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Charles Loder Stephens.

Charles Loder Stephens, of the parish of Kencott, bachelor,
and Mary Newton, of this parish, spinster, were married 14
OcU", 1824, by John F. Newton; witnesses, Ellen Mason,
Martha Howard, Mary Howard, John Howard, Edward Mor-
timer Moultrie.

Lieut.-Col. Frederick Ashworth, of No. 9, Cumberland-
terrace, Regent's-park, London, bachelor, and Harriet Graham,
of this parish, Norton Conyers, were married, with consent of
father, 29 Oct'*, 1833 ; witnesses, Catherine Sinclair, John

Major Rohde Hawkins, esq**, bachelor, son of Edward
Hawkins, of the British Museum, esq^, F.R.S. &c. and Mary
Littledale Greenwood, spinster, daughter of Frederick Green-
wood, of Norton Conyers, esq% were married by Tho. Staniforth,
rector of Bolton by Bolland, 4 August, 1853.

Baptisms c

Bellingham George Fenton, son of Bellingham Reginald and
Harriet Graham, of Norton Conyers, baronet, baptized 23
March, 1813.

Godfrey Theodore, son of Bellingham Reginald and Harriet
Graham, of Norton Conyers, baronet, baptized 6 August, 1814.

Constantine George, son of Algernon and Caroline Greville,
Norton Hall, esquire, baptized 17 February, 1816.

Mary Anne, daughter of John Hadden and Catherine Ask-
with, of Norton Hall, esquire, baptized 9 February, 1820.


Elizabeth, daughter of John Hacklon and Catherine Askwith,
of Norton Hall, esquire, born 13 March, baptized 18 March,

John William Priestley, son of John and Maria Dorothy
Ord, of Melmerby, gentleman, baptized 17 February, 1825.

George Newton, son of William and Caroline Fendall^ Major
of the 4*^ Lt. Dragoons, baptized 13 December, 1829.

Children of Bellingham Reginald and Harriet^ Graham^ of
Norton Conyers, baronet: — Augusta Clementina, bapt. 19
May, 1834; Reginald Henry, born 22^ bapt. 2S'-^^ April, 1835;
George- Fergus, bapt. 19 May, 1836.

Gertrude Jane, daughter of John and Mary Gertrude Ord, of
Middleton, gentleman (Mr. Ord's 3^1 wife), baptized 17 Dec'*,

Clara Louisa, daughter of John and Louisa Elizabeth Green-
wood,y of Norton Conyers, esq^, born 13'^' Nov^", baptized 19*^
Deer, 1852.

Helen Stuart, daughter of John and Helen Duncan Ward,* of
Wath Rectory, clerk, born 30 Sepf, baptized 28 Oct^, 1853.


Elizabeth AUanson,^ of Ripon, daughter of a late Rector of
Wath, buried S^d Feb. 1817, aged 59 years.

Cuthbert, son of the Rev. G. Allanson of Ripon, buried 9
Sept^, 1817, aged 13 years.

Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John Ord, buried 1 August, 1819,
aged 38 years.

^ Harriet, dau. of the Rev. Robert Cottam, second wife of Sir B. R. Graham.

y John, only son of Frederick Greenwood, of Norton Conyers and Keighley, co.
York, esquire, married at Great Henny, co. Essex, 19 Feb. 1852, Louisa-Elizabeth,
eldest daughter of Nathaniel Clarke Barnardiston, of the Ryes, co. Suffolk, esquire.
They have a son and heir, Frederick Barnardiston, born at Swarcliffe, near Ripley,
CO. York, 3 Jan. 1854.

^ Monumental Inscription :— ** In this Church are deposited the mortal Remains
of Dorothy and Elizabeth Allanson, the third and fifth Daughters of Cuthbert
Allanson, D.D., formerly Rector of this parish. They closed their exemplary lives
at Ripon; Dorothy, Nov*''" 10'\ 1799 ; Elizabeth, Jan'y 24\ 1817."

* Helen Duncan, one of the youngest daughters (twin) of the late John Stuart,
esq. superintendent of military accounts at the War office, second wife of the Rev.
John Ward, was married 21 July, 1848, at St. John's Church, Notting Hill, Ken-
sington. The births of their two elder daughters, as well as of all Mr. Ward's
children by his first wife, Ann, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Merriman, of Lon-
don, M.D. are entered at Great Bedwyn, co. Wilts.


Maria Dorothy Ord (Mr. John Ord's 2^ wife), buried 5 Mar.
1825, aged 29 years.

John William Priestley Ord, buried 9 Oct^', 1825^ aged 6

William Fendall, buried 21 March, 1829, aged 1 year.

Rebecca Allanson of Ripon, buried 5 May, 1831, aged 84

William Blakey, parish clerk nearly 40 years, died 28 June,
buried July 1, 1836, aged 69 years,

Henrietta Valle Asseretti of Copt Hewick, buried 12 July,
1842, aged 55 years.

Sarah Elizabeth Caylev^ of Ripon, buried 8 Feb. 1847, aged
7 y'rs.

Mem. A notice of the family of Best, of Middleton Hall, in the
parish of Wath, with extracts from the registers relating to it, is in
preparation for a future page.

Rectors of Wath.

Instit. Rectores. Patroni. Vacat'.

Joh'es de Ap-
pelby,in 1327.
19 Nov^' 1362 D'n's Henr' Dna Emma Gray de Ro- p' resig'
Lokesburgh therfeld

28 Oct. 1371 Mr Rob* de Dalton ... ... p' resig'

29 Dec. 1371 D'ns Alex' de D'na Amicia Gray de Mar- p' resig'

Brompton vel mion

30 Dec. 1380 D'ns Tho. Rey- D'ns Joh'es Marmyon p' resig'

nard, cap'
30 Dec. 1380 D'ns Will' de Idem . . .

Galmeton, cap'
6 Sept. 1395 D'ns Ric' Bar- D'na EUz' Marmion
ret de Qwyn-
ton, cap*
Thomas Hode
in A.D. 1422

* Monumental Inscription : — " Sacred to the memory of a beloved child, Sarah
Elizabeth, daughter of Digby and Dorothy Cayley, whose gentle happy spirit was
taken to the Bosom of her Heavenly Father, on the 1st day of February 1847, in
the eighth year of age. Suffer little children to coraeuuto me and forbid them not,
for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."


Instit. Rectores. Patroni. Vacat'.

7 Nov. 1429 Mr John Norton Rex p' mort'

24 Feb. 1435 D'ns Robt Shir- Will' D nus Fitzhugh
wynd, cap'
(A long hiatus.)
9 Mar. 1569 Henry Stubbes Wm Parr, Marq. of North- . . .


27 June 1614 John Chapman, Gregory Milner, gent. p' mort'


4 Jan. 1619 Hugh Baguley Lord Burghley p' mort'

23 Sept. 1635 George Baguley Emma Baguley p' mort'

31 Dec. 1660 Peter Samwaies, Tho' Bruce, Earl of Elgin p' mort'

27 Sept. 1693 Stephen Penton Tho' Bruce, 2d Earl of p' mort'

Ailesbury and 3d Earl of
6 Feb. 1706 John Carter, The Hon' Robert and James p' mort'
A.M. Bruce, brothers of the above

Earl of Ailesbury

22 Oct. 1716 George Bruce The Hon' Robert and James p' mort'


23 July 1723 John Coleman, Cha^ Lord Bruce, son of 2^^ p' mort'

LL.B. Earl of Ailesbury

13 Apr. 1734 John Hildrop, Charles Lord Bruce p' mort'


30 Sept. 1756 Cuthbert Allan- Tho' Bruce Brudenell, Lord p' mort'

son, A.B. Bruce

4 Oct. 1780 Charles Fran- Tho' Bruce Brudenell Bruce, p' mort'

cis, A.M. Earl of Ailesbury

13 Feb. 1788 Jonathan Lip- Idem p' rcsig'

yeatt, B.D.

13 Apr. 1799 Thomas Brand, Idem p' mort*


18 Oct. 1814 Benjamin New- Chas Bruce Brudenell Bruce, p' mort'

ton, A.M. Earl of Ailesbury

Aug. 1830 Henry Parr Cha^ Bruce Brudenell Bruce, p' mort'

Hamilton, Marquess of Ailesbury,

A.M. K.T.

29 Oct. 1850 John Ward, Idem p' resig'



Notes to the List of the Rectors of Wath.

1327. " Joh'es de Appelby " is mentioned in Inquis' post mortem 1
Edw, III. as " persona eccF de Wath juxta Rypon pro quodam capel-
lano, — Holm, Melmorby, Middelton, Rokeby? Pykall, Sutton-Hougrave
et Wath juxta Rypon, terr' ten' et reddit' in com' Ebor'."

1362. The next six Rectors are taken from Torre's Archdeaconry of
Richmond, p. 1551, as extracted by Dr. Whitaker.

1362. Domina Emma Gray de Rotherfeld should perhaps be Avice
or Amicia Gray.

1380, 1380. Sic in Whitaker.

1422. In Inquis' ad quod damnum 9 Hen. V. is the following notice :
" Thomas Ilode parsona Eccl' de Wath juxta Rypon et alii feofFati
fuer' per Ric'um Norton nuper capit' justic' in co'i Banco in man'io de
Norton Conyers cum pertin' quod ip'i quandam cantar' perpetuam de
uno capellano divina in capella sc'i Cuthberti ib'm stabilire et fundare
possint," &c.

1429, 1435. From Torre.

1569, &c. From the Registry of Chester, &c.

1660. Peter Samwaies was born at Eltham, co. Kent, a. d. 1614, and
was baptised there "on the 29th of August, being Barthelmew day." He
is said to have been the son of a person about the Court. He was
elected a scholar from Westminster School to Trinity College, Cam-
bridge, A.D. 1634, sworn and admitted a Fellow of that Society 30 Oct.
1640, but was expelled from his fellowship by the parliamentary visitors ;
created D.D. by royal mandate in 1660. (Ex inform. Fr. Martin, Bur-
sar of T. Coll. 1854.) He was Chaplain to Ehzabeth Countess dowa-
ger of Peterborough, and had been Vicar of Cheshunt, co. Herts, For
thirty-one years prior to his death he was also Rector of Bedale, to
which benefice he was presented by the Crown. He died there 6th
April 1693, and was buried in the centre of the chancel below the altar
steps, under a stone bearing the inscription on brass, printed by Dr.
Whitaker in his History of Richmondshire. The arras are. Sable, on a
fess between three crosses flory or, three martlets of the field. Crest, a
lion's paw erased or, holding a mallet ar. (not a mullet). During his
life, viz. in 1684, Dr. Samwaies built and endowed a Free Grammar
School at Wath, and by his will left funds for the erection and endow-
ment of a small hospital. He gave his estate at Middlcton Qiiernhow
to the Master and Seniors of Trinity College, Cambridge, for various
charitable purposes, among the rest to increase the income of the Wath
School, previously endowed with his lands at Bellerby, in the parish of


Spennithorne, and to provide an annual dole of money to be distributed
to the poor of Wath by his successors in the rectory. This last
amounts now (1854) to £30 per ann. His charities to Bedale, the
larger parish, were also very munificent, as were his legacies to the poor of
Cheshunt, Eltham, and Lewishara. Anthony a Wood says that he wrote
and published " The Wise and Faithful Steward ; or, a Narration of the
exemplary death of Mr. Benjamin Rhodes, Steward to the Earl of Elgin,
briefly touched in a funeral sermon, &c. August 4, 1657." 8vo. London,
1657. "Devotion Digested; several Discourses and Meditations on the
Lord's Prayer, &c." London, 1652. 12mo. Dedicated to the Countess of
Peterborough. '' An Exposition on Catechistical Principles." Athenae
Oxon. (by Bliss), vol. iii. col. 839.

1693. Stephen Penton was born at Winchester, and was probably
educated there. He was afterwards Fellow of New College and Prin-
cipal of Edmund Hall in Oxford, Rector of Glympton in that county,
and of Tingewick in Buckinghamshire. He died Rector of Wath and
Prebendary of Ripon, 18 Oct. 1706, aged 67 years. " The very
Reverend Mr. Stephen Penton, Rector of Wath, buried October 20,
1706." (Reg.) His epitaph is given by Dr. Whitaker. The arms are,
Per chevron gules and or, in chief two castles ar., in base a lion ram-
pant az. After giving legacies to his relations and friends, he left the
residue of his estate to the rector and overseers of Wath for the time
being for ever, in trust for the use of the poor, to pay nurse, apothecary
or surgeon in cases of extreme affliction. In 1719 the proceeds of this
bequest were applied to the purchase of a small estate at Sharow near

1706. Mr. Carter had been Curate of Wath to both Dr. Samwaies
and Mr. Penton. He was also the first master appointed by Dr. Sam-
waies to the Free Grammar School in 1684. He was buried at Wath
21st June 1716, and Dorothy his widow 22d Feb. 1732.-^

1716. An inscription to the memory of the Rev. George Bruce, in the
chancel of Wath Church, describes him as " Vir tam ingenio et doc-
trina quam natalibus clarus, Alex*^" Comitis de Kincarden frater ger-
manus, Obiit 27 Mali 1723, aetat. 81. Memoriae sacrum insculpendum
curavit Joh^ More Rector de Tanfield."

* Their children : Ann, bur. 26' July, 1689 (from the account for burying in
Woollen, not in the Register) ; Ralph, bap. July 30, 1690 ; Mary, 16 Aug. 1691,
bur. 4 Oct. 1692 ; Dorothy, bap. 3 Aug. 1693, bur. 23 Dec. 1713 ; John, bap. 15
Aug. 1694; Ursula, 4 March 1695; Thomas, 9 May, bur. 28 Nov. 1698; Row-
land, 1 Jan. 1699; Peter, '29 Jan. 1700; Eliz-ibeth and Christina (twins) 9 Aug.
1703; the former bur. 23 Jan. 1704; Mary, G Feb. 1706, bur. 9 Sept. 1708;
Ann, 13 July, 1709.


1723. Mr. Coleman was of Trinity college, Cambridge, LL.B. 1721.
His epitaph characterises him as " Learned, religious, virtuous ; dyed
March y° 14, 1733, aged 37" (bur. 18 March 1733-4).

1734. Mr. Hildrop had been Master of the Royal Free Grammar
School at Marlborough from the year 1703. He was of St. John's college,
Oxford, B.A. 1702, M.A. 1705, B. and D.D. 1743. Late in 1733 he was
preferred to the rectory of Maulden, co. Beds, which he resigned 23 March,
1733-4, on being transferred to Wath. In 1742 he was appointed
chaplain to his patron Charles then 3rd Earl of Ailesbury, and he died 18
Jan. 1756, aged 73 years. He was the author of several works shewing
great talent, erudition, and a strong turn for good-humoured irony. A
list of these may be seen in Waylen's History of Marlborough, 8vo.
1854, p. 469. See also Gent. Mag. for August 1834, where the date
1772, for the baptism of his daughter " Kathern," should be read 1722.
The inscription, copied from Dr. Whitaker, is a jumble of two memo-
rials still extant in Wath church. The originals are, 1. " Here lieth
the body of Catherine, the wife of Mr. Francis Bacon, of the city of
York, apothecary, and daughter to the Rev. Dr. John Hildrop, Rector
of this parish, who departed this life the Gth day of September 1754,
aged 33." 2. " Here lyeth the body of John Hildrop, D.D. and Rector
of this parish, who departed this life the 18th day of January, 1756,
aged 73.'' In the register is an entry of Mrs. Hildrop's burial, viz.
" Mrs. Sarah Hildrop, wife of the Rev. Mr. John Hildrop, Rector of
Wath, was buried 13 Nov^ 1741."

1756. Mr. AUanson was of Brazenose college, Oxford, and graduated
B.A. 1747, M.A, Nov. 17, and B. and D.D. Nov. 23, 1778. On the
14th of May, 1776, he was appointed Chaplain to the House of Com-
mons, and he continued in that office down to the time of his death in
London 3 June, 1780, at the age of 53 years. He purchased an estate
at Middleton in the parish of Wath, still in the possession of his heir
male. He was buried at Wath on the 11th of the same month. Dr.
AUanson married first Dorothy,^ dau. and coh^ of Roger Nowell, of Read,

'' "Here lieth the body of Dorothy AUanson, the daughter of Roger Nowell,
of Read, in the County of Lancaster, and wife of The Rev^ Cuthb' AUanson,
Rector of this Parish, by whom she was mother of seven children, Mary, Rebekah,
Dorothy, Frances, Elizabeth, George, and Jane. She departed this life the 23rd
day of July 1760, aged thirty-six years. Accomplished ! Virtuous!" (Mon. Inscr.)

Of the children here mentioned Elizabeth was baptized at Wath 18 Nov. 1757,
George 7 April 1759, Jane 12 Aug. 1760, and died 10 April 1761. Rebekah was
buried there in 1831 ; Dorothy in 1799, and Elizabeth in 1817 (see pp. 426, 429).
George, the only son, was in holy orders, a prebendary in Ripon minster, and Rector
of Marton in Craven. He succeeded to the property at Middleton Quernhow, on the
death of his father. For his marriage and issue see Burke's Commoners, under
VOL* in. 2 F


CO. Lane, and secondly Bridget,'^ dau. and coh^ of Charles Hedlam, of
Kexby, CO. York, esq.^i who died 10 July 1792, aged 63. (See p. 426.)

1780. Mr. Francis was a native of Marlborough, the son of William
and Frances Francis of that town. He was first preferred to the rectory
of West Tanfield, co. York, in Dec. 1774. He resigned Wath in 1788,
on being appointed Rector of Mildenhall near Marlborough, by the
patron Mrs. Pococke. In the same year the Earl of Ailesbury ap-
pointed him one of his chaplains, and gave him the rectory of Colling-
bourne Ducis, which he held with Mildenhall. He was preferred to the
prebend of Yatesbury in the cathedral of Salisbury in 1802, which he
vacated in 1 805 for the prebend of Lyme and Halstock in the same
church. He died at Mildenhall 3 Oct. 1821, aged 70 years, and un-
married. See Coll. Top. et Gen. vol. v. p. 352.

1788. Mr. Lipyeatt was also a native of Marlborough, the son of
Christopher Lipyeatt, descended from others of the same names, who
had long held a considerable position in that borough town. He re-
ceived his early education at the Royal Free Grammar School there,
under the Rev. Thomas Meyler. He entered St. John's college, Cam-
bridge, in 1766, proceeded A.B. 1771, A.M. 1774, S.T.B. 1781, and
was a Fellow of that Society. Like his predecessor he had been pre-
viously preferred to the rectory of West Tanfield, and had been ap-
pointed in 1781 to be one of his patron's chaplains. Mr. Lipyeatt was
tutor to George Lord Bruce, elder son of the late Earl, and brother to
the present Marquess of Ailesbury, who died at Nice, 28 March, 1783,
aged 21. He died at Vv^ath 2 Jan. 1799, aged 50, and was buried on
the 10th, leaving, without issue, a widow, Elizabeth, daughter
and coheir of the Rev. Edmund Gibson, Chancellor of the diocese of
Bristol, and Vicar of Bishop's Stortford, v/here they were married 17
Sept. 1793. She was great-grandchild of Edmund Gibson, Bishop of
London, and after the death of Mr. Lipyeatt remarried to Edward
Poore, of Rushall and Charlton, co. Wilts, esq.

1799. Mr. Brand had been tutor to Charles Lord Bruce, now Mar-
quess of Ailesbury, the younger son of the late Earl. He was a Pre-

Cooke, of Owston. Mary Allanson, the eldest daughter, was married at Ripon,
30 July, 17S4, becoming the second wife of the Rev. Reginald Heber, and by hhn
the mother of the Right Rev. Reginald, Bishoi> of Calcutta, and of other children.
Frances married the Rev. John Kirkby, Rector of Gotham.

*= Bridget had a younger sister, Margaret Hedlam, who was baptised 28 July 1731,
married 25 Aug. 1750 to Arthur Charles, son of Michael Stanhope, D.D. and had
issue PJiilip 5th Earl of Chesterfield.

•^ By his second wife Dr. Allanson had three daughters, Jane, ob. inf. ; Bridget, who
died 18 Dec. 1795, aged 26, and was buried at Wath ; and Anne, living unmarried at
Ripon, 1854.


bendary in the cathedral church of Lincoln, and died at the Fleece
Hotel, Rodborough, on his way from Bath into Yorkshire, 26 April,
1814, aged 64 years. He was buried at Woodchester, co. Gloucester,
where, as well as at Wath, there is an inscription to his memory. The
latter was erected by the Marquess of Ailesbury as " A tribute of regard
from a Pupil to his Preceptor," and exhibits an admirable full-length
likeness of his lordship, sorrowing over a sepulchral urn, dedicated to his
friend. It is by Flaxman.

1814. Mr, Newton was a native of Wales, and formerly held the
vicarage of Devynnock, co. Brecon. He then became Vicar of Norton
St. Philip in Somersetshire, and in 1799 Vicar of Little Bedwyn in
Wilts. He was held in the highest esteem by his patron, whose early
tutor he had been. He died at Cheltenham 15 July, 1830, and was
buried at St. John's church in Gloucester, in which city he had many
friends and relations.

1830. Mr. Hamilton took his degree of B.A. at Cambridge in 1816,
as ninth wrangler of that year, being of Trinity college, of which he
became a Fellow. He is also a Fellow of the Royal, the Astronomical,
and the Geological Societies, author of Principles of Analytical Geome-
try, and of an Analytical System of Conic Sections, both works of
repute in the university of Cambridge. He was tutor to Lord Ernest
Bruce, second son of the Marquess of Ailesbury, till his Lordship took
his degree in 1831, and he was Chaplain to H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex.
He resigned the rectory of Wath 30 Sept. 1850, having been promoted
to the deanery of Salisbury. Mr. Hamilton married at Ripon, 24 Ocf,
1833. Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Mason, of Copt Hewick, esq. by
whom he has an only child, Katharine Jane, born and baptised at Wath?
11 Dec. 1834, and married 29 Nov. 1854, in Salisbury cathedral, to
Sir Edward Hulse, of Breamore House, co. Southampton, Bart.

1850. Mr. Ward, a native of Marlborough, is of Christ's college,
Cambridge; was appointed domestic Chaplain to the Marquess of Ailes*
bury at Tottenham Park 16 July, 1826, and instituted to the vicarage
of Great Bedwyn, Wilts, on the 25th of Sept. following, both which
appointments he held till preferred to Wath. (See Coll. Top. et Gen.
vol, V, pp. 28, 269.)

Masters of the Free Grammar School at Wath.

1684. The Rev. John Carter, appointed by the founder Dr. Peter
Samwaies, probably continued in the office till he was preferred to the
rectory of Wath in 1706.

Mr. Buck, mentioned as the predecessor of Mr. Parnther.

2 F 2


The Rev. John Parnther resigned the office of master 5th April,

1758. The Rev. Richard Ella was appointed on the 15th of June.
He resigned 23d Dec. 1773, having been instituted 9th Dec. to the
rectory of Kirklington. He died 28th Jan. 1802, aged 91 years, and
was buried at Kirklington. "^

1774. The Rev. Thomas Hattersley, appointed 1st Feb. was licensed
the 16th of June following. He continued in the office during the re-
mainder of his life; died 3d April, 1819, aged 71 years, and was buried
at Wath on the lOth.e

1819. Mr. James Cobb was appointed on the 15th of July, 1819, and
deprived on the 21st of Dec. 1824.

1825. The Rev. John Richardson, appointed on the 9th of Feb. died
in August 1832, aged 38 years, and was buried at Wath 12th August.'

1832. The Rev. Robert Turner, appointed on the 15th of Nov. in
this year, resigned the office 2d July, 1849.^

1849. Mr. Thomas Sheppard succeeded on the 7th of Sept. and is
the present master.^^

W. R. J. W.

^ Sarah, wife of the Rev. Richard Ella, and daughter of James Gaskarth, of Kes-
wick, esq. died 17 Jan. 1769, aged (49 ?) (M. I.) and was buried at Wath on the 29th
Jan. 1769, and the following children occur in the registers: Elizabeth, bur. June
22, 1759 ; Richard, born May 20, bap. June 26, 1761, bur. July 28, 1772 ; John-
Gaskarth, born Nov. 6, bap. Dec. 20, 1765.

« The Rev. Thomas Hattersley, bachelor, and Mary Hattersley, spinster, were
married (at Wath) by license from the court of Richmond 6 Jan. 1778. Their
children: Thomas, born and bap. 12 Nov. died 18 and bur. 20 Nov. 1778 ; Sarah,
born and bap. 5 June, 1780 ; another Thomas, born 4, bap. 5 Aug. 1782 ; Arthur,
born 3, bap. 6 Jan. 1785 ; Maria, born 9, bap. 13 Sept. 17B6. Mary their mother
was buried 20 Feb. 1832, aged 81.

' Children of John and Margaret Richardson : William James, bap. 26 June,
1825; John-Lister, bap. 12 Feb. bur. 20 Dec. 1827; John-Peter, bap. 8 Dec.
1828 ; Margaret-Sarah, bap. 1 Aug. 1830.

s Mr. Turner married at St. Peter's, Bradford, co. York, U Jan. 1837, Jane,
daughter of Thomas Clark, of Thorn House, in Little Horton, esq. Their
children : Robert- Clark, born 24, bap. 25 March 1838, bur. 24 Dec. 1842 ; Charles-
Ridsdale, bap. 3 Sept. 1841 ; Lucy- Jane, born 3, bap. 4 May, 1844; Robert-Clark,
born 7, bap. 10 Nov. 1845 ; Edwin-Thornton, born 28 April, bap. 18 May, 1847 ;
all at Wath ; and Mary Isabel, bora at Harrogate, 15 June, 1849, baptised there
on the 28th.

'' Walter, son of Thomas and Ellen Sheppard (n^e King, mai-ried at Haughton
le Skerne, 30 March, 1853) born at Wath, 10 April, 1854, and bap. 4 June following.



RusHTON Hall stands about three miles north-east of Ket-
tering, in Northamptonshire, on ground which rises gradually
from the Ise, a small stream that waters the park. It is one of
the earliest and most magnificent specimens of the mixture of
the Italian and Gothic architecture prevailing at the end of the
reign of Queen Elizabeth, and was principally erected about
A.D. 1590 (previously to the building of Audley End, in Essex),
by Sir Thomas Tresham, whose ancestors had possessed the
manor since 16 Henry VI. It is built round three sides of a
quadrangle, having in front, towards the east, a Doric screen,
in the centre of which is the entrance door. The Great Hall
occupies the whole south side, and, till recently, the Picture
Gallery extended on the first floor the whole length of the north
side, being 125 feet long. It is not proposed to enter here into
any minute description of this venerable mansion, as a very full
one will be found in Neale's Views of the Seats of the Nobility
and Gentry, 2nd Series, 1826^ Vol. III. where a view of the
east or principal front, and one of the south and west fronts, are
given, and in the later editions a view of the interior of the Great

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