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C. W. BAUER, one of the leading merchants of
Spring Grove, is a native of Germany. He came to
America in 1873, and located at York, where he
entered the employ of J. L. Getz, with whom he re-
mained ten years." In 1884 he removed to Spring
Grove, and" embarked in the general mercantile
business in partnership with Frank Raab, which
partnership has since been dissolved. He carries a
large stock of goods and has succeeded in establish-
ing a tirst-class trade. Mr. Bauer is an agreeable
gentleman, possessing fine business attributes, and
ranks among the leading citizens of the borough.
He was appointed justice of the peace in 1884, and
is now administering the duties of that office. Mr.
Bauer formed a matrimonial alliance, in 1880, with
Miss Lydia Raab. of York, Penn. They have one
child— Lotiie. Mr. and Mrs. Bauer are members of
St. John's Lutheran Church of York.

Z. L. BOWMAN, son of Henry L. and Clara
(Loucks) Bowman, fourth of seven children, was
born December 24, 1854, in Heidelberg Township,
and after attending school in his native township,
his first work was at Ghitfelter's Paper Mill,at Spring
Grove. He worked at this mill for ten years, then
began the manufacture of all kinds of powder in
1882. Mr. Bowman married Annie E. Menges,
daughter of P. H. and Katie (Hinkle) Menges. Two
children bless their marriage — Bessie and Willie.
The Sprinir Grove Powder Mill, owned and operated
by P, H. Glatfelter. Z. L. Bowman and M. S. John-
son, is doing a thriving business, although but re-
cently put in operation. They manufacture all kinds
of powder, and they have a large trade in York and
adjoining counties for all their powder.

P. M. BRINGMAN is a native of York County,
and is tlie son of John and Anna M. (Bowersox)
Bringman. The father and grandfather, John and
Jacob, were also natives of York County, and the
grandfather, George Bowersox, a native of the same.
John Bringman died in March, 1880; his widow,
Anna M. resides in Spring Grove, and is the mother
of six living children: Amanda Rudisill, George, P.
M. (subject). Annie, Jacob and John. Our subject
was reared in Jackson Township, and was educated
at the common and normal schools and at the
Academy of York, and for a number of years fol-
lowed the profession of teaching in Jackson; in
1879 he began teaching in Spring Grov,p. where he
still resides. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. of
Spring Grove, and, with the family, a member of
the Lutheran Church.

EDWARD GLATFELTER, superintendent of
Spring Grove Paper Mills, is a son of Charles and
Louisa (Fishel) Glatfelter, and was born in 1839, in
Spring Garden Township. He was reared on a farm,
and until twenty-five years of age, remained upon
the farm as an assistant of his father. He then
operated the old homestead farm for a period of
nine years for himself, after which he became the
general agent of the Weed Sewing Machine Com-
pany, for York and Adams Counties, continuing
this business two years. He then removed to Spring
Grove, and entered ilie employ of his brother in the
paper-mills as a laborer. In 1879 he became the

superintendent of the mill*, 'vhich position he has
ably filled up to the presen writing. In 1863 he
was united in marriage with Sarah A. Herman, a
native of West Manchester Township. This union
has been blessed with five children: Laura Z., Har-
vey E., Lucy K., Nettie J. and Sadie E. Mr. and
Mrs. Glatfelter, with their two eldest children, are
members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

HENRY HOKE was born in this township in
1822, to Michael and Barbara (Fishel) Hoke, natives
of York County. His grandfather, Casper Hoke,
who married a Emig, was a blacksmith by
trade, but was following farming at the time of his
death. Subject's mother was descended from one
of the oldest families of the county and died about
1828, the mother of eight children: Elizabeth, Mag-
dalena, Margaretta, Joseph, Michael, George. Henry
and Susanna. By a subsequent marriage, Michael
Hoke had born to him three children, filiza, Abra-
ham and Nancy. The father of these died about
1868, and his widow about 1880. Our subject was
reared a farmer, and in 1845 began on his own
account, following agriculture until 1883, when he
left his farm of 115 acres in charge of his son, Jacob,
moved to Nashville and engaged in a general mer-
cantile trade, in which he is quite prosperous. In
1844 he married Anna, daughter of Christian Her-
shey, of Jackson Township. Thisladydied Decem-
ber 1, 1883, the mother of twelve children, of whom
Joseph is deceased. The living are Elizabeth
Sprenkle, William, Emanuel, Henry, Sarah N. Bott,
Eliza. Jacob, Amanda, Martin, George and Michael.
Mr. Holce is a school director and a member of the
Reformed Church, in which he has been a leader
of the choir for over thirty years.

WILLIAM H. HOKE, son of Henry and Annie
(Hersliey) Hoke, was born in Jackson Township,
October 26, 1846. His early days were passed on
the farm and in attending the district school until
nineteen. In the spring of 1869 he began life on
his own responsibility, and in 1874 purchased his
present homestead of 138 acres. This farm is noted
for its iron ore, a number of shafts having been
sunk, and is productive in wheat, corn and Havana
and Connecticut tobacco. Mr. Hoke also gives con-
siderable attention to tlie culture of Italian bees,
and finds a ready market for several hundred pounds
of honey annually. August 23, 1868, Mr. Hoke
married Sarah, daughter of Peter and Catherine
(Wiest) Spanglcr, to which union the following chil-
dren have been born; Phares Henry, Alice Jane,
Lilly Ann, William Edward, Emma Elverta (an in-
fant daughter), Naomi Sarah, Nettie Savilla, Lucy
Viola and Ada Anna. Mr. and Mrs. Hoke are mem-
bers of the Emanuel Reformed Church, of which
Mr. H. has been organist since 1879.

M. HOKE, M. D,, is a native of York County,
Penn., and was born in Jaekson Township in 1859.
His parents, Henry and Anna (Hershey) Hoke, are
both natives of York County, and descendants of
old families of the county. Our subject was reared
in his native county, and attended the common
schools, and also York County Academy. About
the age of eighteen years he commenced the study
of medicine with Dr. J. Wiest, then of Jackson
Township, but now one of the leading practitioners
of York, Penn. Under the tutelage of Dr. Wiest
he remained three years, attending lectures at the
Jefferson Medical College, of Philadelphia, in the
meantime, and graduating from that institution in
1881. He also attended a special course of anatomy
in 1880. In 1881 he located in Spring Grove, and
commenced the practice of his profession, which is
continually increasing. He was married, in 1883, to
Miss Harriet Schwartz, of York County, Penn. Dr.
Hoke is a member of the German Reformed Church,
and his wife of the Lutheran Church.

WILLIAM S. JOHNSTON, a descendant of old


representative families, was born in Spring Garden
Township, in 1834. His great-grandfather was a
pioneer of the county, a farmer and one of the
founders of the Episcopal Ciiuroh of York, in the
church-yard of which he lies buried. His grand-
father, William Johnston, was a farmer of Spring
Garden Township, where he resided until his death;
he was the father of eleven children, two of whom
are now living; Mrs. Mary Hautz and Sarah, both
residents of York. Samuel Johnston, the father of
our subject, was born in Spring Garden Township,
where he resided until 1838, when he removed to
Jackson Township, where he became a leading
farmer and resided until his death, which occurred
in 1873. The mother of our subject, Mary Smyser,
was a daughter of Michael Smyser, of West Man-
chester Township, and a descendant of an old fam-
ily of the county. She was the mother of two chil-
dren: William S'. and Mary (deceased). The mother
died in 1857. Our subject was reared upon a farm,
and in the field of agriculture he has devoted the
entire attention of his life. Mr. Johnston has been
a resident of Jackson Township since he was four
years of age; he became the manager of the old
homestead farm in 1857, and in 1873 he became the
inheritor, upon the death of his father. This farm
consists of 200 acres of superior land, finely im-
proved, the most of the improvements having' been
made by our subject; he also owns a tract of land
in Codorus Township. Mr. Johnston is one of the
solid, substantial citizens of York County; he is en-
terprising in all matters of public improvement,
and one of the esteemed citizens of the county.
Mr. Johnston was married, in 1857, to Miss Julia
Bott, a daughter of Jacob Bott, of Jackson Town-
ship, and of an old family. Three children have
been born to them: Sarah Smyser, William Allen
(deceased at the age of eighteen) and an infant
daughter. The family have always been members
of the Lutheran and Episcopal denominations.

M. W. LAU is a native of York County, and was
born in West Manchester Township in 1844; his
father Michael Lau, was a native of York County,
and a farmer of West Manchester Township, until
his death. Catherine (Wolf) Lau, mother of our
subject, is still living. Our subject was reared on a
farm and followed farming for fourteen years,
seven years in Paradise and seven in Heidelberg
Townships. In 1876 he became the agent of the
White Sewing Machine Company, which business
he has successfully conducted up to the present
writing; he is also the general agent for York
County for the Reid Creamery, for which valuable
macl)ine he has established a large sale. Mr. Lau
became a reSdent of Spring Grove in 1879, where
he has since resid(jd. He assisted materially in the
miovement for the incorporation of the town, and
was one of the first election officers. He has served
as councilman since Spring Grove became a bor-
ough, was the manager and superintendent of the
building of the schoolhouse, and is always a public
spirited and progressive citizen. Mr. Lau was mar-
ried, December 20, 1866, to Miss Lucinda Fishel,
daughter of Michael Fishel, of Jackson Township.
She died July 14, 1876, leaving three children:
Charles K., Henry H. and Minnie K. His second
marriage occurred June 1, 1879, when he was united
with Miss Elizabeth Ellen Senft, daughter of Isaac
Senft, of Codorus Township. They have two
children— Luther M. and Paul F. Mr. and Mrs. Lau
are members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Mr.
Lau has been earnestly identified with his church,
and has served as deacon since the organization of
the church at Spring Grove.

W. H. LOCKEMAN, dealer in agricultural im-
plements and wagons, who has recently begun busi-
ness in Spring Grove, is a young man vrorthy of
encouragement, being thoroughly acquainted in the

business in which he has embarked. He is a prac-
tical machinist, having worked in some of the best
shops in the country. He learned the trade of
blacksmith with his father, Frederick Lockeman, of
York County.

HENRY K. MARKEL is a native of Shrews-
bury Township, and was born in 1833. His great-
grandfather was a soldier in the war of the Revolu-
tion. His grandfather, Martin Markel, was also a
resident of York Cpunty. His parents, Henry and
Catherine (Kunkel) Markel, were natives of York
County, and farmers of Shrewsbury Township,
where his father died in 1850; his mother still re-
sides there. Our subject was reared upon the farm,
and at the age of eighteen learned the shoe-maker's
trade at Glen Rock, and followed that occupation
five years in his native township. He next learned
the carpenter's trade, which he followed fourteen
years, learning in the meantime the machine trade
at Glen Rock. He then farmed for twelve years in
Codorus Township, and in 1881 came to Spring
Grove and established a general machine, repair
and jobbing shop, and is now doing a successful and
remunerative business. Mr. Markel is a skilled
general mechanic. He has served as a councilman
and assistant assessor of Spring Grove Borough. In
18.52 he married Miss Louisa Bailey, of Shrewsbury
Township. They have six children living: Elnora,
Sarah J., Mary A., William, George and Ida. Mr.
and Mrs. Markel are members of the German Re-
formed Church.

GEORGE MENGES, a successful and represen-
tative business man of York County, was born in
Jackson Township in 1848. He is descended from
two old families of the county, his parents, Andrew
and Caroline (Klinepeter) Menges, natives of the
County. His father is a farmer, and George, until
the age of twenty-five, continued at home as an
assistant. He then farmed the homestead for seven
years, also extracting iron ore from the beds upon
the land. At the expiration of this period he re-
moved to Spring Grove, and embarked upon a more
extended field of business, establishing a general
trade in coal, lumber, grain, phosphates, etc., in
which field he has been eminently successful, and
is now enjoying a large patronage. He was the
prime mover and worker in securing the incorpor-
ation of Spring Grove into a borough, and was the
first burgess; he also takes an active interest in the
schools and is now serving upon the school board.
Mr. Menges has done considerable in building up
Spring Grove, and owns several tenement houses
and considerable other property, and is recognized
as one of the leading citizens and business men of
the county. In 1872 he married Miss Amanda
Martin, of Jackson Township. They have one
child living— Lillie. Mr. and Mrs. Menges are
members of the Lutheran Church at Spring Grove.

GEORGE. W. METZGER, M. D., son of Solo-
mon and Rebecca (Bower) Metzger, was born in
Manchester Township, February 8, 1855. He at-
tended the common schools until about thirteen
years of age, when he entered the MillersVille State
Normal School, and studied for two years. In
1874 he commenced reading medicine with Dr. J.
B. Kain, of Manchester Borough, and was under
his instruction for two years; he then entered
Jefferson College. Philadelphia, from which he
graduated in 1877. The spring of that year he be-
gan practice in Jackson 'Township as successor to
Dr. Christian Picking, and has here been very suc-
cessful, now owning a brick dwelling, with several
acres of ground, on the Gettysburgh pike, one and
one-half miles west of Thomasville. June, 17, 1877,
he married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham
Yost, and has had born to him by this union: Ale-
mena K., John L., Sallie R. and Lizzie. The Doc-
tor has been a school director since 1883, and he


and wife are members of the St. Paul's Lutheran
Church, of West Manchester.

JOHN ROTH, son of John and Eliznheth
(Spangler) Roth, was born October 3, 1828, and was
brougUt up on his father's farm. February 10,
1856. he married Susan Schwartz, daughter of John
and Catharine (Myers) Schwartz, of Jaclison Town-
ship. IS'ine children were born to them: Emma,
Jacob (deceased). Ellen, Henry (deceased), Moses
(deceased), Ida, Amanda, Susanna and John. Mr.
Roth's ancestors were probably the first settlers in
that neighborhood. His great-grandfather took up
land where our subject now lives, and this laud has
been in the Roth family continuously down to pres-
ent time. (See history of Roth's Church in this
volume.) '

L. A. ROTH, M. D.,was born in Adams County,
Penn., in 1848; and is the youngest of the nine
children born to Jonas and Barbara (KaufEman)
Roth. The father of our subject was born in
Jaclssou Township in 1800, was a farmer, and
about 1832 removed to Adams County, where he
died In 1871; his widow, Barbara Roth, died in 1884.
Sul)ject's paternal grandfather, Abraham Roth,
whose grandparents emigrated from Switzerland
about 1730, and located in York County, was an old
settler of the county, and was a farmer and Men-
uonite minister and bishop. L. A. Roth was reared
a farmer and received his education at the common
schools and at the normal school at Millersville
three years, and afterward taught school. In 186.1
lie served six months with the One Hundred and
Third Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company
C, through North and South Carolina, and else-
wliere, and at the age of eighteen commenced the
study of medicine with Dr. Thrall, of Burlington,
N. J., remaining with him seven years— three in
partnership. He graduated from a New York
medical college and filled the chair of anatomy for
three years in the New York Hygeio-Therapeutic
Medical College (founded in 1852 and chartered by
the New York legislature in 1857), and for two
years practiced in Adams County. In 1878 he
located, in partnership with Dr. John Wiest, in
Jackson Township, where he has since enjoyed a
good practice. In 1878 he married Miss Rosa,
daughter of ex-Sheriff Jacob Plank, of Adams
County, and has had born to him two children:
Leroy a.nd Ralph.

GEORGE SEILER is a native of Adams County,
Penn., and was born in 1837. His parents were
Charles and Sarah (Bollinger) Seiler. They subse-
quently became residents of York County, where
they remained until their death at Spring Grove.
The father died in 1881. the motlier, in 1877. Three
children are now living, of whom George is the
youngest. He learned the miller's trade with his
father, and followed that occupation about twenty
years in York County. He subsequently
learned the trade of painter with Garrett Bros., of
Williamsport, and has followed it until the present
time with marked success. Mr. Seiler became a
resident of Spring Grove about 1874, where he has
since resided, and been identified with all its prog-
ress. He was one of the leaders in securing the
incorporation of the town, and was the first asses-
sor, and one of the first election officers. Mr. Seiler
was elected chief burgess of the borough in 1884
(February), and is a member of Mount Olivet
Lodge No. 997. I. O. O. F. In 1858 he married
Eliza Raber, of North Codorus Township, who
died January 8, 18 — , leaving two children; Mary
E. and Charles H. R. Mr. Seiler was united to his
present wife April 8, 1883. Her maiden name was
Belle Zehring, and she is a native of Jefferson
Borough. York County. Mr. Seiler is a member of
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, of Spring Grove, and
his wife of the German Reformed Church of Jefferson .

JOHN K. SHAFFER, a son of John and Polly
(Kerr) Shaffer, was born in Heidelberg Township,
July 6, 1829. His ancestors were among the early
settlers of York County. His grandfather, John
Shaffer, a native of York County, at the age of
eighteen, was enrolled for service in the Revolu-
tionary army. He resided in the county all of his
life, and died at the advanced age of ninety-five
years. The father of our subject lived in the county
until his death, at the age of eighty years. John
K. was reared on a farm, and learned the trade of
blacksmith from his father. This occupation he
has always followed in connection with farming.
He is a skillful and efficient workman, and for the
past five years has conducted his business in the
borough of Spring Grove. Mr. Shaffer married
Elizabeth Moul. She is the daughter of Henry
Moul, of Heidelberg, and also a descendant of an
old family of the county. The town of Moulsville
(near Hanover) was settled by her ancestors. Five
children have blessed their union; Martin, Jacob
(deceased), Henry (deceased), Caroline Baker and
Annie Kessler.

MICHAEL D. SMYSER, son of Daniel and
Catherine (Weist) Smyser, was born March 37, 1843.
in Jackson Township, where he was reared on liis
father's farm. In 1867 he moved to Franklin Town-
ship, and after fifteen years residence he returned
to Jackson Township, and removed to his present
home in Spring Grove in the spring of 1885, and
began business in grain, all kinds of feed, flour,
coal, phosphates, etc. Mr. Smyser is tlie owner of
valuable real estate in Spring Grove, having 110
feet of ground fronting on Main Street, and extend-
ing back to Glatfelter's Sideling, on which are
erected four buildings on Main Street, two ware-
houses, etc. In addition to this Mr. Smyser owns a
house and lot on Water Street and a lot on Main
Street, and is building a new warehouse in ijlace of
the old one. April 15, 1866, Mr. Smyser married
Magdaline Menges, daughter of Andrew and Caro-
line (Klinepeter) Menges, of Jackson Township.
This marriage was blessed with four children:
Henry Howard. Edith Ellen, Andrew Willard and
Ada May. In the late war Mr. Smyser enlisted in
Company H, Two Hundredth Regiment Pennsyl-
vania Volunteers, and was with the regiment at
Butler's Front, Fort Stedman, Petersburg, at the
surrender of Petersburg, and also at the surrender
of Lee's army. He was mustered out of service at
Alexandria, 'Va., and honorably discharged at Har-
risburg at the close of the war. Our subject's grand-
father was Michael Smyser. His grandmother's
maiden name was Wolf.

I. C. UMBERGER, a native erf Dauphin
County, Penn., was born in 1853. He first learned
the trade of stone cutter at Baltimore. He was in
the employ of the Nevada Central Railroad, at his
trade, a period of eight years, and in 1883 l^ecame
a resident of Spring Grove, embarking in the
bakery business with W. J. Dyer, whicli partner-
ship was dissolved after a few months — Mr. Umber-
ger retiring from the firm. He then started his
present business, the green grocery and provision
business, together with shipping poultry, butter,
eggs. etc. Mr. Umberger has established a thriv-
ing trade, and is an enterprising and respected citi-
zen. He was united in marriage, in 1873, with
Lizzie A. Schock, .a native of Maryland. They
have two children living: John and Irene. Mr.
Umberger is a member of Humane Lodge No.
343, I. O. O. F., of York, and with his wife is con-
nected with the Methodist Episcopal Church of

GEORGE G. WAGNER, son of John and
Elizabeth (Glatfelter) Wagner, was born in Codo-
rus Township, January 15, 1850. His grandfather.
Jacob, a farmer and a native of the county, died


about 1870; John Wagner died about 1880. George
G. Wagner assisted ou the home farm until about
sixteen years old, when he tools a two years' course
in Manchester College and then became a clerk. In
1875 he opened a store at Meuges' Mill, twelve
miles west of York, and continuing three years;
in 1878 he opened at Spring Forge, where he is now
doing a successful general trade, and where, in 1883,
he was appointed assistant postmaster. March 25,
1875, he married Alice Jane, daughter of Jesse arid
Malinda Kraft, and to this union have been born
Alvertus, Mabel Pauline, Irvin Jesse and Lottie
Elmira. Mr. Wagner is the owner of a good brick
dwelling and store-room combined at Spring
Forge, and with his wife is a member of the Luther-
an Church.

N. G. WAGNEK, son of John and Elizabeth
(Glatfelter) Wagner, was born in 1851, in York
County. His grandfather, Jacob Wagner, was also
a native of York County, and died in Manheim
Township. John Wagner, the father of our sub-
ject, was a farmer through life; his widow is still
living in Spring Grove. Onr subject was reared on
a farm, but in October, 1876, entered into mercan-
tile business, which he carried on in Manheim
Township,aud at other points, until 1881, when he
came to Spring Grove, where he is now carrying on
a large trade. In 1873 he married Alice J. Bortner,
of Codorus Township, and by her has si.x children:
Janeva, Charles, Henry T., Mary, Minnie A. and
Bessie. Mr. Wagner is a member of Mt. Olivet,
No. 997, I. O. O. F., and with his wife a member of
the St. Paul's Lutheran Church at Spring Grove.

JOHN WIEST was born in Jackson (Paradise)
Township, July 19, 1810, and is the son of Michael,
a native of tlie township and Magdalena (Myers)
Wiest. of Adams County, Penn. His great-great-
grandfather, Wiest, came from Switzerland, and
settled as a farmer in Jackson (Paradise) Township.
John Wiest is the third in a family of five children,
consisting of himself and four sisters; Catherine
(Mrs. Michael Emig), Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry
Rebert), Mary and Eliza (Mrs. Charles Rebert).
Elizabeth died February 19, 1880, and Mary died in
1878. Mr. Wiest's homestead comprises twenty-two
acres, one-half mile northwest of Spring Grove,
beside which he owns a farm of 150 acres in Carroll
County, Md. He has held the office of school
director of his township several terms and that of
township auditor one term; he was also for several
years captain of a militia company with head-
quarters near Nashville, same township, and since
early manhood has been a member of Roth's Re-
formed Church, in which for many years he has
served as elder. February 8, 1838, he married Eliza-
beth, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Mans, of Carroll

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