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a brigade of militia in defence of Baltimore
in 1814.§

John Clark, of the York Riflemen, was
made a Second Lieutenant in the First Penn-
sylvania, and was afterward a Major in the
battalion of Colonel McAlister, in the Flying
Camp, and was promoted Aid to Gen. Greene.
He died on the 27th of December, 1819, at
York, aged sixty-eight.

Capt. John McClelland was promoted from
Lieutenant, in this regiment, October 1, 17 /9.
I His company left York, under Gen. Wayne,
in 1781, for the southern campaign. He
retired from service January 1, 1783, and
resided on Marsh Creek. York County, in

Andrew Johnston, Quartermaster, appoint-
ed October 2, 1778, wounded in left leg at

*X Archives, N. S., 199.
tXICol.Eec, 179.

iWilkinson's Memories, Vol. 1, p. 136.
gX Archives, 2d. S., 397.



Paoli, and in the right leg at Monmouth, re-
sided in York County in 1813. John Jacob
Bauer, wounded in left hand by bayonet and
sabre wound in head, resided in York County
in 1824. John Beaty, died August 30, 1829,
aged 74, in York County. Edward Cave-
naugh, from Thompson's Rifles, served two
years, resided in York County in 1808.
John Cavanagh, wounded at Brandywine,
resided in York 1835, aged 83 "years.
John Devianey, from Fourth battalion, served
until the end of the war; died in York County
February 15, 1825, aged 69. William Smith
died in York County July 4. 1821, aged 71.
Michael Warner, resided in York County
1835, aged 75. MajorHenry Miller was pro-
moted from First Pennsylvania, ranking from
March 1, 1777, Lieutenant-Colonel of Penn-
sylvania Line, Second Regiment. Capt. Jo-
seph McClellan's company left York, Penn.,
under Gen. Wayne, May 26, 1781, for the
southern campaign. Names taken from his
journal: James Allison, Phillip Briulls, John
Davis, John Farmer, Nicholas Howe, Samuel
Lacount, Valentine Miller, Daniel Nether-
house, Jas. Sedwick, Matthew Turney. Taken
from list in Secretary's office: John Anderson,
resided in York County, 1787. John Brown,
resided in York County, 1834, aged eighty-
four; Martin Duhl, resided in York County,
1835, aged seventy-nine; Christopher New,
April 1, 1777 to January 1781, in Capt. Pat-
terson's company, resid"ed in York County,
1818, aged sixty-five, died in York County,
Dec. 1, 1826, aged seventy-three. Henry
Snyder resided in York County, 1835, aged
seventy-eight. John McMehan resided in
York County in 1789. Ezekiel Sankey of
York County. John Wren died in York
County July 9, 1827, aged eighty-nine.



In this corps were Capt. Joshua Williams,
commissioned May 25, 1775, Adjutant of the
Fifth Battalion of Associators of York
County, and Captain of a company in the
Flying Camp. He then raised an independ-
ent company, of which Alexander Ramsey was
a Lieutenant, which was annexed to Fourth
Pennsylvania, October 21, 1777. Capt.
Thomas Campbell January 1, 1781, retired
January 1, 1783 — Senator from York County,
1810, died at Monaghan, York County, 1815.
John Cavanagh resided in York County, 1835.
Andrew Crotty enlisted in 1776; wounded at
Stoney Point in the hip; discharged August
18, 1783; resided in '^York County, 1812.
Christian Pepret, 1777 to 1783, resided at

York in 1818, aged sixty-seven. William
Smith resided in York, 1818, aged sixty-nine.
George Seittel resided in York County, 1822.
Andrew Shoeman died in York County, May
16, 1832, aged eighty.


John Deveny, discharged 1783; resided in
York County, 1821, aged sixty -five.


William Brown, wounded atPaoli. left the
army April 1, 1780; resided in York County,
1822, aged seventy-seven. Joel Gray, dis-
charged at Lebanon, April 1, 1781, after
serving his term; he belonged to the British
Army; died in York, October 9, 1820,


Lieut.-Col. David Grier, ranking from
October 2, 1776, retired January 1, 1781;
died at York, June 3, 1790, aged forty-eight;
John Brown, August 15, 1779-81; wounded;
resided in York County, 1813.


John Tate, ensign, York County. 1777-78;
Stephen Stevenson, of York County, from
Ensign promoted Captain-Lieutenant,October
10, 1779; he signed a paper as retiring
ofBcer, January 30, 1781, but was appointed
subsequently Captain in the Fourth Penn-
sylvania. Adam Davidson, twenty-three,
farmer, Scotland; York County, 1780. Sam-
uel Jamieson, Sergeant, forty-five; farmer;
Jersey, England, York, 1776. George Hef-
flefinger, at Green Springs, July 5, '1781; re-
sided in York County, 1814.


James Lang, of York County, from Lieu-
tenant in Atlee's regiment, December 4, 1776,
commissioned. John Lockhart, March 7,
1777-81; died in York County, June 1,
1830, aged seventy-six. Samuel Spicer; dis-
located his wrist while building huts at
Morristown, 1779; resided in York County,
1835, aged ninety-seven.



Robert McMurdie, brigade chaplain, July,
1779; resided on Marsh Creek, York County,
now Adams, Jan. 1791.




Matthew Farney, from Marsh Creek.


In service from January 9, 1776, to March
20, 1777, was commanded by Col. William
Irvine. Lieut-Col. Thomas Hartley was
commissioned January 10, 1776. He was
promoted Colonel of one of the sixteen addi-
tional regiments. Major David Grier, of
York, was promoted from Captain; and af-
terward, Lieutenant-Colonel of the Seventh
Pennsylvania. Capt. Grier' s Company was
raised in York County in January and Feb-
ruary, 1776. The otScers, commissioned
March 20, 1776, were four, non-commis-
sioned officers and privates eighty-eight, total
strength ninety-two. In this battalion was
also Capt. Moses McClean's Company, which
had many York County men. The First Lieu-
tenants were Barnet Eichelberger, who re-
signed, and John Edie, Second Lieutenant,
John Hoge, Ensign, Robert Hopes. This
battalion was raised under the authority of
Congress, by resolution of January 4, 1776.
Six companies were to be raised, four in
Cumberland and two in York County.

Letter from Lieut. -Col. Thomas Hartley
to Jasper Yeates, Esq.

Ca:mp AT SoREL, June 12, 1776.
A detachment under Gen. Thompson was sent
down the river.* The corps under Col. St. Clair
was to join in, and, if the General thought it expe-
dient, he was ordered by Gen. Sullivan to attack

the enemy at Three Rivers Col. St. Clair's

division advanced, but the fire was too heavy. Part
of Col. Irvine's division, especially the riflemen,
went up toward the enemy. I understood the army
was in confusion. I consulted some friends, and
led up the reserve within a short distance of the
enemy. Capt. McClean's and Grier's company
advanced with spirit; St. Clairs' men took the
best situation, and within eighty yards of the en-
emy, exposed to the fire of the shipping, as hot as
hell. I experienced some of it. Not a'man of Mc-
Clean's company behaved ill; Grier's company be-
haved well. Several of the enemy were killed in
the attack of the reserve .... but a retreat was
necessary. Col. Wayne and Allen gathered some
hundreds together, and I got as many in my
division as I could, with several others amount-
ing to upward of 200 . . . Lieut. Eddie, of the
York troops, I fear is killed. He was a fine young
fellow and behaved bravely. He approached the
enemy's works without dismay, several times, and
remained in the swamp to the last. He was in the
second engagement, where it is supposed he was
killed. Ensign Hopes, of the same company, was
wounded near the breastwork when I led up the re-
serve. I cannot give too much commendation of
him. He showed tlie greatest courage after he had
received several wounds in the arm. He stood his
gi-ound and animated his men. He nobly made
good his retreat, with me, through a swamp of
nearly eighteen miles long. The ball has hurt the

bone. Several of our men were killed— I appre-
hend between thirty and fifty. The rest, missing,
have been taken, quite worn out with fatigue and

P. S. .lune 13. Last night, a sort of flag of truce
came from the enemy. Gen. Thompson, Col. Ir-
vine (William), Dr. McKenzie, Lieutenants Edie,
Currie and Parson MeCalla(of the first) are prison-
ers. 'They were taken up by some of the rascally
Canadians in the most treacherous manner.*

Lieutenant Edie mentioned in this account
was in Moses McClean's company from York
County, was taken prisoner on the 8th of
June, 1776, and exchanged on the 10th of
April, 1778 — afterward became Gen. Edie.
He resided in Adams County in 1814. En-
sign Hopes, of whom Col. Hartley also
writes in other letters, and whom he was de-
sirous to promote an account of his gallant
conduct, was Ensign Df Moses McClean's
company, and was made Quarter -Master of
the battalion, by Gen. Gates, on November
17, 1776. He was afterward promoted Cap-
tain in Col. Hartley's additional regiment on
the 13th of January, 1777, and was killed at
the battle of Brandywine. In this battalion,
one of the companies from Cumberland was
commanded by Capt. Samuel Hay, an iron
master, afterward promoted to be Major of
the Seventh Pennsylvania. This is the Major
Hay of whom Col. Hartley makes mention
in his letter. On the 11th of October, Hart-
ley still maintained his post; having found
in the woods some cannon lost in the French
war, with great labor he had roads cut, and
transported them to Crown Point, and had a
battery of six guns ready for visitors, not
any too soon, for on the same day the British
attacked Arnold's fleet, on Lake Champlain,
compelling him to retire toward Crown
Point to refit, the next day, almost totally
destroying it before it got there. On the
14th, Col. Hartley set fire to all the houses
at and near Crown Point, and retired to Ti-
conderoga. After threatening which place,
the British retired into winter quarters.
The army was moved to Ticonderoga the
6th, under Lieut.-Col. Hartley, was posted
at Crown Point, where it remained the bal-
ance of the summer and fall, the sentiuel
regiment of Gen. Gate's army. On the 6th
of September, Lieut.-Col. Hartley desired
Gen. Gates to send to Crown Point either
Gen. Wayne's battalion or the second, and he
would defend it with them. Gen. Gates gave
him positive orders to retreat if the British
reached that point. The British did not
come, however, and on the~2'2d Irvine's reg-
iment was still at Crown Point. f

*St. Lawrence.

«November 3, 1775, prison

! taken at St. John

Y'ork, of His Majesty's Twenty-sixth Regiment, and of the
Royal Highland Emigrant Regiment— the officers on parole —
Archives, N. S., 74. Force's Am. Archives.



Sixth Pennsylvania Battalion. First
Lieutenants — Bamet Eichelberger, York
County; commissioned January, 9, 1776; re-
signed February 5, 1776. John Edie, com-
missioned February 5, 1770, taken June 8,
1776; exchanged April 10, 1778; afterward
G-en. John Edie resigned in Adams County
in 1814. Robert Hopes, Ensign, commis-
sioned January 9, 1776. Appointed by Gen.
Gates Quarter-master November 19, 1776,
promoted a Captain in Hartley's additional
regiment, January 13, 1777, from Sixth
Battalion; killed at Brandywino.


Sixth Pennsylvania Battalion (raised in
York County, in January and February,
1 1 /'■)), March 20, 1776, officers commissioned,
four, non-commissioned officers and privates,
eighty-eight, total strength ninety-two.

Captains — Grier, David, commissioned
January 9, 17 /6; promoted Major, October 25,
1/(6. Alexander, William, from First Lieu-
tenant, Capt. Rippey's Company.

First Lieutenant— McDowell, John, Janu-
ary 9, 1776.

Second Lieutenant. — McAlister, Abdiel,
captured opposite Isle Aux Noix, June 21,
1776; exchanged May 8, 1778.

Ensigns. — Nichols, William, commissioned
Januai-y 9, 1776; promoted to captain, Bush's
company, June 21, 1776. Hughes, John,
commissioned June 21, 1776.

Sergeants. — Walker, Andrew, Yorktowu,
age twenty-one; enlisted January 30, 1776.
Knox, John, York County, age twenty-three;
enlisted February 20, 1776. Jefferies,

Robert, age twenty one; enlisted January
25, 1 (76. Hayman, John, enlisted February
21, 1776.

Corporals. — Lawson, James, Berwick, York
County, age twenty- three; enlisted January
20, 1 ( /6. Mcllhenny, Felix,born in Ferman-
agh, County Derry, Ireland; enlisted from
Hopewell January 20, 1776; age twenty;
taken June 8, 1776; paroled August 9, 1776.
Lethew, David, Hopewell, age thirty-two; en-
listed February 24, 1776. Tomson, Ezra,
York County, cutler; age twenty-five; enlisted
January 20, 1776; taken June 8, 1776.

Drum and Fife. — Hamilton, James.
Wright, Mathias, taken prisoner June 8,

Privates. — Anguis, William, age twenty-
two; enlisted February 5, 1776. Barnes,
Patrick, Cumberland County, age thirty; en-
listed January 19, 1776. Baker, George,
age twenty- one; enlisted January 19, 1776.

Bacheldor, Ebenezer, age twenty- eight;
enlisted January 25, 1776. Barry, James,
enlisted January 29, 1776. Beard, Robert,
age eighteen; Fawn Township, enlisted Feb-
ruary 7, 1776. Brian, John; Campbell,
Archibald, Berwick; age twenty- four; enlisted
February 14, 1776. Clemmonds, John, York-
town, cooper; age twenty-one; enlisted
January 19, 1776. Conn. Adam, York
County; age twenty; enlisted February 8,
17(6. Conner, George, Reading Township;
age twenty- three; wagon maker; enlisted
March 9, 1776; taken June 14, 1776. Con-
way, Charles, Reading Township; age
twenty-four; enlisted January 23, 1776.
Cooper, George, Chauceford, York Couuty;
age eighteen; enlisted February 2, 1776.
Corrigan, Cornelius, age twenty- two; enlisted
January 25, 1776. Davis, David, age nine-
teen; enlisted January 25, 1776. Dalany,
Thomas, Donegal, Lancaster County; enlisted
January 24, 1776; taken June 8, 1776;
Dorce, John, or Deis, resident in York County
in 1818, aged sixty-two. Dougherty, Charles,
enlisted February 12, 1776. Dougherty,
John, Yorktowu, age twenty-two; enlisted

; February 2, 1776; taken June 8, 1776.

' Essen, Alexander, Hopewell; age twenty;

j enlisted February 20, 1776. Falkner, John,
age twenty-five; enlisted January 22, 1776.
Frick, John, Yorktown; age twenty-eight;

: enlisted January 16, 1776. Forsyth, Robert,
Yorktown; age thirty-five; enlisted January
21, 1776. Geddes, Joseph, enlisted January
20, 1776; resident in Huntington County,

! May, 1818, weaver, aged seventy-five .years.
Grant, Peter, age twenty-seven; enlisted
January 25, 1776; taken June 8, 1776.
Guscager, Charles, Paradise Township; stone-
cutter; February 14, 1776. Gyfinger,
Charles, taken June 8, 1776. Harkins, James,
age twenty-six; enlisted January 23, 1776.
Hickenbottom, Edward, enlisted from Cum-
berland Township, January 23, 1776; age
twenty-five; taken June 8, 1776. Hodge,
Isaac, Baltimore; age twenty-five; enlisted
February 20, 1776. Hay, Thomas, Hagers-
town, York County; age twenty-five; enlisted
February 16, 1776; Jackson, Archibald, age
nineteen; enlisted February 5. 1776. John,
ston, Robert, Hopewell, age twenty ; enlisted
February 24. 1776. Johnston, William,
Reading Township, York County, age
eighteen; enlisted February 16, 1776. Kelly,
Thomas, Baltimore; age twenty-three; en-
listed March 30, 1776; taken June 8, 1776.
Kelly, George, Yorktown; shoemaker; age
twenty; enlisted January 16, 1776. Leeson,
James, enlisted February 12, 1776; taken
June 8, 1776. Mason, William, Barrens,


York County, age forty; enlisted February I
12, 1776; taken June 8, 1776; paroled Aug- '
ust 9, 1776. Matthews, Jacob. MoCali,
John, age twenty-five; enlisted January 26,
1776. McCoy, William, age eighteen; en-
listed February 16, 1776. McDaniel. John,
York County, age twenty -three; enlisted Feb,
ruary 5,1776. McGowan, Samuel, Hopewell,
age twenty-three; enlisted Februaiy 24,
1776. McKissaeh, Henry, Hopewell, age
twenty-two; enlisted February 24, 1776.
McMeehan, Michael, age twenty-six; enlisted
January 23, 1776. McMullan, James, York
County, age twenty-one; enlisted January 27,
1776. Mealy, Lawrence, Raphe, County
Donegal, Ireland; enlisted from Hopewell
February 23, 1776; age twenty; taken June
8, 1776; paroled August 9, 1776. Murphy,
Michael, Gunpowder Falls, age twenty-nine;
March30,1776. Murphy, Dennis, Yorktown:
shoemaker; age twenty-five; enlisted January
18; taken June 8, 1776. O'Loan, Patrick,
Yorktown; weaver; age twenty; eu listed
January 22, 1776. O'Neal, Peter, Cumber-
land Township, age twenty-one; enlisted
February 1, 1776. Pearcy.John, age twenty;
enlisted January 19, 1776. Price, James,
enlisted February 12, 1776. Qaigley, Will-
iam, Chanceford, age twenty three; enlisted
January 29, 1776. Redmond. Murtough,
age twenty- six; enlisted January 23; taken
June 8, 1776. Robinson, James, age twenty-
five; enlisted February 7, 1776. Roney,
Patrick, Hopewell, age twenty-one; enlisted
January 29, 1776. Russell, Joseph, York
County, age nineteen; enlisted February 23,
1776. Scullion, Patrick, age twenty-four;
enlisted January 31, 1776. Schregh, Peter,
age twenty-one; enlisted February 4, 1/76.
Shaw, Archibald, York County; enlisted
February 15, 1776. Shaw, James, age
eighteen; enlisted January 25,1776. Stand-
ley, Francis, Hopewell, March 5, 17(6.
Shive, Philip, Yorktown, age twenty- two;
enlisted January 16, 1776. Schregh, Michael,
age eighteen; enlisted February 5, 1776;
resided in York County 1818, aged sixty-one.
Scidle, Peter, age seventeen; enlisted Feb-
ruary 7, 1776. Schneider, John, Yorktown;
age twenty-one; enlisted January 1 /, 1776,
re-enlisted in Capt. Farmer's company, Hazen
• regiment; resided in York County in 1818;
aged sixty-seven. Spencer, Edward, Codorus,
forgeman; age eighteen; enlisted January
20, 1776. Stevenson, James, enlisted Feb-
ruary 7, 1776. Swank, Baltzer, Yorktojvn;
saddler; age eighteen; January 30, li76.
Swartz, George, Yorktown; clockmaker;
age twenty- two; enlisted January 16, 1(76.
Swartz, Peter, Rapho Township, Lancaster

County; mason; age twenty-two; enlisted
March 26, 1776. Taylor, John, age tweuty-
one; enlisted January 31, 1776; taken June
8, 1776; Trees, Jacob, York, enlisted Janu-
ary 22, 1776. Wade, Joseph, age twenty-six:
enlisted January 23, 1776. Weaverling,
Adam, Yorktown, age twenty; enlisted Janu-
ary 31, 1776. Welch, Edward, age twenty-
four; enlisted January 19, 1776. White,
Isaac, Yorktown, age twenty; enlisted Jan-
uary 20, 1776. Wilkinson, William, York
County, aged twenty one; enlisted January
25, 1776. Wilson, Joseph, York County, age
nineteen; enlisted January 29, 1776. Wor-
ley, George, Windsor Township, age twenty-
three; enlisted February 9, 1776. Wright,
Matthias, York County, enlisted Februarv 7.
1776; taken June 8, 1776.


This regiment was organized by the re-en-
listment of the Sixth Battalion. The Col-
onel, Irvine, had been captured at Three
Rivers, June 8, 1776. In January, 1777,
Lieut.-Col. Hartley was appointed to com-
mand one of the additional regiments, and
Maj. David Grier became Lieutenant- Colonel,
and had charge of the regiment until Col.
Irvine's exchange. The regiment returned
to Carlisle from Ticonderoga in March, 1877.
Capt. Moses McClean was returned prisoner.
He was exchanged March 27, 1777. Maj.
Hay wrote to Col. Irvine, September 29.
1777, from camp at Trappe, in regard to the
Paoli night attacjk and Maj. Grier: "The
annals of the age cannot produce such a
scene of butchery. All was confusion. The
enemy amongst us, and your regiment (the
Seventh) the most exposed, as the enemy
came on the right wing. The enemy rushed
on, with fixed bayonets, and made use of
them as they intended. The party lost 30(1
privates in killed, wounded and missing, be-
sides commissioned and non-commissioned.
Our loss is Col. Grier, Capt. Wilson, and
Lieut. Irvine (who received seventeen bayonet
wounds), and sixty-one non-commissioned
and privates killed and wounded, which was
just half the men we had on the ground fit
for duty. The 22d I went to the ground to
see the wounded. The scene was shocking.
The poor men groaning under their wounds,
which were all by stabs of bayonets, and cuts
of light horsemen's swords. Col. Grier is
wounded in the side by ~a bayonet, super-
ficially slanting to the breast bone."* After
the actions of Brandywine, Paoli and Ger-
mantown. the retui-n reported four Captains.

«X Archives, N. S., .595,598.


three Lieutenants, eighty-nine privates fit for
duty. Col. Grier retired January 1, 1781.
He died at York, June 3, lv90, aged forty-
eight. "

In G. "\V. Parke Custis' " Kecollections and
Private Memoirs of Washington," is related
a circumstance which places Col. Hartley in
intimate relations with the_Commander-in-
Chief . Years previous, in 1 m 0, when Wash-
ington, a'i Colonel, received an embassy from
the Six Nations, the grand sachem referred to
the time when on the battle-field their rifles
had been levelled at him in vain, and said,
"Listen! The Great Spirit protects that
man and guides his destinies. He will be-
come the chief of nations, and a people yet
unborn will hail him as the founder of a
mighty empire! " This made a deep impres-
sion, and at the battle of Monmouth, Dr.
James Craik expressed great faith in the Indi-
an's prophecy. Curtis says: "During the
engagement "on the following day, while
Washington was speaking to a favorite officer,
I think the brave and valued Col. Hartley, of
the Pennsylvania Line, a cannon ball struck
just at his horse's feet, throwing the dirt in
his face and over his clothes; the General
continued giving his orders, without noticing
the derangement of his toilet. The officers
present, several of whom were of the party
the preceding evening, looked at each other
with anxiety. The chief of the medical
staff, pleased with the proof of his predic-
tion, and in reminiscense of what had passed
the night before, pointed toward heaven,
which was noticed by the others, with a grat-
ifying smile of acknowledgement." "Of the
brave and valued Col. Hartley, it is said,
that the Commander-in-Chief sent for him in
the heat of an engagement, and addressed
him as follows: I have sent for you Colonel,
to employ you on a serious piece of service.
The state of oui- affairs renders it necessary
that a part of this army should be sacrificed
for the welfare of the whole. You command
an efficient corps (a tine regiment of Germans
from York and Lancaster Counties). I know
you well, and have therefore selected you to
perform this important and serious duty.
You will take such a position and defend it
to the last extremity." The Colonel received
this appointment to a forlorn hope, with a
smile of exultation, and bowing, replied:
"Your Excellency does me too much honor;
your orders shall be obeyed to the letter,"
and repaired to his post. I will not be pos-
itive as to the location of this anecdote, hav-
ing heard it from the old people of the Rev-
olution, many years ago, but think it occurred
on the field of Monmoirth, but of this I am

not certain. I have a hundred times seen
Col. Hartley received in the halls of the great
President, where so many Revolutionary
worthies were made welcome, and to none
was the hand of honored and friendly recol-
lection more feelingly ofiered; on none did
the merit-discerning eye of the Chief appear
to bear with more pleasure than on Hartley,
of York."*


On the 27th of December, 1776, Congress
authorized Gen. Washington to raise sixteen
additional battalions of infantry, and to ap-
point the officers. On the 11th of January,
1777. he issued commissions to Lieut. -Col.
Hartley and Maj. John Patton, of Miles'
Rifle Regiment, to raise two regiments. Hart-
ley's regiment was in the First Pennsylvania
Brigade', Gen. Wayne's Division, Hartley
conimanding the brigade in the battles of
Brandywine and Germantown. The regiment
did heavy fighting at Brandywine from its
loss of officers and men.

In this regiment was Robert McCulloiigh,
who was discharged in 1781, and resided in
Yale County in 1817, and Michael Enrich, of
York; feet frozen at Wyoming.f

Col. Thomas Hartley's Regiment was or-
dered to Sunbury in Jaly, 17/8, on the West

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