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•Garrett, and is of German descent. He was edu-
cated at the schools of West Manheim Township,
and in 1859 was hired out to work on the farm by
his mother. Then he began the huckstering business,
which he has since continued, but in 1881 he added
general merchandising. He keeps dry goods, hoots,
shoes, groceries and notions. He has also a small
but well improved farm where he lives. He was
married, in 1866, to Miss Eliza Utz, and had born
to him two children: Lillie A. and Minerva A.
Mrs. Garrett died in 1873, and the next year Mr.
/ Garrett married Emily Jane Klinedinst, a native of
Manheim Township. To this union have been born
seven children, viz.: Clara M., Annie E., Harrison
M., Mary V., Oliver C, Jacob V. and Macy J.
Mr. Garrett enlisted in 1865 in Company G, Seventy-
fourth Pennsylvania Volunteers for one year. He
is now a Democrat but was formerly a Republican,
and with his wife is a member of the Lutheran

E. C. HOFPACKER was born in Manheim
Township, York County, in 1842, is a son of John

W. and Maria (Craunur) Hoffacker, and is of Ger-
man extraction. His father was born in Carroll
County, Md.., and his mother, in York County,
Penn. His father's death occurred in 1881, and his
mother's in 1883. Our subject was reared on the
farm, and at the age of twenty-one began life for
himself. He is one of the leading and most suc-
cessful farmers iti the township. Mr. H., in 1864,
married Miss Susanna Pridinger, a native of Mary-
land. They have five children: Ida A., Granville
T., Oliver S., John G. W. and Alice S. M. He is a
Democrat, and has been school director five years.
Mr. and Mrs. H. are members of the Lutheran

J. D. STERNER was born in Carroll County,
Md., in 1832, is a son of Nathaniel and Anna Mary
(Feeser) Sterner, is the youngest in a family of
seven children, and is of German descent. His
parents .were also' natives of Carroll County, Md.
He received a common school education, and at
eighteen years of age began teaching school and
taught seven winters. In 1857 he began clerking in
the store of David Bachman at Bachman's Mills.
Carroll Co., Md.; in 1862 he came to York County,
and settled in West Manheim Township, and began
general merchandising, which he has since con-
tinued. He was married, in 1859, to Miss Sevilla
Wareliime, a native of Carroll County. They have
five children living: Charles M., Ella M., George
W., Emma J. and Martha S. He is a Democrat; in
1862 was elected justice of the peace of West Man-
heim Township, and held the office three terms, or
fifteen years. Mr. and Mrs. S. are members of the
German Reformed Church. He has made his own
way, in life, and is one of the leading citizens of
West Manheim Township.


DANIEL ANSTINE, son of Simon and Eliza-
beth (Smith), was born in Windsor Township
July 7, 1855. After leaving the public schools of
his township our subject learned cigar-making,
which he followed as a journeyman six years,
when, in 1876, he commenced manufacturing on his
own account at Frysville. In 1883 he married Miss
Matilda, daughter of Adam Sechrist,^ of York

JOHN W. BURGER is a prominent brick mer-
chant of Windsor Township, and was born in
Adams County, Penn., October 1.5, 1846. He has
served as chief burgess of Red Lion Borough,
York County, and is a member of the Lutheran
Church. He was married, October 27, 1867, to
Millie Myers.

October 6,1833, in Fairview Township. York County.
His father's family was of Swiss origin; his moth-
er's of Scotch-Irish, having immigrated to this
country from County Antrim, Ireland, about 1752.
and settled in Delaware; thence the great-grand-
father. Brooks, went to Cumberland County, Penn.,
purchased a tract of land from William Penn, on
Yellow Breeches, and built a mill, where he made
fiour for Braddock's army. 'This mill is now owned
by Elias Hake. David Bigler was a farmer; was
married in December, 1832, and had a family of three
sons and five daughters. He died in August, 1872.
William B. Bigler attended Jefferson Medical Col-
lege, from which he graduated in 1865. He has been
school director,and was a member of the legislature,
1883-84. October 12, 1865, he married Amelia M. A.



Boyer; to them have been born the following
named children: William M., Edith M. and Mabel
B. Dr. Biglerisa Mason.

JAMES CROSSwas born in Windsor Township,
York County, in 1836, and is the son of James and
Elizabeth (Grove) Cross. The father was born in this
township in 1787, was reared a farmer, filled the
office of justice of the peace; in 1814 married Eliza-
beth Grove, who was born in Chanceford Township,
in 1787 ; became the father of two boys and four girls,
and died June 9, 1873; his wife died November 15,
1843. James Cross, the grandfather of our subject,
was one of the earliest settlers of York County.
having taken up from the government the farm on
which his grandson now resides, at a time when the
Indians were numerous in the township. He was a
prosperous farmer, and served his country in the war
of 1813. James Cross, our subject, still cultivates |
the farm entered by his grandfather. He was mar-
ried, in 1859, to Jane Ann Wallace, who was born in
Hopewell Township, in 1835, and who is the mother j
of one son— James Nelson Cross. The family attend
the Guinston United Presbyterian Church, of which
Mr. and Mrs. Cross are members.

DANIEL L. GEHLY, was born October 15, 1807.
His father, a farmer, was born May 30, 1773. in War-
wick Township, Lancaster Co., Penn. His mother, |
whose maiden name was Nancy Lehman, was born
in the same township, February 28, 1779. They were i
married October 20, 1801. Their children were 1
Lidia, born September 18, 1802; David, October 31,
1804; Daniel L. (as above) and Nancy, May 27, 1811;
all deceased, except Daniel L. The father died in
1846; and the mother in 1858. Daniel L. commenced
wool manufacturing in 1825, which business he still
continues. In 1835 he was elected lieutenant-colonel 1
of the Sixty-fourth Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia; '
in 1846 was elected member of the State House of
Representatives and served one term. October 28, (
1828, he married Margaret Ann Dosch. Of the eight
children born to this union four are living, viz.;
John C, D. W., T. H. and Mary M. Mr. Gehly's
great-grandparents came from Germany; his grand-
father, Frederick Lehman, was born in Lancaster
County; his grandmother, Anna Habaker, was born
in the same counly, three miles north of Lititz. Mr.
Gehly is a member of the Evangelical Church.

ber 11, 1838, in Stark County, Ohio. His father,
Charles H. was born in 1814, in Windsor, York Co.,
Penn. ; and in Lancaster Cily. in 1884, he married
Barbara Funk; she was born in Lancaster County
in 1816. They had nine children— three boys and
four girls now living: Charles H. was a carpenter
by trade, but for m^iny years engaged in farming. I
Harvey W. Haines taught school for many years in 1
the city of Baltimore, but is now engaged in farm-
ing near Freysville Church, in this township. Feb-
ruary 16, 1871, he married Mary E., daughter of
David Leber; Florence Leber and Horace Becker
are their children. Mr. Haines' grandfather came j
to Windsor Township, from Frankford, Philadel-
phia, after the war of 1813. When Harvey W. was
a child his father and neighbors, owning large farms,
would take sickle or cradle and go to the valley or
Lancaster County to work six or eight weeks at
harvesting to earn money to buy bread for the \
year; now the grain in Windsor is as good as in the
limestone lands, and farmers can hardly get laborers
to put away their crops. Land that was then |5 or 1
$10 per acre is now worth $100 per acre. Mr.
Haines is aF. & A. M., and is the present auditor
of the township.

AMOS HENGST was born in Windsor Township,
October 12. 1841, and is the son of Samuel and Bar-
bara (Anstine) Hengst, also natives of Windsor
Township, as were Michael Hengst and Simon Ans-
tine, subject's grandfathers. Samuel Hengst was I

born, reared and lived all his life on the same farm.
He held the office of school director, and w,as a lieu-
tenant of militia. He was the father of nine chil-
dren, of whom eight are living, viz. ; Henry, Benja-
min, a member of the Evangelical Church for thirty-
eight years; Samuel, a merchant; Reuben, in the
grocery and commission business at Baltimore, Md.;
Amos, Catherine, Julia and Magdalena. Leah died
in infancy. The father died January 28, 1884, and
his wife, November 25, 1871. Amos Hengst was
reared a farmer, taught school thirteen terras, was
engaged in mercantile business sixteen years, and
then purchased one of his father's farms of about
fifty acres, with improvements, and is still engaged
in farming. He has served one terra of five years
as justice of the peace. November 34, 1874, he
married Debbie S., daughter of George and Mary
(Schnell) Fox, of Windsor Township. P. B. Fox,
a brother of Mrs. Hengst, has been a professor in
Knapp's Institute, Baltimore, for twenty-five years,
and A. F. Fox. another brother, has for twenty-five
years been in the real estate business at Washington.

years a preacher of the Go«pel in the church of the
United Brethren in Christ, was born in Carroll
County, Md., April 3, 1839. His father, John Jones,
of Welsh descent, and mother, Elizabeth (Bixlar)
Jones, of German descent, were also natives of Car-
roll County, Md.,and were the parents of eleven
children — eight boys and three girls. The father
died in 1873, and the mother in 1864. Jeremiah B.
Jones was married, February 4. 1868,to Miss Amanda
Anstine, who has borne him the following children:
Mary K., Claria A., Annie B., Maggie E. and
Oracle W.

5. 1845, in Windsor Township. He is a son of
George and Lydia (Moser) Maish; the former a
native of Fairview Township, and the latter of
York Township, born February 15, 1816. They
were married November 22, 1838, and are the par-
ents of eight children— three sons and five daughters.
George Maish has always followed farming. David
F. Maish is also a farmer. March 15, 1877, he mar-
ried Eliza J. Paules. Their union is blessed with
one child. George P. Maish.

SETH MINNICH, of Windsor To-vnship, was
born in Hopewell Township, York County, Sep-
tember 13, 1849. His father, Daniel Minnich, was
born in Hopewell Township also, January 9, 1828,
is a house carpenter by trade, and in 1848 married
Elizabeth Miller, a native of Shrewsbury Township,
and l)orn March 33, 1839. Of the five children born
to this union three are still living. Seth Minnich
by trade is a painter. In 1877 he married Annie
Smith, who has borne hira three children: Daniel
B., Howard H. and Addle I. In 1880 Mr. Minnich
was elected justice of the peace, which office he
administered in so satisfactory a manner that he
was re-elected in 1885. He is a member of the
Masonic fraternity and also of the Reformed

PHILIP MITZEL was born January 24, 1836,
and is the son of Philip and Lydia (Saylor) Mitzel.
The former was born in Windsor Township, No-
vember 30,1800, and the latter in Chanceford Town-
ship, where they were married; they were the par-
ents of three sons and two daughters, and the father
died March 13, 1833. The mother is still living,
aged eighty one years. Her daughter, Elizabeth
Croley, died May 22, 1885, aged sixty-three years,
three months and twenty-two days. Philip, our
sul)ject, is a merchant, and manufacturer of and
dealer in cigars. He has .served as school director
and township assessor, and is a meraber of the
Evangelical Association. March 9, 1848, he married
Catherine Hengst.

JOHN SEITZ is the son of Jacob and Priscilla


(Tyson) Seitz, and was born in Hopewell Township,
February 9, 1827. He was educated in the public
schools, then learned milling, which he followed
fifteen years, then learned blacksmithing, which he
followed for six years. In 1878 he established a
general merchandise business at Spring Vale, where
he is now doing a good trade, and where he is also
the agent for the York & Peach Bottom Railroad,
and where also he has served as postmaster six
years. Mr. Seitz, besides, owns a farm of seventy-
five acres, which he conducts in conjunction with
his other business. In 1857 our subject married
Miss Matilda, daughter of Frederick Husal, of
Chanceford Township, and to this marriage were
born twelve children, as follows: Jacob, Susan,
Emanuel, Eller,Carrie P., Lemuel L.. Savill,", Emma
J., Tillie, John H., Janie and Alice. Mr. and
Mrs. Seitz are members of the United Brethren
Church of Zion, Windsor Township.

DANIEL STEIN is the third of the eight chil-
dren of Daniel and Mary M. (Holtzapple) Stein,
and was born in Windsor Township, December 8,
1826. After receiving an education in the public
schools he left the homestead, engaged in farming,
and in 1881 purchased two farms of 164 acres in all,
which he now rents and lives in comfortable retire-
ment at Spring Vale Station, in a fine dwelling
erected in 18o9. but remodeled in 1882. In 1854 Mr.
Stein married Miss Susan, daugliterof Henry Grove,
of this township. To this union have been born
six children, named Mary, Ellen, Susan, Daniel C,
Sarah and Henry. During the late civil war Mr.
Stein was drafted, but, unfortunately, owing to
business and family matters, was compelled to hire
a substitute. Mr. and Mrs. Stein are respectively
members of the Lutheran and Presbyterian
Churches of Frystown.


WILLIAM H. CROLL, son of Joseph and Eliz-
abeth (Reisinger) Croll, was born in Manchester
Township, March 23, 1840. About 18.50 the family
removed to York Township, where our subject at-
tended school until his sixteenth year. He learned
the printing business at the York Oazette office,
after which he worked in Philadelphia and Pitts-
burgh, after which he assumed full charge of the
Hanover Gazette, this county. At the first call for
troops by President Lincoln he promptly enlisted in
Company A, Sixteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer In-
fantry, and at the expiration of his three months'
term enlisted in Company L Eleventh Pennsylvania
Cavalry, in which he faithfully served for three
years, eighteen months of which were served on the
field. Having been thrown from a horse on a night
charge and partially disabled, he was detaded l)y
Gen. Butler to the charge of the Government print-
ing office at Norfolk, Va. March 31, 1866. he mar-
ried Laura V. Whitehurst, of Norfolk. Va., who
has borne him the following children : Eugenia A.,
George (deceased), Minnie E., Wilson J. (deceased),
Lucy and Alma. Mr. Croll in 1872 was elected
county auditor, and was re-elected to the same ofiice
in 1884.

FRANK P. DIETZ, son of John and Susanna
(Lutman) Dietz, was born in Hellam Township,
January 18, 1847; was brought up on the home farm
and began milling in 1868, learning his trade at
Diehl's Mill, Spring Garden Township. He worked
two years at this mill as a journeyman, after learn-
ing his trade, and ran it on his own account for

eight years, when he removed to his present loca-
tion, known at this time as Louck's Mill, on the
Baltimore Pike, four miles south of York, near New
Paradise, he having purchased this valuable mill
property, which embraces ninety-six acres of good
land in connection with a large saw and flour-mill.
In December, 1870, Mr. D. married Clayanna Jane
Dosch, daughter of J. C. and Charlotte (Leber)
Dosch, of Windsor Township. Six children have
been born to them: Mary M., John C, Dora S.,
Eddie (deceased), Harry S. and Charles L. (de-
ceased). Mr. D. has a large custom trade in York,
Paradise and Loganville for his flour, and is the
fortunate possessor of the best water-power iti York
Township, which enables him to run his mill in dry
seasons when the neigtiboring mills are forced to
stop. Mr. D. is a member of the Reformed Church
of New Paradise, and has been a member of Con-
ewago Tribe I. O. of R. M. of York, Penn.

AMOS DRUCK, son of George and Catherine
1 (Shell) Druck, was born November 10, 1851, in Hel-
lam Township, and is the fifth of twelve children;
Henry (deceased), Elizabeth (deceased), Susan (de-
ceased), Amos, Aaron, George W.. Moses F., John
AVesley, Emma Jane, Annie (deceased), Blemina
(deceased) and Catharine. November 25, 1872, Mr.
Druck married Eliza Campbell, daughter of Henry
and Lydia Campbell, of Windsor Township. Seven
children were born to this marriage: Florence L.,
Edward H., Mary J., Emma J., Virgie May, Daisey
May and Annie (deceased). Mr. Druck was reared
on his father's farm, and began buslHcss (the manu-
facture of cigars) in 1879, and employs from ten to
twelve hands at this business. The Druck family
settled early in York County; our subject's grand-
father, Gottleib Druck, was born in Hellam Town-
ship. Mr. Druck is a good citizen and highly
esteemed by those who know him well. He is a
member of the Evangelical Church.

GEORGE W. DRUCK, son of George and
Catherine (Schell) Druck, was born April 18, 1857,
in Hellam Township, was reared on a farm and
went to his trade of cigar-maker in 1881, which oc-
cupation he still follows. July 12, 1881, he married
Eliza A. Stump, daughter of Benjamin and Eliza
Ann (Mitzel) Stump, of York Towusliip. Two in-
teresting children have been born to this union:
Elenora and Martha Washington. Mr. and Mrs.
Druck's ancestors were early settlers in York Coun-
ty, and Mrs. Druck's great-grandfather. Adam
Stump, and great-grandmother are buried in the
family burying ground in York Township, at the
Stump homestead. 'The subject of this sketch,
George W. Druck, is a steady, worthy young man,
and held in high esteem in his neighborhood.

JOHN FLINCHBAUGH (farmer), son of Adam
and Catherine (Dohm) Flinchbaugh. was born July
3, 1819, in the old homestead on the farm where Mr.
Flinchbaugh now iives and which he owns. He was
reared to farming, and has always followed that oc-
cupation. January 5, 1843, he married Julia Ann
Flinchbaugh, daughter of Jacob and Denah(Diehl)
^ Flinchbaugh, of Windsor Township. Thirteen
children were born of this marriage: Charles,
Adam. Amanda (deceased), Jacob, Ephraim, Eli.
David (deceased), Samuel. John (deceased). Liddie
Ann, Julia Ann, Mary and Annie. Adam Flinch-
baugh, the father of our subject, died in his sixty-
first year. Catherine Flinchbaugh, his mother,
died in her sixty-eighth year. The Flinchbaugh
family has always been very numerous in this sec-
tion of York Township. The subject of this sketch
has been for many years one of York Township's
leading, influential farmers, and no man in the
township enjoys a better reputation for sterling
honesty than John Flinchbaugh.

AMOS GABLE, son of Valentine and Mary
(Miller) Gable, is the second in a family of nine



children, and was born in Windsor Township, Yorli
Co., Penn., June 10, 1838. At eighteen years of age
he began learning the blacksmith's trade, which he
followed for about twenty-five years. In 1878 he
purchased his present residence and thirteen acres
of land in Longstown, and here has since resided.
]\Ir. Gable was married, in 1865, to Miss Leah Erb,
daughter of Jacob Erb, of Spring Garden Town-
ship. They have two children : Levi E. and Solo-
mon E.; another son, Jacob, died on June IT, 1868,
aged two years, five months and eighteen days.
Mr. and Mrs. Gable are members of the United
Brethren Church at Longstown.

and Lucinda (Elhart) Glatfelter, was born in York
Township, December 6, 1856. He was educated at
the township schools, and after completing his
school work took up the study of dentistry at
Adamstown, and began the practice of his profes-
sion in Adams County, where he remained two
years. In 1879 he located in Dallastown, where he
has been very successful in his profession. Dr.
Glatfelter was married, in 1876, to Lizzie McLean,
daughter of Jacob McLean, of Adams County.
They have two children: Melvin and Maud. The
Doctor and wife are members of the Lutheran

WILSON F. GLATFELTER, son of William
and Catherine (Flinchbaugh) Glatfelter, was born De-
cember 19,1860, in Hopewell Township, and reared
on his father's farm. He received his education in the
public schools ©f his native township. He went to
his trade in 1878 and worlied journey work until
1884 when he embarked in the furniture business
in Dallastown. He carries a large stock of goods
in his line, and manufactures all kinds of furniture
to order. His store-room and building is the largest
and most attractive house in Dallastown, located
in the center of the town, and although he began
business within the last year, he is doing a large
trade in York and surrounding townships.

PIUS E. GEESEY is a son of Jonathan and
Sarah (Flinchbaugh) Geesey, natives of York
County, Penn. His father was one of the early day
men of York County, and for half a century lived
on the farm now owned by the subject of this
sketch. Pius E. is the seventh child in a family of
nine children, and was born July 5, 1845, on the
Geesey homestead, which he purchased at the death
of his father and where he now lives. By occupa-
tion he is a farmer. In 1873 he married Miss Ma-
linda Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller, of Windsor
Township. Three children have blessed their union:
Jacob Jonathan, Adam M. and Mary Edith. Mr.
and Mrs. Geesey are members of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church.

ARCHIBALD P. T. GROVE, M. D., a native of
Chanceford Township, and son of A. G. and Eliza-
beth (Thompson) Grove, was born March 21, 1854.
Dr. Grove was educated at the public schools of
Chanceford Township, Pleasant Grove and Stew-
art's Academies. For three years he taught school,
during which time he also began the study of med-
icine, but subsequently he prosecuted further this
study under the direction of Dr. Curran, of Cross
Roads. With him he remained three years, and
then entered the College of Physicians and Sur-
geons at Baltimore, and graduated from that insti-
tution March 6, 1878, and the same month "located
at Dallastown, York County, and began the prac-
tice of his profession. Here he has since resided.
As a practitioner Dr. Grove is most successful, and
he enjoys an enviable reputation. He was married
in 1879 to Miss Cora E. Shaw, daughter of Z. S.
Shaw, of Dallastown. They have one child, viz. :
Austin M. Dr. and Mrs. Grove are members of the
Harmony Presbyterian Church.

MICHAEL HOSE, Sk., is a son of Deitrick and

Receni (Frank) Hose, and was born September 26.

j 1822, in York Township, where he was reared, and

; has always resided. He learned the trade of
blacksmithing early in life, and has followed it
up to the present time. At the breaking out of the
Rebellion he enlisted in Company C, Eighty-seventh
Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served
with this regiment eighteen months, two months
being passed in the hospital at Fort McHenry. He
subsequently re-enlisted in Company K, Two Hun-
dredth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and
was in service until the close of the war. His regi-
ment participated In the battles around Petersburg,
Butler's Front. Hatcher's Run, and was a witness
of the surrender of Gen. Lee to Gen. Grant at Ap-
pomattox Court House. He was mustered out of the
service May 30, 1865, at Alexandria, Va. December
3, 1848, Mr. Hose was married to Miss Sarah,
daughter of Jacob and Polly (Flinchbaugh) GeeseJ^
of York Township. They have had born to them

, fifteen children. Three are now living in the

j county: Amanda,Louisa and Michael, Jr. Mr. Hose
is a respected citizen of his township.

MICHAEL HOSE, Jr., son of Michael Hose, of
Y'ork Township, York Co., Penn., was born in that
township, November 13, 1854. He first learned the

I shoe-maker's trade, which he followed about ten
years, and then worked at carpentering for eight
years. In 1882 he began the manufacture of cigars
at Dallastown and is now doing a thriving business
in that line. Mr. Hose was united in marriage in

I 1879, to Miss Mary Adelaide Keesey, daughter of

j Harrison Keese}', of York Township. They have
one child, Emory Michael. Mr. and Mrs. Hose

1 are members of the United Brethern Church.

I SAMUEL PIUS ILYES, son of John and Eliza-
beth (Hess) Ilyes, was born in 1857, in Y'ork Town-
ship, on the homestead farm where he has always

I resided. There were eight children in his father's
famUy: George (deceased), John, Jeremiah (de-

I ceased), Eliza (deceased), Louisa (deceased), Ellen,

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