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2, John ; 3, Joseph ; 4, Nancy; 5, Tamsa ; 6, Ralph, is a practicing physician
in Watertown, N. Y. ; 7, Samuel; 8, Mary; 9, Lucy; 10, Drusilla ; 11,
Teressa; 12, Ann; 13, Eliza. II., Jonathan, m. first Polly Maes, residence
Springfield, Vt. — ch., 1, Polly, m. Mr. Cabbot, residence Hartland, Vt. —
ch., seven. II., Jonathan ra. second Elizabeth Rogers — ch., 2, Maes; 3,
Ephraim; 4, Nancy; 5, Alvah. III., John, m. Polly Reynolds — ch., 1,
Daniel; 2, Maria; 3, Hannah; 4, John; 5, Eliza; 6, Malvina, and 7, a twin
sister; 8, Stephen R. ; 9, Susan H., m. Jesse Eaton — ch., (1) Samuel, (2)
Mary, (3) Ella; 10, Harriet E., m. Charles P. Talbot of Lowell— ch., (1)
Fannie M., (2) Edward R., (3) Julian; 11, Daniel. IV., Samuel, m.
Anna Dodge, residence Syracuse, N. Y. — ch., one. V., Peter. VI., Bap-
tist, first male child born in Acworth, residence Dorset, Vt. VII., Hannah,
m. Wellman. VIII., Susannah B., m. Joseph Hemphill (see Hemp-
hill family). IX., Nancy., m. Abner Gage, rem. to Ohio — ch., 1, Ruth;
2, John, and others. X., Elizabeth, m. Stephen Thornton (see Thornton
family). XL, Esther, m. first Benjamin Hobbs (see Hobbs family); m.
second, George Clark (see Clark family); m. third, Mr. Temple.

James and William Rogers of Londonderry s. in Acworth before 1785.
James m. Betsey Wilson — ch., I., Margaret. II., Thomas, d. young.
III., John, d. young. IV., Jonathan, m. Jane Dickey (see Dickey family)
— ch., 1, Milton, v., James, rem. to New York. VI., William. VII.,
Thomas, m. Susan W^arner (see Warner family) — ch., 1, Martha, d. unm.;

2, George W., m. Elizabeth ch., (1) Walter. VIII., Hiram, m'.

Mary Wilson. IX., Theophilus, d. unm. William m. Jenny Logan,
daughter of Mrs. Joseph Findley by her first husband — ch., I., Sally. II.,
Betsey. III., Polly. IV., Esther. V., Robert, a soldier in the War of
1812. VL, William. VIL, Daniel. VIII., John.

Horace K. Rugg, son of Harrison Rugg of Sullivan, s. in Acworth,
1863, m. Clara Keith of Sullivan— ch., I., Elmer H.

Daniel A. Ryder, native of Croyden, s. in Acworth about 1848, m.
first Elizabeth A. Brigham (see Brigham family) — ch., I., Herbert D. II.,
Ida E. III., Clarence D. IV., Helen M. Daniel m. second Mrs. Har-
riet Dunham — ch., V., Minnie, d. young.

Capt. Edward Savage was of the fourth gen. in America: First gen.,
Edward Savage, emigrated from Loudoun, Scotland, to Rutland, Mass., in
1728. According to tradition his ancestors took a prominent part with Bruce
in the battle of Loudoun; second gen., Seth; third gen., Edward, who left
America and went to Europe at the birth of his son, Edward, and death of
his wife, 1786. Edward was adopted by his aunt Elizabeth Ilartwell, who
m: James Arch. He was a deserter from Burgoyne's army, and fearing
arrest he threaded his way through the wilds of New Hampshire to Alstead,







and there settled witli his wife and adopted son, and thus young Savage, as
his name imports, became a "dweller in the woods." Capt. Edwakd Sav-
age m. first Abigail, daughter of Benjamin and Rhoda Vickery of Lemp-
ster, s. in Acworth, 1824 — eh., I., Edward H. ; engaged in mercantile pur-
suits in Marlow, afterwards removed to Boston; appointed a member of the
Boston Police Department in 18")0; became Captain of Police in 1854,
and Deputy Chief in 1861, which office he still holds. He is the author of a
book entitled "Boston Police Recollections," ra. first, Zoa Houston (see
Houston family) — ch., 1, Osmer, d. young; 2, an infant, d. young; m. second
Fanny M. Baker, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Baker of York, Me. — ch.,
3, Edward H. ; 4, Lillian F. II., James H., m. Clarissa E. Bartlett, d.
1850. Capt. Edward Savage m. second Mrs. Lydia (Davis) Sleeper (see
Davis family), d. 1862.

Asa Sargent gf New Boston s. in Acworth, 1806, m. Martha Smith (see
William Smith family) — ch., I., Judith, d. unm. II., Asa, m. Louisa

Adams (see Adams family) ; m. second Tandy, rem. to- Lempster.

HI., Anna, d. unm. IV., . V., Jacob. VI., Highee, ra. Sarah

G. Mayo — ch., (1) John, (2) Jacob, (3) Watson G., adopted son of
Phineas Pettengill (see Pettengill family).

Nicholas E. Sargent of Unity, s. in Acworth, 1853, m. first Emeline
Carey — ch., I., Emeline S., m. George Neal. He m. second Mary E. Gil-
more (see Robb family).

Nathaniel Sawyer of Groton, Mass., s. in Acworth, 1797, m. Polly
Lawrence — ch., I., Orra. II., George E.., rem. to Middlesex, Vt. III.,

Eansom Severns of Andover s. in Acworth in 1832, rem. to Unity in
1857, m. Lorinda Currier (se^ Blood family) — ch., I., Flora J., m. Wil-
liam B. Johnson — ch., 1, Perley A. II., Barton D., m. Hattie Kendall,
residence Wilmot. III., Louisa A.

John Severns, brother of Ransom, m. Camilla Mitchell (see Mitchell
family) — ch., I., William Hayward, m, Catherine Miller.

The SiLSBY family have been both numerous and prominent in town. At
one time there were more voters of that name than of any other. The house
of Henry Silsby, Sr., was the first inn, town-house and church. His name
stands first on the church records, and on the lists of Selectmen, Moderators
and Town Treasurers. His son, Jonathan, was a surveyor, and is supposed
to have assisted in the first survey of the town. He fell dead one Sabbath
at his pastor's gate having just performed his customary office as deacon at
the communion service. Lasell was also a deacon in the Congregational
Church. Dea. Henry was tall and venerable in person and prominent in
the church by reason of his piety, sound sense and zeal in religious matters.
Capt. Ithiel was prominent in town affiiirs and in general business. Though
latterly a citizen of Newton, Mass., he retained a life-long interest in his
native town, and a vivid recollection of the past history of Acworth. Had


his life been spared to have been present at the Centennial, to ■which, up
to the day of his death, he was looking forward with great interest, his
aid would have been invaluable in furnishing materials for this history.
Samuel and Henry Silsby, brothers, came from Windham, Ct., to Ac-
worth in 17G9. Their grandparents were Jonathan and Bethiah Silsby;
parents, Jonathan and Lydia. Henry m. Mrs. Bethiah (Woodward)
Lasell — ch., I., Hannah, d. unm. II., Lydia, m. Simon Stevens — eh., 1,
Silsby, rem. to Ohio. III., Jonathan, m. Kachel Blood (see Blood family)
— ch., 1, Nathaniel, m. Polly Montgomery (see Montgomery family) — ch.,
(1) Lavina, m. Allen Haywood (see Haywood family), (2) Lyma, resi-
dence Lempster, m. Eli Twitchell — ch., [1] Maryanna, [2] Augusta, m.

William Welch, [3] Nettie, m. Kimball Pollard, (3) Harriet, m

Hurd, (4) Jonathan, m. Eunice Pike, residence Newport — ch., [I] Charles
A., (5) Eoxilla, m. Henry Gleason (see Gleason family), (6) Milton, m. Bet-
sey Huntoon, (7) Roswell; 2, Joshua G., m. Polly Fisher, sister of Mrs. Alex-
ander Grout — ch., (1) Almira, m. Gleason, (2) Fisher, m. Drusilla

McKeen— ch., [1] Gilson, [2] David, [3] Robert, [4] Charles, (3) Mary,
m. Martin Spaulding, (4) Gilson, d. young, (5) Marvin, m. Zilpha Thorn-
ton ; 3, Bethiah, m. Amos Bailey (see Bailey family) ; 4, Lydia, m. Larnard
Thayer (see Thayer family) ; 5, Lyma, ra. Richard Fisher — eh., (1) Ros-
well ; 6, Henry, m. Ruth Woodbury — ch., (1) William, m. Olive Linscott
— ch., [1] Maria F., [2] Olive C, [3] Laura, [4] Willie L., (2) Milon, d.
young, (3) Solon, m. first Augusta Norwood; m. second Abia Chapin — ch.,
[1] Susan A., [2] Henry L., [3] Charles, [4] Eunice, [5] Estella, [6]
George, (4) Susan L., d. unm., (5) Harvey H., m. Melinda Stearns — ch.,
[1] Mary, [2] George A., [3] Hattie, [4] Flora, (6) Samuel T., m. Re-
becca C. Lawrence — ch., [1] Susan, [2] George, (7) Almira, m. John L.
Milton, (8) Clarinda, d. unm., (9) Henry L., m. Sarah G. Campbell (see

Campbell family), (10) Lurinda, m. first Orville Turk; m. second

Luther, (11) J. Amanda, m. M. T. Moore, (12) Marian M., m.

Walker — ch., [1] Flora, (13) George A., d. young; 7, Jonathan, m. Bet-
sey Slader (see Slader family), graduated at Dartmouth College, 1814,
graduated at Medical College, 1815, began practice in Madison, N. Y.,
1817, rem. to Cazenovia, 1818, where he practiced successfully until his
death, 1831 — ch., (1) Mary L., m. William W. Johnson (see Johnson
family), (2) Martha R., d unm., (3) Jonathan PL, d. unm.; 8, Asenath,
m. Thomas Slader (see Slader family); 9, Harvey, d. unm; 10, Truman,
m. Delia Twitchell — ch., (1) Henry M., m. Nancy G. Allen (see Allen
family)— ch., [1] Emma D., (2), Truman M., m. Ellen M. Walker— ch.,
[1] Georgie A., [2] Luther H., [3] Truman E., (3) Lorinda, m. first,
Amos Harding (see Harding family) ; m. second Freeman Pearsons (see
Pearsons family). IV., Henry, d. young. V., Henry, d. unm. VI., La-
sell, m. Huldab Scovile — ch., 1, Dolly, ra. Joel Fletcher of Lempster — ch.,
(1) Ardelia, m. Jessie Miller, (2) Mary M., m. Solymon Spaulding — ch.,





[1] George, d. young, [2] Henry, d. iinm., (3) Samuel, m. Catherine Jones,
residence Cbarlestown — ch., [1] Ellen, [2] Katie, d. unni., [3] Mary; 2,
Lasell, m. Lucy Mayo (see iMayo family) — ch., (1) Alniira, m. William H.
Eoyce, (2) Ebenezer M., m. Mary PatroU, (8) Caroline A., m. John H.
Howes — ch., [1] Arthur S. ; 3, Huldah, m. first Levi Thompson — ch., (1)
Arthusa, m. Lorenzo Foster; m. second Richard Colby — ch., (2) Hannah
H., d. young; 4, Abigail, m. Eliphalet Bailey (see Bailey family); 5,
Joseph, m. Harriet Smith — ch., (1) Vryling; 6, Esther, m. James Lawson,
residence Warsaw, N. Y. — ch., (1) David M., d. unm., (2) Clarinda G.,
d. young, (3) Sabra C, m. David C. Martin, (4) J. Hermon, m. Henri-
etta E. Brown— ch., [1] Fredie D. M., [2] Frank J.; 7, Asaph, ra. first
Betsey E. Gipson, ni. second Olive Steel, residence Upper Jay, N. Y., — ch.,
(1) Abigail, m. Amos L. Chase, (2) Sarah, m. first John D. Martin, m.
second Amos L. Chase, (3) Lasell S. G., m. Louisa; Labayteaux, (4)
Russel D., m. Marinda B. Mason— eh., [1] Martha M., [2] Mary M., [3]
Ellen M., [4] Betsey J., [5] Ithiel M., (5) Ithiel S., d. unm., (6) Betsey
P., m. Luther Ainsworth — ch., [1] Ida, [2] Everad, [3] Ithiel, [4] Inah,
(7) Nancy J., m. Eleazer M. Williams, (8) Asaph M., m. Abigail Clifford
— ch., [1] Effie M., [2] Addie M., [3] Olive B., [4] John 0., (9) John W.,
d. unm.; 8, Ozias, m. Louisa Wells — ch., (1) Maria C, m. Nelson Has-
Bom— ch., [1] Arthur B., [2] Louisa M., [3] Laura A., [4] Charles N.,
[5] Emma J., [G] Walter E., (2) Edwin S., m. Ednah B. Hacket— ch.,
[1] Caroline L., [2] Amanda E., [3] Homer, (3) Richard C, m. Wealthy
B. Houston — ch., [1] Ithiel, [2] Clara A., (4) Simeon W., d. young. (5)
Susan B., m. Moses L. Field— ch., [1] Wesley 0., [2] Waldo. VII.,
Eliphaz, m. Esther Scovile — ch., 1, Hannah, m. James Straw — ch., (1)

Eliphas, m. eh., [1] Lysander, (2) Esther, m. Asa Gould — ch.,

[1] Clarence H., [2] Adaline, (3) Anna S., f4) Hannah, m. David Snow
— ch., [1] Edwin M., [2] Marietta F., [3] Andrew F., [4] Albert D., [o]
Elbridge W. ; 2, Florenda, m. Harvey Liscomb (see Liscomb family) ; 3,
Ithiel, m. Hannah Gregg (see Gregg family) — ch., (!) Levi H., m. first

Caroline Stevens, m. second Harriet , (2) Anna S., d. young, (3)

Ithiel H., m. Eleanor Merrill, daughter of Rev. Joseph Merrill — ch., [1]
Homer M., (4) Hamilton R., d. unm., (5) Mary B.', m. John G. Latta —
eh., [1] Lillie, [2] Florence, [3] Mary C. VIII., Ozias, m. first Mary
Dearborn, m. second Fanny Jones, residence Hillsboro — ch., 1, Almira; 2,
Mary; 3, Frances A.; 4, Lucinda ; 5, Hannah ; 6, Martha; 7, Caroline ;
8, Charlotte ; 9, George ; 10, Thomas. The children of Samuel Silsby
were L, Julius. IL, Augustus. III., Eusebius. IV., Betsey. V.,
Sarah. VI., Karon. VII., Bridget. Of these only Eusebius lived in
Acworth any length of time. III., Eusebius, m. Sally Grout (see Grout
family) — ch., 1, Frederic; 2, Eusebius; 3, Mindwell, m. Issachar Mayo
(see Mayo family) ; 4, Sally; 5, Philenda ; G, Sophia, m. Robert Clark
(see Clark family); 7, Joseph G., m. Polly Keyes (see Keyes family) — ch.,


(1) Pamelia, rn. first Gardner Durant, m. second Joseph Weston — cb., [1]
Joseph, d. young, [2] Anna, (2) Julia, m. Milton P. Thornton (see Thorn-
ton family).

Thomas Southard s. in Acworth previous to 1785, m. Eliza ch.,

I., Eliza, m. Samuel Putnam of Charlestown — ch., 1, Eliza J., m. Prentiss
P. Bowen — ch., (1) Jennette, m. Asa W, Harriman — ch., [1] Carrie J.,
[2] Isabel; 2, Samuel, ra. Annette Minor — oh., (1) Wesley, (2) Aaron
S., (3) Alice; 3, James, m. Susan Dinsmore — ch., (1) Susan, (2) Caro-
line, (3) Fred; 4, Parthena, m. Gilman Bowen — ch., (1) Sarah, m. Charles
Willard, (2) Eliza, (3) George; 5, Lucinda, d. unm. ; 6, Caroline, d. unm.
II., James, m. Hannah Wilcox, daughter of Mrs. Hannah (Miriam) Wilcox
(see Hay ward family), residence Haverhill, III., Moses, and IV., Aaron,
(twins), residence Haverhill. III., Moses m. first, Nancy King (see King
family) — ch., 1, Solon, m. Berintha Merrill — ch.,-(l) George, d. in army,

(2) Franklin, ni. second Melissa Eastman — ch., (3) Sumner, (4) Moses,
(5) Aaron; 2, Caroline, d. young; 3, Lyman, m. first Jane Backus — ch.,
(1) Mary Ellen; m. second Hitty Kimball — ch., (2) Mattie, (3) Charles;
4, Franklin, d. young; 5, George, d. young. IV., Aaron, m. Jennie T.
Fj^nlay (see Finlay family) — ch., 1, Samuel F. ; 2, Eliza, m. Henry D.
Page — ch., (1) Jane, (2) Kate; 3, Ann Jane, m. Nathaniel M. Page of
Haverhill; 4, Joseph, d. young; 5, Kate, m. John W. Morse — ch., (1)
Kate, v., Lucinda. VI., Jerusha.

Samuel Slader whose descendants are supposed to be the only persons
spelling the name with a " d " instead of a " t," emigrated to Hingham,
Mass., from one of the interior counties of England, about 1725, ra. Mary
Wilder, an American — ch., Thomas, Edward, Samuel, and Sarah. Thomas
and Edward were soldiers in the army. Only Samuel left descendants.
He m. Mehitable Lewis, daughter of John Lewis, and s. in Windham, Ct.,
and afterwards in Acworth in 1780. In addition to the usual trials of front-
ier life his family suffered severely from sickness. When his children,
Mercy and Zenas, in 1788, were buried, he was the only one of the family
able to' follow them to the grave. He was elected deacon of the Congrega-
tional Church but died in a few months afterwards, in 1790. His son
Thomas was elected deacon in his stead, a quiet, unassuming man, but uni-
versally respected and possessing a judgment much relied upon. He died
in 1814 and his brother Edward succeeded to the office of deacon, and was
faithful and zealous through the revivals under Mr. Cooke's ministry, dying
soon after Mr. Cooke left in 1833. After a lapse of years, Zenas, the son
of Thomas, succeeded to the deacon's office which he still holds. Thus the
family has been prominent in the church. It has also been prominent in
town affairs, two of the sons and six of the grandsons of Samuel Slader
having represented their town or district in either branch of the Legislature.
Another son, Samuel, was first postmaster in town and held the office nearly
thirty years. The ch, of Samuel Slader were : I., Mehitable, m. Joshua




,«- 4\

'/x^-m^^ ■■



Booth of LeiTipster — ch., 1, Alfred; 2, Truman, m. Sophia Spencer — ch.,
(1) Emiline, m. George A. Purmont — ch., [1] Lucius A., (2) Harriet, m.
Lucius Wright— ch., [1] Ella, [2] Charles, (3) Arvilla, m. Elkanah M.
Alexander (see Alexander family), (4) Almond, m, Ellen Travers ; 3, Oliver,
m. Eunice Smith — ch., (1) Silas, m. Alice Gunnison — ch., five, (2) Joshua,
m. Mary Gunnison — ch., three; 4, Mason, m. Marj Currier — ch., (1)
Samuel, (2) Fidelia, (3) Mary S., (4) Jennett, (5) Ellen F. II., Thomas,
m. Hannah Holden of Groton, Mass. — ch., 1, Lucinda, m. Nathaniel Grout
(see Grout family) ; 2, Thomas, m. first Philharma Grout (see Grout family)
— ch., (1) Patty, m. Joseph Hayward (see Hayward family), (2) Betsey, d.
young, (3) Philharma H., d. young; Thomas m. second Asenath Silsby
(see Silsby family) — ch., (4) Milon H., (5) Nathaniel S., d. young, (6)
Roswell; Thomas m. third Mrs. Hardy, d. 1865; 3, Lewis, m. Nancy Wil-
son (see Wilson family) — ch., (1) Zenas, (2) Orville L., m. Mary L. Gray
(see McClure family), rem. to Rutland, Vt. — ch., [1] Arthur R., b. 1856,
[2] Henry L., [3] Mary E., b. 1868 ; 4, Mercy, b. 1790, m. Thomas
Mitchell (see Mitchell family) ; 5 Hannah, m. Frederic Stebbins (see Steb-
bins family) ; 6, Jesse, besides holding numerous town offices has represented
his district in the State Senate, m. Nancy Finlay (see Finlay family) — ch.,
(1) Lucy, ra. Warren Alden of Alstead — ph., [1] Mary E., [2] Walter
and [3] Willie, d. young, (twins), [4] Lizzie E. L., (2) Grenville C, d, in
Union army at Columbus, Ky., 1863, m, Eliza V. Banks — ch., [1] Carrie
H., [2] Jesse W., [3] Mabel R., (3) Thomas, d. unm., (4) Cornelia J., m.
Lyman Buswell (see Buswell family), (5) Nancy, d. unm., (6) Jesse F.,
rem. to New York city, (7) Samuel ; 7, Camilla, d. young ; 8, Zenas,
deacon in Congregational Church, m. Melintha Wilson (see Wilson family)
— ch., (1) Anna E., b. 1823, m. D. H. Nourse (see Nourse family), (2)
Dean C, m. Finette A. Franklin — ch., (1) Anna B., residence Nebraska,
(3) Sylvanus V., d. unm., (4) Sarah J., m. first, Smith — ch., [1] Frank,
m. second David McDonald, residence De Sota, Nebraska — ch., [2] Mary,
[3] Rollo, [4] Harry, and [5] Carrie, (twins), (5) Carrie D., m. Milon M.
Warner (see Warner family), (6) Norman G., rem. to Nebraska, (7) Joseph
W., rem. to Nebraska, (8) Charles L., rem. to Nebraska, m. Roxanna Frank-
lin— ch., [1] Carrie M., [2] Edgar F., (9) Philetta M., (10) Mary E., d.
young; 9, Lucina, m. Aaron Crosby of Springfield, 111. III., Olive, m.
Darius Liscomb (see Liscomb family). IV., Sarah, d. unm. V., Mercy,
d. unm. VI., Edward, ra. first Lucy Grout (see Grout family), was deacon
in Congregational Church — ch., 1, Betsey, m. Dr. Jonathan Silsby (see
Silsby family) ; 2, Lucy, m. Nathaniel Warner (see Warner family) ; 3,
Sally, m. first David Thornton of Dempster (see Thornton family), m. second,
Charles Fay, residence Lempster; 4, Edward A., rem. to Nashua, m. Almira
S. Huntoon — ch., (1) Louisa A., (2) Ellen A., d. young; 5, Polly, d.
young; 6, Lucinda, d. young; 7, Emeline, a teacher in Pennsylvania.
VI., Edward, m. second Mrs. Mary Moore (see Moore family). VII.,


Zenas, d. young. VIII., Samuel, m. Phebe Bridges (see Mitchel family) —
ch., 1, Corinna. IX., Desire, m. James Campbell (see Campbell family).
X., John L., m. Ruth Stebbins (see Stel)bins family) — ch., 1, Almon, d.
young ; 2, Huron, m. first Mary A. Parker, m. second Mary M. Knights
— ch., (1) Mary A. ; 3, Amos S., m. Elizabeth Thompson — ch., (1) Amos ;
4, Elizabeth G., m. John S. Clark— ch., (1) Mary E., (2) Milton J., (3)
George M., m. Augusta Averill, (4) Calista ; 5, Samuel L., m. Mary L.
Loomis — ch., (1) Stella M. ; 6, John M., d. unm. ; 7, Almon, m. Elizabeth
Dolloflf— ch., (1) Mary J., m. Walter Glynes— ch., [1] Lizzie Mary; 8,
Calista R. XI., Hannah, b. 1788, m. Winslow Copeland (see Copeland
family), d. 1865.

Samuel Smith came to Acworth from Ashford, Ct., in 17G9, m. Mehita-
ble Wadkins, sister of Mrs. Ephraim Keyes — ch., I., Samuel, taught the
first school in town. He lived in Acworth only a few years, rem. to Lyme
about 1773, where he m. first Sarah Grant and moved to Fairlee, where he
was elected town clerk in 1780 and was yearly re-elected to that office until
1820 — ch., 1, Jedediah ; 2, Sarah, d. unm. ; 3, Grant, m. first Christianna
Ormsby — ch., (1) Anna, d. young ; m. second Esther Bartholomew — ch.,

(2) Solon G. ; m. third Rebecca Swift — ch., (3) Mary, d. young, (4) Mary,
(5) Myron, (6) Harlan P., (7) an infant, d. young, (8) Newton, (9) Sheri-
dan ; 4, Lucy, m. Alvan Hammond, was present at the Centennial, from
Fairlee, Vt., being 89 years of age — ch., (1) Priscilla, d. unm., (2) Harriet,

(3) Samuel L., m. Abiah Dame — ch., [1] George L., m. Marinda Emerson
— ch., George D., [2] Lorenza D., m. Mrs. Sarah Colby — ch., Katie A.
and Eugene C, [3] Gilman S., d. unm., [4] Nathan H., d. unm., [o]
Elizabeth L., (4) Nathaniel K., d. unm., (u) George, d. young, (G) Alvan,
m. Elizabeth Miles; 5, Samuel, d. unm. ; G, Anna, d. young. I., Samuel,
m. second Mrs. Asa Davis (see Graham family). II., Mehitable. III.,
Jedediuh, m. first Anna Gustin of Marlow, m. second Sarah Webster,
rem. to Langdon — ch., 1, Oliver ; 2, Sally ; 3, Roxy ; 4, Annie ; 5, Ransom ;
6, Joseph ; 7, -Rockwell. IV., Jerusha. V., Eli, m. P]unice Sawyer, sister
of Nathaniel Sawyer — ch., 1, Cynthia, d. young; 2, Achsah, m. Samuel
Clark (see Clark family) ; 3, Jerusha, killed by lightning ; 4, Elias, d.
unm. ; 5, Eunice, and 6, Anna (twins) ; 6, Anna, d. young. VI., Edward,
ni. Polly Bryant, sister of John Bryant (see Moore family), rem. to Orford
— ch., 1, Ransom ; 2, Roswell ; 3, Samuel ; 4, Mindwell ; 5, Stillman ; 6,
Gardiner; 7, Charles. VII., Ransom, m. Lettice Markham (see Markham
family), rem. to Genesee, N. Y. VIII., Olive, b. Nov. 29, 17G9, third
child b. in Acworth, m. Dewey.

William, David, Reuben, and Martha Smith, all of whom lived in
Acworth, were of the third gen. in this country. David Smith, their grand-
father, came from Ireland to Londonderry and afterwards s. in New Boston.
He and one of his neighbors were once attacked by seven Indians, the neigh-
bor was soon wounded, and three of the Indians proceeded to bind him,

, (

-Z^-f^^^C^y^ ,

SMITH, 269

while tbe remaining four fell upon Smith, who bravely defendecl himself, and
nearly killed one of the savages by striking him with a gun which he had
wrenched from his hands. He was speedily overcome and bound, and load-
ing him with their plunder they started for Canada. He, however, liberated
himself and his companion during the first night and escaped. He was the
father of nineteen children by two wives, of whom David was the father of
those who s. in Acworth. Martha, m. Asa Sargent (see Sargent family),
Another sister, m. Benjamin Poland, who came to Acworth from New Bos-
ton about 1800 — ch., I., John. II., Benjamin. Mr. P. rem. to Langdon.
David, m. Eleaner Giddings, daughter of Joseph Giddings of New Boston —
ch., I., David, m. Ruth Whittemore, rem. to New Boston — ch., 1, John ; 2,
David; 3, Aaron; 4, Mary A. II., John, d. in the U. S. service in 1814.
III., Joseph G., residence Unity, m. first Lucy Howe (see Howe family) —
ch., 1, Lyma, m. Charles W. Bingham of Gilsum — ch., (1) Luella, (2)
Charlie W., (3) Joe, (4) Nellie ; 2, Sidney, m, Lydia Abel ; 3, Joseph, m.
Hannah Agan — ch., (1) Lucy, (2) Emeline, (3) Ashby, (4) Thomas ; 4,
Alonzo ; 5, Thomas, d. young; (3, Thomas J., m. Sarah Falls — ch., (1)
Leonora; 7, David ; 8, Lucy, m. Edwin 0. Smith — ch., (1) George L. ; 9,
George, m. Sarah Fields — ch., (1) Jennie. III., Joseph G., m. second,
Elizabeth Young (see Young family) — ch., 10, Irzanna E. ; 11, Emily, m.
Edward L. Gates; 12, Levi A., m. Addie Johnson — ch., (1) Freeman J. ;
13, Freeman; 14, James F. IV., Jerry, m. Susan Currier (see Currier
family) — ch., 1, John; 2, Eleanor; 3, Dinsmore ; 4, Emily; 5, Adams; 6,
Joseph ; 7, Fannie. V., Ami, m. Lydia Butler, rem. to Hillsborough —
ch., 1, Eliza A. ; 2, John ; 3, ; 4, Ellen ; 5, Cynthia. VI., Alexan-
der, m. first, Susan Ayres, rem. to Hillsborough — ch., 1, Dexter; 2, James;

3, Susan M. ; 4, Jefferson, m. second, Mrs. Fannie . VII., Luke,

m. Wealthy Ayres— ch., 1, George ; 2, Wealthy M. ; 3, Mark ; 4, Charles.
Luke, m. second, Mrs. Sarah G. (Mayo) Sargent (see Mayo family). VIII.,
Elizabeth, m. first, Hugh Wilson of Hillsborough — ch., 1, James; 2, David;
3, Eleanor ; 4, Jefferson ; 5, Mary; 6, Roseltha ; 7, Levi; m. second, Henry
McClure (see McClure family). IX., Rufus, rem. to Hillsborough. X.,
an infant, d. young. XI., Lima, d. young. XII., Levi, became a Baptist
minister, preached in Pittsfield, Vt., m. Amelia Morse. XIII., Francis, m.

Smith, rem. to Rockingham. William, b. 17G8, s. in Acworth

1796, m. Jane Montgomery (see Montgomery family) — ch., I., John, b.
1703, rem. to Unity, m. Olive Orcutt (see Orcutt fiimily) — ch., 1, Sophina;
2, William ; 3, Kilburn ; 4, Harley ; 5, Sarah J. ; 6, John G. II., Hugh,
d. young. HI., Mary, d. young. IV., Kimball, m. Angelia Cummings

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