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— ch., 1, Fannie; 2, Anna; 3, Lucy; 4, Lavonia; 5, William; 6,
Joseph; 7, Benjamin; 8, James. VL, Joseph, m. Roxanna Cummings,
residence Stirling — ch., 1, Milon ; 2, Daniel; 3, Azubah A., burned to
death; 4, Alonzo. VII., Alpheus, m. Esther Richardson — ch., 1, George
H., m. Ann Tutherly, residence Charlestown — ch., (1) Lizzie H., m. Rich-
ard Cornwell, (2) Martha A., (3) Grace C. ; 2, Laura L., d. young; 3, Ed-
win S.,m. Sarah Wilcox— ch., (1) Clara S., d. young, (2) Myra S., (3)
Minnie E. ; 4, Alonzo L., m. Emily Bowles — ch., (1) Emma A. ; 5, Mary
J., d. young; 6, Mary L.

Iddo Church, a native of Gilsum, m. first Emeline Kemp — ch., I., Sally
A., m. Otis Hapgood of Winchester, Mass. — ch., two. Iddo Church m.
second Betsey Hovey (see Hovey family) — ch., II., Azal, m. Lydia J. Sy-

Ephraim Clark came from Weare to Acworth in 1799, d. 1803, m. Hul-
dah Clement — ch., I., Joseph, d. young. II., Jonathan, d. young. III.,
Ruth, d. young. IV., Eleanor, m. Robert Huntley (see Huntley family).
v., Lydia, m. Samuel Prentiss (see Prentiss family). VI., Polly, m. Sam-
uel McKeen (see McKeeu family). VII., Ephraim, m. Huldah Williams

(see Williams family) — ch., 1, John, m. Kemp ; 2, Lydia, d. young;

3, Huldah, m. Andros Chase (see Chase family) ; 4, Ephraim, d. young ;
5, Peletlah, m. Nancy A. Chase (see Chase family) — ch., (1) J. Tyler, m.
Lizzie H. Johnston— ch., [1] Lizzie A., [2] Clara E., [3] Minnie E. ; (2)
George D., m. Louisa J. Millikin — ch., [1] Susie B. ; 6, Ephraim; 7,
Mary, m. Daniel Pratt of Walpole — eh., (I) George, d. young, (2) Mary;
8, Sarah, m. Richard Nason of Boston; 9, Lydia, d. young; 10, Phineas,
d. young; 11, Alvira, m. J. W. Barber of Mason, Mass. — ch., (1) George
W., (2) Charlie. VIII., Peletiah, m. first Mary McKeen (see McKeen
family) — ch., 1, John W., m. Phebe HuflF of Maine — ch., (1) Mary Jane,
(2) Hellen, (3) John W., d. young, (4) Isadore, (5) Fred, d. young.
VIII., Peletiah, m. second Lois Brooks of ALstead — ch., 2, Harvey, d. young.

George, John, and Mary Clark were the children of Samuel and grand-
children of James Clark, one of the first settlers of Londonderry. Their
aunt Eleanor m. Robert Hemphill (see Hemphill family). Mary m. Rob-


ert Clark (see Thomas Clark family). George Clark was b. 1768 in
Windham, m, first Peggy Gilmore, s. in Acworth 1792 — ch., I., Samuel G.,
m. first Phebe Darling of Groton, Vt. — ch., 1, Calvin, m. Lucy Ann Frost
— ch., two; 2, Sarah, m. Charles Whittemore, residence Portsmouth — ch.,
(1) Charles, (2) George ; 3, Newton H., d. young. I., Samuel G.,m. second
Martha Rhodes — ch., 4, Morris, m. Clementine Glyn of Haverhill; 5, New-
ton H., m. Emily Hatch of Groton, residence Janesville, Wis. — ch., (1)
Emma, (2) Lavinia, (3) Gilmore ; 6, Phebe, m. Allen Bailey, residence Ha-
verhill; 7, Martha J., d. young. II., Calvin, m. Sophy Campbell of Wind-
ham, residence Mooretown, Vt. — ch., 1, Dianthe, m. Rev. William C. High,
residence Lowell — ch., (1) Belle; 2, Mary Ann, m. Charles Liscomb, resi-
dence Turtle, Wis.— ch., (1) Samuel, (2) Martha, m. William Prentiss of
Mooretown, Vt., (3) Matilda, (4) Charles, (5) Frank; 3, Samuel Gilmore,
d. unm. ; 4, John C, m. Ellen A. Spafford, residence Cresco, Iowa — ch.,
(1) Sarah, (2) Emma; 5, Nathan 0., m. Ellen J. Carpenter, residence
Janesville, Wis. — ch., (1) Nathan. II., Calvin, m. second Martha (Rhodes)
Clark. III., Nancy, ra. Nathan Orcutt (see Orcutt family.) IV., Morris, m.
Lucy Y., daughter of Hon. Ambrose Cossit of Claremont — ch., 1, George
M., d. young ; 2, Maria P., m. Dr. G. S. Gove (see Gove family) ; 3, Em-
ily C, m. Hartwell H. Southworth of Whitefield ; 4, Lucy E., m, Marshall
P. Brace, residence Janesville, Wis. ; 5, Mary Jane. V., Maria, m. Pros-
per A. Pierce of Mooretown, Vt. — ch., 1, Stephen C, m. Sarah Green of
Janesville, Wis.— ch., (1) George, (2) Frank, (3) Arthur, (4) Ella, (5)
John; 2, George Morris, m. Ann Comstock, residence Idaho. VI., John
W., d. young. George Clark m. second Mrs. Esther (Rogers) Hobbs

(see Hobbs family) — ch., VII., John, m. , residence Londonderry,

Vt. — ch., five. VIII., Urial W., d. unm. Joh^ Clark m. Sally Grey —
ch., I., Robert, m. Sophia Silsby (see Silsby family). II., Polly, m. Wil-
liam Wallace (see James Wallace family). III., Samuel, residence Unity,
m. Abigail Howe (see Howe family) — ch., 1, Lucy, m. Abner Sleeper of
Unity ; 2, Moses, residence Wilton, m. Julia Gay (see Gay family) — ch., (1)

Josephine L., (2) Frank G., (4) Ada M.; 8, Horace; 4, Alvira, m.

Perkins; 5, Betsey, m. Frank Case; 6, Louisa, d. unm. ; 7, Mary A., d.
unm. ; 8, Charles, m. Mahala Hull (see Hull family) ; 9, Emeline, d. unm.;
10, Dean. IV., Matthew, rem. to Ohio. V., John, rem. to Ohio. VI.,
George, m. Lucinda Davis. VII., Bradley, residence Charlestown, Mass.

VIII., Sally, killed by being thrown from a wagon. IX., James, m.

Hutchins, residence Boston. X., Sophia, m. Hutchins, residence Bos-
ton. XL, Thomas, rem. to Ohio.

Thomas Clark, a native of Londonderry, b. 1744, m. Jane Alexander,
sister of Mrs. John Robb (see Robb family), s. in Acworth 1777 — ch., I.,
Robert, b. 1773, m. first Mary Clark (sister of John and George) — ch., 1,
Betsey, b. 1799, m. John Pearson (see Pearson family) ; 2, Amos, b. 1801,
m. Leura Hall, residence Plymouth — ch., (1) Charles R., (2) Mary E., (3)



Ella A., (4) George A., (5) Myron J. ; 3, Hiram, d. young; 4, Mary, ra.
Ezra Miner (see Miner family). I., Robert, m. second Sally Wyman — ch.,

5, Hiram, b. 1817, m. Abby L. Hammond, d. in Lawrence, Kansas, 1855 ;

6, Robert, b. 1819, m. Augusta C. Caryl, residence San Francisco — ch.,

(1) Ella A., (2) Abbie Louisa, (3) Freddie H., (4) George S., (5) Willie
L. • 7, Thomas, m. Cordelia A. Richardson, residence Cambridgeport, was
Lieutenant-Colonel in the Twenty-Seventh Regiment of Ohio Volunteers in
the late war— ch., (1) Walter T., (2) Ida A., (3) Earnest R. ; 8, William,
d. young; 9, Sallie, d. young; 10, Sarah A., b. 1827, m. Henry M. Bird,
residence Somerville, Mass. — ch., (1) George H., (2) 'Sarah A., (8) Emma,
(4) Freddie. II., Martha, b. 1777, m. Bradley Mitchell. III., William,
b. 1779, m. Margaret Mitchell (see Mitchell family), residence New London
ch., 1, Bradley M., d. young; 2, William, m. Nancy Mitchell (see Mitch-
ell family); 3. Horace, m. Betsey Davis — ch., (1) Cyrus B., (2) Arabell
T., (3) Charles H. ; 4, Cyrus ; 5, Peggy J., m. Newell J. Nye (sec Nye fam-
ily). IV., Hugh, b. 1782, m. Alexander, d. in Ohio. V., Thomas,

b. 1791, m. Sally Maloon, d. in Plymouth — ch., 1, Lucy Ann, d. young;
2, Hiram, m. Betsey D. Drake — ch.,(l) Ellen A., m. Curtis S. Cummings,

(2) Sarah I., (8) Clara T. ; 3, Sally, d. young; 4, Sally, ra., Simeon C.
Senter, d. in Thetford, Vt.— ch., (1) Jenette G., (2) Henrietta L. ; 5, Irena
M.. m. Joseph C. Fifield of Plymouth— ch., (1) Josephine, (2) Isabell, (3)
Tilton F., (4) Emeline. V., Thomas, m. second Margaret Currier (see Cur-
rier family) 1829 — ch., 6, Thomas M., d. young; 7, Thomas F., residence
Indianapolis; 8, George, residence Indianapolis; 9, John C. ; 10, Robert;
11, Martha M. ; 12, Helen; 18, Clara W., d. young.

William Clark m. Esther Rogers — ch.,I., Thomas, m. Lydia W^oodbury
(see Woodbury family), rem. to Middlesex, Vt. — ch., 1, Jonathan, d. young;
2, Florinda, m. Roswell Walker (see Walker family) ; 3, Willard, d. unm. ;
4, Thomas T., m. Laura Hayward (see Hayward family) — ch., (1) Jo-
sephine H. ; 5, Hiram, m. Mary Lane — ch., (1) Annette, (2) Mary A.;

6, William H., m. Abigail Daniels — ch., (I) Laura, m. Willard Walker;

7, Bradley M., m. Orpha Chapin— ch., (1) Fred, (2) Frank; 7, Bradley
M., m. second Susan Lane — ch., (3) Carrie 0. ; 8, John, m. Helen M. Col-
lier — ch., (1) Mary, d. young, (2) Hiram, (3) Alma, (4) Solon K., d.
young. II., Ann, m. Enoch Johnson of Unity — ch., 1, Mary A., d. young;
2, Clark, d. young; 8, Elsie, d. young; 4, Daniel, d. young; 5, Harvey.
III., John, m. Mercy Himes, residence Middlesex — eh.,1, William H. ; 2,
Samuel S. ; 3, John R. ; 4, Ambrose H. ; 5, Silas S. ; 6, Cyrus T. ; 7,
Ezra Y. ; 8, George L. ; 9, Martha A. IV., Patty, m. Crawford Tyler.
v., Samuel, m. Achsa Smith (see Samuel Smith family) — ch., 1, Jerusha,
m. Francis Cram, residence Charlestown ; 2, Samuel, m. Sarah Carroll — eh.,
(1) Almira C, m. George Lamb, (2) Hiram 0., (3) Henry D., (4) Eunice
R., (5) Lyman A., d. young, (6) Daniel G. ; 3, Cinthia, m. Alvin Frost,
residence Charlestown ; 4, Daniel, m. Pamelia Cram (see Cram family) —



ch., (1) Harriet A.,cl. young, (2) Oriette A., (3) Alma A., (4) Fred W.,
(5) Omer J., (6) Clinton F., (7) Leilia J. ; 5, Harvey, m. Rosaltha Fisk
— ch., (1) Hannah J., (2) Helen F., (3) Aaron F. ; 5, Harvey, m. second
Alzina Hoag.

John Clark, of Newbury, s. in Acworth in 1858, m. Mary J. Campbell
(see Campbell family) — ch., I., Henry A. II., Guy Herbert, d'. young.

RiCH.'VRD Clifford s. in Acworth previous to 1803, m. Hannah Richard-
gon — ch., I., Benjamin. II., Edward. III., Richard, m. Elizabeth Davis
(see Thomas [Briton] Davis family) — ch., 1, Thomas; 2, John; 3, Benja-
min; 4, William; 5, Elizabeth ; 6, Hannah ; 7, Polly; 8, Nathan ; 9, Rich-
ard ; 10, Rebecca.

EzEKiEL Clisby s. in Acworth about 1798 — ch., I., Joseph, m. ,

— ch., 1, Lewis; 2, John; 3, Lydia; 4, Eliza; 5, Lyman. II., Solomon.

Jerome C. Clough of Unity, s. in Acworth 1866, m. Lucy A. Wood (see
Alvan Wood family) — ch., I., Nellie L.

Henry Coffin came from Jaffrey previous to 1785, m. second Mehitable
Smith, was a miller in South Acworth, and was drowned by a freshet which
carried off his mill — ch., I., Daniel, m. Polly Currier (see Currier family);
from him "Coffin Hill" takes its name; rem. to Johnson, Vt. — ch., 1, Al-
vira, m. Joseph Bruce; 2, Lucy; 3, Arial, residence Boston; 4, Martha,
d. young ; 5, Henry, d. young. William Markham was guardian for Moses,
David, and Lucy Coffin, ch. of Henry Coffin, in 1785.

Rev. Phineas Cooke (see Rev. Mr. Foster's response) m. Sophia Grout —
ch., I., Sophia, m. Bell, residence Amherst, Mass. II., George, grad-
uated at Dartmouth College in 1832; studied divinity at Andover Theolog-
ical Seminary; ordained pastor of a Congregational Church at Amherst,
Mass., Januliry 16, 1839, dismissed 1852 ; became President of the Univer-
sity of Tennessee ; resigned, and now resides in Boston ; m. Mary Gay of
Nashua. III., Henry Grout, graduated at Dartmouth College, 1841. He
read law and practiced in New York City some time ; then went south as an
instructor; m. Helen M., daughter of Rev. John Smith. IV., Phineas,
graduated at Dartmouth College, 1843; read law in New York City eight-
een months ; then went South as a teacher, and d. in Mississippi. V.,
Rebecca, m. and resides in the South.

Dexter Copeland, native of Stoddard, s. in Acworth 1837, m. Hannah
W. Hemphill (see Hemphill family.)

WiNSLOw, Hezekiah, and Hannah Copeland were of the fifth gen. in
America. Deacon Joseph was the fourth ; third, Jonathan, d. aged 90 ;
second, William, m. the great-granddaughter of John Alden the Pilgrim;
first, Lawrence Copeland of Braintree, who d. 1699, aged 110 ; the earliest
ancestor known, came from England. Winslow, m. Hannah Slader, (see
Slader family) and s. in Acworth, 1804 — ch., L, Lucinda, m. Samuel Fin-
lay (see Finlay family). II., Elmira, m. Elijah Cram (see Cram family).
III., Huldah, m. Solon Neal (see Neal family). IV., Joseph, m. Hannah


Finlay — cb., 1, Lucian H., m. Viola Fullei-; 2, Melissa J., m. Wilbra
Reed ; 3, Elmeda P. ; 4, Edna L. ; 5, Harriet E. V., Hezekiah, m. Olive
Nichols — ch., 1, Fannie F., d. young; 2, Winslow I. ; 3, Frank E. ; 4,
Arthur J. ; 5, Elmer H. ; V., Hezekiah, m. second Ann T. Chase. VI.,
Hannah. Hezekiah m. Lucy Moore (see Moore family) — ch., I., Roland
Flagg, m. Elizabeth Osborne— ch., 1, Elmer P. ; 2, Mary Elizabeth; 3 El-
liot E. ; 4, Willie W. ; 5, Jennie L. ; 6, Lucy Moore. II., Willard M.,
m. Sarah Leach — ch., 1, Sarah P. ; 2, Frederic S. III., Louisa E. IV.,
Lucy Moore, m. Elbridge G. Butters — ch.,1, George Copeland; 2, Maria
L. ; 3, Hattie A. V., Harriet. VI., Sydney, m. E. Jane Keen — ch., 1,
Walter E. ; 2, C. Sumner ; 3, Dora J. VII., Angeline. VIII., Cornelia,
d. young. IX., Panielia G., m. Samuel H. Harris. X., Cornelia. XI.,
Mary Ann, m. William H. Pethybridge — ch., 1, Ella Copeland.

Waeren Corning, native of Salem, s. in Acworth previous to 1796 ;
rem. to Ashtabula County, Ohio; m. Elizabeth Pettingill — ch., I., Warren.
II., Nathaniel. III., Mindwell. IV., Royal. V., Nathan. VI., Lima.
The above were b. in Acworth. Rachel was m. to George M. Dickey, and
Harriet M., m. James Dickey (see Dickey family). Hannah Corning, sis-
ter of Warren, m. Zachariah Woodbury (see Woodbury family).

HiLLiARD, Ezra, and Jesse Cram, natives of Weare, s. in Acworth 1799.
They were brothers. Hilliard m. Sarah Gove (see Gove family) 1799 —
ch., I., Elijah, m. Almira Copeland (see Copeland family), rem. to Bridge-
port, Ct. — ch., 1, Gulia H. ; 2, Oscar J., m. Emma J. Hartshorn, res-
idence Bridgeport, Ct.— ch., (1) Eda A., (2) Hattie B. ; 3, Etta A. ; 4,
Helen L. ; 5, Solon H. ; 6, Samuel F., residence Providence ; 7, Eugene
L. ; 8, Carrie E. II., J. Shepard, m. Clarinda Gregg (see Gregg family),
residence Hanover, d. 1845 — ch., 1, Daniel H., m. Clemantina Jones, resi-
dence Alabama; 2, Charles H., m. Harriet Blaisdell 1856, graduated at
Dartmoutb College 1854, residence Chicago — ch., (1) Clara, (2) Nathan
D., (3) Charles H., (4) Harriet B., (5) Bessie; 3, George H., m. Harriet
B-ritton 1859, mortally wounded at the battle of Fort Donelson — ch., (1)
George H. ; 4, Clara S., d. unm. 1854 ; 5, Sarah G. ; 6, Harriet E. ; 7,
John S. III., Willard, m. first Harriet Straw— ch., 1, Pamelia J., b. 1828,
m. Daniel Clark (see Clark family) ; 2, John S., d. young; 3, Sally A. G.,
m. Jabez Alexander (see Alexander family) ; 4, John S., d. in 1865; 5,
Harriet A., m. George Porter, d. 1858 ; 6, Omar P., residence Manchester,
Ya. ; 7, Mariette E., b. 1837. III. Willard, m. second Charlotte R. Hough-
ton — ch., 8, Alice J., b. 1848, m. J. Hodgman ; 9, Charles T., d. young.
IV., Sabra, m. Hugh Finlay (see Finlay family). V., Julia, m. Roswell
George (see George family). VI., Joseph P.,b. 1812, m. Polly G. Blanch-
ard (see Blanchard family)— ch., 1, Nettie B., b. 1845, d. 1865; 2, Henry
L. ; 3, Hiram H. VII.,- Samuel G., d. young. VIIL, Marietta, m. Dan-
iel J. Warner (see Warner family). IX., Samuel G., d. young. Ezra, m.
Dilly Balch, 1799, d. in Unity, 1856— ch., I., Hiram, d. young. II.,


Thomas J., b. 1804, entered Military Academy at West Point, 1822 ; taught
Mathematics in this institution for several years after graduation, after which
he resigned his commission, and spent some time as a civil engineer in the
West. He then accepted a captain's commission in the U. S. Corps of To-
pographical Engineers; was on Gen. Taylor's staff at the breaking out of
the Mexican War, but failure of health obliged him to return North ; was on
the Coast Survey several years. During the late war he served on Gen.
Wool's staff at Fortress Monroe, afterwards stationed at Detroit, where he is
now engaged on an important public improvement, the clearing of the St.
Clair Flats for navigation ; ranks as Major General ; m. Mary Boggs, 1853 —
ch., 1, Ida B. III., Polly, b. 1806, m. Harvey Bingham— ch., 1, Mary
M., m. Gardiner F. Glidden— ch., (1) Harvey B. ; 2, Helen M., m. first
George P. Spenser — ch., (1) Arthur E ; m. second William C. Hobart.
IV., Eliphalet, residence, Racine, Wis., elected to the State Legislature in
1855 ; member of the City Council in Racine in 1863 ; d. in Detroit, 1868,
a valued member of the Protestant Episcopal Church ; m. Elizabeth A. Jones,
1846 — ch., 1, Mary E. ; 2, Royce J. ; 3, Arthur B. Jesse, m. Lydia
Bailey, 1798— ch., I., Harvey. II., Orange. III., Moses. IV., Lydia.
v., Cynthia. VI., Hannah. VII., Ruel. VIIL, Stephen J. IX., Mary
J. X., Samantha.

Julius Crossett, of Duxbury, Vt., s. in Acworth, m. Parthena A.
Gleason (see Silas Gleason family) — ch., I., Nellie I. II., Eugene M.
Julia Crossett, sister of Julius, m. Frank J. Paige (see Paige family).

Rev. David Cummings, of Sullivan, rem. to Acworth in 1814, m. Azubah
Richardson — ch., I., Roxanna, m. Joseph Chatterton (see Chatterton family).
II., Alvah, m. Polly Grout (see Grout family) — eh., 1, Alvah R., com-
menced to study medicine with Dr. William Grout, 1849, but was inter-
rupted by a long and severe illness ; continued his studies with Dr. J. N.
Butler of Lempster, meanwhile attending lectures at Dartmouth Medical
School; received his degree in 1852 ; practised one year in Topsham, Vt.,
and two years at Washington ; attended lectures at New York Medical Col-
lege, 1855; s. in Claremont 1856, m. Mary C. Davis (see Thomas Davis
family)— ch., (1) ?ilatt A., (2) Charles 0.; 2, Ebenezer G., was the first
graduate of a Dental College from New Hampshire, receiving the degree of
D. D. S. from the Philadelphia College of Dental Surgery, 1855; he is
very succesfully practising his profession in Concord ; he m. Jane Woodbury
— ch., (1) Fred, (2) Irving; 3, Oscar, b. 1831, m. Abby Noyes— ch., (1)
Carrie; 4, George A., m. Elizabeth Smith, residence Concord — ch , (1)
Frank, (2) Ida; 5, Mary Jane, m. Almon Young, residence Concord — ch.,
(1) Nellie; 6, Sarah A., m. George W.Young (see Young family); 7,
Laura, d. young ; 8, Laura L , m. John Sanborn ; 9, D. Milon. III., Orra,
m. Benjamin Grout (see Grout family). IV., Angela, m. Kimball Smith
(see Smith family). V., Ruth, m. Harley Bailey (see Bailey family). VI.,
Ephraim, m. first Sophia Bailey (see Bailey family) — ch., 1, Charles B., ra.


Mary G. Campbell (see Campbell family) — ch., (1) Ellen, d. young, (2)
George R. ; m. second Mrs. Louisa (Haywood) George (see Haywood family).
VII., Sophia, m. Silsby Smith (.see William Smith family). VIII., Don
Alonzo, m. Mary A. Noyes, residence Matamora, 111. IX., Fannie, d. unm.

Doctor Arial Cummings (see Currier family), practiced medicine in Ac-
worth from 1845 to 1848, m. Mary C. Grant — eh., I., Mary Helen, who was
murdered in Roxbury, Blass., by an insane man, in her mother's presence,
aged four years and a half. Dr. Cummings rem. to Roxbury ; died in
Hempstead, Texas, in 1866, Surgeon of the Forty-Second Regiment of Mas-
sachuseetts Volunteers.

Paul Cummings rem. to Acworth from Charlestown, 1868, m. first

, — ch., I., Mary. II., Au.stin. III., George. IV., Emma; m. sec-
ond Harriet L. Morse (see Lorin Morse family).

Mrs. Martha Ladd Currier, widow of David Currier, came to Acworth
from Windham — ch., I., Lydia, m. Samuel Carleton of Claremont — ch., 1,
David, ra. Nancy Irish, residence Canada — ch., (1) Samuel, (2) Lydia, (3)
Elenora, (4) Reuben, (5) Charles ; 2, James, m. Lucy Lewis, residence
Canada; 3, Delia C. ; 4, Samuel, m. Theoda Lovell — ch., (1) John, (2)
Caroline, (3) Helen, (4) George; 5, Rufus, m. Irene Bachelor — ch., (1)
Susanna B., (2) Charles A., (3) George R., (4) Martha I., d. young, (5)
Clark H., d. young, (6) Martha E., d. young; 6, Sally, m. Reuben Petty.
II., John, s. in Acworth 1790, and his mother soon followed him, m. Susan
Orcutt (see Orcutt family) — ch., 1, David, m. Mahala Reed (see Reed fam-
ily), rem. to Unity — ch., (1) David 0., m. Julia A. Eddy — ch., [1] Bart
0., [2] Jesse A. ; (2) Clarinda, d. young, (3) E. Susan, m. Eliphalet,
Eddy, (4) Clarinda, m. Joseph Way, (5) Daniel H., m. Sarah A. Crandell
— ch., [1] Charles, d. young, [2] George, d. young, [3] Charles, [4] George,
[5] Ida Belle, [6] Elsie J. ; (6) Milton P., m. Jane McQuestion— ch., [1]
Hattie, [2] Frederic, [3] Eddie, [4] Charles, [5] Dixie ; (7) Hiram, m.
Pamelia Straw — ch., [1] Edgar; (8) Sylvanus, d. -young ; 2, Daniel, m.
Sarah Cutts, rem. to Unity — ch., (1) Viola L., m. John L. French, residence
Hopkinton, (2) Almina P., (3) John E., (4) George D. ; 3, Malison, m.
Arial Cummings, residence Ashburnham, Mass. — ch., (1) Arial I. (see Cum-
mings family),' (2) John L., (3) Lurinda, (4) Viola M., d. young; 4, Susan,
m. Jerry Smith (see David Smith family) ; 5, Emily, m. Jeremiah Adams
(see Adams family) ; 6, Louisa, m. Benjamin Gilman of Unity — ch., (1)
Stephen, m. Mrs. Dianthe Harding — ch., [1] Stephen; (2) Joseph M., m.
Ellen Sanborn, (3) Jemima P., m. Martin Cutts, (4) Frank F. ; 7, Fanny,
m. T. B. Adams of Nashua (see Adams family). III., Rachel, m. Ichabod
Orcutt (see Orcutt family). IV., Hannah, m. John S. Orcutt (see Orcutt
family). V., Delia, ra. Levi Turner (see Turner family). VI., Timothy,
m. first Jane Mitchell (see Mitchell family) — ch., 1., Lucinda, d. younf ;
2, Lavina, m. Moses Burpee of New London ; 3, John, m. Amy Ripley,
residence St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; 4, Roxanna, m. James Gale, Andover; 5,


Oliver, m. Julia A. Frazier, residence Danbury ; 6, Margaret, m. Thomas
Clark (see Thomas Clark family). VII., Sally, m. Daniel Coffin (see
Coffin family). VIII., David, m. Dorcas Newhall — ch., 1, Caleb, m. Emily
G. Warren; 2, Rachel, m. Harvey Galusha. IX., Polly, m. Prentiss Ad-
kins, residence Vermont. X., Eliphalet, m. Molly Campbell (see Campbell
family) — ch., 1, Anna Blood ; 2, Eliza; 3, William; 4, Amos Bailey; 5,
James; 6, Adeline; T, Emeline ; 8, Eliphalet.

William Dana, son of Elijah Dana of Goffstown, m. Almira Farmer, s.
in Acworth 1866 — ch., I., George H., d. young. II., Alice J.

Robert, Elizabeth, John, James, and Nathaniel Davidson, s. in Ac-
worth, were all descendants of William Davidson who emigrated from MenQ-
niore, in the north of Ireland, in 1728, s. in Woburn, Mass., m. first Mary
Alexander — ch., Robert, Nathaniel, William, John, George, Elizabeth, Jane ;
m. second Margaret McCartney — ch., Alexander, Francis, Mary, Peggy.
John, second gen., b. 1720, m. Sarah Nutt — ch. Sarah, Anna, John, James,
b. in Tewksbury, Mass. ; Mary, William, Jesse, William, Elizabeth, b. in
Windham. John, third gen., b. 1750, s. in Windham, m. Mary Lancaster
(see Lancaster family) — ch. John, Dorothy, Sarah, James, Henry, Mary,
Anna, William. James, third gen., b. in 1752, ra. Hannah Hemphill (see
Hemphill family), s. in Windham — ch. Nathaniel, Margaret, Sarah, Anna,
James N., Mary, James N., John H. Robert Davidson, second gen.,
native Woburn, Mass, m. Mary Walker, s. in Acworth about 1772 — ch. I.,
Robert, d. unm. II., James, m. Ann Durant, d. 1800 — ch., 1, James, m.

residence Springfield, Vt. ; 2, William ; 3, Ira, m. Theda Parker,

residence, Chester, Vt. — ch., (1) Parker, d. unm., (2) Armina, (3) Ann,
(4) Ira, m. Mary A. Prouty, residence New York City, (5) Theda.
III., Margaret, d. unm. IV., John, m. first Judith Kemp, m. second
Patty Kemp (see Kemp family), d. 1800 — ch., 1, Irene, m. Augustus
Bradfoi'd (see Bradford family). Elizabeth Davidson, third gen., m.
Ebenezer Lancaster (see Lancaster family). John Davidson, fourth gen.,
b. in Windham 1775, m. Abigail Prouty, sister of Mrs. John Duncan, s. in
Acworth, 1800. He had quite an inventive genius. Most of his inventions
had reference to the making and finishing of full cloth. Though these have
been superseded by more recent improvements, yet most of these improve-
ments sprung from his original inventions — ch. I., Caroline, d. II., Orin, d.
in., Elvira, m. Frederic Parks, s. in Springfield, Vt. — ch , 1, Orin H., d. ;
2. Martha A., d. ; 3, Milon L. ; 4, Frederic A., d. ; 6, J. Milton. IV., Car-
oline, d. v., Mary A,, d. VI , Solon, d. VII., Mary L., m. Amasa Wool-
son, residence Springfield — ch., 1, Helen A., d. unm. James Davidson,
fourth gen., b. in Windham, s. in Acworth 1806, m. Jane Davidson, who
d. 1868, aged 84. He rem. to New Hudson, N. Y., in 1821, moving
with his own teams all the way, four hundred miles. The last ten miles he
was obliged to cut his own road through the woods, swimming his team across a
stream, and carrying over his goods on an extemporized bridge. Here, in the


wilderness, he macle himself a home among savages, waiting for civilization
to overtake him — ch., I., Sumner, n\. Sarah Ayres — eh., 1, Eva. II., Mary
J., m. Philo B. Littlejohn — ch. 1, James R. III., Joshua L., m. Phebe
A. Woodford — ch., 1, Herman; 2, Edson ; 3, Augustus; 4, Charlie; 5,
Adela, m. Wm. Mandeville. IV., Stephen L., m. first Sarah Lancaster

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