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he removed to Loganville, where he continued his
practice for nearly thirteen years. In 1885 Dr.
Yost located in Glen Rock, where he is now well
established. In 1881 Dr. Yost was elected lecturer
on Dermatology in the Baltimore Medical College,
and for the past four years he has delivered weekly
lectures at that institution. Dr. Yost is ardent in the
practice of his profession, and an active worker in
educational affairs. The Doctor is entirely a self-
made man, never having had pecuniary assistance
from any one, and having worked his way through
schools and college by his own individual efforts.

SEBASTIAN ZELLER, farmer, was born in
Bavaria, November 12, 1822, and came to America
in 1847. Landing at Baltimore he stopped there
about six months, and then came to York County,
where, at Emigsville, he was engaged in burning
lime for five years. From there he removed to
Shrewsbury (1857), where he purchased a farm of
seventy-five acres, on which he has resided since.
He was educated in Germany, and was the elder of
two sons of John and Barbara (Zuizor) Zeller. In
1848 he was married, at York, to Catharine Knch, a
native of Bavaria. They had seven children, of
whom two are dead: Sarah E. and John T. The
living are Mary Ann, John A., Barbara, Franklin
and Sophia. The family are Catholics. Mr. Zel-
ler is a Democrat, and was one of the organizers
of the New Freedom Building Association.

JOHN D. ZIEGLER, born in Shrewsbury
Township. January 31, 18i0, is a son of Michael
and Magdalena (Dosch) Ziegler, being the third
son and fifth child of a family of four sons and five
daughters; was brought up on a farm, and educated
in the subscription schools; began learning milling
in Maryland at the age of twenty-one, and con-
tinued it for five years; was married January 31,
1847, in Manheim Township, to Mary A. Nace,
daughter of John Nace. They had nine children-
two, George Luther and Julia A. aredead; Belinda,
at home; Oliver C, miller and farmer in York
County; Cecelia, wife of Chester B. Wentz, a mer-
chant in Carroll County, Md.; Agnes, at home;
Virginia, at home; John S., M. D., practicing at
Melrose, Md., and Upton A., at home. Mr. Ziegler
and wife are members of the Lutheran Church.
His father died in 1857, aged sixty-eight, and his
mother in 1847, aged fifty-nine years. He served six
years as school director in Shrewsbury Township;
is a director in the Codorus & Manheim Fire In-
surance Company, and was one of the charter
members of the Shrewsbury Savings Institution.
He purchased his present farm of 126 acres about
1855, to which he has added forty-nine acres.



JOHN F. BECK (Commissioner of York
County) was born August 16, 1829, in York, Penn.
He attended tbe York schools one winter, and at
the age of nine years, went to Loganville, where he
received two winters' schooling. He worked three
years at the carpenter trade. January 15, 1852,
Mr. Beck married Matilda Leader, of York Town-
ship. This marriage was blessed with the follow-
ing children: Mary Catharine, Charles P., Milton
G., Franklin J., Paul J., Emma A., Harry C,
Martha J. and Harvey G. Mr. Beck has at various
times held township offices — school director, auditor,
etc. In 1884 he was elected one of the commis-
sioners of York County, and it is not too much to
say that the office was never held by a more worthy
and upright citizen than John F. Beck. He comes
from good German ancestry, who were among the
early settlers of York County.

JOHN F. BOPP, farmer, son of John Bopp,
Jr. and Barbara (Folkenstein) Bopp, was born
August 3, 1827. Our subject was the eldest of
eight children: John F., Leah, Sarah, Catharine,
Henry (deceased), Israel (deceased), Peter and Jesse.
August, 18o0. Mr. Bopp married Maria Allison, of
Springfield Township. There were born to them
by this marriage: Uriah, Jacob (deceased), George
(deceased), Emanuel, Amos, Malinda (deceased),
Emma, Jesse, "William, Elizabeth and Barbara.
May 2, 1865. Mr. Bopp married Priscilla Allison,
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Reichard) Allison,
of Springfield Township; to this union were born
John (deceased), Peter (deceased), Ella M. (de-
ceased), Levina, Taby and Eli. Mk. Bopp is a mem-
ber of the Reformed Church, has been school
director three terms, and is one of the most success-
ful farmers of Springfield Township. For the past
fifteen years he has been a director of the First
National Bank of Glen Rock, and is also a director
in the Codorus & Manheim Fire Insurance Com-
pany, of York County, having been elected for a
term of three years.

HENRY BOTT, son of Peter and Elizabeth
(Zeigler) Bott, was born in West Manchester Town-
ship, in September, 1818. He was reared on his
father's farm. Mr. Bott married Sarah A. Zeigler,
daughter of John E. and Barbara (Kohler) Zeigler
(see Israel Zeigler's sketch for history of the
Zeigler family). Five children blessed their mar-
riage; W. W., Martin L., Henry C, John (deceased)
and Rose E. (deceased). Mr. Bolt's ancestors
came very early to York; his great-gi-andfather
came to York from Germany, long before the
Revolutionary war. The subject of this sketch
came to Springfield Township in 1855. and engaged
in the mercantile business at Smyser's Station; has
also been the agent for the Northern Central Rail-
road, at this point, for twenty years, having turned
over the agency to his son, W. W. Bott, about ten
years ago. Mr. Bott is a prominent member of the
Lutheran Church, of Seven Valleys.

DAVID Y. BRILLHART, one of the successful
farmers of Springfield Township, was born in
that township, March 3, 1855. His ancestors were
among the earliest settlers of York County. His
parents were Jacob and Rebecca (Yost) Brillhart,
residents of Springfield Township. Mr. Brillhart
has been a resident of Springfield Township all his
life, and engaged in agricultural pursuits, in which
occupation he has been exceedingly prosperous.
His farm, which contains over 200 acres of superior
land, is well improved. He is also the owner of a
valuable ore mine, which bears his name. Mr. Bril-
hart was united in marriage, January 26, 1879, with

Miss Mary Alice Herbst, a daughter of Jacob and
Julia (Diehl) Herbst, of Hopewell Township. Four
children have been born to them— Jacob, Rebecca
(deceased), David and Charles.

REV. CHARLES M. EYSTER. pastor in charge
of the Lutheran Church, Seven Valleys, is the son
of John and Susan (Eisenhart) Eyster, and was born
December 21, 1857, in Jackson Township. Rev.
Eyster attended the normal school at East Berlin,
Penn., also Eastman's Business College at Pough-
keepsie, N. Y., and took a full course at the Pennsyl-
vania College and Theological Seminary, at Gettys-
burg, Penn. Although quite a young man in the
ministry, his first charge was a very important one.
The Eyster family were among the very earliest set-
tlers of York County. It is claimed by this family,
that their ancestors were the first white people that
settled in West Manchester Township, in the vicin-
ity of Wolf's Church, about five miles from York.

MARTIN FEIGLEY (deceased), was born in
Springfield Township, December 4, 1831. His grand-
father, Peter Feigley, was also anative of this town-
ship, and his great-grandfather settled in this town-
ship when a young man, thus making the Feigley
family one of the pioneer families of York County.
Mr. Feigley married Ellen Reichard, daughter of
George and Liddie Reichard, of York Township.
'This marriage was blessed with nine children: Lucy
R., Levi R., Katie R., Ellen R., Lizzie R., Martin R.
John R., Sarah R. and Peter R. Thelargeore bank,
known as Feigley Ore Bank (see mining interests of
York County), was purchased by Mr.Feigley, in 1867;
over 30,000 tons of hematite ore have already been
taken from this mine. Mr. F. has been a successful
farmer, in connection with his mining business; was
school directer for a number of years. The Feig-
leys are members of the Brethren or German Bap-
tist denomination.

WILLIAM FOUST, son of John S. and Rebecca
(Erhman) Poust, was born April 25, 1836, in Slirews-
bury Township. He was reared on his father's farm,
and followed farming and distilling until 1860, when
he began distilling for himself at Poust's distillery,
which he rebuilt after taking possession himself.
March, 1859, Mr. Foust married Henrietta Bricker.
daughter of John and Christina (Zeller) Bricker, of
York County. Eight children were born to this
marriage: John Q. A., Luther, William, Robert,
Frederick, Maggie Jane, Estella May and an infant
deceased. Mr. Foust is a member of the Lutheran
Church. Few men are better known throughout
York and adjoining counties than " Billy Foust."

PHILIP GLATFELTER (deceased), son of
Philip and Anna M. (Emig) Glatfelter, was bom in
1820, in Springfield Township. September 19, 1841,
Mr. Glatfelter married Catherine GeLselman, of
Springfield Township, daughter of George and
Catherine (Erhart) Geiselman. This union was
blessed with twelve children; Edward (deceased),
George (deceased), William (deceased), Robert,
Elenora (deceased), Emma, Jestie, Sarah, Mollie,
Rosa, Lillie and Mahala. Mr. Glatfelter was a
member of the Lutheran Church.

children of Casper and Susanna (Ness) Hildebrand,
was born November 10, 1831, in Loganville, Spring-
field Township. He was reared on his father's
farm, and went to his trade (shoe-making) when fif-
teen years old, and has always followed this occu-
pation; has been justice of the peace seventeen
years. April 8, 1858, Mr. Hildebrand married
Anna Maria Leader, daughter of Charles and
Sarah (Hildebrand) Leader, of Springfield Town-
ship. Three children have blessed this union:
Charles G., Annie and Robert. Our subject's
grandfather was Casper Hildebrand. His grand-
mother's maiden name was Cranmer, and it is
worthy of mention about this family that the seven


boys and the two girls all attained the ripe old age
of eighty years. The father of our subject died in
his eighty-sixth year. The subject of this sketch is
a well knowa and highly respected citizen, and
always active in any movement that has for its ob-
ject the welfare of his township and fellow-citizens.

EMANUEL HILDEBRAND, the fourth of ten
children of Adam and Rebecca (Combs) Hilde-
brand, was born February 11, 1834. in Springfield
Township. In his father's family were: Liddle (de-
ceased), Sarah (deceased), Mary, Emanuel, Jona-
than, Adam (deceased), Rebecca, Leah, Levi (de-
ceased), and Annie (deceased). Our subject was
reared on Lis father's farm. September 12, 1858, he
married Annie Hain, daughter of George and
Annie (Hupp) Hain, of Saxe Weimar, Germany.
Seven children were born to them: Agnes. Caro-
line, George (deceased), Catharine, Alice Ann,
Nathaniel (deceased) and Emanuel (deceased). Mr.
Hildebrand is a member of the Lutheran Church of
Glen Rock, and one of the leading farmers of his

and Susanna (Ness) Hildebrand, was born In Logan-
ville, Springfield Township, January 8, 1838. He
was the youngest of four children: Aaron (de-
ceased), Deitrick, Maria and William N. He was
reared on the farm, and taught school ten terms in
his native township. He was appointed store-
keeper at Foust's Distillery by the United States
Government, and in 1879 was appointed guager
and storekeeper. March 26, 1864, Mr. Hildebrand
married Susan Howard, daughter of Edward and
Catharine (Strayer) Howard, of Springfield Town-
ship. Four children were born to them: Freder-
ick, Harry, Minnie and Maggie. Mr. Hildebrand is
a member of the Reformed Church, and a well-in-
formed, progressive citizen.

L. F. HILDEBRAND, merchant and postmas-
ter, Loganville, was born in Springfield Township
in 1848, and is the son of Isaac and Elizabeth
(Feigley) Hildebrand. The father was a farmer as
well as merchant, and died in September, 1880; the
mother is still living, and of the three children
born to those parents our subject alone survives.
He assisted his father on the farm until sixteen
years old, and then in the store until he succeeded
him in business. About 1870 he was appointed
postmaster, and he has also served as school
director. In 1875 he married Miss Lizzie Gontner,
of Lancaster County, and to this union have been
born three children: Jennie May, Daniel W. and
Mary D.

Israel E. and Christiana (Leckrone) Holtzapple, was
born May 22. 1862, in West Manchester Township,
York Co., Penn. On his father's side his great-
great-grandfather came from Germany. George E.
spent the days of youth at home, engaged in work
there and out on farms as a laborer. At the age
of fourteen he was engaged a short time in the City
Drug Store, York, Penn, after which he spent most
of his time in study, giving instruction in instru-
mental music. At the ag'e of sixteen he com-
menced teaching public school at Bott's, in West
Manchester, where he taught four terms in suc-
cession. During the spring previous to the last
term he taught a select school in Seven Valleys. His
school days in public school were spent at Nei-
man's, in West Manchester. In the spring of 1876
he went ten weeks to the York Collegiate Institute;
in the spring of 1877 ten weeks to the York County
Normal. The teachers were Kand and Gardner.
In the spring of 1878 he attended ten weeks, and in
the spring of 1879 eight weeks at Normal School, in
Hartman's Building. He commenced reading medi-
cine in the fall of 1880, under the preceptorship of
Dr. George P. Yost, Loganville. He continued

his medical studies till March 13, 1884, when he
graduated at the Bellevue Hospital Medical Col-
lege, New York City. After graduating he went
in practice with his preceptor at Loganville a few
months, then located a few months at York, after
which he bought out his preceptor's practice, the lat-
ter going to Glen Rock, and Dr. Holtzapple taking
his place at Loganville December 11. 1884, where
he is practicing at present. The Doctor is a member
of the York County Medical Society, a member
of the West York Eye. Ear and Throat Dispensary,
and also a member of Christ's Lutheran Church,
York, Penn.

HENRY KRBIDLER is the eldest of the five
children of Michael and Catharine (Wackarman)
Kreidler, and was born in York Township February
29, 1832. At the age of seventeen he began to
learn milling, and has followed that business ever
since. In 1878 he purchased his present farm of
100 acres, and erected his mill, carrying on exten-
sively both milling and farming. In 1855 he mar-
ried Miss' Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob Gable, of
Windsor Township, and is now the father of
twelve living children: Annie M., John C, Priscilla
J., Mary J., Malinda A., Ida A., Jacob E., Sarah
A., George B., Samuel E., Martha A. and Henry E.
Mr. Kreidler has served as inspector of elections,
school director and township auditor, and was once
elected justice of the peace, but declined to serve.
He is a Mason of the Royal Arch degree, and with
his wife is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Paradise.

D. M. LOUCKS was born in Windsor Township
May 14, 1844, and is the son of Levi and Elizabeth
(Myers) Loucks, now living in retirement at York.
Our subject received a good education in youth, and
for fourteen years, from 1859, was a school teacher.
In 1867 he was elected justice of the peace, and
served five years. In 1867 he began the manu-
facture of cigars, which he followed until the
spring of 1873. In 1872 he was elected to the legis-
lature and served one term. In 1873 he removed to
New Paradise in Springfield Township, and the
same year was re-elected to the legislature. In
1880 he was elected justice of the peace of his
township; his term expired May 6, 1885, but he
refused to again accept a re-election. He was mar-
ried, in 1863, to Miss Emeline Peeling, a native of
York Township and a daughter of John Peeling,
and to this union have been born five children;
Joshua P., Joseph B., Addison P., Media L. and
Ada E. Mr. Loucks has been very successful as a
business man, and in his cigar manufactory employs
at times as many as twenty hands.

GEORGE W. RBNNOLL. son of Sam and
Mary (Sheffer) Rennoll, was born April 23, 1847. in
Shrewsbury Township. His parents were natives
of this township. His grandmother, on his mother's
side, was the daughter of Jacob Sheffer and Mary
Gerbrick, of Shrewsbury Township. Our subject
was the eldest son in a family of four: George W.,
Charles S., Nathaniel and Franklin (deceased).
Mr. R. was reared on the farm, and began his occu-
pation as miller in 1865 at Sheffer's Mill, Glen Rock.
After having learned the trade and working a year
here he went to Louck's Mill, operated by P. A. &
S. Small; after three years at this mill he went to
Small's Goldsboro mill; ten and a half years were
spent here, when he was called to Small's ware-
house in York for one year, then to his present mill,
which he purchased in 1880, and after operating
successfully for three and a half years he intro-
duced in his mill tlie celebrated roller process mode
of making flour, and it may be proper to mention
here, as an evidence of Mr. RennoU's push and
energy in the prosecution of his business, that he
was the second man in York County to adopt this
popular method of manufacturing flour. He finds


ready sale with merchants in York for all the flour
he can furnish. January 9, 1870, he married Re-
becca Laucks, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth
<Beaverson) Laucks, of Spring Garden Township.
Two children have been born to this union: Annie
E. and Charles Latimer. Mr. R. was a member of
the American Mechanics until it dissolved. He is a
member of the Lutheran Church.

E. P. ROHRBAUGH, M. D., a native of Codorus
Township, was born in 1858, is a son of Peter L.
and Elizabeth (Bortner) Rohrbaugh, and is the
youngest of their ten children. The father died in
1882, but the mother still survives. Our subject
received a good common school and academic edu-

Valleys, attending colk-ge in the meanwhile. He
graduated from the University of Maryland in
1881, and also took a course at Johns Hopkins Uni-
versity of Baltimore. For two years he practiced
at Glen Rock, and then located at New Paradise,
where he has an extensive patronage. In 1881 he
married Miss Ellen Hengst, who has borne him two
children: Charles H. and Annie C. The Doctor is
a member of the York County Medical Society,
also of the Yoseraite Lodge of Red Men of Glen
Rock, and with his wife of the Reformed Church.


JOHN L. ARNOLD, son of Jacob and Sarah
i(Leib) Arnold, of West Manchester Township, was
born August 5, 1849, at East Berlin, Adams Co.,
Penn. Mr. Arnold received a common school
education. He learned his trade (miller) with his
father and has always followed that occupation; he
thoroughly understands his business, and at pres-
ent has charge of one of the best equipped mills in
York County — Matthew Tyler's mill. Mr. Arnold
married Amanda Allison, daughter of John and
Elizabeth (Musser) Allison, of York, Penn. This
marriage has been blessed with five children:
Arthur E., Nettle K., Howard E. (deceased), Claude
A. and Mammie B. (deceased).

D. H. G. BEECHER, son of Samuel and Sarah
A. M. (Wagner) Beecher, was born September 16,
1848, in Bfcecherville, Adams County, where, after
attending the public schools, he began his first work
in his father's paper-mill, remaining until his twen-
ty-second year, when he came to Spring Garden
Township, and for three years worked in the
Erhart paper-mill; he then learned cigar-making
and carried on the manufacture in York Township
six years, when he returned to Green Hill, this
township, his present home. December 8. 1873,
Mr. Beecher married- Miss Catherine, daughter of
George and Catherine (Shell) Druck, and has had
born to him six children: George H. (deceased),
Samuel A. (deceased), Annie L., Charles B. (de-
ceased), Willie C. (deceased) and Harry D. Our
subject comes from a good German family and is
the third of nine as follows: Annie May, George
C, D. H. G., Charles F. (deceased), Samuel (de-
ceased), Clara J., Emma (deceased) Sally A. M. and
Annie. The great-grandmother of our subject was
Elizabeth, wife of John Beecher, died August 14,
1845, aged ninety years. His grandparents were
David Beecher, born September 8, 1793, died April
13, 1880, aged eighty-six years, seven months and
five days. Anna Mary Gilbert Beecher, born April
26, 1797; and their children were: Elizabeth, horn
December 2.5, 1815; died November 8, 1827, aged

eleven years, ten months and thirteen days; Ann
Margaretta, born November 16, 1817, died June 21,
1822, aged four years, seven months and five days;
Samuel, born March 5, 1820; Sophia Susanna, born
September 27, 1823; Bernhard John, born August
23, 1824, died June 5, 1831, aged six years, nine
months and twelve days; Catharine, born Decem-
ber 18, 1836; Lucy Ann, born December 17, 1828;
David Henry Gilbert, born July 1, 1831, died No-
vember 16, 1839, aged eight years, three months and
fifteen days; George, born September 11, 1838, died
October 34, 1846, aged thirteen years, one month
and thirteen days.

GEORGE BENDER is a son of George Bender,
a native of Germany, and a brick-maker by trade,
who immigrated to America,settlingin York County.
Penn., and establishing the business now carried
on by subject. George, Jr., was an assistant of
his father from his youth up, and upon the death
of his father was fully competent to succeed as
manager and proprietor. This business he has
successfully carried on in this vicinity up to the
present time. His establishment adjoins the limits
of York. Mr. Bender was married, January 31,
1863, to Miss Emma J. Kiser, of York, Penn.
They have five children; Annie K., Lydia M.,
Imilda A., George F. and Jeremiah. Mr. Bender is
a member of the Spring Garden Relief Association,
also of the order of R. M. of York, and of the
Ridge Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church of Frys-

EDWARD BLAUSER was born in Spring
Garden Township, October 5, 1886, and is the third
of ten children in the family of Jacob and Ann
(Myers) Blauser, natives of York Township. He
passed his time in attending school and assisting on
the home farm until his seventeenth year; when he
began his trade as carpenter. January 30, 1859, he
married Miss Mary, daughter of John and Liddie
(Sowers) Runk, and to this union have been born:
Allen, Elizabeth, Ida, Lillie, Henry and Fernando.
In 1875, Mr. Blauser began contracting and build-
ing, and, being a master of his profession, has been
very successful, averaging twenty-five to thirty-five
houses per year. Among the specimens of his
contract work may be mentioned the remodeling of
the old German Reformed Church edifice, and the
building of Bethany Chapel on King Street; the
Methodist Chapel on East Philadelphia Street; the
three story brick business house of A. C. Fahn;the
dwelling of W. A. Tomes; Daniel Moore's resi-
dence; Capt. William Fry's elegant cottage, etc.,
etc. Mr. Blauser has served as school director and
is an esteemed citizen.

WILLIAM BLESSING, second of eleven chil-
dren of Henry and Elizabeth (Crone) Blessing, was
born March 34, 1834, in Hellam Township; he was
reared on a farm and always followed that occupa-
tion. June 1849, Mr.Blessing married Leah Paules,
(daughter pf Adam and Elizabeth Hartzlcr) Paules,
of Lower Windsor Township. Four children were
born of this marriage: Henry A., J. Milton, Syl-
vester C. and Elizabeth C. Our subject's grand- '
father's name was Henry Blessing. Our subject's
ancestors on his father's and mother's side settled
very early in York County.

DR. GEORGE CONN, seventh of eleven chil-
dren, of Henry and Mary (Shrum) Conn, was born
August 25, 1819, in Manchester Township. He was
reared on a farm and educated in Spring Garden
Township. November 8, 1849, Dr. Conn married
Maria Shepp, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Sla-
gle) Shepp, of Manchester Township. Three chil-
dren blessed this union : Annie Mary, wife of John
Sipe; Susanna, wife of Albert J. Bower, and Alex-
ander (deceased). When our subject was twenty-
eight years of age he began the successful treat-
ment of cancer; his success in the treatment of this


loathsome disease was so marked and exceptional
tliat lie made it Ws life work. Many persons in
York and adjoining counties in the enjoyment of
health to-day can testify to Dr. Conn's success in
their cases after having failed to get relief from emi-

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