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Aaron and Samuel. Aaron married Jane Day,
daughter of Jesse Day, and John mariicd Mary
Hovis, daughter of Isaac Hovis. Our subject's
parents are of German extraction, who, by hard

j labor and strict economy have been enabled to

I secure a competency. They own a farm of 200
acres of the best land in York Township, well
stocked, cultivated and improved. The Ilyes

I familj' are members of the Lutheran Church.

HENRY INNERS is a son of George and Leah
(Ebard) Inners. His father was a native of York
County, Penn., and his mother was born in Adams
County, Penn. Jacob Inners, the grandfather of
our subject, was a native of Switzerland, came to

1 America some time in the last century, and was a
soldier in the Revolutionary war. He took up a

i large tract of land made a settlement in York
County. He was twice married and had several
children by each wife. George Inners, the father
of our subject, was the third son by the second mar-
riage, and was born in York Township in 1804,

I where he lived until his death in 1876. Our sub-
ject, the eldest in a family of eight children, was
born December 18, 1840, in York Township, York
Co., Penn. At nineteen years of age he began

1 learning the miller's trade. In 1862 he enlisted in
Company B, Second District Columbia Volunteers
and served nine months. After returning home he
resumed his trade at his present location. Mr. In-
ners was married in 1865 to Miss Casinda Conway,
daughter of Rev. John Conway, formerly of Dal-
lastown. Seven children have been born to their
union: Clara E., Annie, Rebecca, Minnie, Cora,.
George H. andChauncey P. Mr. Inners is a mem-
ber of the Reformed and his wife of the Lutheran

JOHN S. KEECH, second of eight children of



David and Magdeline (Patton) Keech, was born
March 35. 1834, in Lower Oxford Township, Ches-
ter Co., Penn. When seven years of age he re-
moved with his parents to Lancaster County. He
received a common school education. When he
was nineteen years of age he came to York Town-
ship where he has always resided (except when in
charge of the county almshouse). He taught
school ten terms in York County and one term in
Lancaster County. April, 1869, he was appointed
steward of the county almshouse and hospital; he re-
mained until 1874, then was appointed again in 1876
and filled the position until 1881, with credit to him-
self and entire satisfaction of the people of the
county. Was elected county auditor in 1854, and
has been justice of the, peace for York Township
for twenty-two years, filling that office at the pres-
ent time. April 4, 1847, he married Mary Ann
Weitkamp-, daughter of Charles and Louisa (Bier-
man) Weitkamp, of Westphalia, Germany. Ten
children were born to this union: Charles P.,
William H., Albert J., Edith M. (deceased), J. Ed-
ward, Jerome H., Arthur S., James J., D. Hays and
Harry E. Our subject's grandfather, Nathaniel
Keech, died in 1841, aged seventy lyears. His mater-
nal gi-andfather, James Patton, saw hard service as
a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Mrs. Keech's
father, Carl Weitkamp, died in his seventy-first
year. Her mother, Lousia Bierman Weitkamp, is
still living with Mrs. Keech, at the advanced age of
eighty-three years.

CHARLES H. KEESEY, son of Henry and
Elizabeth (Glatfelter) Keesey, was born April 4,
1847, in Springfield Township, York Co., Penn.

this business continued three years. In 1869 he
engaged as gatekeeper on the York & Chanceford
Pike, and followed that occupation five years. In
1876 he leased his present hotel at Dallastown, and
engaged in the hotel business. In 1879 he estab-
lished a general store in Dallastown, which he runs
in connection with the hotel, and is doing a good
business. Mr. Keesey was married, in 1869_, to Miss
Elizabeth C. Hovis, daughter of Jacob Hovis. They
have two children: Percy E. and Minnie May. Mr.
and Mrs. Keesey are members of the Lutheran

JACOB C. KING, seventh of nine children of
John and Magdelena (Conkley) King, was born
December 31, 1854, in York Township, on the old
King homestead. He went to his trade (carpenter)
in his seventeenth year, followed his trade ten
years, carrying on the business himself two years.
August 39, 1883, Mr. King married Sarah A. Sake-
miller, daughter of Frederick and Susan (Dretz)
Sakemiller, of York Township. One child has been
born to them, John Frederick. John King, our
subject's father, was born at the King homestead
and died in his sixty-eighth year. Our subject's
grandfather, Peter King, first settled on the King
farm. He bought the farm (at that time 180 acres)
from John and William Penn.

ADAM KOHLER, son of Jacob and Mary
(Sechrist) Kohler, was born in York Township,
January 2, 1841. He was educated at the township
schools and Cottage Hill College. The early life of
Mr. Kohler was spent in school and at schoolteach-
ing. He afterward began clerking in a store in
Dallastown, where he remained one year, and then
went to York and spent about the same length of
time at the same vocation. In 1872 he engaged in
general merchandising. In 1876 he established his
present business, and, in connection, in 1882 began
the manufacture of cigars. He is a successful mer-
chant and now enjoys an extensive trade. Mr.
Kohler was married, in lilO, to Sarah A. Geesey,
daughter of Samuel Geesey, of York Township.

They have five children: Lillie M., Alverta B.,
Claudie E., Howard L. and Mabel G. Mr. and Mrs.
Kohler are members of the Lutheran Church.

CHARLES KOHLER was born in York Town-
ship, September 5, 1846, son of Jacob and Mary
(Sechrist) Kohler, and is of German descent. He
engaged as clerk in a general store at Dallastown,
and afterward at Windsor, where he remained
about ten years. In 1870 he purchased a half inter-
est in his brother's store and carriage business, and
this partnership continued until 1881, when he
bought his brotlier out. and ii now doing a very
extensive business. Mr. Kohler was married, in
1873, to Miss Emiline Geesey, daughter of Jonathan
Geesey, of York Township. They had one child,
Phineas L. Mr. and Mrs. Kohler are members of
the Lutheran Church.

LEMUEL S. LAWSON, M. D., son of Thomas
and Ellen Lawson (whose maiden name was Stans-
bury. a native of Carroll County, Md. ). The father
of Dr. Lawson was born in York County, Penn. ;
April 2, 1837, dates the birth of our subject in
Manheim Township. He was educated at the pub-
lic schools of Carroll Township, Md., and at Irving
College. After completing his course he taught
school for five years and then began the study of
medicine in the office of Dr. Henry Beltz, of Car-
roll County, Md. Dr. Lawson graduated from the
Maryland University in 1867, and then located at
Klinefeltersville, and commenced the regular prac-
tice of his profession. Here he remained only a
short time and then went to Dallastown, where he
has ever since continued the practice. He was
married, in 1870, to Miss Margaret A. McFagen, of
Chanceford Township. Mrs. Lawson died in 1872,
and five years later Dr. Lawson married Miss Sarali
NefE, daughter of Charles Neff of Dallastown.
They have one child. Dr. and Mrs. Lawson are
members of the United Brethren Church.

SAMUEL H. LEADER, eldest of three children
of Charles and Salona (Hildebrand) Leader, was
born August 33, 1836, in York Township; he^was
reared on a farm and received a common school
education; taught school three terms in York
Township. December 26, 1861, Mr. Leader married
Mary Ann Naly, daughter of Henry and Magdeline
(Cornbau) Naly, of York Township. To this mar-
riage were born Clara E., Henry A., Minnie M.,
Charles M., Sallie A. and Addie L. Mr. Leader's
grandfather's name was Frederick Leader. The
Leader family is one of the earliest that settled in
York Township.

A. P. NEFF, son of Jonathan and Eliza (Peel-
ing) NefE, was born in York Township. York Co.,
Penn., January 18, 1889, and is the eldest in a
family of four children. He was educated at the
public schools and at the York County Normal
School, at York, Penn. For twenty-seven years he
followed school teaching and taught in the town-
ships of York, Spring Garden and Hellam. In
1883 he began the manufacture of cigars and the
"Perfect Rest" bed spring at Relay, and is now
doing an extensive business. He was married, in
1861, to Miss Susan McAllister, daughter of Will-
iam McAllister, of Chanceford Township, and Mrs.
NefE died in 1877, leaving four children, three of
whom are living: Lucinda, Samuel J. and Laura
E. Mr. NefE was married in 1879, to Miss Annie B.
Snyder, daughter of John A. Snyder, of York
Township. They have two children: Eliza and
Minnie M. Mr. and Mrs. Neff are members of the
United Brethren Church at Dallastown.

JAMES B. PEELING, a native of York Town-
ship, York Co., Penn., was born Septembers, 1856.
son of Josiah Peeling. In early life he learned the
millwright's trade. Which he followed for eleven
years, and then engaged in the restaurant business
in New York for one year. In 1883 he removed to


what is known as the Fair Mount Home, on the
York and Cbanceford Road, where he now resides.
He was married, in 1878, to Miss Eliza Goodling, of
Manchester Township. They have one child, Kir-
ben Cleveland. „

JACOB SECHRIST was born in York Town-
ship, York Co., Penn., November 22, 1845, son of
Jacob and Susan (Stabley) Sechrist. He learned
the millwright's trade, which he followed for two
years, and then engaged in the butchering business
in Dallastown; then began the manufacture of
cigars, and is now one of the most extensive man-
ufacturers in the county. He has 193 acres of farm-
ing land, which he cultivates in connection with
the cigar business. He was married, in 1869, to
Miss Annie Green, daughter of Rev. John R.
Green, of Dallastown. Mrs. Sechrist died in 1870,
leaving two children: Clara J. (and John. Mr.
Sechrist was married, in 1874, to Miss Sarah J.
Stein, by whom he has had five children: Annie M.,
Emma K., Jacob S., Harry S. and Prudence M.
Mr. Sechrist has held the ofl5ce of inspector and
constable of the borough for three years.

J. F. SPOTZ, son of Jacob Spotz, was born in
York Township, York Co., Penn., April 28, 1836.
He first followed farming and then learned the
basketmaker's trade, at which he continued for
nineteen years. In 1872 he purchased property in
Dallastown and commenced the manufacture of
cigars and leaf tobacco. He has since resided in
Dallastown, and his business has grown to exten-
sive proportions. He has a fine farm, which he
manages in connection with his other business.
Mr. Spotz was married, in 1861. to Miss Leah Miller,
daughter of Henry Miller, of York Township.
They have four children; Ida Agnes, Maggie May,
Clara Bell and Henry L. Mr. and Mrs. Spotz are
members of the United Brethren Church, of Dallas-

MOSES SNYDER was born in Windsor Town-
ship, York Co., Penn., February 13, 18.51, a son of
Aaron and Catherine Snyder. He first learned the
stone mason's trade, which he followed for five
years, and then pm-chased a farm in Windsor
Township, where he remained six years. In 1882
he established a general merchandising business at
Snyderstown, in York Township, and is doing an
extensive business. Mr. Snyder was married, in
1872, to Miss Catherine Sechrist. daughter of Henry
Sechrist, of York Township. Mrs. Snyder died in
1874, leaving one child, Bmeline. In 1875 Mr. Sny-
der was married to Miss Mary Ann Deilrich, of
Chanceford. They have four children: Henry A.,
Annie M., Barbara and James. Mr. and Mrs. Sny-
der are members of the United Brethren Church, of
Red Lion, Penn.

AARON STRICKLER, son of Henry and Cas-
sandria(Bahn)Strickler, is the eldest of ten children,
was born 'in 1837 in Spring Garden Township,
reared to farming, and followed it all his life, except
ten years that he ran a saw-mill. May, 1864, he
married Sarah Hartman. daughter of John and
Henrietta (Crone) Hartman. Six children have
blessed their marriage: William H., Annie, Ida J.,
Sarah E., .lohn A. (deceased) and Ezra (deceased).
Mr. Strickler removed to York Township when sev-
enteen years old. Our sub.i'ect's ancestors were
among the very earliest settlers in York Valley.
His great-grandfather, Henry Strickler, was born m
1746, where Wlnfield Howser now lives, at Stony
Brook. Christian Strickler, the grandfather of our
subject, died in 1840. Our subject's great-grand-
mother's maiden name was Landis. His grand-
mother's maiden name was Keller.

John K. and Harriet (Day) Striebig, was born Sep-
tember 19, 1826, at his present home, where he has
always lived. He always followed farmmg; re-

ceived a common school education. December 24,
1857, Mr. Striebig married Delalah (Emmel), daugh-
ter of John and Mary (Mull) Emmel, of Spring
Garden Township. Seven children were born to
them: John. Elenora, George, Eliza, Mary, Edward
and Josiah (deceased). The Striebig family is a
very old one in York Township. Our subject's
great-grandfather, George Striebig, purchased the
farm on which our subject now resides, from the
Penns. Ill years ago (1774).

SiVlVIUEL WAGNER was born in Spring Garden
Township, York Co., Penn., September 29, 1821,
and is a son of John and Barbara Wagner. When
a child he came with his parents to York Township,
and here he has since resided. In 18,53 he purchased
his present farm, which is Icjcated near Longstown,
and consists of 140 acres of well-improved land.
Mr. Wagner was married, in 1845, to Miss Susanna
Heidelbaugh. They have the following children:
Sarah Ann, William, Lucinda, Samuel, John, Su-
sanna, Annie C, Ella M. and Eli. Mr. Wagner has
been assessor of York Township. John H. Wag-
ner, a son of Samuel and Susanna (Heidelbaugh)
Wagner, was born November 26, 1853, in York
Township. He received a common school educa-
tion, and has alwaj's followed farming. October
24, 1876, he married Anna Kauifman, daughter of
Joseph and Susan (Plory) Kauffman, of Windsor
Township. Mrs. Wagner's paternal and maternal
ancestors were early settlers of York County.

JOHN C. WEISER, son of John K. and Eliza-
beth (Crosbey) Weiser, was born on the farm on
which he still resides, June 25, 1831, and is the sec-
ond in the family born to his parents as follows:
Benjamin, John C, Alexander, Charles, William
H. (deceased), two infants (deceased), Granville and
Mary J. At the age of seventeen our subject left
the home farm and went to York, and learned the
carpenter's trade, which he followed for twenty-
three years. He then returned to his home, and, in
connection with farming, started the nursery and
seed business. March 2(), 18.53, he married Leah J.,
daughter of Henry and Catharine (Kochenour)
Myers, of York. To this marriage have been born
William H., Charles F., Emanuel J., Emma C. E.
and Carrie E.


J. EDWIN SPRENKLE, A. M., M. D., is a

native of Hanover, and is a son of .Josiah S. and
Margaret A. (Buchen) Sprenkle, natives of Penn-
sylvania and Maryland. He spent his boyhood at
the public schools of Hanover and prepared for col-
lege by a four years' course under Prof. Baugher.
He entered Franklin and Marshall College at Lan-
caster, Penn., in 1877, and graduated therefrom
June, 1881, as A. B. He entered Jefferson Medical
College, Philadelphia, in October, 1881, and grad-
uated therefrom with honors, March 29, 1884. He
received the prize for the best original research in
Materia Medica Laboratory. Returning at once to
Hanover he there began the practice of his chosen
profession. He is a member of the Chi Phi frater-
nity of his alma mater.

DR. JOHN WIEST, the subject of this sketch,
was born in Paradise, now Jackson Township, Feb-
ruary 24, 1846,being a direct descendant from one of
the oldest families in the county; his great-grand-
father,Jacob Wiest,having emigrated from Switzer-
land, and having located about nine miles west of
York previous to 1740. Dr. Wiest worked on his



father's farm until be was fifteen years old, when
he entered the York County Academy, and took a
classical course at this institution. After teaching
school for two successive terms in Jackson Township
and one term at the York County Academy, he
commenced the study of medicine at the JefEerson
Medical College in Philadelphia and graduated at
the University of Michigan on the 27th of March,
1867. When he was twenty-one years of age he
commenced to practice medicine near Spring Grove,
York County, and at once acquired a large and lucra-
tive practice. In 1878 he went to Philadelphia and
took a special course in the treatment of eye dis-
eases at Will's Hospital. In 1879 Dr. Wiest
moved to York and opened an office for the treat-
ment of eye diseases and the adjustment of spec-
tacles. His practice in this specialty rapidly in-
creased, and at present his reputation as a success-
ful eye doctor is known all over the county. His
practice in the treatment of eye diseases and adjust-
ment of spectacles now extends all over the county
and into Adams and Lancaster Counties, and Car-
rol County, Md. Dr. Wiest was one of the first
directors in the York Hospital and Dispensary As-
sociation, and was the originator of the West York
Eye, Ear and Throat Dispensary. He is a regular
attendant at the Eye, Ear and Throat Dispensary,
and gives one hour every day of his time to the
poor gratuitously. The Doctor is a member of the

County Medical Society since its organization; a
member of the State Medical Society since 1871,
and a member of the National Medical Association
since 1883. Dr. J. Wiest, at an early age, took an
active interest in politics, and an active part since
he is a voter. He has frequently been elected dele-
gate and comniitteeman to the county conventions
and State conventions. In 1878 he was nominated
and elected by the Democrats to the legislature,
and was re-elected in 1880. He took an active part
in the legislature, served on all the important com-
mittees, and introduced and had passed a number
of important measures; among them was a law to
compel school directors to grant teachers the time to
attend the county institute, and one to repeal an act
allowing constables, justices of the peace and dis-
trict attorneys to draw their fees out of the county
in certain cases. The repeal of this law saves the
tax payers of York County thousands of dollars
annually. Dr. Wiest was a member of the revenue
commission in 1881 and advocated the release of
property covered by mortgages or judgment from
taxation, and advocated the taxation of corporate
property for local purposes in the towns and town-
ships in which it is located. In 1885 Dr. Wiest was
appointed one of the pension examiners of York
County under President Cleveland's administration;
subsequently^ he was elected president of York
County pension board.

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