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•7, George H. IX., Mary, m. Aaron W. Sparling (see Sparling family.)
Amos, b. 1771, d. 1832, m. Bethiah Silsby (see Silsby family) — ch., I.,
Harley, m. Ruth Cummings (see Cummings family), residence Schroon,

N. Y. — ch., 1, Alonzo; 2, Carlos; 3, Azuba ; 4, Sultana; 5, .

Eliphalet, b. 1777, m. Abigail Silsby (see Silsby family) — ch., 1, Sa-
niantha, d. young. II., Giles, in consequence of ill-health which disabled
him from farm work, was permitted to attend a "fall school," taught by
Milton Parker, the first opportunity he enjoyed for gaining an education be-
yond the advantages ofiered by the district school. At the age of seventeen
he began to teach school, studying as he found opportunity, attending school
at Chester and Cavendish, Vt., and Hopkinton and Unity, N. H. For some
of his Latin and Greek he is indebted to Hon. Horace Maynard, who was
his instructor for a time. His theological studies were pursued with Rev.
Lemuel Willis of Lempster. He was licensed to preach by the Massachu-
setts Universalist Convention in 1839. He was ordained as pastor in Win-
throp, Me., in 1840; removed to Brunswick in 1842; was appointed in
1848 by the Maine Convention of Unive.-salists to visit, counsel and aid des-
titute societies within its limits ; in ] 849 was settled in Old Town, thence
removing to Dexter in 1853. In 1857, removed to Claremont, N. H. ;
1858, received a call from Gardiner, Me., and remained pastor there eight
years. In the winter of 1866-7 became for a short time editor of the " Uni-


versalist," and removed to Belfast in 1867, where he now resides and
preaches. For many years he has been Secretary of the Maine Universalist
Conference. He is a regular contributor to the denominational papers in
Augusta, Me., Boston and New York, and annually compiles the statistics
of the denomination for the Universalist Register or Almanac. Giles m. first
Jane M. Damon; m. second Sarah Murphey ; m. third Mercy Bassett — ch.,

1, Giles 0. ; 2, Caroline, d. young; 3, George W. ; 4, Willie L. C. ; 5, Edwin
C. III., Ithiel L, m, Lucy Patroll, residence Moretown, Vt. — ch., 1, Cep-
tem, d. young; 2, Willie C. ; 3, George ; 4, Emma J., d. young ; 5, Ithiel
L. ; 6, Lucy J. ; 7, Joel ; 8, Abbie ; 9, Frank E. ; 10, Mary. I^^, Emlon
A., Tu. Polly Addison, residence Missouri — ch., 1, T. Damon ; 2, Ellen L. ;

3, Emlon; 4, Rose M. V., George, m. Sarah F. Whittemore. VI., Louisa
d. young.

Joseph, Thomas and William Ball were of the fourth generation of the
family known ; their great-grandfather, Thomas Ball of Massachusetts, was
killed in the old Indian wars, at Brookfield ; their grandfather, Thomas Ball, was
a soldier in Fort No. 4, (Charlestown,) and was killed by the Indians ; their fa-
ther, Samuel, was a three years' soldier and officer in the Revolutionary War ;
he m. Hannah Rainger — ch., Joseph, Thomas and William. Joseph s. in Ac-
worth 1825; he was a man of much public spirit, to whom the South part
of the town is much indebted ; he m. Betsey Haywood (see Haywood family)
— ch , I., Laura H., d. unm, II., Hiram, m. Lucy Day — ch., 1, Henry;

2, Eddie. III., Hannah B., m. Ebenezer Stevens, residence Bradford — ch.,
1, Charles A.; 2, Eddie; 3, Anna. IV., Freeland ; and by his third
wife, v., Carlos. Thomas, a soldier in the war of 1812, s. in Acworth
in 1818, for a time a deacon in the Congregational Church, m. Elizabeth
Gould — ch., L, Harvey, m. Louisa Wood, residence Walpole — ch., 1, Milon
W. II., Abigail, m. John Hooper, residence Walpole — ch., 1, Martha E.,
d. unm. ; 2, Estelle M., m. Levi A. Hall — ch., (1) Alfred A. ; 3, Warren
E. ; 4, Ellen F. ; 5, Rufus R. ; 6, Lucy M. III., Caroline, m. John G.
Blount, residence Nashua — ch., 1, Edward 0.; 2, Charles P. ; 3, Mary E. ;

4, Alfred A. IV., Elizabeth, m. Warren J. Cooper, residence Nashua — ch.,
1, Benson P. ; 2, Alice J. V., Thomas C, three years a soldier in the late
war, residence Bellows Falls, Vt, m. Adeline Chase-^ch., 1, Ida. VI., Lucy,
m. Rufus L. McClure (see McClure family) ; ra. second Rufus Shepardson,
residence Claremont. VII., Benjamin G., d. in Boston, Mass., m. Betsy
Ann Smith — ch., 1, Willis A. VIII., Julia Ann, d. unm. William, m.
Jane C. Haywood (see Haywood family), s. in Acworth 1854 — ch., I., Pru-
dence. II., Rebecca B., m. Jonas Green, residence Alstead — ch,, 1, Milon
F. ; 2, Ida J. ; 3, Herbert W. III., Haywood, killed on the cars, unm. IV.,
Mary E., m. Frederic Watkins, residence Walpole — ch., 1, Belle.

MosES and Hannah Barnard were descendants of one Isaac Barnard,
who came to America during the latter part of the seventeenth century, and
s. in or near Amesbury, Mass. ; his ch. s. around him ; one of them, Tris-


IVIrs. Polly Gove Barnard


tarn, reared a large family of claildrea who settler! in Weare about 1790;
their neighborhood is still called " Barnard hill ; " their names were Isaac,
David, Edmund, John, Tristam, Hannah, Mary, and Jerusha. John pur-
chased a farm in Weare, but d. in Amesbury 1795, before removing to
Weare, leaving a widow, whose name was Dorothy Currier, and eight chil-
dren, viz.: Jerusha, Polly, Dorothy, Moses, John, Miriam, EHphalet and
Hannah. Hannah m. John Gregg (see Gregg family). Moses, b. 1781,
m. Polly Gove (see Gove family), s. in Acworth 1800 ; in 1802 they s. on
the farm where they lived together 62 years, and where the widow now re-
sides, aged 83, esteemed by her neighbors and idolized by her children; her
residence in town extends through two of the three generations that lived
here since the settlement ; she has lived to see her great-great-grandchild,
Willie G. Mana— ch., I, Sarah, b. 1802, m. Abel Bailey (see Bailey fam-
ily), n., Dorothy, b. 1803, m. Sylvanus Miller— ch., 1, Helen M., d.
unm.; 2, George S.,m. Caroline F. Haskell, d. Boston, 1861 — ch., (1) Helen.
n., Dorothy, m. second Reuben Shepardson 1838 — ch,, 1, Emily M., m. Bela
Graves of Unity— ch., (1) Stella, (2) Willis W. ; 2, Frances, d. unm., 1868.
ni., Mary, b. 1806, m. H. H. Carey— ch., 1, Lucy Ann, m. J. R. Whee-
lock of Plymouth, Vt. — ch., (1) Luke, (2) Theodore; 2, Lucia E., m.
William J. Hibbs of Iowa— ch., (1) Mary G., (2) Sarah Etta, (3) George
B. IV., John, b. 1808, d. young. V., Melvina, b. 1811, d. young.
VI., Squier Page, b. 1813, m. Ann C. Hilliard of Williamsburg, Province
of Ontario — ch,, 1, Louise, m. Thomas E. Saunby of New York city; 2,
Lorette C, m. John G. Graham (see Graham family) ; 3, Minnie A. ; 4,
George H. ; 5, Emma L., d. young; 6, Hattie H. ; 7, Sarah C. VII.,
Emily M., b. 1815, d. unm. VIH., Lucina, b. 1818, m. Silas M. Angier
(see Angier family), m. second Joel Gassett (see Gassett family), m. third
Schuyler Harrington of Shrewsbury, Mass. IX., John M., the only sol-
dier from Acworth in the Mexican war, studied at Norwich University, Vt.,
served as a volunteer on the staff of Col. Jack Hays, 1st Texas Mounted
Volunteers; present at the storming of Monterey, and siege of Vera Cruz;
now practising law in Rochester, N. Y. ; m. Eliza J. Gove — ch., 1, Nora
M. ; 2, Charles G. ; 3, William H, X,, George S,, b. 1822, d. young.
XL, William C, b. 1825, m. Elvira C. Houston— ch., 1, Ida; 2, Mary.
XII., infant daughter, d. young.

Levi Barney m. Elizabeth Chase — ch., I., Levi; U., Betsy; III.,
Polly; IV., Thomas; V., Joseph; VI., Harvey. Mr. Barney came to
Acworth after his children were all of age but one. None remained and
s. but I., Levi, who m. Clarissa Bruce, thus uniting two families remarka-
ble for longevity. Mrs. Barney's grandmother, on her 100th birthday, is
said to have done a day's work at carding and spinning, and walked three
miles; she also at that age made a shirt by torchlight. Children of I., Levi —
1, Elizabeth C, m. Elisha Farrar of Concord, Mass., — ch., (1) Clara, m.
John W, Elwell— ch., [1] Frederic, [2] Frank ; (2) Levi B., (3) Mary,


d. young ; 2, Sophia A., d. young ; 3, Clarissa, m. Joel Porter (see Porter
family) ; 4, Sophia, m. William L. Symonds of Alstead— oh., (1) Clara, (2)
William L. V., Joseph, m. Mary M. Campbell (see Campbell family)— ch.,
1, Henry, d. young ; 2, Frances, m. William McPherson of Manchester —
eh., (1) William P., (2) Caroline 0., d. young, (3) Fred 0., (4) Menona
L., (5) Walter, d. young ; 3, Alva W., m. Samantha Way— ch., (1) Estella
A., (2) Edwina I., (3) Elmer L., (4) Joseph H., (5) Walter E„ (6) Carrie
M., (7) Charles W., (8) Clarence H., (9) Osmond, (10) Lena S., (11)
daughter, d. young ; 4, Nancy, m. Augustine Pickett — ch., (1) Addie C,
(2) Dan L., (3) Earnest L., (4) Rose E., (5) Henry J., (6) Charles G.,
(7) Winona, (8) Wallace M., (9) Earl; 5, Mary M. ; 6, Lena.

RuEL H. Bascom of , s. in Acworth, m. Eunice S. Kempton

(see Kempton family)— ch., L, Emma J. ; II., Ada; III., Lewis L. ; IV.,

; v., Charles.

Bezaleel Beckwith, b. 1780 in Alstead, m. Linda Grout (see Grout
family), s. in Acworth 1803— ch., I., Nancy G., d. young. II., Harvey,
d. young. III., Nathaniel G., m. Fannie M. Barker, residence Royalston,
Mass.— ch., 1, Charles E. ; 2, Minnie.

Ira Beckwith's mother came from Lyme, Ct., with four sons and one
daughter. Eleazar, a Baptist minister, preached in Marlow and Unity ;
Amos, a Baptist minister, s. in Danville, Vt. ; Amon s. in Marlow, and also
his sister; his son Charles m. Mindwell Alexander (see Alexander family).
Ira s. in Acworth in 1801. Two sons of Mrs. B., Titus and Trueman, re-
mained in Connecticut. Ira m . Hannah Wheolock — ^^ch. , I. , Rebecca, m. Wil-
liam Humphrey (see Humphrey family). IL, Phylinda, m. Thomas Townsend,
rem. to Reading, Vt.— ch., 1, Daniel ; 2, Anne ; 3, Lewis ; 4, Rufus. III.,
Betsy, m. Rufus Newell rem. to Malone, N. Y.— ch., 1, Hiram ; 2, Rebecca;
3, Lucius; 4, Selim. IV., Jared, m. Lucy Brigham (see Brigham family),
rem. to Pana, 111 — ch., 1, William; 2, Joel; 3, Silas H., d. unm. ; 4, Milon
S.; 5, Lydia A., m. Parker Grimes of Springfield, Vt— ch., (1) Flora, (2)
Lillie, (3) Allie. V., Polly, d. unm. VL, Anna, m. Samuel Eaton, rem. to
Sutton, Vt. VII., Daniel. VIII., Stephen, m. Cynthia Osgood— ch., 1, Ira
A. ; 2, Emeline, m. Moses A. Cragin of Marlow— eh., (1) Lucius M., (2)
Charlie A., (3) Leslie D., d. young, (4) Freddie H. ; 3, Olive R. ; 4, Co-
lumbia D., m. Harvey W. Weare, rem. to Hancock — ch., (1) Clarence H.,
(2) Elmer S., (3) Eugene L. ; 5, Diantha C. IX.. Eunice, m. John Cross,
rem. to Essex, N. Y. — ch., three. X., Abigail, m. John Ladd, residence
Sutton, Vt. — ch., 1, Gustine; 2, Ellen; 3, Ozro ; 4, Maria; 5, Oscar.

Nathaniel Bixby, of Reading, Vt., s. in Acworth in 1833 ; m. first
Mary Walker— ch., I., Nathaniel, d. young. II., Charles, d. young. IIL,
Charles. Nathaniel m. second Sally Bixby — ch., IV., Ephraim,m. Emily
A. Smith, residence Marlow. V. Alvira, d. young. VI. , Leonard (see
sketches of soldiers). VII., Asa Reed, (see sketches of soldiers.) VITL,
Edward. IX., Learned, d. young.


Thomas Bignal camo from England during the Revolutionary War, and
S. in Acworth ; m. Maiy Fairfield — ch., I., Thomas, d. unm. II., Betsey, m.
first Henry Batchelor — ch., 1, Thomas B. (see Batchelor family) ; m. second
Thomas Cummings. III., Charles, m. first Lucinda Beckwith — ch., 1,
Charles H. ; 2, Mary, d. young ; 3, Mary ; 4, Ellen ; 5, Harriet ; m. second
Mrs. Mary A. (Moore) Mayo (see Moore family) — ch., 6, Mary Ann. IV.,
James M. V., Matilda F. VI., Eleanor, m. Gardiner Smith (see Smith
family). VII., Joseph P., m. Harriet Beckwith — ch., 1, Thomas W.,
killed in the war; 2, Pamelia; 3, Lucilva; 4, Charles.

Joseph, Aarox, and Lemuel Blanohard, sons of Nathaniel Blanchard
of Shutesbury, Mass., a descendant of George Blanchard of Andover, Mass.,
an emigrant from England. Aaron, a soldier for three years in the Eevo-
lutionary army, s. in Acworth and afterwards rem. to Barnard, Vt., m. Olive
Ashley — ch., I., Lucinda; II., Warren; III., Calvin; IV., Sally; these
four were natives of Acworth. V., Nathaniel; VI., Abel; VII., Tirzah ;
VIII., Cephas. Lemuel was with the militia at the burning of New Lon-
don, m. first Phebe. Mayo, sister of Issachar Mayo — ch., I., Miranda ; II.,
Lemuel ; III., Phebe ; m. second Mrs. Margaret (Witherspoon) Davidson
(see Davidson family) — ch., IV., Betsey, m. Phinehas A. Kemp (see Kemp
family); V., Nathaniel, d. young. Joseph, b. in Shutesbury, 1755, s. in
Acworth 1790, m. Relief Osgood, daughter of Aaron Osgood, a descendfltit
of John Osgood of Andover, Mass. (see Osgood family) — ch., I., Hannah,
b. 1780, m. Robert Aldrich, s. in Vershire, d. 1844 — ch., 1, Rufus, m.
Catherine Mabry, residence Thetford, Vt. — ch., (1) Alraon, m. Hannah
King, (2) Lovinia, m. Wilbur Moore — ch. three, (3) Jane, m. George Row-
ell — ch., [1] Cora, [2] Nellie, (4) Joel, m. Stratton — ch., one, resi-
dence West Fairlee, Vt., (5) Alfred, (6) Rufus, (7) Catherine, (8) Hannah,
m. Mr. Morse, (9) William; 2, Patience, m. Simeon Rowell, residence Ver-
shire, Vt. ; 3, Relief, m. Rensselaer Rowell — ch., (1) George, m. Jane
Blanchard, (2) Sarah, m. Chandler Titus — ch., [1] Henry Hazen, (3) Lu-
rena, m. Joseph Brooks — ch., [1] Rensselaer, [2] Mary, [3] Eliza, (4)
Amanda, m. d'iggs ; 4, Roswell, residence Corinth, m. first Eliza Ma-
goon, m. second Mrs. Stowell — ch., (1) Sarah, m. George A. Church — ch.,
[1] Freeman, [2] Nellie, [3] Cora; 5, Erwin, m. Diana West, residence
Vershire, Vt. — ch., (1^ Lucian, m. Ella Cooley, residence Iowa, (2) Al-
bert, (3) Eva, (4) Theron ; 6, Robert, residence Strafford, Vt., m. Martha
Hoyt — ch., (1) George, (2) Frances; 7, David, residence Thetford, Vt., m.
Miss Rich of Lyme — ch., (1) Warren; 8, Albert, d. ; 9, Ransom, resi-
dence Thetford, Vt,, m. Alma Wilmot— ch., (1) Ella, (2) Willie, (3) Char-
lie ; 10, Hannah, m. first Joshua Pierce of Fairlee, Vt. — ch., (1) Maria, ra.

Gordon, residence Fairlee, (2) Swift, (3) Hannah, (4) Marcia, (5)

Phebe, (6) Lima, (7) Georgia; m. second Morse. II., Rufus, m.

Anna Keyes (see Keyes family), d. 1840 — ch., 1, Sabrina, m. Horace Car-
penter, of Vershire, Vt. — ch., (1 j Lorenzo D., m. Miss Magoon, went to


California, was killed by the falling of a tree— ch., one ; (2) Lura, m. Ste-
phen Fuller of Vershire— ch., two; (3) Loraine, (4) Luella ; 2, Danforth,
m. Phila Prescott, residence Vershu-e— ch. , (1) Freeman, m. Charlotte
Brown, (2) Francis, (3) Frederic, (4) Ethan ; 3, Joseph, m. Susan Guile,
residence Vershire— ch., (1) Ellen ; 4, Rial, m. Dianthe Judd, residence
Middlesex, Vt. ; 5, Keyes, m. Orinda Alexander, rem. to Illinois — ch.; five;
6, Rufus, m. Lucy West, residence Vershu-e- ch., (1) Emma P., (2) Cora
A. ; 7, Selimna, m. Hial Colton of Vershire— ch., (1) Arthur H., (2)
Frank. III., David, b. 1788, m. Betsey Gregg who died February 12,
1869 (see John Gregg family)— ch., 1, Hiram, b. 1816, residence Bradford,
N. H., m. Polly E. Gove (see Gove family) — ch., (1) George H. ; 2, Solon,
m. Sabra Thornton (see Thornton family)— ch., (1) John D., (2) Charles
E., (3) Harriet M. ; 3, Polly G., m. Joseph P. Cram (see Cram family) ;
4, Clarissa L., m. Barnet F. Warner (see Warner family) ; 5, John, m.
Mary A. Warner (see Warner family) ; 6, Harriet N., d. unm. 1848 ; 7,
Betsey M., d. unm. 1856. IV., Samuel, the first of the family born in Ac-
worth, d. young. V., Joseph, b. 1793, d. 1869, m. Asenath Mitchell (see
Mitchell family) residence Chillicothe, 111.— ch., 1, Almond, d. young ; 2,
Helen, m. Edward Wallace, s. in Racine, Wis. ; 3, Caroline, m. Ralph Gates,
residence Chicago, 111. ; 4, Sylvester, d. young ; 5, Sarah, d. unm. ; 6, Al-
rfond, m. Rebecca Gleason, residence St. Louis, Mo. ; 7, Sylvester, d. young;

8, Sylvanus, d. young; 9, , d. young; 10, Volney, d. young; 11,

Judson, m. Madora Grosh, residence Chicago, 111.; 12, Rollin, residence
Chicago ; 13, Sarah C, m. Joseph Thorp, residence in Oswego. VI., Try-
phena, m. Oliver Carleton (see Carleton family). VII., Clarissa, m. Joseph
F. Carleton (see Carleton family).

Edmund, Phineas, Rachel, and Anna Blood, were of the second gen. in
America ; rem. from Groton, Mass. Phineas m. Lois Ingalls, niece of Amos
Ingalls, s. in Acworth 1787— ch., I., Cynthia; II., Charles ; III., Abbie ;
IV., Nancy. ANNAm. James Campbell (see Campbell family). Rachel m.
Jonathan Silsby (see Silsby family). Edmund s. in Acworth 1788, m. first

Catharine , — ch., L, Catherine, m. Amasa Keyes (see Keyes family).

II., Josiah S., m. Rhoda Currier— ch.,1, Arnold, b. in Acworth 1799, m. Lo-
vina Newton, residence Whitefield— ch., (1) Orange S., m. Wealthy M.Harvey
— ch. two, (2) Lavinia N., m. Horace M. Lindsay— ch. two, (3) Holman D.,
m. Maria M. Phelps— ch. two, (4) Jared P. ; 2, Varnum, b. in Acworth
1803, residence Whitefield, m. Lydia Kenney— ch., (1) George, m. Rosanna
Holmes — ch. three ; (2) Hannah, m. Albert Nurse, (3) Caroline, m. Ovid
Moore — ch. three; 3, Sylvia, b. in Acworth 1805, residence Michigan, m.
Ebenezer Cudworth- ch., (1) John, (2) Otis, d. in the army, (3) Mary,
(4) Josephine, (5) Amelia H. ; 4, Laura, b. 1807, residence Montpelier, m.
Joseph Pearson— ch., (1) Joseph, and one d. young; 5, Leonard, b. 1810,
residence Whitefield, m. Mary Jessamine — ch., (1) Charles, (2) Louisa, (3)
Ira; 6, Lial, b. 1812, residence Whitefield, m. Eastman— ch., (1) Jo-


siah S., m. Jennie Russell, (2) Charles C, d. unm., (3) Almira L., m. Pat-
rick Shallow, (4) Mary Ann ; 7, Rosanna, b. 1815, residence Woodbury,
Vt., m. Michael Jackson — eh., (1) Theresa, (2) Weston ; 8, Corono, b. in
Acworth 1818, m. Samuel Jackson — ch., (1) Ann, m. Henry Dodge; 9,
Mindwell, residence Lancaster, m. Joseph Colby — eh., (1) Albert, (2)
Frank, (3) Cyrus, (4) Lucinda, (5) Emily, (6) Laura A. ; 10, Royal,
residence Lunenburg, m. Lucy A. Heath — ch., (1) Hazen, (2) Clement,
(3) Florence, (4) Helen, (5) Burton E., (6) Isabell, (7) Ervin. IIL,
Anna, m. Abner Currier of Unity — ch., 1, Lurena, m. Joseph Way of Lemp.
Bter— ch., (1)' George W., (2) Mary A.; 2, Relief, d. unm.; 3, Sabra, d.
unm. ; 4 Lewman, d. unm. ; 5, Orphah, m. Lewis Neal of Claremont — ch.,
(1) Ransom M., m. Julia R. Bailey, d. in war, (2) Laura L., d. unm. ; 6,
Nathan B., m. Louisa Janes — ch., (1) Sarah A,, (2) George W., (3) John
S., (4) Abbie R., (5) Almira J., (6) Nathan J., (7) Hattie, (8) Flora T.,
(9) Charles P. ; 7, Lorinda, m. Ransom Severns (see Severns family) ;
8, Ursula A., m. David Metcalf of East Boston — ch., (1) Frank ; 9, Pascal
W., d. unm. ; 10, Louisa I., m. Samuel L. Pike of Newport, who d. in war
— ch., (1) Charles C, (2) Ellen. IV., Simon, rem. to Thomastown, Me.
v., Samuel, m. Emily Monroe, residence Stoddard — ch., 1, Mary ; 2, Lucy ;
3, Lomelia ; 4, Nathan M. ; 5, Benjamin F. ; 6, Edmund; 7, Mary L.; 8,
Samuel. VI., Edmond, m. Lois Woodbury (see Woodbury family), rem.
to Ashtabula, Ohio. VII., Nathan, m. Sally Woodbury, (see Woodbury
family), rem. to Ashtabula County, Ohio. VIII., Rachel, m. Dan Foster,
residence Dempster.

Lemuel Blood of Pepperell Mass., five years a soldier in the Revolu-
tionary War, and in many hard fought battles, s. in Acworth 1812, m. Lucy
Hale of Dunstable, Mass. — ch., I., Lucy, m. Mark Peasley of Goshen — ch.,

1 , Daniel, m. Betsey Jefils of Stoddard, residence Acworth, a few years ; 2,
Reuben; 3, William; 4, Noah; 5, Lucy ; 6, Aaron; 7, Almon ; 8, Maria.
n., Sally, m. Guernsey of Dummerston, Vt. — ch., 1, Joseph H. G. W. ;

2, Sally, in., Lemuel, d. young. IV., Amy, m. Guernsey of Dum-
merston — ch., 1, Hannah ; 2, David ; 3, Joseph ; 4, Jerusha. V., Polly,
m. Isaac W. Whitney (see Whitney family). VI., Freeman, m. Sophrona
Howe of Alstead — ch., 1, Samuel. VII., Sewell, rem. to New York. VIII.,
Faxon, m. Alzina Black, s. in Tecumseh, Mich. IX., Esther, m. Benjamin
Williams (see Williams family). X., Elijah, rem. to Bradford, Vt., m.
Louisa Heath — ch., 1, David ; 2, Sarah. XL, Jonas H., m. Hopewell
Thayer (see Philo Thayer family), rem. to Langdon, N. H., and was killed
in the raising of the Congregational meeting-house in that place, in 1841 —
ch., l,Lovell; 2, Althea ; 3, Lafayette; 4, Eliza; 5, Martha; 6, Milton.
XII., Philinda, m. Leonard Whitney (see Whitney family). XIIL, Lemuel,
m. Betsey Brooks of Alstead. XIV., Noah, d. young.

James Bowers, a native of Hancock, was of the fourth generation in this
country ; grandfather, Jerathmeel Bowers of Leominster, INIass. ; father,


John Bowers of Hancock. James Bowers m. Nancy Symonds of Hancock,
1816, s. in Acworth 1821, d. November, 1858 — cb., L, Nancy Symonds,
m. Jacob Proctor of Lunenburg, Mass. — cb., 1, James Edmund; 2 Anna
E. II., Pamelia. III., Maria, m. John Merrill of Boston — cb., 1, Helen
M. IV., Lucinda, m. Henry J. Oliver of Boston. V., James L.,d. unm.,
1849. VI., Joseph Symonds, m. Mary L. Mitchell (see Mitchell family)
— ch., 1, Flora E. ; 2, Charles D. ; 3, Eibron I. VII., Luke Shepherd,
m. Thankful M. Newell, studied law with Asa Fowler of Concord ; practices
in Newport; register of probate for Sullivan County since 1861. VIIL,
Elizabeth Hannah, d. young. IX., Mary Elizabeth, m. James A. Wood
(see Wood family). X., Sarah Jane.

Jason H. Boynton, son of Francis of Maine, s. in Acworth in 1846, m. first
Emily L. Houston (see Houston family) — ch., I., Emily Z., m. Luther F.
Marks, residence Gilsum ; m. second Hannah W. Campbell — ch., II., Adel-
bert J., d. unm. III., Ira H. IV., Avaline J. V., Nelson A. VI., Frank L.

Freeman C. Brackett of Marlow, s. in Acworth in 1865, m. Sarah M.
A. Duncan, who d. in 1868 (see Duncan family) — ch., I., Annie L.

Joseph Brackett, a native of Peterborough, s. in Acworth 1860, m. Lu-
cretia L. Hunt — ch., I., Charles A. ; II., Laura L.

Capt. Samuel Bradford served through the whole Revolutionary War,
s. in Acworth in 1805, m. Elizabeth Herrick, d. aged 80 — ch., three, Mrs.
Judge Cummings of Batavia, N, Y., Mrs. Samuel Jones of Boston, and Au-
gustus ; Augustus m. Irene Davidson (see Davidson family) — ch., 1, John
D., m. Rachel I. Dyke (see Symonds family), residence Madison, Wis. —
ch., (1) Eleanora A., m. W. Pollard— ch., [1] Flora A. ; (2) Harriet E. ;
(3) Oscar M., killed at the 'battle of Gettysburg; (4) Rouzillyan K. J.,
wounded at Gettysburg, and d. 1863 ; (5) Clarissa A., (6) Sylvo Don F.,
(7) Benjamin F., (8) George W., d., (9) Carrie I., (10) Charlie D. ; 2,
Fannie C, m. Samuel Veasey of Claremont ; 3, Ira, d. ; 4, Mary W., m.
Ezekiel Woodward ; 5, Samuel D., d. in the army ; 6, Orin ; 7, Hosea J.,
m. Marion C. Dyer; 8, Granville, m. Mary Berry — ch., two; 9, Oliver;
10, Martha J., m. Edward Graves of Charlestown ; 11, Harriet E., d. ; 12,
Charles A., m. Delia Ward of Chicago.

Alba M. Bragg, son of Roswell and Rachel Bragg, was born in Bran-
don, Vt. ; came from Alstead to Acworth in 1866, m. Susan D. Allen of
Surrey— ch., I., Susan D. ; II., Daniel A. ; III., Mary J. ; IV., Emily M. ;
v., Marshall F. ; VI., Alma E. ; VIL, Nellie E.

GiLMAN Breed came from Lempster to Acworth in 1853, m. Abigail
Webster— ch., I., Charles W. ; IL, Nellie; IIL, George N.

Walter Breed, of Unity, m. first Theda Bailey (see Bailey family) —
ch., I., Mary J. ; II., Philinda A.; m. second Mahala J. Putney, d. 1857.
His widow rem. to Acworth in 1863 — ch. III., George H. ; IV., Charles
W., m. Maria Green— ch., 1, Rodney F. V., Elijah R. PL ; VI., Maria H.;
VIL, S. Annette ; VIIL, Leonard E.


John Brigham was of the fifth gen. in America ; fourth gen., Stephen ;
third gen., Jedediah; second gen., Samuel; first gen., Thomas, who em-
barked at London for New England in 1635, supposed to be of gentle blood.
There is a parish called Brigham (Bridge house) from the number of bridges
in it, in the north of England, where the family originated. John m. Lydia
Howe of Princeton (relative of the Acworth Howes), s. in Acworth in 1805
— ch., I., Joel, d. young, II., Rufus, b. 1791 d. 1867, m. Elizabeth Dun-
can (see Duncan family)— ch., 1, Harvey, m. Mary L. Ulwich, residence
Pana, 111. ; 2, Elizabeth A., m. Daniel Ryder (see Ryder family) ; 3, Ma-
rinda, d. young ; 4, Martha L., m. David Anderson (see Anderson family).
Ill, John, m. Mrs. Eunice H. Clark, residence Worcester, Vt. — ch., 1,

Lydia, m. Iddo— ch., (1) Eunice, (2) Mary; 2, Susan; 3, George

W. ; 4, Silas H. ; 5, Marshall. IV., Lucy, m. Jared Beckwith (see Beck-
with family). V., Polly, m. Samuel McKean (see McKean family). VI.,

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