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d. young; 2, Joseph W., m. Susie C. Bailey — ch., (1) Edwin A., (2)
Alvira E., (3) Henry W. ; 3, R. Henry, d. unm. ; 4, Edwin A., d. in army.
X., Anna, m. Alvan Davidson (see Davidson family). XL, Alonzo, d. young.

Calvin Howe m. Frances E. Blanchard, daughter of Benjamin Blanch-
ard, sister of Mrs. Sylvester Huntley and Mrs. Charles Hull ; s. in Acworth
18G5— ch., I., Emma A. IL, Ella, d. young. III., Walter. IV., Willie.

Albert G. Hubbard, a native of Rindge, m. Lydia J. Richardson, s. in
Acworth 18G7 — ch., L, Ellen M., m. Charles J. Davis (see Davis family).
II. , Albert J., d. young.

TuEKON Hull s. in Acworth 1842, m. Fanny M. Way — ch., L, Dia-
dema, m. Asbury Howe (see Howe family). II., Mahala, m. Charles Clark
(see Clark family). III., Asa, rem. to Philadelphia, m. Emma F. Athertoa
, — ch., 1, Henrietta; 2, Harriet; 3, Jennie. IV., George A., rem. to Hol-
lis, m. Martha Nesmith — ch., 1, Jenette ; 2, Harriet; 3, Mary; 4, George.
v., Charles A.,.m. Ellen W. Blanchard — ch., 1,' Osman E. B. ; 2, Arthur
C. VI., Albert R.,'d. unm. in late war. VII., Harriet S., d. unm.
VIII., Henry W., d. unm. IX,, James H.

Abel Humphrey of Ashford, Ct., s. in Acworth 1786, m. Wad-
kins, sister of Mrs. Jonas Keyes and Mrs. Charles Mathewson — ch., I.,

Polly, m. Jolm Bailey (see Bailey family). II., Bela, m.

— ch., 1, Patty. III., Manly, m. Irene Leslie. IV., William, m. Rebecca
Beckwith (see Beckwith family), residence Sutton, Vt. — ch., 1, Harriet; 2,


Hannah ; 3, Hiram ; 4, Philinda ; 5, Sarah ; 6, Electa ; 7, Abel ; 8, Lucy;
9, Ira; 10, Meribah.

Elijah Huntley of Marlow, s. in Acworth 1868, m. Martha J. Reed
(see Amos Reed family) — ch., I., Wesley M. H., Nella. HI., Julia A.

Sylvester Huntley, a native of Marlow, s. in Acworth, 1867, m. first,
Emily Willis— ch., I., Adelaide, m. John Hildreth— ch., (l)Ida; (2) Nellie.
II., Flora, ni. Silas Brackett — ch., (1) Adelaide. Mr. H. m. second Lucretia

Robert Huntley (see Prentiss family) came from New Boston to Ac-
worth 1799, m. Eleanor Clark (see Ephraim Clark family) — ch., I., Clark.

II., Eleanor, m. first Roger Fenton of Marlow — ch., 1, Eleanor, m.

Beckwith — ch., (1) Lucy, (2) Fred, (3) George. II., Eleanor, m. second
John Chandler — ch., 2, Fred V. R., m. Sophia Tuttle. III., Margaret.
IV., Lucinda. V., Clarissa, m. Dana Dodge of Lempster — ch., two.
VI., Allen m. Olive Goodnow — ch., 1, Henry, m. Abbie Porter — ch., (1)
Nellie; 2, Frances. VII., Lucy. VIIL, Levi, m. Harriet F. Farley —
ch., 1, William.

Amos Ingalls, a native of Andover, Mass., rem. from Rindge to Acworth
1785, m. Mary Holden — ch., I., Jonathan, b. 1787, rem. to New York, m.
Electa Jewett — ch., 1, Clarissa, m. Walter Rider — ch., four; 2, Eliza, m.
Henry D. Merritt — ch., two ; 3, Harriet, m. Andrew Stiler — ch., (1) Sarah

A., m. James Simmons, residence Oswego County, N. Y., (2) ; 4,

William, d. 1847 ; 5, Lucina, m. Asa Mason — ch., five ; 6, Elmira, d. young;
7, Delia, m. Jared Blodgett — ch., five; (1) Angelia, ra. Orville Fairbanks,
residence Fort Scott, Kansas; 8, Polly, m. Edmund A. Carpenter — ch., two.
II., Eunice F., m. Jonathan H. Reed (see Reed family). III., Polly, m.
Amos Campbell (see Campbell family). IV., Amos, rem. to the West. V.,
Sewall, m. Clarissa Hudson — ch., 1, Jgnathan, m. Hannah M. Stearns; 2,
Milly, d. unm. ; 3, Lucina, m. Harvey D. Wallace (see Wallace family); 4,
Harriet N., d. young; 5, Amos, d. young; 6, Philinda F., m. first William
Alexander, m. second Jonathan Blake — ch., (1) William, (2) Emma F., (3)
Charles A.; 7, Sylvester, m. Marietta Dean — ch., (1) Josephine A., (2)
Edgar D. V., Edah, m. Robert Anderson— ^ch., 1, SqIou, m. Sarah Bus-
well (see Buswell family) — ch., (1) John H. ; 2, Dean ; 3, Cornelia.

Harriet, Daniel L., Pamelia, and Benjamin F. Jackson, natives of
Lempster, came to Acworth in 1818. They were children of William and
Betsey (Nurse) Jackson, daughter of Mrs. Anna (Putnam Nurse) Camp-
bell. Harriet m. William Hayward (see Hay ward family). Daniel L.
m. Laurette Knight, residence Danvers, Mass. — ch., L, William L. Pame-
lia m. Warren Thayer (see Thayer family). - Benjamin F. m. first Arvilla
Hunter — ch., I., Louisa. 'II., Arvilla. Benjamin F. m. second Adelaide
Barnes — ch., III., Harriet. IV. Lincoln. V. Herbert.

William Johnson, son of Samuel Johnson and Nancy Warner (sec War-
ner family) was brought to. Acworth an infant by James M. Warner at the


death of his mother; m. first Emeline Houston (see Houston family) — ch.,
I., William W., d. young ; m. second Mary L. Silsby (see Silsby family).

Zepiianiah Johnson, native of Weare, rem. first to Unity and then to Ac-
-worth, 1838; m. Ruth Page of Unity — ch., I., Abigail C. II., George.
III., Myron B. IV,, Lucy A., d. young. V., Almira, m. Sumner Taylor
(see Taylor family). VI., Mary E. VII., Cynthia C.

Ebenkzer Jones of Royalston, Mass., s. in Acworth 1828 ; m. first Mary
A. Prouty — ch., I., Martha A. II., Elizabeth. III., William. He now
resides in Harrisville.

Benjamin Kemp, son of John, came from Fitchburg to Acworth in 1790 ;
m. Judith Reed, sister of John Reed — ch., I., Judith, m. John Davidson
(see Robert Davidson family). II., Benjamin, did not live in Acworth. III.,
John R., did not come to Acworth with his father, m. Hannah W^heeler; of
his ch., only Benjamin lived in Acworth, m. Nancy Buswell (see Buswell
family) — ch., (1) John B., m. Laura Reed (see Reed family) — ch., [1] Ben-
jamin H., [2] Edwin H., d. young, (2) Orlin R., m. Mary Reed (see gen-
ealogy of Reed family) — ch., [1] Julietta H., [2] Mai'ietta E., m. Jothara
S. Toothaker— ch., M. A. Blanche, [3] Viola L., d. 1869, [4] Edith S.,
[5] Allen E., [6] Etta E., [7] Orlando D., [8] Charlie D., [9] Weston 0.,
(3) J. Harmon, residence Windsor, Vt., m. first Polly Kenny (see John
Reed family) — ch., [1] Lenora, m. George W. Leighton (see Leighton fam-
ily), [2] George, d. in army, [3] John, [4] Fred, d. young ; m. second
Lucia Sturtevant, (4) Joseph A., m. first Amy C. Sisson — ch., [1] Jo
sephine A., m. James Pittman, [2] Walter A., [3] Carrie E. He m. sec
end Susan Hyde, residence Boston — ch., (5) Lovina N., m. Hiram K
Towle, residence Boston — ch., [1] Matilda A., d. young, [2] Oscar W.
[3] Clara F., m. George Whitehouse, [4] Albion R., [5] Mary J
D., [6] Emerinth L., d. young, [7] Emma L. J., [8] Frank 0., d
young, (6) Sally, (7) J. Hayward, m. Melissa E. Flanders, residence Vi
onna, N. Y.— ch., [1] Alvin, [2] Volney H., [3] Ella, [4] Esther, [5]
Frank, d. young, (8) Mary Jane, m. Charles D. Sampson, residence Bos-
ton— ch., [1] Lovina, [2] Susan 0., [3] Florence J. IV., Martha. V.,
James, d. young. VI., Kezia, d. unm. VII., Polly, m. John Hayward
(see Hayward family). VIII., Dolly, d. young. IX., Betsey, m. Daniel
Kemp, residence Vermont. X., Sally, d. young. XL, Aaron, m. first
Dolly Allen, 1806— ch., 1, Sally A., m. Horace H. Collier— ch., (1) Helen,
m. John Clark — ch., [1] Mary, d. young, [2] Hiram, [3] Alma, [4] Solon,
(2) George, m. Mary A. Utton — ch., [1] Carrie, [2] George, (3) Louisa,
m. first Nathaniel Hayward (see Hayward family), m. second, Edward E.
Watson, (4) Ann A., (5) Harvey W. ; 2, Abigail L., m. W^illiam H. Cooper
— ch., (1) Abigail, m. Richard Stauwood, (2) Laura, m. George Buswell
(see Buswell family), (3) Lucinda, m. Hiram Maxham, (4) William A., m.
Lizzie Hancock, (5) Aaron K., d. in army, (6) S. Eliza J., d., (7) Hattie,
m. Charles Iloyt, (8) Frances ; 3, Benjamin, d. young : 4, Dolly, m. Charles



Haskell— ch., (1) Lucy J., (2) Betsey A., (3) Louensa, d. young, (4) Pau-
lina, (5) Charles, d. in army ; 5, Louensa, m. Daniel Frost — ch., (1) Lucre-
tia A., d. young, (2) Mllon W., d. in "army, (3) Lorinda, m. William Wes-
ton— ch., [1] Alice M., (4) Betsey P., m. Henry Maxham, (5) Alvin L. ;
6, Phineas A., m. Betsey Blanchard (see Blanchard family) — ch., (1) Dean
G., (2) Solon M., (3) Clara A., (4) Lennette A., (5) Harlan W.; 7, Eliza,
m. David Frost of Worcester, Vt. ; 8, Aaron, d. unm. ; 9, Lucinda, m. Chaun-
cey Hunt of Worcester— ch., (1) Charles, (2) Henrietta J., (3) Henry, (4)
Chauncey N., (5) Etta L., (C) George E., (7) Dean G. K., (8) an infant
daughter; 10, Samuel W., m. Chloe P. Leonard of Worcester — ch., (1)
Mary E. W. ; 11, an infant son. XL, Aaron, m. second Mrs. Polly (Reed)
Shedd (see Supply Reed family). Xll., Moses, m. Polly Reed (see John
Reed family), rem. to Langdon — ch., 1, Asenath, m. John Clark (see Wil-
liam Clark family) ; 2, Patty, m. Oliver Benskooter. XIIL, Jane, m. Eb-
enezer Buswell (see Buswell family).

Elisiia Kempton, native of Croydon, came from Newport to Acworth in
1848; m. first Harriet Vickery — ch., I., Eunice S., m. Ruel S. Bascom (see
Bascom family). II., Eli^ha M. III., Harriet A. IV., Jonathan. He
m. second Mrs. Lorinda Barden.

Robert Kennedy of GofFstown, s. in Acworth in 18G3 ; m. Judith H.
Buswell (see Buswell family) — ch., I., Milon 0. II., Jennie A., m. Henry
F. Burnham,(see Burnham family). III., Cornelia A. IV., Ella L.

Epuraim Keves of Ashford, Ct., m. Sarah Wadkins, sister of Mrs. Sam-
uel Smith (see Smith family), s. in Acworth 1769, d. aged 89 years — ch.,
I., William, b. in Ashford, Ct., 1740, was the first settler in Acworth; m.
Hannah Scarborough of Ashford — ch., 1, Huldah, b. 1768, m. Andrew
Grout (see Grout family) ; 2, Philharma, b. 1769, the first child b. in Ac-
worth, d. young ; 3, Frederic, b. 1770, m. Rachel Jacobs, residence North-
umberland, N. Y., d. 1834— ch., (1) William W., 1797. (2) Samuel J.,
(3) Elizabeth, (4) Charles, (5) Hannah, (0) Archibald, (7) Stephen P., a
clergyman, (8) Sarah A., (9) Perley G. The number of Frederic Keyes'
grandchildren is 32 ; great-grandchildren, 20 ; 4, Stephen, b. 1772, went
W^est, m. Hannah Gregg, had a large family ; 5, Perley, b. 1774, m. Lorinda
White, moved to Watertown, N. Y., became a prominent man in Jefferson
County. He successively held the office of Magistrate, Judge of the.County
Court, Sheriff, Collector of Customs at Sackett's Harbor, was twice State
Senator, and once a member of the Council of Appointment. He wielded
a strong political influence in Jefferson County, and when in the Legislature
made his presence felt there. In a letter of Silas Wright, Jr., William L.
Marcy, and others, to Martin Van Buren in 1830, recommending him for the
office of Governor of the territory of Wisconsin, they speak of him as a
"plain, unlearned man, with a sound, strong mind, and in the practical exer-
cise of an unusual share of common sense." An apoplectic stroke prevented
his applying for this office. He d. in 1834 — ch., (1) Perley G., who has


one son, Richard G., a clergyman, (2) Cynthia, (3) Marictte ; 6, Andrew,
d. at Holland Purchase; 7, Miriam, b. 1777, m. John Mitchell (see Mitch-
ell family) ; 8, Ephraim, b. 1781, left a large family; two sons, Daniel A.
and Elias, reside in Union County, Ohio; 9, William, d. at Ogdensburg
in the war of 1812— ch., (1) Solon; (2) Calista ; 10, Sarah, m. Mr. Burn-
ham, residence Rutland, N. Y. — ch., (1) Ambrose, (2) Harmon, (3) Sally;
11, John, b. 1790, m. first Ann Keyton— ch., (1) Frank, d. young, (2)
Fielding, m. first Martha Mitchell (see Mitchell family)— ch., [1] Mathew
P., m. Ellen Patterson, residence Sharon, Vt. — ch., Fielding, [2] George
F., d. young, (2) Fielding, m. second Maria S. Whitaker — ch., [3] Martha
M .,(3) Lauriston, m. first Susannah Burgess, m. second Martha E. Hibbard,
— ch., [1] William H., [2] John C, [3] M. Ella; (4) Philharma, m. Mr.
Lothrop, residence West Roxbury, Mass. — ch., [1] John, d. young; (5)
Nancy F., m. Enos P. Hoag of Lincoln, Vt. — ch., [1] Alonzo, d. young,
[2] Amelia, m. Mr. Cushman — ch., one, (6) Fanny F., d. of spotted fever
1814; 11, John, m. second Lucia Hubbard — ch., (7) Frank H., residence
Webster, Mass., (8) Caroline F., m. Mr. Heywood, residence Concord ;
11, John, m. third Lucy Thornton. II., John, who gave a part of the com-
mon to the town, but probably never lived in Acworth. III.. Jonas, b.
1748, rem. from Ashford, Ct., to Acworth with his second wife, Mehitable
Wadkins, sister of Mrs. Abel Humphrey and Mrs. Charles Mathewson — ch.,
1, Amasa, m. Catha Blood, s. in Unity — ch., (1) Mazelda, (2) Harland, (3)
Larnard; 2, Sally, m. Nathan Olcutt, residence Unity — ch., (1) Olive, (2)
Esther; 3, Mazelda, m. Sarah Fo.ster (see Foster family) — ch., (1) Anson,
d. young, (2) Theda, m. first Otis Field of Lempster — ch., [1] Sarah L.,

Theda m. second Mclntyre, (3) Mazelda, d. unm., (4) Linda, d. young,

(5) Lima, m. Nathaniel B. Hull— ch., [1] Orison, [2] Lima, (6), d.
young, (7) Adna, m. Betsey Hilliard (see Hilliard family) — ch., [1] Adson
D., [2] Sarah J., (8) Ephraim, m. Ruth Clement — ch., [1] Jenette, d.

young, [2] Jenette, m. Richard Robinson, [3] Sarah J., m. Clement,

[4] Mary, [5] Ednah, [6] Emma, (9) Orison, m. L. A. McClure, residence
Lempster (see McClure family) — ch., [1] Anson L.,[2] Zenas K., d. young,
[3] Annette E., [4] Martin L., [5] Frank E., [6] (Jharles W., d. young,
[7] Nellie S., [8] Angle M., [9] Susan B., (10) Zama, m. Ebenezer Grout
(see Grout family); 4, Anna, m. RufusBlanchard, (see Blanchard family) ;
5, Phili, ni. John Abbott— ch., (1) Emily, (2) Phili ; 6, Esther, m. John
Huntoon, s. in Unity — ch., (1) Abdolonymus, (2) Ruth; 7, Rex, m. Ju-
ditha Keyes (see Edward Keyes family) ; 8, Morses, d. young ; 9, Morses,
m. Asenath Dickey (see family of James Dickey 3d) — ch., (1) Hannah H.,
m. Dexter Way — ch., [1] Orpha E., m. Leonard Thompson, [2] Oscar, d.
in army, (2) Frances J., m. Orrin Wood (see Wood family), (3) Mehitable
W., m. Olivet S. Carey— ch., [1] Chester E., m. Emily L. Prouty, [2]
Georgianna, m. jNIurray Dinsmore, M. D., [3] Frank C, (4) Mercy A., m.
Albert E. Spaulding— ch., [1] Ellen M., m. Hurry C. Kimball — ch,, Sarah

-^yC^i^^'^^^-Z.,^t,^i>C^ :^C




F., Maurice G., (5) Graham, (6) vSumner, (7) Orpha, d. young; 10, Ada,
m. Asa Howe (see Howe family) ; 11, Lima, m. William Boardman, resi-
dence Vershire, Vt. ; 12, Eliza, m. Ambrose Alexander (see Alexander fam-
ily) ; 13, Vine, m. Mary Taylor, residence Unity. IV., Edward, m. Patty
Sawyer — ch., 1, Perley, residence Jefferson County, N. Y, ; 2, Juditha, m.
first Rex Keyes, m. second 3Ir. Barker of Crown Point, N. Y. ; 3, Zela, m.
Shuah Mason, residence Vermont ; 4, Avis, m. John Ober, residence Crown
Point, N. Y. ; 5, Luthera, m. Amos Burge, residence Antwerp, N. Y. ; 6,

Almira, m. Burge ; 7, Edward, m. Elmina Abbott, residence Unity.

v., Joseph, d. of measles contracted in the Revolutionary army. VI., Han-
nah, b. 1754, m. Mehuman Stebbins (see Stebbins family). They were the
first couple married in town. VII., Henry. VIII. , Frederic, b. 1758, m.
Sarah Grout (see Grout family) — ch., 1, Frederic, d. young. IX., Amos,
b. 1761, m. Polly Grout (see Grout family)— ch., 1, Harry, d. unm. ; 2,
Amos, d. 18G8, m. Jane McClure (see McClure family)— ch., (1) Daniel,

(2) George, (3) Samuel D. ; 3, Ralph, m. Hannah Wilson, residence Unity
— ch., (1) Amos, residence Boston, m. Martha Ginn, (2) Hiram, d unm.,

(3) Laurette, m. Charles Train of Manchester, (4) Dean, m. Sarah ,

residence Boston, (5) Mariette, d. unm., (6) Orson H., residence California,
(7) Maria, m. Burnham of Hillsboro Bridge, (8) Julia, m. Fred. Lit-
tle of Antrim, (9) Arthur, residence California, (10) Louisa, m. John Mc-
Question of Manchester ; 4^Betsey, m. Daniel Warner (see Warner family) ;
5, Mary, m. Joseph G. Silsby (see Silsby family); 6, Docia, m. Isaac Hous-
ton (see Houston family).

Samuel King, Sen., m. Betsey Jones, came from Vernon, Ct., to Acworth
before 1808, rem. to Langdon — ch., L, Roxanna, m. Robert Nesmith, resi-
dence Francestown (see Nesmith family). II., Hezekiah, m. Ann Wallace
(see Wallace family), rem., to Ohio. III., Nancy, ra. Moses Southard (see
Southard family). IV., Betsey, m. Capt. James Wallace (see Wallace fam-
ily), v., Polly, m. Abel Baldwin of Langdon. VI., Samuel, m. Sophia
Egerton of Langdon — ch., 1, Alvah, d. unm.; 2, Mary J., m. John Gar-
field, s. in Fitchburg, Mass.— ch., (1) Estelle J., (2) Hermon ; 3, Ben-
jamin S., m. Susan Willard of Langdon — ch., (1) Sumner W., (2) Ella
A., (3) Emma A., (4) Edward M. ; 4, Samuel A., m. Sarah H. Lane, resi-
dence Cambridge, Mass.— ch., (1) Stella A., (2) Julia F. ; 5, James E.,
m. Ellen Dinsmore of Alstead, s. in Ottawa, Province of Ontario — ch., (1)
Emma E., (2) Clara E. ; 6, Henry N., m. Hannah C. W^are of Alstead,
residence Boston— ch., (1) Walter H., (2) Arthur J.; 7, Eliza A., m.
Henry Wiley, residence Langdon; 8, John W., m. Pamelia Goodale, resi-
dence Detroit, Mich., 9, Bathsheba S., m. John F. Dickey (see Dickey
family); 10, Willard F., m. Mehitable Lewis, residence Marlow — ch., (1)
Luetta M., (2) Lewis S. ; 11, Solon S., m. first Josephine S. Hillman of
Alstead, m. second Sarah J. Dickey (see Dickey family) — ch., (1) Samuel
S. ; 12, Emily A., m. Charles A. Holden, residence Langdon — eh., (1) Co-


rine E., (2) Charles C. ; 13, Nancy, m. James A. Dickey (see Dickey fam-
ily) ; 14, Rozene M., d. unm. VII., Clarissa, m. Samuel Egerton of Lang-
don. VIII., Ira, m. Harriet Wood of Langdon, rem. to Ohio.

George Lamb, son of John Lamb and Lucinda Kingsbury of Langdon,
8. in Acworth, 1867, m. Alraira Clark of Charlestown — ch., I., Arthur J.

Henry Lancaster, the ancestor of the family came from Lancashire,
England, and settled at Bloody Point, Dover, N. H., in 1631. In 1643,
he was one of the grand jury from Piscataqua. In 1652, he paid the highest
tax on the Bloody Point list. In 1654, the town voted him all the mead-
ows at Bloody Point, for services rendered the town. He died at the age
of one hundred years. He was hale, and strong, and might have lived
many years, but for a fall which occasioned his death. Second gen., Joseph,

son of Henry, s. in Amesbury, Mass., m. first Mary , — ^'ch., Joseph,

Mary, and Thomas, who was killed by the Indians in Hampton, 1703 ; Jo-
seph m. second Hannah , — ch., Samuel, Henry, and Hannah. Third

gen., Joseph, son of Joseph, Sr., m. Elizabeth Hoyt, 1687— ch., Mary,
Hannah, John, Daniel, Abraham, Ann, Micah. Fourth gen., John, son of
Joseph, Jr., b. 1671, m. Mary Hoyt — ch., Henry, Timothy, Mary, Elizabeth,
Miriam, Hannah, and Sarah. H. d. 1742. Fifth gen., He7iry, son of
John, b. 1718, m. first Dorothy Harvey, 1742 — ch., John, Judith, Mary,
Eunice, Moses, Anna, Dorothy, Miriam, Joshua, and P]benezer; m. second
Judith Hadley, 1764, d. in Salem, 1790. Moses Lancaster, son of Henry,
b. 1752, m. Ann Duncan, 1780, daughter of William and Jean Duncan, a
relative ef John Duncan (see Duncan family) who d. in 1804. Her sister
Rachel Duncan d. in Acworth 1811 — ch., I., Dorothy, m. Adam Duncan
(see Duncan family). II., William, b. 1784, m. Fannie Davidson (see Da-
vidson family) rem. to Cuba, N. Y. — eh., 1, Ann; 2, William; 3, Sarah,
m. Stephen L. Davidson (see Davidson family); 4. Loammi ; 5, Fanny,
m. Ralph N. Wright— ch., (1) Josephine, (2) William R. ; 6, Thomas,
m. Mary J. Gurnee ; 7, Corinna m. iMorrison Gillett, 1851 — ch., (1)
George M. ; 8, Daniel; 9, Harriet, m. Rev. Albert St. J* Chambre ; 10,
George, m. Melinda J. Stone, 1864— ch., (1) Fannie M., d. young, (2)
Anna Pearle ; 11, Maria. III., Harvey, b. 1789, m. Jennett Moore of
Peterboro — ch., 1, Moses H. ; 2, Margaret E. ; 3, Ann J., m. Josiah
White, Jr., of Charlestown — ch., (1) Grace L; Moses m. second Mrs. Sa-
rah (Barnet) Highlands, d. 1811. Joshua Lancaster, b. 1760, m. Nancy
Ewens (see P]wcns family), d. of the spotted fever at Newport, 1812, while
on his post route as mail carrier. Ebenezer Lancaster, b. 1761, m. Eliza-
beth Davidson (see Davidson family), rem. to Acworth 1793 — ch. I., John,
b. 1793, ra. Mary Leraist— ch., 1, Frank E. ; 2, Clara T. ; 3, Edward E.
II., Lucy. III., Daniel, fitted for College, mostly with Rev. Phineas Cooke;
graduated at Dartmouth College, 1821, taught an Academic school in that
part of Boscawen now called Webster. Four of his pupils afterwards be-
came ministers, and one a missionary to India, and six became ministers'



><^-^^/^^C Oc^c t-^-^u.J


■wives. Graduated at Andover Theological Seminary, 1824; licensed to
preach Ly Haverhill Association, 1824; ordained pastor of First Church in
Gilinanton, 1825; 1827 and 1831 were years of special revival there, and
about eighty were added to the church. In 1832, the church beino- divided
into different branches, the pastoral relation was dissolved, and he became
connected with the Center Congregational Church, where in six years one
hundred and four were received into the church. For twelve years Mr. L.
was Secretary of the New Hampshire Bible Society; nine years Scribe of
Deerfield Association ; seven years Secretary of- Stafford Conference, six
years its Moderator ; three years each Secretary of Strafford Bible, Home
Missionary, and Education Societies ; and nine years Trustee of New
Hampshire Missionary Society, and Trustee of Gilmanton Academy and The-
ological Seminary. His labors closed at Gilmanton, 1852. Subsequently
he was one year Chaplain of New Hampshire Legislature ; three years Chap-
lain to New Hampshire Insane Asylum ; preached three years at Fishersville,
and was at the same time Principal of a Young Ladies' School in Concord,
and had charge of the New Hampshire Phenix, a weekly temperance paper ;
was five years pastor of Congregational Church, Middletown, Orange County,
New York, from 1855 ; residence now New York city. Published works,
"History of Gilmanton," "Funeral Sermon of Rev. Dr. Coggswell," &c. ;
m. first Ann E. Lemist — ch., 1, Mary E. G. ; m. second Eliza G. Greeley —
ch., 2, Ann E. ; 3, Frances J. ; 4, Daniel E. ; 5 Helen. IV., Cynthia.
v., Dorothy. VI., Cyrus, b. 1802, prepared for College at Phillips Acad-
emy, Andover, Mass. ; completed his course at Dartmouth College, 1827;
became Principal of St. Johnsbury Academy. As an illustration of his
studious habits in childhood, it is said of him that his Sabbath School teacher
having heard him repeat verses from the Bible for one whole hour, asked him
" How much more have you committed?" he replied, "I have repeated
nearly half." The reward of merit was given him without hearing the re-
mainder of the lesson. After spending several years at St. Johnsbury and
at other places in teaching, he was invited by Mr. James Wilson (noticed
in "Parker's History of Londonderry" as the inventor of Wilson's globes,)
to assist him in revising and correcting the plates for the revised edition of
his globes at Albany, N. Y. He continued with Mr. W. until his death,
and then with a son of Mr. Wilson until his death, upon which he m. his
widow, Mrs. Rebecca Wilson, and became to his children all that could be
asked or expected of a devoted father. In 1852, he rem. to Brooklyn,
N. Y., where he continued the globe business, engaging also in teaching, as
he had done at Albany. He invented a "self-adjusting switch" for rail-
roads, also a car ventilator fitted to exclude the dust. Died of diphtheria,
in Brooklyn, aged sixty years. His standing as a scientific and literary man
places his name high among the sons of Acworth. His only child, Sarah,
d. unm. VII., Henry, m. first Mary A. Colby, m. second Louisa M. Kim-
ball— ch., 1, Charles H., d. young; 2, Anna M., d. young; 3, Charles;


4, Mary. VIII., Sarah. Miriam, b. 1758, m. first Edmund Blood (see
Blood family), m. second Fulton of Dunbarton, where she died.

George W. Lathrop, native of Claremont, m. Hannah Littlefield, s. in
Acworth 1866 — ch., I., Eva L. II., George S., d. unm. III., Abbie H.
IV., Oscar G.

Charles Lawton (see Howe family) m. Azubah Smith (see Kimball
Smith family), s. in Acworth 1850.

George W. Leighton m. Leonora Kemp (see Kemp family), s, in Ac-
worth, 1863— ch., I., H. Arthur.

Lemuel Lincoln, b. in Hingham, Mass., 1767, m. Mehitable Fisher, sis-
ter of jMrs. Alexander Grout, 1795, s. in Acworth about 1794. He put
down the first tannery in town, in the corner of lot 12, range 6, in 1794.
He was upright in his dealings, firm in purpose, shrewd in judgment, and
genial in disposition — ch., I., Irene, d. unm. II., Charlotte, m. Elijah
Spaulding of Lempster — ch., 1, Emily I., m. Calvin Wallace (see Wallace

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