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Tapton house, Chesterfield, esq. to take the name of Ricketts in lieu of

March 23. Henry Andrew Grant Cookson, of Oaklands, in the island of
Jersey, esq. Seigneur des Augres et de Godeaulx, in the said island, late
Lieut. 22nd Foot, to discontinue the name of Cookson and reassume the
surnames of Evans-Gordon.

March 28. John Dryden Pigott, of Sundorne castle, co. Salop, clerk,
Rector of Edgmond, eldest son of John Dryden Pigott, of Edgmond, clerk,
deceased, in compliance with the will of his cousin-german Andrew Wm.

2 o 2


Corbet, of Sundorne castle, esq. M.P. for Shrewsbury, to take the name of
CoKBET instead of Pigott, and bear the arms of Corbet quarterly in the
first quarter with his own arms.

April 10. Claud Hamilton Hamilton, esq. (formerly Brown) of Calcutta,
having, in compliance with the will of his uncle Claud Hamilton, esq.
assumed the name of Hamilton instead of Srown, has received the licence
and authority of the Lord Lyon King of Arms to bear such arms as are
described in the letters patent issued by the Lyon Depute 29 March, 1865.

April 28. Died, aged 64, the Hon. Sir Henry Dymoke, of Scrivelsby
Court, CO. Lincoln, Bart. Hereditary Champion of her Majesty : being the
17th who had held that office, including his ancestors the Marmyons. (See
the History of the Family of Mar my on, by T. S. Banks, 1817, 8vo.) It has
been remarked that two of Sir Henry's ancestors officiated at three corona-
tions. Sir Robert Dymoke at those of Richard III., Henry VII. and
Henry VIII , and his son Sir Edward at those of Edward VI., Mary, and
Elizabeth. Sir Henry Dymoke also might have officiated at three. At
that of George IV. he took the place of his father (who was then living),
the Rev. John Dymoke: at those of William IV. and her present Majesty
he was ready for the service, but this time-honoured ceremonial was dis-
pensed with. By her Majesty's favour he was, however, advanced to the
dignity of a Baronet, by patent dated September, 1841 : the Champions
having heretofore usually received the honour of Knighthood. As the
remainder of the Baronetcy was merely in the usual terms to the issue
tnale of the body of the grantee, and he had no son, the title has become
Extinct with him. The family, however, continues, and is now I'epresented
by Sir Henry's brother, the Hon. and Rev. John Dymoke, Rector of
Scrivelsby and Roughton, who has a son and heir apparent, Henry Lionel
Dymoke, esq. born in 1833.

The inheritance of the office of Champion, however, does not necessarily
descend in the male line, but is dependent on the tenure of the manor of
Scrivelsby, wliich Is held In Grand Serjeantry by the performance of that
service. If that estate has actually passed to the Rev. John Dymoke — and
that such is the fact we find asserted in Burke's Peerage and Baronetage
for the present year, it may be concluded that the office of Champion has
accompanied it. The late Baronet has left an only daughter — Emma-Jane,
married in 1861 to Francis Houlton Hartwell, esq. eldest son of Sir Bro-
drick Hartwell, Bart., and she has three daughters.

May 6. Robert Hichardson, of Sussex gardens and the Middle Temple,
barrister at law, and Maria Louisa his wife, only child and heir expectant
of Henry Gardner of Westbouine terrace and of Clerkenwell brewer, to
take the name of Gardner after Richardson.

May 9. George Benvenuto Mathew, esq. C.B. Minister plenipotentiary
to the Republics of Central America, in compliance with the desire
(repeatedly expressed In his lifetime) of his kinsman Abednego Mathew,
of the Lyth in the parish of Ellesmere, co. Salop, esq. deceased, from whom


he inherited the estates of Buckleys in the island of St. Cbristopher, W.I.
and the Lyth afoi'esaid, to take the name of Buckley before Mathew.

May 19. Died at Easton Lodge, Essex, aged 79, the Right Hon, Henry
Viscount Matnarb, Baron Maynard, and a Baronet, Lord Lieutenant and
Vice Admiral of Essex. The family of Maynard, formerly of Devonshire,
settled in Essex towards the end of the reign of Elizabeth, Sir Henry May-
nard, sometime secretary to Lord Burghley, having purchased the manor
of Little Easton. His eldest son Henry was created a Baronet at the
foundation of that order in 1611, created an Irish Baron in 1620, and Lord
Maynard of Estaines ad Turrim alias Little Easton in Essex in 1627. His
descendant Charles the sixth Lord was the last of the elder male line of the
family, and on his death in 1775 the dignities above mentioned expired ;
but he had been in 1766 created Baron Maynard of Much Easlon and
Viscount Maynai'd of Easton Lodge, with remainder to his collateral heir
male, the descendant of Charles brother to the first Lord, and whose son Sir
William Maynard had been created a Baronet in 1681. It was Sir Charles
Maynard the fifth Baronet of the second creation who inherited the Vis-
county in 1775 ; and, dying in 1824, was succeeded by his nephew Henry,
now deceased, with whom the titles again become Extinct. (See a memoir
of the late Viscount in the Gentleman's Magazine for August 1865.)

May 22. William Henley Pearson, of Rochetts, co. Essex, Bailbrook
lodge, Batheaston, co. Som. and Norland-sq. co. Middx. clerk, M.A. Preb.
of Heytesbury, and Martha his wife, only child and heir of late Osborne
Markham of Rochetts, esq. and of Martha Honora Georgina his wife
(afterwards Jervis'), eldest dau. and coh. of Wm. Henry Jervis (formerly
Ricketts) Capt. R.N. who was the eldest son of Wm. Henry Ricketts, esq.
and Mary his wife, sister to Adm. John Earl of St. Vincent, Viscount St.
Vincent, and Baron Jervis of Meaford, co. Somerset, G.C.B., to take the
name of Jervis only, in lieu of Pearson ; the said Martha to bear the arms
of Jervis, and the said William Henley Jervis to bear the arms of Jervis
quarterly with those of Pearson. ^

July 5. John Soden, of the Circus, Bath, esq. and Henrietta Corbet his
wife, eldest dau. of Charles Decimus Wiliiames late of Brithdir, co. Montg.
esq. by Henrietta his wife, sister of Athelstan Corbet of Ynys y Maeno-wyn,
CO. Merion. esq. all deceased, in compliance with the will of the said Athel-
stan Corbet, — he (John Soden) to take the name of Corbet only, and

■ Martha Honora Georgina (Lady) Jervis died at Batheaston, Feb, 26, 1865, aged
70. Her father Captain Ricketts, being nephew and heir presumptive to Admiral the
Earl of St. Vincent, assumed the name of Jervis (by sign manuall in 1801. She was
married first in 1821 to Osborne Markham, esq. youngest son of the Archbishop of
York; and secondly, in 1834, to Lieut.-General Sir William Cockburn, Bart., who
died in 1835. She took the name of Jervis on the death of the Earl in 1823. (See
further in the Gentleman's Magazine for May 1865, p. 646.)

^ Mr. Jervis is the second son of the late Very Rev. Hugh Nicholas Pearson, D.D.
Dean of Salisbury,


quarter the arms of Corbet with Soden, and Henrietta Corbet Soden to
bear the arms of Corbet quarterly with Williames ; and the arras of Corbet
quarterly with Soden to be taken by their issue.

Juli/ 18. John Harris Peter, of Colquite in the parish of St. Mabyn in
Cornwall, esq. in compliance with the last will of his great-uncle Deeble
Peter, late of Colquite, esq. to take the name of Hobltn after Peter, and
bear the arms of Hoblyn quarterly with Peter.

Juli/ 20. Edward John Straeey, of Sprowston, co. Norfolk, and Boston
house in Brentford, co. Middx. late Lieut. -Col. Scots Fusilier Guards, in
compliance with the will of James Clitherow, of Boston house, esq. to take
the name of Clitherow after Straeey, and bear the arms of Clitherow
quarterly with his own.

Aiig. 1. Richard Napoleon Lee, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law,
in compliance with the will of Richard Thornton,' of Old Swan wharf near

■' Mr. Thornton, who died on the 20th June 1865, at his residence, Cannon Hill,
near Merton, was an eminent merchant of London, and underwriter at Lloyd's, but
was- not related to the family of Thornton of Clapham, which has long been distin-
guished in the city, and has supplied many members to parliament. Mr. Richard
Thornton was born at Burton in Lonsdale in 1776, and received his education at
Christ's Hospital. Probate of his will, which is dated March 24, 1865, passed the
seal in the Court of Probate on the 26th of July. The executors and trustees
are Messrs. Thomas Thornton and Richard Thornton West (the testator's nephews);
Mr. Richard Napoleon Lee, of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law; Mr. Alfred
Pulford, of St. James's street, army tailor; and the testator's sister, Mrs. Ellen
Simpson, widow. The personal estate was sworn under 2,800,000/. To his nephew
Mr. Thomas Thornton the testator has left all his freehold, copyhold, and leasehold
property for his absolute use. To Mrs. Ellen Simpson 100,000/.; to his nephew
Mr. William (Richard ?) Thornton West 300,000i.; to his clerks Mr. John Browne
and Mr. Sugden Neele 20,000/. each ; to the Leathersellers' Company 5,000/.; to
Christ's Hospital 5,000/.; and 10,000/. to Hetherington's Charity for the Blind. To
St. Luke's Hospital, St. Mark's Hospital for Fistula, St. Thomas's Hospital, Guy's
Hospital, Bethlehem Hospital, Magdalen Hospital, Orthopcedic Hospital, London
Hospital, Hospital for Incurables, Sailors' Hospital on board the Dreadnought, Vic-
toria Park Hospital, City of London Truss Society, National Lifeboat Institution,
Merchant Seamen's Orphan Asylum, London Orphan Asylum, Infant Orphan Asylum,
British Orphan Asylum, Female Orphan Asylum, Deaf and Dumb Asylum, Indigent
Blind Asylum, Asylum for Idiots, Asylum for Fatherless Children, Ladies' Charity
School in Queen 's-square, St. Ann's Society's Schools, and National Benevolent Insti-
tution, 2000/. each. There is also a bequest of 10,000/, in trust for the support of
schools erected by the deceased at Burton in Lonsdale, and for educating and
apprenticing as many poor children as the fund will allow; 500/. for the
relief of the poor at Burton, 10,000/. in trust for schools at Merton and for edu-
cating and apprenticing poor children, and 1,000/. for the relief of the poor at
Merton. (All these legacies to be paid free of duty.) To Mr. Richard Napoleon
Lee the testator leaves 400,000/., on condition of his obtaining a licence within
twelve months to take and use the surname of Thornton. To Ellen wife of Mr. Alfred


London Bridge and of Cannon hill near Merton, co. Surrey, esq. to take
the name of Thornton instead of Lee.

Sept. 15. George Merrikin Lowis, of Grainthorpe, co. Line, farmer, the
reputed son of Edward Merrikin, late of Conisholme in the said co. farmer,
to discontinue the name of Lowis, and use the surname of Merrikin.

Sept. 29. The Rev. Roger Dawson Dawson Duffield, of Coverham and
of Cray, co. Yoi'k, LL.D. and Rector of Sephton, co. Lane, out of respect
to the memory of his great-uncle Roger Dawson of Carlton, in the parish
of Coverham, esq. to continue to use the name of Dawson before Duffield.

Oct. 10. Arthur Charles Lowe., of Court of Hill, co. Salop, esq. some-
time Colonel in the army, second but only surviving son of Thomas Hum-
phrey Lowe, late of Bromsgrove, esq. by Lucy, eldest dau. and coheir
of Thomas Hill, late of Court of Hill, esq. M.P. for Leominster, to take the
name of Hill in lieu of Lowe, and bear the arms of Hill.

Oct. 18. Died, at Brockett hall, Hertfordshire, aged 81, the Right Hon.
Henry John Temple, third Viscount Palmerston, of Palmerston, co. Dub-
lin, and Baron Temple, of Mount Temple, county Sligo, in the peerage
of Ireland (1722), K.G. and First Lord of the Treasury. He was the third
who had enjoyed the peerage, which was conferred upon his great-grand-
father in 1722, and it has become Extinct upon his death. (See the fuller
particulars previously given in p. 401.)

Oct. 23. John Tucker, now of Ashcote near Napier, in the province
of Hawkes^Bay, New Zealand, gentleman, and Mary Lydia his wife, only
child of Robert Dean Bayly, formerly of Abbot's Legh, co. Som. and now
of Bath, esq. in compliance with the will of Margaret A'Deane, of Alderley,
CO. Glouc. spinster, to take the name of A'Deane instead of Tucker, and
bear the arms of A'Deane.

Oct. 25. Rev. Robert Cohh, B.A. Rector of Thwaite St. Mary and
Ellingham, Nor£ eldest son and heir of Benj. Cobb, late of Lydd, co. Kent,
esq. by Frances his wife, eldest dau. of John Cartwright, of Ixworth abbey,
CO. Suffolk, esq. in compliance with the will of his cousin and brother-in-
law Richard Norton Cartwright, of Ixworth abbey, esq. to take the name

Pulford (another executor) a life interest is devised in the sum of 300,000^., with like
provision for Mr. Pulford if he should survive his wife ; the capital to their children
on their death. To the Misses Margaret and Eliza Lee, of Ventnor, Isle of Wight, a
life interest in the sum of 200, 000^.: to Ellen wife of the testator's nephew Thomas
Thornton the interest of 30,000;. for the benefit of herself and children upon the
trusts of her marriage settlement. There are also bequests to others of thp testator's
nephews, nieces, and other persons. The residue of the personalty is bequeathed
equally between his two nephews and executors, Thomas Thornton and Richard
Thornton West. The deceased had erected and endowed the schools at Burton (at
" the cost it is said of 40,000/.) during his lifetime. He had also built and endowed,
nearly thirty years ago, almshouses at Barnet for thirteen members of his company, the
Leathersellers. That company has commissioned Mr. Thomas Earle, sculptor, of
Brompton, to execute a bust of the deceased.


of Cabtwright Instead of Cobb, and bear the arms of Cartwright quarterly
with his own,

Nov. 6. Charles Barber Banning., postmaster of Liverpool, and Louisa
Sophia his wife, dau. of Richard Meadowcroft Whitlow, of Southport, eo.
Lane, esq, in compliance with the will of John Greaves, of Irlam hall, esq.
to take the surname of Greaves in addition to Banning; she to bear the
arms of Greaves quarterly with Whitlow, and he to bear the arms of
Greaves quarterly with Banning.

Nov. \\. George Watkin Rice, of Llwyn y Brain, co. Carmarth. esq.
formerly Captain 23d R. W. Fusiliers, and late Major R. Carm. Mil., in
compliance with the will of George Price Watkins, of Broadway, co. Carm.
to take the name of Watkins only and quarter the arms of Watkins with
his own.

Nov. 22. Died, at Scawby hall, Lincolnshire, aged 51, Sir John Nel-
THORPE, the eighth Baronet. Sir John Nelthorpe, of Gray's Inn, was
created a Baronet in 1666, with remainder to his nephew Goddard Nel-
thorpe, from whom the Baronet now deceased was the last descendant in
the male line, and the dignity has consequently become Extinct. The
family has been seated in Lincolnshire from the time of the first Baronet :
his great-great-grandfather was of Staplehurst, in Kent.

Dec. 8. Died at Stonyhurst college, Lancashire, aged 71, Sir Charles
Robert Tempest, Bart, of Broughton hall, Yorkshire. He was the eldest
son of Stephen Tempest, esq. of Broughton hall, who died in 1824, by
Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Blundell, esq. of Ince Blundell, co. Lane,
and was created a Baronet in 1841. In 1859 he claimed the Barony of
Scales, (or de Scailes as he was advised to term it,) as a descendant of
Margaret eldest daughter and coheir of Robert third Lord Scales, wife of'
Sir Robert Howard, (ancestor, by his second wife, of the Dukes of Nor-
folk,) the sister of which Margaret was the wife of Sir Roger Felbrigge,
and left issue. (See the Collectanea Topog. et Genealogica, vol. iv. p. 260,
and Courthope's Historic Peerage of England., 1857, p. 426.) The claim
was heard in a Committee of Privileges in the House of Lords, August 11,
1859, but its further consideration adjourned sine die. Sir C. R. Tempest
having died unmarried, the Baronetcy has become Extinct, but the repre-
sentation of this family is continued by his nephew Charles Henry Tempest,

Dec. 11. Died at Firgrove, near Weybridge, aged 81, Sir John East-
HOPB, the first Baronet of that place. He was the second son of Thomas
Easthope, esq. of Tewkesbury, by Elizabeth, dau. of John Leaver, esq. of
Overbury, co. Wore. Sir John (who was firmerly M.P. for St. Alban's,
Banbury, and Leicester, and proprietor of The Morning Chronicle,') was
created a Baronet in 1841. He was twice married; but, having only ■
daughters, his dignity has become Extinct. (See memoir in the Gentle-
man's Magazine for January, 1866.)

Dec. 19. Sir John Romilly, Master of the Rolls, created a Baron of the


United Kingdom by the title of Baron Romilly of Barry, co, Glamorgan.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Francis Thornhill Baring created a Baron of the United
Kingdom by the title of Baron Northbrook, of Stratton, co. Southampton.

Dec. 20. Henry Mayhew (heretofore Courtney) of Leamington, co.
Warvv. esq. late Captain Staiford Rifles, to discontinue the name of Mayhevj
and use that of Courtnev only.

Dec. 22 William West James Bruce, esq. brevet-Major in the army
and Capt. 94th regt., in compliance with the last will of his maternal uncle
Captain Richard Basset, of Beaupre, co. Glamorgan, takes the surname and
arms of Basset only.

Dec. 24. Died, at Burntisland, Fifeshire, Sir John Malcolm, of Balbe-
die, CO. Fife: a Nova Scotia creation of 1665. He is noticed in Dod's
Peerage, &c. for 1865 as "son of Sir Michael Malcolm the previous Ba-
ronet, by the youngest daughter of John Forbes, esq. of Bridge End, Perth-
shire. Born at Balbedie 1828, succeeded on the death of his father." In
Debrett's Baronetage as "Born 1828; succeeded his father 1833;" but a
note is appended, " This baronetcy is questioned." Debrett for 1866 reports
it as Extinct.

Royal Licences for Changes of Names and Arms, registered in the
Office of Arms at Dublin.

1864, June 21. William Rowan, of Carrickfergus, gentleman, to take the
surname and bear the arms of Legg.

(^Same day.) Stewart Durance Davis Cartwright, of the 15th Hussars,
and Constance Isabella Enery, only child and heiress of William Hamilton
Enery, late of Ballyconnell House, in the co. Cavan, esquire, a justice of
the peace, to take the surname of Enery and bear the arms of Enery
quarterly, on the solemnization of their marriage.

Oct. I. William Arthurs, M.A. vicar of the united parishes of Strad-
bally and Moyanna, Queen's co. reputed son of Sir John Rowland Eustace,
Knt. K.H. Lieut.-General in the Army, to take the surname of Eustace
only, and bear the arms of Eustace, with due distinctions.

Nod. 4. Edward William Grainger, esq. late of the co. Meath, and now
resident in Bavaria; that he and the other descendants of his grandfather
Edward Francis Grainger and Rose Parry his wife may take the surname
and arms of Parry, in lieu of the surname and arms of Grainger.

1865, Jan 28. Augusta Liviscount Richardson Massy, of Oaklands, co.
Tyrone, widow of Hugh Massy, of that place ; that she and her issue may
take the surname and bear the arms of Richardson.

April 21. William Clifibrd Bermingham Trotter, of Quansborough, co.
Galway, esq. a justice of the peace for that county, son of the late Thomas
Bermingham Trotter, and grandson and heir of the late ClifTord Trotter,
esq. of Clough House, co. Down, to take the surname and bear the arms of..



Oct. 13. George Wilson Day, of Dublin, takes the surname of JvEwis,
instead of Day.

Oct. 24. John Thomas Stewart, esq. of Ballyatwood house, co. Down,
now resident at Fulwood Park, near Cheltenham, only son and heir of John
Stewart, esq. of Dublin, by Harriet Louisa his late wife, dau. and
co-heiress of the late Hans Mark Hamill, esq. of Ballyatwood house, takes
the surname of Hamill before that of Stewart, and the arms of Hamill
quarterly with those of Stewart.

Names assumed Pbopkio Motu.
{Continued from. vol. II. j). 552.)

Jan. 4, 1865. Isaac Moses, of Kensington park gardens, assumes the ad-
ditional name of Marsden — by deed enrolled in Chancery,

Feh. 15. Mary Anne Barton, of St. George's terrace, Hyde park, widow,
discontinues the name of Barton, assumes that of Perrins, and adds
Perrins to her Christian names, intending to be known as Mary Anne
Perrins Perrins.

March 1. Charles Ottley Groom, of Southwell cottage, Kingsdown,
Bristol, assumes the name of his late grandfather Archibald Napier, of
Tobago ; and signs the announcement Charles Ottley Groom Napier,

March 17. John Aaron Aarons, late of St. Mark's college, Chelsea, now
of Wiltshire place, Brixton, abandons the name of Aarons, and assumes
that of Miller, being the surname of his late grandfather Thomas Miller,
of Thorpe Saxlingham, Norfolk.

March 18. William Hart, Quarter-master of H.M. 44th regt. stationed
at Belgaum, E.I. takes the name of M'Harg, in addition to Hart.

March 2\. John Anthony Sparvel, of Knockhold lodge, Swanscombe,
Kent, assumes the additional name of Bayly.

March 27. James Brown Simpson, of Dunse-bank, in the parish of
Kirkby Ravensworth, co. York, esq. renounces the name of Simpson for
that of Lister.

April 10. LA. Durieu, of Mornington-road, Middlesex, adopts the sur-
name of DURRIEU.

April 21. George Gammie, of Shotover house, co. Oxford, and Stock-
bridge, CO. Hants, esq. assumes in addition the name of Maitland.

April 25. The Rev. Richard King Sampson, of Pevensey, Sussex, relin-
quishes the surname of Sampson, and assumes that of King only.

May 6. Paul Ilyman Ste7-nschuss, of Cagedale, in the parish of Clehongre,
Herefordshire, and incumbent of Newton, in the same county, takes the
additional name of Strong.

May 8. John Harris Badcock and Charles Henry Badcock, of,
Hants, adopt the additional name of Harris.


May 13. Charles John Quarrill and Thomas Arthur Quarrill, of Greville
place, St. John's Wood, Middlesex, lamp and lustre manufacturers, re-
nounce, discontinue, and abandon the surname of Quarrill, and assume,
take, and adopt the surname of Greene— enrolled in Chancery.

May 14. Betty Walkei^ widow, Anne Walker, spinster, and Mary Pen-
nington, spinster, severally assume the surname of Tetlow only, pursuant
to the will of Robert Tetlow, late of Skirden, in the parish of Bolton by
Bowland, W. R. York, yeoman, proved at Wakefield June 21, 1865.

May 15. The Rev. George Deakin Onley, of Bransford, co. Wore, in
pursuance of the last will of William Prattenton, of Clareland, in the
parish of Hartlebury, esq. assumes the name of Pkattenton after Onley,

June^ 6. John Cox, of Upper Clapton and Woburn place, esq. assumes,
in addition, the surname of Wentwoeth.

June 13. The Rev. Forbes Smith, Rector of Aston Botterell, co. Salop,
J.P , resumes the family name of De Heriz, the lineal descent of his family
from William de Heriz, of Withcock, co. Leic. having been duly registered
in the Office of Arms, Dublin.'

Julyl. Henry Gamman, of Stoke Newington and Fenchurch buildings,
shipbroker, assumes the name of Gariman, instead of Gamman.

July 26. John Lloyd, of Brighton, gent, assumes the additional name of

Aug. 3. John Chichester Burnard, of Stoke house, co. Somerset, in pur-
suance of the will of John H. Chichester, of Stoke house, esq. assumes the
surname of Chichester, in addition to his other names.

Frederick Dundas Faithfull, esq. of H.M. Bombay Civil service, takes the
name of Chauntrell, in lieu of Faithfull— by deed enrolled in Chancery.

Aug. 10. Giles Clarke, of Hendon, co. Midd. esq. out of respect to the
memory of his godfather Giles Earle, esq. deceased, takes in addition the
name of Earle.

Aug. 17. Isaac John Penney, of Enfield, Middlesex, assistant school-
master, adopts the surnames of Cowden Cole, in lieu of Penney.

Aug. 24. George Richard Griffith, esq. in consequence of his accession
to the estate of the late John Waldie, esq.^ of Hendersyde, Kelsoe, will
henceforth call and subscribe himself George Waldie Griffith.

Henry Parker Denton, of Styrrup, co. Nottingham, farmer, assumes

the name of Parker, instead of Denton — by deed enrolled in Chancery.

Sept. 7. Annie Ada Vaughan, of Abergavenny, takes the additional
name of Lear.

Oct 31. AVilliam Bromwich, of Manchester, gentleman (by deed poll to
be enrolled in Chancery), assumes the additional name of Ryder.

Nov. 17. George John Bastes, late of Keppel street, Russell-sq. and now
of Bradford, takes the name of D'este, in lieu of Eastes.

' An article on the genealogical pretensions of Smith alias Heriz, will be found in
The Herald and To^yoyraj^her, vol. iii. p. 255.

- See some notice of this family in our vol. ii. p. 244.

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