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(see Lancaster family) — ch. 1, Mary Jane, b. 1840; 2, Sarah Ann, m.
Levi Rogers; 3, Francis, d. young; m. second Susan R. Hampton — ch.,
4, Josephus, d. young; 5, James 0. ; 6, Alice; 7, Charles L. ; 8, Lottie,
d. young; 9, Jennie B. V., Rebecca, m. iSTathan'iel D. Bell — ch., 1,
James H. ; 2, Alfred ; 3, Frank, m. Betsey Stone ; 4, Flora ; 5, Charles ;
6, Eddie; 7, George; two last twins. VI., Clarissa, m. William Mande-
ville — ch., 1, Jennie. VII., James, m. Melissa ch. 1, Jennie, d.

young. VIIL, John, d. unm. Nathaniel Davidson, fourth gen., b. in
Windham 1779, s. in Acworth 1800, m. Margaret Witherspoon — ch., I.
Samuel, b. 1805, m. Lydia Jackman, residence Colebrook — ch., 1, Royal
N., born 1829, residence California; 2, James, m. Marion J. McClary,
residence Thetford, Vt.— ch., (1) Herbert R., (2) Jessie A., (3) Martha
E., (4) James K. ; 3, Emilene M., m. Mark T. Aldrich, residence Cole-
brook— ch.. (1) Lillian B., (2) Edna A., (3) Walter S., (4) Royal W. ;
4, Harlan P., m. Addie T. Ford, residence Penn. — ch., (1) Alice; 5
Laurette B., m. Humphrey G. Jordan, residence Colebrook — ch., (1) Mel-
ville C, (2) Mertis C. ; 6, Austin J., b. 1847, residence California. II.,
Alvan, b. 1807, m. Anna Howe — ch., 1, Milon, graduated at Dartmoi "ih
College in 1862, m. Gratia L. Andrews; is now a teacher in the Newhamp-
ton Institute, Fairfax, Vt. — ch., (1) Mary Lulu; 2, Betsey A., d. unm.
1869; 3, Eri, d. unm. III., Eri, b. 1809, m. Harriet P. Shepard, resi-
dence Georgia, Vt. — ch., 1, Hattie A., m. first L. S. Haskins of Franklin,
Vt. — ch., (1) Elizabeth ; m. second E. D. Briggs — ch., (2) Paulina I. IV.,
Hannah, m. Henry Woodbury (see Woodbury family). V., Sallie L., m. first
Samuel H. Woodbury; m. second Henry Woodbury (see Woodbury family).

John P. Davis, s. in Acworth, afterwards rem. to Westminster, Vt., m.
Caroline Wallace (see Adam Wallace family) — ch., I., Maria, m. Jacob
Woodbury (see Woodbury family). IT., Margaret. III., Martha. IV.,
Mindwell. V., Charles. VI., Harvey.

Daniel Davis rem. from Claremont to Acworth 1868, m. Betsey Davis
— ch., L, Luther F., m. Mary A. 3Iorrison — ch., 1, Mary S. ; 2, Henry
M. II., Jonathan, m. Sarah Siddell, rem. to Perkinsville, Vt. — ch., 1,
Lucy M. ; 2, Ida A. ; 3, Sarah J.

Oliver Davis was of the third gen. in this country. His grandfather,
Ephraim, emigrated from England about 1730. He served in the French
and Indian wars. When peace was declared the body of troops with which
he was connected was discharged, far away from white settlements, without
food, money, or suitable clothing. Many perished on their journey home.
Ephraim Davis successfully made his way home, though nearly famished,


subsisting for many clays upon bark, nuts, and berries. One day he made
his dinner upon a perch, caught with a pin for a hook, and though eaten un-
dressed, he always declared it was the sweetest morsel he ever tasted. His
son Jonathan was also a soldier, being present at the battle of Bunker Hill.
Oliver, son of Jonathan, b. in Leominster, Mass., 1767, d. 1851 ; m. first
Sally Pollard, m. second Relief Heath, rem. to Acworth, 1822— ch., I., Sally,
b. 1791, m. Joshua Greenwoood of Dublin — ch., 1, Sarah ; 2, Charles; 3,
Henry; 4, Curtis; 5, Henry ; 6, d. young; 7, Monroe. II., Lydia, m.
first Jona. Sleeper, m. second Edward Savage (see Savage family) ; III.,
Lucy, m. Benjamin Winship, residence Hancock — ch., 1, George ; 2, John ;
3, Elizabeth ; 4, Ann ; 5, Abel ; 6, Oliver ; 7, Lydia ; 8, Mark ; 9, Re-
lief; 10, Sarah; 11, Horace. IV., Betsey, m. Ruel Richardson of Peter-
boro — ch., 1, Lydia; 2, Charles; 3, Betsey; 4, Eliza; 5, Nancy; 6, Em-
eline ; 7, Joshua. V., John, m. Catherine E. Houghton — ch., 1, Charles
J., m. Ellen M. Hubbard (see Hubbard family); 2, Nancy, m. Hosea Proc-
tor of Stoddard; 3, Henry, d. young; 4, Josephine B., d. young. VI.,
Lucinda B., d. young. VII., Lucinda B., m. Benj. Fletcher, residence
Nashua — ch., 1, Mary Etta ; 2, Lydia ; 3, Hattie ; 4, Benjamin ; 5, Lucius;
6, Coolidge ; 7, Joseph ; 8, Elbridge. VIII., Levi, m. Mrs. Susan Par-
sons — ch., 1, Sarah F. ; 2, Josephine, d young. IX., Thomas J., m. first
Calista Newton (see Newton family) — ch., 1, J. Newton, m. Artemissa E.
Newton (see Newton family) ; 2, L. Hubbard ; 3, C. Marinda ; ni. second Mrs.
Polly NVashburne. X., Oliver, residence Lempster, m. Elizabeth Moore —
ch., 1, Henry J., d. young; 2, George E. ; 3, Jefferson T. ; 4, Charles B. ;
5, Lucy; 6, William M.; 7, Benjamin F. ; 8, Lizzie. XL, Nancy, resi-
dence New York, m. first John Adams; m. second Eldad Butler — ch., 1,
Roanie C; 2, Immogene; 3, Josephine. XII., Joseph, b. 1813, residence
Hancock, m. Mrs. Eliza Wallace — ch., 1, Charles J.; 2, Emma. XIII.,
Emeline, m. Henry Goold (see Goold family). XIV., Samuel, residence
Unity, m. first Cassandra Marshall; m. second Rowena Keyes'(see Keyes
family) — ch., 1, Ellen M. ; 2, Sabrina ; 3, Martin; 4, Emma.

J. Madison Davis came from Nelson to Acworth in 1850, ra. Juliette A.
Lincoln (see Lincoln family) — ch., L, Minnie. II., Carrie Bell.

Elder Thomas Davis rem. to Acworth in 1796, native of Amesbury,
Mass. In 1800 he became interested in the Society of Friends; joined this
society in Weare, in 1803, about forty miles from his home. He was for
many years a constant attendant upon their monthly, quarterly, and yearly
meetings. Nothing would prevent his attendance upon these meetings when
able to ride. During this time, ministering Friends appointed meetings at
his house. Neighbors attending these became convinced of the truth as held
by that Society, and regular meetings were held at his house for several years.
In 1820, a meeting house was built in Unity, and the meetings were after-
wai'ds held there. He was an efficient elder in his Society, a lover of
retirement, an exemplary and useful man. Old people remember his coming




into chnrch one Thanksgiving Day, at the close of Mr. Cooke's prayer, and
standing, hat iu hand, exhorting his neighbors to cast their idols to the moles
and bats, and worship God in spirit and truth. On the 18th of August,
1834, (aged 82,) he died a peaceful death, having spoken in meeting but a
few days before in a solemn and weighty manner. He m. first Lydia Green-
leaf— ch., L, Thomas, m. Dolly Dowe of Weare — ch., 1, Mills; 2, John;
2, David; 4, Thomas ; 5, Mary; 6, Sarah; 7, Eliza; two d. young, II.,
Sarah, m. Elijah Brown of Pittsfield — ch., 1, Samuel; 2, Lovell; 3, David;
4, Lydia ; 5, Hannah ; 6, Sarah ; he m. second Lois Hadley of Weare —
cb.. III., Lydia. IV., Hannah, m. John Woodbury fsee Henry Woodbury
family). V., Benaiah, m. Rachel Peaslee of Sutton — ch., 1, Thomas; 2,
Lydia; 3, William. VI., John, m. first Nancy Campbell, (see Daniel
Campbell family) — ch., 1, Lois; 2, Osro ; 3, Oscar; m. second Eliza Bruce
of Unity— ch., five. VII., Cotton W., m. Rhody S. Orcutt (see Orcutt
family) — ch., 1., Sylvester, d. ; 2, George W., m. first Emeline G. Millikia
of Littleton — ch., (1) Henrietta G., (2) Gilbert H. ; he m. second Mary
Stevens of Lyman — ch., one; 3, Mary C, m. Dr. Alvah R. Cummings
(see Cummings family) ; 4, Hiram, d. ; 5, Alvah, d. ; 6, Sarah F., m. Charles
M. Lufkin (see Lufkin family); 7, Lucena ; 8, Gilbert; 9, Henry; 10,
Frank E. ; 11, Sumner, d.

(Briton) Thomas Davis, a British soldier, captured at the surrender of

Burgoyne, s. in Acwortb, m. Mrs. Patch — ch., I., Betsey, m. Richard

Clifford (see Cliff'ord family). I., Polly, m. Samuel W. Blodgett.

Salmon T. J. Davis, m. Rosa B. Biter.

John and Margaret Dickey came with their two sons, Adam and Matthew,
from Londonderry, Ireland, to Londonderry, N. H., 1729. Adam, second
gen., b. 1722, m. Jane Strahan, and had the following — ch., Margaret, m.
Col. John Duncan (see Duncan family) ; John, James, Adam, and Benja-
min, s. in Acworth ; Sally m. Robert Dinsmore of Francestown ; Elenor m.
Dea. Jonathan Nesmith of Antrim ; another daughter m. James Dinsmore
of Antrim ; Isabel m. Thomas McClure (see McClure family) ; Matthew s.
in Walpole ; Joseph s. in Acworth ; afterwards rem. to Ryegate, Vt. ;
Thomas and Jane d. unm. James was of large stature, as well as large
heart. To distinguisli him from bis cousin of the same name, he was called
"big Jim." The prominent traits of his character were strict integrity,
frankness, great plainness of speech, hospitality, benevolence, and a deep
interest in matters pertaining to the public weal. On account of his single-
ness of purpose, honesty, and sound judgment, although he never held civil
office, he was a welcome counselor in all objects of public moment, and his
character was forcibly expressed by a cotemporary in a neighboring town,
when he made the remark, " Capt. Dickey is a rough diamond." He m.
Mary Pinkerton, sister of Mrs. Joseph Wilson, of Londonderry, and came to
Acworth in 1790 — ch., I., Adam, residence Langdon. II., Matthew, d. 1803.
III., Jane, m. Jonathan Rogers (see Rogers family), d. 1820. IV.,


Anna, d. 1819. V., Polly, m. Ebenezer Place— cli. 1, James; 2, Thomas.
VI., Thomas, m. Jane Adams— ch., 1, Mary J. ; 2, Joseph A. ; 3, Margaret
A.,m. Henry Lebourveau, residence Mass.; 4, George P.,m. Imogene Loomis.
VII., Joseph, m. Sally Grout (see Grout family), rem. to Langdon 1856, d.
1866 — ch., 1, John F., m. Sophia 13. King (see King family), residence
Alstead; 2, James A., m. Nancy E. King (see King family) — ch., (1)
Lenna J.; 3, Mary E., m. Gustavus A.' Hale, residence Langdon — ch., (1)
Willie E. ; 4, Amelia A. ; 5, Harvey D., m. Frances E. Currier, residence
Alstead ; 6, Frances E., m. Oscar S. Holden, residence Langdon — ch., (1)
Leola A., (2) Mary L., (3) Harvey D. ; 7, Sarah J., m. Solon S. King (see
King family). VIII., Margaret, m. Alexander Grout (see Grout family),
residence Claremont. Adam DiCKEy, (brother of James, Sr.,) m. Sally
Marsh of Londonderry — ch., I., Mary A., d. young. II., John, d. young.
III., Othniel, d. young. IV., Sally, d. young. Benjamin, (brother of
James, Sr., Acworth, 1796, m. Isabel Marsh— ch., I., Tirzah, d. young.
II., Emeline, m. John Dickey of Lyman, residence Walworth, N. Y. — ch.,
1, Putnam ; 2, Phinehas ; 3, Mary J. ; 4, Erasmus ; 5, Ellen. III., Isabel,
m. Daniel Chase of Salem, Vt.— ch., 1, Mary; 2, Sarah. IV., Marsh, m.
Susan Smith of Somerset, N. Y., residence Albion, Mich. — ch., 1, Sylvester
B. ; 2, George ; 3, Albert; 4, Anderson. V., Othniel, d. young. VI.,
Anderson, m. first Margaret Divine, residence Buftalo, N. Y. — ch., 1,
Mary; 2, Louisa; 3, Charles; m. second Maria Findley. VII., Sally, d.
young. VIII., Sophia F., d. young. IX., Mary A., m. Albert Harring-
ton — ch. 1, Albert, X., Thomas, d. unm. Mathew, (brother of James,
Sr.,) m. Elizabeth March, s. in Walpole about 1797 — ch., I., Sophia, m.
Calvin Fay — ch., 1, Lucy, m. Rev. Mr. Waldo, residence Quincy, 111. — ch.,
(1) Charles, (2) Edmund; 2, Calvin, m. (Caroline Bradley, residence At-
lanta, Ga. — ch., (1) Carrie, (2) Delia, (3) a son; I., Sophia, m. second Henry
Goodnow, residence Keene — ch., 3, Henry; 4, George, residence Chicago,

m. ch., (1) Nellie, (2) Carrie, (3) ; 5, Horace, n.,

Sarah, d. young. III., Betsey, m. J. B. Burnham of Walpole — ch., 1,
Nancy, m. Eev. D. A. Russell; 2, Antoinette, m. Edward Willington,
residence E. Saginaw, Mich. ; 3, Laforest, d. unm. IV., John, d. unm.
v., George M., m. Rachel Corning (see Corning family), residence Mentor,
0.— ch., 1, Warren C. ; 2, Viola H. ; 3, George S. ; 4, Matthew. VI.,
Cyrus, d. unm. VII., Clement, residence Walpole, m. Betsey P. Russell
— ch., 1, Josephine H. ; 2, Albert C. VIII., James, m. HarrietM. Corning
(see Corning family,) residence Mentor, 0. — ch., 1, Helm S., m. Wm. E.
Pardee, residence Nebraska" City — ch., (1) Hattie, (2) Lucy, (3) Blanche,
(4) James; 2, Wallace C, residence Cleveland, 0. ; 3, Edward P., residence
Mentor, 0. IX., Barnet, d. young. X., Josiah, d. young. XL, Lewis,
resides on the old homestead in Walpole. Joseph, (brother of James, Sr.,)
rem. to Ryegate, Vt., m. first Anna Barbor — ch., L, Anna. II., John, ra.
Emeline Dickey, residence Walworth, N. Y. — ch., 1, John P. ; 2, Phineas





M. ; 3, Mary J,; 4, Erasmus B. ; 5, Nellie M. III., Sydney, d. young.
W., Enieline, d. young. Y., Solon, d. young. VI., Emeline, d. young.
VII., Benjamin, m. Elsie Rays, residence Buffalo; VIIL, Joseph, d. unm.
IX., James, m. first Charlotte A. Nelson; m. second Caroline Park;
Joseph, m. second Hannah Nelson ; m. third Betsey Grout (see Grout fam-
ily) — ch., X., Joseph S. James Dickey, second, was the gi-andson of John
and Margaret Dickey, mentioned above, and son of Matthew Dickey, who
m. Janet, daughter of John Wallace and Annis Barnet, who were the first
couple married in Londonderry, N. H. Matthew was a soldier in the Eevo-
lutionary War ; his ch. were as follows : John, m. B-hoda Varnum, residence
Griggsville, N. Y. — ch., John P., residence Geneseo, N. Y. ; James V.,
residence Chicago; Phinehas W., residence Brooklyn, Cal. ; Hannah W.,m.
Hon. G. W. Patterson of Westfield, N. Y. ; Jane D., m. Childs, resi-
dence Griggsville; William G., residence Griggsville; Gilman, residence Hazel
Green, Iowa; Sarah C, m. Bryce, residence New York; Charles, resi-
dence Marshall, Mich; Albert P., residence Racine, Wis. Ebenezer, second
son of Matthew, d. unm.; third, James; fourth, Samuel W., m. Sophia
Stark, daughter of Gen. John Stark, of revolutionary memory — ch., Volkert,
Samuel W., John M. ; Elizabeth S., Mary, Sarah, Caroline, and Ben" min
F. The sons are all dead. Caroline m. Mr. Campbell of North Kescing,
Mass., with whom her mother is now living. James came to Acworth in l'^90,
m. Anna Gilmore, daughter of Col. James Gilmore of Windham, m 1795,
d. 1816. Although of small means, he had cleared and fenced (mostly with
stone wall) more than one hundred acres, erected comfortable buildings, and
reared a large family of children — all in twenty-one years — ^being one of
many such instances, showing the industrious and persevering character of the
early settlers of Acworth — ch., I., Theron, d. young. II., Jane, d. unm.
III., James G., rem. to Franklin County, N. Y., m. first Julia Sprague of
Constable, N. Y.— ch., 1, George F. ; 2, Laura A.; 3, Harvey G. ; m.
second Adaline Sprague of New Haven, Vt. IV., Betsey, d. young. V.,
John Freeman, killed instantly by the fall of a tree in 1828, unm. VI.,
Tlieron, residence Clarke, Prov. of On., m. first Ann Taylor — ch., 1, Leona ;
2, Ann J.; 3, John T., m. second Elizabeth Wallace — ch., 4, William W, ;
5, Harvey. VII., Caroline, m. Norman Wilson (see Wilson family).
VIII., Clarissa, m. Hansom Hawkins of Springfield, Vt., residence Van
Buren County, Iowa — ch., 1, George C. IX., Jonathan Harvey, m. Caltha
Gilmore (see Gilmore family) — ch., 1, Gawin G. ; 2, James Freeman. X.,
Cyrus, d. in 1840, while a member of Senior Class in Dartmouth College.

James Dickey, thkd, of Francestown, afterwards of Grafton, Vt., s. in
Acworth 1812, m. Jane Mitchell (see Mitchell family), of Francestown —
ch., I., Asenath, m. Moores Keyes (see Keyes family). II., Thomas M., m.
first Susannah H. Campbell (see Campbell family) — ch., 1, Mary J., m.
Georo-e Houston (see Houston family); 2, Philander J., studied at the law
school connected with the University of New York ; admitted to the bar of


the Supreme Court in New York City 1862, d. 1866, m. Angelina H.
Woodbury; 3, John P., d. young; 4, Margaret Ann, d. young; 5, John
L., a dentist in New York City, d. aged 23 ; had he lived, he would doubt-
less have been an ornament to his profession ; 6, Thomas M., xa. Margaret
E. Perrine — eh., (1) John L., d. young, (2) George H. ; 7, George G., d.
unm. ; 8, Erskine H., successfully practicing dentistry in Brooklyn, m.
Matilda M. Kendall; 9, Ellen P., d. young; IL, Thomas M., m. second
Belinda K. Perham. III., James, m. Harriet Livingston — ch., 1, Harriet
A. ; 2, Levi Woodbury. IV., Levi W., d. unm. V., Mercy S., m. John
Terry of Whitefield, Me.— ch., 1, Adolphus E., m. Elizabeth Prescott; 2,
Ann K., m. E. T. Graves; 3, Woodbury D., d. young; 4, John H., m.
Louise F. Mason ; 5, Clarinda M. ; 6, Daniel M. ; 7, Frances A. ; 8, Eliza
A. VI., Mary E., m. John S. Symonds (see Symonds' family). VII.,
John, d. unm. VIII., Almond, m. Mary A. Higgins — ch., 1, Frances J. ;
2, Ella A. ; 8, Flora C. IX., Nancy J., m. John Adsett— ch., 1, Melissa.
X., Stephen C, d. unm.

Samuel Dodge m. Hannah Andrews; had nine children, of whom Sukey
m. Joseph Albree of Acworth (see Albree family). Anna m. Samuel
Rogers of Acworth (see Rogers family). Betsey m. Hugh Henry of
Acworth (see Henry family). Lucy m. in Acworth Asa Gilmore, and had
sixteen children, of whom Gov. J. A. Gilmore was one. Sally m. Rogers
Smith, and was the mother of Pres. A. D. Smith. Asa, the son of John,
and grandson of Samuel, native of Amherst, came to Acworth in 1812, m.
Susan E. Mann — ch., I., Asa M. II. , Susan A., m. Rufus Carey (see
Carey family) . III., Amy A., was drowned. IV., David E. M., d. in the
army at Hilton Head. V., George H.

Thomas 13oDGEcame to Acworth previous to 1795, m. Elizabeth Grout (see
Grout family], rem. to Dorset, Vt. — ch., I., Don, d. young. II. , Don. III.,
Laura, m. Davis. IV., John. V., Horace. VI., Nancy, m. Lake.

John, Isaac, and Geokge Duncan, three brothers of the 3d gen. in this
country were natives of Londonderry, sons of William and Naomi (Bell)
Duncan. Their grandfather, George Duncan and the son of George Dun-
can, emigrated from Ireland. John, b. 1752, chopped down the first tree
on his farm in Acworth, 1773, but until his marriage in 1778, spent his
winters in Londonderry. He responded to his country's call when the news
reached Londonderry that the British were marching on Concord, and arrived
at Lexington at sunrise the next morning after the first blood had been shed
for America's freedom. He also, with several other Acworth men, joined
Capt. Bellows' company going through the w^oods to New York State to
assist in intercepting Gen. Burgoyne in his march through New York. In
1780 he was elected with Henry Silsby to attend the convention of the New
Hampshire Grants at Charlestown and Cornish, receiving $900 in currency
for fourteen days' service, $72 being equal to $1 in silver. From that time
for more than fifty years he was prominent in all town business. In matters


requiring tact and politic management, he was put forward. He was the
most efficient in procuring the settlement of Mr. Cooke at a time when
ministerial settlements by the town were becoming unpopular. The charac-
teristic by which he was specially distinguished was shretvdness among neigh-
bors in whom that quality abounded. Of his descendants, ten were in the
war of the rebellion.

Col. John Duncan m. first Margaret Dickey (see Dickey family) 1778 —
ch., I., William, b. 1778, m. Ruth C. Gilmore (see Gilmore family), rem.
to Lyman, and afterwards to Michigan — ch., 1, Delamore, m. Pamelia Clark
of Ohio — ch., (1) Delamore, m. Mary Fields, and has three ch., (2) Edwin
F., m. Ann E. Fellows, has three ch., (3) Charles C, (4) Helen M. ; 2,
Eliza A., m. Timothy Fellows, rem. to Wisconsin — ch., (1) Gilmore, served
in the late war, (2) Theodore, Captain in the Wisconsin 8th or Eagle Regi-
ment, (3) Emma, (4) Ann E., m. Edwin F. Duncan of Michigan, has three

ch., (5) Mary, (6) Kate; 3, William, m. ch., (1) Sadenia E., (2)

William T., (3) Frances F. II., John, b. 1780, m. Betsey T. Putnam,
rem. to Barnet^ch., 1, John P., d. unm. ; 2, Caroline, m. Nahum Wilson
of Langdon ; 3, Jane, m. John Gilchrist, rem. to Bath — ch., (1) John, first
impressed into service in the rebel army, deserted, raised a company of cav-
alry for the Union army, which he afterwards commanded, (2) George,
m. Frank Clark, has two ch., (3) James F., (4) Horace, d. ; 4, Chap-
man, rem. to Utah, m., and has ch. ; 5, Homer, m. in New York, rem. to
Utah; 6, Betsey, ni. Alexander Gilchrist of Barnet — ch., (1) William H.,
served in the Union army, m. Julia Mathews, (2) Alexander P., served
in the army, m. Ellen L. Nelson; 7, Christiana, d. unm.; 8, Emily, m.
Ziba Fisher, rem. to Michigan — ch., (1) Francis, (2) Lewis; 9, Dinsmore,
d. young; 10, Ellen C, m. Henry Smith. III., Adam, b. 1782, m. Doro-
thy Lancaster (see Lancaster family), rem to Barnet, Vt. — ch., 1, John L.,
d. young; 2, Wm. Harvey, d. in Iowa, m. Aseneth Heath — ch., (1) Susan,
m. Thomas Gilfillan of Barnet— ch., [1] Minnie E., [2] Ralph H., [3]
Lycurgus H., [4] Ellen A., [5] Claudius H. ; (2) John G., m. Ellen

Anderson, rem. to Iowa — ch., [1] Gilbert C, [2] Winona E., [3] ;

3, Margaret A., m. John C. Gleason — ch., (1) Mary E., m. Rev. Isaac
Bridgeman of Hanover — ch., [1] Walter Ray, [2] John C, [3] Mary F.,
(2) William D., (3) John L., (4) Eliza D., (5) Martha J., (6) George D.,
(7) Laura A. ; 4, Adam, d. young; 5, George N., ra. Hannah Peck, resi-
dence Iowa — ch., (1) Margaret A., (2) Thomas J. ; 6., Moses L., m.
Susan Downs— ch., (1) Charles L., (2) Luella D., (3) Charles L. ; 7,
James L., d. in St. Louis, Mo., 1846; 8, Horace B., d. young. IV.,
George, b. 1783, m. Martha Whipple — ch., 1, son, d. young; 2, Adeline,
m. Charles G. Livermore of Alstead. V., Jane, b. 1785, m. John Nelson
of Ryegate, d. 1814. VI., Rachel, d. young. VII., Isaac, b. 1789, m.
Betsey Whipple, rem. to Barnet — ch., 1, Martha M., m. Joseph R. Dowse
— ch., (1) George W., d. in the battle of Pea Ridge, m. Julia Posa — cK.,


t^o ; 2, , d. young ; 3, Betsey, m. George E. Harrington, rem. to

Wisconsin— cb., (1) Charles L., (2) Annabel; 4, Adeline, d. young; 5,
Enieline, m. first Edward Norris, rem. to California — cb., (1) Clarence E.,
d. young; m. second DeWitt C. Gaskell — cb., (2) Anna, (3) Edward C, d.
young, (4) Edward 1). VIII., James, b. 1791, d. unm. Col. Duncan, ra.
second Betsey Prouty, sister of Mrs. Jobn Davidson — cb., IX., l)aniel, b.
1794, d. young. X., Hiram, d. young. XI., Horace, b. 1799, rem. to
Lyman, m. Roxanna Hall— cb., 1, son, d. young; 2, daughter, d. young;
3, Martba W., m. Jobn B. Warden of Batb ; 4, Mary L. ; 5, Horace H.
XII., Fanny, d. unm. XIII., Cyrus, d. young. XIV., Harvey. XV.,
Milon. XVI., Solon (tbe three last d. young, of spotted fever). XVII.,
Betsey, m. Dr. Thomas J. Stevens, rem. to Charlestown, Mass. — cb., 1,
Helen M., m. Rorace H. Pitcher, rem. to New York City; 2, Emma J.; 3,
Milon. XVIII. , Tberon, ra. Anna Newton (see Newton family); was killed
in battle near Petersburg, Va., 1864 — cb., 1, Sarah M. A., m. Freeman E.
Brackett (see Brackett family) ; 2, Jobn B., d. from a wound received at the
storming of Fort Fisher in 1804; 3, George; 4, Clara E. ; 5, Walter I. ;
6, Arthur H. ; 7, Albert N. XIX., Mary, m. Carlos McNab of Barnet,
Vt. — cb., 1., Carlos M., served in the late war, m. Mary Smith, rem. to
Dubuque, Iowa; 2, Frances J., m. Davis B. Prentiss (see Prentiss family).
Isaac, brother of Col. John, m. Martba Moore — cb., I., Elizabeth, m. Rufus
Brigham (see Brigbam family).

James Dyer came from Atbol, Mass;, to Acworth, in 1841, m. Mary
Howe (see Howe family)— cb., L, George. II., Emily A. III., Charles F.

Darius I. Eaton, native of Springfield, Vt., m. Belinda Spencer in
1837 — cb,, I., Eliza A., m. Daniel C. Walker in 1861 (see Daniel Walker
family). II., Belinda D., m. Grin E. Fisk of Charlestown — cb., 1, Martina H.
III., Darius A. _ IV., Benjamin L. V., Helen L. VL, John T., d. young.
VII., Mary E. VIII., Lyman B. IX., Mason W. X., Tyla T. XL,
Aaron S., b. 1803, d. young.

Cyrus Ellenwood, s, in Acworth in 1820, m. Sally Draper — oh., I.,
Sally. II., Harvey, m. Mrs. Estella Hill— cb., 1, Frederic S. III.,
Francis, m. Cynthia A. E. Whitman. IV., Simeon F., m. Susan Clark.
v., Hiram, m. Martha Clark. VL, Jobn W., m. Nancy Rollins.

Peter Ewins, son of James Ewins, came from Londonderry to Acworth
previous to 1777 — cb., I., Josiah. II., James, d. unm. III., Nancy, m.
Joshua Lancaster (see Lancaster faraily). Peter, m. second Sallie Hall.
Jane Ewins, a sister of Peter, m. Lieut. James Rogers (see Rogers family).

George B. Field, son of Otis Field of Lempster, came to Acworth about
1844, m. Martba J. McDuffie (see McDuffie flimily)— cb., I., Freddie E.

Joseph Finlay came from the north of Ireland to Londonderry, N. H.,
and commanded a volunteer company in tbe war of the Revolution. In

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