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tic" Sewing Machine for one year. In 1876 he
moved to East Prospect, built a slaughter house and
engaged in the butchering business. He also owns
a house and lot in East Prospect. He was elected
justice of the peace in 1882. He served asconstable
two years, and has been school director since 1884.
Mr. Bortner was married, October 24,1870, to Anna
M., daughter of Isaac and Sarah Glatfelter, of
Springfield Township. By this union they have
one son, Franklin M., born May 30, 1873. Mr.
Bortner has been a member of the Lutheran Church
since 1870, and is at present a member of the Can-
adochley congregation.

.JOSEPH B. BUDDING, son of Levi and Cassie
Budding, of Wrightsville, Penn., was born May 6.
1854. He left home at live years of age and lived
with his uncles, Levi Kauft'et and George KaufEet,
until he grew to manhood. In 1878 he embarked
in the mercantile business at Yorkana, starting in
a small room with a rapital of $1,6U0. In 1878 he
began the manufacture of cigars, employing about
ten hands, and now handles about 6,000,000 cigars
annually. He also deals in leaf tobacco. In 1880
he took his brother Jacob into partnership with
him in the store. Mr. Budding was married. Octo-
ber 8, 1878, to Emma J., daughter of John E. and
Maria Beard, of Lower Windsor Township. York
County. This union has been blessed with three
children, of whom one son and one daughter are
living. Mr. Budding is a stockholder in the York
City Market House, and in the York Tribune Com-
pany. He was the first postmaster at Yorkana,
when that office was established in 1876.

JACOB K. BUDDING, son of Levi and Catha-
rine Budding, of Wrightsville, was born January
27, 18.57, is of German descent, and was reared on
the home farm. He was educated at the district
school and also attended the normal school at Mil-
lersville. In 1880 he entered into partnership with
his brother, Joseph B. Budding, in the mercantile
business at Yorkana, at which point he is at present
assistant postmaster.

HENRY BURG was born August 11, 1834, son
of Henry and Catherine Burg, of East Prospect.
York Co., Penn. He taught school three terms, and
in 1864 engaged in the dry goods business, which he
continued six years. In 1870 he liought a farm of
100 acres near Bast Prospect, on which he erected
new buildings, and where he has since resided. Mr.
Burg was school director three terms, and was also
assessor. He is a member of Winona Lodge No.
944, 1. O. O. P., of East Prospect, and also a member
of the Lower Windsor Grange Lodge No. 565, of
Lower Wmdsor. October 1, 1857, he married Re-
becca, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Gilbert, of
East Prospect. By this union they have been
blessed with seven children. Their son, Harris W.,
a graduate of Eastman's College, Poughkeepsie, N.
Y., has clerked three or four years, and taught
school five terms. Mr. and Mrs. Burg are members
of the Evangelical Church of East Prospect.

WILLIAM BURG, son of Henry and Catharine
Burg, of Lower Windsor, was born April 8. 1836,
and grew to manhood on the homestead. In 1857
be began for himself on the Ruby farm, on which
he resided four years, and then' returned to the
homestead, where he 'remained eleven years. In
1870 he bought a farm of 200 acres near East Pros-
pect, put up a fine dwelling, bank-barn and out-
buildings, all modern in their plan, and a tenement
house, and then went to Marion County, Kas.,
where he remained eight months, when he returned

and resumed farming. He first married Catharine
Ruby, who died witJhin a year; his next marriage
was to Leah, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Gil-
bert. This lady also died; the mother of eleven
children. Mr. Burg's third marriage was to Mary,
j daughter of Henry and Rebecca Gilbert, of East
Prospect, and to this union have been born five chil-
dren. Mr. and Mrs. Burg are members of the Evan-
gelical Church at East Prospect.

A. II. CRALEY. son of. George and Julyann
Craley, was born March 16, 1845, in York Couniy,
j Lower Windsor Township. He spent his youth on
j the farm and attended the public schools. August
10, 1864, he was married to Eliza Daron ; the same
year he went to Union County, Ohio, where he
spent a year farming on Darby Plains. He returned
to Craleyville in 1865, and commenced the manu-
facture of cigars, and manufactures about 600,000 a
year. He married, February 14. 1867. Susan, daugh-
ter of John andMagdalena PofE, of Lower Windsor
Township. Mr. Craley again married, October 22,
1870, another daughter of John and Magdalena
Poif, named Rebecca. Mr. Craley had only one
child, a daughter, by his first wife. She is named
Alice. The two first wives are dead, and Mr. Cra-
ley and his third wife, Rebecca, have been members
of the Church of Christ since about 1874 or 1875. •
Mr. Craley has been postmaster at Crayleyvjlle
since the oiBce was established at that place. "He is
of German descent; his ancestors came over as
Hessians during the Revolution, and remained.
Mr. Craley engaged one year in the mercantile bus-
iness; he owns ten acres of land with fine buildings

JOHN W. DERINGER, son of John and Eliza-
beth (Young) Deringer, was born at Woodstock
Forge, April 25, 1847, but at the age of two years
was removed by his parents to East Prospect. At
thirteen he left his home and worked on a farm un-
til he was eighteen years of age, when he went to
learn carpentering with P. W. Keller, with whom
he remained three years. From 1868 to 1879 he
worked for his father-in-law, H. E. Stein, of Lower
Windsor^ In 1879 he quit his trade and began the
manufacture of cigars, employing about eight
hands, and having 'purchased about five acres of
land near Yorkana and built a house and cigar
.shop upon it. December 24, 1868, he married Jmia
A., daugliter of H. E. and Elizabeth Stein, of
Lower AVindsor. They have adopted a daughter-
Flora S. Wallick. Mr. and Mrs. Deringer are
members of the Evangelical Church. Mr. Deringer
joined in 1 :i68, and since 1874 has been an exhorter;
at present he is an exhorter and steward.

EMANUEL DETWILER is a son of John and
Susan Detvviler, of Lower Windsor Township. York
Co.. Penn., and is of German descent. At the age
of fifteen years he began driving a team and fol-
lowed that occupation three years, after which he
followed boating on the Tide Water Canal three
years; then farmed three years, after which he en-
gaged in mercantile business at the Five Mile Level
for a few years and then returned to the farm. He
now owns two well-improved farms in East Pros-
pect. Mr. Detwiler also carried on lime-burning
two years. At twenty-one years of age he married
Mary, daughter of .John and Eliza Anstine, of
Lower Windsor Township. This union has been
blessed with seven children, of whom the following
are living: Alice, born July .8, 1862, married to
Prof. M.'H. Seitz. of Glen Rock; Elmer Ellsworth,
teacher, born .January 12, 1864; Charles Wesley,
born November .80, 1865; Albert Franklin, born
March 6, 1867; John Irvin. born May 12, 1869, and
Ellie Octavia, born August 23, 1873. Mr. and Mrs.
Detwiler are members of the Evangelical Church
at East Prospect, of which Mr. Detwiler was



G. W. FERREE was born November 3, 1855,
and is the son of John and Mary Ferree, of Lower
Windsor. He was reared a farmer, but at the age
of twenty began the trade of milling with Adam
Bellinger, of Hellam, remained a year and then
went to AVilliam Mundis. In 1878 he engaged in the
raising of tobacco and the manufacture' of cigars; in
1879 he rented Emig's Mill near Margaretta Furnace
and is still engaged in milling. He sells largely in
Columbia and drives a good custom trade. June
31, 1877, he married Amanda, daughter of Henry
and Susan Brubaker, of Lower Windsor. His two
children are Harry, born December 13, 1878, and
Mary, born June 9, 1880.

WILLIAM O. HAINES is the son of William
and Mary Haines, of York Township; was born
February 26, 1833, and was reared
to manhood on the farm, commenc-
ing for himself at the age of thirty-
two, near Wrightsville, where he
remained nine years, when he re-
moved on Daniel Leber's place,
near the mill, and there resided three
years. He then rested a year, after
which he bought a farm containing
sixty-four acres, remodeled the build-
ings and made other improvements.
In 1863 he married Catharine, daugh-
ter of John and Eliza Anstine_, of
Lower Windsor, and to this marriage
children have been born as follows:
Flora E., January 28, 1865; Lorenzo
D., April 23, 1868, and Charles W., a^

July 7, 1870. Mr. and Mrs. Haines
are members of the Evangelical
Church at Bast Prospect.

John and Elizabeth Haines, of Lower
Windsor Township, York Co.,Penn..
was born October 29, 1852. His great-
grandfather was born in Germany
and came to America at an early
date. Our subject, at the age of nine-
teen years, began learning the coach
and wagon-making trade with Chas.
Schazberger, of East York, and
served an apprenticeship of three
years. In 1874 and 1875 he was fore-
man for George Schleenstine, of
East Prospect, and afterward com-
menced business for himself at Mar-
garetta Furnace, where he remained
two years. In 1877 he bought a
house and two lots in East Prospect,
where he built a shop and has since
been doing a successful business,
building stages, sleighs, buggies.etc.
October 28, 1875, he married Sallie
E., daughter of George and Rebecca
Freed, of East York. By this union
they have two children: Hattie R.,
born January 11, 1879, and Henry
A., born December" 39, 1881. Mr.
Haines has been leader of the Prospect,Cornet Band
since its organization.

JOHN W. KINARD, M. D., son of Simon and
Catherine Kinard. of Lower Windsor Township,
York County, Penn., was born at Wrightsville,
Penn., February 15, 1857. His early life was spent on
the farm, and attending the public schools, and the
York County Academy, after which he attended
the State Normal School, at Millersville, four terms.
He began teaching school at the a^e of seventeen,
and taught two years in Lower Windsor and two
years in Hellam Township. He then began the
study of medicine under Dr. Jacob Hay, of York,
and also studied under Dr. Bigler, of Windsor. He
took a course of lectures in the University of Mary-

land, from which he graduated March 1, 1883. He
located at Craleyville in the spring of 1883, and
built up a large practice there. In the spring of
1884 he bought out Dr. Wiles, of East Prospect,
and has been very successful in the practice of his
profession. He vpas married, September 27, 1883, to
Isabella. ' daughter of Jacob and Margaret Weid-
man. Dr. Kinard is a member of the Winona
Lodge, No. 944, I. O. O. F., of East Prospect. As
a surgeon, he is heroic and dexterous. December 30,
1883, he removed a tibroid tumor from Mr. O.'s
back, administering chloroform and perform-
ing the operation unaided, which was done in
twenty-five minutes; the tumor, when removed,
weighed nearly two pounds. January 10, 1883, he
removed from Miss P.'s left axilla a carcinoma


tumor, which was cut therefrom In thirty minutes,
he having but the assistance of his medical student;
the tumor weighed nearly one pound; he also cut a
congenital tumor, of twenty-seven years standing,
weighing five ounces, from Mrs. D.'s nose. He also
performed a number of minor amputations, all of
which resulted in a complete and rapid recovery.
There are few who have made medicine such a suc-
cess as this young physician. He also took a course
of lectures in the Philadelpliia Polyclinic and Col-
lege for Graduates in Medicine, from which he
graduated June 20, 1885.

SIMON P. KINARD, assistant postmaster, is
the son of Simon and Catharine Kinard, and was
born November 38, 1859. He was reared to farming


and was educated at the common schools and at the
York County Normal School at AVrightsville, and
was afterward a teacher for three terms in Lower
Windsor and one term in Spring Garden Township.
April 10, 1883 he embarked in the mercantile busi-
ness at Craleyville. which he still conducts in con-
junction with the manufacture of cigars, having
added the latter in 1883, and now turning out 120,-
000 per year; he also owns one acre of ground and
his house and store. December 31. 1883, he mar-
ried Mary, daughter of George and Elizabeth Silar,
of Lower Windsor

DANIEL W. LEBER, Jr., son of Daniel and
Anna Leber, of Lower WiudsorTownship. was born
July, 23, 1846, and until nineteen years of age
passed his time in attending school, and assisting
on the home farm. In 1865 began milling at River
View Mill and continued in the business about four-
teen years. In the spring of 1879 he assumed
charge of the old homestead, on which he still re
sides and which consists of forty-two acres, im
proved with a stone dwelling and bank-barn erected
by himself and enriched with a mine of hematite,
January 1, 1874, he married Mary, daughter of
John Strickler, of Hellam Township, and by this un
ion is the father of the following children: John
Flora, Nettie, Charles Lester, Elsie, Daniel Wes-
ley, Harry and Mary Ellen. The parents are both
members of the Evangelical Church at East Pros
pect. and are of German extraction.

JOHN LEBER, son of Daniel and Anna Leber
was born January 2.5, 1838, in Lower Windsor Town
ship, and is of German de.scent. Reared a farmer,
in the spring of 1860 he commenced on his own ac
count on his father's place near East Prospect; he
remained there four years, then moved to another
farm of 180 acres belonging to his father near Trin-
ity Church. June 17, 18.59, he married Anna Louisa,
daughter of Daniel and Sarah Keller, of Lower
Windsor. The children born to this marriage are
Georgianna (married to Ed. Emig, son of John
Emig), Cordio, Josephine and Charles. Mr. Leber
is the owner of a fine brick dwelling house and
stable on Hellam Street, Wrightsville, and has led a
prosperous life. With his wife he is a member of
the Evangelical Trinity Church.

DAVID D. POFF, son of John and Magdalene
Poff. of Hellam Township, was born November 28,
1845, and is of German descent. February 16, 1864,
he enlisted in Company A,Twenty-first Pennsylvania
Cavalry, and took part in all its engagements and
marches until his muster out, July 18, 1865. He
was married, November 2, 1865, to Lydia, daughter
of Jacob and Wilhelmina Howard, of Lower Wind-
sor, and had born to him one child; Flora Ida, June
17, 1866. Mr. Pofi is member of the I. O. O. F.
and G. A. R. ; he has filled the olfices of supervisor
and school director three years; he is a stock-
holder and director in the Chauceford Turnpike
Company; he has served as jurymanof the supreme
court at Philadelphia; has been three times sent to
the county convention, and has been five times on
the county committee. In 1881 he bought his pres-
ent farm of fifty acres on which he has erected fine

H. H. SPRENKLE, son of .lohn and Betsy
Sprenkle, of Hellam Township, was born Septem-
ber 23, 1841. At an early age he started for himself
by teaching two terms of school at Dover, and one
term in Lower Windsor Township. In 1871 he be-
gan milling at Hellam. and two years later moved to
Margaretta, where he followed the same business for
five years. He next engaged in the tobacco trade,
first buying leaf and then starting the manufacture
of cigars. October 29, 1861, he married Priscilla,
daughter of John and Nancy Beard, of Yorkana.
This lady died April 6, 1874, the mother of five
children, and her remains were interred at Cana-

dochley. Mr. Sprenkle's second marriage was lo
Clara A., daughter of John and Rebecca Bentz, by
whom he had born to him four children. Mr.
Sprenkle is a Jeffersonian Democrat, and takes an
active interest in local politics; he has served as as-
sessor in Hellam Township and is a member of
Winona Lodge, No. 944, I. O. O. F., at East Pros-
pect; his wife is a member of St. John's Episcopal
Church, York

HENRY E. STEIN, son of Henry and Julia A.
(Slenker) Stein, was born September 23, 1827, and
is of German descent. He lived upon the home
farm until he was eighteen years of age, when he
began the carpenter's trade with Jacob Streavig,
with whom he remained two and a half years, work-
ing one year as a journeyman. In 1849 he began
business on his own account, and since that time
has erected about 175 churches, dwellings, barns,
etc. In 1849, also, he married Elizabeth, daughter
of Elizabeth and Jacob Gohn, of Lower Windsor.
To this union have been born four daughters and
one son, viz.: Julia A., wife of J. W. Deringer. of
Yorkana; Mary, wife of Henry May, same place;
Eliza Jane, William H. and Amanda. Mr. Stein
owns about ten acres of land, on which he has
erected a fine dwelling and other buildings. He
has served as township auditor and also as trustee
of the Evangelical Church, of which, with his wife,
he is still a member.

JACOB R. WALLACE. Esq., second son of
Jacob and Susan Wallace, of Windsor Township,
York Co., Penn., was born February 28, 1833. His
early life was spent on the farm, after which he
worked at the carpenter's trade two years. He then
attended Millersville Normal School two years, also
a select school in York, Penn., and in 1859 attended
school at Cottage Hill. He taught school twenty-
five terms: one term in Lancaster County, Penn.,
in 1874; sixteen terms in East Prospect, Penn., and
eight terms in Lower Windsor Township. During
the cummers of 1874 and 1875 he also taught a select
school, to prepare teachers, witli M. J. Blessing as
assistant. He was for ten years captain of a boat
on the Tide Water Canal. In 1860 he was assessor
in Windsor Township, in 1864 in Lower Windsor
Township, and in 1883 in East Prospect Borough.
He took the enrollment in Windsor Township in
1861, and the census of Windsor, Lower Windsor
and East Prospect in 1870. In 1858 he was elected
justice of the peace in Windsor Township, but de-
clined to serve; and in 1874 was elected to the same
ofllce in East Prospect Borough, and re-elected in
1879 and 1884. He is a surveyor and conveyancer,
is director of the Loan and Building Association of
Frystown, and agent for the York. Spring Garden
and Dallastown Insurance Companies. He is a Re-
publican, was a candidate for auditor and was a
delegate to the State convention, nominating H. M.
Hoyt, for governor. He was treasurer for the Coun-
ty institute for nine or ten years, and four years a
member of the committee on permanent certificates.
He has been secretary for the town council of the
borough of East Prospect since the spring of 1875,
and is secretary of the school board of East Pros-
pect. In 1857 he married Susan, daughter of Will-
iam and Magdalena Sprenkle, of Chanceford Town-
ship, and by this union they have two children:
Linnie A., born October 30, 1863, and Florence
Eugenia, born October 18, 1868. Mr. Wallace is
a member of Winona Lodge No. 944, I. O. O. F., of
East Prospect.




REV. ISAA.C H. ALBRIGHT, A. M., was bora
in Cumberland County, Penn., April 9, 1853. His
parents were Michael and Fannie (Huntsberger)
Albright, who were of German descent. They had
three sons and one daughter — Isaac H., being the
eldest. Until his nineteenth year he remained on
the farm, studying at public and preparatory
schools, leaching school one term himself before
entering college. In 1873 he entered Lebanon Val-
ley College, Penn., and graduated in 1876 as A. B.
He pursued his studies under private instructors for
two years, especially in the study of German and
Hebrew languages, and was made A. M. in 1879.
He entered college with a view to medicine, but be-
ing converted he changed his mind and sttidied for
the ministry. His first charge was at Manheim,
Lancaster County, where he remained three years,
from 1876 to 1879. Prom there he went to Spring
Garden, Lancaster County, where he stayed three
years, and in the spring of 1883 came to Mount
Wolf, where he had charge of six congregations —
Mount Wolf, Manchester, Emigsville and others,
all In York County; stayed there three years. From
there he went to Yorli, to the first United Brethren
Charch, where he is pastor now. He was married,
February 15, 1873, in Dauphin County, Penn., to
Kate H., daughter of George and Mary Uhler. To
thi-j union three cliildren were born: John W.,
Mary Bertha and George Henry. Rev. Albright
belongs to the United Brethren Cliurch, and during
his ministry 35u members have been added. He
conducts services in the German and English lan-
guages. Besides attending to his pastoral duties.
Rev. Albright also teaches instrumental and vocal

HENRY ALTLAND was born in Manchester
Township, October 7, 1849. His parents are John
and Mary Magdalena (Stoughl) Altland, natives of
Dover Township, and of German descent. They
had two sons and one daughter, of whom Henry is
the youngest son. In his youth he learned the
trade of blacksmithing with his father, but aban-
doned it when he became of age. He attended the
public schools, York County Academy and Guntz-
ler's Commercial College. When lie became of age
he commenced to teach in the public schools, and
taught about twelve years. In 1876 he took the
secretaryship of the Dover Mutual Fire Insurance
Company, of York County, which office he still
holds- March 17, 1873, he was married at York to
Louise Lehr. of Manchester Township, daughter of
Charles B. Leiir. They have five chillreu: Kurvin
Wilson, Walter Grant, Mabel Alberla, Oscar Henry
and Park Caleb Wogan. Mr. Altland is a Lutlier-
an. belongs to the Red Men of York, lia-: held vari-
ous township ofiices, was electrd justice of the
peace in 1875, and since. He is an active Repub-
lican and quite a political speaker. His father died
in 1883, but his mother, now sixty-five years of age,
is still living.

SAMUEL L. BAHN, farmer »dnd auctioneer,
was born in Spring Garden Township, December 3,
1830. His parents, Adam and Mary (Liebhart) Bahn,
were natives of Spring Garden and Hellam Town-
ships, respectively, and of German deseenl. He is
the sixth child and third son of a family of ten
children. After attending the schools of his native
place he began the occupation of farming (and auc-
tioneering in 1850) wliich he still pursues. He is a
member of the Evangelical Association, was many
years a class leader and for twenty years a steward
in that denomination. Since 1883 he has been an
exhorter In the Emigsville Chapel, and has been

superintendent of the Union Sunday-school for
nearly a quarter of a century. In May;, 1847, he
was commissioned first lieutenant of the Sixth Com-
pany, Third Regiment First Brigade of the Pennsyl-
vania Militia, by Gen. Daniel A. Stillinger, and
served until the militia was disbanded. Was once
elected assistant assessor, and twice judge of elec-
tions of Manchester Township, and is' a stockholder
in the York City Market and Gettysburgh Turnpike
Company. In 1875 he removed from his farm in
Conewago Township to his present home on a tract
of twenty-three acres, beautifully located, and in
addition to the work of attending it, is representing
the Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of York,
and for several years the Conewago &' Dover In-
surance Company. Mr. Bahn was married in York,
December 5, 1841, to Susan Tyson, daughter of Dan-
iel Tyson, of Spring Garden. They have had ten
children: Amanda, Susan, Mary A., Daniel T..
John A., Samuel F-, Frederic M., George W., Will-
iam H. N. and Elmer E.

SAMUEL P. BAHN, son of S. L. and Susan.
(Tyson) Bahn, sixth of ten children, was born-
October 3, 1853, was reared on his father's farm;
went to his trade of miller when about eighteen
years of age. at Menges' Mills, at which he worked
four years at Meyer's Mills; then took charge as
manager of George Small's farm near York-
October 3, 1873, Mr. Balm married Amanda Stair,
daughter of George and Catherine (Merchandall)
Stair, of Manchester Township. Their marriage
was blest with four children: William H., Ed-
ward P., HettieMay and Sarah S. Mr. Bahn is en-
gaged in trucli and flower business, is also agent
for fruit trees; is extensively engaged in the poul-
try business. His exhibit ot all kinds of fancy and
rare fowls for years at York County and Lancaster
County fairs is well known to the people.

GEORGE W. BARNHART is the son of Elijah-,
and Margaret Barnhart, ot York County, and was .
born January 16, 1858. He was reared a farmer,
but afterward learned milling and began the latter ^
business on his own account in 1881, on the Codorus^,
at Rudy's Mill, subsequently removing to WoU'sJ

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