woolen goods, atd at the age of twenty-
two years entered into partnership in that business
with Benjamin Hank, who lived four miles from
Wrightsville, in Windsor Township. In 1850 he
bought out John Gemmill, and in 1853 built 'a new
factory, known as Keseling's Mills, in Hopewell,
and remained there until 1867, when he sold out tn
George Keseling, and then removed to his farm,
where he now resides, having bought of Arthur I.
Edie. His farm contains 143 acres of well-improved
land. He was married, January 17, 1850, to Anna
M. Becker, daughter of John Becker, late justice
of the peace of York. They have three children

JAMES M. SMITH, son of Robert M. and Liza
(Griffith) Smith, was born September 17, 1845 'n
Chanceford Township, York Co., Penn. His



parents were natives of Hopewell Township and
Chanceford Township, respectively, and his grand-
mother a native of Ireland. He was educated at
Stewartstown Academy and at Shrewsbury, and in '
186.5 commenced leaching school. After teaching
one term in Hopewell Township, he took a course
at Easton's Commercial College at Poughkeepsie,
N. v., where he remained about four months. He
then entered Waynesburg College, where he re-
mained one year, being compelled to discontinue
on account of poor health. Returning home he
remained on the homestead one year, and then en-
tered a general store at Stewartstown. where he
remained only five months, and then returned to ,
the homestead for two years. In 1872 he was mar- 1
ried to Jennie E. Kerlinger, daughter of Henry j
Kerlinger, of Hopewell Township. They have three I
children: Clayton C, Annie F. and Olive B. After i
his marriage he attended his father's farm during \
harvest for three vears, after which he returned to
his present farm of 300 acres. In connection with
farming, he also deals in phosphates and agricultural ;
implements. Mr. and jVIrs. Smith are members of |
the Presbyterian Church of Hopewell. i

WILLIAM C. SMITH, son of Sampson and
Eleanor (McAllister) Smith, of Hopewell Township, ■
York Co., Penn., was born in that township, j
October 22, 1848. and received his education at the j
public school and at Stewartstown and Shrewsbury j
Academies. He remained with his parents on the
homestead until 1871, when he engaged as a clerk j
in the store of Mr. Logan, at Cross Roads, and re-
mained there one year. In 1872 he was appointed i
collector of county, State and school taxes, which
office he held for two years. In 1874 he purchased
a building lot at Cross Roads, erected a dwelling
house and store, and in 1875 established a general
merchandise business, and has built up a very ex-
tensive trade. In 1877 he was married to Louisa
M. Zellers, daughter of Levi Zellers, of Hopewell
Township. They have no children. Mr. Smith |
was elected justice of the peace in 1881, which office i
he still holds; was also school director for one 3'ear ■!
in 1877, and auditor for three years, and in 1880 i
was engaged in taking the census of the township. '
He and wife are members of the Presbytei-ian
Church of Stewartstown. :

Stephen and Mary Elizabeth (Love) Springer, of
Newcastle County, Del., was born August 2.5, 1849,
is the eldest of five children; two of his brothers
are practicing physicians in Delaware. He re-
ceived his education at the public schools and
the Newark Academy. In 1867 he entered La-
fayette College, at Easton, Penn., and gradu- i
ated in June, 1871; in September, 1871, he en- i
tered Princeton Theological Seminary, from which j
he graduated in April, 1874. During the vacation
of his junior year he preached in a Congregational i
Church in Maine. During his next vacation he
preached in a Presbyterian Church in Illinois, In '
November, 1874, he was called to the pastorate j
of the Hopewell Presbyterian Church, and was or-
dained and installed by the Presbytery of West-
minster, December I, 1874, and is still pastor of said
Church. November 9, 1875, he was man-ied to
Mary Gould Bowker, daughter of Frederick and
Rachael A. Bowker, of Chester. They have three
living children: Courtland Bowker, born May 15,
1878; Mary Cronham, born April 12, 1.S81, and James |
Love, born October 22, 1883. !

ROBERT F. STABLER, son of Jared and Mar- )
garet J. (Koller) Stabler, of Shrewsbury Township,
was born in Shrewsbury Township, York Co.,
Penn., September 26, 1851. His father was born in
1820, and carried on the lime business in York
County for a number of years, subsequently remov-
ing to Railroad Borough, where he engaged in mill-

ing and dealing in grain, which occupation he still
follows. Robert F. received his education at the
public schools of the township and at the academy
of Shrewsbury and New Freedom. In 1869 he be-
gan learning the milling trade in his father's mill at
Railroad Borough, where he remained until 1872,
when he engaged in railroading and farming for
three years. In 1875 he came to Hopewell Town-
ship, and engaged in milling. He remained there
five years, after which he went to Stewartstown,
and kept a feed store for three years, and then went
back to Ebaugh's Mills, where he has since resided,
having charge of a grist and saw-mill. He was
married, in 1S71. to Artilda Kunkel, daughter of A.
W. Kunkel, of Shrewsbury Township. They have
six children: Charles W., Clara L., AddieE., Minnie
S., Daniel A. and Mary Ann. Mr. Stabler is a mem-
ber of the Brotherhood of Stewartstown, and his
wife is a member of the Lutheran Church.

ADAM F. STRAYER, son of David W. and
Lydia (Strayer) Strayer, was born in Lancaster
County, Penn., February 25, 1846, came to Hope-
well Township in 1848." His father was born in
Hopewell Township in 1829. and has always resided
there, with the exception of a few years spent in
Lancaster County. Adam F. received his educa-
tion at the public schools and at Pleasant Grove
Academy. He remained on the farm until 1863,
when he enlisted in Company C, Twenty-first
Pennsylvania Cavalry, for nine months; after which
he enlisted in Company B, One Hundred and
Eighty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.
In the battle of Chapin's Farm he was wounded in
the right arm, which was subsequently amputated.
After the close of the war he followed school teach-
ing, and taught in this township eleven years. In
1881 he was elected justice of the peace for the
borough of Winterstown, which office he still holds.
In 1867 he was married to Sarah E. Snyder, daugh-
ter of Jacob Snyder. They have no children. In 1868
he was appointed postmaster, which office he held
until 1881. He and wife are members of the U. B.
Church at Winterstown.

ARCHIBALD THOMPSON, son of Alexander
and Elizabeth (Duncan) Thompson, of Hopewell
and Pawn Townships, respectively, was born June
7, 1804. His grandfather, Archibald Thompson, a
native of Hopewell Township, settled on the pres-
ent homestead before the Revolutionary war. Sub-
ject's father was a soldier in the Revolutionary
war, and served under Capt. Moffett. Our subject
was reared on the homestead where he always lived.
He was married, February 15, 1827, to Hannah
Meats, of Hopewell Township, who died July 16,
1839. July 29, 1841, he married his second wife,
and has eight children: Alexander, Samuel H. 8.,
James G., Archibald J. G.,John M., Margaret J. A.,
Ellen M. E., and Elijah P. For twenty-five years he
was connected with his father in the manufacturing
of cider brandy. He has held two military commis-
sions, captain and first lieutenant; was appointedby
Gov. Porter justice of the peace of Hopewell Town-
ship, and served ten years. Besides these offices
he has held nearly all the public positions in the
gift of the people of the township. From his father
he inherited 285 acres of land, on which two of his
sons are living: Samuel H. S. and Archibald J. G.
Samuel H. S. was married in 1880 to Catharine A.
McDole, of Hopewell Township; she died in 1884,
leaving two children: Archibald W. J. and Anna
S. M. Archibald J. G. married Susan F. Baird,
of Hopewell Township, and has two children: Ethel
and Ralph B. Mr. Thompson is a member of the
Presbyterian Church of Hopewell and Stewartstown,
and has been an elder and one of the builders of
the church.

WILLIAM THOMPSON was born in Chance-
ford Township, York Co.; Penn., January 1, 1841.


ire Archa and Elizabetli (Heffner)
Thompson, natives of Maryland and Pennsylvania,
respectively, and of English and German descent.
They reared a family of two sons and six daughters,
and buried four children in- infancy. William
Thompson, the eldest living of this family, was
reared on a farm. In 1862 he was married in his
native township to Margaret Jane Blouse, daughter,
of Solomon Blouse, of the same township, and of
German descent. They had twelve children, two
of whom died: Rebecca. .=ix years of age, burned to
death by accident; Wellington, deceased, aged two
years. Those living are Elizabeth. William James,
Annie, Ella, Mary, Fannie, Andrew Leib, Jesse R.,
Georgie. Netlie and Llewellyn. Mr. Thompson
owns 149 acres of well cultivated land in Hopewell
Township, which he has been farming since 1863.
He has been assessor, has been a delegate to the
Democratic county conventions, and is connected
with a building and loan association at York, Penn.
His father who lives in Shrewsbury Township, is
now seventy-four years of age.

JAMES H. TROUT, son of Abram and Violet
(Morrison) Trout, of Hopewell and Peach Bottom
Townships. York Co., Penn., was born July 39,
1849, in Harford County, Md. He received his
education in the Harford and York County public
schools. He came to York County in 1868," and in
1872 was married to Lizzie Hendricks, daughter of
Thomas Hendricks, of Hopewell Township. They
have two children: Violet C. and Jesse H. Mr.
Trout purchased the farm on which he resides,
which contains about sixty-five acres, in 1877.

WILLIAM VENUS, son of Henry and Anna
(Sykes) Venus, natives of York County and the
north of England, respectively, was born in Shrews-
bury Township, September 3, 1843. He was edu-
cated at the publio schools of the township, and at
the age of twenty-three years engaged as a clerk in
a store, and one year later he removed to Carroll
County, Md., where he engaged in the milling busi-
ness with his father. In 1868 he returned to Shrews-
bury and engaged in the carpenter business. In
1870 he again engaged in the mercantile business in
Hopewell Township, and in 1875 he moved to
Winterstown, where he opened a general store. In
1877 he sold out and removed to Shrewsbury Town-
ship, where he engaged in his old business — store
keeping. In March, 1877, he removed to Hopewell
Township, where he is at present engaged in keep-
ing a general store. He was married, in 1870, to
Elizabeth Gladfelter, of Shrewsbury Borough, and
has six children: James A., Charles H., Sadie B.,
Annie C, Daniel E. and an infant.

JAMES W. WALLACE, son of William and
Jeannette (Gemmill) Wallace, was born April 26,
1847, in Harford County, Md:, where his parents
resided, with whom he came to York County, Penn.,
when only three years old. His parents were born
in York County, Penn. Until 1873 he remained on
the homestead farming, after which he purchased a
merchandising business, formerly owned by his
father. In 1883 he built a dwelling house, and in
1884 a store. In connection with the store, he works
a farm of ninety-five acres. In 1872 he was married
to Sarah A. McCall, daughter of Matthew McCall,
of Fawn Township, and has three children: Mar-
garet J. A., Anna M. and Marion A. Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace are members of the United Presbyterian
Church of Hopewell. Mr. Wallace was appointed
postmaster of Hopewell Centre in 1875, which office
he still holds.

and Mary (Souder) Winemiller, of Hopewell Town- ■
ship, was born November 13, 1834. His grandfather,
Jacob Winemiller, was the third son of one Wine-
miller who it is supposed came from Switzerland
and located in Hopewell Township, and who owned

about 1,200 acres of land. The father was engage
in farming and milling in Hopewell Township and
died in 1861, leaving five children, of whom William
H. is the third. He was reared on the homestead,
educated at the public schools and studied veterin-
ary surgery. He practiced for six years at Shrews-
bury Station, but in 1874 he returned to the home-
stead, which he had inherited from his father, and
commenced farming, which he has followed since
in connection with veterinary surgery. In 1860 he
was married to Rebecca Ziegler, daughter of Peter
Ziegler, Hopewell Township, and has eight chil-
dren: Edward P. (a teacher in the public schools of
Harford County, Md.), Mary A., Joseph G., Calvin
D., Eva J., Oran P., Oscar M. and Raleigh W. Mr.
Winemiller enlisted in the late war in the One
Hundred and Forty-ninth Regiment Pennsylvania
Volunteers, in the fall of 1868, and was discharged
in the spring of 1864. He and members of his wife's
family belong to the Presbyterian Church at

WILLIAM L. WINTER, son of John and Mary
(Gibbs) Winter, of Stewartstown, Penn., was born
January 1, 1848, and was reared in Stewartstown.
At the age of fifteen years he enlisted in the
Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry, and was dis-
charged at the close of the war at Lynchburg, Va.
He was engaged in the battles of the Wilderness,
Petersburg, Weldon Railroad, Five Porks and
others. At the close of the war he returned to
Stewartstown and began learning the trade of
blacksmithing with Thomas the carshops of
Glen Rock, and in 1874 engaged in business for
himself in coach-making and general blacksmithing.
He held the office of assessor for two terms, and in
the spring of 1884 was elected justice of the peace
for Stewartstown. He is the only Republican ever
elected in that town. In 1869 he was married to
Lily Keesey, of Chanceford. daughter of Jacob
Keesey, Esq. They have four children: Annetta
B., Mary M., Minnie M. and Charles. Mr. Winter
is a member of E. B. Morrison Post No. 387, G. A.
R., of Stewartstown. Mrs. Winter is a member of
the Methodist Episcopal Church of Stewartstown.
LEVI ZELLERS, son of Bartholomew and Rose
A. (Miller) Zellers, of Loganville, Penn., was born
at Stewartstown, Hopewell Township, in 1817. He
was reared and educated in the same township,
where he has lived on the homestead, which he and
his brother inherited at the death of his father,
subsequently buying hi.s brother's interest in the
farm (136 acres). In 1838 he was married to Lavina
Bdie. of Hopewell Township, who died in 1877
leaving six children: Lydia A., Andrew, William'
Mary, Louisa and Samuel. Mr. Zellers is a member
of the Stewartstown Presbyterian Church. He is
now living with his son, William, who bought the
farm from him in 1882. William Zellers was born
in 1843, and in 1875 was married to Esther J
Anderspn, of Hopewell Township, and has one son,
James Lee ZeUers.


G. W. BAHN, M. D., is a native of York
County, Penn.. and was born in Spring Garden
Township, in 1856. His parents, Samuel L. and
busan (Tyson) Bahn, are also natives of York
County, and representatives of old families of the
county. Our subject was educated in the common
schools of his day. supplemented by a course at the
Normal School of York and Emigsville Academy
In 1878 he commenced the study of medicine under


Dr. J. B. Kain, now of York, Penn. He remained |
with Dr Kain three years, attending medical lec-
tures at the University of Maryland, at Baltimore,
in the meantime. In 1881 he graduated from this
institution and commenced the practice of his pro-
fession in Spring Grove, where he is now engaged
in active and successful practice. Dr. Balin married
in 1880,Miss Alice E. Sitler, of Bast Prospect, Lower
Windsor Township, They have one child living —
Edith M. Dr. Bahn is a member of the Mount
Olivet Lodge No. 997, I. O. O. F., of Spring Grove,
and, witli his wife, a member of St. Paul's Lutheran
Church. The Doctor is also a member of the
York County Medical Society.

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