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family) ; 2, Mary, d. unm. III., Nathan, d. unm. IV., Harvey, ra. first
Laura A. Damon, rem. to Boston — ch., 1, Sarah, d. young; 2, Harvey L.,

m. , residence Stockton, Cal. ; 3, Helen, m. Charles Kimball;

Harvey m. second Lydia Wing— ch., 4, Laura ; 5, Ezra. V., Amasa, m.
Laurinda Moore (see Moore family), is a deacon in the Congregational Church
— ch., 1 , Harvey, m. Arabella Smith (see Kimball Smith family) ; 2, Henrietta,
m. J. F. D. Murdough (see Murdough family) ; 3, Juliette A., m. James
M. Davis (see James M. Davis family) ; 4, Mary M. VI., Emily, d. unm.
VII., Sarah F., m. William Prentiss (see Prentiss family). VIIL, Marden
W., d. young.

Darius Liscomh m. Olive Slader (see Slader family) s. in Hartland, Vt.,
when it was a wilderness — ch., I., Oren, m. Sarah Davidson — ch., 1, Marcia,
m. Carleton Eastman of Hartland ; 2, Lucia, (twin with Marcia) residence
Laconia; 3, Paul D., m. Susanna D. Appleton, residence Pittsburg, Pa. —
ch., six, grandchildren two ; 4, Almond, m. first Mrs. D. Liscomb, m. sec-
ond Alice Henderson — ch., three ; 5, Belinda, m. David Knowlton — ch., (1)
Caroline B., (2) Lucy E., d. unm., (3) Olive 0., d. unm; (4) Sarah D.,
(5) Parker D.; 6, Olive, m. John C. Biley of Hartford, Vt.— ch., (1)
Louisa, d, young, (2) Freddie, (3) Jasper F. ; 7, Silas J., m. Lucinda W.
Clothier of Pittsburg, Pa.— ch., (1) Sarah E., (2) William 0., (3) Anna;
8, Lorenzo, d. young; 9, Jasper, d. young. II., Harvey, m. Florinda Silsby
(see Silsby family), s. in Acworth 1805 — ch., 1, Louisa R., d. unm.; 2,
Aurilla L., m. first Nathan W. Wood, m. second Asa Locke of Langdon ;
3, Harvey S., d. young; 4, Olive S., d. young; 5, Florinda, m. George
0. Webb of Weathersfield, Vt. — ch., (1) Lucius C, m. Susan M. Newton,
residence Lowell, (2) Loren M., (3) George S. ; 6, Esther A., m. Charles
L. Tibbils, residence Claremont — ch., (1) and (2) twins, Florence H., Eu-
gene E. ; 7, Mariette L., m. James D. Danforth of Weathersfield, Vt. —
ch., (1) Eleanor, m. Elijah Norcross of Claremont. III., Mary, m. Daniel




Knowltou of Hartland, Vt. IV., Mercy, ni. first Chester Nye (see Nye

family) m. second Luce. V., Olive m. David Morrison of Langdoa

— ch., 1, Philinda, d. young; 2, Mary E., m. first William W. Wallace (see
James Wallace family) — ch., (1) Henry, (2) Emma ; Mary E., m. second
John M. Currier — ch., (3) John M. ; 3, Rebecca, m. William Nourse (see
Nourse family). VI., Philinda, m. John Ptobb (see Robb family). VII.,
Lucinda, m. William Ashley — ch., 1, Clarissa, m. Benjamin Smith — ch.,
(1) Francis E. ; (2) Henry A., d. a prisoner of war in Richmond, Va. ;
(3) Mary E. ; (4) William S. ; (5) Albert B. ; (6) Herbert E. ; 2,
William A., b. 1820, m. Harriet Moore — ch., (1) Susan E., d. young; (2)
Adelaide H. ; (3) Albert M., d. young; (4) Frederic M., d. young; (.5)
William; 3, Elizabeth, m. Charles Thompson — ch., (1) Charles E., d.
young ; (2) Ella L. VIII., John L., m. Jane Robb (see Robb family) —
ch., 1, Martha M., m. Joseph Simpson, residence East Boston — ch., (1)
Estelle; (2) Jennie 0. ; (3) Ida F. ; 2, Harvey M., m. Diana Pearsons,
residence Proctorsville, Vt. — ch., (1) Harvey M. ; 3, Mary J. d. unm. ;
4, Margaret, a teacher in Lisbon, 111. ; 5, Emily E., d. young. IX., Betsey,
m. James Ai'rastrong in Acvvorth, residence Bradford — ch., 1, Anna E. ;
2, James. X., Darius P., m. Ann Clement, d. in Castleton, Vt. — ch.,
1, William, residence West Rutland, Vt. ; 2, Elizabeth, m. George Spenser

of West Rutland, Vt. ; 3, Charles, m. , d. at Castleton, 1859; 4, James,

residence Cleveland, Ohio ; 5, Orlando ; 6, Abbie, residence Rutland.

Amos J. Locke, a native of Sullivan, ra. Clementina Stoughton, s. in Ac-
worth 1823 — ch., I., Clementina M., graduated at Mount Holyoke, taught at
St. Charles, Mo., m. Rev. William Porter of St. Francisville, Mo. — ch., 1,
Calvin S. ; 2, Mary. II., Calvin, b. 1829, graduated at Amherst College
in 1849, taking a first class oration at commencement, though the youngest
of his class receiving a degree ; graduated at the Divinity school of Har-
vard University, ordained as pastor of the Unitarian Society at AVest Ded-
ham, 1854, resigned this charge in 1864, became principal of a select school,
and in connection with that, has charge of the Unitarian Society at Dover,
Mass., m. Annie Lincoln, daughter of James Lincoln of Northboro, Mass. —
ch., 1, Harriet P. R. ; 2, William W. ; 3, Henry L.

Frederic Locke was a native of Westboro, Mass. His father was an
officer in the French war, and joined the British army at the commencement
of the Revolutionary War. Frederic, though fitted for college, gave up the
advantage of a college education, and joined the Continental army, and met
his father in the opposing army, at the battle of Staten Island, He was a
civil engineer and surveyor, s. in Acworth 1793, m. first Anna Farwell — ch.,
I., Henry, ra. Artemisia Westcott — ch., 1, Caroline, m. Ashbel M. Perry —
ch., (1) Jane E. II., Melinda, m. Horace Frost of Charlestown — ch., 1,
Henry ; 2, Edwin ; 3, Maria ; 4, James ; 5, Lewis, d. young ; 6, Lewis.
Frederic rem. to Charlestown, ra. second, Lucy Graves, by whom he had
ten children.


Samuel Lufkin was of the fiftli gen. iu this country : great-great-grand-
father, Samuel came from England and s. in Groton, Mass., about 1G70;
great-grandfather John, grandfather Samuel, father Samuel ; m. Sarah Liv-
ingston and s. in Acworth, 1795, d. 1838, — ch., I., Samuel, m. Eleanor
Johnston. II., Cyrus, m. Mary Mathewson (see Mathewson family) — eh.,

1, Roxy, m. T. M. P. Sleeper; 2, Caltha G., m. Mark Colburn ; 3, Almon,
m. Elvira Cilley. III., Ezra, m. Lovira Mathewson — ch., 1, Norman ;

2, Norris; 3, Charles M., m. Sarah F. Davis (see Thomas Davis' family).
IV., Mary, m. Amasa Mathewson (see Mathewson family). V., Sarah, m.
Origeu Bingham, residence Coldwater, Mich. — ch., 1, William E., m. Betsey
L. Davis; 2, George; 3, Origen, m. Phebe Worden ; 4, Sarah J., m.
Eugene Cassady ; 5, Charles, m. Naomi Adams. VI., Hannah, m. Eliphas
Alvord. VII, , Cena, m. Eliphalet Reynolds. VIII., Davis, m. Elizabeth
Heywood — ch., 1, Charles; 2, Leander N. IX., Boxina, d. unm. X.,
Parker, d. unm. XI., Mehitable, m. Franklin Wheeler. XII., Varnum,
m. Berantha C. Chase.

James Lyons, with Robert McClure, was the first settler of Hillsboro ; he
was the father of William, Margaret, and Molly Lyons ; William, m.
Martha McClure (see McClure family), s. in Acworth — ch., I., Margaret, d.
unm. II., James, d. unm. III., Mary, d. unm. IV., Thomas was in the
war of 1812. V., Betsey, m. Jesse Wallace (see Wallace family). VI.,
Patty, d. unm. ; Molly, m. Dea. Robert McClure ; Margaret, m. John
McClure (see McClure family).

Samuel E. Mann, b. 1828, in Alstead, m. Betsey M. Hosley of Lemp-
ster, 1853, s. in Acworth 1858 — ch., I., David A., b. 1853. II., Louisa
M. III., Osmyn E. IV., Mary E., b. 1864.

George Marcu of Londonderry, s. in Acworth in 1809, m. Hannah Nel-
son — ch., I., George. II., John. III., Hannah N. IV., Aaron N. V.,
Milton. VI , Mary N. VII., Daniel. VIIL, Betsey D. IX., Abigail
W. X., Moses N. XL, Jonathan N. XII., George D.

William and Joseph Markiiam s. in Acworth about 1773. William
Markham was quite a prominent man in town. During the Revolutionary
war he served on the committee of safety, chosen by the town, and oc-
cupied other positions of trust. The following children of William JMark-
ham were baptized in 1777 : L, William. II., Huldah. III., Olive. IV.,
Lettice, m. Ransom Smith (see Samuel Smith family). V., David. VI.,
John. VII., Sarah. Joseph Markham, m. Mehitable Spencer — ch., as

recorded on the town records, I., Joseph. II., Seth, m. Sally ch.,

1, Joseph A.; 2, Mary M.; 3, Learned F. ; 4, Elizabeth; 5, John S. ; 6,
Mehitable S. III., Zilpha. IV., Sallie. V., Elizabeth. VI., Lucy, m. Ja-
duthum Waldo (see Waldo family). VII., Esther. Mary Markham who m.
James Rogers (see Rogers family) was an older child of Joseph M. than any
recorded on the town records.

Paul Mason, b. iu Medford, Mass., 17 Gl, m. Elizabeth Priest, b. in


Bolton, 1765, s. in Acworth 1794, d. 1824, wife d. 1852— cb., I., Paul, b.
178G, d. 1822, m. Anna Prentiss — cb., 1, Margaret M., ni. Erastus Foster
— cb., (1) Paul M., b. 1837, (2) Allen P., (3) Wilbur, (4) Cbarles W., (5)
Edwin E., (G) Abbie A., (7) Ida L. ; 2, William P., m. Lestina Hills— eh.,
(1) Paul W., m. Lucy Twiss, (2) Annette M., d. unm. ; 3, Eliza P., d.
unm.; 4, Anna M., d. young. XL, Betsey, m. Alpbeus Messer — cb., 1,
Natbaniel, m. Sylvia Bootb — ch.,(l) Cbarlie, (2) Mariuda; 2, Lucinda, ra.
Cbarles Townsend — cb., (1) Eliza; 3, Lorin, m. Elizabetb Walker — cb., (1)
Ellen, m. Lorenzo Wbittemore — cb., two d. young; (2) George, m. Etta
Lewis — cb., one; (3) Granville, (4) Mary Jane, (5) Cbarlie, d. young. IIL,
Sally, m. Daniel Howard — cb., 1, Hannab E., m. Lewis Gay — cb., (1)
Sarab, (2) Martba, (3) Eva, (4) Sumner; 2, Eliza E., m. F. A. Howard.
IV., Martin, m. Matilda Brigbam (see Brigbam family). V., Horace, ra.
Naucy Brown (see Brown family) — cb., 1, Mary, d. young; 2, Marinda
B., m. R. D. Silsby (see Silsby family).

Charles Mathewson, m. Rebecca Wadkins, sister of Mrs. Jonas Keyes
and Mrs. Abel Humpbrey, s. in Acwortb, 1787 — cb., I., Ira, m. Polly
Spoflford — cb., 1, Albert; 2, Elbridge ; 3, Oscar; 4, Otis; 5, Loraine,
residence Ludlow, Vt. II., Nancy m. Josiab Moody, residence Unity —
cb., 1, Sally. III., Elizabetb, m. Asa Walker, residence Barnard, Vt. (see
Walker family). IV., Cbarles, m. Anna Gilman, residence Micbigan — cb.,
1, James; 2, Granville; 3, Cbarles; 4, Algernon; 5, Benjamin; 6,
Nancy; 7, Julianna ; 8, Diantbe; 9, Rebecca ; 10, Ellen. V., Amasa, ra.
Mary Lufkin, residence Bristol, Vt. — cb., 1, Cbastina ; 2, Lucina; 3,
Sultana; 4, Rosetta; 5, Daniel. VI., Mary, m. Cyrus Lufkin (see Luf-
kin family). VII., Asa, m. Nancy Matbewson, residence Micb.' — cb., VIIL,
Louisa, m. Ezra Lufkin (see Lufkin family). IX., Horace, m. Dolly
Cbellis, residence Gosben — cb., 1, Cbarles, m. Clarissa Huntley — cb., (1)
lona, (2) Helen, (3) Cbarles; 2, Cbarlotte, m. Natban Huntley — cb., (1)
Austin; 3, Ann, m. Albert Straw, s. in Acwortb 1856 — cb., (1) Ellen J, ;
4, Alonzo, m. Mary R. Gleason (see Gleason family), s. in Acwortb — cb.,
(1) Edwin A., (2) Cbarles C, (3) Henry G., (4) Mattie L. ; 5, Louisa, m.
Alonzo Spauldiug — cb., (1) Clarence, (2) Ada, (3) Hattie ; 6, Mary, d.
unm. ; 7, Helen, m. Burke Bootb. X., Noah, residence Obio. XL, Otis
— cb., 1, Mary S., m. Edwin Gove; 2, Catberine, m. Moses Clay; 3, El-
vira, m. Jobn M. Hobart; 4, J. Otis ; 5, Joanna ; 6, Rebecca.

Bela Mathews, native of Bristol, Ct., m. Susan Orcutt (see Orcutt
family), s. in Acwortb, 1818, rem. to St. Jobnsbury, Vt., 1826 — cb., I.,
William B., m. Lodoskia Farnbam — cb., 1, Edgar, d. in United States
service; 2, Egbert, d. from injuries received in United States service; 3,
Milo S., m. Florence Turner, residence Monroe. IT., George P., m. Lu-
cinda Spaulding— ^cb., 1, Horace P., m. Amanda Young; 2, Heman, m.
Calista Adams; 3, Zulima A., m. George B. Davidson of Peacbam, Vt. —

cb., (1) ; 4, Reuben B., m. Mary Hodgman, residence Fitcbburg,



Mass. III., Elbridge P., m. Martha Parker, residence Troy, Yt. — cb., 1,
Ellen, m. Henry Sumner, residence Troy — eh., (1) Minnie A. ; 2, John,
residence St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; 3, Edward, in United States navy; 4, Eliza.
IV., Luther C, m. Elizabeth B. Locke, residence East St. Johnsbury, Vt. —
ch., 1, Catherine 0. V., Nahum 0., m. Sarah Lyman of New York City,
residence St. Johnsbury — ch., 1, Emma; 2, Inise.

IssACiiAR Mayo came from Harwich, Mass., to Acworth, 1788, m. Deborah
Goold — ch., I., Edmund, d. young. II., Phebe, m. Samuel Houston {see
Houston family). III., Issachar, m. Mindwell Silsby (see Silsby family) —
ch., ] , Theron, m. Betsey Stanley ; 2, Watson G.,m. Elizabeth Cambridge; 3,
Sarah G., m. first Higbee Sargent (see Sargent family), m. second Luke
Smith (see Smith family); 4, Mary R., m. Samuel F. Symonds (see Sy-
monds family), m. second Phinehas Pettiugill; 5, IMindwell, m. George Pigot
of Boston — ch., (1) Mary, (2) George ; 6, Harriet, ra. Healy Walker of Unity ;
7, John F., m. Mary Eay, residence East ]ioston — ch., (1) Annie, (2) Fredie,
(3) Earnest. IV., Barnabas, m. Margaret Prentiss (see Prentiss family), resi-
dence Mooretown, Vt. — ch., 1, Elizabeth; 2, Deborah; 3, Lucy; 4, Emily;
5, Margaret; 6, Philinda; 7, Barnabas, m. Jane McClure (see McClure fam-
ily) ; 8 Maria. V., Benjamin, m. first Polly Ransom — ch., 1, Benjamin G. ;
2, Thomas R. ; 3, Margaret ; 4, Angeline. Benjamin, m. second Pamelia
Reed — eh., 5, William L. ; 6, Frederic. VI., Lucy, m. Willard Thorndike,
residence Claremont — ch., 1, Asa; 2, Sarah; 3, Harriet; 4, John; 5, Lucre-
tia; 6, Lucy A.; 7, Orissa; 8, Emily; 9, Jane. VH., Solomon. VIII.,
Hannah, m. Calvin Williams (see Williams family). IX., Edmund, d. young.
X., Elisha, m. Abigail Breed of Unity — ch., 1, Philinda, m. Ashley Jones
of Marlow— ch., (1) Georgiana, (2) Abbie, (8) John, (4) Frank; 2, Joel
T., m. Mary Banks of Alstead — ch., (1) George; 3, Charlotte, m. Dexter
Morrison of Alstead— ch., (1) Elisha, (2) Charlotte, (8) Hattie, (4) Willie;
4, William G. ; 5, George W. XL, John G., residence Dover, Me., m.
Joan Bacon — ch., 1, Josiah B. ; 2, John G. ; 8, Mary E.

Robert McCluke, son of Richard, was b. in Ireland, 1718. Came to Amer-
ica when nine years old. With James Lyons and one other person, made the
first settlement in Hillsboro, 1741. But they abandoned this settlement in
1744, because of the Indians when the Cape Breton war broke out. Ho
was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, being nearly sixty when he enlisted.
In 1785 he joined his sons in Acworth. He was a stalwart man, and re-
tained his physical vigor almost to the last, and was always punctual in his
pew in the meeting-house, d. aged 99, m. Martha Rogers, sister of Lieut.
John Rogers — ch., I., James, b. in Boston, where his father first lived, served
two years in the Revolutionary army, m. Mary Nesmith of Londonderry, s.
in Acworth, 1777. After his nine ch. were b. rem. to Charlestown, and
afterwards to Waldo, Me., d. aged 87 — ch., 1, Mary ]M., m. Isaac Nesmith
(see Nesmith family); 2, Martha R., m. Salathiel Nickerson — ch., six; 3,
James N., m. first Philena Lovell — ch., one, m. second Susan Kenny — ch.,

J^'i^^^ f y) ' - ^^-(^^^^-^


McCLURE. 243

nine; 4, Sarah, m. John Brown — ch., twelve; 5, Robert, m. Ruth Thomas
— ch., nine ; 6, John, m. Harriet Whitney — ch., ten ; 7, Thomas, m.
Betsey Armour — ch., four; 8, Margaret, m. Moses Varney — ch., five; 9,
Eliza, m, first Thomas McClure — ch., one, m. second James Cochrane —
ch., eight. II., Robert, was a Revolutionary soldier, and also a deacon of the
Congregational Church, m. first Molly Lyons, m. second Martha Anderson,
cousin of Samuel Anderson 1st — ch., 1, Samuel, m. Anna Nurse — ch., (1)
Milon C, graduated at Dartmouth College in 184G, taking a high rank in
his class. Taught the Claremont Academy two years, admitted to the bar,
1849; practiced law in Claremont until his death in 1860, He was an ex-
act and thorough scholar. "His accurate knowledge of law always com-
manded the attention of the court, while his uniform courtesy won for him
the esteem and confidence of his professional brethren." In 1855-6 he was
a member of the Governor's Council ; in 1857-8 a representative from Clare-
mont to the State legislature, (2) Nancy J., (3) Orinda A., m. Martin Peck ;

2, Polly, m. Henry R. Gray of Unity — ch., (1) Martha A., m. Robert
Bailey — ch., [1] Nathan A., [2] Herbert G., (2) Henry, m. Sophia Nichols
— ch., [1] Emily F., (3) Mary L., m. Orville Slader (see Slader family) ;

3, Jane, m. Amos Keyes (see Keyes family) ; 4, Mindwell, m. Hiram Gil-
more (see Gilmore family); 5, Daniel, m. Linda Parks (see Parks family),
rem. to Unity — ch., (1) Mindwell, m. Nathaniel Draper, (2) Daniel, d.
young, (3) Mary A., d. unm., (4) Daniel E., d. unm. III., Thomas, m.
first Isabel Dickey (see Dickey family) — ch., 1, Martha, m. Adam Wallace
(see Wallace family) ; 2, Thomas, m. Elizabeth McClure. III., Thomas,
m. second Rachel Duncan, cousin of Col. J. Duncan — ch., 8 John, d. unm.;
4 and 5, twins, Isabel and Sallie, d. unm. ; 6, Hannah, d. unm. ; 7, Henry,
m. first Lydia Brigham (see Brigham family), rem. to Mooretown, Vt., m.
second Polly Turner, m. third Betsey Smith of Unity — ch., (1) Mindwell,
(2) Jane, m. Barnabas Mayo (see Mayo family), (3) Mary ; 8, Polly, d.
unm. ; 9, Cyrus, d. unm.; 10, William, d. young. IV., Peggy, d. unm.
v., Martha, m. William Lyons (see Lyons family). VL, Mary, m. Dea.
James Nesmith (see Nesmith family). VII., John, m, Margaret Lyons (see
Lyons family) — ch., 1, James, d. unm. ; 2, Robert, m. Polly Woodbury
(see Woodbury family) — ch., (1) Martha M., m. Rufus Hilliard (see Hilliard
family), (2) Lydia K., m. Nathaniel Howe (see Howe family), (8) Lucian
A., m. Orison Keyes (see Keyes family), (4) Rufus L., m. Lucy Ball (see
Ball family), (5) Judith S., d. unm. ; 3, William, was deacon in Congrega-
tional Church, m. Lucy Nurse, daughter of Mrs. Anna (Nurse) Campbell
(see Campbell family). He was an energetic, enterprising and public-
spirited citizen, promoting by his means and influence whatever concerned
the material, moral or religious prosperity of the community. He is also
spoken of as a kind and obliging neighbor. He left a permanent testi-
monial of his affection toward the church, of which he was a prominent
member and officer, by a legacy of a thousand dollars ; 4, Anna, d. unm. ;


5, Esther, d. uum. ; 6, Eufus, d. unra. ; 7, Betsey, d. unm. ; 8, Patty,
d. unm.

Archibald and Alexander McCollom, wbo s. in Acworth about 1793,
were sons of Robert McCollom of Londonderry, and grandsons of Alexander
McCollom who emigrated from 'Londonderry, Ireland, 1730. His father is
Baid to have paid twenty-five cents for the head of a cat in the extremity of
his hunger in the siege of Londonderry. Archibald, m. Rebecca Alexan-
,Jer — ch., I., William, who received an education and became a teacher in
Pennsylvania. IL, Jane, d. III., Martha, d. IV., James A. V., Rob-
ert, d. VL, Isaac, d. unm. VIL, Anna. VIII., Rebecca. Alexander,
m. Jane Anderson — ch., five, four d. young and one was drowned in the
Connecticut River, aged 25.

Samuel McDuffee, native of Bradford, s. in Acworth, 1845, m. Emily
E. Way — ch., I., Samuel V., studied at Amherst College, while a junior
enlisted in the United States Signal Corps, studied at Princeton and Bangor
Theological Seminaries, licensed to preach 1868, m. Mary Patterson. IL,
Emily M., d. unm. III., Lucy, m. H. Everett McDuflfee of Bradford, Vt.
— ch., 1, Frank; 2, Martha A. IV., George M., m. Ellen M. Lewis,
residence Keene — ch., 1, Emma M. ; 2, Cora E. V., Martha J., m. George
B. Field (see Field family). VI., Charles 0., residence Lempster. VIL,
Louisa E.

The ancestor of the McKeens was James who lived in the North of Ire-
land. He was a staunch Protestant and took an active part in the defense
of Londonderry. He had three sons James, John and William; William
emigrated to Pennsylvania about 1728; several of his descendants have
been distinguished in that State. James emigrated to Londonderry, N. H.,
1718, was the father of twenty-one children and has a numerous posterity living
at the present time. The widow of John emigrated with James to London-
derry, bringing three sons, James, Robert and Samuel, and one daughter
Mary. Samuel, s. in Amherst, N. H., was the father of ten children, four
daughters Mary, Martha, Agnes and Jane, six sons, of whom Hugh, John
and Robert were soldiers in the Indian wars, and were killed by the Indians.
John was taken prisoner at Fort William Henry, and was burned to death,
his being stuck full of pitch-pine skewers. Robert became a captain of
"high renown," was killed at the battle of Wyoming. The other sons were
James, Samuel and William. Samuel, m. a daughter of Hugh Graham,
lived some time in Amherst, afterwards in Windham, and then at Belfost,
where he was deacon of the church. He d. with his sons in Acworth. Two of

his sons, Hugh and John, s. in Acworth about 1784. Hugh, m. first

Danford — ch., I., Samuel, m. Polly Clark (see Ephraim Clark family). IL,

Hugh, m. Hannah , rem. to Lyndeborough. III., D. Danford, m.

Lydia Page — ch., 1, David D. ; 2, Daniel P. ; 3, Isaac; 4, Hugh. Hugh,
m. second Mary Gregg (see Gregg family) — ch., IV., William, d. young.
v., J. Calvin, m. Mindwell Grout (see Grout family), residence Genesee,


N. Y.— ch., 1, John C. ; 2, Mary ; 3, William G. ; 4, Rebecca. VI., Solomon,
m. Susanab Osgood (see Osgood family), rem. to New York. VII., Mary, m.
Pelatiab Clark. VIII., Joanna, m. Ditton Campbell of New York State.
IX., William. John McKeen, m. first Mary Gregg — cb., I., Samuel, d.
young. II., John, m. Fanny True, rem. to New York. III., Hugh, rem.
to New York, m. Anna Howe. IV., Betsey, m. John G. McKeen, rem. to
New York. V., Polly, d. unm. John, m. second Martha Dunn — ch., VI.,
Samuel, m. Polly Brigbam (see Brigham family) — ch., 1, Mary, m. first
Lewis 0. Beckwith — cb., (1) Henry 0., d. young, m. second Henry E.
Stickney — cb., (2) Augustine, (3) Albert, (4) Mary, (5) Charles, and two
others; 2, Samuel, m. Clarissa Spencer — cb., (1) Martha E. ; 3, John, m.
Sarah A. Brown — ch., (1) John, (2) Lyman, (3) Dean W., (4) Annie; 4,
Lydia, m. Freeland Hemphill (see Hemphill family); 5, Martha E.,m. first
Charles Ward of Wayland, Mass. — ch., (1) Etta W., m. second James H.
Way of Lempster, (2) Emma W. ; 6, J. Leavitt, m. Jennette L. George
(see George family) ; 7, Cathrine S., m. George F. Youngman — ch., (1) Etta.

James McLaughlin, s. in Acworth, 1708 — cb., I., James. II., Margaret,
III., Sarah. IV., Rachel. V., Thomas. VI., William. VIII., Barbara.

John McMukphy, was the grandson of John McMurphy, who came from
Londonderry, Ireland, to Londonderry, N. H., in 1719, and became one of
the leading men of the colony. John, b. 1756, in Londonderry, s. in Ac-
worth, 1784, d. 1814, m. Sarah Grimes of Chester — ch., I., William, m.
Lucy Shumway of Cbarlestown, rem. to Alstead, d. 1839. II., Alexander,

m. — of Alstead, d. 1865, in Alstead. III., John, m. Kezia Garfield

of Langdon, d. 1858, in Alstead. IV., Betsey, m. Jesse Williams, rem.

to New York— cb., 1, Philinda ; 2, Sally; 3, ; 4, George. V.,

Sarah, d. young. VI., David, m. Mary Goss of Dummerston, rem. to
Boston. VII., George, m. Polly Maynard, rem. to Claremont. VIIL,
Polly, m. Wailes Jewett of Langdon.

Nathaniel Mekrill, b. in Salem, 1765, m. Lydia Fields, s. in Acworth,
1789, d. aged 84 — ch., I., Woodbury, b. 1787, m. first Sally Brackway
— cb., 1, Martin, d. young; 2, Lydia, m. first Nathaniel P. CoUins ;
m. second, John S. Collins — ch., (1) John P., d. in army, (2) Louisa
H. I., W^oodbury, m. second Sarah Warner, rem. to New York — cb , 3,
Nathaniel, d. young; 4, Elizabeth; 5, Mary, m. Solomen Fones. II., Betsey,
m. Jedediah Sabine of Lempster — cb., 1, Mary, m. Phineas Pettengill (see
Pettengill family), 2, John, m. Caroline Way ; 3, Emeline, d. unm. III.,
Polly, d. unm. IV., Pbilena, d. unm. V., Irene, m. Jesse Dow of New Lon-
don — cb., I., Pbilena, m. John D. Hemphill^ — ch., (1) Sarah J., (2) Irene
W., (3) Aurora. VI., Nathaniel, b. 1802, m. Hannah S. Collins of Spring-
field — ch., 1, Alice R., m. George M. Peck (see Peck family) ; 2, Hannah R.,
m. Milo H. Newton (see Newton family) ; 3, Emeline S., m. Merrill Robie ;
4, Nathaniel P., m. Emavine King, rem. to Iowa; 5, Sarah J., m. Manly
W. Gassett; 6, Helen M.; 7, William E.


JoSEPU P. Metcalf, native Croydon, m. Lucy Gould, s. in Acworth, 1857 —
ch., I., Henry H., studied law with Edmund Burke, graduated at law
school, Ann Arbor, Mich., admitted to the bar, 1855, now the assistant
editor of "The People" newspaper in Concord. II., Ella Z. III., Alice
G. IV., Frank M. V., Clifton C. VI., Carlos G.

James Miller came from Westboro, Mass., to A,cworth, 1780, m. Mercy
Livermore — ch., I., Josiah, m. Mrs. Nichols of Walpole. II., Anna, d. unm.
III., Thankful, m. David Adams of Orange, Vt. — ch., 1, Stephen ; 2, David.
IV., Daniel, m. Miss Southwick of N. Y. V., James, d. unm. VI. and

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