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nent physicians in the large cities. Dr. Conn re-
sides in the village of Pleasureville, about three
miles from York, in Spring Garden Township. His
postofflce address is Box 509, York, Penn.

DANIEL DIEHL was born September 11. 1807.
His great-grandfather, John Adam Diehl, emigrated
from Germany and took up 360 acres of land iu
York County, Penn., in what is now Spring Garden
Township, paying an English agent £12 ($60) for
the whole tract. At that time the nearest mill was
at Downington, Chester County. He had four sons:
Peter, Daniel, George and Nicholas. Daniel settled
in Seven Valleys, York County; George in Vir-
ginia; Peter and Nicholas in Hellam Township,
York County, having purchased the original tract
of land from the heirs, after the death of their
father. The gi-andfather of our subject, Peter
Diehl, was born in Hellam Township, York County,
and had six children: .lacob, Nicholas, Daniel,
Peter, Catherine (married to John Brillinger) and
Elizabeth, who married Henry King. The father
of our subject, Jacob Diehl, married Polly Pflieger,
both being natives of Hellam Township. Our sub-
ject, Daniel Diehl, was married May 15, 1836, to
Miss Louisa Loucks, a daughter of Casper Loucks,
of Spring Garden Township. Six children have
been born to them: Malinda Kauffman, Cecelia
Witmer, Adaline, Milton (deceased), Marcellus and
Nicholas. Mr. Diehl was actively engaged in farm-
ing all his life, but is now passing the evening of
his life retired from active labors. He is now sev-
enty-seven years of age, and residing in Frystown.
His wife died several years ago. Mr. Diehl owns a
mill property iu Spring Garden, situated upon an
old site, the second mill being built there in 1775,
and the third built by himself in 1860. He also
owns a well-improved farm of 110 acres, which is
operated by his son, Nicholas. The family are
members of the Lutheran Church.

BENJAMIN S. DIETZ. son of George and Cath-
erine (Hammer) Dietz, of Spring Garden Township,
was born September 21, 1881. He is the fourth of
a family of five children, was reared on a farm and
has always followed farming. In December, 1853,
Mr. Dietz married Lydia Kauffman, daughter of
Samuel and Mary (Wagner) Kauffman, of Windsor
Township. Six children (all deceased) were born
to this marriage: Uriah K., David K., Mary K.,
Samuel K., George K. and Benjamin K. Mr. Dietz
is a prominent farmer, having managed one of the
largest farms in Windsor Township. Hattie D.
Kauffman, daughter of Moses and Sarah Kauffman,
of Spring Garden Township, was taken to rear by
Mr. and Mrs. Dietz, when she was two weeks old,
and lived with them until her death in 1880, being
in her seventh year; she was treated as kindly and
tenderly by Mr. and Mrs. Dietz as if she were their
own child. Mr D. has been school director and
assessor iu Windsor Township, and was always a
leading citizen of that township during his resi-
dence there.

JOSEPH S. DIETZ was born in Spring Garden
Township in 1843. His parents, Joseph and Eliza-
beth (Strickler) Dietz, were natives of Hellam
Township, and represent old families of York
County, The father is a farmer, and a resident of
Spring Garden Township. The mother died in
1864. Joseph S. was reared a farmer, and is still
following that vocation. He resides upon the farm
owned by his father, which he is cultivating, and
also owns a farm in Hopewell Township, consisting
of 103 acres. He was married in November, 1866,
to Miss Sarah Weigle, daughter of John Weigle, of

Manchester Township. This union has been t
with eleven children: Augustus H., Ida A. (de-
ceased), Joseph M. (deceased), Winfield H., Curtis
A., Lilly M., Daniel M. (deceased), Mary E. (de-
ceased), Agnes A. (deceased), Herman "W. (de-
ceased), and Erney A. Mr. and Mrs. Dietz are mem-
bers of the Lutheran denomination.

ELIAS EBERT, a prominent citizen of Spring
Garden Township, was born in York County, Octo-
ber 25, 1829, and is the second son of Michael and
Lydia (Diehl) Ebert, natives of York County. His
great-grandfather came from Germany and settled
in West Manchester, where his grandfather was
born. His father was a famier in West Manches-
ter, and a colonel in the war of 1812, which title he
always retained. He came to Spring Garden in
1839, and located on the farm now owned and occu-
pied by Elias Eiiert, and resided on it until his
death in 1863. The mother died in 1858, leaving
five children: William (deceased), Sarah. George
D., Annie M. and Elias, our subject. Elias was
born on the homestead, and has resided on it all
his life, following farming and also keeping a
dairy. The farm contains 210 acres, and sixty-three
acres are owned by his son. In 1853 he was mar-
ried to Susan Butt, daughter of Jacob Butt, of
Jackson Township, an old settler of York County,
who died in 1884, aged eighty -four years. Mr. and
Mrs. Ebert have three children: Albert; M., Annie
F. and Ida V. Mr. Ebert is president of the Spring
Garden Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and has
been connected with it for twenty years. He is a
prominent agriculturist, and was one of the man-
agers of tlie York County Agricultural Society for
five years. Himself and wife are members of Mt.
Zion Lutheran Church. Mr. Ebert is one of the
representative and progressive citizens of York
County. As a business man he has attained an
honorable reputation, and as a citizen and neighbor
he is highly respected and esteemed.

JOHN EMtG was born in 1831, in York County,
Penn., and is a son of Valentine and Rebecca
(Loucks) Emig, both natives of York County, and
descendants of old families. His father was a farm-
er and our subject was reared a farmer and has
devoted his entire time and energy to farming. Mr.
Emig came to Spring Garden Township in 1854,
and purchased the farm upon which he has ever
since resided. It consists of 126 acres of land situ-
ated in the Codorus Valley. This tract of land he
has greatly improved, raising all the cereals, and a
large crop of fine tobacco each year. He was mar-
ried, in 1853, to Miss Sarah Eyster, a native of West
Manchester Township, and a descendant of an old
family of the county. She died in 1857. Two chil-
dren were born to them: Horace E., a farmer in
York County; and Frank, deceased. In 1858 Mr.
Emig married Miss Susan Roth. They have had
nine children: Margaret R., Emma R., Edward R.,
Augustus R., Henry R., Valentine R., William R.,
George R. and Amanda (deceased). Mr. and Mrs.
Emig are members of Mt. Zion German Reformed

HENRY ERB is a native of York County, born
in 1831, and resides on the same farm upon which
his grandfather, John Erb, settled in the early
history of York County. John Erb was a native of
Lancaster County, Penn., and a prominent farmer
of York County, from his first settlement here until
his death upon the same farm, which descended to
his son Jacob, the father of our subject. Jacob
Erb married Miss Elizabeth Wambaugh, and fol-
lowed farming upon the homestead farm until his
death. His wife, a descendant of one of the old
settlers of the county, still survives and resides upon
the old place. Three of their children are living:
Henry, Mrs. Mary Wise and Mrs. Leah Gable, of
York Township. Henry Erb has always been en-


gaged in agricultural pursuits; he became tlie owner
of the old homestead, which comprises over 170
acres of superior laud, in 1879. This farm is one of
the most productive and finely improved tracts of
land in the county, with as fine a residence and banlt
barns as any in tie township. Mr. Erb was married
October 5, 1857, to Miss Mary Driver, a native of
Spring Garden Township, and daughter of Jacob
Driver. They have four children : Granville, Jacob,
Clara A. and Mary A.
.^ JOHN FLORY, one of the old settlers of Spring
Garden Township, was born August 18, 1818, a son
of Abraham and Magdalena (Strickler) Flory. He
has been one of the leading farmers of Yorl< County
and has resided the principal portion of his life in
Spring Garden Township, where he has followed
milling and farming. He owns a line farm of 178
acres in Manchester Township, and thirty acres in
Spring Garden Township, where he resides, and
which is cultivated for market produce. Mr. Flory
served as assessor and supervisor several years, has
acted as guardian for twenty-one children, and has
' settled up four estates, real and personal. In 1841
he married Miss Leah Diehl, a daughter of Jacob
Diehl, of Spring Garden. They are the parents of
six children: Thaddeus E., married Mary Kauffman;
Abraham, married Amanda Smyser; Sarah, married
Frederick Dietz; Killam J., William A. and Amelia
(married to Henry Forry). Mr. and Mrs. Flory are
members of the Lutheran Church.

RUDOLPH FORRY was born in Hellam Town-
ship, York Co., Penn., October 18, 1827. His par-
ents, Henry and Magdalena (Newcomer) Porry,
were also natives of York County. His father died
in 1836. Mr. Forry has been a resident of Spring
Garden Township for forty-seven years. He owns
110 acres of land finely improved, and all under cul-
tivation. He has always taken a leading position
in public affairs, and has served as school director
and supervisor. Mr. Forry was married, in 1849. to
Miss Angelina Strickler, daughter of Ulrich Strick-
ler, a prominent citizen of Spring Garden Township,
who died in 1882, aged fifty-two years. Mr. and
Mrs.P.have had six children, five now living: Lavina
S., married to Nicholas Diehl; Henry S., married to
Amelia Flory; Rudolph L., Angelina S.;Mary S.,
married to John Throne (all residents of the town-
ship), and Ulrich S., deceased.

WILLIAM FREY was born February 7, 1834,
a son of George and Mary (Spangler) Frey. His
grandfather, George Frey, a native of Spring Gar-
den Township, died of apoplexy in 1849, aged sixty-
eight years. He was a veteran of the war of 1812;
served in Capt. Spangler's company; marched from
York to Baltimore, and engaged in the battle of
North Point, his wife becoming a pensioner until
her death in 1872, at the age of ninety-two years.
They had seven children: Charles, George, Fred-
erick, Enos, Catherine, Mary and Leah. Subject's
father, George Frey, was a captain of militia some
years, and private in a company of Independent
Blues, under Col. Ales Hav, at the Catholic and
Native American riots, in Philadelphia, in 1844;
also a private in the Second Maryland Regiment in
the civil war of 1862-6.5; he died in 1882 of apoplexy,
aged seventy-two years. He had five children: Will-
iam, John, Charles, Lewis, and Eliza. William Frey
was married, December 24, 1854, to Elizabeth Boekel,
daughter of Michael and Anna Maria Boekel. By
this union they have had the following children:
William B., Flora M. Rouse, Ferdinand C.,Emma
E. Christine, George T., Katie, Anna M., Robert E.,
Mollie E., Hattie M. and Harry S. Mr. Frey is the
pioneer of the Spring Garden Band, starting in
1855, and held the leadership over twenty-three
years. He took the band into the United States
service, and it served one year as regimental band of
the Eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers. He

also held the ofiice of treasurer of York County, hav-
ing been elected in 1876, and having served three
years. He is the owner of forty-nine acres of finely
improved land, and raises vegetables, fruit, etc., for
market. He makes a specially of bee culture. The
family are members of the German Reformed

JOHN FRITZ, deceased, was born in 1805, and
was a son of John and Elizabeth (Kurtz) Fritz, both
natives of York County, Penn. He was reared a
farmer, and passed his life engaged in farming. He
died in 1863, aged fifty-eight years. He married
Miss Susanna Billit, September 25, 1834. Mrs.
Fritz is a daughter of Jacob Billit, of Spring Garden
Township, and was born January 29, 1818; she is
still living on her farm in Spring Garden, which
consists of 111 acres of valuable land, from which
iron ore has been extracted since 1866, but which
has been lately closed. The farm is now operated
by her sons. Mrs. Fritz has eight children: Sarah
(Kauffman), born April 16, 1836; Henrv, March 2,
1839; Catherine (Coldrider), Septembe'r 28, 1841;
Samuel, October 8, 1844; John, November 15, 1847;
George, February 13, 1851; Susan (Sheuberger),
April 18, 1853; and Elizabeth, born April 13, 1861,
all natives of York County, Penn. The family are
members of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church.

CHARLES H. FRY, justice of the peace, is one
of a family of thirteen children, and was born on a
farm near what is now known as Frysville, then
Fry's Church, in Windsor Township, York Co.,
Penn., September 20, 1833. The father, John Fry,
was born near the place where all his children were
born. The mother's name was Juliann (Haines)
Fry, who was of English descent, and was born in
Philadelphia. Charles H. worked on the farm iu
summer, and had about three or four months to go
to school in winter. When old enough he learned
the carpenter's trade, but not liking it, worked at
his trade iu summer and attended school in winter,
until he was able to teach a primary school. The
money he made teaching in winter, he took to pay
his tuition in summer, at a select school at Wrights-
ville, Penn., for one term. The following winter he
taught school again, and in the spring, entered the
York County Academy, taught by the late Prof.
George W. Ruby, and D. M. Ettinger, for one
term. This completed his schooling, except les-
sons in surveying, by D. M. Ettinger, civil en-
gineer. Mr. Fry was appointed postmaster, at
Margaretta Furnace, in 1861, which office he
held during the greater part of the late war. The
office was removed from Margaretta Furnace to
East Prospect, where it is at present. Mr, Fry
resigned the office, and some time afterward
moved to Spring Garden, where he accepted the
secretaryship of the Spring Garden Mutual Fire
Insurance Company, which he has held up to the
present time — about twenty years. He was elected
a justice of the peace of Spring Garden 'Township
in 1866, and re-elected three times, holding the office
at the present time. He was elected county sur-
veyor of York County last fall. Mr. Fry was instru-
mental in getting up one of the first building asso-
ciations (now one of the largest in the county), about
eighteen years ago, and has been secretary of the
same ever since. He was married at York, Penn.,
January 5, 1858, to Catherine Fitzkee. They have
had eleven children, three of whom are dead, four
boys and four girls living. Mr. and Mrs. Pry are
members of the Ridge Avenue Church (Methodist
Episcopal). Their residence is corner of East Mar-
ket Street and Ridge Avenue, East York.

JOHN S. GEIST, was born October 13, 1834.
His parents, Baltzer and Anna M. (More) Geist,
were natives of Germany, and immigrated to Amer-
ica over fifty years ago. They located in Lower
Windsor Township, where the father was employed



as a teamster at the Slaymaker Furnaces for six
years, and then had charge of a furnace until the
failure of the Slaymaker firm, in which he lost
heavily. The mother of our subject died in 1837.
leaving three children; Mary M., Elizabeth and
John S. His father subsequently married Miss
Maria Hains, a native of York County, Penn.
John S. has a fine farm of sixty-five acres, located
in Spring Garden Township, which is well culti-
vated and improved. He was married, February 5,
1856, to Miss Harriet Wolf, a daughter of Peter and
Catherine Wolf, of Hellam Township. By this
union they have had six children: Henry, married
to Mary J. Smith; Aaron A., married to Sarah
Bender; Sarah A., wife of Granville Forry; Anna
M. ; William H. and George W. (deceased). The
family are members of the Evangelical Lutheran
and jiennonite denominations.

CHARLES GLATFELTER is a retired farmer of
Spring Garden Township, and a descendant of two
old families of York County. His great-grandfather
was a native of Switzerland. Subject's grandpar-
ents, Phelix Glatfelter and wife, were natives of York
County, and parents of nine children — Jacob, Cas-
per, John, Daniel, Frederick, Philip, Elizabeth, Mar-
garet and Barbara— all natives of North Codorus
Township. Thejfather of our subject, Philip Glat-
felter, married Mary Bmig, daughter of Charles
Emig, and also a native of North Codorus Town-
ship. Eleven children blessed this union: Jonas.
Charles, Jacob, Philip, Jesse, Lydia, Catherine,
Margaret, Leah, Elizabeth and Mary. Our subject
was married, in January, 1833, to Miss Louisa
Fishel, a daughter of Jacob Fishel. of Spring Garden
Township. This union has been blessed with eight
children: Jacob, Philip H., Edward, Clemantine
Shunk, Jane Peeters, Anna M. Myers, Louisa Eyster
and Emma E. Forry. Mr. Glatfelter has been a
resident of the township about forty-five years. He
still owns ninety -five acres of well-improved land.
His wife is deceased. Mr. Glatfelter is a member
of the Lutheran Church.

DANIEL GOTWALT, a representative of two
old families of York County, Penn., is a son of
Felix and Christiana (Wilt) Gotwalt, natives of
York County. He was born in Manchester Town-
ship, September 24, 1796, and at the age of eighteen
began learning the carpenter's trade, with Peter
Small, of York. This occupation he followed until
he was thirty-five years of age, when he began
farming in Spring Garden Township, which busi-
ness he continued until old age compelled him to
cease hard labor, and he is now living in retirement
upon his land in that township. Mr. Gotwalt has a
fine property, well improved. He was married in
December, 1819, to Miss Susanna Rupp, of York
County. By this union thirteen children were
born, of whom the following are living: George F.,
Samuel, Daniel, David R.. Benjamin, John J.,
Mary and Susanna, all married. Mr. Gotwalt has
been a member of the Lutheran Church, of York
(Rev. Dr. Lockman's), over sixty-eight years, and
has been elder for six years.

HENRY F. W. GROTHE is a native of Ger-
many, born April 37, 1829. His parents were also
natives of Germany, where his father followed the
tailor trade all his life. At the age of twenty-five
years our subject immigrated to America, landing
in the fall of 1855, and immediately locating in
York County, Penn. In 1858 he began the business
of lime-burning, and in 1859 added to it brick-mak-
ing. In this business Mr. Grothe has continued up
to the present time, and has established an exten-
sive trade. His brick-yard, kilns and residence are
located on the plank road, upon the limits of York
Borough. In February, 1855, he was married to
Miss Willmana Hitecomp, a native of Germany.
They have nine children, six living: Charles H.,

AnnaM., Louisa W., Henry F. W., Frank H. and
Anna M. L. Mr. and Mrs. Grothe are members of
the St. John's Lutheran Church of York, Penn.
Mr. Grothe has served for nine years as trustee
of his church.

HENRY S. HEINDLE was born in Spring Gar-
den Township, April 2, 1849. His parents, Peter
and Leah (Spangler) Heindle, are also natives of
Y''ork County, Penn., and descendants of an old
family. Henry learned the blacksmith's trade with
his brother, Edward, and has since followed that
occupation. He began business for himself at
Stoney Brook, Penn., subsequently purchasing the
shop there, where he has remained and established!
a good business. He has devoted his entire time
and attention to his trade, and is a skillful and effi-
cient mechanic. Mr. Heindle was married in 1879-
to Miss Susan, daughter of George and Susan Mil-
ler, of Y'ork County, Penn. They have five chil-
dren: Emma J., Harvey H., Verley V., Gertie S.
and Leah R. Mrs. Heindle is a member of the
Lutheran Church.

JOHN S. HIESTAND was born in Spring Gar-
den Township. In May, 1887. His parents, John
and Elizabeth (Sultzbaugh) Hiestand, were also na-
tives of York County, Penn. Subject was reared
on the farm, attended the common schools and sup-
plemented his education by a regular course at the
York Academy. Mr. Hiestand has always followed
farming, and is the owner of part of the old home-
stead farm in Spring Garden Township, two and a
half miles from Y'ork on the pike. This farm is in
a high state of cultivation, with an elegant resid-
ence, and fine barns and out-buildings. He has
served in various offices of public trust; he was re-
gister of wills three years, and director upon the
school board fifteen years. He is a member of the
order of Heptasophs. Mr. Hiestand, in November,
1857, was married to Miss Annie M., daughter of
Philip and Mary (Gish) Oldweiler. This union has
been blessed with two children: Thomas B. G. and
Katie. The grandfatherof the subject of this sketch,
Abraham Hiestand, came to Y'ork County in the
year 1792, and first settled where Spring Grove now
is. Then moved to the old homestead, the place
now known as Hiestand's, in Spring Garden Town-
ship. He had married Miss Pitz, from near
Wrightsville, when he first came to this county.
They had eight children. He lived to the age of
eighty-eight years, seeing many great-grand'chil-
dren before he died, in the year 1859. The Hie-
stands are of Swiss extraction, the ancestor here
having come over in 1727. [See II Col. Rec. or
Rupp's History of Lancaster County.]

SAMUEL HIVELY was born August 12, 1817, a
son of George and Anna M. (Roth) Hively, both
natives of Spring Garden Township. The grand-
father of our subject, Christopher Hively, emigrat-
ed from York County, Penn., to Ohio, where he
settled. He had seven children. George Hively re-
turned from Ohio in 1813, and located in Spring
Garden Township. He had three children: Samuel,
John and Susanna (deceased). Samuel Hively, our
subject, has now retired from active labors, but
still retains two valuable farms, one- consisting of
125 acres, operated by his son William, and one of
123 acres, farmed by his son Enos. His land is well
tilled and supplied with all modern improvements.
Mr. Hively has served his township and county in
public offices of trust. He was director of the poor
three years, and assessor and collector of taxes. He
was married, in January,1839, to Miss Sarah Miller,
daughter of Christian and Elizabeth Miller, of
Spring Garden Township. This union has been
blessed with four children: George S., William C,
Enos F. and Sarah J. Miller (deceased). The fami-
ly are members of the Lutheran Church.

GEORGE HYDE was born January 15, 1838,



and is a son of Joshua and Lucinda (Weyer) Hyde,
natives of Spring Garden Township. His grand-
father, George Hyde, was a native of Lancaster
County, Penn., and had seven children: Henry,
Samuel. Jacob, Joshua, George, Nancy and John.
Joshua Hyde, subject's father, had born to him the
following children: Margaret, Lizzie, Sarah, Matil-
da, George and Daniel. George Hyde, our subject,
was married in November, 1863, to Sarah A.Dorsch,
daughter of George Dorsch, of West Manchester
Township. They have had three children : Sallie
A., George J. and Lucy (deceased). He has a farm
of 163 acres, well improved, with two fine dwell-
ings and two bank barns. He was drafted in 1863,
and paid commutation. He was formerly a mem-
ber of the Grangers. His family are members of
the Reformed Church.

WILLIAM ILGENFRITZ, son of Martin and
Margaret (Stauffer) Ilgenfritz, of Manchester Town-
ship, was born in Conewago Township, November
14, 1843. He is the fourth in a family of seven
children. September 11, 1861, Mr. Ilgenfritz en-
listed in Company E, Eighty-sevei»th Pennsylvania
Volunteers, and was engaged in the battles that his
regiment was in: the skirmishes at Fisher's Hill,
April 28, 1863; Newtown, Va., June 13, 1863; Win-
chester, June 13; Carter's Woods, June 15; Locust
Grove, November 37; also at Coal Harbor, Peters-
burgh and Bermuda Hundred; on the 6th of July,
1864, he came to the Shenandoah Valley; 9th of
July, was in the battle of Monocacy; at the battle
of Opequan, September 19, 1864; battle of Fisher's
Hill, and at Cedar Creek, October 19, and was
honorably discharged at Chester Hospital, Penn.
February 11, 1869, Mr. Ilgenfritz married Eliza
Boyer, daughter of Jonas and Huldah (Kline)
Boyer, of Newberry Township. Seven children
have blessed this marriage : Annie, Katie (deceased).
Ellen, Martha, Elmer, Nettie and Harry. Mr.
Ilgenfritz is a member of Post 37, G. A. R. of
York, Penn. He has charge of the first toll gate on
the Baltimore pike.

BENJAMIN KISSINGER is engaged exten-
sively in brick-making in Spring Garden Township,
adjoining the limits of York Borough. He is a de-
scendant of two old families of the county. The
Kissingers began the manufacture of brick in York

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