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County, over 100 years ago, the business being
started by the grandfather and subsequently con-
tinued by the father of our subject. They were
among the first to engage in this business in the
county, and were residents of Spring Garden
Township, where Benjamin was born in 1833. He
is a son of William and Rosanna(Swarlz) Kissinger,
who were natives of this township. At the age of
fourteen, Benjamin began learning the brick- mak-
ing business, and has devoted his time and energies
to that occupation up to the present time. He
operates from ten to fifteen men during the season,
has superior resources and produces goods second to
none. Mr. Kissinger is also successfully engaged in
the coal business under the firm name of Kissinger
& Keller. April 15, 1853, he married Miss Caroline
Adams. By this union eight children have been
born: Louisa, Belle, Emma J., John F., Savilla,
Howard A.. Stewart H. and Carrie S. Mr. and Mrs.
Kissinger are members of Christs' Lutheran
Church, of which he is an elder. Mr. Kissinger is
a member of the order of Red Men, No. 37 of
York County. ^

FREDERICK KLEFFMAN is a native of Ger-
many, born March 29. 1833. His parents. Christian
and Mary Kleffman, were also natives of Germany.
His father followed the trade of carpenter. When
nineteen years of age, Frederick immigrated to
America in 1853, and for four years was variously
employed. By industry and economy he saved
$300, with which he embarked in his present busi-

ness — brick-making and lime-burning. By close
application to business he has succeeded in building
up an independent trade. His works are situated
in East York. In the fall of 1856 he was married
to Miss Charlotte, daughter of William H. Hite-
comp. This marriage has been blessed with eight
children— five now living: Frederick. Mary, Emma,
Lizzie and Nettie. Mr. and Mr. Kleffman are mem-
bers of St. John's Reformed Church. He served as
one of the trustees of that denomination over two

GOTTLIEB KLEFMANN is a native of Ger-
many, born December 13. 1835, and is the son of
Christian and Mary (Stallman) Klefmann. He
worked upon a farm in his- native country until he
was eighteen years of age, when he immigrated to
America and came to York County, where he en-'
gaged in lime-burning, farming, etc., until 1870,
when he began the brick-making business. Mr
Klefmann has succeeded in establishing a large and
lucrative business. His brick-yard is sittiated just
outside of York Borough. April 7, 1859, he was
married to Miss Louisa Spangler, daughter of Har-
mon Spangler. Her parents were natives of Ger-
many. Mr. and Mrs. K. have had nine children-
two now living: John E. and Edward H. They are
members of the United Brethren Church.

JOHN LEFEVER was born in November,
1819, upon the old homestead farm, in Spring Gar-
den Township. This farm was purchased by his
grandfather Jacob. Upon this farm our subject
has resided since his birth, with the exception of
fourteen years that he spent upon the old Daniel
Loucks' farm, in Spring Garden Township. The
house upon the old homestead farm, where he now
resides, is about one hundred and seven years old.
Mr. Lefever was married, in 1843, to Miss Catherine
Rhinehart. daughter of John Rhinehart, of York
County, Penn. Nine children have blessed this
union: Phares. Lizzie, Susan, John, William.
George, Daniel, Agnes and Kate. Mr. Lefever has
been for many years an active member of the Ger-
man Reformed Church.

PETER LINT is a representative of two old
families, who were among the earliest settlers of
York County. His grandfather, Peter Lint, came
from one of the Carolinas to York County, Penn.,
at an early day, and settled in West Manchester
Township, where the father of our subject, Peter
Lint, was a farmer, and resided until his death.
Our subject is the eldest of a family of three chil-
dren, and was born in 1836. He was reared a
farmer, and to farming together with fruit culture
he has devoted the energies of his life. In 1850 he
became a resident of Spring Garden Township,
where he has lived ever since. Mr. Lint is the
possessor of 140 acres of finely improved land, and
devotes much care and attention to fruit culture
with gratifying results. In 1852 he married Miss
Leah Eyster, of Paradise Township, whose parents
were old settlers of the county. She died in 1864.
Five children were born to them: Peter F., George
E. and Christopher C. (now in the West). .lennie
E. and Christianna E. Mr. Lint is a member of
Mt. Zion Lutheran Church.

ALBERT LOUCKS was born October 31, 18.50,
in Frystown, Penn. His father. Daniel Loucks, de-
ceased) was born in Berks County, Penn., and came
with his parents to York County when nine years
old, where he became a successful farmer and re-
sided until he died. He was twice married; first in
1834, to Miss Margaret Diehl, daughter of Nicholas
Diehl, of York County. Tour children blessed this
union: Elizabeth. Anna M., Susan and Rebecca.
His second marriage was, October 20, 1837, to Miss
Elizabeth Diehl, a daughter of Jacob Diehl. By
this union, seven children were born: Sarah,
George, Amanda, William H., Alexander N., Eliza



A. and Albert. Our subject has retired from farm-
ing and is a resident of Frystown. He owns a
good farm of 105 acres, in tlie township, which is
tilled by a tenant. Mr. iLoucks was mamed, Octo-
ber 16, 1877, to Miss Anna J. Miller, a daughter of i
Jacob Miller, of Shrewsbury. They have had four
children: Arthur C, Albert D., Edwin M. and
Clair M. Mr. Loucks' religious faith is the Trinity

REUBEN F. MINNICH. youngest son of
Simon and Lena (Geiskman) Minnich, was born in
April, 1824. at the homestead in Spring Garden
Township, which homestead has been in the pos-
session of the Minnich family over 135 years. The
children born to the parents of our subject were;
George (deceased), Henrietta (deceased), Simon (de-
ceased), Lena, Susan and Reuben F. Our subject
was reared to farm life on the home farm, which
was purchased by his grandfather about 1750, from
Michael Kurtz. The old stone house on the place
was built in 1733, by Michael Kurtz. November
25. 1851, Mr. Minnich married Elizabeth, daughter
of Zacharias Spangler, of Jackson Township, and
to this union were born the following children:
Edwin, Emma J., Agnes (deceased), Leander, Ezra,
Priscilla (deceased), Simon (deceased), and Flora

B. and Rosella (twins). Mr. Minnich is owner of
three good farms, and is a prosperous agriculturist.

JOHN MYERS was born March 18, 1807, a son
of Jacob and Elizabeth (Cookes) Myers, the former
a native of Lancaster County, the latter of York
County, Penn. Jacob Myers died at the age of
sixty-six years. He had two children, Rebecca and
John. Our subject has always followed farming,
but now has retired from active life. The home-
stead where he resides comprises 125 acres of land,
well improved. He also owns a farm of eighty-five
acres in York Township, and one of 105 acres in
Spring Garden Township, both well improved. His
farms are worked by tenants. Mr. Myers was mar- ;
rled, September 6, 1826, to Miss Leah Laucks,
daughter of Casper Laucks, and by this union they i
had seven children. Mr. Myers lost his wife and
four children within three months, his wife dying t
in 1862. He is a member of the Lutheran Church.

JAMES PEELING was born in this county. May
1,1830. His grandfather emigrated from Ireland to
America before the Revolutionary war, in which he
served seven years, during which time he was once
taken prisoner by the Hessians, but soon after ex-
changed. He died, aged eighty-six years, leaving
seven children: James, John, Robert, Mary, Betsey,
lasac and Thomas. The parents of our subject were
James and Ellen (Parker) Peeling, both natives of i
Lancaster County, Penn. They had thirteen chil-
dren, nine of whom are living, and all natives of
Yorli County, Penn.: John, Eliza, James, Mary,
Harriet, Josiah, Rebecca, Lucinda and Joshua. James I
Peeling, our subject, who owns a farm of 188 acres
located in West Manchester and Conewago Town-
ships, which is under good cultivation and finely
improved with buildings, also a well-improved farm
of eighty-five acres in York Township, and he re-
sides upon the homestead in Spnng Garden Town- j
ship. He has his land tenanted, but exercises gen-
eral supervision. He was elected sheriff of York
in 1877, and served until 1880. While a resident of
York Township he filled several minor offices. In j
1840 Mr. Peeling was married to Miss Mary luerst,
of York Township. They have had eight children,
seven of whom are now living: Sarah Krebs, Eliza
McDowell, Ellen Cameron, Isabella Egie, Mary
Garrity, James (married to Jane Dick) and Rebecca.
Upon the death of his first wife, Mr. Peeling mar-
ried Miss Dorcas A. Leib, in 1863. Of their chil-
dren, seven are now living: Lucinda, Joshua,
Alpharetta, Ida, Martha, Horace and Henry L.

ABRAHAM PFEIFFER (deceased) was a na-

tive of Bavaria, Germany, and came to this country
in 1853. After a year's residence in Baltimore he
came to York, lived in Queen Street, and then re-
moved to the home where his widow now resides on
the Baltimore pike. Mr. Pfeiflfer married Elizabeth,
daughter of Michael and Sarah (Rost) Ruppecht, of
Bavaria. Three children were born to them:
Charles A., John F. and William H. Mr. Pfeiffer
engaged in the brewing business, and built his
brewery in 1860, selling to York and surrounding
towns. He died about two years ago. His widow
is still carrying on the business. John P. learned
his trade of carpenter with Jacob Sechrist, of York.
Having served his time he still works for Mr.
Sechrist. Charles A. learned his trade, machinist,
with George F. Baugher, and is still in the employ
of Baugher, Kurtz & Stewart, successors to George
F. Baugher. The youngest brother, William H.,
has divided his time between attending school in
this township and assisting his mother in tlje busi-
ness at home. Mrs. Pfeiffer has good reason to be
proud of her sons, as they are steady, industrious
young men.

ISAAC RUNK was born December 3, 1839, and
is a son of John and Lydia Runk. He embarked
in business at Frystown, in 1354, and has continued
there up to the present time. He carries a well
selected line of dry goods and groceries, and has
established a good business. Mr. Runk is one of
the prominent citizens of the township, and is the
present auditor. He is a member of the Spring
Garden Relief Association. In January, 1855, he
married Miss Eliza Fry, daughter of George and
Mary (Spangler) Fry. By this union there were
born five children: Emma F., deceased, Adda L.,
Mary A., Irena A. and Cora A.

32, 1818, and is the son of John Frederick and Mary
C. (Gross) Schaszberger. Mr. Schaszberger is by
trade a wheelwright, and a resident of Bast York.
He owns a tract of six acres of fine land in Spring
Garden Township, and three fine dwelling houses at
Frystown. He ha^ served as school director several
years. He was married, September 10, 1840, to Miss
Ruth A. Armour, of Carlisle, Penn. They have
been blessed with seven children, four of whom are
living: Edward F., who married Amanda Myers;
Louisa A., wife of Francis W. Armor; LevenaS.,
and Katie S., wife of Russell Hollebaugh. The
family are of the Lutheran Church.

GEORGE W. SCHEFFER is a native of Spring
Garden Township, born at Frystown, March 4,
1848. He learned the milling business when young,
and followed it in York County for fifteen years.
He next engaged in the dry goods and grocery
business at Frystown, where he is at present located.
Mr. Shefier was appointed postmaster at Frystown,
July 1, 1882, which office is known at present as
East York. He has always been prominent in re-
ligious and local affairs, and has been warden of the
St. Mark's Lutheran Church, of which he is a mem-
ber. He is at present president of the Spring Gar-
den Relief Association, and a trustee of the Good-
will Fire Company, of East York. September 7,
1862, he married Miss Anna Wallick, of York

URIAH S. SHAEFFER, youngest of five chil-
dren of John and Christianna (Leibenstein) Shaeffer,
was born September 10, 1834, in York 'Township.
He went to his trade (miller) in 1843, at the mill
now owned by Frank Deitz, on the Baltimore pike,
about four rniles from York. August 29, 1852, he
married Margaret C. Shank, daughter of John and
Mary (Busser) Shank, of Spring Garden Township.
This marriage was blessed with five children: Mary
Ann, Barbara E., John C. (deceased), William
Henry and George Latimer. Mr. Shaeffer was in the
employ of P. A. &S. Small, for twenty -seven years,



twenty-six years at the Spring Garden Mill. Mr,
ShaefEer's giandfatlier, John Jacob ShaefEer, was
born December 23, 1761. January 4, 1785, married
Dorathy Walter. She was born September 20, 1761.
Their son (subject's father) John ShaefEer, was born
July 13, 1786, and died October 2, 1835, aged forty-
nine years, two months, nine days. His wife,
Christianna ShaefEer, was born in York Township.
September 1, 1790, and died August 1, 1880, aged
eighty-nine years and eleven months.

JACOB B. SHANK, son of John and Mary A.
(Buser) Shank, was born in Spring Garden- Town-
ship, June 3, 1832. He learned his trade (miller) at
Philip ShaefEer's, Glen Rock. He then went to
Loucks' in 1856, and has been at this mill ever since,
having charge of it for P. A. & S. Small. Decem-
ber 4, 1859, Mr. Shank married Mary A. Landis,
daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Klinefelter)
Landis. Two children were born to them: Agnes
A. and Henrj' J. (deceased). Our subject's grand-
father was George Shank. His grandmother was
Margaret Brown. Mr. Shank says his great-grand-
mother cooked for the soldiers in the war of the
Revolution during their stay in York, and that his
great-grandfather was a soldier in that war. Mr.
Shank is a member of the Moravian Church.

WILLIAM H. SHEFFER, is a son of Uriah S.
ShefEer, of York County, Penn., and was born April
5, 1858, in Spring Garden Township. His father was
a miller by trade, and our subject learned the busi-
ness under his instruction. William H. assisted his
father in conducting the Spring Garden Mills for
several years, and assumed the management of P.
A. & S. Small's mill in Spring Garden Township,
in 1884. He thoroughly understands his business,
and is doing a large amount of work. Mr. ShefEer
was married, March 4, 1884, to Miss Mary Stacks,
daughter of Abraham Stacks, of York County.
March 29, 1885, Mr. ShefEer's name was entered on
the record of the Moravian Church of York, Rev.
E. W. Shields, pastor.

March 30, 1832, a son of Michael and Lydia (Strick-
ler) Shellenberger. His great-grandfather emigrated
from Germany and settled in Berks County, Penn.
There the grandfather of our subject was born. He
subsequently settled in Hellam Township, and was
the father hi sixteen children. Samuel D. is the
seventh of a familv of eleven children: John (de-
ceased), Michael, Elizabeth, John. Jacob, Lydia S.,
Samuel D., Ulrich, Benjamin S., David and Sarah.
He was married to Miss Sarah J. Gallatin, January
18, 18.57; she is the daughter of Albert Gallatin, of
York Township. This union has been blessed with
eight children: Laura J. Snyder, Samuel D. Jr., Rob-
ert L., Jacob M., John A., James B., Joseph and
Sarah L. (deceased). Mr Shellenberger first followed
the tinner's trade, but is now manufacturing cigars.
He has a fine residence, located in the village of
Green Hill, where he has ten acres of land, upon
which he has erected fifteen fine dwellings. The
family are members of the Evangelical Churcli.

HENRY SLEEGERwas born m York, Penn.,
December, 6, 1834. In 1844 he was apprenticed to
the cabinet-maker's trade, with Samuel Fahs, and
after serving three years, and becoming a skilled
mechanic, engaged in business for himself, estab-
lishing a cabinet shop at Frystown, in 1848. This,
together with, the undertaking business, Mr. Slee-
ger has continued up to the present time, having
succeeded in establishing a successful business. Mr.
Sleeger has taken an active part in all township
afEairs, has served as school director of Spring Gar-
den, for six years, and is amember of the Township
Relief Association. He is a member of the I. O. O.
F., and of the Christ's Lutheran Church. Mr.
Sleeger was married in December, 1853, to Miss
Anna Myers, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth

Myers, of York. They have had ten children, two of
whom are dead, and four boys and four girls are

JOSEPH SLENKER was born February 4, 1830,
and is a son of Joseph and Catherine CTschorp)
Slenker, natives of York County, Penn. His grand-
parents, Martin and Franey (Leahmy) Slenker,
were natives of Windsor Township, and parents of
four children, the father of our subject being the
only son. Joseph, our subject, is tlie second child
in a family of six boys and two girls, all of whom
are natives of Windsor Township; Lydia, Joseph,
Martin, Henry, John, Rebecca, Jacob and Isaac.
Joseph followed farming nineteen years,and worked
at the carpenter trade about the same length of time.
He is now engaged in the ice business. He has served
in various township offices. Mr. Slenker was twice
married; his first marriage was in October, 18.53, to
Miss Caroline Seachrist, a daughter of Henry Sea-
christ, of York Township. She died February 6,
1880. They have had fifteen children, of whom eleven
are living: Emellne Keesey, Benjamin P., Reuben
H., Rebecca J. Richcreek, Moses, Lydia A. Seitz,
Anna M. Sweitzer, David, Ida E.. John W., Charles
A. October 9, 1882, Mr. Slenker was married to his
second wife. Miss Carrie Erving. daughter of Henry
Erving, of Conewago Township, York County,

HENRY SMYSER is a native of York County,
Penn., born in 1813, and is a son of Michael and
Mary (Wolf) Smyser, natives of York County, Penn.
His father was a farmer and tavern-keeper. Henry
was reared on a farm, and, in 1845, came to Spring

! Garden Township, locating on the farm where he
now resides. The homestead contains 170 acres,
finely located on the banks of the Codorus, and he
also owns 300 acres in Manchester Township, and
another farm of 100 acres in Spring Garden Town-

j ship. Mr. Smyser has retired from active life, and
his sons now manage his farms. An iron mine,

' which has produced a large amount of ore, was
opened on the old farm, and is operated by P. A. &

' S. Small. Mr. Smyser was married, in 1844, to Miss
Mary Emig, native of York County. Penn. By this

j union they have been blessed with five children:
Michael, now workingthe farm in Manchester Town-

j ship; Horace, now w^orking the home farm; Alex-
ander, in Kansas; Jacob, deceased, and Amanda
Flora, living in Lancaster County, Penn. Mr.
Smyser is a member of the Lutheran Church, and
his wife is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

24, 1857. His father. Rev. Frederick Stauffer, was
a minister in the Mennonite Church, and bishop of

I the diocese of York County, Penn. He was a resi-
dent of Windsor Township at the time of his death.

j Our subject was a school teacher from 1876 to

I 1883. when he assumed the management of the
Plank Road Mills, two miles east of'York, which he

I is still successfully conducting. Mr. Stauffer was
married to Miss Mollie M. Dosch, daughter of .John
C. and Charlotte Dosch. old settlers of York County.
To this union have been born two children: Guy

i Carlton and Blanche Estella.

I WILLIAM A. TOMES was born July 7, 1829.

I son of Peter and Sarah (Keesey) Tomes, who were
the parents of eight children: John, William A.,

I Peter, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Marcellus and Ara-

j bella. His grandfather emigrated from Germany and

I settled at Cornwall Furnace, afterward moving to
Colebrook Furnace, Penn. He had six children:
Peter, William, John, Elizabeth, Charlotte and
Henrietta. Mr. Tomes is superintendent of the

i York Variety Iron Works. This establishment is the
most widely known of its kind in this country, and
sends its productions to many foreign countries, as
well as throughout America. This house supplied
tal work for the great New York and




Brooklyn Bridge, and the Market Street Bridge,
PUiladelpliia, besides many other important struct-
ures throughout the country. They make a spe-
cialty of statuary. Mr. Tomes was married, Novem-
ber 20, 1851, to Miss Mary A. Cook, daughter of
Frederick B. and Harriet C. Cook. By this
union they have been blessed with ten children:
Charles C Henry A., Francis, Camelia, Edward,
Peter, Albert, William, Clara and Mary E. He
-was drafted in 1863, but procured a substitute for
^300. He has a fine three-story brick house and a
lot in East York, Penn.

JACOB WEIDMAN was born September 2,
1830. The anceitry of Mr. Weidman can be traced
back to Martin Weidman, who emigrated from
Germany to America in 1733. He received a patent
from William Penn for 385 acres of land in Lan-
caster County, where he was one of the pioneer
settlers. He had two sons, Christopher and Jacob,
and one daughter. Jacob was married to Barbara
Hoover, and bore him ten children: George, Chris-
topher, Martin, John, Jacob, Samuel. Peter, Cather-
ine Sees, Elizabeth Yundt, Susanna Elser, and
Barbara Zeigler. His great-grandfather, Elias
Myers, on mother's side, came from Lancaster
County, Penn., about 1770, and purchased 400 acres
ot land, principally woodland, in what was then
Hellam, now Spring Garden Township. Subject's
grandfather, John Weidman, was born and died in
Lancaster County, Penn. The father, Michael Weid-
man. was a native of Lancaster County. He mar-
ried Miss Rebecca Myers, daughter of Jacob Myers,
and settled in Spring Garden Township in 1829,
upon the same tract of land now owned by subject.
Their union was blessed by two children: Jacob
and Mary E., now the wife of John F. Hiestand
of Spring Garden. The father died in Januarjr,
1880, aged eighty years. The mother died in April,
1878, aged seventy-three years. Jacob Weidman
has always resided in Spring Garden Township,
following farming. He has a fine farm of 100 acres
about three miles east of York, highly improved.
He was married, February 18, 1858, to Miss Mar-
garet Heilman, of West Manchester Township.
They have nine children living: Mahala Gross,
Isabella Kinard, Eva E., Emma M., Michael, Ida
J., George, Harry A. and John J. The family are
members of the Lutheran Church.

PHILIP WILLIAMS is a son of Philip and
Elizabeth (Crone) Williams, natives respectively of
Hellam and Manchester Townships, York County.
His father was a cooper, shoe-maker, and farmer, |
and died in 1877, aged eighty-nine years. Oursubject
was born November 27, 1816. and for forty-four years
has been following agricultural pursuits. He is
the owner of two excellent farms, one situated in
Hellam Township, consisting of 131 acres, and one I
of thirty-five acres in Spring Garden Township, j
He also owns a tract of land, consisting of ten
acres in Pieasureville. He was married, January 9,
1840, to Miss Magdalen Smyser, daughter of Chris- \
tian Sm3'ser, of Manchester Township. Mrs. Will-
iams was born August 1, 1814. The have had five
children; Anna M. and Susan (deceased), George
H., Clara A. and Leah A. !

DAVID WITMER, pastor of the Witmer Church, j
of Spring Garden Township, is a native of Spring l
Garden, and was born December 16, 1811. He is |
the son of David and Magdalena Witmer, natives
of Lancaster County, Penn. His father was for
many years a minister of the Mennonite denomina-
tion. The Witmer Church, built in 1816, of which I
our subject is the present pastor, was named after j
him. Our subject followed farming on the old
homestead until iifty years of age, when he entered
the ministry. Mr. Witmer was married, January
39, 1837, to Miss Anna, daughter of John and j
Esther Koffman, of Lancaster County, Penn. This '

union has been blessed with two children: Magda-
lena and Susan. Mr. Witmer is an earnest and
zealous pastor.

JESSE WORKINGER, sheriff of York County,
was born October 15, 1820. His parents, Peter and
Sarah (Schall) Workinger, of Manheim Township,
had seven children: John, Margaret, David, Eliza-
beth, Jesse, William and Jacob. Mr. Workinger
was reared upon a farm, and has been prominently
engaged at this calling until his election as sheriff.
He owns a farm of 135 acres of improved land in
Chanceford Township, and sixteen acres, upon
which there is a hotel and other extensive build-

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