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lion of Westminster, be represented rather as if turning away from
the foe, inste9.d of being ready to meet him face to face ? The old
" stall-plates " fastened within the stalls below in no case give a pre-
cedent for such an anomaly.

Above the stalls of the Chevaliers of the Toison d^Or at Dijon the
crests of the Knights were made to look towards the high altar, but
then the helmets were arranged to face in the same direction; whereas
at St. George's Chapel all the helmets are affrontes, and a large pro-
portion of the crests turn their tails towards the altar in a manner
which is not heraldically correct, though possibly it might be inter-
preted as being thoroughly Protestant.

Do, Sir, raise your voice also, if needful, to impress upon our
worthy officials at the College of Arms the necessity of correcting
these matters without delay, though they may be now of long standing,
and of thus averting from themselves the reproach once uttered
against their predecessors, " You silly people, you don't even under-
stand your own silly business ! " I am. Sir,

Your obedient servant, Johx Woodward.

St. Mary's Parsonage, Montrose, N,B.



By James Edwin-Cole, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

From the reign of Edward I. to the establishment of the Common-
wealth, a period of four centuries, few families equalled and none
exceeded in prominence of position, in wealth, or political power, that
of Boiirchier. Intermarrying with the sovereign house of Lovaine,
and with the Plantagenet princesses of England ; and distinguished
alike in the camp, in the council chamber, at court, and in letters, one
or other of its members filled well nigh every important office and
dignity in the state. Amongst them were numbered a Justice of the
Court of Common Pleas, a Justiciar of Ireland and the first lay Lord
Chancellor of England, a Cardinal Archbishop of Canterbury, four
Knights of the Garter, a Lord Treasurer, three Barons Bourchier, three
Earls of Ewe, two Earls of Essex, six Barons Fitzwarine, five Earls
of Bath, and two Barons Berners, besides some others lords of parlia-
ment and many valiant knights. Space does not here permit even a
sketch of their lives and actions, so that labour must be reserved for a
separate work, which the writer purposes at a future date to devote to
their consideration. Meanwhile he refers the curious reader to the
ponderous tomes of Froissart, Dugdale, and other old historians.

Descended from this illustrious race, whose extensive estates had
been carried to other families by heiresses of the senior lines, was
Charles Bourchier, who married Barbara, the eldest daughter of
Richard Harrison, of Balls, in Hertfordshu-e, M.P. for Lancaster, by
his wife Audrey, eldest daughter of George Villiers, fourth Viscount
Grandison. This lady died, 27 December, 1719, in her fifty-first year,
and was buried with her husband in the old parish church of Clontorf,
near Dublin, where until recently a large and handsome monument,
ornamented with the arms of Bourchier, recorded that " they came
into Ireland after the Revolution with the Hon'^^^ Gen* Villiers, father
to the present [fii'st] Earl of Grandison, and uncle to the aforesaid
Barbara." In his adopted country Mr. Bourchier filled the j)Ost of
"Agent of the Regiment of Horse commanded by the Lord Windsor;"
and on 5 October, 1692, was elected M.P. for the borough of Dun-
garvan, for which he was again returned on 5 August, 1695; and on
3 December, 1715, he was chosen for the city of Ai'magh. He died


18 May, 1716, and had issiie five dangliters and four sons, viz. : —
Marj, living unmarried in 1718; Barbara (wife of Richard Prittie, of
Dmialley, co. Tipperary, by whom she had issue); Cathaiine (wife of
William Yarner, grandson to Sir Abraham Yarner, by whom she had
issue); Anna Maria (first wife of John, Lord Ward, created Viscount
Dudley and Ward, by whom she had John, second Viscount Dudley
and Ward, who died s.p. in 1788); and Arabella Bourchier, who
died unmarried prior to 1718. The sons were, Charles, baptized at
St. Michan's, Dublin, 3 April, 1695; Francis, baptized there 22 Aug.
1796, who both died young; Edward, the younger surviving son (of
whom on p. 370); and Richard, the elder surviving son, known as

" The Honourable Richard Bourchier," who early in life entered
the service of the East India Company. He was appointed
Resident at Surat,^ and subsequently promoted to be Governor
of Bombay, where he was mainly instrumental in founding and
a chief contributor towards the support of its English Church.
By his wife Sarah, daughter of Mr. George Hawkins, of Clay-
hill in Epsom, Surrey, he had issue, two daughters (Sarah,
who died unmarried 10 June, 1796, and Emilia, who died un
married in her 67th year on 1 Jan. 1800) and two sons, viz.:
I. Charles Bourchier, Governor of Madias, who, after his
return to England, built, at a cost of about £53,000, the
superb and sumptuous mansion in Shenley, Herts, called
Colney-house, of which an elaborate description is given in
The New British Traveller, by James Dugdale, LL.D.
(4*^., London, 1819). He served as sheriff of Hertfordshire
in 1788; and married 6 May, 1776, Anne, daughter of
Thomas Foley, M.P. for co. Hereford, but died without

* About a generation earlier there was another Mr. Bourchier, who was one of
the eight members of the council at Surat, and who in 1677 was locum tenens
for the Deputy-Governor of Bombay. Captain Alexander Hamilton's Neiv
Actount of the East Indies (8vo. Loudon, 17ii), and Anderson's The English
■in Western India (8vo. London, 1856), give long accounts of the eventful
career of this gentleman, whose name they spell "Boucher" and "Bowcher."
They relate that he and another of his colleagues had the misfortune to become
obnoxious ro and to excite the jealousy and envy of their chief, the Governor-
General Sir John Child ; and that to avoid his malignant and vindictive per-
secutions and to insure their personal safety thev were compelled to withdraw
from the settlement. Mr. Bourchier escaped to Delhi, and obtained the protec-
tion of the Great Mogul, Aurungzebe, at whose court he resided for some time,
but afterwards returned to Surat. I have as yet been unable to ascertain what
was the degree of relationship between this individual and the above-named
Kiehard Bourchier.


issue at tlie age of 82, on 2 Feb. 1810. His widow died at
Hadham, Herts, 14 May, 1814, in lier SOth year.
II. James Bonrchier, of Little Berkh amp stead, sheriif of Hert-
fordshire in 1792, wlio died at Bath 5 Sept. 1816. By his
wife Eliza Diana, daughter and coheiress of Eev. Samuel
Fowler, Rector of x^tcham, co. Salop (she died March 8, 1837,
aged 93), he left

I. Charles Bourchier, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law,
solicitor to the Treasury, and recorder of Hertford, who
died unmarried in 1845.

II. James Claud Bourchier, K.H., a General in the army,
Colonel of 3rd Dragoon Guards, sometime of 1 1th and

" 22nd regiments of Light Dragoons, who died at Buxton,
in Norfolk, 12 Feb. 1859, in his 79th year. He had
three sons and two daughters by his wife Maria, second
daughter of George Caswall, of Sacomb Park, co. Herts.,

viz. :

i. Charles John Bourchier, of Speen-Hill-lodge, Newbury,
Berks, born 1824, a Captain in the army, formerly in
the Carabineers, and afterwards of the 8th Hussars,
and Coldstream Guards ; who has issue a son Arthur
ii. James Johnes Bourchier, of Felthorpe-hall, co. Nor-
folk, late Major 52nd regiment of Light- infantry, who
has issue a son Cecil Edward Bourchier.
iii. Claud Thomas Bourchier, V.C, Knight of the Legion
of Honor, of the Medjidie, &c., Lieutenant-Colonel Rifle-
Brigade, served in the Caffir War, and in the Crimean
Campaign, and was at the battles of Alma, Balaklava,
and Inkerman, the seige of Sebastopol, the night attack
and capture of the Ovens, where he succeeded to the
command of the riflemen on the death of General
Try on, for which he was mentioned in the despatches
and made brevet Major. He was also present through-
out the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58, and was at the siege
and capture of Lucknow, and the battle of Nawab-
iv. Mary Diana, born at Bray field, and married 8 Aug.
1849, to the Rev. William James Stracey, M A., Rector
of Buxton with Oxnead and Skeyton, co. Norfolk, by
whom she has issue eight children.


V. Susan Ann, married 17 May, 1853, to Rowland Francis
Walbanke Childers of Cantley, co. York, by wliom she
had one son. She died 25 November, 1858.

III. Diana (eldest daughter of James Bourchier, Esq.)
married to John Newell Birch of Henley on Thames, but
died s.p. 1867.

IV. Emma Audrey Bourchier, who died unmarried, and was
buried at Fawley, co. Bucks.

Edward Bom-chier, M.A. (of whom before on p. 368, 2nd son of
Charles Bourchier, M.P.), born 7 April, 1707, was Rector of
Bramfield from 1740 to 1775, and Vicar of All Saints and St.
John's in Hertford from 1741 to 1771, and a J.P. for co.
Herts. He died 17 Nov. 1775, and was buried in Bramfield
chm'ch. By his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Edward
Gattacre, Rector of Mursley cum Salden, Bucks, who died at St.
Alban's, at the age of 75, on 4 July, 1790, he had ten childi-en,
viz. : —

I. Mary, born 1 Oct. 1737, married to Rev. James Tork-
ington, D.D., Rector of Little Stukeley, co. Hunts, by whom
she had {intei' alios) James Torkington, who married his
cousin Eliza, daughter of Charles Bourchier and Barbara

II. Edward Bom-chier, M.A., born 6 Sept. 1738, who suc-
ceeded his father as Vicar of All Saints and St. John's,
Hertford, in 1771, and as Rector of Bramfield in 1775. He
died 14 Dec. 1785, and left by his wife Catherine, second
daughter of William Wollaston of Finborough, co. Suffolk,
M.P. for Ipswich, a son,

Edward Bourchier, M.A., who succeeded his father as Rector

of Briimfield, and married, 7 Feb. 1804, Harriet, youngest

daughter of Robert Jenner, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn Fields,

by whom he had issue (J,nter alios) a son,

Sir George Bourchier, K.C.B., Major-General R.H.A., who

served in the Gwalior campaign of 1843-4, and at the

battle of Punniar, for which he received the Bronze

Star. During the Indian Mutiny he commanded a

field-battery, and was at the actions of Trimmooghat,

the siege of Delhi, the relief of Lucknow, and the

defeat of the Gwalior Contingent at Cawnpore. His

services were repeatedly named in despatches, and he

is author of a touching and deeply interesting narrative


of the dreadful scenes of this terrible insurrection, entitled
Eight Months' Campaign against the Bengal Sepoy Army
during the Mutiny of l^hl . (Svo. London-, 1858.) Ho
commanded the late (1872) Looshai expedition, and by
his able, active, and vigorous generalshij) contributed
to its successful termination. He married July 10,
1853, Georgiana-Clementson, younger daughter of John
Graham Lough, the celebrated sculptor, and by her,
who died at Calcutta, 2 March, 1868, had issue, 1.
George-Lough; 2. Edward-Herbert; 3. Ina-Maude-
Mary ; 4. Mary-Blanche (d. inf.); 5. Arthur- Charles-
Francis Clementson. He married secondly, 23 May,
1872, Margaret-Murchison, second daughter of the late
Colonel Bartleman, Bengal Army.

III. Charles Bourchier (son of Eev. Edward Bourchier
and Elizabeth Gattacre), born 13 March, 1739, died
28 Nov. 1818. Was Member of the Council of Bombay;
afterwards of Sandridge Lodge, of Tittenhanger, and of
Hadley-Barnet, Herts. He married firstly, 7 Oct. 1773,
Barbara, daughter of James Kichardson, of Knock-
shinnock, co. Dumfries ; and by her, who died at sea
18 Nov. 1784, he had issue,

i. Charles, and ii. Edward, born in Bombay, and died young.

iii. Eliza, born 1777, married, 22 Oct. 1799, to her cousin
James Torkington, of the Temple, barrister-at-law, who
died Feb. 6, 1852; by whom she had fourteen children,
and died about 1856.

iv. Samuel Bourchier, born Oct. 1781, was of the H. E. 1.
Company's Civil Service, and died at Bombay, 1813,
leaving issue by his wife, Harriet, ^ daughter of Major-
General Robert Lewis, E. L Co.'s Service (by his wife
Mary Prittie, daughter of Richard Prittie and Barbara
Bourchier, see p. 368), five sons and two daughters : —

1. Robert Francis Bourchier, Captain 4th Bombay N. L,
who married, 21 July, 1832, Antoinette Anna Louisa,
ninth daughter of the Hon. John Rodney, Capt. R. N.,
Chief Secretary to the Government of Ceylon (by his

' The widow of Mr. Samuel Bourchier was married to Capt. Eoberton,andhad
issue Nigel Roberton, ob. s. p., and Eliza, married in 1853 to Richard AViggius,
escj. Major-General Robert Lewis was the elder brother of Frederick Lewis,
Commander R.N. (ob. 18611), Avhose eldest daughter Lucy is the wife of John
Cough Nichols, esq., F.S.A., editor of Tlie Herald and Genealogist.


third wife iVntoinette, only daughter of Anthoine Pierre
Reynes). He died 1837, leaving two children, Harriet
E. L. Bourchier and Robert Lennox Bourchier, Captain
R. M. A., who married, 14 Oct. 1859, Mary, elder
daughter of Philip Hast, Lieut. R. N., by whom he has
a son, Philip Lennox Walter Bourchier.

2. Henry Bourchier, in the E. L Company's Service, died

in India, unmarried.

3. George Bourchier, a Lieutenant in H.M.'s 36th Foot,

died in 1837, unmarried.

4. John Bourchier, a Lieutenant in H.M.'s 26th Cameronians,

died in Bengal, unmarried,

5. James, who died young.

6. Harriet, married to John Burnett, Esq., of the Bombay

Civil Service, son of Thomas Burnett, of Aberdeen,
Purse-bearer to the Lord High Commissioner to the
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and
nephew to the celebrated Lord Monboddo.

7. Jane, married to Capt. William Chambers, Bombay N.

Lifantry, second son of Richard Chambers, Esq., of

Whitbourne Court, co. Hereford, and had issue one

daughter, Jane, married to Captain George Geech.

Mr. Charles Bourchier married 2ndly, 25 Jan. 1787, Elizabeth,

daughter of the Rev. Benjamin Preedy, D.D.. Rector of Brington, co.

Northampton, by whom he had —

V. (1) Georgiana, born 1787, died at Boulogne-sur-Mer
8 March, 1862 ; married to James Garden Seton of the
Hanaper Office in the Court of Chancery, by whom she
had issue,
vi. (2) Charles Spencer Bourchier, M.A., Rector of Great
Hallingbury, Essex, and Vicar of Sandridge, Herts ; born
22 Feb. 1791, died 22 July, 1872, ^ married 13 April,
1814, Eliza, daughter of Samuel Harman of Hadley-
Barnet, by whom he had issue, Georgiana Anne (wife
of Richard Weller Chadwick); Marianne Frances Bour-
chier, unmarried, twin with John Henry James Bourchier,
who died in infancy ; Emilia Bourchier, unmarried ; and a
son, Legendre Charles Bourchier. born at Hadley-Barnet,
13 March, 1815, Colonel 98th Regiment, and sometime

' He possessed, as heir-looms, two fine nnd •well-painted portraits of his
anccstijrs Sir John Bourchier, of Bcningborough, " the Regicide," and of his wife
Dame Anne, daughter and sole heiress of William Rolfe of Hadlcy, co. Suffolk.


provisional Governor of Demerara. He was present at
the battle of Gliiznee, 1839, and subsequently at
the storming and capture of Khelat, where he was
twice wounded. He was also in the campaigns of
Afghanistan and Belochistan. He was commandant of
Kurrachee during the mutiny, and by his promptitude
and energy wholly suppressed it in that garrison. He
married, in 1846, Margaret, daughter of Rev. Thomas
Beane Johnstone, Rector of Chilton, Somerset ; and,
dying at Ramsgate, April 27, 1866, left issue by her a
son, Charles Legendre Johnstone Bourchier, and two
vii. (3) Caroline, born 16 Feb. 1792, married 31 March,
1814, to Rev. Theodore Dury, Rector of Keighley, co.
York, by whom she had a daughter Caroline,
viii. (4) Richard James Bourchier, born 10 June, 1793,
of the Island of Malta; married Istly Miss Lander, by
whom he had three daughters and one son ; and 2ndly
Dorothy, daughter of Captain Darby of Hadley-Barnet,
but had no issue by her.
ix. (5) Frederick Bourchier, born 16 March, 1795, who
died, unmarried, at Malta, 5 March, 1862.
IV. George Bourchier (son of Rev. Edward Bourchier and

Elizabeth Gattacre), born 11 May, 1741.
Y. Frances, born 6 June, 1745, was wife to Rev. William
Lloyd, Preacher at the Charterhouse and of Much-Hadham,
by whom she had issue.

YI. Elizabeth, born 6 Sept. 1746, wife of Howell.

YII. John Bourchier, born 26 Sept. 1747, Captain R.N. and
Lieut.-Governor of Greenwich Hospital, who served much
afloat, particularly in the West Indian Seas. He was espe-
cially commended by and received the thanks of the Admiralty
for his gallant and intrepid conduct in an encounter, in 1782,
between " 1' Hector " and two large French frigates ; for,
notwithstanding the immense superiority of the enemy, the
disabled and shattered condition of his own ship (an old
French prize) and a severe wound received in the action, he
refused to surrender, and successfully repelled the attack.
He died 30 Dec. 1808. He married Istly Mary, daughter
of Rev. Richard Walter, Chaplain R.N., author of Lord
Anson's Voyage Round the World, and by her, who died
26 Nov. 1789, he had issue—


I. George Pocock Bourchier, who died young.

II. Jane Bourcliier, who died young.

III. Mary Sophia, born Aug. 1786, married to Rev. Edward
Ince, M.A., Vicar of Wigtoftcum Quadring, by whom she
had a son, Rev. Edward Gumming Ince, M.A., Vicar of
Christchurch, Battersea, and a daughter, Mary Jane Ince,
married to her cousin Henry Prescott Pellew Bourchier.

IV. Henry Bourchier, Rear-Admiral of the Blue, born
Oct. 1787. Whilst commanding H. M.'s sloop <'the
Hawke " he much distinguished himself by the chasing
of a large and well-protected French convoy, which resulted
in his driving nineteen of them ashore and capturing four
others, one of his prizes being a brig mounting 10 guns.
He died at Lille, Oct. 14, 1852, leaving surviving issue by
his wife Mary, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Macdonald
(she died at Ostend, Feb. 9, 1852, aged 62)—

i. Macdonald Bourchier, commander R.N., born 6 Aug.
1814, married, 5 Dec. 1843, Mary Eliza, eldest daughter
of the late Rear-Adm. John Hancock, C.B., and by her,
who died 1872, he had Macdonald Augustus Henry
Bourchier, who died 28 April, 1850, Seton Longuet
Bourchier, Mary Eliza Sophia Bourchier, and Alice
Gertrude Bourchier.
ii. Henry Prescott Pellew Bourchier, Captain P. and 0.
ship " Bentinck," died 1856, leaving issue by his wife
and cousin, Mary Jane Ince, a son, Henry E. Bourchier,
sub-Lieutenant R.N, and three daughters.
Captain John Bourchier married secondly, at St. James', West-
minster, December 1790, Charlotte, second daughter of
Thomas Corbett, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law, and of
Darnhall, Cheshire, and Elsham, co. Lincoln. By her, who
died 5th January, 1839 (having remarried Feb. 27, 1810,
Capt. Piatt of the Royal South Lincoln Militia and afterwards
J. S. Sandars Lang of Keaton, co. Devon), he had issue —
v. (1. ) "William Bourchier, Commander R.N., born 1791, died
in Canada, 22nd January, 1.844; who was author of J. A^£?r-
rative of a Passage from Bomhay to England^ describing
the Author^ s SJiipwrech in the Nautilus in the Bed Sea;
Journeys across the Nubian Desert, &c. (8vo. London,
1834.) He married firstly, in Canada, 8th April, 1821,
Amelia, daughter of John Mills Jackson, by whom he had
only one child,


i. Eustace Fane Bonrclner, C.B., Knight of the Legion ol
Honour, of the Medjidie, &c. Colonel R.E. who served
throughout the Kaffir cami^aign of 1846, during a por-
tion of which he commanded a native levy ; and who
also served throughout all the operations of the Eastern
campaign of 1854 — 55, including the battles of the
Alma, lukerman, and Tchernaya, and as brigade -major
to the Royal Engineers at the siege and fall of Sebasto-
pol. He married firstly, Anne Jane, daughter of Charles
Stuart Pillans, merchant, of Rosebank, Rondebosch,
C. G. H., by whom he had issue, Charles Edward Bour-
chier, Alfred Heseltine Bourchier, and five daughters.
Colonel Bom-chier married secondly, in Canada, the relict
of Wilmot Seton, of the Treasury.
Captain Bourchier married secondly Laura, daughter of
Richard Preston, of Connaught Terrace, London, and widow
of Robert Wrangham Lukiu, Lieutenant Bombay amiy,
and had issue by her four daughters and a son,
ii. Henry Seton Bourchier, lieutenant R.M., who was
sometime the British Resident at Lukoja on the Niger.
He married, 1868, Jessie Caroline, daughter of Robert
Hawkes, Colonel 80th Regiment, and has issue one

VI. (2.) Charlotte Margaret, married to Richard Parke,
Captain R.M. by whom she had Richard Parke, Colonel
R.M. ; Frederick Parke, Lieutenant R.N. ; Charlotte
Parke, Mary Parke, who both died unmarried ; and
Caroline, the wife of Rev. Philip Prescott, M.A., son and
heir-presumptive of Admiral Sir Henry Prescott.

VII. (3.) Anne, married to John Spicer Hulbert, of Stakes-
hill-lodge, CO. Hants, and had issue three sons and three

VIII. (4.) Caroline, married to George Lamburn Greetham,
late deputy-judge-advocate at Portsmouth, but had no

IX. (5.) Thomas Bourchier (twin), who, by his wife Anne,

daughter of Graham, of Deal, had three sons, viz, ;

i. Edward Bourchier, who perished at sea.

ii. William Sutherland Bourchier, master R.N., vrho was
born 15 Nov. 1823, married firstly, 8 Sept. 1850, Mina-
GloYcr, daughter of J. Aldrich, master R.N., by whoni


he Irnci two (laughters; and secondly, 1 May, 1856,
Mary, daughter of Isaac Halse, of Sloane-street, Chelsea,
by whom he has two daughters,
iii. Thomas Bouchier, master E.N., born 10 Sept, 1827,
who was much employed in the several searches for Sir
John Franklin's ill-fated Arctic expedition, and died
on active service in Victoria, Australia, 9 July, 1866. He
married, 22 Jan. 1853, Anne-Bourchier, daughter of J.
Aldrich, master R.N., and by her left issue six children.

X. (6.) James O'Brien Bourchier (twin), who settled in
Canada, where he was a justice of the peace, and died in
his 75th year, 28 Aug. 1872, leaving issue by his wife,
Jeanne, daughter of James Lyall, of Canada West, six
daughters and two sons, William Bourchier and John
Eaines Bourchier, who are both married and have issue.

XI. (7.) Susanna, born 13 April, 1801, married at Waltham
Abbey, 1827, to John Cole, of Easthorpe Court, in Wigtoft,
CO. Lincoln, by whom she had surviving issue, 1. John
Charles Cole ; 2. James Edwin-Cole, of the Inner Temple,
barrister-at-law ; 3. Mary Anne, widow of Hugh Williams,
second son of late Henry Williams, of Tre' larddur and
Tre'r Castell, co. Anglesey.

XII. (8.) John Bourchier, M.D. died in India, and left by
his wife, Sophia, daughter of John Phillips, M.D. of Win-
chester, an only child, the Rev. Walter Bourchier, M.A.
Fellow of New College, Oxford, and Vicar of Sibford.

XIII. (9.) Julius Bourchier, clerk in the Privy Seal Office,
died unmarried about 1818.

XIV. (10.) Frances, born 13 Dec. 1807, married to John
Overington, but has no issue.

VIII. Richard Bourchier (son of Edward, by Eliz. Gattacre),
born 11 May, 1749.

IX. and X. Julia and Charlotte Bourchier (daughter of Edward,
by Eliz. Gattacre), twins, born 11 Feb. 1752 ; one of them
was married to Tonge, of London.

Arms : Argent, a cross engrailed gules between four waterbougets
sable. Crest : On a wreath, a Saracen's head in profile proper, couped
at the shoulders, habited vert, collared and ducally crow^ned or, capped
gules and tasselled of the third.

]Rasthorpe Court, Wigtoft, near Spalding,
jMay, 187a.



The name of Croker has been associated in modern times almost
exclusively with literature, ^ and even the political services of the kite
Secretary to the Admiralty have been forgotten in the interest which
attaches to his career as a Reviewer. But John ^Yilson Croker and
Thomas Crofton Croker are but the latest fruits off an old tree which
flourished for many centuries in Devonshire before its successful
transplantation to the sister kingdom. Prince,- in his Worthies of
Devon, claims the highest antiquity for the family, and cites in
support of its traditional importance " that old saw often used among

us in discourse,

Crocker, Crewys, and Coplestone,

When the Conqueror came were at home."

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