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preceding table, though without in the least interfering with it;
which, so far as it goes, is fixed and certain, and embraces all
the family's principal matches. All these, excepting that with
Crofte, are acknowledged in the current pedigrees of the families
matched with ; and probably the omission in the Baronet
Crofts (for Robert Crofte was doubtless of the Croft Castle
family) is referable only to deficiency of information,

I have not here quartered the lion coat of the early Pychefords
with the cinquefoil and martlets of the second race; but I think
most genealogists of experienced judgment would consider
the circumstances of property and location a sufficient evidence
of the right; to say nothing of the claim of descent made in 1634.
Lee register shows that the second family must have been a
considerable time resident in the parish prior to the commence-
ment of this pedigree. So early as 1581, "John Pycheford was
married there to Katherine Pycheford : " who could, therefore,
scarcely descend more nearly than from a common grandfather.
The same rules of proof seldom apply to two cases of this descrip-
tion ; but at the period in question, and under the circumstances
of this case, the identity of derivation or name-origin (if not the
successionary descent) is unquestionable; though the connecting
links may be irrecoverable.

W. D. B.

Coatham, Dec. 1848.



(MS. Addit. Brit. Mus. 6239.)

Transcript. ^' Ex cod. MS. penes Edv. Rowe Mores, A.M.
Soc. Antiq. Lond. Soc. 1754.'^

>5< Jtius.

WylPm Gresham a was borne uppon saynt Markf the evan-
gelyst daye the xxv daye of Apryll, An" dfij xv^xxij. And M*"
Willm Buttry & Mr. John Gostwyck & Willin Hardyng, they
were his godfathers, and my lady Allen, ^ his grandame, was his
godmother. And God make hym a good old man. Amen.

Uppon the Fryday.

Mary Gresham ^ was borne the xvij daye of Auguste, callyd
octava sancte Laurencij, A'' dfij xv'^xxiij, and my lady Allen &
mystris Kyngd & mystrys Lock, thes were here godmothers, and
m'" John Worsop was here godffather.
Uppon the mondaye.

And God make her a good old woman.

Kateryn Gresham e was borne uppon the thorsdaye the
day of May A° dfij xv^xxiiij, & my lady Allen & mvstris Lock they
were here godmothers, &, Philip Meredyth was here godffather,
and Jhu have m cy on here sowle. Amen.

* Ancestor of the family of Gresham, of Titsey, co. Surrey, Baronets.

*• Sir John Allen, mercer, (son of Richard Allen of Thackstead, Essex,) was Lord
Mayor in 1526 and 1536,
" Wife of Sir Thomas Rowe, Lord Mayor in 1568-9.
^ Her aunt Margaret (Gresham) wife of Henry King of London, girdler.

* Katharine died young.


James Greshani was borne the xviij day of Julij A" domini
xvcxxvj, and syr Thom^ Gresham/ & Hary Kyng, and Anthony
Harding, thes were his godffathers, & my lady Allen was his
godmother, and God make hym a good old man. Amen.

Uppon the wedensdaye.

John Gresham = was borne the xiiij day off Marche, Ao dn.
xvcxxviij. And s John Allen, & m^" Anthony Vyvold, and John
Bakon, thes were hys godftUtiiers, and my lady Baldry ^^ was hys
godmother. And God make hym a good old man. Amen.

Uppon the thursday.

Edmond Gresham • was borne uppon saynt Clare day the
vyrgen, the xij day of August, A" dnj xv^xxx. John Malby, John
Donstall, & Thom^ Ippeswell, thes were hys godffiithers, & M>'.
Willm Gresham's wyff'^ was his godmother. And God make
hym a good old man.

The Fridaye.

Anthony Gresham was borne uppon saynt Julyan day the
xxvij day of Janyuer, anno dnj 1531, m^ Rychard Gresham, m"".
Anthony Vyuald, s^' James Page, were hys godfathers, and mys-
tris Dalle his godmother. And God make hym a good old man.

The Saturday. '

' This " Sir Thomas," au uncle to the infant, and also the same relation to the
famous Sir Thomas the founder of the Royal Exchange, was not a knight, but a
clerk in holy orders.

s See epitaph at Fulham in vol. I. p. 61.

'' The wife of Sir Thomas Baldry, mercer, (son of Richard Baldry, of Stow-
market, Suffolk,) lord mayor of London 1523.

' Afterwards of Thorpe Market in Norfolk, and father of Sir Richard. See pedi-
gree of Gresham in Burgon's Life and Times of Sir Thomas Gresham.

" Ellen, daughter of Richard Bodley and widow of Copeland ; wife of

the child's uncle William Gresham, of London, mercer.
vol.. II. 2 L


Ellyn Gresham 1 was born on saynt Francf day, the xxiiij
day of May, Ao dnj 153S, m^ Wyllm Greshamf's] wyff and
M»"s Worsope & mislris Frances Gresham were godmothers,
and Mathew Dale was her godfFather, and God make her a good
old woman. Amen
The Saterday.

Vrsule Gresham"^ was borne a-pon saynt Vrsulys daye the
xxj daye ofF Octobi^, A". 1534, m^ Wyllm Gresham his god-
father, and m*" Ric. Gresham['s] wyf" and old mistris Hille
and Christian Gresham were godmothers, and God make her a
good old woman, and blyssyd saynt Vrsula,
The wedynsday.

Cyceley Gresham o was borne a-pon seynte Evlalys daye,
whiche was the xij day of Feuerell, A° 1535, m^ Roger Barker
her godfather, and mystris Marshe and mystris Hardyng
were godmothers, and God make her a good old woman. Amen.

A-pon a son daye.

Elsabethe Gresham P was borne uppon seynte Frediswides day
the xix day of November, Ano dnj 1537, and hir godfather was
m^' Walter Marshe mercer, and m^' HnmfFrey Pakyngton's
wife and m'' Rowland Hill's wiffe and nV^ were hir

godmothers, and God and seinte Elsabethe make liir a good old
woman. Amen.

Apon the Frydaye.

' Married to William Uvedale of Hampshire.

™ Married to Thomas Leveson, of Kent, esq.

" Sir Richard Gresham, sheriff 1531, lord mayor 1537, the father of the great
Sir Thomas Gresham by his first wife. He was not knighted until after 1534, as
shown by this document. Mr. Burgon has contradictory statements on that point.

His second wife here mentioned was Isabel, daughter of Worpfall and widow

of Taverson.

° Married to German Cioll, a Spanish merchant, who resided at Crosby Place
in Bishopsgate-street, and was buried at St. Michael Bassishaw. See particulars
of hiui iii Burgon's Gresham, vol. i. p. 419, ii. 455.

P Married to James Elliott.



The following deeds illustrative of the descent of the manor
of Banipton, in the county of Oxford, are additional to many
recoi'ds of a similar nature published by Dr. Giles in his History
of that manor and parish, 8vo. 1849; to which are subjoined a
few further notices and corrections to the pedigree of the family
of Horde, seated at Cotes, in Bampton, so fully given in the
Topographer and Genealogist, vol. I. pp. 33 — 42 ; derived from
the inspection of deeds and the memorandums of accounts, &c.
kept by Sir Thomas Hord, Knt. ; from which source many curi-
ous and interesting particulars have been printed in the Gentle-
man's Magazine for December 1849.

Endorsed, " An office howe Gollafre came to be possessed of the man-
nor of Bampton, of whom all or parte still takes the name, 35*^
Edw. tercii."

Ex bundello Escaet' de anno tricesimo quinto regni Regis Edwardi


Inquisitio capta apud Bampton in comitatu Oxonige decimo octavo die
Maij, anno regni regis Edwardi tercii post Conquestum tricesimo quin-
to, coram Joh'ne de Estbury Escaetore Regis in Comitatu praedicto.
Virtute cujusdam brevis dicti domini Regis eidem Escaetori directi et
huic Inquisitioni consuti, per sacramentum Joh'nis de Stokes, Stepli' de
Stokes, Joh'nis Fratterf, Thomse Torrefray, Thompe Costard, Edmondi de
Crosford, Rob'ti de Brightelegh, Thomse Batyn, Joh'nis "Chamberleyn,
Hngonis Ermond, Joh'nis le Eir, et Joh'nis Child. Qui dicunt quod
Will'mus de Golefre tenuit duas partes duarum partium manerii de
Bampton cum pertinentiis in comitatu preedicto ad terminum vitse
suae ; reversione inde post mortem prtedicti Will'mi Joh'ni de Molyns et
Eo-idise uxori ejus ct hcredibus ipsius Joh'nis spectante, per tinem in
curia domini Regis levatum apud Westm' in Crastino Ascencionis Do-
mini anno regni regis vicesimo septimo ex concessione Thomge Galian ;
et quod dictae dua? partes prsedictarum duarum partium inter alia terras
et tenementa praedicti Joh'nis vivente prsedicto Joh'ne post decessura
prsefati Will'mi captse fuerunt in manum dicti domini Regis eo quod prai-
dictus Joh'nes de diversis feloniis indictatus et coram Will'mo de Sha-

2 l2


reshuU et sociis suis justiclariis de banco domini Regis clericus convictus
extitit. Et dicunt quod iidem Joh'nes et Egidia prsedictas duas partes
duarum partium nulli concesserunt ncc rectum suum in aliquo mutave-
runt. Et quod praedictae duse partes duarum partium adhuc in manu dicti
domini Regis oxistunt ex causa prsedicta et non alia ; et easdem duas partes
duarum partium idem dominus Rex Joh'ni Landelo per literas suas
patentes ad firmam concessit quamdiu prsedictse duse partes duarum par-
tium in manu dicti domini Regis esse contigerent. Et quod prsedictse
du83 partes duarum partium tenentur de domino Gilberto Talbot ut de
manerio suo de Bampton per servicium militare. Et dicunt quod
praedictae duae partes duarum partium valent per annum in omnibus
exitibus juxta verum valorem earundem novemdecim libras duodecim
solidos octo denarios. Et dicunt quod idem Joh'nes de Molyns obiit
decimo die Martii anno regni regis Edwardi tercii post Conquestum
tricesimo quarto. In cujus rei testimonium praedicti juratores huic In-
quisitioni sigilla sua apposuerunt. Dat. die loco et anno supradictis.

Convenit cum Recordo,
Ex*^. H. Elsynge, Ro. Bowyer,

2 Junij 1608.

Endorsed, ** An office of Aston Bampton houlden of the co. Talbott,

8° Hen. Sexti.
Ex Bundello Escaet' de anno octavo regni Regis Henrici Sexti.

Inquisitio capta apud Wodestoke in comitatu Oxon, in festo S'cti
Luce Evangeliste, anno regni regis Henrici sexti post Conquestum octavo,
coram Edmuudo Rede Escaetore domini Regis in comitatu praedicto,
virtute brevis Domini Regis eidem Escaetori directi et huic Inquisitioni
consuti, per sacramentum Thomae Carswell, Joh'nis Erlestokc, Will'mi
Style, Joh'nis Lecke, Joh'nis Turfray, Roberti Croxford, Joh'nis Swyffte,
Joh'nis Tunford, Will'mi Sylvestre, Thomaa Shove, Joh'nis Spere, et
Joh'nis Trimmer. Qui dicunt super sacramentum suum quod Will'mus
Molyns miles dicto brevi nominatus tenuit die quo obiit in dominico suo
ut de feodo sibi et heredibus suis imperpetuum maneria de Broughton
et Henley super Tamisiam et manerium de Aston Bampton et quartam
partem de Stanlake cum omnibus et singulis suis pertinentiis in comitatu
praedicto. Et dicunt quod dictum manerium de Broughton valet per
annum in omnibus exitibus ultra reprisas sex libras, quatuor solidos, duos
denarios. Et dicunt quod dictum manerium de Henley super Tamisiam
cum suis pertinentiis valet per annum in omnibus exitibus ultra reprisas
centum solidos. Et dicunt quod dictum manerium de Aston Bampton
cum perthientiis valet per annum in omnibus exitibus ultra reprisas


viginti libras. Et dicunt quod dicta quarta pars manerii do Staulakc
cum pevtiuentils valot per annum in omnibus exitibus ultra reprisas no-
vem libras quinque solidos. Et dicunt quod dictum manerium de
Broughton tenetur de domino Rege per servicium mutandi annuatim
unum austurcum * vaF de eodem tredecem solidos quatuor denarios. Et
etiam dicunt quod dictum manerium de Henley tenetur de domino Rege
in socagio, videlicet per fidelitatem tautum pro omnibus serviciis.
Et dicunt quod dicta quarta pars manerii de Stanlake tenetur de domino
Rege de honore Albemarle per fidelitatem tantum pro omnibus serviciis.
Et dicunt quod dictum manerium de Aston Bampton tenetur de domino
de Talbot per quod servicium penitus ignorant. Et etiam dicunt quod
dictus Will'raus Molyns in dicto brevi nominatus non tenuit aliqua alia
seu plura terras sen tenementa in comitatu prajdicto in dominico nee in
servicio de domino Rege in capito nee de aliquo alio domino quando
obiit. Et dicunt quod prsefiitus Will'mus obiit octavo die Maij ultimo
pr?eterito. Et dicunt etiam quod quaedam Alienora est filia ejusdem
WilFnii in dicto brevi nominati, et heres ejus propinquior, necnon con-
sanguinea et heres praedicti Will'mi Molyns patris, videlicet filia Will'mi
in dicto brevi nominati iilii predict! Will'mi patris, et est jetatis
trium annorum et araplius. In cujus rei testimonium prsedicti jura-
tores huic Inquisitioni sigilla sua apposuemen. Dat' die loco et anno

E\'\ H. Elsynge, 2 Junii, 1608.

Endorsed, " The feofment from the erle of Huntington."

Omnibus Christi fidelibus ad quos prajsens scriptum pervenerit Geor-
gius comes Huntyngdon, dominus Hastynges, Hungertforde, Botreaux,
et Molens salutem. Sciatis me prsefatum Comitem in coraplementum et
performationem cujusdam conventionis et concessionis in quibusdam
Indenturis inter me praefatum Comitem et Franciscum Hastynges mili-
tem filium et heredem apparentem mei prsefati Comitis ex una parte et
Rolandum Hill civem et mercer' London ex altera parte factis, concer-
nentis quoddam statum in feodo simplici praefato Rolando Hill ante
festum Annunciacionis beatae Mariae Virginis proximo futurum fiend' de
maneriis de Aston Bampton et Gollofters cum eorum pertinentiis in
comitatu Oxon' ac de certis aliis terris et tenementis in eisdem Indenturis
inter alia specificatis, quarum quidem Indenturarum datum est vicesimo
die Februarij anno regni domini Regis mei Henrici octavi vicesimo
octavo, Dedisse, concessisse et hac presenti carta mea contirmasse
praefato Rolando Elill praedicta maneriade Aston Bampton et Golloifers
cum suis pertinentiis, ac omnia et singula alia messuagia, terras, tene-

* i.e. mewing one goshawk : see Blount's Ancient Tenures.


menta, redditus, reversiones, firma, pvata, pascua, pastura, boscos, ma-
rescas, communias, stagna, vivaria, ac cetera hereditamenta mea quaecun-
que in Aston Bampton, GoUoflfers, Cotes et Bampton in comitatu praedicto.
Habenda et tenenda praedicta maneria, terras et tenementa, redditus, re-
versiones, et firma ac cetera prsemissa cum omnibus et singulis suis
pertinentiis praefato Rolando Hill heredibus et assignatis suis ad opus
et usum prsedicti Rolandi Hill, heredima et assignatorum suorum imper-
petuum, de capitalibus dominis feodorum illorum per servicia inde
debita et de jure consueta. Et ego vero prsedictus Comes et heredes
mei praedicta maneria, terras et tenementa ac cetera pra^missa cum suis
pertinentiis praefato Rolando Hill heredibus et assignatis suis ad usum
praedictum contra omnes gentes warrantizabimus et imperpetuum per
praesentes defendemus. Sciatis insuper me praefatum Comitem fecisse,
confinnasse, attornasse, locoque meo posuisse dilectos servientes meos
Humfredum Wyat et Joh'em Hassard meos veros et legitimos attornatos
conjunctim et divisim ad intrandum in praedicta maneria terras et tene-
menta ac cetera praemissa cum suis pertinentiis el in quodlibet inde par-
cellum, et inde plenam ac pacificam possessionem et seisinam vice et
nomine meo capiendum, et post hujusmodi possessionem et seisinam de
praemissis sic captas et habitas deinde plenam ac pacificam possessionem
et seisinam de omnibus et singulis praedictis maneriis terris et tenementis
ac ceteris praemissis pro me vice et nomine meo praefato Rolando Hill
heredibus et assignatis suis ad proprium usum ejusdem Rolandi Hill
heredura et assignatorum suorum secundum tenorem, vim, formam, et
effectum hujus praesentis cartae meae in forma praedicta factae deliberan-
dam, ratum et gratum habentem et habend' firmum et stabile totum et quic-
quid dicti attornati mei seu eorum alter pro me et nomine meo in praemissis
fecerint seu fecerit per praesentes. In cujus rei testimonium huic prae-
senti cartae meae ego praefatus Comes sigillum raeum apposui. Dat'
octavo die Martii anno regni dicti domini Regis Henrici octavi vicesimo
octavo supradicto.


Seal, a Buffalo's head erased and gorg-ed with a ducal coronet, without
a wreath, the well-known badge or cognizance of the Hastings.

Endorsed on the back. — Memorandum, Possession delyvered in
Aston by the w^'hi named Humfrey Wyatt to Thomas NicoUs attourney
to the w*n named Rowland Hill, the xvij. day of Marche in the xxviij.
yere of the reigne of our souveraigne lord king Henry the viij"', in the
presence of William Hitthemay, Robert Hawkyns, John Yonge, Ed-
monde Yonge, John Nevfman of Bampton, William Baston, Robert


Cockesetter, Richard Waytt, William Yonge, William WoUey, John
Brooke, John Fisher, and John Morres, and many other.

Memorandnm. Possession delyvered in Golloffers by the wt'>n named
Humfrey Wyatt to Thomas Nicolls, attom-ney to the wtn named Row-
lande Hill, the xvij. day of Marche, in the xxviij. yere of the reigne of our
souveraigne lorde king Henry the viij^'S in the presence of John Kepe,
William Blowing milner, John Pallyn, Henry Huckes, William Hitthe-
may, Robert Cockesetter, John Newman, and Edmonde Yonge, and
many other.

Alan Horde, citizen and merchant of London, who bought
the manor of Cote, in Bampton, in 1553, died in 1555. He left
the manor to his wife Dorothy for her life. It was surveyed for
her son Thomas in 1577. Thomas died unmarried, and the
manor appears to have reverted to his brother Alan of Hord
Park, father of Sir Thomas Hord, Knt. In 1652 Sir Thomas
Hord made over the manor of Aston to his son Thomas for his
life with reversion to his heirs, and the good knight then went
and lived at his manor of Shilton, Berks, ami died January 31,

Barbara, the tirst wile of Thomas Hord, Esq. and daughter of
Charles Trinder (not Frinder), gent, died August 12, 1671 (not

Mr. Horde married his second wife Susannah, daughter of Sir
Erasmus De la Fountaine, Sept. 22, 1673.

" I bound my son Harry Horde to Captain Goodlad in
Mich'^s 73." (Not mentioned in the pedigree.)

" Barbara Horde, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Horde, of
Cote, born 2nd Nov. 1622."

" Thomas Horde, Esq. eldest son of y® said Sir Thomas
Horde, borne y® 26th of July 1625, upon a Wednesday."

Children of Thomas Horde, Esquire.

" My daughter Barbara borne about middle of May 1654."
[She became the wife of Giles Palmer (as in the pedigree,
vol. I. p. 36), who took the name of Hord; and in deeds of
1728, 32, is described of Compton Scorplim, co. Warwick. A
Thomas Horde of Coate, co. Oxon (deed anno 174&), afterwards
described of Lower Swell, co. Gloucester, in deeds of the 14th of
Geo. III. 1773, was probably the son of Giles Palmer Hord.
Caroline Anne Hord, the last lady of the family and possessor of


the manor, died in London, within ten or twelve years since.
The present lord of the manor of Coates is Henry Hippisley, of
West Ilsley, near Wantage, Berks, Esq.]

" My daughter Anne, borne the 10th of May 1654." (Twin
with Barbara ?)

" My son Charles, borne the 27di of May 1656."

" My son Thomas, borne die 13 of December 1657."

*' My son Henry, borne January 6, 1659."

« My d'- Jane Elizabeth, borne June 26d), 1660."

" My di' Nanny, borne ye {blank), 1661."

" My d"" Mary, borne ye (blank), 1662."

« My dr Ffrances, borne y° 29th of March, 1664."

" My d'' Elizabeth, borne {blank).'"

'' My son Alan Horde, borne {blank), 1668."

H. G.



Communicated by John D' Alton, Esq.

The church of St. Nicholas, styled " wiUiin the walls," to
distinguish it from a second, dedicated to the same saint, outside
this city, was considered the first parochial edifice of that class
erected in Dublin after the Reformation. In 1578 it underwent
some alterations, the south wall having been then re-edified (as
was, at the same time, the adjacent great wall of the Castle ditch)
at the expense of the corporation. In 1672, and subsequently,
valuations were made of its condition and income, which are
preserved in the State Paper room Council Office, in Ireland.
In 1707 the parishioners were enabled by Act of Parliament to
raise money for rebuilding it, and an engraving of its architec-
tural appearance in ] 786 is given in the Gentleman's Magazine
of that year, p. 397. An Ecclesiastical Report of 1807 stales
the parish to have " a church in good order," and the same


words of assurance are reiterated in a later of 1820. In 1835,
however, the incumbent and churchwardens memorialised the
Ecclesiastical Commissioners for Ireland to take down the whole
building, in consequence of the alarming projection of some of
its walls ; the request was at once acted upon, but without the
concurrence or sanction of the Dean and Chapter of St. Patrick's
cathedral, who were by ancient title rectors of the parish, and
they accordingly remonstrated, as that they " had heard with sur-
prise and indignation that the materials and furniture of the
church had been disposed of, the pews to the proprietor of a
common whiskey or public house, who has fitted np a tap-room
with them, where the numbers of the pews are still visible, and
that the communion-table, altar-piece, and windows have been
sold," as they add, with the too usual Irish aptitude for anti-
religious sarcasm, " for the use of the new Popish chapel of
Beldoyle in the County Dublin, whither they were removed in
triumph." The Commissioners, however, relied upon their acts,
having been induced by the application of the churchwardens
and incumbent, necessitated by the dilapidated state of the edi-
fice, and sanctioned by the assent of the Archbishop of Dublin.
They also represented that they had given previous notice of
their intentions, and that the old materials were, with the excep-
tion of the pulpit and communion-table (which had been depo-
sited with the verger of St. Patrick's), sold to defray, so far as
they might, the expense of taking down and removing the con-
demned works. (The whole correspondence on this subject may
be seen, published in the Parliamentary Papers for 1844, vol.
xliii. page 313, &c,) That task has been unflinchingly accom-
plished ; not a stone of the church remains ; but, as it Avas built
upon an eminence, and entered by a flight of steps from the
street below, the vaults yet appear raised above the level of that
street and roofed with flagging. All the memorials of the church
and graveyard have perished, with the exception of one mural
slab to a Mr. Edward Thorton, who had been buried in 1'762
in the chancel — even that graveyard has been robbed of its pro-
portions, and the foundations of houses, that now nai-row it
in, have been laid in human clay. The Registry is the only
relic that remains of the church, which Archbishop Comyn
granted by his foundation charter to the then collegiate establish-


ment of St. Patrick's, and which Pope Celestine the Third con-
firmed to that house in 1191.

Premising that Dr. William " Golbourn," a native of Chester,
who had been promoted to the see of Kildare, and died of the
plague in 1650, was buried in this church, — the Registry com-
mences in April 1671, and is continued thence with little in-
terruption to the present day ; the birtiis, marriages, and burials
being set down without distinction, but in chronological order.

1671. Christopher, son of Dr. John Tophani, born 5th April.
Anne, daughter of Thomas Allen, born 22nd June.

Dr. Arthur, buried 6th December.

1672. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Dowdall, christened 11th April.
Joshua Huntington, buried 27th December.

1673. Counsellor Drinkwater, buried 29lh August.
Susanna, dau. to Mr. Robert Powell, baptized 29th August.
Richard, son of Sir Richard Reynolds, baptized 8th Sept.
Sir Henry Ingoldsby's daughter buried 21st Sept.
Godfrey, son of Mr. Godfrey Boate, baptized 3rd Dec.
Robert, son of Joseph Saunders, Esq. buried 12th Dec.

1674. John, son of Mr. Wiseman, baptized 2nd Oct.

1675. Thomas, son of Mr. Thomas Pakenham, born 2nd Oct.
Richard, son of Mr. Richard Ferrall, baptized 14 November.
Richard, son of Richard Hussey, baptized 14th March.

1676. Dr. Worsley's daughter buried 9th Sept.

Foster, son to Mr. James Grace, baptized 10th January.
Matthew, son of Mr. vTohn Warburton, baptized 10th Jan.
Anne, daughter of Mr. Cuppaidge, baptized 2nd February.

1677. Mrs. Sarah Saunders buried 23rd November.

The wife of Counsellor James Grace buried 21st January.

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