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Matilda, m. Martin Mason (see Mason family). VII., Silas, m. Sarah
Manchester, residence Rhode Island— ch., 1, Sarah E. ; 2, Charles W. ; 3,
Beniah W. ; 4, Henry W. R. VIII., Lydia, m. Henry McClure (see Mc-
Clure family). IX., Betsey, m. Almon Wetherbee— ch., 1, Mary M. ; 2,
Angeline ; 3, Lydia M. John Brigham, nephew of John Brigham above
mentioned, m. Mary M. Moore (see Moore family), s. in Acworth, and rem.
to Keesville, N. Y. — ch., I., William M., residence Milwaukee, Wis. — ch.,
I., Charles R. IL, Mary G., d. young. III., Mary C, m. Isaac G. Good-
rich, residence Illinois. IV., Lucy E., d. 1849. V., Martha A., m. Wil-
liam Hazelton — ch., 1, William B. ; 2, Frances S. VL, Justinian H.
VII., Sarah E., m. Ezekiel Cutter, Esq., residence Iowa — ch., 1, John F. ;
2, Mary B. VIII., Martha M.

Dr. Lyman Brooks, a native of Alstead, m. Mary G. Graham, came to
Acworth in 1826, (see notice of him in Mr. Breed's response) — ch., I.,
William Erskine. II., Mary G., m. Isaac Woodbury (see Woodbury family).
III., Lyman J., graduated at the law school in Albany, commenced practice
in Claremont in company with Ira Colby, Jr. ; is now Clerk of the Court of
Sullivan County. IV., George B., graduated at Dartmouth College, 1860 ;
taught the Institute at Northfield, Vt., until March, 1861 ; Superintendent
of Public Schools, Gloucester, Mass., until July, 1862 ; in the same position
at Beloit, Wis., two years ; read law with Lester & Pond, Saratoga Springs,
attending in the meantime the law school at Albany, N. Y. ; now practising
law at East Saginaw, Mich. ; m. Abbie D. Mansfield. V., Josephine L., m.
A. S. Find ley (see Findley family). VL, N. Grout, read medicine with his
father; studied at Dartmouth Medical College ; graduated at Albany Medical
College in 1861 ; appointed Surgeon in the Sixteenth Regiment of Vermont
Volunteers ; after the discharge of the regiment appointed Assistant Sur-
geon in the U. S. General Hospital at Brattleboro, Vt. ; is now practising
medicine in Acworth. VII., Ellen, d. young. VIII., John G., d. young.
IX., Rollo H., d. young.


CiupiN K. Brooks, brotlier of Dr. Brooks, s. in Acworth 1844, m. first
Pamelia Graham (see Graham family) — eh., I., Sai-ah Ann, m. Hiram Hay-
wood (see Haywood family). II., Jane, m. Freeman Haywood (see Hay-
wood family). III., William. IV., John G. V., Henry A. Mr. Brooks
m. second Sarah A. Murdough (see Murdough family).

Aaron Brown, whose father was an officer in the Revolutionary army,
m. Polly Gates — ch., I., Aaron, m. Eadey Watts (see Watts family) — ch.,

1, Eadie D., m. Capt. George Stevens of Marlow; 2, Mary M., m. Amos
Fletcher of Hollis ; 3, Isaac, m. Frances L, Bundy, s. in Surry — ch., (1)
George B., (2) Charles H., (3) Mary, (4) Frederic ; 4, Samuel, d. unm. ;
5, Martha M., m. Samuel C. Savory of Alstead — ch., (1) Eugene J., (2)
George L., (3) Emily D. ; 6, John C, m. Jennette Snow, residence Wal-
pole — ch., (1) Angibelle, d. young, (2) Annette, (3) Orr W. ; 7, George
R., practising law in Newport; read law with Edmund Burke ; studied at
Tufts College ; 8, Maria L., m. Moses Moulton (see Moulton family) ; 9,
James H. ; 10, Emily A. II., Polly, m. Alden Gee of Marlow — ch., 1,
Polly R., d. young; 2, Harriet A. ; 3, Lucinda, d. young; 4, Lucinda ;
5, Allie M. ; 6, Betsey M. ; 7, Nathan ; 8, Marinda ; 9, Elsie ; 10, Dustin
A. ; 11, Mary F. III., Isaac, m. first Mary Newton (see Newton family)
— ch., 1, Coolidge N., residence California. III., Isaac, m. second Sarah A.
Bliss — ch., 2, Charles N. ; 3, Sylvester; 4, Mary.

Francis and Gardiner Brown were of the seventh gen. in America,
Francis of Marlow being the sixth, b. 1755 ; Jonathan of Watertown, fifth,
b. 1724; Jonathan of Watertown, fourth, b. 1694; Abraham of Water-
town, third, b. 1679 ; Jonathan of Watertown, second, b. 1635 ; and Abra-
ham Browne, the first, was a surveyor, and the first settler in Watertown ;
came from Bury St. Edmunds about 1630. Francis s. in Acworth in 1818 ;
m. Lucinda Alexander (see Alexander family) — ch., I., Nancy, m. Horace
Mason (see Mason family). II., Marinda, m. Frederic Grout (see Grout
family). III., Calvin A., m. Nancy Davis — ch., 1, Edward Payson ; 2,
Lucinda; 3, Martha. IV., Lorin, m. Eveline Knowles — ch., 1, Francis;

2, George ; 3, Frederic. V., Selic Osborne, m. Maria Whipple — ch., 1,
Harriet; 2, Mary Ella. VI., Lucinda, d. unm. VII., Lois, m. George
Houston (see Houston family). VIII., Guilford Dudley, m. Mary E.
Fisher— eh., 1, Guilford Dudley; 2, Mary Adelaide; 3, Edmund Janes;
4, Henry Eddie. Gardiner s. in Acworth, m. Lucinda Prescott — ch., I.,
Francis G., m. and residence Boston. II., Martha P., m. Charles Robin-
son (see Robinson family).

Jural Buck of Reading, Vt., s. in Acworth in 1862, m. Candace Jones
— ch., I., Anna E. ; II., Anise L. ; III., Jonathan B. ; IV., Rollo J.

John Buckminster, a native of Francestown, s. in Acworth 1850, m.
first Elvira Beckwith, m. second Miriam Miller — ch., I., William A., d.
unm. II., Henry M., d. in army. III., Clara E., d. unm. IV., John C.

Orna B. Burniiam of Hillsborough, m. Mary M. Gould, (sec Symonds


family), s. in Acworth 1845 — ch., I., Henry F., m. Jennie A. Kennedy
(see Kennedy family). II., John M., d. young. III., Mary L.

David Buss, son of David, native of Marlborough, and Anna Jones of
Dublin, m. Abigail C. Mack, daughter of Jonathan Mack of Charlestown,
came from Marlow to Acworth in 1835.

EoDNEY Boss, of Wilton, s. in Acworth in 1841, m. A. Huntley — ch.,
I., George W. Francis Boss, brother of Rodney, s. in Acworth in 1841,
m. Mary F Butler— ch., I., Henry T. II., John W. III., Ezra A.
IV., Elma A. (Last two are twins.)

Mks. John Buswell, a native of Goflfstown, m. her second husband, Wil-
liam Addison, and brought her family by her first husband to this town in
1806, consisting of I., Ebenezer, m. Jane Kemp — ch., 1, Ermina J., m. Jo-
seph Beckwith — ch., (1) Edward S., m. , had one child; 2,

Abraham, d. young; 3, Aurilla B., d. unm. ; 4, Judith H., m. Robert
Kennedy {see Kennedy family) ; 5, George M., residence East Elmore, Vt.,
m. Laura Cooper — ch., (1) Charles F., (2) Lillie ; 6, Horace, m. Mrs. Lou-
isa (Symonds) Richardson (see Symonds family) — ch., (1) Cordelia A., (2)
Elbridge, (3) Clara, (4) Lyman; 7, Lyman, m. Cornelia Slader — ch., (1)
Eva E., (2) Albert E., (3) Nellie M., (4) Lillie, (5) Alma, (6) Edward, (7)
Nannie; 8, Daniel, m. Alzira Currier — ch., (1) Clarence L., (2) Lizzie I.,

(3) ; 9, Hiram P., m. first Marietta Thompson, residence Haukly,

Vernon County, Wis., m. second Josephine Bemis ; 10, Abraham, m. Mary
Caulkins, residence Nashua, Iowa — ch., (1) Jennie, d. young, (2) Roland,
(3) Clinton ; 11, Betsey, m. J. Milton Mears of Peterborough — ch., (1)
EUie E., (2)" George, (3) Frank ; 12, Nancy A., m. Hosea Proctor of Stod-
dard— ch., (1) Herbert L., (2) Edgar W., (3) Willie E. II., Joseph, m.
Rebecca Hoag, residence Goffstown — ch., 1, Mary A., m. W. H. W. Ball
— ch., (1) Clarabell ; 2, Thomas B., m. Harriet Eveleth — ch., (1) Emma;

3, Pamelia, m. first William B. Cook— ch., (1) William H., (2) Mary L.,
d. young; 3, Pamelia m. second James M. Reed (see Reed family). III.,
John, m. Desire Polly (see Polly family) — ch., 1, Nancy, m. Daniel W.
Thompson; 2, Orlando, m. first Betsey Pierce — ch., (1) Ella L. ; m. second
Martha Wilson ; m. third Elizabeth Prescott, residence Hooksett ; 3, Amos,
m. Julia A. Reed (see Reed family) ; 4, Gardiner, m. Abbie Caswell, resi-
dence Vermont — ch., (1) Ada, (2) Freddie; 5, Mary, m. Dexter Pierce of
East Jaflfrey- ch., (1) J. Minot, (2) Lorin D., (3) Willie, (4) Dora F., (5)
Jessie, (6) Austin, (7) Myron ; 6, Sarah, m. Solon Anderson of Unity (see
Ingalls family) ; 7, Martin Van B., m. Hattie Peacock, residence Minnesota
— ch., (1) William H., (2) Sarah A. IV., Nancy, m. Benjamin Kemp (see
Kemp family). V., James, m. Mary Lakin — ch., 1, Solon, d. unm. ; 2,
Nancy J., m. John W. Wheeler (see Wheeler family) ; 3, Emeline, m.
Oshea Lincoln, residence Charlestown, Mass. — ch., (1) George, (2) Arthur;

4, Desire, d. unm. ; 5, Joseph; 6, Sarah A., m. David Richards, residence
Charlestown— ch., (1) Albert II., (2) Emma T., (3) Stella M. ; 7, Hannah,



m. Curtis R. Spaulding, residence Lunenburg, Vt. — eh., (1) Alice, (2) Fred-
eric, (3) Charles, (4) Jennie, (5) Nellie, (6) Oliver; 8, John F., m. Lydia
Peasley ; 9, Mary A.

Benjamin Butterfield m. Polly Hackleton about 1803 — ch., I., Polly,
m. Joel Newton {se6 Newton family). II., Nancy, m. Samuel GriflSn (see
Griffin family). III., Docia, m. Ezra Miner (see Miner family). IV., Shu-
bel. v., Benjamin. VI., Coolidge, rem. to Walpole.

Daniel Campbell (a lineal descendant of John Campbell, Duke of Ar-
gyle), b. in Argyleshire, Scotland, in 1660; was an officer in the army of
William the Third, and was in the battle of " Boyne Waters." At the close
of that war he settled in the north of Ireland. Among his children were
Henry, b. in 1697, m. Martha Black, and sailed with his wife and five sons
to America in 1733. These sons were William, Samuel, James, John, and
Henry. Another son, Daniel, was b. in America, who lived in Amherst to
the advanced age of 100 years. All these sons, except James, had families.
The father d. in 1785, aged 88 years. Of these six sons, William, Samuel,
and Henry have descendants in Acworth. Of William's five sons, James,
David, and Daniel were soldiers in the Continental army. After their dis-
charge, James and Daniel s. in Acworth. James was discharged on account
of sickness, having been brought to the point of death by small-pox and
camp fever. He was a weaver, a common occupation of the men among the
Scotch-Irish of that day. His warm coverlets are still remembered by the

James Campbell, ra. first Anna Blood (see Blood family) in 1779 — ch.,
I., William, d. in Barnet, Vt., 1809. II., Molly, m. Eliphalet Currier
(see Currier family). III., Amos, m. first Martha, daughter of David
Campbell of Windham — ch., 1, Eliza, m. Rev. William S. Lewis of Oberlin,
Ohio; 2, Harriet, ni. Newton Gage (see Gage family); 3, W^illiam. III.,
Amos, m. second Polly In galls, daughter of Amos Ingalls (see Ingalls
family). IV., Anna, m. John Buel of Newport, d. in Norwich, Vt. V.,
Betsey, m. Jesse Thornton (see Thornton family). VI., Sally., d. unm. in
1819. VII., Sophia, m. Samuel Newman of Washington — ch., 1, Nancy
Jane, m. Rev. Lorenzo Draper of Claremont. VIII., Minda, d. young.
IX., David, m. Sylvia Taylor of Washington — ch., 1., Moses D., m. Paulina
Wliittemore— ch., (1) Ella, b. 1847, (2) Hattie, (3) Charles, (4) Julian, (5)
Sylvia, (6) Edith; 2, Miranda, d. young; 3, Miranda S. ; 4, Leander V.
E. ; 5, an infant son; 6, George; 7, James, m. Caroline St. John — ch.,
(1) Samuel St! J., (2) William D., (3) James; 8, an infant; 9, George
Tfhompson, served three years in army in late war, m. Martha Whittemore ;
10, Mary M. ; 11, Emma C. Six of these children d. in childhood. ** Three
of the sons were pioneer settlers in Wright County, Minnesota. IX., Da-
vid, m. second Nancy Parker. James Campbell m. second Mrs. Anna
Nurse, the mother of Mrs. William McClure and Mrs. William Jackson —
ch., X., Miudia, m. Asa D. Moore (see Moore family).


Daniel Campbell, brother of James, m. first Jane Wallace (see Wal-
lace fiimily), s. in Acworth, 1785 — ch., I., Henry, went through Dartmouth
College but did not graduate for reasons entirely honorable to himself, rem.
to the West. II., May, m. Luther Stuart of Berlin, Vt. Of her a friend
writes: "Mrs. Stuart was in some respects a remarkable woman, singularly
well-read for her opportunities in English literature and especially in the
whole range of English poets." She was "wonderfully sympathetic, af-
fectionate, and magnetic in her influence upon others." Her children were,
1, Henry L., read law with Hon. A. L. Baker of Buffalo, N. Y. ; studied
medicine with Dr. Hatch of Fort Ann, N. Y. ; from 1837 to 1840 a civil
engineer in Michigan; has resided in New York City since 1844, where he
has been interested in the development of various appliances of inventive
mechanics, and associated with various reformatory movements in the city.
"His varied pursuits have brought him into contact with most of the lead-
ing thinkers and workers of the metropolis. He has long been known as
perhaps the most trusted personal friend of Horace Greeley." In 1856
he m. Maria L. Stoddard of Hudson, N. Y. ; 2, Volney H., has been twice
m., and has a large family of children ; 3, Carlos D., for four years chief
editor of the New York Sun ; for two years published a daily paper of his
own called "The New Yorker." He published in his boyhood a book of
poems entitled "lanthe and other poems." In his " Recollections of a Busy
Life," Horace Greeley writes of him: "Of those I knew and loved in
youth the majority have already crossed the dark river, and I will not impose

even their names upon an unsympathizing world. Among them is

a young poet of promise, who was slowly yielding to consumption, when the
tidings of our Bull Run disaster snapped short his thread of life." He left
a wife and daughter, res. Long Island; 4, Caroline J., m. Walter Hewitt.
She assisted her brother Henry in the organization of the Woman's Hospital
in New York ; 5, Mary E., m. James Corning, res. Troy; 6, John R., res.
Irvington, N. Y. ; 7, Rosamond C, m. Nourse of New York, Agri-
cultural Implement Manufacturer. III., John. IV., Seth. V., Charlotte,
m. Sylvester Deming — ch., 1, Seth; 2, Nancy Jane, m. William Balloch —
eh., (1) Ellen T., (2) Emily A., (3) William W., (4) Mary L. VI., Nancy
W., m. John Davis — ch., 1, Louis; 2, Orzro; 3, Oscar. Daniel Camp-
bell m. second, Ann Houston of Bedford — ch., VIL, Jane, d. young.
VIII., Susannah H., m. T. M. Dickey (see Dickey family). IX., Thomas
J., m. Naomi Terry of Whitefield, Me.— ch., 1, Daniel; 2, Mary T. ; 3,
Laura A.; 4, John E. ; 5, Amanda; 6, Emma; 7, Cora. X., Joseph, d.
yc^ng. XL, William, m. Nancy Nash of Gilsum, d. in St. Joseph, Mo.,
18*1— ch., 1, Adoniram J.; 2, Rosalba T.

Isaac Campbell, (son of Samuel, the second brother whose descendants
came to Acworth,) was b. in Windham, 17G6, s. in Acworth about 1794,
m. Nancy Miller of Bedford in 1795— ch., I., Mathew M., m. Olive C.
Moody, 1816— eh., 1, Wilson, m. Mary J. Allcock, res. Charlestown— ch.,


(1) Charles W., (2) Fred, and four others; 2, Abel, m. first Lizzie Page,
m. second Rachel Witham, res. Lowell — ch., (1) Claude; 3. Nancy, m.
Jacob Boyce, res. Providence, E,. I. — ch., (1) Ellen, and four others; 4,
Mary, m. Hiram Bean, res. Boston — ch., (1) Alice; 5, Sarah J., res. Low-
ell. II., Henry, m. Amira Abel, 1822 (see Abel family) — ch., 1, Emily,
m. first William Lewis, res. Nashua — ch., (1) Ellen, ra. George McDuffie
(see McDufBe family); 1, Emily, m. second Haynes Batchelor of Nashua —
ch., (2) Laura; 2, Julia, m. Joseph Tasker, res. Nashua — ch., (1) George;
3, Laura; 4, Maria, m. George Porter of Nashua; 5, Mary Jane, m. John
Clark (see Clark family); 6, Henry, d. young. III., Horace, m. Sarah
Grout in 1825 (see Grout family) — ch., 1, Mary G., m. Charles B. Cummings
(see Cummings family) ; 2, Sarah A., m. Henry Silsby (see Silsby family) ;
3, Nancy, m. Rev. Chester Dingman ; 4, Freeman H., m. Mariette Grout
(see Grout family) — ch., (1) AmyD.; 5, Sylvester, m. Maria Manson, d. in a
military hospital in Louisiana, Assistant Surgeon in the Sixteenth New Hamp-
shire Regiment (see Dr. A. R. Cummings' response); 6, Ebenezer G. IV.,
Mary M., m. first Joseph Barney (see Barney family), ra. second Abel Bai-
ley (see Bailey family). V., Isaac, m. Dorcas Glendenning, 1832, m. sec-
ond Mrs. Rhoda (Emery) Steele. VI., Nancy, ra. John G. Paige (see Paige
family). VII., Sarah, m. Zia Peck (see Peck family). Isaac Campbell
m. second Fannie Chatterton (see Chatterton family), m. third Mrs. Susan-
na Hall.

James Campbell, son of Henry Carapbell (the youngest of the five sons
who emigrated from Ireland) and Janet Mack, who was b. on the ocean, —
was b. in Londonderry; enlisted in the Continental service for three years or
during the war in 1777; was wounded in the battle of Stillwater. After
peace was declared in 1783, he rem. to Acworth, having purchased his farm
in 1781. He was much employed as a surveyor and conveyancer; kept
school in various places in the winter from 1783 to '91. He was often in
office in the town, as will be seen by reference to the list of town officers.
The accuracy with which he kept the town records, and his penmanship, were
remarkable for the times. He was elected Register of Deeds in the County
of Cheshire in 1803 ; held the office by successive re-elections until his death,
in 1825, without opposition. His son Lewis held it in the same manner from
his father's death until 1836, at which time he resigned on account of ill
health. James Campbell m. Desire Slader (see Slader family) — ch., I.,
Henry, b. 1793, d. 1855, m. Sarah Cummings — ch., 1, Charles Henry; 2,
Mary Helen, m. James C. Tucker — ch., (1) Edward, (2) James; 3, George
Lewis, d. young; 4, George Lewis, m. Mary J. Cummings — ch., ^1)
Harry. II., James Harvey, d. 1851. III., Emily, ra. Lewis Gilmore —
ch., 1, Albert West, b. 1822, m. Louise Way; 2, George Mason, m. Sophia
Metcalf— ch., (1) George H., (2) Frank M., (3) Minnie S., (4) Jennie M.,
(5) Julia H., (6) Albertine L. ; 3, Solon Campbell, d. young; 4, Emily
Augusta; 5, Solon Campbell, ra. Annie L. Cleveland; 6, -Julia Helen; 7,


Harriet L., m. Winslow C. Neal (see Neal family). IV., Ma.son, m. Mary
L. Chaddock — eh., 1, James Calvin; 2, Albert Henry, m. Mary P. Steb-
bins— eh., (1) Edward I., (2) Fannie C, (3) Albert M., (4) Charles; 3,
Dulcie C, d. young; 4, John M. ; 5, Adah B., m. Charles Demond — oh.,

(1) Charles M., (2) Mary A.; 6, Mary A.; 7, George C. V. Solon, d.
young. VI., Lewis. VII., Sarah S., m. John S. Walker. VIII., Jane
C, m. Cyrrel Carpenter — ch., 1, James S. ; 2, Jane A. ; 3, Sarah C. IX.,
Mary W., m. Elbridge Keyes. X., Edna A., m. William Whittaker — ch.,
1, Willieanna.

RuFUS Carey of Lempster came to Acworth in 1856, m. first Persis E. Glea-
son (see Gleason family), m. second Susan A. Dodge (see Asa Dodge family).

Dean Carleton rem. from Lunenburg, Mass. to Charlestown about 1767,
to Acworth in 1771, m. Keziah ; was one of the eight original mem-
bers of the Congregational Church — ch., I., Dean, m. first Thankful Byam,
m. second Lucy Ingalls — ch., 1, Amos, m. Charlotte Grifiin — ch., (1) Guy,

(2) Chester, (3) Ira B., (4) Mary, (5) Janes, (6) William; 2, John B., m.
Rhoda Monroe, residence Cambridge, Mass. — ch., (1) Maria R., (2) Hollis,

(3) John D. ; 8, Guy, m. first Betsey Fisher, residence Wisconsin — ch., (1)
Roswell, (2) Thomas, (3) Phebe, (4) Martha, (5) Hollis, (6) Tirzah, (7)
Charles; 4, Polly, m. Obed Fisher— ch., (1) Thurston, (2) Eliza, (3) Char-
lotte ; 5, George, m. Eliza Hastings — ch., (1) George, (2) William, (3)
Hubbard A., (4) Eliza; 6, Roswell, m. first Eunice Tucker, m. second Mrs.
Betsey (Pearsons) Hovey (see Pearsons family), residence Whitefield — ch.,
(1) Serena D., (2) Mary T., (3) Frances J. ; 7, Thomas, residence Cam-
bridge ; 8, Willard, m. first Clarissa Smith (see William Smith family), m.
second Comfort Kimball, residence St. Johnsbury, Vt. — ch., (1) Charles
G., (2) Mary J., (3) Albert W., (4) Henrietta, (5) Maria C, (6) Frank
W. ; 9, Daniel, residence Hopkinton, Mass. ; 10, Tirzah, m. Joseph Heaton
of Franklin, Mass. — ch., (1) Albert, (2) Joseph, (3) George, (4) Samuel,
(5) Mary A., (6) Melinda ; 11, Sarah, m. Hezekiah Hawkins, residence
Massachusetts. II., George (son of Dean, Sr.), m. Elizabeth Plunkett,
residence Philadelphia. III., Willard, m. first Joan Woodbury (see Wood-
bury family) — ch., 1, Malvina ; 2, Joan; m. second Hannah Perkins. IV.,
Jonathan, m. PoUy Butler, residence Cincinnati. V., Abigail, m. William
Orcutt (see Orcutt family). VI., Phebe, m. Samuel Sprague West (see
West family). VII., Polly, m. Andrew Woodbury (see Woodbury family).
VIII., Betsey, m. John Barney of St. Johnsbury — ch., 1, George; 2, Ju-
lia; 3, John; 4, Maria. IX., Tirzah, m. Presby West, residence St. Johns-
bury — ch., 1, Lewis; 2, Harriet; 3, Lois; 4, Presby; 5, Tirzah.

Oliver Carleton, a native of Mt. Vernon, s. in Acworth about 1804,
m. Mary Farnum — ch., I., Oliver, m. Tryphena Blanchard (see Blanchard
family) in 1814 — ch., 1, Mary, d. young; 2, Clarissa, m. Thomas S. Ring,
d. in Java, N. Y., 1848 — ch., (1) John C, d. young; 3, Caroline, d.
young; 4, Louisa, m. George W. Nye — ch., (1) George W. C. ; 5, Oliver,


d. young; 6, Caroline, m. Seth Leonard — eh., (1) Clara J. ; 7, David B.,
d. young; 8, Lucinda, m. Thomas S. Ring — cli., (1) Annette A. and (2)
Maria L., (twins), (3j Guy. II., Joseph F., m. Clarissa Blanchard (see
Blanchard family) — eh., 1, Emily, m. Horace Orr — ch., (1) Charles, (2)
Joseph 0., d. young; 2, John C. ; 3, Nancy B., m. Joel Osborne; 4,
Alonzo ; 5, Clarista J., m. Winthrop Davis — ch., (1) Evelyn, (2) Alonzo ;
G, Ann E. ; 7, Angcline M., d. young; 8, Joseph 0., m. first Lavenna
Prescott, m. second Charlotte Fellows — ch., (1) Ada, (2) Joseph; 9, Hi-
ram W. ; 10, Angeline M., m. Freeman W. Twilight; 1], Belinda, m.
George A. x\mes — ch., (1) Gertrude A., (2) Julia; 12, Julia C, m. Hen-
ry D. McArthur — ch., (1) Bertie. III., Granville C, m. Mary Meader,
residence in Amesbury — ch., 1, Granville; 2, Mary; 3, Jane ; 4, Charles;
5, Thomas J. 0. IV., Mary F., m. Amos Woodbury (see Woodbury fam-
ily), v., John, d. unm. VI., Hannah F., m. Jeremiah Fuller of Ver-
shire — ch., 1, William ; 2, Melissa; 3, Evaline ; 4, Angeline; 5, Flyman
B. VII., Stephen, m. Fannie Smith, residence Claremont — ch., 1, Mary
M., m. Henry B. Freeman; 2, Amanda; 3, George H., m. Mary Mc-
Laughlin ; 4, Elijah S. ; 5, Helen M. ; 6, Samuel S. ; 7, Charles W., m.
Amanda Hersey. VIII., Benjamin Franklin, m. Betsey Lothrop, residence
MorrLstown, Vt. — ch., 1, Alfred; 2, John. IX., Amy, d. unm. X.,
George, residence New Brunswick, m. Althea Bates. XL, Enoch, resi-
dence Portland, m. Mary Lane — ch., 1, Charles. XII., Samuel, m. Eliza
Spencer, residence Claremont.

Dr. Stephen Carleton, brother of Oliver, s. in Acworth in 1803. He
was the earliest comer of the trio of doctors who have spent their lives in
Acworth, whose names will never be forgotten in town. " He was a man
of few words, a gentleman of the old school, kind and generous in his feel-
ings, and always trying to do his best when his services were required."
There was no disposition in him to humbug people to promote his business
interests. It was a favorite saying of his, "If people were. aware how little
doctors knew, they would not trust them as they did." He was quite suc-
cessful in his practice, especially in fevers. He never married. He died
in 1857, aged 80.

Horace Chapman came from Lempster to Acworth in -1832, ra. Mahala
Gould — ch., I., George A., ra. Ruth J. Smith (see Smith family), residence
Wheaton, 111. II., Elizabeth A., m. James Putnam of Charlestown. III.,
Isaac N.

Moses Chase, m. Betsey Woods (see Woods family) — ch., I., Andros,
ni. Huldah Clark — ch., 1, Edward, d. in the army. II., Nancy A., m.
Pelctiah Clark (see Clark family).

Joseph Chatterton was the son of Abraham, the grandson of Joseph,
one of two brothers who emigrated from England to New Haven, Ct. Jo-
seph s. in Acworth 1768. He was however present in town the preceding
year. A part of this time there was not another white person in town. He


m. Hepzibah Brown — ch., I., Benjamin, m. Eunice Woodbury (see Henry
Woodbury family), residence Middlesex, Vt. — ch., 1, Eunice, m. Joel Cum-
min gs ; 2, Benjamin, m. M illy Sanders ; 3, Horace, m. Roxy Woodbury ;

4, Charlotte, m. first , m. second Miller; 5, Clara, m. C.

5. Wrisley; 6, John, m. Jane Marion ; 7, Vernon; 8, Hannah, d. unm. ;

9, Philena, m. Loomis. II., Fanny, m. Isaac Campbell, Sr. (see

Campbell family). III., Polly, m. Philip Hoyt, son of Dr. Oliver's wife
by her first husband, residence Middlesex, Vt. — ch., 1, Orliu ; 2, Phila ; 3,
Granville; 4, Fannie; 5, Zelda ; 6, Franklin. IV., Phila, m. Newell
Wadleigh of Canada — ch., 1, Hiram; 2, Mary; 3, Lucy: 4, Joseph; 5,
Araminta. V., Lucy, m. William Livingston, residence Potsdam, N. Y.

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