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Snyder, and like her husband belongs to the Salem
Methodist Episcopal Church.

HUGH T. KYLE, son of Joseph Kyle, of
Chester County, Penn.. and Matilda (Sootten) Kyle,
of Philadelphia, was born November 37, 1833, in
Peach Bottom Township. At the age of fifteen
years he engaged in boating, and followed it for
twenty years. In 1870 he purchased tlie farm on
which he now resides, and which contains 225 acres.
He was married, in 1862, to Sarah .laneGilhreath.
and to them were born two children: Bertram B.
and Mary Jane. His wife died in 1863. In 1871 he
was married to Mary L. Snyder, of Lower Chance-
ford. Their children are" Lydia D., Sarah E.,
Annie B., Hugh H. and Lulu B. Mr. Kyle has
taken an active interest in the affairs of his town-
ship and has served as school director for several

/ REV. JOHN JAY LANE, son of John and
Sarah (Wilson) Lane, was born March 21, 1818.
His father was a native of Virginia and liis mother
of Chester County, Penn. His father came to
Lower Chanceford Township in 1813; prior to this
he was engaged in tanning in Harford County,
Md. ; he purchased 190 acres of land in Lower
Chanceford Township, and commenced farming.
John Jay remained on the farm until 1831. He en-
tered JeiEEerson College, at Cannonsburg, Washing-
ton Co., Penn. ; then studied theology at the Western
Theological Seminary, at Allegheny, Penn., and
finishedhis studies in 1849. After teaching school
for two years, he becume professor of Latin in
Franklin College, at New Athens, Ohio, for two
years. His first charge was at Fairview, Ohio,
then Wrightsville, Penn., where he was pastor of
the Presbyterian Church for fifteen years; then he
returned to Rockhill, Ohio, and was in charge of
the Presbyterian Church for ten years, after which
he returned to the homestead, which he bought
from his brother and sister, containing 183 acres.
He was married, in 1847, to Lucy Grimes, of New
Athens, a graduate of the Female Seminary of
Pittsburgh, Penn., who died in 1866, leaving the fol-
lowing children: Sarah B., Ashed G., Flora, Bertha
V. and Latimore N. (deceased). The elder son.
Ashed, is now pastor of the' Presbyterian Church


at Crestline, Ohio, and married Miss Maggie Nel-
son, on October 14, 1883; lie has one son named
Latimore C. Lane. John Wilson, the grandfather
of J. Jay Lane, on the maternal side, was a soldier
of the Revolutionary war, during most of the cam-
paign; was in several battles, one of them the bat-
tle of Brandywine. A brother of his was taken
prisoner by the British, and held at Philadelphia un-
til he, with two others, broke prison and returned
to the American army after knocking down the
guard. Also his paternal grandfather, Joseph Lane,
was in the same army of the Revolutionary war
and died in the hospital caused from fever caught
in the service of his country, his owii father being
quite a small lad at that time was near losing his
life by tlie Hessians who came over to this country
to fight for England, some of the descendents of
whom still live in a portion of this county.

JANE M. LINDSAY is the daughter of John
and Mary (Snodgrass) Lindsay? representatives of
highly respectable families of Scotch-Irish origin,
whose ancestors were among the early emigrants
from the north of Ireland to America. The Lind-
say family is quite numerous in Pennsylvania, and
some of them have attained considerable distinction
in the history of the State. Robert and Mary
Lindsay, grandparents of Jane M. Lindsay, came to
Lower Chancetord during the latter part •bf the
last century. They had two children: John H.
and Mary A. The former, who was the father of
the subject of this sketch, was born in York and
moved to Lower Chancefovd Township in 1811, and
purchased the farm which his daughter now owns.
He was married in 1831, and had two children:
Jane M. and Mary A. Lindsny. The youngest
sister is dead. Miss Jane Lindsay was born August
31, 1823, and at the death of her fatlier inherited
the farm on which she has resided since her birth.
She is an active worker in the church, and an in-
fluential member of the Pine Grove Congregation.

FREDERICK McSHERRY, son of Joseph and
Annie (Burkholder) McSherry, of Lower Chance-
ford and Lancaster County, respectively, was born
and educated in Lower Chancetord Township. His
father was engaged at the blacksmith trade at Lower
Chancetord. At the age of twenty-six years, Fred-
erick McSherry engaged in the mercantile business
at Airville, formerly McSherryville, and has since
followed the same business. He was born June 26,
1819, at Lower Chanceford, and was married, May
30, 1849, to Tolitha M. Smith, daughter of Peter
and Cassey McCleary, of the same township. They
have ten children living: Joseph L. B., William R.,
Napoleon B., Smith B., Erimond E., Ella F., Elmer
N., James A., Jackson McC. and Nelson M. Janu-
ary 1, 1867, he was appointed postmaster at Mc-
Sherryville and kept that office for two years. He
was also township auditor and bank tax collector.

WILLIAM MANIFOLD, farmer, is a son of
Joseph and Rebecca (Martin) Manifold, natives of
Hopewell and Chanceford Townships, respectively,
was born February 8, 1853, in Hopewell Township. In
1859 he removed with his parents to Lower Chance-
ford, where he now resides. In 1880 he became the
owner of his father's farm of 130 acres which he
occupies in companionship with his two sisters —
Margaret and Keziah. His mother was a daughter
of Rev. Dr. Martin, for many years pastor of Slate
Ridge and Chanceford Presbyterian Churches.

NELSON MICHENER, a son of Isaac and Re-
becca (McHenry) Michener, natives of Bucks
County, Penn., was born June, 1809, upon the old
homestead. In 1833, he moved to Delaware
County, Penn., and, 1836, was employed upon the
construction of the Tide Water Canal. In 1841 he
purchased a farm of 103 acres, located in Lower
Chanceford Township, where he has since been en-
gaged in general farming and the practice of veterin-

ary surgery. Mr. Michener was married to Eliza
Halderman, February 3, 1831, daughter of John
and Catherine Halderman, of ]3ucks County. Mr.
Michener is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
Church of Lower Chanceford.

T. Z. H. MURPHY, born in Chanceford Town-
ship, February 9, 1840, is a son of George and Re-
becca (Hughs) Murphy, natives respectively of York
County, Penn., and Hartford County, Md. He en-
tered, his father's store as clerk at the age of seven-
teen, and remained eleven years; at the age of
twenty-eight formed a partnership with Robert
Reed, and opened a store at Collinsville; bought his
partner's interest in the store, and continued the
business at that place until 1873; in 1875 went into
business at Woodbine, his present location, dealing
in general merchandise, grain, coal, fertilizers, etc. ;
has been postmaster at Woodbine since 1878; is a
school director in Lower Chanceford Township,
and a trustee of the Presbyterian Church of Chance-
ford Township; was married June 39, 1868, to Mar-
gery McVey, daughter of Henry McVey, of Lan-
caster County, and they have seven children:
Eugene, Harry. William, Hughs, Charley, Eliza-
' beth and Margery.

THOMAS J. NEELY (deceased) was a son of
William and Jane Neely, natives of Ireland, who
emigrated from that country to the United States,
and settled in Lancaster County in 1833. He was
born November 11, 1836, and at the age of twenty-
three, located in Centreville, Lower Chanceford
Township, and engaged in stock-dealing, and the
purchasing and selling of valuable horses. He was
a well known business man of York County, and a
successful and esteemed citizen. He was married,
in 1861, to Hannah J. Colvin, daughter of William
C. Colvin, of Centreville, who died February 33,
1888. Mr. Neely died May 30, 1884. Four daugh-
ters are descendants: Lizzie J., Maggie C, Mary A.
and Cora.

BENJAMIN PEDAN, before the time of the
Revolutionary wa,r, became a prominent and influ-
ential citizen of the lower end of the county. He
was appointed justice of the peace for his township
under the first constitution of the State of Penn-
sylvania, in June, 1777, and in the year 1790, was
one of the live represeiitatives of York County who
helped to fram'e the second constitution of the
State. For many years after this event he served
as justice. In 1805, he was elected a member of
State legislature. In the taxable list of Chance-
ford Township for the year 1783, he was assessed
for 307 acres of land, one slave, five horses, six
cows and six sheep. Benjamin Pedan was married
to Jane Giffin, and came from Frederick County,
Md., in 1773, bought 307 acres of land, added
eighteen adjoining acres, and at the time of his
death, in 1813, owned 335 acres and a number of
slaves. He was an elder in the Presbyterian
Church. He had eleven children. His first wife
having died, he married a second time. John
Pedan was the ninth child by the first marriage, and
was born June 7, 1780, in Chanceford Township
(now Lower Chanceford), where he remained until
his death in 1840. His father died in 1813. John
Pedan was married to Nancy Campbell, who was a
native of Stewartstown, Ireland, and immigrated to
America about 1800. John Benjamin Pedan grew to
manhood on his father's farm' in Lower Chance-
ford, and received his educational training in the
public schools of his native township. In 1863 he
enlisted in Capt. Stevens' company of ninety-day
men, who entered the service during Lee's second
mvasion of Pennsylvania. In 1864 he purchased
the farm of 140 acres, on which he now resides.
Samuel M. Pedan. Esq., whose portrait appears in
this work, was a son of John and Nancy (Campbell)
Pedan, was born on the old homestead, and there



lived and died; lie was for fifteen years known as a
prominent justice of the peace of his township.
He was a man of excellent character and sterling
worth. He served in various positions of honor
and trust among the people of the lower town. His i
death, while he was yet in the prime of life, on
February 11, 1882, was deeply felt hy a large circle
of friends and acquaintances. He was never mar-
ried. The other members of the family of John
Pedan are Margaret J., Martha E., AllieE., Annie

A. and Charles J.

JOSEPH PEIRCE, merchant of Airville, is a
son of George and Jane Peirce, of Chester County,
Penn. He received his early education in the ex-
cellent schools of his native township— Brandywine.
He was employed as a clerk in a store and also
taught school. At the a^e of eighteen he became a
partner with his brother-in-law, A. C. Sin, in farm-
ing and storekeeping. He afterward entered the
employ of a Philadelphia business firm as a sales-
man. In 1855 he moved to York Furnace, in Lower
Chanceford, and purchased the mercantile stock
and rented the store stand of John Bair & Co. In
1866, he purchased a farm of sixty acres from J. J.
McSherrv, of Airville. To this farm he has added
eighty-five acres. At the same time he began the
general mercantile business, which he is yet con-
ducting at Airville. He has been postmaster for
twenty five years. His marriage with Lydia,
daughter of Hartly Potts, of Bucks County, look
place in 1852.

CYRUS PLETT, a son of Thomas and Elizabeth
(Ferguson) Plett, natives of Lancaster County, was
born in York County, August 1, 1839. Pie was
reared on the old homestead farm, and at the age
of eighteen learned the carpenter's trade, which oc-
cupied his attention for a number of years. Mr.
Plett is now engaged in the lumber business and j
farming. He was married, December 23, 1869, to
Maggie Painter, a native of York County. They
have four children: Thomas E., Eugene C, Everett

B. and Etna G.

WILLIAM G. ROSS (deceased) was the son of
Hugh and Rebecca (Glenn) Ross. Hugh Ross, son
of William and Margarei (Evans) Ross, was born
May 10, 1785, in Lower Clnnceford Township. He
succeeded his father as justice of the peace, which
ofiSce be held about forty years, and resigned the
position in 1861. He was married to Rebecca Glenn.
They had three children, viz.: William G., James E.
(now living in Missouri) and Rebecca I. H. William
G., the eldest son, was born September 29, 1830,
on the "Ross Homestead" in Lower Chanceford.
He. received his early educational training in the
schools of his native township, and afterward
entered the Chamberlain Commercial College in
Baltimore, where he graduated. Upon the death of '
his father, in 1873, he succeeded him as the owner
of a large estate of 6.50 acres. He married Miss
Julia A. McConkey, daughter of Maj. James and
Mary A. (Ramsay) McConkey, of Peach Bottom.
They had three children, two of whom — Marian
and Hugh— survive. Mr. Ross died in 1884. He
studied farming as a science and practiced it as an
art, and at the time of his death owned one of the
most valuable tracts of land in York County. The
large and abundant crops brought him in a hand-
some revenue as a reward for his judicious labors.
For many years he was a director of the York &
Peach Bottom Railroad, and was also one of the
directors of the First National Bank of York, and
servedin various other positions of honor and trust.
As a gentleman and neighbor he was universally
esteemed and respected and was a noble representa-
tive of true manhood. For many years he was a
■ memOer and an active worker in Chanceford Pres-
byterian Church, to which his honored ancestors
belonged. !

DAVID SHENK was born at Spring Forge, this
county, and was a son of George Shenk, of the
same place. David Shenk came to Lower Chance-
ford in 1838, and was married, in 1837, to Magda-
lena Brown, who is now living upon the homestead.
They had six children: Daniel, Henry, Maiy J.,
Sarah E., John and AVilliam. He vi-as a forge-man
by trade and died February 14, 1879.

DANIEL SHENK was born in Codorus Town-
ship, January 1. 1838, and is the son of David
Shenk, who was born in 1816, at Spring Forge,
Codorus Township, and who, March 23, 1837, mar-
ried Magdalena Brown, subject's mother, who was
born in Codorus Township in December, 1813, and
became the mother of six children: Daniel.
Henry, Mary Jane, t^arah Elizabeth, John and
William. David Shenk was a forge-man by
trade and died in 1879. At the age of seventeen,
Daniel Shenk began learning carpentering with
Jarrett Borton, of Peach Bottom, and at the age of
twenty-six, engaged in business on his own account
in Lower Chanceford, as builder, and still continues
in that occupation. April 17, 1862, he married
Elizabeth J., daughter of Harman Snyder, of
Lower Chanceford. To this union have been born
seven children: Eleanor Ann, John, David Herman.
Sarah Alice, Emma Florence, Henry Francis and
Lydia Louisa. Mr. and Mrs. Shenk are members of
the Pine Grove Presbyterian Church.

JOHN SHENK. boatman and farmer, son of
David and Magdalena (Brown) Shenk, was born
March 16, 1846. and lived at home with his parents
until the age of sixteen, when he engaged in boat-
ing on the Susquehanna and Tide Water Canal.
He continued this occupation until 1880, when he
settled on a farm of ninety-three and one-half
acres, which he had some time before purchased in
Lower Chanceford. and engaged in cultivating it.
He was married, February 13, 1878, to Mary C.
Poteet, daughter of Jesse Poteet. Their children
are Jesse and Beatrice Myrtle.

ROBERT SMITH, one of the prosperous farm-
ers qf the lower end of York County, was born- on
Christmas Day, 1820, in Lower Chanceford Township.
He is a son of James H. and Jane (Smith) Smith.
At the age of four years he was adopted by his
uncle, Robert Smith, and at his death inherited the
excellent farm near Airville, which he now owns.
November 16, 1843. be married Sarah R., daughter
of Henry Manifold, of Hopewell. They have five
children' living: Robert H., J. Hume, Lizzie T., Sam-
uel H. and J. Charles. The subject of this sketch is
a son of Capt. James Hume Smith, a veteran of the
second war with Great Britain, in 1813, who died in
1834. The farm which Mr. Smith now owns was
originally deeded to his great-grandfather by the
proprietors of Pennsylvania about 1740. 'Ever
since that time, this valuable farm has been owned
by a lineal descendant who bore the same name as
his great grandfather, Robert Smith. This is one of
the very few farms in the county owned by a de-
scendant of the first settlers.

DR. WILLIAM F. SMITH, physician and sur-
geon, of Airville, son of Dr. William F. and Maria
L. (Clarkson) Smith, whose ancestors were among
the first settlers in this section of York County, was
born here January 13, 1836. He lived with his par-
ents until the age of twenty years, when he began
the study of medicine with Dr. John Atlee, of Lan-
caster City. He graduated with the de.gree of M.
D., in the medical department of the University
of Pennsylvania, March 14, 1861. During the
civil war he entered the army as assistant sur-
geon of the One Hundred and Fifth Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers, which position he re-
signed October 5, 1863. In the spring of 1863. he
joined the Twenty-eighth Regiment Pennsylvania
troops, and was promoted to the position of surgeon


of the Seventy-third Pennsylvania Regiment, and
remained in the service until the close uf the war
in 1865. In this capacity he had rare advantages
for gaining a thorough and practical knowledge of
the science of surgery. During the campaign on the
peninsula in Virginia, he had charge of the Division
Hospitals of Gens. Kearney and Geary,of the Second
Division of the Twentieth Army Corps. He was mar-
ried October 31, 1865, toHannah M.Murphy,daughter
of George S. and Rebecca Murphy. They "have
three children; Rebecca M., Mamie L. and
William C. Since his return from the army, he
has practiced in Airville and the surrounding
country with abundant success. Dr. Smith is a gen-
tleman of more than ordinary degree of educational
training and intellectual culture. He is a public-
spirited citizen, and much honored and respected in
his community. In 1873 he was nominated on the
Republican ticket for State senator, a position
which he would have filled with eminent ability.
Dr. Smith and family are members of the Chance-
ford Presbyterian Church.

EDMUND M. SMITH, son of Peter and Cas-
sandra (McCIary) Smith, was born at Centreville,
April 15, 1838. At the time of liis father's death,
he inherited the homestead property of seventy-
seven acres, on which he has since resided and skill-
fully farmed. He was married, November 16, 1864,
to Emeline Mundorff; they have six children, viz. :
Peter M., Cyrus, Curtis H., Hannah J., Ross and
William F. Mrs. Smith is a daughter of Jonathan
and Hannah (Wade) Mundorff, of Lower Chance-
ford, and was one of a family of ten children as fol-
lows; William, Mary A., Hannah J., Susan, Jon-
athan, Barbara, Amanda, John W., Emiline and
Margaret. Her father died in 1866, aged 'sixty-one
years, and her mother in 1880, aged seventy-eight

vember 9, 1835. in Lower Chanceford, and is a son
of Joseph and Hannah (Smith) Snodgrass. [lis
mother was a daughter of John Smith, uf the same
township. At the age of nine years he went to
live with John McCleary, at Bridgeton. He began
learning the blacksmith's trade when seventeen
years of age, and followed it four years. At twenty-
one he engaged at boating on the Susquehanna
Canal and continued eighteen years, and then pur-
chased a farm of fifty acres in Lower Chanceford,
where he now resides. He later purchased a farm
of 138 acres in the same township. Mr. Snodgrass
was married, June 36. 1854. to Corinna McConkey,
daughter of Jesse McConkey, of Peach Bottom
Township. He and his wife are members of the
Union Chapel of his township.

ROBERT G. SWEENEY was born in Lower
Chanceford Township, York County, May 18, 1812,
and removed to Peach Bottom in 1840, where he
purchased a farm of forty-eight acres, on which he
still resides. In connection with farming he
works at blacksmilhing. His father, Jamts
Sweeney, was a native of Ireland, who immigrated
to Chanceford Township at the age of sixteen years,
where he subsequently married Miss Jennet Gibson,
a native of York County. Mr. Sweeney is a quiet,
respectable citizen, who attends closely to his own
business, but takes an active interest in politics.

GEORGE UREY (deceased), son of George and
Barbara (Mundorff) Urey, was born December 8,
1811, in Lower Chanceford. His grandfather came
to that township about 1700, and purchased a tract
of land now known as Centreville. Subject was
reared, educated, lived and died on the homestead.
In 1838 he married Annie E. Kline-Young, of
Chanceford Township, and had three children:
George, Annie E. and Peter. His wife died in 1841,
and in 1843 he was married to Margaret Hevner, of
Chanceford Township, and had four children:

Mary, Blias W., Barbara E. and Benjamin T. His
second wife died in 1850, and in 1853 he married
Mrs. Catherine Urey, of Lower Chanceford. He
died May 3, 1875. He was a farmer, and was also
engaged on the Tide Water Canal. Elias W. Urey,
son of George and Margaret (Hevner) Urey, was
born on the homestead in Lower Chanceford Town-
ship, February 9, 1845, and was educated at the
puplic schools of his township. In 1873 he engaged
in the hotel business at York Furnace, and in 1877
he began boating and followed this until 1880; then
kept hotel at McCall's Ferry until 1883, when he
came back and took the hotel at York Furnace,
which he still keeps. March 12, 1867. he was mar-
ried to Ella Mehaffey, of Lancaster County, and
has two children living: Emma and John M.

WILLIAM WILSON, son of James and Mary
(Bunting) Wilson, was born January 23.1834, in the
township where he now resides. His father was a
native of Lancaster County and his mother of Ches-
ter County. His father was drowned on the 17th
of March, 1836. After Mr. Wilson grew to man-
hood he was a pilot on the Susquehanna River for
a period of thirty years. For a number of years he
was proprietor of the hotel at McCall's Ferry. In
1854 he was married to Mary E. Ayers, of Lower
Chanceford. They have six sons and daughters,
viz. : William T., Hannah M.. James M., Clarkson
F., Sarah E. and Jo. Ellen. Mr. Wilson took „the
census of Lower Chanceford for the year 1860, has
been inspector of elections, township assessor and
road supervisor, and is the present assessor of his
township. James M. Wilson, his son, was born in
1861 at McCall's Ferry, and married Sarah Stokes
of the same township. They have one child, John


JOHN E. BEARD, Esq., son of Joseph and Su-
san Beard, of Heidelberg TTownship, York County,
was born in Lancaster County, Penn., November
11, 1813. At eighteen years of age he was appren-
ticed to the tanner's trade with Jacob Bayler, of
York, Penn., and served until twenty-one years of
age. He then worked for some time with John
Kline, of Marietta. His father bought forty acres
of land and a tannery, and in 1846 our subject began
business for himself, renting the tannery from his
father. After a few years he bought the prop-
erty from his father, increased his facilities for do-
ing business, and introduced steam into his tannery
in 1845 or 1846. He has been in business ever since
1836, with the exception of eleven years, during
which his sonscarried on the business. At present
his sou Henry is associated with him in business.
They tan about 1,300 hides annually. Mr. Beard was
married in 1839 to Nancy, daughter of John Gehly,
of Windsor Township, and they had five children,
of whom two sons and two daughters are living.
Mrs. Beard died in 1850. Mr. Beard's second mar-
riage was in 1856, to Maria, daughter of Henry
Leber. By this union they have three children:
Emma, Elmira and George. The latter is teller in
the bank at Cheyenne, Wyoming, and receives a sal-
ary of .|1,500 a year. Mr Beard was elected justice
of the peace five times. He was appointed assist-
ant assessor of internal revenue, and served four
years; was elected county commissioner for one
term. Mr. Beard is a stockholder and director in
the Wrightsville National Bank. He is a member
of Lodge No. 74, 1. O. O. P., York, Penn.

ABDIEL BORTNER, justice of the pea.:e, was
born March 37, 1851, son of Jesse and Mary A


Bortner, and is of German descent. He was reared
on the farm, and received liis education at the pub-
lic schools, afterward attending the Millersville
Normal School in 1870. He then engaged in mer-
cantile business in Manheim Township, near Han-
over, Penn., for four years, and sold the "Domes-

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