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Since 1863 it will be observed the Demo-
cratic majority has been very large in York

Simon Snyder who was elected in 1808,
lived in York in 1780, and followed the oc-
cupation of a tanner. James Ross, of Pitts-


burg, who was liis competitor at that elec-
tion was born in Peach Bottom Township. He
was an eminent statesman.

In the early history of American politics
the parties were frequently called Federalists
and anti-Federalists. The last-named poli-
tical party however was generally called the
Democratic-Republican party.


The office of representative to Congress was
created by the Constitution of the United
States which was adopted September 17,
1787, and ratified by the convention of Penn-
sylvania, December 12, 1787. The term of
office was then made two years, and has not
since been changed. The number of repre-
sentatives is apportioned among the States
according to population. York County for a
number of years was a separate congressional
district. At present York, Adams and
Cumberland form one district. The following
is a list of those who represented York
County :

Thomas Hartley was the first congressman
elected to represent York County in 1788,
and continued a member until the time of
his death, on December 21, 1800.

John Stewart was elected at a special elec-
tion held January 15, 1801, to fill Col.
Hartley's unexpired term. He was re-elected
in 1802.

James Kelly was elected in October, 1804,
and re- elected in October, 1806.

William Crawford was elected in October,
1808, and re-elected in 1810.

Hugh Glasgow was elected October, 1812,
and reelected October, 1814.

Jacob Spangler was elected October, 1816,
and resigned before expiration of term,

Jacob Hostetter was elected in March, 1818,
to fill the unexpired term of his predecessor,
and was reelected in October of the same

James S. Mitchell was elected in October
of the years 1822—24.

Adam King was elected in October, 1826,
and re-elected in October, 1828—30.
Charles A. Barnitz was elected in 1832.
Henry Logan was elected in 1834 and re-
elected in 1836.

Dr. James Gerry was elected in 1838, and
re elected in 1840.

Dr. Henry Nes, was elected in 1842, and
re-elected in 1844, and served until 1850.

William K. Kurtz was elected in 1850,
and re-elected in 1852.

Lemuel Todd, of Carlisle, was elected in

Dr. John A. Ahl, of Carlisle, was elected in

Benjamin F. Junkin, of Perry County, was
elected in 1858 to represent York, Cumber-
land and Perry Counties.

Joseph Bailey, of Perry County, was elected
in 1860 and re-elected 1862.

Richard J. Haldeman was elected in 1868,
and re-elected in 1870.

John A. Magee, of Perry, elected 1872.

Levi Maish, of York, elected in 1874, and
re-elected in 1876.

Frank A. Beltzhoover, of Carlisle, elected
in 1878, and re-elected in 1880.

William A. Duncan, of Gettysburg, elected
in 1882, re- elected in 1884, and died a few
days after election.

Dr. John Swope, of Gettysburg, was elected
at a special election in January, 1885.


The office of the State senator was created
by the constitution of 1790, which provided
that the legislative power of the common-
wealth, should be vested in a General Assem-
bly, consisting of a senate and a house of
representatives, the number of senators in
the State not to be less than one- fourth, nor
more than one-third of the number of repre-
sentatives. The senate upon its organization
was composed of twelve members. Li 1801
the number was increased to twenty-five, in
1808 to thirty-one, in 1822 to thirty-three,
and so continued until 1874, when it was in-
creased to fifty.

The term of office was four years, from 1790
to 1838, and three years from 1838 to
1874, when the new constitution increased
the term to four years. The first four years
to 1794, York and Lancaster Counties formed
one district, which was entitled to three
senators. York County was constituted a
separate district in 1794, and was entitled to
two senators. When Adams County was
formed, the two counties formed one district,
and were allowed two senators, one elected
every two years, generally chosen from the
counties alternately. In the accompanying
list it will be noticed that sometimes elec-
tions were held more frequently than biannu-
ally before 1838. This was caused by a
death or resignation. The following is a
list of State senators, who represented York
County and the year of their election. For
the district composed of York and Lancaster
Counties under State constitution of 1790: —
1790, Adam Hubley, Jr., Michael Schmeia-
er, and Sebastian Groff; 1794, Michael
Schmeiser and Thomas Lilly, 1795, Gen.
James Ewing; 1799, Gen. James Ewing;



1800, Gen. William Reed; 1803, Rudolph
Spangler, 1805, William Miller; 1807, Col.
Thomas Campbell; 1809, William Gilliland;
1811, John Strohman; 1813, James McSher-
ry; 1815, Charles A. Barnit.z; 1817, William
Gilliland; 1819, Frederick Eichelberger;
1821, Jacob Eyster ; 1823, William Mcllvaine :
1824, Zephaniah Herbert; 1826, Henry
Logan; 1829, Ezra Blythe; 1831. Henry
1833, David Middlekaiifl'; 1836,
McConkey, with two associate sena-
tors represented York and Lancaster. He
was elected in 1836 for York County; 1840,
Thomas E. Cochran; 1843, Adam Eby.

The following-named persons represented
York County as a separate senatorial district
—1846, Philip Smyser'; 1849, Henry Fulton;
1852, Jacob S. Haldeman; 1855, William H.
Welsh; 1858, William H. Welsh; 1861, A.
Hiestand Glatz.

The following-named persons represented
York and Cumberland as one senatorial dis-
trict— 1863, George H. Bucher; 1866, A. .
Hiestand Glatz; 1879, Andrew G. Miller.
The next two represented York and Adams —
1872, William McSherry; 1875, H. G. Bus-
sey; 1878, James H. Ross; 1882, James H,

At present York County is the twenty-
eighth senatorial district, and uuder the con-
stitution of 1873 the state seaators are elec-
ted for a term of four years.


The office of Assemblymen, now generally
called members of the House of Represen-
tatives, was created by the frame of govern-
ment prepared by William Penn before leav-
ing England.

After the erection of York County it was
entitled to two members in the General As-
sembly, which then met at Philadel-
phia. They were elected annually. The
constitution of 1776 provided that in the
years 1776-77-78, each county of the
State was entitled to six members, and
thereafter the number was to be determined
by the General Assembly according to popu-
lation. In 1779 the number was increased
to eight members, and again reduced to six
in 1786. The constitution of 1790 provided
for an enumeration of the taxable inhabitants
within three years after the first meeting of
the General Assembly, and an apportionment
of the members of the two houses created by
that constitution, among the counties, ac-
cording to the number of taxables, and a sim-
ilar enumeration and apportionment every
seven years thereafter. The number of mem-
bers for York County continued to be six until

1800, when Adams County was formed. The
number was then reduced to four, in 1829 to
three, and in 1858 to two. The apportion-
ment of 1874 increased the number to four.
All members were elected anunally from 1749
to 1874. The elections were always held in
October, until 1874, when the time was
changed to November. Under our present
constitution the term is two years. The
names of the member.-? who represented York
County from the time, of its erection to 1885,
together with the years of their election are
as follows:

1749, John Wright and John Arm.strong;
1750, no sheriif's return nor did any repre-
sentative appear; 1751, John Wright and
John Witherow; 1752, no return. From
1753 to 1759, John Wright and David Mc-

1760, David McConaughy and John Black-
burn; 1761, David McConaughy and John
Blackburn; 1762, David McConaughy and
John Blackburn; 1703, David McConaughy
and John Blackburn; 1764, David McCon-
aughy and John Blackburn; 1765, John Black-
burn and Robert McPherson; 1766, John
Blackburn and Robert McPherson; 17(57,
Robert McPherson and Archibald McGrew;
1768, Thomas Minshall and Michael
Schwaabe; 1769, Thomas Minshall and Mi-
chael Schwaabe.

1770, Thomas Minshall and Michael
Schwaabe; 1771, James Ewing and Michael
Schwaabe; 1772, James Ewing and ■ John
Pope; 1773, James Ewing and John Pope;

1774, James Ewing and Michael Schwaabe;

1775, James Ewing and Michael Schwaabe;

1776, Archibald McLean, Michael Schwaabe,
David Dunwoodie, James Dickson, Michael
Hahn, John Read. 1777, David Dunwoodie,
James Dickson, Michael Hahn, Matthew
Dill, JohnAgnew, JohnOrr; 1778. Thomas
Hartley, Samuel Edie, Thomas Lilly, Michael
Schmeiser, William Ross, Henry Schlegel ;
1779, David Dunwoodie, James Dickson,
Matthew Dill, John Orr, Henry Schlegel,
James Leeper, John Hay, David Kennedy.

1780, James Dickson, Thomas Lilly, Mi-
chael Schmeiser, Moses McLean, Robert Gil-
braith, James Smith, William Mitchell,
James Ramsay; 1781, Michael Hahn, John
Agnew, Thomas Lilly, Michael Schmeiser,
Moses McLean, Robert McPherson, James
Ramsey, Joseph McGuffin; 1782, Michael
Hahn, Thomas Lilly, Michael Schmeiser,
Moses McLean, Robert McPherson, Joseph
McGuflfin, John Hay, Patrick Scott; 1783,
Moses McLean, Robert McPherson, Joseph
McGuffiu, John Hay, Henry Miller, Philip
Gardner, David Grier, David McConaughy;


1784, Robert McPherson, John Hay, Henry
Miller, Philip Gardner, David McConaughy,
James Ewing, Henry Tyson, Joseph Lilly;

1785, Heni-y Miller, Philip Gardner, David
McConaughy, Henry Tyson, Joseph Lilly,
David McLellan, Adam Eichelberger, Mi-
chael Schmeiser; 1786, David McConaughy,
Henry Tyson, Joseph Lilly, David McLellan,
Adam Eichelberger, Michael Schmeiser;
1787, Michael Schmeiser, Joseph Lilly,
David McLellan, William Mitchell, Joseph
Read, Thomas Clingan; 1788, Michael
Schmeiser, Thomas Lilly, Henry Tyson,
David McLellan, Joseph Read, Thomas
Clingan; 1789, Thomas Lilly, Thomas
Clingan, Jacob Schmeiser, John Stewart,
William Godfrey, Joseph Read.

1790, Joseph Read, Philip Gardner, Henry
Tyson, William McPherson, John Stewart,
Thomas Lilly; 1791, Thomas Lilly, John
Stewart, William McPherson, Alexander
Turner, Thomas Thornburg, Henry Tyson;
1792, Philip Gardner, John Stewart, Alex-
ander Turner, Thomas Thornburg, Thomas
Lilly, William McPherson; 1793, Thomas
Lilly, Philip Gardner, John Stewart, Alex-
ander Turner, Thomas Campbell, James
Kelly; 1794, Philip Gardner, John Stewart,
William McPherson, Alexander Turner,
Thomas Campbell, James Kelly; 1795,
William McPherson, Alexander Turner,
Thomas Campbell, Philip Gardner, William
Miller, John Stewart; 179(5, William Mc-
Pherson, John Stewart, Philip Gardner,
Alexander Tiu-ner, Thomas Campbell, Will-
iam Miller; 1797, Thomas Campbell, Will-
iam McPherson, Alexander Turner, Philip
Gardner; Jacob Hostetter, James Kelly;
1798, Thomas Campbell, Alexander Turner,
William McPherson, James Kelly, Jacob
Hostetter, Philip Albright; 1799, William
McPherson, Alexander Turner, Thomas Camp-
bell, Yost Herbach, Alexander Cobean, Jacob

1800, Jacob Hostetter, Frederick Eichel-
berger, William Anderson, Michael Gemmill;

1801, Frederick Eichelberger, William An-
derson, Michael HeDman, Daniel Stouffer;

1802, Frederick Eichelberger, William An-
derson, Michael Hellman, Daniel Stouffer;

1803, Michael Hellman, Daniel Stouffer,
Matthew Clark, George Spengler; 1804.
Michael Hellman, Matthew Cla.k, George
Spengler, Adam Hendricks; 1805, George
Spengler, Conrad Sherman, William Mc
Lellan, Benjamin Pedan; 1806, William
Anderson, George Spengler, Adam Hendricks,
Robert Hammersly; 1807, Conrad Sherman,
Jacob Eichelberger, Robert Gemmill, John
McLellan; 1808, George Spengler, Abra-

ham Graflfius, Archibald Steele, George Nes;
1809, George Spengler, Abraham Graffius,
George Nes, Archibald S. Jordan.

1810, George Nes, James S. Mitchell,
Moses Rankin, Rudolph Spengler; 1811,
Adam Hendi-icks, James S. Mitchell, Moses
Rankin, George Stake; 1812, James S.
Mitchell, Peter Storm, Jacob Heckert, Adam
Hendricks; 1813, James S. Mitchell, Jacob
Heckert, Archibald S. Jordan, George Fry-
singer; 1814, Archibald S. Jordan, Peter
Storm, Peter "Small, James S. Mitchell;
1815, Frederick Eichelberger, Peter Storm,
John Livingston, John Strohman; 1816,
Frederick Eichelberger, Peter Storm, Mich-
ael Gardner, John Livingston; 1817, Mich-
ael Gardner, Frederick Eichelberger, Peter
Storm, Moses Rankin; 1818, Jacob Doll,
Peter Reider, Robert Ramsey, Henry Logan;
1819, Jacob Doll, Peter Reider, Robert
Ramsey, Henry Logan.

1820. Jonas Dierdorfif, William Nes, John
Livingston, Peter Storm; 1821, Jonas Dier-
dorfif, William Nes, John Livingston, Peter
Storm; 1822, John Gardner, Samuel Jordan,
William Diven, Christian Hetrick; 1823,
John Gardner, Samuel Jordan, William
Diven, Christian Hetrick; 1824, Samuel
Jordan, Christian Hetrick, William Diven,
John Kauffelt; 1825, Christian Hetrick,
Simon Anstine, John Eichelberger, Michael
Gardner; 1826, Christian Hetrick, John
Becker, Peter Wolf ord, Stephen T. Cooper;
1827, Stephen T. Cooper, Peter Wolford,
John Becker, George Fisher; 1828, Stephen
T. Cooper, Michael Doudel, Thomas Metzler,
George Fisher; 1829, Michael Doudel,
George Fisher, Andrew McConkey.

1830, George Fisher, Andrew McConkey,
John Rankin, 1831, Andrew Flickinger, John
R. Donnel, John Rankin; 1832, John Rankin,
John R. Donnel, Daniel Durkee; 1833, John
R. Donne], William McClellan, Henry
Snyder; 1834, William McClellan, Henry
Snyder, Samuel Brooks; 1835, Jacob Kirk, Jr.,
Joseph Garrettson, and William Cowan. The
last named (1885) is still living in Lower
Chanceford at the age of ninety-live years.
1836,-37 Martin Shearer, John Thompson,
Samuel Brooks, Jr; 1838, Martin Shearer,
James Kerr, George Dare.

1840, Jacob Stickel, William Snodgrass,
Robert McClellan; 1841, Isaac Garrettson,
Adam Ebaugh, John May; 1842, Adam
Ebaugh, Isaac Garrettson,William S. Picking;
1843, Samuel N. Bailey, M. W. McKinnon,
William S. Picking; 1844, William S. Pick-
ing, Samuel N. Bailey, Stephen McKinley:
1845, Samuel N. Bailey, Stephen McKinley,
John Kellar; 1846, James Starr, William



McAbee, George S. Murphy; 1847, William
McAbee, William Koss, Daniel L. Gehley;
1848-49, George F. Carl, David F. Williams,
Thomas Grove.

1850-51, Edwin C. Trone, Alexander C.
JlcCurdy, Jacob S. Haldeman ; 1852-53,
George Kraft, James M. Anderson, Ezekiel
K. Herbert; 1854, Jacob K. Sidle, Vincent
C.S.Eckert, Joseph Wilson; 1855,Eli W.Free,
William McConkey, Daniel Butter; 1856-57
Isaac Beck. Samuel Manear. James Ramsay;
1858-59, A. Heistand Glatz, William W.

1860-61, Frederick Sultzbach, John Mani-
fold; 1862, J. Dellone, James Ramsay;
1863, Joseph Dellone, A. C. Ramsay; 1864,
Daniel Reiff, John F. Spangler; 1865,
John F. Spangler, Jaraes Cameron; 1866,
James Cameron, A. S. Lawrence; 1867-68,
Levi Maish, Stephen G. Boyd; 1869-70,
George R. Hursh, B. F. Porter.

1871-72, Lemuel Ross, Frank J. Magee;
1873-74, George W. Heiges, D. M. Loueks;
1875-76, JohnB. Gemmill, Emanuel Myers,
Adam Stevens, George Anstine; 1877-78,
John B. Gemmill, Adam Stevens, Philip S.
Bowman. George E. Sherwood; 1879-80,
George E. Sherwood, Philip S. Bowman,
William Campbell and John Wiest.

1881-82. William Campbell, John Wiest,
Millard J. Blackford, J. C. Deveney; 1883-84,
Millard J. Blackford, J. C. Deveney, Morris
M. Hays, William B. Bigler; 1885-86, M.
J. McKinnon, S. J. Barnhart, J. P. Robison,
Charles Williams.

TION OF 1790.

First District.*— Gova^osed of York Bor-
ough and Township, and part of Spring
Garden : Andrew Billmeyer, commissioned
August 29, 1791 ; Conrad Laub, December
14, 1792 ; William McClean. December 14,
1792 ; Jacob Hay, October 6, 1794 ; George
Lewis Leofller, November 6, 1795 ; Andrew
Johnston, November 6, 1795 ; John Forsythe,
June 2. 1799; Jacob Heckert, June 18, 1800 ;
Peter Mundorff, AjDril 2, 1802 ; Jacob Le-
fever, April 2, 1804 ; Ignatius Lightner,
April 1, 1806 ; Ephraim Penington, Septem-
ber 30, 1808 ; John Stroman, February 15,

*The Legislature April 4, 1803, required the commis-
sioners of the dift'erent counties to lay out their counties in-
to districts for justices of the peace, and to make returns to the
secretary, etc., containing the number and description of the
bounds of each district, the number of acting justices in each,
and, as near as might be, the place of their residence. In pur-
suance of this request, the commissioners of this county met,
and after having divided the county into fourteen districts, and
collected the inlormation required, completed their report, and
set their hands and affixed the seal of office thereto October 26,
1803. From Ihe report it appears at that time there were 5,540
tdxables in the county and thirl j - uine acting justices.

1809 ; Thomas Whitaker, January 3, 1811 ;
George Haller, November 1, 1813 ; Daniel
Heckert, May 15, 1815 ; Joseph Morris,
February 14, 1817 ; Henry Schaeffer, March
31, 1817 ; Charles F. Fischer, December 19,
1819; Martin Boyer, November 1, 1820;
John Youse. April 5, 1821 ; Louis Shive,
July 17, 1821 ; Henrv Ruthrauff, August 3.
1821 ; Penrose Robinson, October 31, 1821 ;
George Klinefelter, December 9, 1828; Fran-
cis McDermott, December 11, 1823; Jacob
Seitz, December 12, 1823 ; Philip Smyser,
March 10, 1823 ; John Smith, March 26,

1824 ; Anthony Knisely, March 26, 1824 ;
Michael Gardner, March 21, 1825 ; Francis
McDermott, November 9, 1825 ; Zachariah
Spangler, August 25, 1828 ; George Lauman,
November 10, 1829; Benjamin Lanius, De-
cember 10, 1829 : Jacob Eichelberger, De-
cember 14, 1829 ; Jacob Lehman, February
19, 1830 ; John A. Wilson, January 23, 1832 ;
John Shaeffer, February 25, 1833 ; Benjamin
Ziegler, February 25, 1833 ;

Second District. — Composed of the town-
ships of Heidelberg and Manheim, includ-
ing the borough of Hanover. Philip Wolf-
hart (The commission is not to be found on
record). Henry Welsh, October 29, 1795 ;
.John Hinkel, January 8, 1803 ; Michael Hell-
man, April 1, 1805 ; Anthonv Hinkel, Febru-
ary 15, 1809 ; Peter Reider" May 6, 1814 ;
John Hoshauer, December 6. 1816 ; David
Shultz, December 18, 1816 ; John L. Hinkel,
March 14, 1817 ; Peter Storm, December 21,
1818 ; Michael Lechner, February 22, 1819 ;
David T. Storm, December 11, 1820 ; Charles
T. Melsheimer, February 18, 1822 ; Michael
Bucher, J., November 27, 1823 ; Peter Over-
deer, May 5, 1824, Luther H. Skinner, Octo-
ber 20, 1825 ; George Freysingr, October 31,

1825 ; John Maul, August 12, 1831.

Third District. — Composed of the town-
ships of Newberry and Fairview. Martin
Shetter, April 23, 1792 ; Henry Greiger,
March 8, 1796 ; Michael Simpson, April 19,
1797 ; Robert Hamersly, Februaiy 18, 1799 ;
James Todd, March 28, 1799 ; John Spenee,
April 1, 1805 ; Adam Kister, January 1,
1807 ; Michael Hart, March 30, 1809 ; Rob-
ert Thornburg, March 29, 1813,; Isaac Kirk,
February 2, 1814 ; Frederick Stoner, Decem-
ber 23, 1814 ; Mills Hays, August 13, 1817 ;
Isaac Spenee, March 2, 1818 ; George Ash-
ton, January 7, 1820 ; Henry Etter, October
17, 1822 ; Vvilliam Culbertson, January 19,
1823 ; John C. Groom, February 7, 1825 ;
John Rankin, May 2, 182 t ; Jacob Kirk, Jr.,
April 15, 1830 ; John G. Kister, April 4,
1831 ; John Thompson, March 30, 1831 ;
James Nichols, April 24, 1833 ; Jacob Smith,


April 24, 1833; Joseph McCrearj, January
30, 1834.

FoiirthBistrict.-CoTmiiosed of the townships
of Cbanneford and Lower Chanceford: Will-
iam Morrison, October 1, 1799 ; William Eoss,
(commission not recorded). James Patterson,
June 18, 1800 ; Joseph Herr, April 1, 1805 ;
William Morrison, April 1. 1806 ; William
Douglass, October 20, 1809 ; John Geben,
March 22, 1814 ; John Finley. October 9,
1814 ; John Lane, January 11, 1816 ; Hugh
Long, February 4, 1818 ; Samuel Nelson,
December 11, 1820 ; Andrew Clarkson, April
1, 1822 ; Andrew Duncan, April 1, 1822 ;
Hugh Ross, March 31, 1823.

Fifth District. — Composed of the townships
of Warrington and Washington : E. Under-
wood, August 29, 1791 ; John Hippel, June
18, 1800; William Squibb, October 24,
1807 ; George Huber, March 29, 1808 ; Fred-
erick Herman, March 28, 1811 ; David Bauer,
December 9, 1828 ; Jacob Stickell, December
9, 1S23 ; William Eoss, March 5, 1830 ;
John S. Smith, May 23, 1833 ; Abraham
Griffith, February 7, 1834.

Sixth District — Composed of the townships
of Monaghan and Franklin : Thomas Black,
November 22, 1797 ; Francis Culberlson,
March 28, 1799 ; John Blackley Jones, De-
cember 9, 1799 ; David Meyer, March 10,
1813; William McMillan, January 9, 1816;
William Divin, January 24, 1818 ; Peter
Wolfhart, March 15, 1820 ; Matthew Black,
April 1, 1822 : Hugh O'Hail, April 1, 1822 ;
Hugh McMullen, December 5, 1823 ; Daniel
Bailey, June 19, 1827 ; Eobert Hamersly,
April 23, 1829 ; Thomas Godfrey, Septem-
ber 24, 1829 ; James O'Hail, July 15, 1834.

Seventh District. — Comjaosed of the town-
ship of Shi-ewsbury, including Strasburg:
Henry Eehman, June 18. 1800 ; Caleb Low,
April 2, 1807 ; George Klinefelder, Novem-
ber 1, 1813 ; Jacob Kothrock, May 16,
1818; Joshua Hendricks, May 10, 1818;
Jacob Rothrock, June 10. 1822: Henry Sny-
der, September 15, 1828 : Jacob N Hilde-
brand, May 8, 1833.

Eighth District. — Composed of the town-
ship of Codorus : John Brien, August 2],
1797 ; Henry Miller, June 18, 1800 ; John
Drexler, June 18, 1800 ;■ Henry Strickhauser,
April 2, 1802 ; Peter Eeider, March 15, 1809 ;
John Hendrick, March 18, 1817 ; Graham
McCamant, March 29, 1821 ; Daniel Lease,
May 28, 1828 ; George Fisher, February 23,
1833 ; Jefferson Drout, February 25, 1833 ;
Jacob Dehofif, March 1, 1834.

Ninth District. — Composed of the town-
ships of Dover and Conewago: John Sharp,
commission not recorded; John Bull, De-

cember 3, 1799; Henry Stover, February 15,
1809; William Caldwell, January 20, 1814;
John McCreary, June 10, 1823; John Aughen-
baugh, December 9, 1823; Eoss Bull, Decern
ber 13, 1823.

Tenth District. — Composed of the town-
ship of Paradise: William Ziegler, August
25, 1796; Heni-y Meyer, June 11, 1809; Ja-
cob Ernst, June 11, 1810; Henry Buse, April
4, 1823.

Eleventh District. — Composed of the town-
ships of Manchester and West Manchester:
Yost Herbach, December 19, 1794; George
Philip Ziegler, May 21, 1799; Andrew Bit-
ter, December 3, 1799; John Weyer, June 18,
1800;FrederickEichelberger, January 7, 1808;
John Quickell, December 19, 1808; Adam
Wolff, March 24, 1817; John Weyer, April 2,
1818; Jacob Srayser, June 12, 1822; Charles
Bishop, March 26, 1824; Anthony Dessen-
berger, February 6, 1833; Samuel C. Bon-
ham, March 25, 1833.

Tivetfth District. — Composed of the town-
ships of Hellam and Windsor and part of
Spring Garden: Henry Tyson, April 10, 1793;
Samuel Jago, June 20, 1797; Jacob Leibhart,
December 10, 1799; Henry Leibhart, June
18. 1800; Christian Eathfon, January 2, 1804;
Anthony Hines. April 1, 1806; Matthias
Baker, March 13, 1809; John Welschans,
March 29, 1813; William Wilson, March 2,
1818; William White, March 2, 1821; Chris-
tian Hamaker, March 2, 1822; Samuel John-
son, March 26, 1824; Jacob Fries, March 26,
1824; John Ruby, February 25, 1828; Adam
Paules, August 3, 1829; George Addig, June
7, 1830; George Shenberger, May 23, 1833;
Samuel Landes, July 18, 1834.

Thirteenth District. — Composed of the
township of Hopewell: William Smith,*
Andrew Duncan, (commission not recorded);
Thomas Jordan, August 10, 1800; John
Smith. August 16, 1821; Adam Ebaugh, Feb-
ruary 6, 1834: Henry Fulton, February 11,
1834; Sampson Smith, April 2, 1834.

Fourteenth District. — Composed of the
townships of Fawn and Peach Bottom:
John Gibson, (commission not recorded;)
John Boyd, March 17, 1799; William Ander-
son, March 29, 1808; James Walton, March
29, 1808; John Livingston, December 20,
1810; Samuel Jordan, December 5, 1815;
James Wilso^i, January 24, 1818; James

*Esq. Smith is mentioned in the report of tlte commissioners
October 27, 1S0:3; and they describe his residence as being
nearly in the central part of Hopewell Township. When his
commission as a justice of the peace for Hopewell was issued,
cannot be found; but on December 7, 1764, he was for the first

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