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Suffolk Traveller.

Firft Publifhed

By Mr. JOHN K I R B Y,

Of W I C K H A M-M A R K E Tj

Who took an actual Survey of the whole County->
In the Years 1732, 1733, and 1734.


With many Alterations and large Additions,
By Several Hands.

L O N D O Ni

Printed for J. S H A v E, at the Stationer's Arms In the
Butter -Market^ Ipfuiichy and fold by T. Longman,
in Pater-mjier Row, Londo?j.



A L'ljl (?/ S U B r C R I B E R s. VJ|,

lAr. Thomas Denny, of Eye.

IVir. Dent, of Ipfwich.

The Rev. Mr. Thomas D'Eye. .

Nathaniel D'Eye, of Bungay, Qz^cA.
i^Ambrofs Dickens, Efqv
v^Mr. John Dobfon, ©f Ipfwich, Merchant*
^The Rev. Mr. Dormer.
-^^Mr. George Doughty, of Martlefham,
X .The Rev. Mr. Fyn Dove.
1 Peregrine D'Oyly, of Layham, Efq;
■Mr, Thomas Thorowgood D'Oyley.

Mr. Francis Drew, of Chetburgh.

Mr. John May Dring, of Ipfwich,
-' The Rev. Mr. Drury, of Claydon.
• Ar^drev/ColteeDucarel, ofDo6lors-Commons,L.L.Di
, John D'Urban, of Halefworth, M. D.
\lVlr. John Dines Williiham.

Mr. Francis Eagle.

Mr. John Eafterfon, of Woodbridge.

Mr. William Eaton, of Yarmouth, Bookfeller.

Milefon Edgar, Efq;
, Robert Edgar, Efq;

Mifs Katherine Edgar, of IpfAvich.

The Rev. Mr. Edge.

Mr. John Edwards, of Baddingnam.

'The Rev. Mr. William Ellifon, A. M. Mafter of Sidney

^ Suffex College, and Vice- Chancellor of the

Univerfity of Cambridge,

Mr, Robert Elli'fton, fen. of Monks-Illeigh.

Mr. Robert Ellifton, jun. of Monks-Illeigh.
Mr. John Elfden, of Ipfwich.

Mr. Thomas Emmerfon, of Coddenham.

The Rev. Mr. Evans, Wortham.

Capt. Fauquier.

Mr. Thomas Feltwell, of Thetford.

Thomas Fenn, of Sudbur)'-, Efq;

John Fiftie, of Great Bromley, EiTex, Gent.

Mr. John Field, of Ketr.leburgh.

Capt. William Fielding,

Mr; Robert Flamwell,"of Southwold.

Thomas Fonnereau, of Ipfwich, Efq; Member of Par-

ment for Sudbury,
^ach. Phil. Fonnereau, Efq; Membei: of Parliament

for Aldeburgh. Philip

Vrii A Llji of Subscribers.

Philip Fonnereau, Efq; Member of Parliament for Al -

Martin Fonnereau, of London, Efq;
The Rev. Mr, Benjamin Foriter.
The Rev. Mr. Thomas Forffer, of Halefworth.
The Rev. Mr. Fowler, of Framlingham, Curate,
Mr. John Freeman, of Rickinghall Superior.
Mr. Henry Freeman, of Rickinghall Superior.
The Rev. Mr. French, of Bury.
Mr. Robert French, of Little Wenham.
Shepard Frere, of Ba6ton, Efq;

Mr. Thomas Fulcher, of Shottifham, Norf. Surgeon,
Mr. Nathaniel Fuller, of Woodbridge.

Mr* Henry -Gallant, of Ipfwich.

The Rev. 'John Cole Gallaway, Mafter of the Free

School at Botefdale.
Mr. Charles Garneys, of Kenton.
Mr. Warren Garnham, of Badwell-Afli,
Mr. John Garnham, of ditto.
Mr. Thomas Garrard, of Ipfwich.
The Rev. Mr. Garrod, jun.
Mr. John Gaudy, of Ipfwich.
Mr. Thomas Gill, of Durham.
Mr. Simon Girling, of Stradbrook.
Mr. John Girling, of ditto.
Mr. John Girling, of Bramford.
R. G. Glanville,"of Ehnfet, Efq;
Edward Goat, of Brent-Ilieigh, Efqj
The Rev. Mr. Godfrey, of Bnnklcy, Cambr'dgcftiire,
Mr. Robert Goldfbury, of Ipfwich.
Mr. Bez. Gooch, of Homersfreld.
Mr. Thomas Goodwyn, of Earl Soham,
Mr. John Goodwyn, of Dennington.
The Rev. Mr, Gordon, of Ipfwich.
The Rev. Mr. Grant, of Foxearth.
Air. John Gravenor, of Ipfwich.
Mr. William Green, of Combs,
Mr. John Green, of Bury.
Mr. Roger Green, of Pentloe.

Mr. Wifliam Green, of Bury, Bookfcller, 6 Copies,
Jolhua Grigby, of Hornir.gfheath, Efq;
The Rev. Mr. GrimwooJ, of Dcdham,
Mr. Walter Gullifcr, of W itham, Attorney at Law.


A Ll/l i?/" S U B S C R I B E R 5. "

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