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at Granby, Mass.

6748. Julia E., born in Lee, in 1850, (?) ra. Sept. 1.1S70, George I.(son of Isaiah and Adaline)

Thomas, farmer, who was born at Lee, about 1848, and lives at Becket, Mass.

6749. Emma, born Aug. 27, 1854, lives in Springfield, Mass.


Prof. LEVI WILD, M. D., of West Fairlee, Vt., and of Marble,Wau-
paca Co., Wis., (Dupont P. O.,) son of Simeon Bliss and Charlotte Wild,
of Royalton, Wis., was born at W. F., Jan. 30th, 1825, graduated at the
Medical College, Castleton, Vt., June 19, 1850, and was elected Professor
of Anatomy in the University of Vermont, March 30th, 1853. In 1857 he
procured a Charter for the "Vermont Geographical Association and Society
of Natural History.'" He was admitted to the Bar as a lawyer, in Waupaca
County, Dec. 21, 1871,— is six feet one inch in height, — likes good cheer,
put never tasted a drop of alcoholic liquor stronger than sweet cider — never
used tobacco, — and in religion is a Congregationalism He was m. March
17, 1855, to Frances Ellen Dow, who was born at Strafford, Vt., May 4th,
1833. Issue :

6750. Marcia Vienna, born at W. F., April 5, 1856.

6751. Julia Frances, born at Lind, Wis., Aug. 25, 1859.

6752. George Walker, born at StrafFord, Vt., May 21, 1863.

6753. Lucy Wild, born at Royalton, Wis., Feb. 6, 1869.

6754. Samuel Levi, born at R., July 1, and died Aug. 26, 1872.



DANIEL, of West Fairlee, Vt.,and of Royalton, Waupaca County, Wis.,
(son of Simeon Bliss and Charlotte Wild, of R.,) was born at West Fairlee,
Nov. 16, 1827, and married at Royalton, Dec. 23, 1858, to Lepha S. South-
worth, who was born at Covington, N. Y., June 9, 1840. Issue, born at R. :

6755. Alden South-worth, born Aug. 4, 1860.

6756. Sarah Elvira, born Dec. 10, 1861.

6757. Roscoe Conkling, born June 7, 1867.

6758. Emma Louisa, born Nov. 17, 1868.

6759. Ralph Josiah, born July 11, and died July 12, 1874.

6760. Hezekiah Ward, born April 16, 1877.


ASHER, jr., of Napoli, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., farmer, (a son of Rev.
Asher Bliss and Cassandra Hooper, of Onoville, N. Y.,) was born at Col-
lins, Erie Co., N. Y., Oct. 15, 1834, and married March 17, 1857, to Anna
Eliza Woodford, who was b. at Cold Spring, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., Jan.
23, 1840. He was in the Union army during the great rebellion. Issue :

6761. Annie Cassandra, born at Napoli, May 17, 1858.

6762. Addie Maria, twin with Annie C, d. at Napoli, June 30, 1878, — a young lady of much

promise, and greatly beloved by all who knew her.

6763. Deforest Woodford, born at South Valley, N. Y., April 6, 1860.

6764. Porter Axonzo, born at Cold Spring, Nov. 20, 1861.

6765. Walter Hooper, born at South Valley, Sept. 3, 1866.

6766. Mart Avis, born at South Valley, July 27, 1870.

6767. Nelson Woodford, born at South Valley, April 22, 1874.


SAMUEL MUNSON, farmer, of South Valley, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y.,
(son of Rev. Asher Bliss and Cassandra Hooper, of Onoville, N. Y.,) was
b. in Collins, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1837, and married Jan. 1, 1867, to Flora J.
Stone, who was b. in South Valley. He served his country faithfully in the
Union armj" , during the war of the rebellion. Issue, b. in South Valley :

6768. Bertha L., born April 2, 1870.

6769. Merlin A., born March 24, 1873.

6770. Oscar P., born April 27, 1874.

6771. Cassandra E., born March 9, and died Sept. 3, 1878


DAVID GREENE, farmer, of South Valley, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y.,
(son of Rev. Asher Bliss and Cassandra Hooper, of Onoville, N. Y.,) was
born in Collins, Erie Co., N. Y., March 28, 1843 ; entered Hamilton College
in 1858, and Yale in 1859, and was in the Union army during the great re-
bellion. He was married June 15th, 1870, to Sarah L. Woolsey, who was
born at Ashtabula, O. Issue :

6772. Freddie Jay, born at South Valley, Aug. 19, 1872.



BYRON, of Boulder City, Boulder Co., Col., (son of Dea. David Bliss
and Mary Ann Holbrook, of West Fairlee, Vt., and North Potsdam, N. Y.,)
was born in West Fairlee, Oct. 13, 1832, and followed teaching. In 1859
he engaged in surveying government lands in Kansas. In 1865 he removed
to Lexington, Mo., where he was county surveyor for seven years, during
two of which he was also city engineer. For a northern man at that time to
hold responsible positions in a southern city, with credit to himself, required
considerable shrewdness and a good deal of nerve. That he had these
qualifications there is abundant evidence. In 1873 he removed to Boulder,
and engaged in mining and gardening, which business he still follows (1877.)
He was m. in Potsdam, March 24th, 1863, to Celestia M. Parker, who died
Sept. 29, 1872, leaving no issue. He was afterwards married Nov. 11th,
1873, to Mary C. Taylor, of Lexington, Mo. Issue :

6773. Adaline G, born June 9, 1875.


HORATIO ARNOLD, of Boston and Marblehead, Mass., and of New
York City, merchant, (son of Samuel Warriner Bliss and Mercy Billings,
of Springfield, Mass.,) was b. in Spiingfield, Aug. 17, 1828, and married
Oct. 22d, 1849, to Persis Messer (daughter of Amos) Morse, of Methuen,
Mass., whose ancestry dates back to A. D. 1500, per records of Morse fam-
ily, in Methuen. Mr. Bliss died in New York City, Jan. 13, 1863. He was
a very handsome and amiable young man — a man of great promise in
society and the church — a talented speaker, an active patriot during the
war for the Union, an exemplary citizen, whose example all might profita-
bly follow, a steadfast friend, a consistent and earnest Christian. He had
the happy faculty of endearing himself to all with whom he came in contact,
and to such an extent that it is said many pillows were moistened with tears
the evening after his untimely death was made known. Mrs. Bliss is still
living (1880,) in Andover, Mass. Issue:

6774. Arabella, born in Boston, Nov. 27, 1850, married Oct. 27, 1869, Tbomas L. Spinney, of
» Marblebead, and d. Feb. 2, 1873, — a dau., Agness Arabella, was born at Marblehead,

Feb. 15, 1871. Mr. Spinney is a son of John and Susan (Lyle) Spinney, and was b.
in Nova Scotia, about 1846.

6775. *Arthur, born in Marblehead, Aug. 22, 1855.


GEORGE TIFFANY, of Springfield, Mass., farmer, (son of Samuel
Warriner Bliss and Mei-cy Billings, of Springfield,) was b. May 15, 1838,
and married Feb. 9, 1860, to Marcy E. Keyes. She is a daughter of Elias
F. Keyes, and was born in S., about 1842. Issue :

6776. Edwin T., born Sept. 5, 1862.

6777. Etta Bell, born July 7, 1865.



IRVING GOODWIN, merchant, of Poultney, Vt., (son of Amos Bliss
and Lucy L. Goodwin, of P.,) was born at that place, Sept. 9th, 1849, and
married Sept. 24, 1874, to Ida F. Greene, who was born at Poultney, Jan.
21, 1849. Issue :

6778. Marion Greene, born at Poultney, June 24, 1875.


SHELDON, of Constantine, Mich., (son of Alexander Bliss and Rhoda
Sheldon, of Dorset, Vt.,) was born at Dorset, Feb. 20, 1830, and married
at Rupert, Vt., March 9, 1857, to Myra C. (daughter of Simeon, jr., and
Jane) Rising. Issue :

6779. Arthur A., born at Dorset, July 26, 1859.


ALBERT D., of Oshkosh, Wis., (son of Alexander Bliss and Rhoda
Sheldon, of Dorset, Vt.,) was born at Dorset, April 17, 1833, and married
at Willoughby, O., Dec. 31, 1860, to Myra E. Evans, and died at Oshkosh,
Jan. 14, 1864. [She afterwards married a Mr. Swift, and resides at Eau
Claire, Wis.] Issue :

6780. Carlton M., born Dec. 11, 1862,— lives at Eau Claire, "Wis.


MILTON, farmer, of Monticello, Wright Co., Minn., (son of Nathan
Bliss and Almira L. Hitchcock, of Whitestown, N. Y.,) was b. in Mexico,
N. Y., April 24, 1829, and married Dec. 1st, 1853, to Harriet Lewis. She
was born in Whitestown, April 11, 1834. Issue, born at Whitestown: •

6781. Clement Lewis, born July 21, 1856,— farmer, at M.

6782. Frank Smith, born Oct. 20, and died Nov. 4, 1858.

6783. Nellie Rizpah, born Oct. 14, 1861, — resides at M.


HENRY SETH, real estate broker, Rapid City, Dakota Territory, (son
of Nathan Bliss and Almira L. Hitchcock, of Whitestown, N. Y.,) was born
in Mexico, N. Y., Jan. 26, 1831, and married March 1st, 1855, to Sarah J.
Lewis. She was born at Whitestown, March 21, 1834, and died in Monti-
cello, (Minn.?) Nov. 10, 1873. Issue :

6784. Sadie F., born at Plover, Wis., July 24, 1856.

6785. Frank S., born at Monticello, Nov. 2, 1868. (Both living at R. C)




JULIUS VINCENT, carpenter, of Red Oak, Iowa, (son of Nathan Bliss
and Almira L. Hitchcock, of Whitestown, N. Y.,) was born in Whitestown,

Aug. 31, 1835, and married Feb. 5, 1863, to Abbie Stanton. She was born
June 17, 1840. Issue:

6VS6. Almyra L., born Jan. 28, 1865.

6787. Minnie A., born March 23, 1867.

6788. Lizzie 8., born Feb. 11, 1869.

6789. Nathan H„ born March 8, 1871.

6790. William M., born Feb. 16, 1875.

6791. Sylvester S., born Aug. 4, 1877.


SYLVESTER, of Knowlesville,. Orleans County, N. Y., farmer, (son of
Nathan Bliss and Almira L. Hitchcock, of Whitestown, N. Y.,) was born
in Whitestown, Jan. 16, 1838, and married in March, 1859, to Mary Smith,
(adopted daughter of Mark Smith,) who was born in Mexico, N. Y., Sept.
18, 1842. He died Nov. 11, 1866. [She was afterwards married in Nov.,
1870, to Robert Mack, and resides at Brockett's Bridge, N. Y.] Issue :

6792. Gilbert Morgan, born at W., Dec. 14, 1861,— farmer, at W.


CHARLES F., merchant, of Valley Falls, Jefferson Co., Kansas, (son of
Nathan Bliss and Almira L. Hitchcock, of Whitestown, N. Y.,) was born
in Whitestown, Jan. 31st, 1847, and married Sept. 17th, 1869, to Mary C.
Farrar, who was born at London, Ohio, Sept. 30, 1849. Issue :

6793. Forrest F., born at V. F., Oct. 30, 1871.

6794. Hale, born at V. F., March 24, 1876.


EDWIN L., carpenter, of Ilion, Herkimer Co., N. Y., (son of Nathan
Bliss and Almira L. Hitchcock, of Whitestown, N.Y.,) was born at W., July
6, 1849, and married July 19, 1871, to Jennie Harrington, who was born at
Eion, July 22, 1853. Issue, born at Ilion :

6795. Nellie A., born Jan. 16, 1873.

6796. Edith, born April 9, 1877.


Dea. JASON S., farmer, of Whitestown, (post-office, Oriskany,) Oneida
Co., N. Y., (son of Sylvester Bliss and Submit M. White, of W.,) was born
at that place, Feb. 18, 1825, and mai-ried at Westmoreland, N. Y., May 24,
1848, to Maretta Phelps, who was born at Westmoreland, Nov. 28th, 1827.
He is Deacon of the Congregational Church. Issue, born at Whitestown :

6797. Addison Germain, born Sept. 4, and died Dec. 24, 1852.

6798. Frances Elizabeth, born Jan. 21, 18G2, died July 16, 1870.

6799. Lillian Emogene, born Juno 22, 1869, lives at W.



GEORGE W., lumber dealer, and purnp manufacturer, of Nashville,

Tenn., (a son of Sylvester Bliss and Submit M. White, of Whitestown, N.

Y.,) was born at Whitestown, January 15, 1829, and married October 17,

1852, to Orpha A. Greene, who was born at Westmoreland, N. Y., Febru-
ary 26, 1831. Issue :

6800. Willie Herbert, b. at Westmoreland, Sept. 22, 1855,— is in business with his father.

6801. Henrietta E., b. at Westmoreland, April 9, 1861.

6802. Albert Spencer, b. at Toledo, O., March 15, 1870.


ALONZO COLUMBUS, of Elmira, N. Y., sewing machine agent, (son
of Dr. Daniel White Bliss and Lucia Scovill, of Ann Arbor, Mich.,) was
born at Newark, N. Y., May 11th, 1831, and married March 3d, 1850, to
Sophia Keough, who was born March 17, 1833. Issue, born at Ann Arbor :

6803. Henry Wyllts, b. June 26, 1851,— a painter.

6804. Theodore, — a clerk.


CALVIN DAMON, jeweler, of Ann Arbor, Mich., (a son of Dr. Daniel
W. Bliss arid Lucia Scovill, of Ann Arbor,) was born at that place, Dec.
6th, 1833, and married in New York City, March 18, 1857, to Adelaide A.
(daughter of George M.) Davis, of Ann Arbor. Issue :

6805. Harry, b. at Keokuk, Iowa, Jan. 18, 1858, a jeweler in N. T. City.

6806. Ferdinand, b. at East Saginaw, Mich., July 20, 1865.


WILLIAM WALLACE, tobacconist, of Ann Arbor, Mich., (son of Dr.
Daniel W. Bliss and Lucia Scovill, of Ann Arbor,) was born at that place,
November 6, 1838, and married May 1, 1856, to Mary Conn, who was born
in Toronto, Canada, October 7, 1843. Issue :

6807. Edgar H., born at A. A., March 16, and died May 12, 1860.

6808. George E., born at A. A., Feb. 8, 1862.

6809. Clarence D., born at East Saginaw, Mich., March 30, 1866, d. at A. A., April 13, 1871.

6810. Addie May, b. at E. S., Sept. 13, 1868.

6811. Ida L., born at A. A., July 30, 1874.


GILBERT, jeweler, of Ann Arbor, Mich., (son of Calvin Bliss and Esther
D. Billings, of that place,) was born October 9, 1845, and married January
22, 1868, to Minerva E. Ostrander, who was born Jan. 22, 1846. Issue:

6812. Budie B., born Nov. 14, 1868.

6813. Edward Vincent, born June 2, 1876.



CHARLES L. V., of Chelsea, Mass., and Littleton, Col., (son of Capt.
Eli Cooley Bliss and Adaline Veazie of Chelsea,) was b. in Chelsea, March
8th, 1851, and married June 24th, 1873, to Helena A. Rogers. She wasb. at
C, April 22, 1855, and is a daughter of Harvey and Helen Rogers, of that
place. Issue :

6814. Florence R., born Oct. 24, 1874.


Hon. ALBERT ASAHEL, of Jackson, Mich., (son of Asahel Bliss and
Lydia Griswold, of Elyria, Ohio,) was born in Canton, Conn., March 25th,
1812, and was principally educated at the Town Academy in Whitestown,
N. Y., and at the Oneida Institute. He studied law at Elyria with Whit-
tlesey & Hamlin ; was at one time editor of the village newspaper ; was
admitted to the Bar in September, 1835 ; was from 1839 to 1843 a leading
member of the Ohio Legislature, and was for seven years Treasurer of the
State. He is now (1877,) Treasurer of the School Board of the city of
Jackson, and one of the Inspectors of the Michigan State Prison. He was
married in E., Dec. 30, 1835, to Almira J., daughter of Joseph and Lydia
(Leroy) Beebe, of Whitestown, N. Y., where she was born Sept. 12, 1815.
[She was one of fourteen children, as was also her father.] Issue, b. at E. :

6815. *Albert Osceola, born Dec. 26, 1836, died July 4, 1864.

6816. Lydia Isabella, born Feb. 13, 1843, died Nov. 19, 1844.

6817. Herbert Nellis, born Dec. 16, 1846, died in Columbus, O., April 3, 1850.

6818. Frederick Leroy, born June 27, 1854, — graduated at the University of Michigan, at

Ann Arbor.

6819. Mary Isabella, born May 26, 1856, m. Dec. 28, 1876, John Ford.


Hon. PHILEMON, LL.D., of Columbia, Mo., (a son of Asahel Bliss
and Lydia Griswold, of Elyria, O.,) was born at Canton, Conn., July
27, 1814, and educated at the Oneida Institute, and Hamilton College, N. Y.,
studied law with Theodore Sill, of Whitestown, N. Y., and with his brother
Albert A., at Elyria; in 1848 was appointed Presiding Judge of the Four-
teenth Judicial Circuit, in Ohio ; was elected to the Thirty-fourth and Thir-
ty-fifth Congress, in 1854-6 ; was appointed Chief Justice of Dakota Ter-
ritory in 1861, which office he held about three years, when he removed to
St. Joseph, Mo. ; in 1868 was elected to the Suju-eme Bench of Missouri,
served five years, and was then appointed to organize a Law Department
in the University of Missouri, at Columbia, where he now (1880) remains,
Professor of Law and Dean of the Faculty. He was married at Louisville,
Ky., Nov. 16, 1843, to Martha W., daughter of Andrew Thorpe and Rebecca
Hawkins. She was born in Wayne Co., Ind., November 29, 1820. Issue:


6820. *William Henbt, born Oct. 27, 1844.

6821. Edwin Ward, born April 2, 1847, — physician in Hiawatha, Kansas., m. Feb. 5th, 1880,

Carrie B. H. Stone, (born Nov. 22, 1859,) daughter of Daniel Preston Stone, (who
was born in Worcester, Mass.,) and Katharine Mcintosh, (who was born in Hor-
nellsville, N. Y.)

6822. Florence, born Dec. 22, 1849, m. May 9, 1872, Judson Lyon, of St. Joseph, Mo.


HORACE GRISWOLD, of Madison, Wis., and of Fairmont, Fillmore
Co., Nebraska, (son of Asahel Bliss and Lydia A. Griswold, of Elyria, O.,)
was born in Whitestown, N. Y., Jan. 1, 1824, and married April 10, 1849,
to Marianne E. Brigham, (dau. of David Brigham and Elizabeth Franklin,
of Madison.) She was born July 10, 1828. He resided for a time in Jack-
son, Mich., where he was County Clerk. He is now (1878,) land agent
for the Burlington & Missouri River R. R., at Fairmont. Issue :

6823. Brigham, born March 28, 1854, — graduated at the University of Wisconsin.

6824. A daughter died young.


DANIEL, farmer, near Houston, Texas, (son of Henry Bliss and Alber-
tene VanBuren, of Butler Co., O.,) was born March 7th, 1821, and married
June 7, 1846, to Martha E. Robinson, of Grand Gulf, Miss., and removed
to Texas in 1851, where he died. Issue :

6825. Charles E., born April 18, 1847.

6826. A daughter, born in Texas.


EBENEZER, of Grand Gulf, Miss., merchant, (son of Henry Bliss and
Albertene Van Buren, of Butler Co., O.,) was born February 11, 1823, and
married July 28, 1853, to Anna Eliza Murphy, of Port Gibson, Miss., and
died in 1857. Issue :

6827. Mart Jane, born Nov. 7, 1854, m. Henry Barlow, and lives in St. Louis, Mo.


Judge WILLIAM BICKNALL, lawyer, of Rome, N. Y., (son of John
Bliss and Emily Chaney, of Westmoreland, N. Y.,) was born September
7, 1837, and married March 19, 1862, to Emeline E. (daughter of Cyrus T.)
Clark, formerly of Lebanon, Conn. Issue :

6828. Lillian Gertrude, born Oct. 1, 1863, died Feb. 19, 1865.

6829. Arthur W., born Aug. 30, 1867, died March 21, 1868.

6830. Willard C, born at R., April 4, 1869.

6831. Marian Helena, born April 17, 1875, died April 4, 1876.



ABIJAH, farmer, of Barkhamsted, Conn., (son of Linus Bliss and Ruth
Case, of B.,) was born Jan. 1st, 1824, and married Nov. 28, 1844, to Maria
(daughter of Anson and Maria) Case, of Canton, Conn. She was born
Jan. 29, 1829. He resided on the homestead previously owned and occu-
pied by his father and grandfather, (and at the present time by his only
son,) where he died in 1875. Issue :

6832. Lowry, born Feb. 17, 1846,— m. in 1876, Flora E. Foote, (born in 1858.)


EDMUND, farmer, of Flora, Boone Co., 111., (son of Daniel Bliss and
Betsey Case, of Belvidere, 111.,) was born Dec. 8, 1829, and married March
•12, 1854, to Emily Newton, daughter of. William Newton, Esq., formerly
of New York State. Issue :

6833. Earnest L., born in 1857, — an excellent musician and composer, — plays skillfully on

piano, organ, violin and flute.

6834. Eugene, died young.


LEMUEL J., accountant, of Buffalo, N. Y., and Washington, D. C, (son
of Lemuel Bliss, of B.,) was born at Buffalo, about 1815-16. He was a
handsome, well educated and plausible young man, — and was married to

Harriet A. , who was living in 1877. He died in 1850. Issue, only

one child :

6835. *William Lemuel, born in B., March 16, 1848.


GEORGE W., painter, of Whately and Hatfield, Mass., (son of Abijah
Bliss, jr., and Jerusha Morton, of H.,) was born in Hatfield, August 15th,
1829, and married in Nov., 1850, to Sophia E. Scott, of Hatfield. He died
at that place, Aug. 13th, 1870. She was born at H., March 11th, 1831, and
resides (1879,) with her youngest child, Lucy, at the Batchelder Boarding
House, Springfield, Mass. Issue, born in Hatfield :

6836. Alice M., born July 27, 1851, died in H., Aug. 29, 1867.

6837. *Iskael Scott, b. Sept. 23, 1854.

6838. Harry M., born July 4, 1861,— clerk at Amherst, Mass.

6839. Lucy L. S., born Oct. 10, 1869.


LEMUEL S., hotel keeper, (Hatfield House,) of Hatfield, Mass., (son of
Austin Bliss and Dolly Hastings, of II.,) was b. at that place, January 16,
1823, and married to Martha E. Claghorn. She was born in Cummington,
or Williamsburgh, Mass., May 7, 1826. Issue, born in Hatfield :


6840. Emma J., born July 16, 1846, m. June 16, 1S75, Edward F. Cooke, merchant, of Brook-

lyn, N. Y. He is a eon of Benj. F. and Eunice Cook, and was born at B. ab. 1840.

6841. Benjamin C, b. March 28, 1858,— a medical student in 1879,— m. Feb. 16, 1880, Nellie M.

(daughter of Deacon H. M.) Burrall.


EDMUND, of Ludlow, Mass., grocer, (son of Oliver Bliss and Betsey

White, of. Monson, Mass.,) was born in Monson, June 24, 1816, and married

May 24, 1838, to Lovina Hubbard, of Ludlow, who was b. March 17, 1811.
Issue :

6842. Maky L., born June 28, 1S41, m. Nov. 25, 1875, as second wife of Jonathan R. WTiitte-

more, of Chicopee Falls, Mass. He is a son of Amasa Whittemore, and was born at
Leicester, Mass.

6843. Ellen S., born Sept. 7, 1847, m. Dec. >, 1S68, "Walter E. Hayden, mechanic, and lives in

Springfield, Mass. He is a son of Warren and Caroline Hayden, and was born In S.
in 1845.

6844. Anna E., born June 28, 1849.

6845. Clara A., born Nov. 27, 1853.


ALBERT, farmer, of North Wilbraham, Mass., (son of Oliver Bliss and
Betsey White, of Monson, Mass.,) was born Dec. 6th, 1818, and married
Oct. 26, 1841, to Orpha Bishop, who was born in Monson, Sept. 9th, 1821.
Issue :

6846. Juliette, born Aug. 7, 1842, m. Feb. 21-23, 1862, as second wife of Timothy D. Thayer,

farmer, (son of Timothy,) born in M. about 1833.

6847. *Ethelbebt, born Jan. 28, 1852.


ALMUS, miller, of Monson, Mass., (son of Zenas Bliss and Martha Cad-
well, of M.,) was born at that place, Aug. 26, 1825, and married June 17,
1846, to Harriet N. (daughter of James and Hannah S. Willis,) who was
born at Pittsfield, Mass., June 17, 1824, and died April 15, 1854. Issue :

6848. Henry F., born at M., July 2, 1850, died Oct. 16, 1851.

The father was afterwards married, July 11, 1855, to Cinderella Strick-
land. She was a daughter of John Strickland, and was born at Palmer,
Mass., about 1833. Mr. Bliss enlisted Oct. 1, 1861, in Company I, Twenty-
seventh Mass. Infantry, during the war of the rebellion, and was discharged
June 26, 1865.

[A Mrs. Cinderella (Strickland) Bliss, vat. 36, married, in 1869, as third
wife of Edward Miffin, engineer, of Boston, Mass., a son of Robert and
Elizabeth Miffin, born in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1815.]



HIRAM, machinist, of Monson, Mass., (son of Zenas Bliss and Martha
Cadwell, of Monson,) was born at that place, July 11, 1833, and married
April 15, 1857, to Huldah L. Horton. She was born at Chaplin, Conn.,
Sept. 23, 1835, — daughter of Harvey and Sally Horton, of the latter place.
Issue, born at Monson :

6849. Frank L., born April 15, 1860.

6850. George E., born Sept. 5, 1862, died June 1, 1865.

6851. Nellie Jane, born Sept. 5, 1867.

6852. Mart P., born Dec. 28, 1869.

6853. Alice L., born Sept. 20, 1871.


ALBERT HENRY, farmer, of Venango, Erie Co., Pa., (son of Albert
Bliss and Cynthia Smith, of Venango,) was born in that place, Sept. 25th,
1838, and married Jan. 6, 1869, to Sarah Hall. No issue. One adopted son,

6854. C. H., born about 1873.


ALVIN, farmer, of Dodge, Guthrie Co., Iowa, (son of Ethan Bliss and
Lucina Lyon, of Monson, Mass.,) was born at Monson, July 18, 1836, and
married Oct. 12th, 1861, to Martha Drake, daughter of Collins and Laura
Drake. She was born at Wilbraham, Mass., Oct. 22d, 1842, and died in
Monson, March 13, 1875. Issue :

6855. Walter L., born in Monson, Nov. 13, 1862.

6856. Charles Albert, born in Brinifield, Mass., Sept. 10, 1864, (S. R. Oct. 10, 1866.)

6857. Emma F., born in Wilbraham, Mass., March 9, 1869, died there Aug. 6, 1871.

The father was afterwards married, July 1, 1876, to Mary C. Way, who
was born in Chicago, 111., April 15, 1847. Issue:

6858. Martha J., born in Colfax, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1878.


LORIN A., farmer, of Dana, and Monson, Mass., (son of Ethan Bliss
and Lucina Lyon, of Monson,) was born at M., April 20, 1842, and married
April 20th, 1867, to Julia M. Weaver, of North Dana, Mass. She was a
daughter of Benjamin and Sarah II. Weaver, and was born in Hardwick,
Mass., in 1847-8. They were divorced. Issue :

6859. Cora Belle, born at Dana, Mass., Feb. 26, 1868.

The father was afterwards married Oct. 29th, (S. R., 28,) 1876, to Mrs.

Helen F. Benjamin, daughter of Elliott F. and Rhoda C. . She was

born at Colerain, Mass., about 1840. Mr. Bliss enlisted Dec. 24th, 1863, in
the Second Mass. Heavy Artillery for three years, during the great rebel-
lion and was mustered out Sept. 3, 1865.



ORRIN FROST, farmer, of Warren, Mass., (a son of Austin Bliss and

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