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3 I 9l

John Brown, 5 acres Easter Mugdock

16 Ili

Do., 1 Middle Mugdock .

3 16 5i

Margt. Watson or Clark, About 2 acres Easter Mug

dock ,


Robert Shearer, y^g Easter Mugdock .

I 8

William Anderson, Do.

I 8

James Shearer, ^ Middle Mugdock .

7 6 li

John M'llquhan, I Middle Mugdock .

2 8^

Robert Pender, i Middle Mugdock .

I 16 5|

James Smith, ^ Wester Mugdock .

18 II 4i

Marion Bryce, ^ Do.


John Weir, I Do.

4 12 7i

In all,

103 25V

922 2\l

139 6 9tV



I. — The Valuation Roll of Stirlingshire of 183 1 was drawn up by the late Mr. Robert
Campbell, Clerk of Supply for the County of Stirling, and is the result of much research.
It is founded on the Valuation Rolls of 1691 and 1802, which were the only duly certified
Rolls in existence when he began his work. Though not perfectly accurate, it is a very
valuable document. The valuation of Strathblane, as given here, is an exact reprint
of this Roll.

Valuation Roll of 1831.








The Barrony of
Duntreath 724

May I, i75'5. Cuilt, James Foyer Sir Archibald Edmon-

stone Sir Archibald Edmon-


Duntreath Mains, Wood-
end, Dumgoiock, Gar-
dens and Dougal's Aiker,
Miln and Land, Barnhill
and Croftstable Do.

Harlehaven, Aughentall,
Roseyeards, Shannon,
Capponhill, Blargarmore,
Blargarbeg, Blarhosh,
Knowhead, Craigbrock,
Drumdrunshad.the Hills,
Ballewen and Spittal.... Do.

100 o o

Do 307 19


Archibald Edmon-
ston's rent

May 20, 1766. John Craig of Ballewan,
his part of Archibald Ed-

monstone's rent The Duke of Montrose.. John Craig 65

— Jas. Lyle, Aralaven,hisdo. John Campbell Douglas,

Glasgow Sir Archibald Edmon-

stone ^; John Guthrie
of Carbeth, ^ ; and —
Norval, I

6s II 8A

Walter Stirling of

Ballaggan, which for-
merly pertained to
Glorat, Ballaggan' s
own not being
compted herewith

89 7 9 Aug

The Lands of Ballagan,
comprehending Glorat's
part of do Alex.Graham of Ballagan Alex. Graham of Ballagan 200

Note.— 2d. lost, the cumulo
having been taken from the
Collector's Book.







The Barrony of
Mugdock S12

16 10 Aug. 5, 1794. The Lands of Leddrygreen Alex.GrahamofBallagan

— Drumbrock Do

— Kirkhouse Do

Aprils, 1799. Mugdock Park The Duke of iMontrose..

— Quinloch Do

— 5 of Carbeth Do

— Craigallian Do

J of Carbeth Do

— A- of Auchingillian, Widow

' Weir Do

— i of do. John Buchanan . . Do

— J of do. James Provan .. . . Do

— jof Carbeth, Jas. M'Indoe Do

— i of do. John M'Indoe ])o

— Craigend, John Smith.. .. Do

— The Lands of Pitch, Isobel

Ronald Do

— i of Westertown of Mug-

dock, James Graham .... Do

— J of do. John Bryce Do

— i of do. James Weir Do

— iof Middle do. Jas.Shearer Do

— i of do. Robert Pender and

William M'llquham Do

— J of do. John Brown Do

Robert Robison

James Smith of Craigend

Robert Robison

'I'he Duke of Montrose..



John Graham, Glasgow.

Walter Aiken


James Provan

John Guthrie o( Carbeth

James M 'Indoe

James Smith of Craigend




James Weir, Barachan.
James Shearer














Tj of Easter do. JohnGraham Do.
TT of do. James Shearer's
heirs Do.


Mildavie, James Robertson Do

§ of Edinkell, Robert Ro-
bison Alex.GrahamofBal

Liirg and Lurg Acre, Mrs
Jean Luke Do

Robert Pender and John

Wm. Brown, writer,


Robert Shearer, 5 ; and

Russel, i

James Smith of Craigend


James Smith of Craigend

15 8
30 16

15 8 4

15 S 4
47 19 3

13 14 1


40 o o
6 13 4

John Craig of Guilt 62 o o

Laird of Glorat .


Archibald Weir.

6 4

Cuilt Craig Walter Ferrier, W.S. .. John Craig 62 o o

Law Kirkland Alexr. Gartshore Stirling

of Craigbarnet Alex. Gartshore Stirling

of Craigbarnet 166 2 2

Archd. Weir, Easter Bal-
lewan The Duke of Montrose.. John Craig.

48 6 4

Blairquhoise Cun-
ninghame 194 14

Blairwhish Cunningham..

The Duke of Montrose.. John Buchanan of Car-

Walter Stewart, Pro-
vost of Dunbarton

Dunbarton Provostry The Duke of Montrose.. Unknown. — (See Note.) 74 o

Note.— No Cess has been paid for this for many years, and it has not been found practic- .

able precisely to ascertain any particular Land or Subject to which the valuation can be
attached. According to the best information which has been got, the Duke of Montrose
appears to have been Heritable Patron of the Provostry of the Collegiate Church at Dum-
barton, to which Provostry, and Patrimony thereof, the tiends of the parishes of Fintry and
Strathblane belonged ; and it is supposed that his Grace, in that character, received certain
tiend duty from the Heritors, which was the subject of valuation in the Cess Roll, like Mar's
Tiend in Saint Ninians Parish, and others in the preceding pages ; and that the Provost,
who was appointed by his Grace, paid the Cess therefor ;— but when, by the augmentation
of the stipend of the parish, the whole tiends were given to the Minister, they were with-
drawn from the Duke, who, it is presumed, then ceased to pay the Cess for what was thus
taken from him.— The probability of the explanation now given, is considerably strengthened
by the fact that the whole tiends were given to the Minister by the augmentation modified
in 1793, and that no Cess has been paid since that year, while for that, and a considerable
number of years previously, the Cess was regularly paul by a person of the name of M'Leroy,
a writer in Killearn, who was understood to have received it from different persops, but he
having gone abroad, although inquiry was made, no information could ever be obtained, nor
any papers belonging to hhn recovered, which could lead to the discovery of the lands or
parties liable.

Total valualiou of
Strathblane Parish,
1691 2474

Note.— The amount
of this Parish, in the Old
Roil, as certified to Ex-
chequer, is, by an erron-
eous summation, said to
be £2414 6s. rod.

Note.— Decrease of 2d. -i Total valuatiowof Strath-
upon New RoU, accounted I yane Paris*, 183T ....
for as above. J ;:>•■•

2414 7 6

II.— Valuation Roll of 1884-85.





1 88=;.

Sir Wm. Edmonstone, Bart.,

Janet Gloriana Graham, .
John Cameron Graham, .
Charles Campbell Graham |
Stirling of Craigbarnet, i
Sir James Buchanan, Bart.,
Walter M'Culloch,
Duke of Montrose,
Allan Graham Barns-Graham
John Brown,
Ebenezer M'Alister
Russell's Trustees,
Misses Aitken, .
Provan's Trustees,
James Provan, .
James Freeland,
Ritchie's Trustees,
Robert Ker of Dougalston,

18. Blanefield Printing Coy.,

19. Thomas Cullen, . . .

20. John Coubrough, .

21. A. S. Coubrough, .

22. Mrs. Ewing, ....

23. The Minister of the Parish,

24. David Robertson, .

25. William Graham, .

26. J. N. Hotchkis, . . .

27. Hon. Charles S. B. Hanbury

Kincaid Lennox, .

28. Lang Brothers, ....

29. J. Guthrie Smith, . .

30. Donald M'Neil, . .

31. J. J, M'Ewan, . . .

32. Free Church Minister,

33. Local Authority, .

34. Mrs. Templeton, . .

35. James Weii',

36. School Board, .

37. Blane Valley Railway Coy.,

38. Glasgow Corporation Water



Duntreath, etc.,
Broadgate, .
Muirhouse, .
Montrose Lands, .
Craigallian, .
Middleton of Mugdock
Carbeth Guthrie, .
Easterton of Mugdock
Auchengillan, .
Part of do. . . .

Gai-vel, ....
Craigmore, .
Part of Easterton
Mugdock, . . ,
Dumbrock Works, ,
Houses, ....
Blanefield, . . ,
Park Terrace, etc.,
House, . . . ,
Manse and Glebe, ,
House and Land,

Napier Lodge, . ,

Feu from Ballagan,

Glen Guin, .

Mugdock Castle and
Lands, as Lease
holder, . . .

House, ....

Free Church Manse,

Subjects, .

Houses, .



Land, etc., .

Total Value of Parish,

£91A 6 7i

200 4 7

175 18 5

166 2 2

159 II 8
150 o o
127 o 2
100 o o
77 I 74
60 18 74
55 10 74
37 10 o
25 o o
12 10 o

^^2,340 7 3

£\.,?>o\ o o












25 o
1,187 17

o o

o o

4 o

o o

10 o

o o


23 O O

200 o o

81 15 o

1,495 o 1

136 10 o

17 10 o
45 o o
20 o o

18 o o
70 o o

12 10 O

60 o o

7,451 o o

;Ci8,ii6 6 7

Note.— No. 4 is no longer an heritor, lialf of No. 4 having passed along with No. 6 into the hands of Andrew
Jameson and Christian Robison Brown, his spouse. No. 17 has acquired No. 11 and part of No. 4. Nos. 4 and 11 are
thus no longer separate properties, and there are now only 15 heritors. The valued rent for these properties is given
as they stood in 1883-84, as the old valued rent of the Kirklands (Broadgate and Muirhouse) has not yet been
definitely apportioned between Mr. and Mrs. Jameson and Mr. Ker. Nos. 18 to 38 have no valued rent, but they
appear as proprietors under the Act of 1854.


Place Names.

Strathblachan, Strathblathane, Strathblahane, Strablayan, Strablen, Strablane, Stra-
blaine, and many other old spellings, the name of the Parish. The Blane, the stream
which rims through the valley.

Auchengillan, Aughingilzean, Auchingilzean, Auchinquilzean, the name of a twenty
shilling land in Stratliblane. The Lecher Burn, between Auchengillan and Aucheneden.
Drummery Park, another name for Mid-Attchengillan. Laigh or East Park, farther
south. The Butts, next to Carbeth. Craigmore, the inodern name of the Laigh Park
and the Butts. Sunnybank, next Wester Carbeth. The Field of Muirland, the most
northerly part of Auchengillan.

Carbeth, Garchebeth, Gartbeth, the na7ne of a two merk land in the parish. Geordie's
Braej the hill face to the east of the Allander towards Craigallian. M'Math's lands,
toivards the middle of Carbeth. A dale of ground called Lonochraigie, Drumbog,
Braikenknowes, Ravennest, disused names of places on north and north-west of Carbeth.
Arnward, probably near Auchetitall, on Dun treat h estate. Polmogat, Sheephouse Brae,
dis2ised tiames of places towards the south end of Carbeth. Garvel or Garchill Park,
next Wester Carbeth or Garvel. Kiln Park, south-east of Garvel Park. Well Park,
east of north avenue. Blair or Blairshill, extreme east -part of Carbeth Guthrie. Alreoch
or Allereoch, west of Blairshill. Craigmore, rocks facing Dtmtreath and Auchetigillan.
Duncan's Well, a spring on the slope to the east of Carbeth Guthrie House, formerly much
in use for making " Glasgow PunchP The Slopgaw or Newland Gott, a stream now
covered in on the left of the avenue from the west. Carbeth Loch, between Carbeth and

Craigallian, Craigallion, Craigallzean. Craigallethan ("Com. of Glasgow," vol. 31), estate
in Stratliblane. Kagaillan, najne given in BlaeiCs atlas. Ballochalary, the northerji
part of Craigallian. Ballochalary Yett, the gate at the north corfier of Ballochalary.
The Red Road or Red Braes, the road leading south from Ballochalary Yett. The
Boards, south of Pillar Craig. Pillar Craig and Cat Craig, opposite Blairshill. Carglass,
a wooded hill marching wit/i Craigcnd. Dial Va.x\i, west of Craigallian House. Scrog-
gxohxW, farther west. Sunniebraes, adjoifiing Mugdock Wood. Blackfauld, Lochanshot,


Herdstand, Causaland, Hill Park, Kiln Park, Auchenlom, Barrari, The Poffle, The Isle,
names on Craigallian estate now disused, and localities uncertain. Craigallian Moss>
about the middle of the estate. Craigallian Loch, Allander Burn, the boundary of Craig-
allian, Strathblane, and Stirlingshire to the south-west. Queen Mary's Yew, an old yew
tree on Craigallian Avenue.

Craigend, an estate in Strathblane. The Craigend of Mugdock, the place where
Craigejtd Castle now stands. The Gallow Hill or Gallow Knowe, the Gallows Hill of
Mugdock Barony, to the north-east of Craigend Castle. The Moot Hill, the judgment
place of Mtigdock Barony, on Craigend Avenue opposite Mugdock Castle. Peach or
Peitch or Old Park, to the east of Craigend Castle. The Peach Muir, to the north-east.
Dumbroch, Dunburgh or Uunburroch, lands to the north-east of the Castle, and inarching
with Craigallian and Duntreath. Dumbroch Loch or Loch Farchar (Blaeu's Atlas),
the loch on Dumbroch lands, sometimes now called Ebbie's Loch, from being near the
house, now gone, of Ebenezer or Ebbie Paterson, farmer of Dutnbroch, early in this
century. Deil's Craig Loch, on Peach Muir. Milndavie or Miltoun, the mill near
Edenkill. Sow Hill or Shillin Hill, where the miller of Milndavie now lives. Cock-
mylane, close to the waterworks tiainel. Lurg, part of Edinkill lands. Mill Yetts, near

}AugdiOc\i, a Barony partly ijt Strathblane (for old spellings see page 11). Mugdock
Castle, Mugdock Park, Mugdock Loch, Mugdock Wood, Montrose property in Strath-
blaiie. Mugdock Mill, a mill of which there ai-e a few traces at the east end of the wood.
Woodhouse, the ho7ise in Mugdock Wood. The Woodend of Mugdock or Woodside,
otherwise the Forester land of Mugdock, at the east end of Mugdock Wood, a few
traces left.

Mugdock Mitchell or Michell, or Easter Mugdock, the eastern part of the lands of
Mugdock. The Westerton, the Middleton, and the Easterton of IVIugdock, the original
divisiofis of Mtigdock Mitchell. The Bankend of Mugdock, a sub-division of Easterton
of Mugdock. The Bank of Mugdock, the steep slopes between the higher and lower lands
of Mugdock. The Spritts Well, at the side of the path between Mugdock Castle and
village. Wellshot Park, sotcth of Spritts Well Park. The Shepherd's Hill, where the
modern house of Westerton of Mugdock is built. Gallodrum, to the north-east of
Shepherd'' s Hill. The Shoemakers' Croft, at the east end of Mugdock village. The
Crofting lands of Mugdock, to the south of Middleton Farm House. Knochwhamie,
Heigh and Laigh, ojt the Middleton. The Law Stone of Mugdock, on the road side south
of Middleton Farm Hoicse. St. Patrick's Well, y«j-^ above the Bank of Mugdock, south-
east of the Law Stone. Garlean, on the Easterton of Mugdock, below the Bank. Gar-
henny, farther west. Boglands near Garhenny. Mores Hole, farther west. AUies-
fauld, Bent, and Bankhead, on Easterton, above the Bank of Mugdock. Gaily or
Gallow Moss, on the west side of Loch Ardcnnan. The Lady's Park, at the north
Porter's Lodge of Craigend.

Leddriegreen, Leddriegrean, Letirgreen (Blaeu's Atlas), the name of an estate in
Strathblane. Kier Hill and Dingen, on the hill north-east of Wester Leddriegreen
Steading. Binnen, north of Dingen. Puddock Hole, an old name for Wester Leddrie-
green. Lasset Park, on Wester Leddriegreen. Lady's Slide, on the hill to the north of
Steading. Goolyridge {Reg. Sas., i6th April, 17 19), a disused namej locality u7iknown.


The Kirk Burn, north of the Chiirch. The Cross Hill, on the road near Netherton.
Edenkill, /^r//)/ 07t Leddrigreen estate.' Dalehillock, to the east of the Inn. The Wester-
fauld of CoUofeane, Bourrochcairn, Craigmurrich, distised jiames on the lands of Edenkillj
localities unknown. Kirkhouse Acre, next the Church. The Blue Risk, south of

Quinloch, Cunzeoch, Kinloch, Komlacht (Blaeu's Atlas), Camlacht, the property of the
Duke of Montrose at north-west eiid of parish. Quinloch Muir, Quinloch Farm, Quinloch
Wood, formerly called Ledlewa7i Wood. The Bodden of Cumlacht, a disused nainej
locality unknowji. Allochrigh Burn, the boundary between Quinloch and Dungoiach.

Duntreath, a Barony partly in Strathblane (for old spellings see page 72). Duntreath
Castle, Duntreath Park, Duntreath Mill traces of it on the Blane. The Cult, Cuilt,
Quilt, etc. (for old spellings see page 81), part of Duntreath estate. Craigmarloch, the
rocky face on the south of the valley. The Gowk Stane, where the estates of Craigallian,
Craigend, and Dtmtreath meet. Dirty Mailins,_/?^/(/j south of the Printworks. Cultbrae
Wood, continuation of Craigmarloch. Craigbrock, west end of it. Cultbrae, a steep hill
on the Strathblane and Drymen Road, now disused and replaced by " The M'Alister
Improvement," or New Cultbrae. Hay Hill, Bog Park, Broom Knowe, Rough Park,
fields in Cult Farm. Corrieacre, now Corriedale, Gateside, where the 7iew hojise, Parklea,
stands. Arlehaven, Harlehame, Harsheauch (Blaeu's Atlas), etc. (for old spellings see
page 74), part of Duntreath estate. Achrefmoltoune, a Strathblane name in Chartulary
of Lennox — may be Arlehaven. Dykehouse, at east end of Arlehaven. Shepherd's Hill,
between Dykehojise and Easter Arlehaven. Kilthrum, Drumfork, west of Dykehouse.
Ardoch, fields a^td wood south-west of it. Bogged Bush, Arn Park, oti Carbeth-Guthrie
march. Auchentall, farther west. Tammiegilt, wooded hill east of Atichentall. Wester
Arlehaven, cast of Tammiegilt. Meadowhead, Boglands, and Dallinschachan, to the
north-east. Middle Ballewan, part of Duntreath estate (for old spellings see page 80).
The Shedding, noi'th of the steading of Ballewan. Bog Park, House Park, near it.
Lunchikin Bridge, on public road over Spittal Burn. The Spittal of Ballewan, on the -west
side ofthegleji at the waterworks' aqueduct. Craigbrock, a farm north-%vest of Dummillin.
Commons of Ballewan, 7iorth of Craigbrock. Hagglie Park, Dryglen, Court or Park Hill,
farther west. Edmond's Park, 7iorth of Park Hill., within the Galloway Dyke. The
Galloway Dyke, dividi7ig the arable fo-om the hill la7ids. Drumdrunshan, and Knowe-
head, 7iorth of Ed/7t07id^s Park a7id 7iorth of the Galloway Dyke. Woodend, Dougal's
Aiker, Barnhill, Groftstable, disused nai/ies of places 7tear Dii7itreath Castle. Blairquhosh,
part of Dimtreath estate (for old spellings see page 83). Langlee, Burnfoot, Glen Guin
a 7iew 7ia7ne for Burnfoot Distille7y. Drummiekeich, part of the la7ids of Blai7-quhosh.
The Meikle Tree of Blairquhosh, the large oak tree on the south side of the road. Blairgar,
part of Du7itrcath estate. Sandy's Croft, Hillhead, Burn Calpin, Badon, 'divisio7ts of
Blairgar. Blairgarmore, Blairgarbegg, far77is on the hill, 7iorth of Blairquhosh. Dun-
goiach, >zr/ of Du7itreath estate. Dungoiach Hill, Dungoiach farm steading, south-west
of the hill. Carse Dove, south-west of Dtmgoiach farm steading. Roseyards, at Qui7i-
loch B7'idge, south-west of Bhme. Scaupie, 7iear Quinloch. The Whaurloch, a wooded
glen on Du/igoiach. Camphill Burn, a burn flowing fvm south-east past Dungoiach
steadi7ig. Bronniecroft, at the foot of Dungoiach Hill, south side, only traces of it left.
Capponhill and Shenanend, S77iall farms, 7iow go/ie, east of Djmgoiach Hill, 7iear old



Duntreath mill. [Hill features on Duntreath estate.] EaiTs Seat, Erlsfell (Blaeu's Atlas)
the north-eastern extremity of the estate and highest hill in the parish. Garloch Hill, a
little west of it. Canny Tops, south-west. Canny Face, southward. Clachertiefarlie
Knowes, east of Cantiy Tops. Craigenbracks, south of Clachertiefarlie Kitowes. Cald-
hame Glen, south of Canny Face. Drumiekill Knowes, so7ith-west of Canny Face. Uum-
goyne, the north-westerly of the Lennox hills. Dumfoyne, the next hill to the cast. Pater-
son's Glen, the fiorth-westerly boundary of the parish.

White Qxoit, field on Easter Ballewan to the cast, next A fiddle Ballezuan. Hill Croft,
north of it. Langrig Park, or Lady's Loan, now called Gateside Park, to the west of
Corriedale. Tarmore Park, to the east of Corriedalc. Laggan Croft, east of Tannorc
Park. Laggan Wood, north-east of it. Town Croft, now called School Park, to the north
of Schoolhouse. Jenny's or Netherton Glen, the glen at Old Netherton village. Nether-
ton Park, south and east of Netherton Glen. St. Kessog or MacKessog's Well, at the east
corfier of Netherton Park. Waterside Park, south of Laggan Croft on south side of road.
The Thorn of Cuilt, where the Schoolhouse now stands. The Smith's Poffle, south-west of
it. Blanefield House and Blanefield Printworks are built on the south part of the Nether-
ton Park. Blanefield Station adjoins. House Park, the field in front of the Old Ha' or
Wester Ballewan. Dunmullin, to the west of the Old Ha\ South Finley Park and Finley
Park, north of the Old Ha,' and separated by the Sivine Burn. Lurg Park, north-west
of Finley Park, and separated by the Stonen Glen, Cantiewheerie, north-east of Spittal of
Ballewan. [Hill features on Ballewan estate.] Graham's Cairn, north of Craigenbracks.
Drumquharl, Ben y Craig, farther south. Silvery Burn, runs into the Ballagan Burn a
little south of Drumqicharl. Slackdhu, the precipitous hill to the north-east of the Ball-
ewatis. Francistimpen, to the north-west of Slackdhu. Jenny's Lum, a cleft in the hill
through which fiows Jenny's or Netherton Burn. Sweet Well, near the Leddrieg?-een
march, north of Binnen. " The Fald of Gartchan," Craiggarrow ; " The Commone Muir
of Blane," places mentioned in 1570 i7i a decreet of the Co2irt of Session, printed in the

Kirklands of Strathblane, church lands long possessed by the Stir lings. Broadgate,
a farm on the Kirklands east of the church. Macbrew Shiels and Piper Millen, on the
hills behind Broadgate steading. Goolieland, field to east of Broadgate. The Whangy,
a craig above Macbrew. Millriggs, north of Goolieland. Back o' Barn Park, field to
west of Broadgate. Hole Park, a field farther west. Burnthouse Knowe, south-west
of Broadgate. N\Q.2x\a.wA, east of Manse. Crsag'sVaxk, south of Vicarland. M'Gregoi-'s
Park, north of Muirhousc. Shinnan Park, next McGregor's park. Kirklands, old houses
071 the Blafie. Katie's Knowe, Geordie's Knowe, behi7id Kirklajids. Squire's Riggs,
near Kirklands. Croft Connel, next D7mglass. Dalfleish, at the foot of the hills 7iorth
of Broadgate. Knocknuil, a la7ge stone to west of Wha7igy. Humphrey's Acre, on hills
north of Broadgate. Finlay Brae, west of Humphrey's Acre. Gaitcraigs, 07i hills
north of Broadgate. Thornieward, west of Spout of Ballagan. Linzet Knowe, north
of Thornieward. The Nebben's Road, leading to Linzet Knowe, Bushie Hole, a
landslip behi7id Broadgate. The Lofts, flats to the west arid north of Wha7tgy.
Munlow, highest point of hills behi7id Broadgate. Bught's Hole, so7ith-east of Munlow.
Th&Ya.\\'Dy\iQS, an old turf wall faced tuith stones, s7ipposed Caledonian. Hare's Hole,
west of Bjishie Hole. Miller's Bushes, west of Old Kirklands or Ballagan Mill.



Innermonie Slacks, ridges on the edge of the Blane on Broadgate Hill. Ho^vmoss,
a lochan on the hills. Ballagan, the name of an estate. The Spout of Ballagan, a
waterfall above Ballagan. Ballagan Burn, the Blane water above Ballagan. Ballagan
or Kirklands Mill, long gone., west of Ballaga7i House., on Broadgate march. Lemkill
Mill (Blaeu's Atlas), Mill Lade, can be traced from the Blane to the mill. Dunglass,
a rocky hill opposite Ballagaii House. The Hill Farm, of old at the foot and to the
east of Dunglass, The Hole Farm, on the opposite side of the road to the north-east.
Craigenlay, 07i the hill north-east of the Spout of Ballagan. Dumbreck, 07i the hill north
of Craigenlay. Owsen Hill, tiorth of Dumbreck. Little Earl, north of Owsen Hill.
Glede Yinowes, south-cast of the Spout of Ballaga7i. Cleur ¥^novie,north-east of Ballagan
House. Muirhouse Farm, Drumshugle Park, north of Muirhouse Farm. Glenclearie
Park, west of Muirhouse Farm and on west side of road. Blandsherrie, the south-western
end of the Kirklands. Loch Ardennan or Ardinning, Ardhuynnen (Blaeu's Atlas), the
loch on Kirklands Muir. Samson's Penny Stone, a rock on Kirklands Muir. The Black
Linn, on the stream that flows into Craigmaddie Loch. Woodend, cottages on the road-
side north of Loch Ardennan. Ardunan, Mr. Jameson^s new house north-east of
PVoodend. Napier Lodge, east of Mibidavie. Hillhead Farm stood where Napier
Lodge now stands. The Old Kirkhouse Inn was formerly the house to the west of the

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