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dorff is a member of the Lutheran Church, and Mrs.
D. of the Reformed Church.

JOHN GOCHNAUER, native of Washington
Township, was born July 13, 1825, and is a son of '


Joseph and Sarali (Leathery) Goohnauer, natives of
Dover Townsliip. His paternal grandfather was a
native of Germany, and died in Washington Town-
ship about 1839, aged about eighty years, the owner
of five farms, two in Dover and three in Washing-
ton Township. He had served in the war of the
Revolution. Subject's maternal grandfather was a
farmer of Dover Township. Subject's father was a
farmer and owner of 150 acres in Washington Town-
ship, and thirty-one acres in Adams County. He
died in 1877, at seventy-five years of age, the father !
of five children. At the age of twenty-seven, sub-
ject left the home farm, and for three years man- '
aged a farm for his father. He then bought the
homestead of 147 acres, and in 1867 bought his
present homestead of 230 acres. He now owns
three farms in this township, aggregating 527 acres,
beside two tracts — ninety-six and thirty-one acres —
in Adams County. In 1852 he married Elvina. daugh-
ter of John Spangler, of Warrington Township,
and has had born to him seven children, viz.: Susan
(Bosseman), Daniel, Elmira, Sarah J., Joseph,
Charles and Jesse. Mr. and Mrs. Gochnauer are
members of the Evangelical Church.

GEORGE B. KRALL was born in Washington
Township, March 30, 1837, is the eldest of the six
children of Jesse and Maria (Brubaker) Krall, and
is of German descent through his great-grandfather.
Subject's father was born in 1810, was a farmer,
millwright and merchant at Kralltown for many
years. He now resides on his farm of 100 acres iii
Washington Township, and owns, beside several
smaller tracts of land, the saw and grist-mill, where
our su'oject is engaged. At the age of fifteen, sub-
ject apprenticed himself for five years to learn the
millwright's trade with his father; then foUoived
the trade for himself until his enlistment, August
8, 1862, in the One Hundred and Thirtieth Penn-
sylvania Volunteers, Company B. He was in the
engagements at South Mountain, Antietam and
Chancellorsville, and returned home at the end of
ten months. He followed his trade until September,
1863, when he enlisted for three years, or the war,
in Company C, Seventy-ninth Volunteers, and took
part in the battle of Raleigh, N. C. He was honor-
ably discharged July 12, 18(55. Thereafter he engaged
in his trade in Maryland until 1879. In 18o9 he
married Sarah J., daughter of Henry B. Smith, of
York County, and to this union were born fourchil-
dren: Ellis C. Jessie F.' (both deceased), Gertrude
and Grace. In 1872, Mrs. Krall died, and in 1877
Mr. Krall married Delia B., daughter of George
Ford, and a native of Delaware. In 1879 Mr. K.
moved from Maryland to Carlisle, Penn., then to
Loudon, Franklin County, and in the spring of 1884
settled down in this township.

SAMUEL Mccreary, a native of Franklin
Township, York County, was horn October 19. 1819,
and is a son of John and Julia (Lease) McCreary.
The great-great-grandfather, John McCreary, was a
native of Scotland, a member of the high church of
England, was married to Miss Edwards.of England,
and a settler of Lancaster County, this State. The
great-grandfather, Thomas McCreary, was born in
Lancaster County, and married Miss Elizabeth
Bowen, a native of Wales, and a member of the
Society of Friends. He afterward joined the same
church, and settled early in York County near Han-
over, and was extensively engaged in farming, both
in this and Adams Counties. The grandfather
(Thomas also) was born in 1754. in this county, was
a merchant and hotel keeper and captain of the
State militia, and afterward major, and was married
to Miss Mary Garretson, of this countj'. The father
of our subject was born in Washington Township,
thiscountv, Novembers, 1791, and died in December,
1822. Subject's mother died September 23, 1881, in
her eighty-fifth year. Samuel McCreary left the

home farm at the age of sixteen, worked in a brick
yard; he next served an appenticeship of two years
at tailoring; from 1842-48 carried on brick-making
in the summer and taught school in the winter; in
1849 began farming in connection with brick-mak-
ing. He is the owner of a farm in Washington
Township, and two tracts of woodland, one situated
in Franklin and the other in Warrington Township.
In 1848 he married Harriet A. Blackford, daughter
of Aaron G. Blackford, who was born November
24, 1827. To this union have been born seven chil-
dren: Julian Ruhl, Aaron B. (deceased), John L.,
Elizabeth J. T. Baker, Samuel L. (deceased), Katie
R. and S. U. G. McCreary. Our subject, his wife
and sister, Julia A. (who was born December 22, 1821),
together with two of his children, Katie R. and S.U.
G., constitute the family at the homestead, and all but
three belong to the United Brethren Church.

17, 1825, in Dover Township, and is the son of Will-
iam and Catherine (Hoover) Schweitzer, also na-
tives of Dover Township. His grandfather, George
Schweitzer, came from Switzerland in 1784, and it
was he who introduced the Swiss or bank barn into
this country. He died in 1854, aged ninety-six years
and six months. Our subject's father was born in
1800, and now resides in Ohio, to which State he
removed many years ago. At the age of twenty-one
our subject left the home farm, and engaged in
carpentering, which he followed seven summers,
teaching school in the winters. In 1864 he began
farming in Franklin Township, remaining four years
In 1872 he was elected county recorder on the
Democratic ticket and served three years and one
month. In 1878 he settled on his present farm of
thirty acres in this township. In 1864 he married
Miss Nancy, daughter of Jacob Arndt, of Codorus
Township, and to this union have been born seven
children: Mary, Emma C, Lydia A,, William A.,
Lillie M., Ida (deceased) and Jacob O. (deceased).

LEWIS STRAYER, a native of Dover Town-
ship, and son of Andrew and Catherine (ShefEer)
Strayer, was born August 5, 1827. His father was
born in 1780, was a farmer and carpenter and died
in 1856; the mother died in 1875, aged ninety-three.
Our subject left the home farm at the age of six-
teen, and served an apprenticeship of two years at
shoe-making, which trade he followed in Dover and
Warrington Townships fifteen years. In 1859 he
began farming in Warrington, four years later
moved to Dover Township, and after one year re-
turned to Warrington. In 1873 he came to Wash-
ington Township, where he is engaged in farming
and operating a chopping-mill, woolen and saw-mill.
In 1870 he was elected county commissioner by the
Democrats for three years. He was married, in
1847, to Miss Catherine, daughter of Peter Kapp, of
Warrington Township. There have been born to
this union eleven children, viz.: William, Emilia
Kinter, George, Andrew, Peter, Henry, Martin,
Sevilla, Katie, Mary and John C. Mr. and Mrs.
Strayer are members of the Lutheran Church.

A. K. STRALEY was born in Dover Township,
December 8, 1856, and is the younger of two chil-
dren born to John and Mary A. (Kimmel) Straley.
His grandfather, Philip Straley, was born In Dover
Township, in 1793, and died in this township, Oc-
tober 15, 1878; he married Rebecca Bassen, who
was born in York County in 1797, and who died
November 25, 1863. Grandfather David Kimmel,
was a native of Washington Township, and mar-
ried Elizabeth Gentzler, a native of Codorus
Township. Our subject's father was born in 1823,
and was a farmer, a teacher, a hotel keeper and a
merchant, and died in 1882, being at that time post-
master, a position he had held since 1870. Our sub-
ject, Andrew J. Straley, remained on the home farm
until twelve years old, from which time until 1880


he assisted his father in the store, then became his
partner, and is now his successor in business, and is
doing a prosperous trade. In 1882 he was appointed
postmaster at Hall.


JACOB ALDINGER was bora February 83,
1833. and is a son of Frederick and Elizabeth
(Myers), late of Sprinfield Township, formerly of
Heidelberg Township. Subject's great-grandfather,
Matthias Aldinger, who died in Germany, was of
royal descent. On account of the persecutions of
the family by Napoleon, the grandfather of our
subject, after being driven up and down the Rhine
from 1814 to 1817, succeeded in making his escape
to America. He was the father of seven children:
Margaret, Barbara, Frederick, Frederica, Elizabeth,
Christiana and Louisa, all natives of Germany.
The fatlier of our subject had born to him eight
children: John, Emanuel, Jacob, William. Daniel
(deceased), Barbara, Matthias and Abraham. Our
subject, a minister of the Old German Baptist
Church, commonly called the Dunkard, was mar-
ried, October 29, 1854, to Elizabeth, daughter of
John and Lydia Sprenkle, of West Manchester
Township, and to tiiis union have been born three
children: Samuel, Annie and Lydia. Mr. Aldinger
is the owner of a flue farm of 317 acres in West
Manchester, improved with two fine dwellings, a
large bank barn and other out-buildings, also a tract
of 'thirty-one acres in North Codoriis Township,
and also five acres in building lots at Brillhart's
Station, in York Township. Mr. Aldinger has
served York Township several years as school

J. L. BAER, Baer's Station, is a son of John H.
and Malinda (Lau) Baer, of West Manchester
Township, and was born February 20, 1834, in
West Manchester Township. He was reared on
his father's farm, and his time was divided between
farm work and attending the public schools of the
township. He also went several terms to Prof.
Ruby's York County Academy. November 10,
1878, he married Martha J. Sprenkle. daughter of
Peter and Matilda Sprenkle, of West Manchester
Township. Two children have been born to this
marriage: Katie and Erwin. He began general mer-
chandising at his present location (Baer's Station, of
Frederick Division of Pennsylvania Railroad).
March 1, 1879. He is thoroughly familiar with its
details, and well calculated for the business in
which he is engaged. Mr, Baer's great-grandfa-
ther, David Baer, was born April 11, 1780; died
October 16, 1831. His great-grandmother, Maria
Baer, was born June 20'^ 1773; died November 4,
1868. They lived on the same homestead on which
his father now lives. His grandfather was born
October 37, 1805: died June 10, 1845. He lived in
the conjugal state seventeen years, and begat two
sons and four daughters. His wife, Mary, was born
February 14, 1800; died July 10, 1849. His father,
John H. Baer, was born February 4, 1833; married
O, Malinda Lau (born February 8, 1833) the 12th
of IVIay, 1853. He is the father of nine children —
three sons and six daughters: J. L. Baer (born Feb-
ruary 20, 18.54), Ros I Ellen (September 28. 1855),
Kate (October 30, 18.58), Clara Ann (September 26,
1860), George L, (May 19, 1863), Ida V. (April 17,
1864), Annie (September 2, 1865), Lillie May (Janu-
ary 15, 1867), Harvey L,, (April 3, 1870). George L.
died September 13, 1863; Lillie May, July 22, 1868;
Annie, December 28, 1870.

PETER BOTT, Sk., was born August 31, 1801,
and is the son of Peter and Elizabeth (Zeigler)
Bott. The grandfather of our subject, John Bott,
of Germany, was father of foiu' children: Eve,
.Elizabeth and Peter, all born in West Man-
Township. Our suljject's father, Peter Bott,
had born to him nine children: Jacob, Peter, John,
Adam, William, Henry, Mary, Eliza and Mary. The
father of Mrs. Peter (Zeigler) Bott was Killian Zeig-
ler, a native of Germany, who came when young to
West Manchester Township. Peter Bott, our sub-
ject, was married November 9, 1836, to Miss Eliza-
beth, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Smyser, of
this township, and to him have been born ten chil-
dren, viz.: Michael (married to Louisa, daughter of
George Julius), Louisa (wife of Samuel Menough)^
Sarah (wife of Peter Yost), Eliza A. (wife of WiU-
iam Smyser); Caroline (wife of John Smyser), Will-
iam H. (married to Lucy Hoke), Anna M. (wife of
Joseph Martin), Peter J. (married to Sarah Hoke),
Alice A. (wife of Dallas Julius) and Edward C.
Our ^l>ject, at the age of eighty-four, is leading a
retired life on his homestead of ten acres. The

Elizabeth (Smyser) Bott. natives of West Manches-
ter Township, and was born January 23. 1841. He
was married, December 9, 1871, to Miss Lucy,
daughter of Michael Hoke, of old Manchester
Township, and has had born to him four children;
Flora K, Harvey H. (deceased), Minnie M., Lucy
E, and William E. Mr. Bott is an agriculturist,
and the owner of three farms, to-wit: his homestead
of 333 acres, improved with fine buildings and
extra large bank barn; another of 136 acres, well
improved and cultivated, and a third in North Cod-
orus Township, also well improved with first class;
buildings and very productive. Mr. Bolt was
drafted in the first draft of the late war, but paid
■1350 for a substitute; he afterward enlisted in Com-
pany B, Seventy-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers,
and served to the end of the war. Mr. Bott is a
member of the Lutheran Church, and his family of
the German Reformed.

ABRAHAM GEN^TZLER, farmer, son of Jesse
and Eliza (Zorbach) Gi-ntzler,eldest of nine children,
was born November, 1836, in North Codorus Town-
ship; he was reared on a farm and has always fol-
lowed farming. October, 1859, he married Sarah
Josephs, dati^hter of Henry Josephs, of Paradise
Township. Seven children have blessed this union :
Charles A., John H. (deceased), Katie (deceased),
Henry F., Milton, infant (deceased) and Martin,
Our subject's grandfather, Conrad Gentzler, was a
native of York County and always lived in North
Codorus Townsliip, so that the Gentzler family is
one of the oldest families in York County. "The
subject of this sketch is an industrious, progressive
farmer; he has a thorough knowledge of farming
and has farmed for the Hokes for the past eighteen

JACOB F. GLATFELTER, farmer, son of
Charles and Louisa (Fishel) Glatfelter, of Spring
Garden Township, was born August 33, 1835, in
Spring Garden Township, where he was reared on
his father's farm; he always followed farming.
January 23, 1859, Mr. Glatfelter married Margaret
Hyde, who bore him four children: infant (de-
ceased), Charles H., Clara E. and Willie J. Mar-
garet (Hyde) Glatfelter was the daughter of Joshin
and Lydia (Wire) Hyde, of West Manchester Town-
ship. Fel)ruary 5, 1884, our subject married Maria
Hamme, daughter of Frederick and Margaret
(Gentzler) Hamme, of Manchester Township. Mr.
Glatfelter is the owner of an excellent farm of 121
acres, about five miles from York, in Manchester
Township. He has lived on this farm since 18.59.

ADAM H. HAMME, son of Jonas and Catherine

2 00


(Eisenhart) Hamme, of West Manchester Township,
was born December 3, 1833. in Dover Township on
the old homestead farm, where his brother, John H.
Hamme. now lives; as a boy his time was divided
between school and farm work. October 25, 1860,
he married Mary Ann Ketterman, daughter of
George and Anna Mary (Bush) Ketterman, of North
Codorus Township. This union has been blessed
with four children: Alice M., Catherine J., Mary
E. and John H. Jonas Hamme, our subject's
father, died in his seventy-third year; his -widow is ,
still living. Christian Hamme, our subject's grand-
father, was one of the first settlers of Dover Town-
ship, having taken up the land and getting a
patent deed for his farm. Our subject is a progres-
sive, wide-awake farmer, and is the owner of one of
the finest farms in the neighborhood.

HERMAN HOKE was born October 9, 1811, and
is the son of John and Catherine (Harman) Hoke,
natives respectively of Adams County and West <
Manchester Township, York County. Subject's
paternal grandfather, Conrad Hoke, was a native
of York County, was a farmer and the father of
three chiUlien; Jacob, Conrad and John. The
grandfather of Mrs. Hoke was a native of Germany.
Herman Hoke, our subject, is the eldest of three
children born to his parents, viz. : Herman, Eman-
uel and John. September 19, 1832, our subject
married Elizabeth Free, daughter of Peter and
Mary Free, of Hopewell Township, and has had
born to him seven children, viz.; Leah B., wife of
Henry S. Tysoa; Adam H., married to Sarah Smy-
ser; Sarah A., wife of Noah Ness; Catherine A.;
Kebecca L.; Emma J., wife of Samuel Rutter, and
Mary A., deceased.

NOAH NESS, son of Mathias and Elizabeth
(Myers) Ness, is the fifth of eleven children and was
born February 3, 1835, in Springfield Township;
was reared ori his father's farm and removed to
West Manchester Township when nineteen years of
age. In September, 18.58, Mr. Ness married Sarah
A. Hoke, daughter of Herman and Elizabeth (Free)
Hoke, of West Manchester Township. Eleven
children have been born to them; Catherine E.
(deceased), Adam. Annie, John, Elizabeth, Sarah
(deceased), Noah. Tillie, Emma, Thomas and Re-
Ijecca. Matthias Ness, the father of our subject,
was born February 34, 1801, in Shrewsbury Town-
ship. He died aged seventj'-eight years, five
months and twenty-nine days. Our subject's
grandfather's name was Jacob Ness; he was a
native of York County. Our subject's mother was
born August 37, 1804. She died April 28, 1873,
aged sixty-eight years, seven months and twenty-
seven days. Matthias Ness was a prominent and
well known farmer, having with credit to himself
filled the office of countv auditor for two terms.

HENRY H. SMYSER, son of David and Rebecca
(Eyster) Smyser, was born July 16, 1840. The sub-
ject of this sketch was the fifth of ten children;
Eliza, Martin, Sarah, Louisa. Henry, Mary (de-
ceased), Jacob, Amanda, Charles and Albert. Da-
vid Smyser, the father of our subject, was born in
1806, he was a prominent and influential farmer,
and was elected county commissioner in 1872. and
served the full term wilh credit to himself and sat-
isfaction to the people of the county. (For our
subject's ancestral history, see sketch of the Smy-
ser family, York Borough.)

J. MATTHIAS SMYSER. son of David and
Rebecca (Eyster) Smyser, was born March IS, 1845,
in West Manchester Township, where he was reared
on his father's farm, and remained here until his
twenty-sixth year. He married Amanda Smyser,
daughter of Adam and Eliza (Brillinger) Sniyser,
Spring Garden Township. To this marriage were
born seven children; Nettie E., Annie R., How-
ard D., Matthias, Mar3', Adam and Lucj' E. Mr.

Smyser started in business as a mc-mber of the
flrmof Menges, Sm; ' " -" • "
next began the mil
ter Township, at Smyser' s Mill; during this time
he was one of the firm of Fahs, Smyser & Co.,
grain, coal and general commission merchants; he
was in this firm for eight years. He then removed
to his present home. East Berlin, Adams County,
where he is engaged in the banking business and is
one of the managers of the Keystone Manufac-
turing Company, of East Berlin. Our subject's an-
cestors, the Eysters and Smysers, were the first set-
tlers in West Manchester Township.

ABRAHAM H. SPRENKLE, son of George
Sprenkle, was born in West Manchester To-svnship,
October 9, 1844, at the homestead where he has al-
ways resided. December 3, 1867, he married Louisa
Emig, daughter of Valentine and Rebecca (Loucks)
Emig, of West Manchester Township. One child
has been born to them, Harvey E. Sprenkle. Our
subject's wife was born August 13, 1845; her people
were among the first settlers of her native town-
ship. It is claimed by the Sprenkle family that
their ancestors were the first white people who took
up land and settled in West Manchester Township;
9tJ0 acres of land were taken up by their ancestor,
Adam Sprenkle. and the name Sprenkle is one of
the best and most respected in West Manchester

N. B. SPRENKLE, son of Jacob and Barbara
(Baer) Sprenkle, was born April 6, 1857, in West
Manchester Township, where he was reared on his
father's farm. He received his education in the
schools of his native township, and two terms in the
York County Academy. He taught school one term
at iSprenkle's School house in 1867-68, in West Man-
chester 'Township; went into the grain and coal
business in 1868 at Baer's Station, West Manchester
Township; after three years there he moved to his
present location, East Berlin, Adams Caunty, where
he is at present engaged in the grain, coal and lum-
ber business. February 16, 1879, Mr. Sprenkle mar-
ried Kate Masemer, daughterof Jesse and Catharine
(Joseph) Masemer. Our subject's paternal ances-
tors, the Sprenkles, were among the pioneer settlers
of West Manchester Township. (See history of
Manchester Townshi
\ B. SPR

1861, in West Manchester Township, and has been
a resident of his native township all his life. He
received a common school education and began
business for himself at Baer's Station, on the Fred-
erick division of the Pennsylvania Railroad when
quite a young man, and is probably the largest buyer
of wheat in West Manchester Township. Janu-
ary 16, 1880, Mr. Sprenkle married Sallie E. Mar-
tin, daughter of Solomon Martin, of Stoverstown,
North Codorus Township. Two children have
blessed this union; Sadie E. (deceased), and Charlee
M. Mr. Sprenkle pays close attention to his busi-
ness, and as a result of this his business is increas-
ing every year.


PHILIP J. BARNHART, collecting agent and
farmer, was born in Heidelberg Township, June 8.
1846, is a son of Adam and Eliza A. (Jackson) Barn-
hart, is of a German-English origin and the eldest
of a family of four living children. He was reared
on the farm, and received his education at the pub-
lic schools of Heidelberg Township. In 1864 he
came to West Manheim Township, and settled near



■\vli 1(3 he now lives. He worked by the day uatil
1809, when he engaged in general merchandising
at Green Point. He continued this eight years, and
since that time has been engaged in farming and as
general collector. In 1865 he married Barbara
Kehlbaugh, a native of West Manheim Township,
and daughter of Jacob Kehlbaugh. Four children
have been born to this union: Mollie A., Lyman
A.. Missouri J. and Philip C. He is a Democrat,
and for many years has taken an active part in pol-
itics. Mr. and Mrs. B. are members of the Re-
formed Church.

HON. SIMON J. BARNHART, present member
of legislature from York County, is a native of
Heidelberg Township, York Co., Penn.; was born
April 19, 1848; is a son of Adam and Eliza A. (Jack-
son) Barnhart, and is of Dutch-English descent. In a
family of seven children, he is the second, and his par-
ents are both natives of York County. At nineteen
years, Mr. Barnhart began teaching school and this
occupation he continued for twelve years. In 1879
he began farming in West Manheim Township,
where"he now resides. Politically he is an earnest
supporter of the Democratic party, and after hold-
ing various offices of minor trust he was, in 1884,
elected to represent York County in the State Gen-
eral Assembly, his majority in the county being
more than 3,600. He was married March 4, 1877,
to Miss Anna M. Houck, daughter^of Henry P. and
Angeline Houck, of Carroll County, Md. To this
marriage have been born two children, viz. : Cora
E. and Ellen J. Mr. and, Mrs. B. are members of
the Lutheran Church. ' s

JESSE AV. GARRETT, farmer, was born in
what was formerly Manheim Township, York Co.,
Penn., October 4, 1836, is a son of Jacob and Eliza-
beth (Wildason) Garrett, of German descent, and is
the seventh of thirteen children. His parents were
both born in York County, and the Garrett family
has been known in this county 100 years. Mr. Gar-
rett, at nineteen years, began the labors of life for
himself; when twenty-live years old he began
huckstering, and that continued for fifteen years,
and then began farming; he now has 120 acres of
well improved land, and is a successful farmer of
West Manheim Township. In 1860 he married
Miss Eliza A. Nace, of West Manheim Township.
Eight children have blessed their union: John F.,
Eliza E. A., Emma J., Missouri E., Marcellus J.,
Horace J., Amelia C. and Birda E. He is a Repub-
lican and has held the office of school director for
seven years. He is a member of the Reformed
Church and his wife of the Lutheran Church.

OLIVER W. GARRETT, farmer, was born in
West Manheim Township, York County, November
31, 1845, is a son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Wildason)

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