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County, Md., and to his union with her have been
born Eliza, Michael, Jacob, Henry, John, Magda-
lena, Peter, Mary and Levi D. Levi David Wiest
was born January 30, 1859; was reared on the home
farm. In 1874 he entered upon a four years' course
at tlie York County Academy. In the winter of
1876-77 he taught school in Jackson Township, and
in 1879 entered Pennsylvania College at Gettys-
burgh, where he passed two years in the classical
course. In 1881 he entered the University of Michi-
gan at Ann Arbor, and for two years followed the
studv of civil engineering, which he has adopted as
his life profession.


Airvillo United Presbyterian Church, was born
February 3, 1846, near the village of Prinr-eton,
Lawrence Co., Penn. His elementary education

was received in the schools of his native township..
In 1865 he entered the Westminster College, Penn.,
and graduated from that institution in 1870. He
completed his theological course in Allegheny City.
April 15. 1873. he was licensed to preach, and was
ordained April 39, 1875, by the presbytery of_ Big
Spring, Penn. At the age of nineteen he enlisted
in the Sixteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, was pro-
moted to sergeant of Company I, and served until
the end of the war. January 1, 1875, Rev. Mr.
Aiken became pastor of the congregation over
which he now presides with such signal ability and
success. He was joined in marriage April 5, 1883,
with Miss Mary J., daughter of George and Sarah
(Cummins) Porter, of Huntingdon County, Penn.
They now reside in the newly erected parsonage of
the Airville congregation. Rev. Mr. Aiken is finely
educated, and is a gentleman worthy of encourag-
ing success in the ministry.

and Eliza M. (Barnett) Anderson, was born Septem-
ber 3, 1853, in Lower Chanceford Township, and
was educated in the public schools. At the age of
seventeen years he began to learn the carpenter's
trade, which he pursued until 1875, when he com-
menced farming. In 1883 he began the business of
canning fruits, as manager for the firm of Kilgore &
Co. He was married, in 1876, to Ida Kilgore,
daughter of Samuel Kilgore. They have two chil-
dren: Samuel and Hugh. Mr. Anderson is a lineal
[ representative of one of the first settlers of his

I JAMES E. ANDERSON, son of Isaac J. and
j Eliza M. (Barnett) Anderson, of Lower Chanceford
j Township, was born March 15, 1856, upon the old
I homestead, where he was reared and educated.
Mr. Anderson has, for the past ' eight years,
had charge of the old homestead farm, which
consists of eighty-three acres of valuable land.
He was married, October 30, 1881. to Sally, daugh-
ter of R. S. Scott, of Lower Chanceford Town-
ship. They have one child— Robert R. Mrs. An-
derson is a member of the Union Chapel of Lower
Chanceford Township.

JOHN BAIR, son of John and Elizabeth (Mil-
ler) Bair, natives of Lancaster County, Penn., was
born May 35, 1816, in Lancaster County, where he
was reared and educated. In 1845 he came to York
Furnace, Lower Chanceford Township, and en-
gaged in the manufacture of charcoal iron, and
conducted a general merchandise business. In
1850 he added to his other business lumber manu-
facturing, saw-milling and lime burning, and in
18.55 he added the sale and purchase of grain, phos-
phates and general railroad merchandise. In 1855
he began the subscription and erection of the York
I Furnace Bridge, being president of the company.
I The bridge was destroyed in 1857 by ice and wind.
Mr. Bair was married, in 1855, to Susan GroflE, of
Lancaster County, daughter of David Groff. They
had two c'nildren: Robert Cabeen and Lizzie. In
1863 Mr. Bair accepted a position on the stafi of
Maj. R. W. Shenk, Pennsylvania Volunteers. He
I is a Knight Templar.

JAM bis BOYD (deceased), son of John Boyd,
I who emigrated from the north of Ireland about
j 1774, and located in Chester County. When twen-
ty-eight years old James Boyd moved to Wrights-
ville, and engaged in the lumber business with his
1 brother Robert. He came to Lower Chanceford in
18.55, and purchased the John Kilgore farm, con-
taining 600 acres, and began farming, which he
continued until 1865, when he built the "Oakland
Valley Mills," located about one mile from Mc-
I Call's Ferry. He was married, in 1844, to Ann C.
1 Schroede:-, a native of Germany, who immigrated to-
i this country with her parents at the age of twelve,
! and settled at Stoney Run, near York. They had


five children: Robert, James M., John C, Isaac
N. and Martin L. Mr. James Boyd, who died
March 17, 1883, was a prominent member of the
Lutheran Church of Wrightsville, before moving to
Lower Chanceford, and took an active interest in
erecting the church of his denomination in that
town. He was afterward prominently identifiedin
the erection of the Methodist Episcopal Church 'at
Centreville. Mrs. Boyd resides at the home near

ISAAC N. BOYD is a son of James and Ann C.
(Schroeder) Boyd, of Lower Chanceford. and was
born March 13, 1853. at Wrightsville, and at the age
of twenty-five commenced the study of medicine
with Dr. Jacob R. Spangler, of York. He graduat-
ed from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of
Baltimore, and in 1880 commenced the practice of
medicine in Lower Chanceford Township, where
he is also engaged in farming and milling, and at the
mill built by his father. He was married, March 16,
1881, to Mary E. Vanhyning. of Chanceford Town-
slijp. They have two children: LuUa A.and Minnie
K. Dr. Boyd is a representative citizen, and
served as tax collector for his township in 1882-83.

ROBERT BOYD, son of James and Ann C.
(Schroeder) Boyd, was born at Wrightsville Decem-
ber 4, 1846, and was educated at the public schools.
At the death of his father he became manager of
the homestead property, being executor of his
father's estate. In 1879 and 1880 he was inspector
of elections; in 1881 he was elected road supervisor
of Lovver Chanceford Township, and re-elected the
next year. He was married. September 28, 186.5, to
Martha J., daugliter of Daniel Robinson, of Dau-
phin Cotinty. "They have had nine children: James
F., Isaac N., John E.. Annie C, Maggie J., Lizzie
J., Robert D., Jesse W. and Bertie M. Mr. Boyd
is a member of Harbor Lodge No. 338. I. O. O. F.,
of Safe Harbor, Lancaster County. He and his
family are members of McKendrie Methodist Epis-
copal Church of Lower Chancfeford. Mr. Boyd is a
descendant of a highly respected family, who set-
tled in Lancaster County about 1885.

ELLIS CHANDLEE was born February 29,1833,
in Lower Chanceford, to Veazey and Jemima (Kil-
gore) Cliandlee. natives of Cecil County, Md., and
Lower Chanceford, York Co., Penn., respectively.
The former was born in 1804, served an apprentice-
ship to watch and clock-making in Baltimore, and in
1826 came to Lower Chanceford, York Co., Penn.,
and located on a farm. Ellis Chandlee remained
on the homestead until the age of twenty-two. He
then taught school two years; then clerked in a store
two years; then followed store keeping for himself
until 1865. He was elected justice of the peace in
March, 1866, which office he still holds. Mr.
Chandlee was married, July 3,1856, to Mrs. Caroline
C. Kilgore, a native of Lower Chanceford; their
children are Harriet A. and Edmund G. Mrs.
Chandlee died March 8, 1878, and June 7, 1881, sub-
ject married Mrs. Susan Main, a native of Lower
Chanceford Township. Mr. Chandlee is engaged
in the raising of tobacco, in connection with his of-
fice of justice of the peace.

JAMES CHANDLEE, son of Veazey and
Jemima (Kilgore) Chandlee, was born November
31, 1837, and remained at home until eighteen years
of age, when he learned the trade of a wheel-
wright. He followed this trade and boating on
canal until he purchased the farm he now owns,
containing sixty-nine and a half acres. He married,
in 1867, Ann Clayton, daughter of Harlan and Re-
becca Clayton, of Lower Chanceford Township.
Their children are Carry, Franklin, Edith. Emory,
Ooldsmith. Edgar and Harlan (deceased). Mr.
Chandlee was elected road supervisor for his town-
ship in March, 1884, and has performed the duties
of his oflice very acceptably.

SAMUEL CHANDLEE, son of Veazey and Je-
mima (Kilgore) Chandlei', was born September 30,
1839, and remained on iiis father's farm until twen-
ty-two years of age. He was then engaged in the
lumber business for twelve years, after which lime
he purchased the farm of Daniel Gordon, of Lower
Chanceford Township, containing 150 acres. Since
then he has followed farming. January 26, 1882,
he was married to Elizabeth Barton, daughter of
Jarrett Barton, of Peach Bottom Township. Their
children are Mary Jamima and an infant, Grover
Cleveland Chandlee. Mr. Chandlee is an enter-
prising citizen of his township and a prosperous

JOHN V. CHANDLEE, farmer, was born Janu-
ary 7, 1844, and spent the first twenty-five years of
his life on his father's farm, and upon the latter's
death purchased the homestead, which comprises
eighty-seven acres. He was married, October 10.
1878. to Laura Kilgore, of Lower Chanceford Town-
ship. Their children are Ira W. and Walter V.
Chandlee. Both parents are members of the Pres-
byterian Church.

B. F. CHANDLEE, of Lower Chanceford Town-
ship, is a son of Veazey and Jemima (Kilgore)
Chandlee. and was born August 30, 1840. He re-
mained on the farm until 1865. when he enlisted in
the One Hundred and Ninety -fifth Regiment Pennsyl-
vania Volunteers, and remained in the service until
January, 1866, when he returned home and engaged
in boating four years. At the expiration of this
time he purchased a farm of 140 acres, which he is
now cultivating, and is also engaged In canning
fruits and vegetables. He was married, December
31, 1871, to Nancy J. Anderson, daughter of Isaac
and Eliza M. (Barnett) Anderson. They have four
children living, viz. : Jemima, Isaac, A. Veazey,
and William Herbert. Mrs- Chandlee died in 1881.
Mr. Chandlee is a member of Chanceford Presbyter-
ian Church.

WARREN B. CHANDLEE was born in Lower
Chanceford Township, May 18, 1853, the son of
Veazey and Jemima (Kilgore) Chandlee. He began
business in 1881, as a clerk in the store of Fry
Brothers at McCall's Ferry. In 1883, he became
proprietor of the hotel at this place. He was mar-
ried, February 10, 1880, to Lydia A., daughter of
Elias Fry. They have one child, named Martha J.
In 1884, Mr. Chandlee was elected selectman of his
native township.

W. H. CLAYTON is a son of Harlan and Re-
becca (Emmitt) Clayton, natives of Delaware, and
of English and Scotch-Irish ancestry. His parents
first moved to Lancaster County, and then to York
County in 1847, and located in Lower Chanceford
on tlie farm now owned by the son. His father
built Clayton Mill, and followed the business of
miller and farmer until his death in 1868. His
mother is still living. Mr. Clayton is the first son in
a family of nine children, whose names are Anne

E. Chandlee. Susanna M., William H., Joseph
N., now in Iowa; Pitner E., in Washington Terri-
tory; PlummerH., in Washington Territory; John
R., in Iowa; Ella Chandlee, in Missouri; and Mary

F. Russell. Our subject was born in 1847, in Lan-
caster County. He remained on the farm until
sixteen years old, when he removed to Chester
County, returning home on the death of his father.
He is now the owner of a grist-mill and thirty-eight
acres of land. In January, 1873, he married Miss
Henrietta G. Connelly, of Maryland. They have
four children; Flora, Harlan, Nellie and Mary. Mr.
Clayton and wife are members of the Salem Meth-

son of C. M. and
Martha J. (Porter) Collins. His father was born in
Lancaster County in 1798, and came to Lower
Chanceford Township about 1808 with his parents.


David and Dorcas Collins, who purchased about
300 acres of land about two miles from McCall's
Ferry. Mr. Collins is a third son of a family of ten
children, and was born August 6, 1839. His father,
in connection with his farming interest, for many
years conducted the blacksmithing business. The
sons were trained on the farm, and educated at the
schools of the district. In 1862 our subject enlisted
in the One Hundred and Thirtieth Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers for nine months, and par-
ticipated in the battles of Antietam and Fredericks-
burg. At the expiration of his term of enlistment
he returned home, but soon afterward re-entered the
service, enlistins; for three years, or during the war,
and joined the I'wenty-flrst Regiment Pennsylvania
Cavalry. They wore sent immediately to the front,
and did valiant service in the terrible battles of the
Wilderness, Cold Harbor and Petersburg. Mr.
Collins had the honor of being present at the time
Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant at Appomattox,
on April 9, 1865, and was wounded at the engage-
ment at this place. At the close of the war he re-
turned home to Lower Chanceford, and in 1868 took
charge of the homestead farm of 130 acres, which he
bought. He has one surviving sister, Sarah J.
Collins, who resides with him.

of Veazey and Jemima (Kilgore) Chandlee, was
born May 1, 1834. On February 7. 1867, she was
married to Robert R. Colvin. Their children are
Veazey C. and Robert Lee Colvin.

WILLIAM G. COLVIN is a son of Gen. Robert
Colvin, who commanded acompany of soldiers that
marched from the lower end of York County to the
^^ - defense of Baltimore in 1814, of which company
William Cowen, of Lower Chanceford, is the sole
survivor. Gen. Colvin married Margaret Gibson.
Their son, William, was born October 13, 1817, in
Fawn Township; remained with his father until
184i, when he engaged in farming with Mr. Hugh-
son, and afterward embarked in the mercantile
business at McCall's Ferry. In 1849 he purchased
seventy-five acres of land, the present site of Cen-
treville, and subsequently built the fine hotel build-
ing and store-house now so well known in that sec-
tion of the county. Mr. Colvin is one of the prom-
inent and influential men of the lower end. He
kept the hotel for many years, butdiscontinued and
rented the stand a few years ago. His hotel is
known as one of the best stopping places for travel-
ers in York County, and during the summer season
is known as a resort for pleasure seekers from the
towns and cities. Mr. Colvin was married to Mary
Ann Colt, daughter of Charles and Nancy (Stewart)
Coll. Her mother was a native of County Tyrone,
Ireland, and her father of Chester County, 'Penn.
They have three daughters and one son; Hannah
J., Helen A., Daisy and Cyrus H. Colvin, who
owns and manages a livery and exchange stable in
Lancaster City.

JOHN M. EASTON, son of Hezekiah and Het-
ty (McGuire) Easton, was born at Fort Loudon,
Franklin County, April 29, 1846, and was educated
at Chambersburgh. In 1864 he entered the service
of the government in the quartermaster's depart-
ment under Col. R. M. Newport, at Baltimore,
where he remained until the fall of 1867, when he
was transferred to Fort Gibson, under Capt. Amos
S. Kimball. He returned to Baltimore in 1868, and
began the study of telegraphy with the Franklin
Telegraph Company. October 16, 1869, he took
cliarge of the office at Centreville. The name has
since been changed to Airville. He now owns a
farm of thirty-eight acres. Mr. Easton is a member
of the Telegraphers' Mutual Benefit Associa-
tion, and in connection with his office work has
charge of thirty-seven miles of the company's lines
of six wires, which cross the lower end of .York

County. He also has charge of the National Tran-
sit Telegraph office, connected with the United
Pipe Line, which also crosses York County, thence
to Baltimore. March 24, 1874, he was married to
Addie Johnson, daughter of Jonathan Johnson, of
Airville. They have four children, viz. : Thomas
H., John W., Mary J. and Clarence C. Mr. Easton
and wife are members of the Presbyterian Church
of Chanceford. His wife is a descc-ndant of one of
the first settlers in the lower end of the county.

DR. S. J. FINLEY, son of John and Mary
(Cameron) Finley, was born November 21, 1830, on
the homestead in Lower Chanceford, where he re-
mained until he was twenty years old, when he
went to Baltimore and studied medicine with Dr. C.
M. Roberts. After he graduated he commenced to
practice medicine in Peach Bottom and Lower
Chanceford in 18.53. In 1863 he was married to
Josephine Cameron, of Owego, N. Y., andhasfive
children; John A., Mary O., Sylvester J., Lillian F.,
and Robert C. His wife's parents were James and
Adelia (Dwight) Cameron, of Owego, N. Y. Dr.
Finley owns about fifty acres of land and is engaged
in farming, in connection with the practice of his

L. W. FINLEY, son of John and Mary (Came-
ron) Finley, was born in Lower Chanceford Town-
sliip in 1833. His grandfather, William Finley,
came from Castle Pin. Ireland, in 1803, and settled
in New York State, where he engaged in farming,
but in 1810 removed to York County and settled on
a farm, where he died. His son, John, the father
of L. W., inherited the farm, and was married De-
cember 20, 1827. The subject of this sketch was
born on the old farm and has made it his home ever
since. At the age of fourteen he assisted his father
on contracts, and at the age of twenty became his
partner until his father died. Since then he has
filled a large number of contracts, principally in
bridge building. He has entered into large contracts
with York County, other places in Pennsylvania,
Maryland and Virginia. In March, 18.56, he
was married to R. A. Gordon, daughter of Daniel
and Ruth Gordon, of Lower Chanceford Township,
who died in 1860. leaving two children, John M.
and Mary A. In November, 1867, he married Mary
E. Lewis, daughter of John Lewis, of York County.
John Finley, the father of subject, was born in
1805, on the farm in Lower Chanceford, and died in
1866. He was an extensive contractor on railroads
and canals, also in bridge-building. His first con-
tract was on the Tide Water Canal. L. W. Finley
owns 104 acres of good land; is an enterprising
man and a Master Mason.

SAMUEL D. and MILTON L. PRY are the sons
of Elias and Martha (Groff) Fry, natives of Lancas-
ter, who came to Lower Chanceford Township
about the year 1846. The father was engaged on
the Susquehanna as a pilot for rafts, at which busi-
ness he gained an enviable reputation on account of
his ability. The sons were brought up in the town-
ship where they now live, and at the ages of twen-
ty-seven and twenty-three, respectively, engaged in
a general mercantile business at McCall's Perry,
which they now continue. Samuel D. was married
to Emma Bennington, of Peach Bottom Township.
They have two children: Charles and Lydia. Milton
L., born in 1860, was married, in 1881, to Corrinne
Kilgore, a member of the Presbyterian Church.
They have one chill— Bessie. In 1880 Samuel D.
was appointed postmaster, and still holds the office.

WILLIAM GALLAGHER, deceased, was born
in Armstrong County, Penn., and September 23,
1858, was united in marriage with Miss Ann E.
Bryan. They resided in Armstrong County until
1861, when they located in York County, where Mr.
Gallagher died. Mrs. Gallagher was born in Bryans-
ville, York County, April 26, 1837, and is a daugh-



ter of Dr. James T. Bryan, a native of Maryland,
who located in York County when thirty years of
age, where he enjoyed a large personal acquaint-
ance, and an extensive practice until his death.
Mrs. Gallagher has two children; Guy B. andCaro
line. Mrs. Gallagher is a consistent church mem-

JESSE GILBERT was born in Lancaster County
and is a i-on of Joshua and Elizabeth (Valentine)
Gilbert; his mother, a native of Chester County,
and his father of Lancaster County. He grew to
manhc^od in his native county. At the age of
twenty-eight years he removed to Chester County
and engaged in farming in connection with which
he carried on pump-making for three years. At
the expiration of that time he came to Lower
Chanceford, purchased a farm of 167 acres, which
he has since cultivated, and in the meantime has
been engaged in selling fruit trees and ornamental
shrubbery. He has held the office of township
auditor. January 3, 1861, he was married to D.
Anna Hunter, daughter of Alexander and Mary P.
Hunter, of Lancaster County. Mr. Gilbert "is 'a
member of the Society of Friends, and belongs to
the Meeting at Fawn Grove.

WILLIAM M. GROVE, farmer, is a son of
Jacob and Martha (Tosh) Grove, who were natives
of Fawn Township, and moved to Lower Chance-
ford. Jacob Grove, the- father, had eleven children
and was first married to Agnes Workman. William
M. Grove, who is a son by a second marriage, was
born October 8, 1856, in the township where he now
resides. At the death of his father he became the
owner of the homestead farm of 139 acres. He was
married. January 31, 1884, to Mary E., daughter of
E. McVey, of Cecil County, Md. His wife is a
member of the Presbyterian Church at Airville.

WILLIAM ILGENFRITZ (deceased) was born
in 1813, in York Borough, where he received his
early education. His parents were Daniel and
Elizabeth (Deilch) IIgeufritz._ At the age of fifteen
he was employed as a clerk in the prothonotary's
office of York County. He was afterward
elected to fill that office himself for two terms. In
1864 he removed to Lower Chanceford, and pur-
chased a farm of 500 acres at the present site, of
Woodbine, on the Peach Bottom Railroad. He was

i'oined in marriage to Elizabeth B. Donalson, of
Jaltimore, on November 28, 1839. Their children
are Alice C, William J. and James B. He was a
member of the I. O. O. F. William J. Ilgenfritz,
the eldest son, was married, January 11,' 1883, to
Miss Annie J. Boyd. They have one child — Will-
iam Boyd.

HUGHWr KILGORE, son of Levi and Jeannette
(Cunningham) Kilgore, was born May 3, 1813, on
the old homestead in Lower Chanceford Township,
on the nifjht Havre de Grace was burned by the
British. His grandfather, Thomas Kilgore, was a
native of Ireland, immigrated to America and settled
in Peach Bottom Township, where he followed the
trade of wheelwright and farmer, remaining there
until his death, leaving a family of eight children:
Solomon, William, Levi, Keziah, Mary, Hiram,
Jehu and Joshua. His grandmother. Hannah (Ank-
rem), was born in Lancaster County, and was of
Irish descent. His mother was born on the ocean,
when her parents were emigrating from Ireland to
America. His father was born in Peach Bottom, and
also married there. He followed distilling apple
brandy, but finally caine with his brother AVilliam
to Lower Chanceford, where they bought a piece of
land (which is now in possession of his son) and

. farming, and engaged also in shad fish-
ing, and added more land to their farm, until they
owned at one time 500 acres. They lived together
in a large stone house until their death, the father
of our subject leaving five children: Hugh W.,

Thomas, Andrew, Mary and Samuel. Hugh W.
resides on the old homestead, and has had a busy
life, being engaged in farming, boating, shad fishing
and saw-milling. At present he owns 380 acres in
Lower Chanceford Township, and thirtj'-two acres
in partnership with S. W. Kilgore. In addition to
this he owns an interest in the fisheries on the Sus-
quehanna River. He was married to Sarah J. Pegan,
of Lancaster County, daughter of Andrew and Jane
(Leper) Pegan, of Scotch-Irish descent, and they
have seven children: Alvin L., James A., William
R., Laura, Margaret S., E. Milton and Luella J.
Although well up in years, Mr. Kilgore is still vig-
orous. He is an elder in the Presbyterian Church
of Chanceford, and was for many years a school

WILLIAM K. KILGORE, son of Joshua and
Ellen (Boones) Kilgore, of Peach Bottom Townsliip,
was bjrn July 3, 1831. He remained with his
parents until twenty years of age, when he began
learning the trade of wheelwright with John S.
Kilgore, one of his cousins, in "Lower Chanceford
Township, with whom he remained two years and
then went West, where he stayed a few years. In
1877 he purchased the farm of Alexandei; Sn<idgrass,
containing about 145 acres, and followed farming
since. September 25, 1857, he was married to
Elizabeth E. Snyder, of Peach Bottom, and had
nine children: Amanda A., Clarksou B., Eva J.,
Harvey E., William H., James AV., Emily R., Har-
riet A. and Charles V.; two infancy. Mrs.
Kilgore is a daughter of Jacob and Mary A. (Wales)

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