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The parish of Strathblane and its inhabitants from early times : a chapter in Lennox history online

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effort to keep them off the roll, and the Melville party to put them on, and much time was
spent in the debate. Thus, though the election began at 12 o'clock, the proposing of the

2 R



candidates did not come off till half-past 4 o'clock. The new electors, whose qualifications
were thus thoroughly investigated, were C. C. L. Bruce of Kinnaird ; Michael Bruce of
Glenelg ; H. F. Campbell of Boquhan ; and Sir Keith Alexander Jackson, Bart.

The manner of conducting elections in pre-reform days was thus as different from
that of present times as the numbers who took part in them. At the Stirlingshire
election of 1821 there were on the roll 121 names ; at the election of 1886 there were
12,486. Any one who knows the county of Stirling and looks over the list we have
given of electors in 1821, cannot fail to be struck with the presence of numbers of voters
who had really nothing to do with the county, and the absence of numbers who were
real Stirlingshire men. This was, of course, caused by the nature of the qualification —
a freehold. The system was no doubt wrong, and representation very imperfect; for
instance, on the last roll made up in the old way there were only 7 electors who had
any real interest in Strathblane, viz.. Sir Archibald Edmonstone of Duntreath ; Alexander
Graham of Ballagan ; A. G. Stirling of Craigbarnet ; J. Campbell Douglas of Mains ;
James Smith of Craigend ; John Guthrie of Carbeth ; and William Smith, afterwards
of Carbeth- Guthrie, his heir.



Page 129. — I. Rental of the Kirklands before 1681.

Broadgatte payes yearly of money,

of Victuall 8 Bolls, of Hens 12
Ki7'kland payes yearly of money,

and of Hens . . 12

Holle payes yearly of money, .

and of Hens . . 06

Mikbrews poffell pays of money,

and of Hens . . 06

Miller pays of money yearly .

and of Hens, and Cappones 12

and of Entrees 300 merks,

the tack now expired.
Vickerland payes of money yearly,

and of Hens . . 24

Bleu riske pays of money yearly,

and of Hens . . 06

Walter Munnock poffel payes .

and of Hens . . 06

William Massones mailing payes,

and of Hens . . 06

James Massoiies aicker payes .

60 GO 00
213 6 8

020 GO GG
02G 00 00
G06 13 04

G30 00 GG
022 GO GO
G20 00 GG

This includes Muirhouse, which
at this time was unenclosed,
and part of Kirkland.

428 Pounds Scotts (=/35 13 4 sterling).



II. — Rental of the Kirklands " for Crope 1726."

James and Robert M'Ouls for 2 horse gang in Kirkland of money rent

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
John M'Oul for 2 horse gang there money rent .

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
James and Walter Robertsones for 2 horse gang there

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
John and James Robertsones for 2 horse gang there .

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
James M'Oul for his poffle there

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
Wiliam Mason for a pofHe there

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing

Itt the poffle lately possest by Walter Munnock ^ .

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
The Blue Riske Poffle 2

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
John Dougald for his poffle

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
James Birsbane in broadgate for 2 horse gang, of money

Itt 4 bolls meal, '6 henns and 2 days shearing
John Freeland for 2 horse gang there, of money ^

Itt 4 bolls meal 6 henns and 2 days shearing
James Leitch for hole poffle (qr. of 2 bolls meal is a p')

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
James Robertson for M'brues poffle ....

Itt 6 henns and 2 days shearing
Milner Lapslie for the Miln

Itt 12 henns and 12 capons and 2 days shearing

Itt he pays for another acre of Land not belonging to the Miln
but taken off the lands of Broadgate
Balaggans few dutie

Money rent
















/06: 13:04

Number of the Bolls of Meal is 8 Bolls.

Itt number of henns ']]4. Doz. Capons i Doz.

Itt number of Days shearing 28 days.

N B that this rental is intirely to be charged upon Law withat deduction of the Min""
Stepend because the Tenents Do pay a Chalder of Meal and the small viccarage
payable out of these Lands to the Min'^ over and above their Respective rents
above payd to Law.

1 This was in Brunthouse and in 1720 was possessed by Janet Ranken.

2 In 1720 James Livingstone. was tenant of Blue Risk.

* In 1720 John Freeland divided this with John M'Alpin.



Page 135. — Ane Inventar of the plenishing within Craigbamet, belonging to
S'- Mungo Sterling of Gloratt as it was found the 16 of July 1667.

Imprimis of Lining ^ sheitts six paire
Item of splitting 2 sheitts fyve sheitts
Item of Codvarres^ ten
Item of herdin^ sheitts nyne pair

Item a dornick^ table cloath

Ane dussene of dornick servitts^

Two dornick water cloathes

Ane dornick toill ^

Item two old dornick table cloathes

Item ane dusson old dornick servitts

Ane old toill

Item four good lining bed cloathes

Item nyneteen good lining servitts

Tuo old Lining beed cloathes

With tuo dussen & three old lining servitts

Item four good lining toills & ane old on

Item seven hardin beed cloathes

Ane dussen herdin Servitts

four herdin toills

Tuo heckells Tuo pair wool! cairds
Ane pair tow cairds, & a round heckell
Ane meikle wheill, tuo littell wooll wheills,

and a littell Lint wheill
Three irons for dressing cloathes
Ane pair of wooll cames

In the Lady Chisolmes * Chamer ane stand
of flouritt curtings, ane fedder bed, ane
bowster, ane codd,^ tuo pair blanketts,
ane sowed covering, a chamber pott, a
chimnay and a pair of tainges ane chyre,
and a cussione

In hareys ^° Chamber ane fedder bed w' a

caffe bed tuo fedder bowsters tuo pair
blanketts a reed and yellow Covering

In the inner & highest chamber in the tour
A Stand reed courtings ane fedder bed
a bowster ane code tuo pair blanketts
ane shewed coverring with a stript table
cloathe a chimnay ane chyre ane cush-
ione ane chamber pott

The utter and highest chamber in the tour
Ane stand green curtings w* a cannopye,
Tuo fedder beds, a caf bed, tuo bowsters,
four codes, tuo pair blanketts, tuo cover-
rings, a chyre, a stull

In the Inner Chamber abon the hall Ane
[....] of stripe hingings ane stand
sewed curtings with a sewed covering
ane fedder bed, ane palliese ane bowster
tuo codes ane single blankett ane single
Caddae, a pair of blanketts ane sewed

In the bed w'in the s'^ chamber ane fedder
bed, ane palleise, ane bowster ane code,
tuo pair blanketts, ane single blankett a
sewed cover for the bed, ane stripe table
cloath, ane great glasse, a resting chyre
w* tuo other chyres, Ane table & table
cloath ane chimnay, ane taings, ane
shull,^^ ane chamber pott with a Dry

In the utter Chamber abon the hall, a sutt
of stripe hingings a reed bed, ane fedder
bed, ane palleise, ane bowster, tuo cods,
a half blankett, tuo pair blanketts ane
Cadda (?), ane coverring, a table cloathe
a timber chyre, tuo reed stoUs, a cushion,

1 Linen. ^ A kind of linen cloth. ^ Pillowslips. ^ Or hardin, coarse ; made of hards or inferior flax.
^Dornick, a kind of linen cloth like Damask, but not so fine. " Table napkins. "Towel. * Margaret
Stirling, sister of Sir Mungo Stirling of Glorat, and widow of William Dalziel of Chissim. ^ Pillow.
*" Henry Stirling, brother of Sir Mungo Stirling, ^i Shovel,



a chamber pott, ane chimney, ane pair
tainges, ane dry stoU

In the towr hall a dusson ledder chyres,
tuo tables, a new frame (?) chyre, ane bed
resting chyre, tuo green table cloathes
ane chiranay ane porring Iron^

In the kitching in the end of the laich hall
ane table, tuo furmes, ane calf bed, ane
fedder bowster, a pair of blanketts, a
small blankett, ane covering, a chimnay
w' a pair of tainges with ane cloathe and
ane bible

In the laich hall, three tables, tuo arme
chyers, w' a reed cloathe chyre, a wyne
seller, ane chimnay, a porring iron, and
a shouU, w' six buffett stoolls w' tuo
stript table cloathes

In the Chamber abon the laich hall a sutt
stript hingings, a green bed ane fedder
bed ane pailleise, ane bowster, tuo cods,
tuo pair blanketts, with a sewed blankett
w' the green covering. In the bed a pal-
leise a fedder bed ane bowster a pair
blanketts ane covering a table cloath a
glasse tuo green chyres a reed on, ane
chamber pott, a chimnay a showll w' a
pair taignes, w' a dry stooll in ye study
— mair a green coveringe for the big bed

In the chamber abon the new kitching ane
sutt stript hingings a blew bed ane pal-
leise a fedder bed a bowster ane code,
tuo pair blanketts tuo caddas, tuo blew
covereings a blew table cloath, ane glasse
a chamber pott a chimnay ane pair
tainges ane showll tuo chyres, ane stooll
tuo cushiones ane dry stoole

In the laich howse be eist the old kitching,
a table, tuo furmes, tuo stand beds three
old coverrings tuo old blanketts

In the Stable a pair of blanketts ane half
blankett ane coverring w' ane bowster

In the kiching a Chimnay w' a gallous tuo
pair raxes, tuo speitts tuo pair bulles, tuo

1 Poker.

pair tainges, four brasse potts, tuo iron
potts, a frying pane, ane brander, three
pans, a leddell, a flesh crock fyve brasse
Chandlers, tuo new tine chandlers, w' tuo
old chandlers, w' a pair old hinging
raxes, Jeane Livingstoune hes in the
wardrope sixteen powder ^ plats, in the
kiching ten powder platts, Ane pistoll
ane morters, a supporter of iron for the
frameing platts eight [.-.•] spounes,
sevin queches, three dussen timber trun-
chers, ane flaming spone a pair candell
sheires ane girdell tuo Sassers

In the seller, tuo quart stopes, three pynt
stopes, ane choppin stope, a tree quart
stope, tuo beife stands tuo salt stands,
three hering stands, ane butter stand,
ane heed stand, tuo eight gallon barrells,
four new four gallon barrells, tuo old
four gallon barrells, tuo three gallon bar-
rells, ane old meill sive, tuo furletts, tuo
pecks, ane axe for brecking of beif w' ane
uther axe .... axe for hewing timber

In the brew howse ane cadron ane mask
fatt tuo gyll fatts w' a wire (?) dishe, four
tubbs a quickening bott w^ a ledgallon(?)
.... a quart glass bottell, tuo pynt glass
bottells, a choppin glass bottell ane much-
kin glass bottell

Ane dussen silver spouns q''of there is
three given out the house

Tuo silver salt fatts a meikle and a littell
on. Tuo silver dishes a lesser on and a
bigger. Three carpetts — There is a
wyne seller in the study

Ane hagbutt of sound of gunes

( ) of musketts ( ) of pistells ( )

In the bigest Inner chamber of the touur
there is a trunck, a kist & tuo bigger
kists— and in the Lady Chisomes Cham-
ber tuo bagging chists & in the wardrope
tuo kists a borine(.'') kist in the Laich
howse ane napery kist in the stair held,
tuo truncks in the Lairds Chamber tuo
in the Ladys Chamber

- Pewter.


Page 142. — Deed of Gift by My Lord Governor Albany of all Lands,
Annuals, &c., which belonged to Master Walter Abernethy, to William
Stirling of Glorat— 4"^ March 1516-17.— [From the original in the Charter
Chest of the Burgh of Dumbarton.]

My lord Gouernour in the Kingis name ordinis ana letter to be maid vnder the
priue sele in dew forme to his louit William Striueling of Glorate his airis and as-
signais for his gude and thankfuU seruice done to our Souerane lord and my lord
Gouernour of the gift of all landis annuellis and gudis movable and vnmovable
quhilkis pertenit to vmquhile maister Walter Abirnethy prouest of the college kirk of
Duubertane and now pertening or may pertene to our Souerane lord and to my lord
gouernouris dispositioun be resoun of eschete throw deces of the said maister Walter
quhilk wes born bastaird and deit wthout lauchfuU are of his body gotten, with
power to the said William his airis and assignais to intromett and tak vp all the
saidis eschete gudis quhairevir thai be within the realme and at thar plesour to dis-
pone thairon frely quietely, etc., but ony reuocatioun, etc. ; and that the said lettir be
extendit in the best forme with all clausis neidfull and with command in the samin
to the shereffis of the schiris, prouestis and bailies of burrowis quhair the saidis eschete
gudis ar efter the said Williamis informatioun to mak him his airis assignais or fac-
touris be ansuerit thairof according to this gift and gif neid be to compell the intro-
mettouris thairwith to deliuer the samin to thame and with command to the bailies
of the burgh of Dunbertane to gif heretable state and sesing to the said William or
his assignais and thair aris of al annuellis that pertenit to the said maister Walter
gif he ony had within the said burgh and gif he had ony landis or annuellis haldin
of utheris ourlordis than the Kingis hienes that presentationis be gevin to the said
William his airis or assignais presentand thaim in tenentis of thai landis and
annuellis to the ourlordis tharof to be nemmit in speciale efter the said Williames
informatioun and the presentationes to be extendit in dew forme of the chancellary
with al clausis neidfull. Subscriuit be my lord gouernour at Edinburgh the ferd
day of Marche the yere of God j"" v'= and xvj yeris. Without preucdice of oder
vianis ryclit}


Page 142. — Gift of a Beidmanship in the Collegiate Church of Dumbarton by
George Stirling of Glorat to Robert Makcadam. — 26th May, 1539. — [From
the original in the Charter Chest of the burgh of Dumbarton.]

Be it kend till all men be thir present letteres me George Striueling of Glorat,
capitane of the castell of Dunberten and patroun of ane beidmanschip in the said
college of Dunberten fundit be umquhill ane venerabill clerk, mastir Waltir Abir-
nathe provest of the said college for the sawlis of umquhill Andro Stewart lord
Avendaill and the sawU of the said mastir Waltir and all crissing sawlis tyll haif
geving and grantit and be the tennour of thir presentis gevis and grantis the said

1 The words in italics are added in a different handwriting.



bedmanschip with all landis annuelrentis ryoltis and pertinentis tharto pertenyng or
ony way in tyme cumin ma pertene now wakand in my handis as patroun forsaid
be the deces and deid of vmquhill Cristell Striueling last possessionar of the samyne
to ane honest man Robart Makcadam for all the dayis of his liftyme, the said
Robart prayand orison and suffrage in the said college efter the forme and tenor
of the instrument of fundatioun of the samyne and hes rasauit the said Robart
and admittit him be his hand giffing in myne in taknene of his possessioun reall
and actuall and als be deliuering of the belstringis of the said college in the
handis of the said Robart as wse is in siclik thingis to be done. In witnes of
the quhilk thing to this my gift I haif set to my awin propir seill with the sub-
scriptioun of my hand manuall at the castell of Dunbertan the xxvj day of the
monetht of May the yeir of God ane thowsand fiv hundrith and thrette nyne yeris
befor thir witnes James Lindissay and Johne Striueling. yonger with vtheris diuers.

George Striuelyng
of Glorat.

Page 142. — Notarial Instrument following the Gift of a Beidmanship in the
Collegiate Church of Dumbarton by George Stirling of Glorat to Robert
Makcadam. — 27th February, 1539-40.- — [From the original in the Charter
Chest of the Burgh of Dumbarton.]

In Dei nomine amen. Per hoc presens publicum instrumentum cunctis pateat
euidenter et sit notum quod anno incarnationis Dominice millesimo quingentesimo
trigessimo nono die vero penultimo mensis Februarij indictione decima tertia,
pontificatus sanctissimi in Cristo patris ac domini nostri domini Pauli diuina
prouidencia Pape tertij anno quinto in mei notarij publici et testium subscriptorum
presentia personaliter constitutus ut sequitur in vulgari : — The quhilk day ane rycht
bonorabill man Georg Struieling of Glorat capitane of the castell of Dunberten
ratifeit confirmit and appreuit the gift and donacioun that he had gevin of befor
to Robart Makcadem of ane bedmanschip in our Lady Colleg of Dunberten as
verray patroun of the samyn gewin vnder his seill and hand vrit ; the tenor of
said gift foUowis de uerbo z'« uerbiim : Be it kend till all men be thir present lettres
me Georg Stirling of Glorat capitane of the castell of Dunberten and patroun of ane
bedmanschip in the said Colleg of Dunberten fundit be vmquhill ane venerabill clerk
mastyr Walter Abirnathe prowest of the said Colleg for the sawlis of vmquhill Andro
Stewart lord Avendaill and the sawll of the said master Walter and all crissing sawlis
till haif gevin and grantit and be the tenor of thir presentis gevis and grantis the said
bedmanschip with all landis annuellrentis rychtis and pertinenits tharto pertenying or
ony way in tyme cummin may pertene now vakand in my handis as patroun foirsaid
be the deces and deid of vmquhill Cristell Stirling last possessioner of the saftiyn to
ane honest man Robart M*" Kadem for all the dayis of his liftyme the said Robart
prayand orisone and suffrag in the said Colleg eftir the form and tenor of the instru-
ment of fundatioun of the samin and hes resauit the said Robart and admitted him



be his hand giffing in myne in takene of his possessioun reall and actuall and als
be the deliuering of the belstringis of the said Colleg in his handis of the said
Robart as vse is in sicHk thingis to be done. In Witnes of the quhilk thing to
this my gift I haif set to my awin proper seill wyth the subscriptioun of my hand
manuall at the castell of Dunberten the xxvj day of the monetht of May the yer of
God j™ v'= and xxxix yeris befor thir witnes James Lindissay and Johne Striueling
younger with vtheris diuers. Sequitur subscriptio : Georg Striuehng of Glorat. Super
quibus omnibus et singuHs sic premissis dictus Robertus M'= Kadem a me notario
publico -subscripto sibi fier petijt presens pubhcum instrumentum seu publica instru-
menta vnum vel plura. Acta erant hec in camera mei notarij subscript! hora nonena
ante merediem vel eo circa sub anno mense die indictione et pontificatu quibus supra.
Presentibus ibidem honestis viris Johanne Striueling fratre dicti Georgii et Jacobo
Lindissay cum diuersis alijs testibus ad premissa vocatis pariter et rogatis.

Et ego Mathew Forsytht artium magister Glasguensis dioceseos presbiter sacraque
auctoritate apostolica notario publico, quia premissis omnibus et singulis dum sic vt
premittitur agerentur dicerentur et fierent (etc.).

Page 142.— Gift of two Beidmanships in the Collegiate Church of Dum-
barton, by John Stirling of Glorat to William Stirling, his natural
son. — nth February, 1627. — [From the original in the Charter Chest of
the Burgh of Dumbarton.]

Be it kend till all men be thir presentt lettres me Johnne Stirling of Gloratt
patroune of twa beidmanschipis in the burgh of Dumbartane foundit be vmquhill ane
venerabill man master Walter Abernethie then proveist of the colledge kirk of the
said burgh to have giffin and grantit and be the tennour giffis and grantis the said
twa beidmanschipis vith all landis annuel rentis rightis and pertinentis thairof perteining
or ony way may be knowen to pertein to the samyn now waikand in my handis as
patron foirsaid be the deceis of vmquhill last possessouris of the saymn

to William Stirling sone naturall to the said Johnne Stirling of Gloratt for all the dayis
of his lyftyme the said William Stirling praying to Almichtie God conforme to the
ordour obseruett and allowed within this kingdom be the kirk of God and in signe
and taikin heirof I have resaivet the said William and admittit him be his hand in
myne and for possessioune reall and actuall I have delywerit to him the bell stringis
of the kirk of Dumbartane in his hand as vse is in siclyke thingis to be done. In
witnes quhairoff to this my gift I have sett my seall and subscriptioune manuell att the
Gloratt the allevint day of Februar the yeir of God'^ twentie and sewin yeiris
befoir thir witnessis Mongo Stirling hare of Glorat and Johnne Stirling brother german
to the said 'Mongo and Johnne Schaw of Bargarrane wrytter heirof.

Johne Stirling of Gloratt.
Mongo Stirling Wittnes.
John Stirling Witnes.
J. S. Bargarran Witnes,




Page 157. — The Boundaries of the Lands of Quylt or Cult in i57o.^From
the Register of Acts and Decreets of the Court of Session, vol. 46, fol. 286.]

I November 1570.

Anent our soverane lordis letres purchest at the instance of Johne Striviling
younger of Craigbarnald aganis George Buchquhanan of that ilk, Johne Buchquhanan
of Ballicondoquhy, Umphra Levinax, Marioun Levinax, wedo, Jonet Ynche, makand
mentioun that quhair he hes obtenit ane decrete and rolment of court befoir the Shiref
of Striviling and his deputis aganis the saidis personis decerning and ordaning thame
to have done wrang in the wranguis violent and maisterfull trubling and molesting be
thame selfis their servandis complicis and utheris in thair names of thair causing
command assistance and ratihabitioun of the said compHner and his tennentis of his
landis of Quylt with the pertinentis Hand in the parochin of Strablane within the
shirefdom of Striviling in the peciabill bruiking and josing thairof within the boundis
meithis and marches of the samyn, beginnand at the eist at ane well callit Sanct
Makkessokis well, and fra thyne furth as the said well stryp rynnis to the watter of
Blane, and fra thyne furth southwest as the marche stane and bussis standis betuix
the landis of Dunbrook pertening to my lord of Montrois and the landis of Quit
pertening to WiUiam Edmestoun of Duntreith, and fra thyne north west upw"' to the
eist syde of the Coreaker to the held of the samin, fra thine eist be the heid of the
said aiker up be ane auld marche dyke of eird and stane to the fute of the craig, and
fra thine just eist be the fute of the bra to ane thornye bus at the heid of the fald of
Gartchan, and fra thine southeist doun be the dyke of Gartchan to ane sauchin bus,
and fra thine furth north up ane strype to the arne bus and thairfra up north be the
said stryp and marche stanis north to the heid of Craiggarrow, and fra thine furth,
and fra thine furth north up our to the commone muir of Blane, and to desist and
ceis fra all ferder molesting and trubling of the said compliner and his tennentis of
his saidis landis of Quylt in the peciabill bruiking therof within the haill boundis methis
and marches above specifeit as his propirtie and propir pairtis and pertinentis thereof
in all tymes cuming be his self and his tennentis in his name as said is, as the
said decrete mair fuUelye propertis quhilk the saidis personis on na wys will obey



without thai be compellit. And anent the charge gevin to the saidis personis to
compeir befoir the lordis of counsale at ane certane day bypast to heir and se lettres
given and direct upoun thame in maner and to the effect underwrittin or ellis to allege
ane resonabill caus quhy the samin suld nocht be done, like as at mair lenth is contenit
in the saidis lettres. The said compliner being personaly present and the saidis personis
defenderis being lauchfullie summond to this actioun oftymes callit and nocht compeirit,
the Lordis of counsale decernis and ordanis lettres to be direct and gevin in all the
four formes and ilk executioun to be efter utheris within xlviii houris, and the warding to
be in the castell of Blaknes in cais of Disobedience, etc.



Page 174. — Gift by the Bailies and others of the Burgh of Dumbarton of the
Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the Lady Isabella Duchess of Albany
and Countess of Lennox— the Chapel to be erected and created a Col-
legiate Church.— nth May, 1453. — [From the original in the Charter Chest
of the Burgh of Dumbarton.]

Universis et singulis sancte matris ecclesie filiis ad quorum noticias presentes litere
pervenerint, ballivi, consules, communitas, et comburgenses burgi de Dunbertane
salutem in eo qui est omnium vera salus : Quia informamur et nobis datur intelligi
nobilis et magnifica domina domina Isabella Ducissa Albanie et de Levenax comitissa,
pro salute animarum antecessorum et successorum suorum, in cultus divini augmentum