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VII., twins, Moses and Mercy, who d. unm. VL, Moses, m. Sarah Drury
of Alstead, residence New York — ch., 1, Stephen, m. Lucy Sone of Alstead
— ch., (1) Alonzo W., (2) S. Harrison, (3) L. Ada; 2, James, m. first
Pamelia Whitney, residence East Randolph, Vt. — ch., (1) Joseph E. ; James
m. second Susan Robins — ch., (2) Frank E. D. ; 3, Lucinda, m. F. Drake of
Marlow ; 4, Harvey, m. Huldah B. Hayward, residence Langdon (see Hay-
wood family) — ch , (1) James L., (2) Clara A., (3) Thomas D. ; 5, Moses;

6, Sarah A., m. William A. Newell of Northfield, Mass., residence New
York— ch., (1) Edgar A., (2) Henry C, (3) Albert A., (4) William M. ;

7, Amanda, m. Liberty R. Hardy (see Hardy family). VIII. and IX.,
'twins, Levi and Lucy; Lucy, d. unm. VIII., Levi, m. Susanna Cheever,
residence Alstead — ch., 1, Theda ; 2, Elisha. X., Betsey, m. Benjamin
Wheeler of Alstead. XL, Phebe, m. first Moses Cheever of Alstead — ch.,
1, Eliza; 2, Sophia; 3, Anna; Phebe m. second Abel Fletcher — ch., 4,
George; m. third Nathan Howard — ch., 5, James. XII., Esther, d. unm.
XIII., Polly, m. Wyman Cheever of Alstead — ch., 1, William, m. Julia Em-
erson of Alstead; 2, Maria M., ra. Harvey Washburne. XIV., XV. and
XVI., d. young.

Ezra Minor m. first Docia Butterfield (see Butterfield family), s. in Ac-
worth, afterward rem. to Walpole — ch., I., Alonzo; m. second Mary Clark
(see Clark family).

Thomas and Mary Mitchell emigrated from Ireland — ch., Jane, m. •

Hoag of Amherst; William; John; Thomas; and Mary, b. on the ocean,
m. James Bridges, was the mother of Mrs. Samuel Slader (see Slader fam-
ily). Second gen., Thomas, m. ch., Jennie; Tuomas; Nancy.

Second gen., Jo/m, m. Mary Hilands — ch., Thomas; Betsey; Oliver;
Jane; Margaret. Second gen., William, m. Martha Wallace (see James
Wallace family), s. in Acworth, 1777 — ch., I, John, m. Miriam Keyes (see
Koyes family) — ch., 1, Nancy, m. Benjamin Alexander (see Alexander
family); 2, Perley, m. Phebe Lewis, residence Parke Co., Ind. — ch., (1)
Calista, m. Nathan Davis, s. in Indiana, (2) William, (3) Miriam, (4) Nancy,
d. unm., (5) Charles, (G) George, (7) Andrew, (8) Marcia, (9) Sallie; 3,
Sallie, m. Merrill Coburn, res. Watertown, N. Y. — ch., (1) Miriam, m.
Charles FoUansbee, s. in Chicago, 111., (2) Louisa, m. Mark B. Clancy, (3)
William, m, Margaret Middleton, s. in Watertown, N. Y., (4) Marcia, m.





William Rice, residence Chicago; 4, Asonatb, ra. Joseph Blarfchard (see
Blanchard family); 5, William, m. Polly Briggs, s. in Lincoln, Vt.— ch.,
(1) Nelson, d. young, (2) Gardiner, m. Alma C. Johnson, s. in Berlin, Vt.
— ch., [1] Willie, [2] Frank. [3] Myra A., (3) Miriam K., m. George
Lewis, residence Montpelier— ch., [1] Ida May; 6, John, residence West-
ern Indiana; 7, Andrew, m. Laura Smith, residence Lincoln — ch., (1) d.
young, (2) Cordelia, d. young, (3) Almira, m. Thomas Mitchell, s. in Mil-
waukee, Wis.— ch., [1] Andrew, (4) Sarah M., (5) Laura L., m. Thomas
Mitchell, residence Milwaukee; 8, Almond, d. unm. ; 9, Stephen, d. young;
10, Ephraim, d. young; 11, Franklin, m. Hannah Poor, residence Wil-
mington, III— ch., (1) William C, (2) Charles F., d. unm., (3) Miriam
A., m. William H. Vaughn, residence Wilmington, (4) Caroline P., m,
Thomas Linton, residence Wilmington ; 12, Frederic, m. Rebecca Pearson,

residence Parke County, Ind. — ch., (1) Allen, m. Stone, s. in

Iowa, (2) Mary, m. Kelly, s. in Iowa; 13, Miriam, m. Wooster

Downer, s. in Sharon, Vt. II., . IIL, Jennie, m. John Kimball—

ch., 1, Betsey; 2, Jennie; 3, John; all d. young. IV., Jonathan, m.
Nancy Mitchell, daughter of Thomas, son of Thomas the emigrant — ch., 1,
William L., m. Almira A. Moore — ch., (1) Andrew J., m. Mary Whitte-
more, residence Lempster— ch., [1] Abraham W., [2] Martha A., [3] Nel-
lie J.. (2) William L., d. young, (3) Almira A., d. young, (4) William L.,
in. Jennie Elliot — ch., [1] Jesse A., (5) Levi W., m. Harriet W. Brown,
rem. to Mason— ch., [1] Clara N., [2] Miniette, (G) Alma A., (7) Abra-
ham M., (8) Jonathan T., (9) Nellie J., d. young, (10) Clara L. ; 2, James
L. ; 3, Nancy, m. William Clark (see Clark family); 4, Jonathan. Jane,
the daughter of Thomas, son of Thomas Mitchell, the emigrant, m. James
Dickey, 3d (see Dickey family). Thomas, brother of Jane, b. in Frances-
town, 1783, m. Mercy Slader (see Slader family), d. in Lempster, 1834 —
ch., I., Thomas D., b. 1811, m. first Thankful Patterson of Belfast, Me.,
m. second Martha A. Crosby of Maine. II., William E., m. first, Cathe-
rine J. McKinley of Maine, m. second Martha A. McKinley. III., Camilla
F., b. 1816, m. first, John Severns (see Severns family) of Wilmot; m.
second William Osgood (see Osgood family). IV., Zenas S., b. 1818, m.
Betsey Hayward (see Hayward family). V., Jonathan D. L., b. 1822, d.
1844. VI., Lewis, d. young. VII., Nancy Lewis, d. unm. VIII., Syl-
vester A., b. 1828, m. Frances A. Carpenter of Walpole. IX., Mary L.,
b. in Lempster, 1831, m. J. Symonds Bowers (see Bowers family), 1852.
X., George C, b. in Lempster, 1833, m. Juliett Phelps of Monroe, Mass.,
d. 1861 . The children of John MiTCftsLL (son of Thomas, the emigrant) and
Mary Hylands were as follows, viz: Thomas, m. Dolly Blake, sister of Mrs.
William Graves — ch., I., John. II., Margaret, m. Bela Patrick of Clare-
mont— ch., 1, Abbie; 2, Maria; 3, Ellen; 4, Harriet; 5, Etta. III., Abi-
gail, m. Henry F. Chase of Walpole — ch., 1, Ann; 2, Abby ; 3, Stephen.
Betsey, m. David Nutt, residence Canada. Oliver, residence Canada.


Jane, m. Timothy Currier (see Currier family). Margaeet, m. William
Clark (see Clark family).

Granville Mitchell, m. Lucy S. Reed (see Supply Reed family) — ck,
1, Elbridge, m. Mrs. Clarinda (Sbedd) Bardin (see Supply Reed family).
ir., Almira. III., Emma J. IV., Perley A. V., Rollins K.

Porter Monroe, native of Fitchburg, Mass., s. in Acworth, 1854, ra.
Harriet N. Maynard— ch., I., Ella S. II., Hattie A. IIL, Orin P. IV.,
J. Eugene. V., G. Elmer.

Hugh Montgomory, came from Francestown to Acworth in 1800, m.
Mary Campbell — ch., I., Jane, m. William Smith (see Smith family). IL,

William, rem. to Walden, Vt., ra. Polly . III., Polly, m. Nathaniel

Silsby (see Silsby family). IV., Thomas, m. Martha Woodbury (see Wood-
bury family), rem. to Whitefield — ch., 1, Hannah R. ; 2, Mary C. ; 3,
John 0.; 4, William W., d. young; 5, William S. ; 6, David M. ; 7,
Samuel H. ; 8, Thomas W. ; 9, Martha A. ; 10, Harriet A., d. young. V.,
Anna, m. John M. Gove (see Gove family). VI., Peggy, m. Reuben Smith,
brother of William Smith. VII., David, m. Roxy Morse.

Luke Moore of Sudbury, Mass., rem. first to Rutland, Mass., and after-
wards to Acworth in , m. Lucy ch., I., Tabitha, m. John Bryant

of Rutland, Mass., who removed to Alstead. IL, Flagg, m. first Lucy
Davis (see Graham family)— ch., 1, Willard, d. young; 2, Lucy, m. Heze-
kiah Copelaud (see Copeland family) ; 3, Samuel IL, m. Clarissa Nurse,
daughter of Mrs. Anna (Nurse) Campbell (see Campbell family) — ch., (1)
George P., (2) Joseph S., (3) Alice. (4) William McC, (5) Pamelia,
(G) Samuel S., (7) Hartwell R., (8) Lucy; 4, Mary, m. John Brigham
(see Brigham family); 5, Alice, m. Jonathan Davis; 6, Asa D., m. Mind-
well Campbell (see Campbell family)— ch., (1) James F., d. young, (2)
James F., (3) Edwin A., (4) Lucy A., (5) Davis G., (6) Alice E., (7)
Esterbrook P., (8) Juliette, (9) Albert D., (10) Rosine S. ; 7, Mellissa, d.
young; 8, Louisa, d. young; 9, Esterbrook, m. first Sarah Davis, m. second
Clara Barrows; 10, Louisa, d. young; 11, Roland, d. young. II., Flagg,
m. second Olive Richards— ch., 12, Joseph F., m. Lucy A. Davis — ch., (1)
Henry A., (2) Ellen, F., (3) Sarah D., (4) Ida J., (5) Charles H. ; 12,
Martha M. ; 13, Elizabeth A., m. Frank Sawin of Westminster, Mass. IIL,
Ashbel, d. young. IV., Willard, m. Mary Abrams— ch., 1, Nancy, d. young ;
2, William F., m. Lucy Hurlburt, residence Now York State — ch., (1) Wil-
liam, (2) Amanda H., (3) Willard A. ; 3, Mary A., m. first Jonathan
Mayo, residence Lempster— ch., (1) Charles E., (2) Willard M., (3) Free-
man B. ; m. second Charles Bignal ; 3, Laurinda, m. Amasa Lincoln (see
Lincoln fixmily) ; 4, Eliza S., d. young ; 5, Willard, m. Betsey A. Hurlburt,
residence Northfield, Vt.— ch., (1) Harrison W., (2) George D., (3) Isa-
bella A., (4) Charles P., d. young, (5) Charles, 6, Ashbel, m. Martha Hast-
ings, rci^idence Groton, Mass. — ch., (1) William A., (2) Ellen M. ; 3,
Martha A. ; 4, George A. V., Lucy, m. Daniel Wilson, residence Alstead.


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John Moore of Peterboro, s. in Acworth, m. Mehitable Foster — cb., as
recorded on town records, I., Pbilena. II., Jonatban L. III., Amos F.
IV., Sarab E.

John jMoore of "Weare, s. in Acwortb, afterwards rem. to Crown Point —
cb., I., James M. II., Horace. III., Albert. IV., Jobn. V., Julia.

LoRiNQ Morse, a native of Keene, s. in Acwortb, 1826, m. Mary Dwinell
— cb., I., Amorett, d. young. II., Grosvenor C, graduated at Dartmouth
College, 1854; graduated at Andover Tbeological Seminary, 1857; ordained
a missionary for Emporia, Kansas, 1857, m. Abbie Barber — cb., 1, Parke;

2, Carrie C. ; 3, Irving. III., Mary A. IV., Sarah T., m. Walter Gas-
sett (see Gasset family). V., Almira, m. Willard Ryan, residence Wiscon-
sin— cb., 1, Mary E. ; 2, Bertha A. ; 3, Lillie May. VI., Sophia G., d.
young. VII., Charles L., d. young. VIII., Caroline E., m. first James
Walker — cb., 1, Mary E. ; m. second Wilbur F. Merrill. IX., Harriet L.,
m. Paul Cummings (see Curamings family). X., Lorin M. XI., Lorenzo
M., m. Marietta Bass. XII., Ella D., m. Jonatban Butterfield of Spring-
field. XTIL, Amy, d. young.

James Morse was of the seventh gen. in this country ; first gen., Samuel,
emigrated from England to Dedham, Mass. 1C35; second gen., Joseph ;
third, Jeremiah ; fourth, Jeremiah ; fifth, Josiah ; sixth, Thomas. James,
b. at Dover, Mass. 1775, m. first Olive Harding — cb., I., Lucy H., m.
Sumner Reed. II., James H., m. Sarab Aldricb — cb., 1, Sarah; 2, Louis;

3, Francis; 4, Charles; 5, William ; 6, Emeline, residence Litchfield, Me.

III., Olive C. James, m. second Clarissa BuUard, s. in Acwortb in

— cb., IV., Rachel S., m. Orange Wood (see Wood family).

Moses Moulton of Manchester, s. in 1867, m. Maria L. Brown (see
Aaron Brown family) — cb., I., Elfreda S. II., Bertha L.

Thomas Murdough, a native of Hillsboro, came to Acwortb in 1818, m.
Catherine McPherson — cb., I., Robert T., d. unm. while a student in Dart-
mouth College. II., George, m. Elizabeth Mitchell, s. in Manchester. III.,
Sarah A., ra. Col. C. K. Brooks (see Brooks family). IV. and V., twins,
Homer and Horace. IV., Homer, m. Emorancy E. Gowan (see Gowan
family) — cb., 1, Jennie F. ; 2, S. Angle, residence Belfast, N. Y. V.,
Horace, m. Margaret Cheney of New York. VI., Nancy I., m. Benjamin F.
Woods, residence Arlington, Mass. — cb., 1, Ella J.; 2, William L. VII.,
J, D. Freeman, m. Henrietta Lincoln (see Lincoln family) — cb., 1, Edwin
L. ; 2 and 3, twins, Katie E. and Charles E. ; 4, Hattie M. ; 5, George T.

Solon Neal, s. in Acworth in 1888, m. Huldah Copeland (see Copeland
family) — cb., I., Winslow C, m. first Sarab Gray — cb., 1, Clarence; m.
second Harriet L. Gilmore (see Campbell family). II., George W., m.
Mary M. Watts (see Watts family). III., Hannah, d. unm. IV., Helen,
d. young. V., Josephine L., m. Benton Tracy (see Tracy family). VI.,
Elizabeth R., m. Alexander Graham (see Graham family). VII., Hiram
R. VIII., Olive Annette. IX., Mary E. X., Cora, d. young.


Dea. James Nesmith of Londonderry m. Mary McClnre (see McClure
family) — ch., I., Isaac, s. in Acwortb, 1799, ra. Mary IMcClure who was a
fine teacher and a fluent writer — ch., 1, Julius 0. ; 2, Mary F. ; 3, Carver
P. ; 4, William M. ; these were b. in Acworth ; 5, Martha L. ; 6, Margaret
M.; 7, Isaac C; 8, Robert McC. ; 9, Sarah E. ; 10, Thomas A., a lawyer
in Cincinnati. II., Robert, resided some time in Acworth, m. Roxanna

King (see King family) — ch., 1, Gilniore. III., William, m. Willis

— ch., 1, ; 2, James W., formerly United States Senator from Ore-
gon. IV., James, resided in Acworth, rem, to Charlestown, m. Lucinda
Southard (see Southard family) — ch., 1, Mary J., m. Nathan Dustin of
Galena, Ohio; 2, Margaret, m. George Taylor of Deerfield, Ind. V.,
Martha, m. James Wallace (see Wallace family). VI., Margaret. VII.,
Sally, m. Samuel Wilson (see Wilson family).

Uriah Neicton, originally from Princeton, Mass., came to Alstead, m.
Hannah Eager — ch., Jonathan, Ephraim, who d. at West Point in the Con-
tinental Army, Joel, Rebecca, Artemas, Joab and Hannah. Of these, Joel,
Artemas and Joab became residents of this town, and Jonathan's children,
though he always lived in the edge of Alstead, made this town their resi-
dence for a longer or shorter period. Joel G&mQ to town in 1824, d. unm.

Artem.\3 came to town about 1800, m. ■ ch., I., Rebecca. II.,

Abigail. III., Elijah F. IV., Ephraim. V., Sally F. VI., Hannah.
VII., Artemas. VIII., Jonathan. IX., Betsey B. The family afterwards
rem. to New York. Jonathan, m. Betsey Brigham (see Brigham family)
— ch., I., Asa. II., Joel. III., Silas, m. Sarah Kent, s. in Acworth,
18G3 — ch., 1, Anna, m. Theron Duncan (see Duncan family); 2, Isaac, m.
first Delight Brackett— ch., (1) Elsie, (2) Alice, (3) Ernest, (4) Amy; ra.
second Rasilla Brackett — ch., (.5) Elmer. IV., Betsey, m. Amos Harding
(see Harding family). Joab came to Acworth, 1797, m. Polly Butterfield
(see Butterfield family) — ch., I., Uriah, b. 1798, re.sides in Walpole, m.
Mary Knight — ch., 1, Mary; 2, Elizabeth; 3, Hubbard; 4, Almira. II.,
Mary, m. Isaac Brown (see Aaron Brown family). III., Harvey, residence
Windsor, Vt., m. Acsah Bailey — ch., 1, Mark. IV., Joab, d. unm. V.,
Benjamin, ra. Sally E. Jones — ch., 1, Milo H., m. Hannah R. Merrill (see
Merrill family) — ch., (1) Hattie A., (2) Elwyn L. ; 2, Winslow, residence
Illinois, d. in the army, m. Mary Clough — ch., (1) Mary E. ; 3, Mary F.,
m. Loren Sweet, residence Illinois — ch., (1) A. Eugene, (2) Minnie A.;
4, Artemissa E., m. Joab N. Davis (see Davis family); 5, Orlow C, resi-
dence Illinois, d. iu the army; 6, Alice A., m. John Mcl'onald, residence
Illinois — ch., (1) John C, (2) Susie F. ; 7, Ainslow A., d. in the army; 8,
Benjamin A.; 9, Adolphus L. ; 10, Dorson E., b. 1849. VI., Calista, b.
1808, m. Thomas J. Davis (see Davis fiimily). VII., Hubbard, residence
Milford, m. Caroline Holmes — ch., 1, Mary; 2, George; ^, Frank; 4, Hat-
tie. VIII., Orlando, residence Clareraont, m. Elsie Jones — ch., 1, Ovid,
m. Nellie Capley, d. 1863; 2, Oscar, ra. Abbie Knights; 3, Frank. IX.,

/T^<l::) c-yh^^^


Hannah, m, William Robinson of Hancock — ch., 1, Helen; 2, George; 3,
Marietta; 4, Newton; 5, Arlalaide ; 6, Henry; 7, Ella. X., IMariuda, m.
Moses Robinson of Greenfield. XL, Coolidge, d. unm. XII., Caroline,
b. 1821, d. unm.

Benjamin Nichols of Cambridge, Mass., s. in Acworth, 1838, m. Mary
Smith — ch., I., Almon, m. Julia Gale — ch., 1, Eldridge L. ; 2, Etta J.,
residence Lawrence, Mass. II., George F., m., Olive Richardson (see
Richardson family). III., Nancy M., m. John Osgood, (see Osgood family).
IV., Angle L.

Daniel Nourse, native of Westboro, Mass., s. in Acworth 1785, m. first
Anna Wilcox 1791 — ch., L, Daniel, m. Margaret Wilson (see Wilson
family), rem. to Fox Lake, Wis., 1855 — ch., 1, Mary L., d. unm.; 2,
Solon, residence Keosaqua, Iowa, m. first Amanda Hodgman ; m. second
Carrie McBride — ch., (1) Carrie; 3, Julia A, d. young; 4, Daniel H.,
m. Ann E. Slader (see Slader family)— ch., (1) Flora E., (2) Solon L., (3)
Herbert F., (4) Jesse S., (5) Willie E., d. young, (6) Carrie I.. (7)
Marden W., (8) Edward W., rem. to Wisconsin ; 5, William, residence
Newport, m. first Rebecca Morrison (see Liscomb family) — ch., (1) Willie,
d. young; m, second Ellen W. Hatch— ch., (2) May E., (3) EmmaL., (4)
Marcia B. ; 5, Willie H ; 6, Nancy, m. Joel Hubbard, residence Mount
Pleasant, Mo. ; 7, Julia A., m. Samuel H. Edes of Newport — ch., (1)
George C, (2) William, (3) Samuel, d. young, (4) Marcia; 8, Helen
Marr, m. George H. Fairbanks of Newport — ch., (1) Charles, (2) Mary, d.
young, (3) G. Arlington; 9, George W., m. Juliette Woodward of New-
port — ch., (1) William, d. young, (2) Grace L. ; 10, Freeman W., m. Mary
Peck, residence Fox Lake, Wis. Daniel, m. second Mrs. Orinda Wilcox.

Chester Nye of Norwich, Vt., m, Mercy Liscomb — ch., I., Corinna, m.
Dick Huntington of Hartford, Vt. II., Calista. III., Daniel, m. first
Fanny F. Hayward (see Hayward family), s. in Acworth — ch., 1, Chester;
2, Harvey, d. young ; 3, David F. ; 4, Charles ; 5, Arthur. IV., Mari-

anna, m. Paschel Houghton of Illinois. V., Harvey, m. , residence

Illinois, VI., J. Newell, m. Peggy Jane Clark (see Clark family) — ch., 1,
Ellen M. ; 2, Willie C.

Dr. William Oliver m. Mrs. (Kinnerson) Hoyt — ch., I., William,
IL, Eben. IIL, George. IV., Esther, rem. to Canada. Mrs. Oliver was
a sister of George Kinnerson, who m. a sister of Eliphalet Bailey, and re-
sided in Acworth a little while.

Nathan Orcutt was of the fourth gen. in this country. His great-grand-
father, William, s. in South Bridgewater, d. 1790. His will mentions nine
children, viz. : Andrew, John, Joseph, Thomas, Benjamin, Martha, Mary,
Hannah and Susanna. His grandfather, Joseph, and his father, Ichabod,
both resided in Bridgewater. Nathan m. Susanna Snell — ch., I., William,
m. Abigail Carlton (see Carlton family) — ch., 1, Clari-ssa, ra. Abel M. Rice,
residence Oxford; 2, Nahum, m. Belinda Silsby (see Silsby family) rem. to


Lempster — ch., (1) William, (2) Sophia; 3 Leonard, rem. to New York,
m. Sally Breed— ch., (1) Clarissa, (2) Thirza, (3) Willard, (4) George,
(5) (Charlotte, (6) Mary; 4, Susan, m. Bela Mathews (see Mathews fanuly).
II., Nathan. III., Daniel, d. unm. IV., John Snell, m. Hannah Currier
(see Currier family), d. 1841 — ch., 1, Naomi, m. first Oliver Parker — ch.,
(1) Amanda, (2) Joseph, (3) Rebecca, (4) Enoch C. (5) Nancy N., (6)
Hannah 0.; Naomi m. second Alpheus Crosby — ch., (7) Miriam, (8)
Oliver P., (9) Mary; 2, Daniel C, d. young; 3, Nathan, rem. to Vermont,
m. first Nancy Clark (see Clark family) — ch., (1) Nancy, m. Amos Dwi-
nell, (2) Hiram C, ra. Helen M. George — ch., [1] Nancy E., d. young, [2]
Flora F., [3] Hiram M., d. young, [4] George N., (3) Nahum, m. Laura
H. Herron. (4) John G., m. Ettie H. Haynor— ch., [1] John G., [2] Natie
H., [3] Mary, d. young, (5) Paulina S., ra. Henry C. Keith — ch., [1]
"Willie E., (6) Lucy, d. young; 3, Nathan m. second Priscilla Lamb, m.
third, Mary D. Byron; 4, Lucinda, m. first Henry Graves (see Graves
family), m. second James Richardson — ch., (1) Henry M. ; 5, Dan, m.
Fanny Abell (see Abell family)— ch., (1) Daniel M., m. Mary W. Bell, (2)
Lucina J. M., m. E. D. Judkins, M. D., (3) Louisa M., m. Thomas Frost;
6, Amanda, d. young; 7, Hannah C, m. Stephen H. Thompson — ch., (1)
Lovina E. ; 8, John, m. Frances L. Blake — ch., (1) Adeline E., and two d.
in infancy. During his minority John spent most of his time working on
his father's farm and teaching district schools. At the age of twenty-one
years, with one hundred dollars, the amount his father gave each of his sons
at their majority, he left the parental roof to follow the profession of teaching,
in the West. While waiting at Burlington for the ice to break up, that he
might cross the lake in a boat, he was offered a school in Burlington, which
he accepted. While teaching he began the study of medicine. Soon he
decided upon a collegiate course and entered the University of Vermont.
At a time of great religious interest in college he became hopefully converted,
and united with the Congregational Church. Thus his thoughts were turned
towards the ministry, and his reading more to theological topics. Ill-health
compelled him to leave college before completing his course. He afterwards
received the "Master's Degree" from the college. After some time spent in
teaching in the academy at Chester, Vt., he was licensed to preach, and supplied
the pulpit in South Wellfleet, Mass., for a year and a half, where about seventy
persons were received into the church, — the fruit of an interesting revival.
After this he spent some two years at Andover Seminary, which he left to
accept a call from the Congregational Church at North Reading, Mass. He
was pastor of this church five years, and of the church in Uxbridge, Mass.,
seven years, when he went to Apalachicola, Fla., for the health of a feeble
daughter. He organized a Congregational Church at this place, and assisted
in raiding funds to build a comfortable house of worship. Declining a call
from the church, he returned North after a sojourn of eight months, and
received an appointment as agent of the American Colonization Society in


Connecticut and Rhode Island. After six years he was appointed traveling
secretary for the whole country, and in this capacity he has been employed
for over twelve years. His doctorate was conferred upon him by Columbian
College, D. C; 9, Rhohy S., m. Cotton W. Davis (see Davis family); 10,
Hiram, b. 1815, m. first Sarah A. Cummings — ch., (1) J. Frank, (2) Mary
F. ; m. second Ellen L. Dana — ch., (3) Laura A. He enjoyed only
limited privileges at the common schools. After attending Chester (Vt.)
Academy for a term or two, he began teaching district schools, and taught
seven winters while prosecuting his studies ; fitted for college at Phillips'
Academy, Andover, Mass., entered Dartmouth College in 1838, and grad-
uated, 1842; was associate principal of Hebron (N. H.) Academy two
terms before he graduated, and was principal of the same academy for nearly
a year after graduating; was then elected principal of Thetford (Vt.) Acad-
emy, where he remained twelve years and a quarter. In 1855 he was
elected principal of North Granville (N. Y.) Ladies' Seminary, where he
remained five years. He then established Glenwood Ladies' Seminary at
West Brattleboro, Vt., as a private enterprise, which he managed until 18G8.
During nearly four years of this time he also had charge of Tilden Ladies'
Seminary at Lebanon, N. H., where he now resides, in charge of said Semi-
nary. He has now completed full thirty years of teaching, and during this
time he has fitted one hundred and thirty-five young men foV college, and
graduated two hundred and fifty-nine young ladies from his seminaries.
More than one hundred of these graduates have been aided by Mr. Orcutt
by trust and remittance, in their course of education. Many of them were
unable to pay for any part of their education while they were studying. He
has devoted his life and all his energies to the profession of teaching. V.,
Ichabod, m. Eachel Currier (see Currier family), d. 1857 — ch., 1, Martha,
m. John Eeed— ch., (1) John H., (2) Eleanor, (3) Alvin, (4) Caroline, (5)
Frank, (G) Andrew, (7) Charles; 2, Nathan, d. young; 3, Cynthia, d.
young; 4, Amanda, m. Prosper Pierce — ch., (1) Harrison. VI., Susanna,
m. John Currier (see Currier family). VIL, Malison, m. Joel Turner (see
Turner family).

JouN Osgood was of the sixth gen. in this country: first gen., John;
second, Stephen; third, Hooker; fourth. Hooker; fifth, John. Sixth gen.,
JouN, m. Sarah Downs, 1787, s. in Acworth, 1818 — ch., I., Sarah, m.
James Osmere, residence Langdon. II., Betsey, d. unm. IH., John, m.
Roxanna Gee of Marlow — ch., 1, Warner, d. unm. ; 2, Dustin G., m. Har-
riet Spencer of Westminster, Vt. — ch., (1) John E. ; 3, Sarah A.; 4,
Helen A.; 5, John S., m. Maria Nichols (see Nichols family). IV., Su-
sanna, m. Solomon McKeen (see McKeen family). V., William, m. first
Mrs. Camilla (Mitchell) Severans — ch., 1, Catherine J., m. Luther Ran-
dall (see Randall family), m. second Mrs. Elizabeth Bullard, m. third, Mrs.
Nancy Farnsworth, m. fourth, Mrs. Eunice (Peck) Hopkins. VI., Joseph,
d. unm. VIL, Samuel, m. Belinda P. Emery of Alstead — ch., 1, Marianna


B., d. unm.; 2, Emily J. P.; 3, Juliette A.; 4, Josephine L. VIII.,
Mary, d. unm.

John G. Paige of GofFstown m. Nancy Campbell (see Campbell family)
— ch., I., Isaac, s. in Acworth, 1865, ra. Jane R. Curtis — cb., 1, George W. ;

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