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Theodore F. Finlay, only son of Barnet C and Emehne Finlay, enlisted
August 20, 1862, and was of Company B, Third New Hampshire Regiment,
then at Hilton Head, S. C, at which place he died of disease, October 27,
1862, aged 18 years.


Henry N. George was the son of Enoch and Sarah George, enlisted Au-
gust 11, 1862; was a recruit in Company E, Fifth New Hampshire Regi-
ment. He died of disease in camp near Falmouth, Va., November 29,
1862, aged 17 years, having never been in battle.


William Graves was the son of Daniel and Polly Graves, enlisted into the
Eleventh New Hampshire Regiment, September 2, 1862, and was of Com-
pany I. He was connected with the hospital department, and in the first
battle in which he took an active part he was killed, near Petersburg, Va.,
July 30, 1864, aged 26 years.


Austin Grout, son of John and Hannah Grout, was mustered into Com-
pany C, in the Sixth Vermont Regiment, October 15, 1861, at the age of
25 years. He was in his first and last battle at Lee's Mills, near Yorktown,
Va., April 16, 1862, being shot through the body in that engagement. Af-
ter being thus wounded, he assisted in removing a comrade who had fallen


in the battle, and his last act was to reload his rifle, though obliged to rest
against a tree while so doing. He fell, exclaiming, "I am killed, go on,
boys. I have done the best I could." His service, though short, was suffi-
cient to prove that he was of the material of which heroes are made. In
making his grave near Yorktown, relics of a continental soldier were dis-
entombed, and his dust now mingles with the patriots of the Revolution.


Harrison E. Grout was the youngest son of John and Hannah Grout,
He was a member of Company C, Sixth Vermont Regiment, and was mus-
tered into service, October 15, 1861. He was in the fierce struggle at Lee's
Mills, April 16th, near Yorktown, Va., where he narrowly escaped death —
a soldier on either side being shot down. He was soon after disabled by
disease, and died, in the Patterson Park Hospital, Baltimore, Md., aged
about 21 years.


Amos Harding, son of the late Amos and Betsey Harding, was mustered
into service, October 23, 1862, in Company F, Sixteenth New Hampshire
Regiment, and died of disease in hospital at New Orleans, La., June 21,
1863, aged 37 years, leaving a wife and two children.


Melville C. Howard, son of Rev. Americus K. Howard, enlisted August
20, 1862, in Company B, Third New Hampshire Regiment. He was in
the battles of Pocotaligo, S. C, October 22, 1862; and Morris Island, July
12 and 13, 1H63; in which last engagement he was severely wounded, and
died in hospital at Folly Island, July 17, 1863. His age was 28 years.


' Asa E. Howe, son of Ephraim and Charlotte HoWe, enlisted for three
years, August 12, 1862, in Company D, Fourth New Hampshire Regiment.
He participated in the battle of Pocotaligo, S. C, October 22, 1862; in the
different engagements on Morris Island, and siege of Charleston ; took part
in the operations which resulted in the reduction of Forts Gregg and Wag-
ner ; was in the battle of Drury's Bluff, May 13, 1863, and the several en-
gagements at Bermuda Hundred, Cold Harbor, Deep Bottom, and ChafSn's
Farm, where he was killed, September 30, 1864, aged 30 years. He left
a wife and three children.


Edwin A. Howe, youngest son of the late Horace and Judith Howe, was
born December 28, 1842 ; enlisted into Company E, Fifth New Hampshire
Regiment, August 28, 1862 ; was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg,


Va., December 13, 1862, and died of disease contracted while in the ser-
vice, March 17, 1863, at his father's house in Acworth.


Albert R. Hull, son of Theron and Fanny Hull, enlisted from Wilton,
N. H., August 12, 1862, in Company D, Fourth New Hampshire Regiment.
He was in the battle of Pocotaligo, October 22d, Moriis Island, and at the
sieo'e of Charleston. He took part in the siege and final assault on Forts
Gregg and Wagner; was in the charge at Drury's Bluff, May 13, 1864,
and in the several skirmishes and battles near Bermuda Hundred, and at
Cold Harbor and Deep Bottom ; was wounded in the battle of the Mine
at Petersburg, Va , and was in the final assault on Fort Fisher, January 15,
1865. He died of disease at Fortress Monroe, March 17, 1865, aged 28.


Milton p. Parks, son of Elisha Parks, Esq., and his wife Martha W., en-
listed from Blue Earth County, Minn., October 3, 1862 ; was Orderly Ser-
geant in Company B, Minnesota Mounted Rangers, and died of disease at
St. Peters, December 4, 1862, aged 32 years.


William Prentiss, Jr., son of the late William and Sarah F. Prentiss, en-
listed in March, 1864, at the age of 19 years. He was of Company K,
Fifty-Seventh Massachusetts Regiment ; joined his regiment in the trenches
in front of Petersburg, Va. He saw his first and last battle in a charge upon
the enemy's earth-works on the 17th of June, being shot through the abdo-
men by a rifle ball. He lingered a few hours in great agony, and died re-
joicing in the hope of a glorious resurrection at the great mustering.


Henry D. Putnam, son of Oliver Putnam of Charlestown, N. H., was
mustered into service October, 23, 1862; was of Company F, Sixteenth New
Hampshire Regiment. Died in hospital at Baton Rouge, June, 1863, aged
31 years, leaving a wife and two children.


Charles D. Robinson, the only son of Daniel D. and Mary G. Rob-
inson, enlisted from Claremont, N. H , as a recruit, and was mustered into
Company G, Fifth New Hampshire Regiment, September 18, 1862. He
was instantly killed in battle at Fredericksburg, December 13, 18G2, aged
20 years.


Granville C. Shider, eldest son of Col. Jesse and Nancy Slader, was mus-
tered into Company A, Thirty-Fourth Wisconsin Regiment, in November,


1862. He died of disease at Fort Halleck, Columbus, Ky., July 7, 1863,
havino- never been in active service. He was 37 years of age, and left a
•wife and three children.


Hiram Orcutt, son of Warren and Pamelia Thayer, was born in Acworth,
March 19, 1845, and enlisted at Plattsburg, N. Y., July 20, 1863; was as-
signed to the Eighty- Third New York Regiment, but never joined it. He
died of typhoid fever, in the U. S. Hospital at Alexandria, Va., August
24, 1863.


■ George M., son of Stanford and Maria Warner, enlisted for three months
in a Vermont regiment, served his time out and re-enlisted in the Harris
Light Cavalry of New York, which was in Gen. Kilpatrick's corps. He
was in the battle of Gettysburg, Pa., where his horse was shot from under
him, and himself taken prisoner, but he was recaptured by our troops. He
participated in the various raids, skirmishes, and battles under Kilpatrick un-
til taken prisoner, August 3, 1864, and sent to Libby Prison, where he soon
after died, aged 20 years.


Charles W., son of the late Jeremiah and Acsah Wheeler, enlisted Au-
gust 18, 1862 ; was of Company G, in the Ninth New Hampshire Regiment.
He was in the battle of Fredericksburg, Va., December 18, 1802, in which
engagement he was wounded. He was killed in battle near Petersburg, Va.,
July 30, 1864, aged 22 years.


William F. Whitman was a native of Stoddard, N. H., and son of Abram
Whitman. He enlisted into Company A, Third New Hampshire Regiment,
August 20, 1862 ; participated in the battles of Morris Island, July 10, and
Fort Wagner, July 18, 1868, at which he was killed by a shell. Age 30
years. He left a wife and one child.



Genealogy of the Families


Rev. Alfred Abel rem. from Lempster to Acworth about 1814, m.
Juletta Wheelock — ch., I., Mandana, m. Frederic Silsby (see Silsby family).
II., Polly, m. Asa Kent of Alstead— ch., 1, Hervey ; 2, Harriet ; 3, Charles ;

4, Sarah ; 5, Emily. III., Amira, m. Henry Campbell (see Campbell family).
IV., Fanny, m. Dan Orcutt (see Orcutt family). V., Sally, m. Jonathan
Oilman of Unity — ch., 1, Alfred A. ; 2, Anson. VI., Charles G., d. young.
VII., Philinda, m. Thaddeus Fuller of Goshen— ch., 1, Sylvina; 2, Ossam ;
3, Lois; 4, Sarah; 5, Caroline; 6. James. VIII., Emily, d. young. IX.,Laura
L., m. Silas Fuller of Goshen— ch., I, Theron ; 2, Theresa A. ; 3, Hattie.

Eev. Theophilus B Adams, b. in Beverly, Mass., enlisted in the army
in 1812, -was wounded so that he received a life pension, ^vas ordained as a
Baptist minister in New London, N. H., preached in Wilmot, Acworth and
Unity, s. in Acworth about 1822, d. 1831, m. Jemima Moulton — ch.,
I., Jeremiah, m. Emily Currier (see Currier family j. II., Louisa, m. Asa
Sargent (see Sargent family). III., Eebecca D., m. Ephraim Collins —
ch., seven. IV., Theophilus B., m. Fanny Currier (see Currier family),
residence Nashua — ch., 1, Ellen ; 2, John ; 3, Theophilus B. ; 4, Emma A. ;

5, Georgianna ; 6, George F. V., Joseph M., m. Abigail Weed — ch., seven.
VI., Alpheus. Bev. Mr. Adams m. second Lydia Bagley — ch., VII., Je-
mima, d. unm. VIII., Dorothy, m. Putnam George — ch., two. IX., Har-
rison H., the first born in Acworth, m. Lydia Osgood, residence Newbury-
port, Mass. — ch., two. X., Judith, d. unm. XL, Carver P., d. unm.
XII , Louisa, d. unm. XIII. , John B., d. young.

Nathan Adams s. in Acworth, 1858, m. Minerva N. Newman — ch.,
I., Minerva J. II., Washington I.

* Directions akd Abbkeviations. — The first generation, residing in Acworth,
names in small capitals; second generation numbered with Eoman numerals;
third with Arabic numerals ; fourth with Arabic numerals in parenthesis, thus (— );
fifth with Arabic numerals in brackets, thus [— ]. Abbreviations— b., born; m.,
married; unm., unmarried; d., died; ch., childi-en; gen., generation; rem., re-
moved ; s., settled.


'^ "^^ ■>t'^l ^





Jabez Alexander was the younpjest son of Thomas Alexander, who was
killed in the French War ; was b. in Marlborough, 1755, rem. to Acworth
about 1786; was the second settler on Gates Hill; m. Lois Pool — eh.,
I., Benjamin, b. 1778, m. Nancy Mitchell (see Mitchell family) — ch., 1, Phil-
harma, d. unm. ; 2, John, m. Eliza Carpenter; 3, William H., m. Eliza
Delano, residence Sharon, Vt. — ch., (1) George, (2) Kmma, (3) Clara,
(4J Sarepta, (5) John ; 4, Miriam, m. first David A. Hill — ch., (1) Mary F.,
m. Charles E. Bent — ch., [1] Carrie P., [2] George H. ; 4, Miriam, m. second
Melvin C. Doubleday ; 5, Orson, m. Mary J. Patch, residence Sharon^
ch., (1) Galena, (2) William, (3) Benjamin, (4) Georgianna H. A. ; 6, Syl-
vester, m. Ellen S. Dana, residence Sharon — ch., (1) Philharma M., (2) Mar-
cella M. II., Caleb, b. 1781, m. Dorcas Kenney, s. in Barre, Vt — ch.,
1, Chauncey, m. Mary Averill, s. in Northfield, Vt. ; 2, Austin, m. Susan
Hurlbert, s. in Northfield ; 3, Ann, m. Rev. J. H. Burnham, s. in North-
field — ch., (1) Celestia. III., Dorcas, m. Eleazer Beckwith, Jr., (see Beck-
with family), residence Belfast, N. Y. — ch., 1, Maria; 2, Ambrose; 3, Lois.
IV., Daniel, b. 1785, m. Susan Ewens, rem. to Belfast, N. Y. — ch., 1, Wil-
lard ; 2, Daniel; 3, Martha Ann; all b. in Acworth. V., Lucinda, m.
Francis Brown (see Brown family). VI., Charlotte, m. John Mack, resi-
dence Ohio — ch., 1, Louisa ; 2, John ; and others. VIL, Mindwell, m.
Charles Beckwith (see Beckwith family), residence Fitchburg, Mass. — ch.,
1, Alvah A., m. Lucy Fairbanks — ch., (1) Louisa, (2) Maria E., (3)
Charles S., (4) Sarah, (5) Frederic; 2, Sarah S., m. Leander Cornell; 3,
Charles S., m. Jennie Proctor. VIIL, Ambrose, m. Elizabeth Keyes (see
Keyes family) — ch., 1, Jabez, m. Sophia Silloway, s. in Berlin, Vt. — ch.,

(1) Frank ; 2, Lois S., m. Seth P. Silloway, s. in Berlin — ch., (I) Angeline,

(2) Lucia ; 3, Amasa W., m. first Orlana Dutton, s. in Berlin — ch., (1) George
W. ; m. second Harriet Cady — ch., (2) Minnie A. ; 4, Julia, residence Moore-
town, Vt.; 5, Amelia, m. George S Chapman, s. in Mooretown — ch.. (l)Perley
A. ; 6, Angeline, m. Joseph M. Brown, s. in Mooretown — ch., (1) Charles J. ;
7, Freeman, m. Bhoda Brown, s. in Mooretown — ch., (1) Fred B., (2) George
F. ; 8, Caroline, m. Nelson Willey, s. in Mooretown — ch.. (1) Jesse A.. (2) An-
geline, (3) Fred J. ; 9, Ambrose J , m Almira S. Cady, s. in Berlin — ch.,
(1) Ned Ambrose, IX , S. Parker, m. Betsey White, s. in Ohio — ch., four.
X., Alvah, m. Phebe Houston (see Houston family), s. in Utah — ch., 1, Samuel,
m. first Jane M. Houston (see Houston family) ; 2, Louisa ; 3, Maria ; 4, Al-
vah ; 5, Orpah. XL, J. Lewis, m. Deborah Houston (see Houston family), s. in
Northfield, Vt. — ch., 1, Nancy, m. Freeman Thrasher ; 2, Charles J. ; 3, Lewis
m. Harriet Emmerson. Jabez Alexander m. second Betsey Marston — ch.,
XXL, Elkanah M., m. Arvilla M. Booth (see Slader family), residence Lemp-
ster— ch., 1, George E. ; 2, Eugene A. ; 3, Orra T. ; 4, Ada S. XIIL, Jabez

L., m. first, Sally A. Cram (see Cram family) ; m. second Brown.

XIV., Chauncey, d. unm. XV., Byron, b. when his father was in his 79th
year, m. Pamelia Bignal — ch., 1, Frank E. ; 2, Hattie.


Three brothers Albree rem. from Medford, Mass., to Acworth, previous
to 1773, Samuel, Joseph and John. Betsey, their sister, m. John Brooks,
brother of Peter C. Brooks. Joseph m. Sukey Dodge (see Dodge family).

Joseph A. Allan, a native of Glasgow, Scotland, s. in Acworth, 1846,
m. Mary H. Gates (see Gates family) — ch., I., Joseph A. II., Hannah P.
III., Walter C IV., Medora L., d. young. V., Dean L. VI., M. Leo-
nora, yil., Elroy S.

Galen Allen, native of South Bridgewater, Mass., b. 1769, s. in Ac-
worth, 1797. His father was Maj. James Allen; his grandfather, James;
his great grandfather, Nathaniel ; his ancestor at the fourth remove, Dea.
Samuel; fifth, Samuel Allen of Braintree, m. 1632. Galen m. Hannah
Copeland (see Copeland family) — ch., I., Perley, m. Kowena Leonard, resi-
dence Alstead — ch., 1, Emily H.; 2, Freeman P.; 3, Lewis L. ; 4, Maria;
5, James 0. II., Polly C, m. Daniel Graves (see Graves family). III.,
Winslow, m. Nancy Grout — ch., 1, Nancy G. ; 2, George W. ; 3, Ebenezer
G. ; 4, Galen; 5, Lyman G. ; 6, Mary, d. ; 7, Chauncey L. ; 8, Carlos,
d. young; 9, Julia A.; 10, Harlan P.; 11, Harriet. IV., Galen, m. La-
vinia Monroe of Lexington, Mass. — ch., 1, H. Augusta; 2, Annette A.; 3,
John G. ; 4, Lavinia M. ; 5, Jonas M. V., Hannah, m. John Grout (see
Grout family).

James Anderson was one of the first sixteen settlers of Londonderry.

Samuel Anderson, his grandchild, whose father's name was Robert, s. in
Acworth, 1793, m. Anna Alexander.

Samuel Anderson, his nephew and son of David, came to Acworth in
1795, m. Jane Campbell — ch., I., Anna. II., David C, m. Martha L.
Brigham (see Brighara family)— ch., 1, Mary E. ; 2, Walter H., d. young;
3, Emma E.; 4, George W. ; 5, Alice L. III., Horace, m. first, Lucinda
Blanchard; m. second, Isa Dora Burnham, residence Windham — ch., 1,
Samuel H. IV., Milon, m. Lucy M. Weston, residence Windham. V.,
Sarah J., m. Charles Abbot, residence Windsor, Vt. — ch., Jennie S.

Maj. Joel Angier s. in Acworth previous to 1793 ; he was a prominent
man in the south part of the town, and often held town oflSces, as will be seen
by referring to the list of selectmen, etc. ; a man of strong intellect, he was
fond of argument, but also of telling a good story ; m. Olive Turner (see
Turner family) — ch., I., Silas, m. Sarah Holden, residence Vermont — ch.,
1., Sarah ; 2, Silas; 3, Newell; 4, John. IL, Laura, m. first Sam. Mor-
gan, residence Ohio; ra. second Morgan — ch., 1, Angier; 2, Maria;

3, Samuel B. ; 4, John. HI., Eawson, m. Betsey Tinker, residence Cor-
nish — ch., l,DurenL. ; 2, Mary; 3, Betsey ; 4, Thad ; 5, Roxanna; 6, Cut-
ler ; 7, John. IV., Olive. V., Deborah, b. 1801, m. Eastman, resi-
dence Sutton, Vt.—ch, 1, Stephen , 2, Mary. VL, Polly. VII., MehitabJe,

m. White. VIII., Joel, m. Mary E. Polly (see Polly family)— ch.,

1, Oscar F., m Ellen Campbell ; 2, Mary G., m. Robert Lane. VIIL, Joel
studied medicine with Dr. Bliss of Alstead, graduated at the medical




school of Dartmouth College, practiced in Washington, N. H., Bethel, Vt.,
Haverhill and Bath, N. H., and Hazel Green, Wis. IX., Reuben, m.
Mrs. Hannah Paul, residence Newport — ch., 1, Olive E. ; 2, Nedom E. ;
3, Reuben W. X., John. XI., Samuel M., m, Lucena Barnard (see Bar-
nard family), residence Bath — ch., 1, Adelaide; 2, Elizabeth A, ; 3, Mary.
XII., Nedom L., b. 1814, m. Elizabeth A. Herring, residence Atlanta, Ga. —
ch., 1, Alton C; 2, Nedom H. ; 3, Edgar A. ; 4, Clarence V. ; 5, EUie
B. ; 6, Lillie May ; 7, Lizzie ; 8, Wilmer.

Hon. Nedom S. Angier, like most of the natives of Acworth who have
obtained a professional education, spent much time in teaching. Having
access to the libraries of his uncle John and his brother Joel, his leisure
hours were spent in the study of medicine. In 1839 he went to Georgia
and taught school there four years, still pursuing in the meantime his chosen
study, enjoying the use of the libraries of Drs. Smith and Hunnicutt of
Cowder Couuty. In 1843 he attended a course of lectures at the Medical
University of New York. In 1844 he commenced practice at the Court
House of the Tenth District of Randolph County, Ga. In 1847 he re-
moved to Atlanta, then a "city in the woods," and opened a drug store in
connection with his practice. In 1850, with a party of adventurers, he went
to California by the overland route. In 1851 he returned to become a suc-
cessful speculator in real estate, abandoning his profession. From the first,
he was opposed to the secession movements at the South, and from the break-
ing out of the rebellion he studied how to escape from rebeldom. In 1863,
with great hardship and peril, he passed the lines of both armies by way of
Memphis. Coming thus from the South, he was naturally watched and sub-
jected to many inconveniences by the military detectives of the Federal Gov-
ernment, and he acknowledges especially the kind offices of S. L. Bowers of
Newport, and W. S. Moody, formerly of Unity, in these difficulties. He now
began to search for an opportunity to return South to rescue his family. He
soon found a "flag of truce" boat carrying only ladies from Annapolis, Md.,
to City Point for exchange, and by it returned to the South. On reaching
home he repaired to Florida under the plea of trading in salt, hoping, on that
efxtensive and sparsely settled coast, to find means of reaching Cuba. After
various adventures, and various expedients devised and attempted at great peril,
both by himself and wife, they at last found themselves on board the blockade
runner, "Little Leila," on the Suwannee River, through the efibrts of his
sagacious and brave wife. Waiting until the "Yankees" retired for a New
Year's frolic at the "Keys," the vessel successfully run the blockade and
landed them safely in Havana. His eldest son, a conscript in the rebel army
about the same time, deserted, and with much sufiiering and danger, reached
the Union army nearly exhausted. They finally took up their residence
near Boston until the close of the war when they returned to Georgia. Ap-
pointed Collector of Internal Revenue for the Third District of Georgia, for
nine months, he resided at Augusta. He then resigned and returned to At-


lanta where he was elected delegate to the State Constitutional Convention,
-where he faithfully opposed all those schemes of repudiation which were after-
wards expunged from the Constitution by Congi-ess. He was elected State
Treasurer by the first General Assembly under the new Constitution, which
office he now holds.

Joseph Atwood was a soldier in the old French War; whether he was
born in America, or came over with the army from England, is not known.
He came to Acworth from Haverhill, Mass , in 1788. By his first mar-
riage — ch., I., Amos, removed to Lempster after living some time in Acworth.
II., Polly. Ill , Abigail, m. William Roy. IV., Betsey, d. unm. Joseph
m. second, Mrs. Hannah (Hadley) Marble — ch., V., Joseph, m. Sibyl Hunt-
ley — eh., 1, Rhoda, m. John Kuddock, residence Illinois; 2, Elizabeth, m.
Alfred Standish; 3, Amos, d. unm.; 4, Cyrus; 5, Mary, m. Ezekiel
Thayer (see Thayer family); 6, Lima, m. Cyrus H. Meacham — ch , (1)
Almeda, (2) Harriet L., m. George Sedgwick, (3) Sarah, (4) Martha, (5)
Hellen; 7, Harriet N., m. Samuel M. Kidder— ch., (1) Matilda L, m.
Austin E. Smith— ch., [1] Hattie K., [2] Clarence E., (2) Susan E., (3)
Carrie M., (4) Hattie L , d. unra.

John, Thomas and Makgaret Archibald of Londonderry s. in Acworth.
Margaret m. James Wallace (see Wallace family). John s. in Acworth
probably previous to 1777 — ch. of John and Martha Archibald b. in Ac-
worth, L, James. II., Ann. III.. Robert. IV., Elizabeth. V., Samuel R.

Rev. Thomas Archibald m. Susannah Whitcher, s. in Acworth, 1789, after-
ward rem. to Middlebury, Vt. — eh. b. in Acworth, L, Susannah M. II., John.

Christopher Ayres was one of the earliest settlers in the south part of
the town. His mother, a native of Ireland, m. and s. in Londonderry, N. H,
Losing her husband and five children, she came with her only surviving and
youngest son, Christopher, to Acworth through the pathless woods in 1776.
They chose a farm on the hill above Alexander Houston, because it was more
easily cleared and supposed to be more productive than in the river valley.
Christopher Ayres m. Lois Huntley — ch., I., Lydia, m. James Downing of
Marlow — eh., 1, Daniel, m., Lucy Upton; 2, James, m. Electa F. Foster —
ch., (1) Albert S., (2) George E., (3) Herbert J., (4,) Ellen C. ; 3, Betsy,
m. Daniel P. Newell— ch., (1) George F., (2) Hiram F., (3) Harlan, (4)
Etta A.; 4, Hiram, m. Harriet Wolcott — cb., (1) Minnie A., (2) Alice M;
5, Franklin, m. Mary L. Ware— ch., (1) Fayette F., (2) Clarence W., (3)
Mary A., (4) Eugene A., d. young, (5) Arthur A., d young; 6, Lydia C,
m. Chester Nichols— ch., (1) Charlie A., (2) Dennis F., (3) Freddie D.,
d., (4) Jennie M., (5) Rosie C, (B) Lilly F. ; 7, Allen, d. IL, Jennie, d.
unm. IIL, Robert, m. Subrina Miller — ch., 1, Nancy; 2, Roswell A., resi-
dence Kecne. IV., Polly, d. unm. V., Anna, d. unm. VL, Louisa, m. first,
James Bradbury of Hollis — ch., 1, Susan A.; m. second, John Gragg, resi-
dence Quincy, Mass. — eh., 2, William, m. Ellen Kerwin — ch., ( I ) Nellie
C, (2) Mabel; 3, Charles A. ; 4, Mary, m. Elisha Hobart — ch., 1, Anna L.



John, Amos and Eltphalet Bailey were of the sixth gen. in this country :
first gen., Richard, who came from Yorkshire, Eng., about 1635, and was
one of a company to establish the first cloth mill in America in Eowley,
Mass.; second gen., Joseph, d. 1712; third gen., Richard, m. Joanna Web-
ster, d. 1748, aged 73; fourth gen., Ebenezer, m. Sarah Palmer, d. 1815;
fifth gen., Ebenezer, b. 1740, d. 1807, residence Weare, m. Mehitable
Eaton — ch., Sally; Thomas; Ebenezer; John; Amos; Moses; Jesse; Eliph
alet; Lydia ; Joseph. John, b. 1769, m. Polly Humphrey (see Hum
phrey family) — ch., I., Abel, m. first Sarah Barnard (see Barnard family)
residence Unity — ch., 1, Mary G., d. young; 2, Belinda, m. Calvin Robin-
gon — ch., (1) Chastina, d. young, (2) Amanda, m. William Mann — ch
[1] Willie C.,the5rrea^5rrea^grandchild of Mrs. Polly Barnard ; (3) Charles
C, (4) Louise B. ; 3, Milon, d. young; 4, Solon, d. young; 5, Roxanna, d.
young; 6, Emeline G., m. Monroe Judkins — ch., (1) Josephine, (2) Caleb;
7, Sophia W., d. young. I., Abel, m. second, Mrs. Mary (Campbell) Barney.
II., Sally, d. young. III., Belinda, d. young. IV., Rial, m. Mary Breed,
m. second, Ann Hudson, residence Unity — ch., 1, Marietta; 2, Emily N. ;
3. Thomas F.; 4, Franklin; 5, Clara L.; 6, Silas H.; 7, Milton P. V.,
Eaton, m. Elizabeth Sparling, residence Claremont — ch., 1, Sarah J. ; 2, Sa-
bra C. ; 3, John ; 4, Frances M. ; 5, Charles E. VI., Theda, m. Walter Breed
(see Breed family). VII., Sophia, m. Ephraim Cumraings (see Cummings
family). VIII., Lorinda, m. Elias Sparling, residence Unity — ch., 1, Ozro, d.
young ; 2, Mary L. ; 3, Theda M. ; 4, Sally A. ; 5, Ruth B. ; 6, Louisa L. ;

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