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13, Electa, d. young. V., Henry, m. Lucinda Orcutt (see Orcutt family),

residence Mooretown, Vt. — ch., 1, Lucinda; 2, Emeline ; 3, Pamelia ; 4,

Armina. VI., Nathaniel, d. young. VII., Daniel, m. Polly Allen (see

Allen family) — ch., 1, Galen, graduated at Dartmouth College in 1854, has

been engaged in teaching, m. Laura Munson — ch., (1) Laura M. ; 2, Sarah

C, m. Charles Putnam of Lempster — ch., (1) Cathie A. ; 8, Almira H., m.

Andrew Cram of Marlow — ch., (1) William; 4, William, a soldier in the

late war, killed at Petersburg, Va. VIII. , Susanna, d. young. IX., Hiram,

rem. to Bellows Falls, Vt., m. Mary Durgan — ch., 1, Maria, m. Ira Earle;

2, Mary A. ; 3, Henry, m. Marsh. X., Franklin, b. 1807, residence

IMarlow, m. Amanda Howard — ch., 1, Frank H. ; 2, Henry, m. Josephine
Parks — ch., (1) Anna L. ; 3, Alzira, m. Rumsey; 4, Martha A.


George W. Greeley of Derry s. in Acworth in 1860, m. Alice P. Alley —
ch.,I., George W. II., Hannah J., m. Rev. J. H. Hillman. lit., Sarah A.
IV., Charles T. V., Herbert A. VI., Franklin P., d. young.

Edwin Green, s. in Acworth in 1845, m. first Eliza A. Chase; m. second
Anna Milliken of Alstead.

John Gregg's grandfather, David, b. in Londonderry, Ireland, 1685, was
the son of John Gregg of the same city ; came with his wife, Mary Evans,
and his son William, being then eight years of age, in 1722, to Londonderry,
N. H. William and his wife Elizabeth Kyle had six sons and three daugh-
ters. Only two of them resided in Acworth. Mary, the second daughter,
m. Huo-h McKeen (see McKeen family). John m. LydiaMelvin and came
to Acworth previous to 1796 — ch., I., Betsey, m. David Blanchard (see
Blanchard family). II., Polly, d. unm. III., John, m. first Hannah Bar-
nard (see Barnard family), residence Charlestown — ch., 1, Clark; 2, Lydia,
d. unm. ; 3, Lucinda, d. unm. III., John, m. second Louisa Morrison —
ch., 4, George. IV., William, m. Emeline Frost, residence Charlestown —
ch., ], George, d. young; 2, Susan ; 3, Mary, d. unm. V., Lydia, d. unm.
VI., Lucinda, d. unm. VII., Benjamin, m. Cynthia Symonds (see Sy-
monds family), residence Bennington, Vt. — ch., 1, James A., m. Charlotte
HoUister— ch., (1) Fannie, (2) Hattie, (3) Fremont; 2. Sarah A. ; 3, Cyn-
thia M. ; 4, Almira; 5, Corinda ; 6, George W. ; 7, Louisa. VIII., Har-
vey, m. Harriet West, d. in Ohio.

Joseph Gregg, b. in Londonderry, N. H., 1763, s. in Acworth 1790, d.
1840. His father was James, grandfather John, great-grandfather James,
who emigrated from Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1718. Joseph m. Sally Rey-
nolds, who d. 1842 — ch., I., Hannah, m. Ithiel Silsby (see Silsby family).
II., Jonathan, m. Philinda Edgates — ch., 1, Clarinda ; 2, Mariette ; 3, Bet-
sey ; 4, Joseph; 5, Chester; 6, Thomas; 7, Caroline. III., Polly, m.
Aaron Bullard — ch., 1, Sally; 2, Hannah; 3, Lois, ra. George Allen — ch.,
(1) Kate; 4, Eliza; 5, Mary; 6, Jane, m. George Hills — ch., (1) Willie;
7, Clara ; 8, Ithiel S. IV., Esther, d. unm. V., Sophia, d. young. VI.,
Sarah, d. young. VII., Lucinda. d. young. VIII., Clarinda, m. John S.
Cram (see Cram family). IX., Eliza, m. Benjamin H. Pearson — ch., 1,
Watson; 2, Augusta; 3, Charles; 4, Cordelia. X., Daniel, d. young.
XL, Joseph L., m. Abbie Curtis — ch., 1, Sammie C. ; 2, Sallie R. ; 3, Jo-
seph d. young. Joseph L., was educated as a civil engineer, in which capac-
ity he served with ability on the Fitchburg Railroad and on the Northern
Railroad while they were building. He also once made a survey through
the forests of Maine, from the Atlantic to the St. Lawrence. For some
years he was employed on Southern Railroads. He was assassinated at Jack-
sonville, Florida, in 1859, by a young man who exclaimed, after he had fired
the fatal shot : " I have shot my best friend." He was respected and be-
loved by all that knew him. " He was a noble son, a kind and indulgent
husband and father, and an affectionate brother."


Thomas Grteu came from Londouderry to Acwortli about 1792, m. Han-
nah Pierce— ch., I., Jennie. II , John. III., James, residence New York.
IV., Lima, d. unm. V., Levi.

Howard Griffin m. Lydia Gould, s. in Acwortli 1841, killed in a saw-
mill near Deacon Ball's— cli., I., Burton. II., Alonzo.

Daniel Grout's great-grandfather was John Grout of Watertown, Mass.
His name appears on record in 16-40, the first of the name in New England
history. He was a person of distinction, both civil and military. He was
once sent by Gov. Winthrop on an embassy to the Indians. A coat of arms
in possession of the family proves them to be of gentle blood. Daniel's fa-
ther and grandfather both bore the name of Joseph. He m. Elizabeth Ad-
ams of Grafton, Mass., and s. in Acworth, 1777, d. in 1809 — ch., I., Dan-
iel, who was a practising physician in Acworth, died leaving one daughter,
who m. Dr. Thomas Barrett of Chester, Vt. II., Andrew, b. 1764, m.
Huldah Keyes (see Keyes family)— ch., 1, Philharma, b. 1789, m. Thomas
Slader (see Slader family) ; 2, Andrew, d. unra. ; 3, Frederic, m. Marinda
Brown (see Francis Brown family) — ch., (1) Mariette, m. Freeman H. Camp-
bell (see Campbell family), (2) Frederic A., (3) Nancy Ann ; 4, Huldah,
m. Joseph Ball (see Ball family) ; 5, Hannah, d. unm. ; 6, Azubah, d. unm.;
7, Daniel ; 8, Elizabeth A., m. Joseph Dickey of Ryegate, Vt. (see Dickey
family) ; 9, John, m. Hannah Allen (see Allen family)— ch., (1) Lauriston,
b. 1830,. m. Angeline Twichel, (2) Milon, m. Emily A. Putnam, (3) Huldah
E., m. Charles Osgood— ch., [1] Nellie, (4) Austin, d. in the army, (5) Caltha,
d. young, (G) Galen A., m. Helen E. Robinson (see Robinson family) — ch.,
[1] Lizzie, [2] Angle, (7) Harrison E., d. in the army, (8) Harriet E., m.
John Bacon of Lexington, Mass., (9) Annette A., m. Charles H. Gould (see
Gould family), (10) L. Emma; 10, Sally, m. Joseph Dickey (see Dickey
family) ; 11, William R., m. Nancy J. Hay ward (see Hayward family) res-
idence Springfield, Vt.— ch., (1) Nathaniel, (2) William A. ; 12, Patty W.,
d. young; 13, Linda, m. Albert Pearson (see Pearson family). III., Eliz-
abeth, m. Thomas Dodge (see Dodge family). IV., Polly, m. Amos Keyes
(see Keyes family). V., Lucy, m. Edward Slader (see Slader family). VI.,
Alexander, for many years a deacon in the Congregational Church, after-
wards rem. to Springfield, Vt. He was a quiet, unassuming man, but was
a faithful and exemplary officer in the church, and was much respected ;_ m.
Esther Fisher, sister of Mrs. Lemuel Lincoln — ch., 1, Theda, m. Rev. Ju-
bilee Wellman (see Wellman family); 2, Sophia, m. James A. Grimes; 3,
Alexander, m. Margaret Dickey (see Dickey family), residence Claremont ;
4, Samuel H., d. young; 5, Daniel, m. Esther Spencer; 6, Nancy. VII.,
Nathaniel, ra. first Lucinda Slader (see Slader family), m. second Mary Da-
vis, sister of Mrs. Sally Graham, and Mrs. Flagg Moore. He was for more
than forty years engaged in mercantile business in Acworth, and thus lived
prominently before the public. In his funeral sermon it was said that he " sus-
tained a character for uniform and strict veracity, and for uprightness and in-


0V<^- CX-e^-,^^^


te^rity in all his dealings. He possessed a large degree of public spirit and
benevolence, and by his candor and unassuming deportment, and uniform and
unaffected kindness, he secured the universal esteem and respect of the com-
munity." He left a legacy of one thousand dollars to the Congregational So-
ciety. VIII., Sally, ra. Gawen Grilmore Esq. (see Gilmore family). IX.,
John, m. Hannah Stebbins (see Stebbins family) — ch., 1, Solon, m. Rebecca
A. Knickerbocker— ch., (1) John K., (2) Hammond, (3) Caroline F., (4)
MaryL., (5) Charles P., 2, John H., a portrait painter, Hoosick Falls, N. Y.,
3, May L.,m. Henry C. Hutchins, a lawyer in Boston — ch., (1) Harvey G.,
(2) Edward W. X., Mindwell, m. Elisha Parks (see Parks family). XI.
Martha, m. James M. Warner (see Warner family). XII., Linda, m. first
Bezaleel Beckwith (see Beckwith family), m. second Isaac Prouty of Royal-
ston. XIII., Leonard, d. young. Daniel Grout's posterity have more
generally resided in town than any other family. They have therefore ex-
erted a wide influence, and very uniformly on the right side. Daniel him-
self, his son Alexander, his grandson John, and his son-in-law Edward Sla-
der, have all served as deacons in the Congregational Church.

William Grout, the son of Joseph, who was brother of Daniel, enlisted
in the Revolutionary army before he was eighteen, and was disabled from
further service in the battle of Monmouth, s. in Acworth in 1799. Refer-
ence to the list of town officers will show that he often held public office ; d.
in Rushford, N. Y., 1836, m. first Rebecca Woodbury (see Woodbury family)
— ch., I., Hannah, d. young. II., Mindwell, m. John C. McKeen (see
McKeen family). III., Rebecca, m. Reuben Gates (see Gates family).
IV., Amy, m. Samuel Herrick. V., William, a physician in North Cam-
den, Ohio (see Dr. Alvah Cummin gs' response), m. Minerva Stevens — ch.,
1, Nancy L., m. Harvey Butler — ch., (1) Lois, (2) Maria, (3) Emma; 2,
Seth; 3, William H. ; 4, Minerva; 5, Rebecca; 6, Amy; 7, Mary J.
VI., Hannah. VII., Lucy. Sarah Grout, sister of W'illiam, m. first
Frederic Keyes (see Keyes family) ; m. second Eusebius Silsby (see Silsby
family). Col. Ebenezer Grout, brother of William, s. in Acworth in
1782, d. in 1850, m. Polly Houston, (see Houston family) — ch., I., Benja-
min, m. Orra Cummings (see Cummings family) ; served as Lieutenant in
the war of 1812 — ch., 1, Laura R., m. first Lewis B. Tibbetts; m. second
Rev. Eleazer Smith; 2, Carlos B., m. Elizabeth Johnson; 3, Sarah J., m.
Lorenzo Coggeshall ; 4, Ebenezer; 5, Alonzo, d. young; 6, Alonzo C. ; 7,
Sanborn; 8, Fanny; 9, Chauncey L. ; 10, Frank R. II., Nancy, d. young.
III., Sally, m. Horace Campbell (see Campbell family). IV., Polly, d.
young, v., Polly, m. Alvah Cummings (see Cummings family). VI.,
Nancy, m. Winslow Allen (see Allen family). VII., Ebenezer, d. young.
VIII., Mindwell, d. young. IX., Ebenezer, m. Zama Keyes (see Keyes
family) — ch., 1, Ebenezer S. ; 2, Carlos L. ; 3, Seth, d. young. ' X.,

Amos Harding came from Alstead to Acworth in 1824, m. Betsey New-


ton (see Newton family) — eli., T., Samnel. IT., Amos, m. Lorinda Silsby,
(1. in the army — eli., 1, Herbert N. ; 2, Elmer E. III., Louisa B., d. unm.
Thomas Hardy of North Brookfield, Mass., m. Hepzibah Rice, s. in Ac-
worth about 1802 — eh., I., Dorcas. II., Shadrach. III., Rufus, m. Lucy
Livermore of Brookfield, Mass. — ch., 1, Samuel; 2, Levi; 3, Anna; 4,
William. IV., Hepzibah, m. Davidson Barr, residence Stockbridge, N. Y.
— ch., 1, Ebcnezer; 2, Deborah; 3, Persis ; 4, Asaph ; 5, Joseph; 6,
Thomas; 7, Ann; 8, Sydney ; 9, Hepzibah ; 10, Jane; 11, Davidson. V.,
Timothy. VI., Ezekiel. VII., Candace. VIII., Eleb, m. Philetta Bul-
lard of Brookfield, Mass. — ch., 1, Caroline, m. Lemuel Miller, residence
Lempster — ch., (1) Ann J., m. Alford B. Gee of Lyme, Ct., (2) Carrie
H., (3) William A. ; 2, Hepzibah, m. H. L. Rice, residence Alstead — ch.,

(1) Hellen, (2) Henry L., m. Sophia L. Watts, residence Fitchburg, Mass.,
(3) Willard H. ; 3, John B., m. Hepzibah Peck of Claremont— ch., (1)
Calvin E., m. Betsey J. Vincent of Nashua, (2) J. Henry, m. Maria Fos-
ter (see Foster family), residence Marlow, (3) Lyman B., m. C. Huldah
Symonds, residence Coventry, Ky. ; 4, Willard, m. Philena Peck of Clare-
mont ; 5, Thomas A., m. Lois K. Peck of Claremont — ch., (1) Charles A.,

(2) Emma J., (3) Harriet E., (4) Etta L. ; 6, Liberty R., m. Amanda W.
Miller of Langdon. IX., Issachar, m. Eunice Farley of New York — ch.,
1, ThomaSj m. Sarah Tilton of Marlow, residence Brooklyn, N. Y. ; 2, Harriet
W., m. Seneca Sweet, residence Claremont; 3, Mary A., ra. Willard Wil-
son, residence Alstead ; 4, Dexter, m. Elvira Tarbcll, residence Lowell, Mass.

Jacob Hayward was of the fifth gen. in America: First gen., Thomas,
emigrated from England to Duxbury, Mass., previous to 1G38; was an orig-
inal proprietor and early settler of Bridgewater, Mass. Second gen., Nathaniel,
m. Hannah, daughter of Dea. John Willis. Third gen., Benjamin, m. Sarah,
probably daughter of John Aldrich. Fourth gen., Dea. Jacob, m. Martha,
daughter of Nehemiah Allen. Jacob Hayward, b. in Bridgewater, in 1738,
ni. Joanna Snell, s. in Acworth about 1788, d. in 181G — ch., I., Joanna, b.
1703, m. Nathaniel Whitney (see Whitney family). II., Jacob, m. Esther
Fiiidlay — ch., 1, Betsey, m. Joseph Ball (see Ball family) ; 2, Laura, m.
John Wilson (see Wilson family); 3, Sally, d. young; 4, Hiram, d. youno-;
5, Polly C, d. youug ; G, Susan, m. James Gowing (see Gowing family) ;
7, Harvey, d. unm. ; 8, Patty, d. young ; 9, Emeline, m. Barnet C. Fin-
lay (see Finlay family) ; 10, Joseph, m. Patty G. Slader (see Slader fam-
ily) — ch., (1) Hiram N., m. Sarah A. Brooks (see Brooks family), (2)
Martha A., d. young. (3) Laura A., d. young. (4) Sylvanus A., (5) Charlie
J., (6) Leavitt F., (7) Lizzie E., (8) Angle M. ; 11, Louisa, m. first Charles
George (see George family) ; m. second Ephraim Cummings (see Cummings
family) ; 12, Nancy J., m. William Grout (.«ee Grout family) ; 13, Fanny
F., m. Daniel Nye (see Nye family). III., Allen, d. unm. IV., Levi, m.
Mrs. Elizabeth (Sooville) Sil.sby (see Silsby family). V., Susan, m. Lewis
Brigham.^ VI., John, m. Mary Kemp (see.Kemp family): — ch., 1, Allen,


m. Lavina Silsby (see Silsby family), d. in Gilsum in 1866 — ch., (1) Laura,
m. Tyler Clark (see William Clark family), (2) Betbiah S., m. Harvey
Kawson — cb., [I] Adela, [2] George, (3) Allen, ni. Hattie Isbam — cb., [1]
Ella, [2] Mary, (4) Natbauiel S., m. Louisa ColHer (see Kemp family) —
cb., [1] Herbert A., (5) Julia A., d. young, (6) Julia A., m. George Ellis
— cb., [1] Lora, (7) Josepbine, d. young, (8) Francis E., d. unm., (9)
George D. ; 2, Juditb, d. unm.; 3, Joanna, d. young; 4, Jobn S., m.
first Betsey Ball, sister of Dea. Tbomas Ball — ch., (1) Huldab, m. Harvey
Miller— cb., [1] James, [2] Clara, [3] Tbomas, (2) Tbomas B., (3) Augusta,
m. George Heard (see Heard family), (4) Henry M.; 4, Jobn S., m. second
Betsey Kemp (see Kemp family), d. in 1865; 5, Mary, m. Daniel Kemp
(see Kemp family), d. in 1835; 6, Nebemiah, m. Lucy B. Brown — cb., (1)
Milton P., studied medicine with Dr. Gardiner S. Brown of Hartford, Ct.,
attending lectures meanwhile at the Boston Medical School and at Philadel-
phia; graduated in 1856, practiced at Claremont, and is now practicing at
Oberlin, Ohio, m. Julia B. Steele — cb., [1] Austin, d. young, [2] Theresa
E., [3] Carrie M., d. young, [4] Anna L., (2) Emily L., d. unm., (3)
Sarah E., d. unm., (4) Freeman G., d. young, (5) Junius A., m. Hattie J.
Alden, d. in 1867, (6) Allen 0., (7) James B., d. unm., (8) Lomenda A.,
d. unm., (0) Austin D., d. young, (10) Georgiana, (11) Anna L., (12) Her-
bert G., d. young, (13) Hahnneman B. ; 7, Jane C, m. William Ball (see
Ball family); 8, Martha S., m. Daniel Kemp (see Kemp family) — cb., (1)
Martha, (2) Milton; 9, Betsey, m. Nehemiab Spaulding — cb., (1) Charlotte,
(2) Daniel, (3) Mariette, (4) Homer, d. young, (5) Allen, (6) Jane, (7)
Emma; 10, Lailra, killed instantly when young; 11, Charlotte, m. Orin
Taylor (see Taylor family). VII., Nehemiab, d. unm. Jacob m. second
Mrs. Hannah (Miriam) Wilcox of Littleton, Mass. — ch., VIII., Patty, d.
young. IX., Williarii, b. 1802, m. Harriet Jackson (see Jackson family)
— cb., 1, Betsey, b. 1828, m. Zenas S. Mitchell (see Mitchell family) d.
1852. 2, William L., d. unm. 1856; 3, J. Freeman, m. Jane Brooks
(see Brooks family), m. second Belle Green ; 4, Harriet, m. Joseph M.
Wood of Alstead— cb., (1) Alice Mabel; 4, Leavitt, d. 1849; 5, Martha
A., d. unm. 1859; 6, Mary M., d. 1862; 7, Pamelia A., d. young.

Henry Heard, Jr., son of Henry Heard of Dublin, m. Thankful 0. Grant
of Alstead, s. in Acwortb 1840 — cb., I., George M., m. Augusta C. Hayward.
II., Emmaroy P. III., Marion L. IV. Lucy J. V., Marcella D.

Joseph Hemphill was of the third gen. in this country. His grandfather
Nathaniel b. in Ireland 1700, m. JMrs. Jameson. Robert, their third child,
b. 1732, m. Eleanor Clark (see Clark family). Of their ch., Hannah, b.
1758, m. James Davidson, the father of Nathaniel (see Davidson family)
and Joseph, b. in Windham 1770, m. Susanna B. Rogers (see Rogers fam-
ily) s. in Acwortb — cb., I., Aspasio, b. 1797, m. Margaret Sawyer, rem. to
Sutton — ch , 1, Hannah; 2, Orson; 3, William A. II., Ovid, m. Cynthia
Barber, rem. to Mich. — cb., 1, Joseph; 2, Marian; 3, Hezekiah ; 4, Cyn-


thia; 5, .Louisa. III., Orson, d. unm., 1826. IV., John H., studied
medicine with Dr. Bliss of Alstead, graduated at Medical school at Wood-
stock, Vt. ; practiced in Ohio 29 years much respected as a Christian gentle-
man; m. Marian Gage — ch.,1, Orson ; 2, Joseph D. V., Asenath, m. Boza-
leel Fletcher of Lempster — ch., 1, Harriet Sabina. VI., Joseph, studied
with Bev. Warren Skinner of Proctorsville, Vt., and preached in the Universa-
list churches in Ludlow and Saxton's River, Vt., Swansea, N. H., and Orange,
Mass.; m. Mary A. Cambridge of Saxton's Biver, Vt. — ch., 1, Mary; 2,
Joseph; 3, Susanna 0.; 4, Fannie ; 5, William. VII., Betsey H., m. Eri
Garfield of Langdon — ch., 1, Adelaide M. VIII., Calista, m. Gilmau
Bond of Proctorsville, Vt. — ch., 1, Sarah. IX., Hannah W., m. Dexter
Copeland. X., Freeland, m. first Lydia McKeen, 1844 — ch., 1, Kathleen
M., m. Watson G. Pettengill ; 2, Eugene F. ; 3, Ashton ; 4, Julian A. ;
m. second Henrietta Snow of Wilmington, Vt. — ch., 5, Clarence 0. ; 6,
Oscar J. ; 7, Minnie J. ; 8, Alger E. XL, Erastus, m. Eliza M. Brown
of Marlow — ch., 1, Madeline H, XII., Sophie H., m. Daniel A. Lillie of
Bethel, Vt.— ch., 1, Luella E. ; 2, CHnton L. ; 3, Ida.

Hugh Henry came from Massachusetts to Acworth, and pursued mercan-
tile business for several years, m. Betsey Dodge (see Dodge ftimily) — ch.,
I., Mary, m. Lyman B. Walker, formerly attorney general of New Hamp-
shire — ch., 1, Elizabeth, m. Avery — ch., (1) Lyman B. II., Eliza-
beth, m. Lawrence Bigelow, residence Ottawa, province of Ontario. III.,
Hugh, m. his cousin, Sarah Henry, and has ten children.

RuFus HiLLiARD, a native of Cornish, s. in Acworth 1844, m. Martha
M. McClure (see McClure family)— ch., I., William F. II., Clara. S.
George W. Hilliard, brother of Rdfus, m. Versalia K. Fletcher, s. in Ac-
worth — ch., I., Dora J. II., James B. III., George W. Betsey Hil-
liard, sister of George and Rufus, m. Adna Keyes (see Keyes family).

Walter Himes came to Acworth from Ashford, Ct., about 1782, m. Ab-
igail Scarborough, sister of Mrs. William Keyes — ch., I., Joseph. II.,
Persis, m. Robert Tapling, residence Middlesex, Vt. III., Abigail, m.
Ebenezer M. Woodbury (see Henry Woodbury family). IV., Margaret,
m. Samuel Meade, residence Middlesex. V., Clarissa, m. Benjamin Willey,
residence Middlesex. VL, Walter. VII., Roxy, d. unm. VIII., Ste-
phen S., m. Elizabeth Gleason (see Silas Gleason family). IX., Oliver.

Benjamin Hobbs came to Acworth previous to 1803, m. Esther Rogers
(see Rogers family) — ch., I., Nancy. II., John. III., Albert.

Parmenter Honey came from New Boston to Acworth in 1815 ; m.

Hannah ch., I, Ira. II., Lorenzo P. III., Mary W. IV.,

Sarah. V., Joseph H. VL, Hannah. VII., Mahala.

Alexander Houston of Londonderry, N. H., b. 1739, m. Agnes Wal-
lace 1768 (see Robert Wallace family), s. in Acworth, 1775 ; was a deacon
in the Congregational Church. He was large of stature, moderate in his move-
ments, amiable in diispusitiou, and upright in his dealings — ch., I., Martha,

s>' ^*l^^



(//t^-z^ <6L-<;^-r7-?jA^^^i^tM


m. Alexander Parker, residence Watcrtown, N. Y. II.. Samuel, ni. Pbebe
Mayo (see Mayo family) — ch., 1, Isaac, m. Theodosia Keyes (see Keyes
family) residence Utah — ch., (1) Jane, m. Samuel Alexander (see Alexander
family), (2) Louisa, (3) Sisson C, (4) Emeline, (5) Mindwell; 2, Nancy,
d. unm. ; 3, Phebe, m. Alvah Alexander (see Alexander family) ; 4, Deb-
orah, m. J. Lewis Alexander (see Alexander family) ; 5, Alexander, m. Bet-
sey Parks (see Parks family), residence Iowa — ch., (1) Adaline, (2) Wat-
son W., (3) Daniel M. ; 6, Maria, m. Warren Sawyer, residence Starksboro,
Vt.— ch., (1) Elijah L., (2) Sarah, (3) Maria, (4) Emeline; 7, Emeline,
m. William Johnson (see Johnson family). III., Mary, m. Ebenezer
Grout (see Grout family). IV., Jennie, m. Robert Gilmore (see Gilmore
family). V., Alexander, m. Lydia Brooks of Alstead — ch., 1, Nancy,
residence Gilsum ; 2, Dolly, m. J. H. Cooper — ch., (1) Flora, m. Gardi-
ner Johnson, (2) John A., m. Laura E. Walker, residence Iowa, (3)
Sarah, (4) Henry, killed in the battle of Antietam, (o) Dollie, m. Josiah
Merry, residence Illinois, (6) George H., m. Josie Johnson, residence
Washington, D. C, (7) Lydia, d., (8) Nancy, m. A. D. Parker, residence
Shopiere, Wis., (9) Hiram, (10) Solon ; 3, Zoa, m. E. H. Savage (see
Savage family); 4, Prudence, d. unm. ; 5, Lydia E., d. young ; 6, George,
m. first Lois A. Brown (see Francis Brown family) ; m. second M. Jane
Dickey (see Dickey family) — ch., (1) Ellen P., m. G. G. Fox, residence
Faribault, Minn., (2) Mary R., (3) Sarah J. ; 7, Hiram, labored on the
farm until the age of twenty-one, and then entered upon a course of study,
supporting himself mainly by his own exertions, fitted for college mostly at
Hancock; graduated at Dartmouth College, 1847, and at Bangor Theolog-
ical Seminary, 1850 ; settled as pastor of Congregational Church at Orland,
Me., nine years, and over the churches of Stockton and East Searsport, Me.,
eight years, afterwards spent five months in foreign travel, and is now set-
tled at Deer Isle, Me. ; m. Ellen R. Davis ; 8, Lydia E., m. J. H. Boyn-
ton (see Boynton family).

David Hovey of Andover, Mass., m. first Phebe Farnham — ch., I., Da-
vid. IL, Phebe. III., Sally. IV., Lydia. V. Betsey. VI., Stephen.
VII., Farnham. VIII. , Mary. Betsey and Mary came to Acworth with
their fether in 1800. David m. second Mrs. Ann (Durant) Davidson (see
Robert Davidson family), m. third Elizabeth Chambers. V., Betsey, m.
Iddo Church (see Church family). VIII., Mary, m. Rufus Bruce, resi-
dence Wolcott, Vt. — ch., 1, Louisa; 2, Milton; 3, Ryland.

Harvey Howard moved from Sutton, Vt., to Acworth about 1845; m.
first Lima Thayer (see Thayer family) — ch., I., Ellen, m. James G. Fish
of Peterborough. II., Hermon. Mr. H. m. second Marcia Jones — ch.,
III., Frank C. IV., Abner A. V., Cynthia A. VI., Galen. VII.,
Eugene C. VIII., Freddie M. IX., Willie, d. young.

Asa Howe, rem. from Marlborough, Mass., to Acworth, 1797, m. Lucy
Hayden— ch., I., Ephriam, m. Charlotte Pike— ch., 1, Austin, m. first,


Electa Bingliam, ni. second Elizabeth Hamilton — cli., (1) Lucy, m. John
Taylor — ch., [1] Edward A.; 2, Lucy, m. William Bates of Gilsum — eh.,
(1) Alphonso, (2) William, (3) Charlotte, (4) Georgianna ; (5) Charles; 3,
Asbury, m. Diadema Hull (see Hull family) ; 4, Francis, m. Sarah Bates,
residence Marlow — ch., four; 5, Asa, m. Mrs. Harriet Bignal. IL,
Asa, ra. Ada Keyes, (see Keyes family) — ch., 1, Caroline, m. Henry
Bichardson, residence Corinth, Vt. IH., Moses, m. Martha Cunning-
ham — ch., 1, Martha, m. Alden Evans of Boyalston, Vt. — ch., (1) Har-
vey, (2) Charles, (3) Oscar ; 2, Mary, m. James Dyer (see Dyer fam-
ily) ; 3, Ezra G., m. Caroline More — ch., (1) Josephine, (2) Mary, resi-
dence Claremont ; 4, Charles H., d. young; 5, Laura, d. young; 6, Alvan,
m. Carrie Holden, residence Charlestown ; 7, Adams, d. young; 8, Milton;
9, William, m. Marian Alton, Putnam, Ct. ; 10, Reuben, m. Mary E. Whit-
temore — ch., two. IV., Abigail, m. Samuel Clai'k (see Clark family).
v., Lucy, m. Joseph Smith (see Smith family). VI., Joshua H., m. Eliza
Mason — ch., 1, Harriet; 2, Mary; 3, Orphah ; 4, Maria. VII., Betsey,
m. first Henry Lawton of Peterborough — ch., 1, Lucy; 2, Charles, s. in
Acworth, m. Azubah Smith (sec Smith family) ; 3, Henry; m. second Jon-
athan Clark. VIII. , Nathaniel, m. Lydia McClure (see McClure family)
— ch., 1, Rufus, m. Almira Symonds (see Symonds family) ; 2, Theresa M.,
m. George C. Foster— ch., (1) Bertie, (2) Stella A., 3, Freddie N. IX.,
Horace, m. Judith Woodbury (see Woodbury family) — ch., 1, Samuel A.,

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