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1794, d, young. X., Hiram, d. young. XI., Horace, b. 1799, rem. to
Lyman, m. Koxanna Hall — ch., 1, son, d. young; 2, daughter, d. young;
3, Martha W., m. John B. Warden of Bath ; 4, Mary L. ; 5, Horace H.
XII., Fanny, d. unm. XIII., Cyrus, d. young. XIV., Harvey. XV.,
Milon. XVI., Solon (the three last d. young, of spotted fever). XVII.,
Betsey, m. Dr. Thomas J. Stevens, rem. to Charlestown, Mass. — ch., 1,
Helen M., m. Rorace H. Pitcher, rem. to New York City; 2, Emma J.; 3,
Milon. XVIII., Theron, m. Anna Newton (see Newton family); was killed
in battle near Petersburg, Va., 1864 — ch., 1, Sarah M. A., m. Freeman E.
Brackett (see Brackett family) ; 2, John B., d. from a wound received at the
storming of Fort Fisher in 1864; 3, George; 4, Clara E. ; 5, Walter I. ;
6, Arthur H. ; 7, Albert N. XIX., Mary, m. Carlos McNab of Barnet,
Vt. — ch., 1., Carlos M., served in the late war, m. Mary Smith, rem. to
Dubuque, Iowa ; 2, Frances J., m. Davis B. Prentiss (see Prentiss family).
Isaac, brother of Col. John, m. Martha Moore — ch., I., Elizabeth, m. Rufus
Brigham (see Brigham family).

James Dyer came from Athol, Mass., to Acworth, in 1841, m. Mary
Howe (see Howe family) — ch., I., George. II., Emily A. III., Charles F.

Darius I. Eaton, native of Springfield, Vt., m. Belinda Spencer in
1837— ch., I., Eliza A., m. Daniel C. Walker in 1861 (see Daniel Walker
family). II., Belinda D., m. Orin E. Fisk of Charlestown — ch., 1, Martina H,
III., Darius A. IV., Benjamin L. V., Helen L. VI., John T., d. young.
VII., Mary E. VIII., Lyman B. IX., Mason W. X., Tyla T. XL,
Aaron S., b. 1863, d. young.

Cyrus Ellenwood, s. in Acworth in 1826, m. Sally Draper — ch., I.,
Sally. II., Harvey, m. Mrs. Estella Hill— ch., 1, Frederic S. III.,
Francis, m. Cynthia A. E. Whitman. IV., Simeon F., m. Susan Clark.
v., Hiram, m. Martha Clark. VI., John W., m. Nancy Rollins.

Peter Ewins, son of James Ewins, came from Londonderry to Acwortli
previous to 1777 — ch., L, Josiah. II., James, d. unm. III., Nancy, m.
Joshua Lancaster (see Lancaster family). Peter, m. second Sallie Hall.
Jane Ewins, a sister of Peter, m. Lieut. James Rogers (see Rogers family).

George B. Field, son of Otis Field of Lempster, came to Acworth about
1844, m. Martha J. McDufiQe (see McDuflSe family)— ch., I., Freddie E.

JosEPU Finlay came from the north of Ireland to Londonderry, N. H.,
and commanded a volunteer company in the war of the Revolution. In
October, 1777, he marched his company to the support of the Continental
army at Saratoga. He m. first Mrs. Jane Taylor of Londonderry, N. H.,

riNLAY. 215

and by her bad 3 cb., Hugb, Samuel, and Robert; tbe latter d. unm. -wbile
preparing for tbe ministry ; m. second Mrs. Elizabeth Logan, and bad 2
ch., Esther, who ra. Jacob Hayward (see Hayward family), and Elizabeth,
■who m. Joseph 3Iorse of Alstead, N. H. The two oldest sons came to
Acworth in 1780, their outfit being a pair of oxen and sled, with which they
brought their provisions, cooking utensils, and other appliances, for frontier
life — the snow being then so deep and hard, that they were able to drive their
team across lots and over fences on their journey to their new home. The
father, mother, and remainder of the family came to Acworth the foUowincr
month. Samuel was, for many years, an active and eflBcient oJ3Scer in the
Congregational Church. His grave and serious manner of conducting the
weekly prayer-meeting in his district will be remembered as long as any sur-
vive who were accustomed to attend them. Upon occasion, he would give
medical as well as spiritual advice to his friends and neighbors in need. His
opinion in legal matters was also much relied upon, and he was often selected
as executor of wills. In short, his judgment, on all matters with which he
was cognizant, was much trusted. He m. Hannah Witherspoon of Chester
— ch., I., Lucy, d. young. II., Jane T., m. Aaron Southard of Haverhill
(see Southard family). III., Robert, m. first Peggy Wallace (see Wallace
family) — ch., 1, Hannah, m. Joseph Copeland of Unity (see Copeland fam-
ily) ; 2, Nancy J., m. Lucius Estabrook of Rockingham, Vt. — ch., (1)
Harriet, (2) Sarah ; m. second Sally Remington — ch., 3, Harriet, m. Samuel
Archer — ch., (1) Jane ; 4, John ; 5, Samuel, d. young. IV., David, d. young.
v., Joseph, d. uQm. VI., John, d. unm. VII., Nancy, m. Hon. Jesse Slader
(see Slader family). VIII., Fanny, d. unm. IX., Hugh, m. Sabra Cram
(see Cram family) — ch., 1, Joseph P., d. young; 2, Solon S.,m. Emily W.
Earle of Providence, R. I.— ch., (1) Henry C, (2) William B., (3) Frank H.,
(4) Jesse; 3, Jesse, d. young; 4, Aaron S., m. Josephine L. Brooks (see
Brooks family) ; 5, Samuel; 6, Henry H., d. young; 7, George H., d. young;
8, Sarah J. ; 9, Charles A. X., Jesse, d. unm. XL, Matthew A., d. of spotted
fever. Hugh, son of Joseph Finlay, ra. Jane Cochran — ch., I., Mary, m. John
Nelson of Ryegate, Vt. — ch., 1, Mary J., m. John McBride of Iowa — ch., (1)
Annette; 2, John F., m. Mary G. Gibson — ch, (1) Mariette J., (2) John
A., (3) Fremont S., (4) Lizzie B., (5) Sarah J., (6) Harry A. (7) Wil-
liam G. ; 3, Jennette C, m. Rev. J. D. Cunningham of Iowa — ch., (1) Mary,
d., (2) Samuel, (3) Margaret, (4) John, (5) Lizzie, (6) Fenner, d., (7)
Beattie, (8) Mitchell, (9) William ; 4, William H., m. Margaret Montieth—
ch., (1) Annabel M., (2) John W., (3) Orinda J., (4) Mary L., (5) Nettie
C, (6) Martha A., (7) Laura H., (8) Sophia B., d., (9) Louis, (10) Peter
A. ; 5, Elizabeth, m. Rev. F. E. King, d.— eh., (1) Mary C, (2) Nelson W.,
(3) Freddie E., (4) John W., (5) Laura A. ; 6, Margaret S., m. Rev. J. M.
Beattie — ch., (1) Elizabeth A., d., (2) John S., (3) WilHam L. ; 7, James R.,
m. Margaret Nelson ; 8, Agnes D., m. Rev. James Dickson of New York —
ch., (1) Nelson J. II., Joseph, m. first Ann Morrison — eh., 1, Elizabeth;


2, Ann J. W. ; m. second Margaret Gibson — ch., 3, William J. ; 4, Mary
J. ; 5, Margaret A. ; 6, Joseph A., m. Nellie Gibson — ch., (1) Effie. III.,
Betsey, m. William Warner (see Warner family). IV., Samuel, d. 1868;
he showed his interest in the Congregational Church, of which he was a con-
sistent member for many years, by a legacy of $1,000; m. Lucinda S.
Copeland (see Copeland family). V., Sophia, ra. James G. Anderson of
Ira, Vt. VI., Barnet C, m. Emeline Hay ward (see Hay ward family) —
ch., 1, Alonzo, d. young; 2, Louisa J., m. G. W. Potter of Ira, Vt. — ch.,
(1) Sarah E., (2) Jennie E. ; 3, Esther A.; 4, Sarah E., d. young; 5,
Theodore F., d. in the army.

Asa M. Fisher came from Alstead to Acworth in 1863, m. Marion C.
Erskine — ch., I., Charles L. II., Herbert L. III., Henry L. (last two
twins). IV., Viola L. V., Edwin L. VI., Elmer L. VIL, Edwin L.

Fkancis p. Fletcher, son of Francis P. of Washington, m. Sarah M.
Eichardson (see Symonds family) — ch., I., Ada P. II., Charles P.. III.,
Freddie, d. young. IV., Clara E. V., Lewis E.

Timothy Foster, b. 1776., m. Ruth Snow, s. in Acworth in 1797 — ch.,
I., Willard, b. 1799, m. Susan Metcalf, residence Marlow — ch., 1, Maria, m.
John Hardy (see Hardy family). II., Wilder, m. Hortensia Bowen, resi-
dence Putney, Vt. — ch., 1, Mary. III., Fannie, m. Joseph Babbs — ch.,
1., Maria, residence Marlow. IV., Phila, m. Jacob Wright, (III. and IV.
twins), v., Jacob, m. Almira Farr, residence Marlow — ch., 1, Ovid, m.
Lydia Willey, residence Claremont — ch., (1) Addison M., (2) Carrie I.;
2, Polly, m. Jonas W. Fletcher— ch., (1) Addie A. ; 3, Jacob R. ; 4,
Augusta, d. young; 5, Hattie F. ; 6, Ellen M., d. young; 7, Addie L., d.
young. VI., Harvey, m. Clarissa Woolcot, residence Walpole. VIL,
Lucinda, m. Jacob Richardson (see Richardson family). VIIL, Lucretia,
m. Luman Smith, residence Marlow.

Isaac Foster, b. at Billerica, Mass., 1746, m. Lydia T. Bacon in 1769,
who was b. at Bedford, Mass., 1747, s. in Acworth 1780, d. 1803— ch., I.,
Isaac, b. 1770, m. Lydia Whitney (see Whitney family), d. at Mooretown,
Vt. II., Lydia, m. Retire Trask (see Trask family). III., Josiah, d.
1840 in Berlin, Vt. IV., Sarah, m. Mazelda Keyes (see Keyes family).
v., William B., d. unm. at Mooretown. VI., Ira, the first of these children
b. in Acworth, d. in Michigan 1864. VIL, Abigail, d. 1807. VIIL,

Samuel, m. Spafford, d. in Jafirey, 1863. IX., Dan, m. Rachel

Blood (see Blood family) — ch., 1, Samuel B. ; 2, Evalina. X., Alice, m.
Thomas Wilson of Peterboro. Isaac, m. second Mrs. Mary Breed.

Newton Gage m. first Harriet Campbell (see Campbell family) — ch., I.,
Edwin G.; m. second the daughter of Rev. S. S. Arnold, rem. to Weathers-
field, Vt.

Walker Gassett m. Betsey Hall, daughter of Mrs. Susanna Hall. Of his
large family of ch., Joel, Walker, John, George, and Manly W. lived in
town. Joel m. Mrs. Lucena (Barnard) Angier (see Barnard family).



Walker rn. first Sarah T. Morse — ch., I., Lizzie; m. second Mrs. Nathaniel
Merrill (see Merrill family). Manly W., tn. Josephine Merrill (see Merrill
family). John m. Deborah.

Isaac Gates was of the third gen. in this country, s. in Acworth in 1781,
the first settler on Grates' Hill, ra. Mary Wheelock — ch., I., Polly, m. Aaron
Brown (see Aaron Brown family). II., Isaac, residence in Acworth until
1823, rem. to Windsor, m. first Sally Evans — ch., 1, Sally, m. Aaron Fos-
ter of Putney ; 2, Polly, m. David Babbitt of Londonderry, Vt. ; • 3,
Nathaniel; 4, Electa, m. Alvah Gee of Marlow ; 5, Abigail; 6, Patty;
m. second Hannah Kendall — ch., 7, Betsey, m. John Clark (see George Clark
family) ; 8, Stephen K., ni. Sarah Haile ; 9, Reuben ; 10, Lovinia ; 11, Isaac.
III., Thomas, m. Patty Plumley, s. in Acworth, afterwards rem. to St, Johns-
bury — ch., 1, Luciuda; 2, Sally; 3, John; 4, Betsey; 5, Thomas; 6, Cyn-
thia; 7, Jacob. IV., Benjamin, m. Patty Stevens (see Stevens family),
residence Windham — ch., 1, Enoch, d. young; 2, Elsie; 3, Benjamin; 4,
Hannah; 5, Elvira. V., Betsey, m. Isaac Gates of Windsor. VI., Jacob,
ni. Polly Foster, residence Walpole — ch., 1, Heman, m. Sukey S. Hall; 2,
Benjamin, m. Adeline Snow — ch., (1) Sarah, (2) Harriet, (3) Jacob, d.
young, (4) Edward, d. young, (5) Nancy, d. young, (6) Augusta, d. young,
(7) Charles, (8) Ella. VII., Reuben, ra. first Rebecca Grout (see Grout
family) — ch., 1, Isaac, m. Esther De Gulier, and left four children; ra. second
Hannah Hall — ch., 2, Mary H., ra. Joseph Allan (see Allan family); Reu-
ben was drowned in Stone Pond, Marlow. VIII., Sally. IX., Willis, m.
Elmira Hulet, residence Elizabeth, N. Y. — ch., 1, Mary; 2, Reuben ; 3,
Hannah; 4, Irving; 5, Edson ; 6, Celintha ; 7, Mason; 8, Willis; 9, Al-
mira; 10, Chester; 11, Oscar; 12, Francis; 13, Albert; 14, Silas.

Abnee Gay, native of Dedham, Mass., d. in Acworth in 1858, aged 85
years, m. Amy Warren — ch., I., Warren. II., Persis, m. Joseph Gleason
(see Silas Gleason family). III., Hannah. IV., John. V., Elizabeth
B., m. Henry Goold (see Goold family). VI., Daniel, m. Mary A. Sy-
monds (see Symonds family), s. in Acworth in 1831 — ch., 1, John P., m.
Lois M. Scripture ; 2, Sarah A., m. George A. Flsk of Wilton — ch., (1) Carrie
M., (2) Arthur G.; 3, Martin D., m. Nellie Collins, residence ^larlboro; 4,
Austin T. ; 5, Flora E. ; 6, Charlie E. VII., Abner, s. in Acworth in
1832, rem. to Boston, and now resides in Providence, m. S. A. Smith — ch.,
1, Abner S. ; 2, Charles P. ; 3, Frederic A. ; 4, Jaraes B. ; 5, Emma F. ;
6, William H. VIII., Ann. IX., Nancy. X., Julia, m. Moses Clark
(see John Clark family). XL, Sarah. XII., Martha J.

Ezra George, one of the first settlers on Gates' Hill, was of the third
gen. in this country — grandfather Peter of Amesbury, Mass., and father
Joseph. Ezra s. in Acworth in 1790, m. Abigail Gove — ^ch., I., Sally, m.
Frederic T. Miller. II., Nathan, m. Lucy Mather — ch., 1, Rosilla, m.
Thomas G. Newgent ; 2, Franklin, m. Mary E. Jenison ; 3, Orzias ; 4,
Alanson, m. Francina Thompson; 5, Josephine. III., Enoch, ra. Sarah C.


Cilly — ch., 1, Joseph, m. Anna Woods; 2, Nathan, d. young; 3, Nancy M., m.
John W. Moore; 4, Asa M., m. Jennie E. Tandy — ch., (1) Isola ; 5, Lu-
ciada, d. young; 6, Henry N., d. in the army. IV., Roswell, m. Julia
Cram — ch., 1, Shepard, d. young; 2, Juliett, d. young; 3, Clarinda, m.
Henry Ingram ; 4, Elizabeth, d. uum. ; 5, Sumner, d. young ; 6, Daniel, m.
Sarah Russell; 7, Ella; 8, Emma, d. young; 9, Adelaide; 10, Louisa, d.
young; 11, Edward; Roswell m. second Melissa A. P. Woodbury (see
Woodbury family) — ch., 12, Edwin A. V., Sophia, m. Nelson Kidder.
VI,, Clarissa, m. Gardner Huntley. VII., Ezra, d. unm. VIII., Charles,
m. Louisa Hay ward (see Hayward family) — ch., 1, Emily, m. Willard Tinker
(see Tinker family) ; 2, Jennitt, m. J. Leavitt McKeen (see McKeen fam-
ily) ; 3, Dean, m. Rosette Richardson.

Gawin Gilmore was of the third gen. fi'om Robert Gilmore, who came
from Coleraine, Ireland, with his wife, Mary Ann Kennedy, and s. in Lon-
donderry, N. H., in the early days of that town. Robert Gilmore had four
sons, William, Robert, John, and James. William had four ch., Robert,
Mary, James, and Anne. Robert, by his first wife, Anne, had James and
Elizabeth ; by his second wife, John and Rodger, who lived in Jaffrey,
N. H., William, Mariam, and Jemima. John d. unm. James m. Jean
Baptiste, and had first John, who lived in Rockingham, Vt. ; second, Jona-
than, who lived in Ira, Vt., and had several sons, of whom James, Robert,
William, and Jonathan rem. to Ohio ; third, James, who resided in Wind-
ham, N. H. ; was a Captain in the war of the Revolution, afterwards
Colonel ; was the father of James, John, Baptist, Nancy (Nesmith), Robert,
Gawin, Margaret (see George Clark family), Anna (see James Dickey
2d family), Ruth (see Duncan family), Jonathan, who d. in Charlestown,
Jenny (Caldwell), who lived in Nottingham, and Betsey and Polly, who d.
unm. ; fourth, Jane, m. Robert Pattison of Saco, Me. ; fifth, Margaret, who
m. Geoi'ge Pattison of Coleraine, Mass. ; sixth, Elizabeth, m. Samuel Wil-
son of Londonderry; seventh, Agnes, m. Benjamin Nesmith; eighth, Mary
Ann, m. John Bell, Esq., of Londonderry. Gawin was a blacksmith, s. in
Acworth in 1790; was also a trader from 1815 to 1828 ; was chosen State
Senator in 1823 and 1824; was the first High Sheriff" of Sullivan County,
from 1827 to 1837 ; an Elector of President and Vice-President in 183G,
and a Justice of the Peace fi'oni 1805 to the time of his death, 1841 ; m.
first Sally Grout (see Grout family) — ch., I., Leonard, residence Claremont,
m. Sarah M. Grannis, daughter of Timothy Grannis, Esq., of C. — ch., 1,
Charles; 2, Homer G. ; 3, Leonard, 4, Sarah; 5, Annis ; 6, Timothy G. ;
7, Gawin. II., Hiram, m. Mindwell McClure (see McClure family,) d. in
Montreal in 1862 — ch., 1, Sally A. ; 2, Gawin ; 3, twins, Robert and Mar-
tha ; 4, Mary L. ; 5, Charles H. III., Laura, m. Hock Hills, residence
Fox Lake, Wis. — ch., 1., George; 2, Charles; 3, John ; 4, Henry. IV.,
Granville. V., Betsey, m. first Alexander Graham (see Graham family) ;
m. second Simeon Stevens of Newbury. Gawin, m. second Anna Stebbins


of Saybrook, Ct. — eh„ VI., Sally A., m. Nathaniel G. Davis of Rutland,
Mass., residence Reading, Mass. — ch., 1, Amelia E. ; 2, Clarissa; 3, Juliette;
4, Charles G; 5. Sarah; 6, Emma; 7, William E. VII., Caltha, m. J. H.-
-vDickey (see Dickey family). VIII., Nancy, m. Elisha A. Parks (see Parks
family). Robert Gilmore, brother of Gawin, s. in Acworth 1791, m.
Jenny Houston (see Houston family) — ch., I., Nancy, d. unm. II., Hor-
ace, m. Pamelia Cooke, residence Watertown, N. Y. — ch., 1, George A.; 2,
twins, Orville and Oramel; 3, James E. ; 4, Martha J. ; 5, Sarah A. ; 6,
Robert A.; five of these now reside in Watertown and vicinity. III., Cyrus,
d. young. IV., Cyrus, d. young. V., Alexander H., residence Fairlee,
Vt. ; has been Judge of Probate, and has held many other public offices in
that district; m. Mary M. Childs — ch., 1, Letitia J.; 2, Spencer C. ; 3,
Edwin A. ; 4, James W., residence Manistre, Mich. ; 5, W. Harrison ; 6,
Mary A. ; 7, Pamelia C. ; 8, Cathie J. VI., Jane, d. unm. VII., Ann, d.
unm. VIII., Sarah, G., m. Stevens Chandler, residence Orford — ch., 1, David
W. ; 2, Laura Anna; 3, Amelia S. ; 4, Robert G. IX., Robert H,, d. unm.

Henry P. Gleason, native of Worcester, Mass., s. in Acworth 1851, m.
Roxilla Silsby (see Silsby family) — ch., I., Robert D., residence Winchen.
don, Mass. II., Mary, m. Alonzo Mathewson (see Mathewson family).
III., Charles H., ra. Jennie Streeter, residence Winchendon, Mass. — ch., 1,
Gratia Louise. IV., Freddie F.

Silas Gleason, native of Marlborough, Mass., s. in Acworth 1798. m.
Elizabeth Howe (a relative of the Howe family) — ch., I., Dorothy, d. unm.
II., Elizabeth, m. Stephen Himes (see Hiraes family). III., Jerry, m. Mrs.
Patty Shedd, residence Washington — ch., 1, Silas P.; I, Martha. IV.,
Susanna, m. David Gould of Chelsea, Mass. V., Louisa, d. young. VI.,
Joseph, m. Persis Gay (see Gay family) — ch., 1, Persis E , m. Rufus Carey
(see Carey family) ; 2, Lucinda B. ; 3, Juliette, m. Calvin D. Peck ; 4,
Nedom A. , 5, Parthena A., m. Julius R. Crossett. VII., Gilbert H., m
Jane Metcalf, rem. to Boston — ch., 1, Wm. Henry; 2, Charles S. VIII.,
Mindwell, became a teacher in Illinois, d. unm. IX., Silas A., d. unm.
X., Linda, d. young.

Henry Goold, native of Lebanon, s. in Acworth 1833, m. first Elizabeth
G. Gay — ch., I., Charles H., m. Annette A. Grout (see Grout family) — ch.,
1, Hattie E., rem. to Michigan; m. second Emeline Davis in 1848 (see 0.
Davis family) — ch., II., Emma L. III., Lillian V. IV., Albina A.
Frederic Goold, brother of Henry, came to Acworth in 1844.

Marquis D. Gould m. Betsey Colby of Warner, s. in Acworth — ch., I.,
Luena C, d. young. II., Luena C. III., Freddie L. IV., Frank J.

Jonathan, John M., Samuel, Squiers, Polly, and Sarah Gove, ch. of
Elijah Gove of Weare, s. in Acworth. Their grandfather's name was Jona-
than, and their great-grandfather is supposed to have been Jonathan, brother
of Edward, member of the General Assembly of the Province of New Hamp-
shire, imprisoned in the tower of London fur three years, for heading an


attempted revolution against the arbitrary proccerlings ef Gov. Cranfield in
1682. Polly m. Moses Barnard (see Barnard family). Sarah m. Hilliard
Cram (see Cram family). Samtjkl s. in Acworth about 1800, m. Delia
Welsh ; only his oldest ch. Nancy is a native of Acworth ; she m. Parker
Boynton, residence Weare — ch., 1, Frank P. Squiers s. in Acworth about
1810 ; remained but a few years. Jonathan s. in Acworth in 1808 ; was
widely known on account of the many public offices which he held, and also
on account of his services being much required as a skillful and accurate land
surveyor. He was elected Treasurer of the county of Cheshire, when Sul-
livan County was part of it ; was chosen several times Kepresentative to the
Leo-islature, and twice a member of the Governor's Council. His natural
abilities were of a superior order ; and on account of his sterling common
sense, affability, and genial nature, he was very popular in all public stations;
m. first Polly Fisher — ch., I., Emeline, d. young. II., Lucy Ann, m. J.
W. Morse of Weare— ch., 1, John G. ; 2, Charles M. ; 3, Mary E., resi-
dence Bradford. III., Oliver, m. Eliza M. Straw, residence Unity — ch., 1,
Henry A, d. young; 2, Sarah J. IV., Polly E., m. Hiram Blanchard (see
Blanchard family). Jonathan m. second P]unice Bingham — ch., V., James,
d. young. VI., Jonathan S., m. Mary A. Nichols, residence Boston — ch.,

1, William S. ; 2, Cora E., d. young; 3, Edward N. ; 4, son, d. young.
A^II., James B., m. Elizabeth H. Connor, residence Henniker — ch., 1, Helen
E. ; 2, Charles F., d. young; 3, Lizzie E. VIII., Charles C, m. Mary E.

Barnes, residence Jersey City — ch., 1., , d. young; 2, Charlie B. ;

8, Arthur L. ; 4, Frederic W. ; 5, Mary G.— all dead. IX., Eliza M., m.
Georo-e Hilliard of Peterboro, Province of Ontario — ch., 1, Adelaide E. ;

2, George G. ; 3, Charles S. ; 4, Clara, d. young; 5, Wm. Franklin ; 6,
Lillie, d. young. X., Henry, d. young. John M., s. in Acworth in 1809,
m. Anna Montgomery (see Montgomery family) — ch., I., Johial, d. young.
II., Vienna, m. Leonard Bowles — ch., 1, Alman, d. leaving two ch., (1)
Fred, (2) Frank ; 2, Phebe A., m. E. C. Knight of Lisbon — ch., three; 3,
Jonathan ; 4, Vienna ; there were three other children of Mrs. Bowles who
d. young. III., Laura, m. Joseph L. Taylor — ch., 1, Angeline, m. Asa
Sanborn, residence Wisconsin — ch., (1) Charles, (2) Brighani; 2, Brigham ;

3, Charles; 4, Marietta; 5, Timothy, m. Addie Kendall; 6, Augusta, m,

Joseph of Salem, Mass.; 7, Betsey A. ; 8, Ira; 9, Lovell ; 10,

Anna; 11, John; 12, Elijah. IV., John T., m. first Augusta A. F. Downs;
m. second Betsy C. Richardson — ch., 1, Charles, d. unm ; 2, J. Mills, and
two daughters, d. young. V., Elijah B., m. Mary Wilson — ch., 1, Francis
M. ; 2, Edward W. VL, Ira S. M., m. Mary A. Mussey— ch., 1, Fred
H. ; 2, Minnie ; he has been Registrar of Deeds and Deputy Sheriff in
Coos County. VII., Hannah P., m. Joel McGregory — ch., 1, Anna E, m.
Joel M. Sartwell ; 2, George G. ; 3, Charles I. ; 4, John L. ; 5, Joel M. ;
6, Stella. VIII., George S., ni. IMaria P. Clark (see George Clark family)
— ch., 1, DoUe E.,d. young; 2, Anna M. George S. studied medicine


with Drs. Albert Winch and J. L. Fulsom ; graduated at Dartmouth
Medical College in 1858; is now practicing at Whitefield. IX., Cliarles P.,
d. young.

George "M. Gowen, native of Franklin, Mass., m. Hannah Chase, s. in
Acworth in 1845 — ch., I., George M., m. Mary F. Looniis — ch., 1, William
L. ; 2, George A. II., Harriet A. III., Charles R. IV., Lydia A. V.,
Emily A. VI. and VII. (twins), Frank and Frances.

James Gowing, the grandson of James of Jafi'rey, and son of Benjamin
of Rockingham, Vt., s. in Acworth, and afterwards rem. to New York, m.
Susan Hayward — ch., I., Esther E., m. Homer Murdough (see Murdough
family), residence New York. II., Betsey, m. Levi Marsh — ch., 1, Jennie.
III., Alonzo, d. IV., Joseph, d. Jeiiial Gowing, brother of James, s.
in Acworth in 1841, now resides in Chester, Vt, m. Arvilla Gowing — ch.,
I., Ann, m. Trueman H. Richardson (see Richardson family). II., Cyrus H.,
d. young. Levi Gowing was also grandson of James, and son of Levi of
Springfield, Vt., m. Mary Emery, s. in Acworth in 1841, now resides in
Ascutneyville, Vt. — ch., I., Elvira, m. Daniel March (see March family).
II., Norman, d. in military hospital at Burlington, Vt. III., Amanda, m.
Philo F. Brackett, d. in Wisconsin. IV., Mary J., m. Frank Clark, resi-
dence in Rockingham. V., Charles.

Sally Davis, daughter of Asa Davis of Rutland, Mass., widow of William
Graham, and sister of Mrs. Nathaniel Grout and Mrs. Flag Moore, came to
Acworth with her children about 1814 — ch., I., William, m. first Mary
Church, never came to Acworth — ch., 1, Lydia A., m. Harvey Evans of South
Roylston, Mass.— ch., (1) William H., (2) Edward H.; 2, Mary F., m. Still-
man Segar; 3, William, m. second Nancy Miller — ch., 4, George M. ; 5,
Walter ; 6, Harlan. II., Dolly, d. young. III., Alexander, m. Betsey Gil-
more (see Gilmore family) — ch., 1, Sally A., m, John McConnon, residence
Monticello, Iowa — ch., ( 1 ) Willie, (2) Anna, (3) John ; 2, Betsey, m. first Hol-
lister Archer — ch., (1) Helen ; m. second Mason M. Woodbury (see Woodbury
family); 3, William G., d. young; 4, John G., m. Lorette E. Barnard (see
Barnard family) ; 5, Alexander G., m. Lizzie R. Neal (see Neal family) —
ch., (1) Solon F. IV., Davis A., ni. first Cathai-ine Barnes of Keesville,
N. Y. — ch., 1, Lyman B., m. Jennie Bancroft — ch., (1) Carrie, (2) Mary;
Davis A. m. second Mrs. Aurilla Munn — ch., 2, William A., m. Dencie
Pratt; 3, Charles E., d. unm. ; 4, Elwin ; Davis A. m. third Mrs. Ruth
Emerson, residence West Stewartstown. V., IMary, m. Dr. Lyman Brooks
(sec Brooks family). VI., John, m. Lydia Stone, residence Ludlow — ch., 1,
Pamelia, d. unm. VII., Pamelia, m. Chapin K. Brooks (see Brooks family).
Mrs. Sally Grauam m. second Joseph Currier of Langdon — ch., VIII.,
Louisa, m. Charles M. Woodbury (see Woodbury fiimily).

William Graves, son of John Graves, was b. in Kensington in 1766, m.
Susanna Blake, b. in Hampton Falls in 17G2, s. in Acworth in 1796, d. in

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