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(see Cummings family) — ch., 1, Miles, b. 1826, m. first Lucy Lawton
(see Howe family) — ch., (1) Ida, m. second, Thankful Fletcher — ch., (2)
Angle L., (3) Jennie M., residence Springfield ; 2, Willard M., practiced
dentistry at Littleton and now practices at Claremont ; 3, Ruth J., m.
George Chapman (see Chapman family) ; 4, Melviu, m. L. Jennie Gleason,


residence Wheaton, 111. — cb., (1) Lena J, ; 5, Azuba A., m. Cbarles Law-
ton (see Lawton family) ; 6, Arabella, m. Harvey Lincoln (see Lincoln
family). V., William, d. young. VI., Silsby, residence Parishville, St.
Lawrence Co., N. Y., m. Sopbia Cummings (see Cummings family) — ch.,
1, Emeline ; 2, Dean; 3, Page. VII., Reuben, residence Unity, m. Nancy
Dow— cb., 1, Sarab L. ; 2, Mary G. ; 3, George W. VIII., Clarissa, m.
Willard Carlton (see Dean Carlton family). IX., Nebemiab M., m. Isabella

Joseph E. Smith of Gilsum s. in Acwortb, 1867, m. Mary E. Liver-
more— cb., I., Jobn W. II., Charles F. III., Ida M. IV., Henry E.

Hazadiah Smith came from Beverly, Mass., to Acwortb, 1790, rem. to
Asbtabula, Obio, 1810, m. Lois Woodbury (see Zecbariab Woodbury fam-
ily)— cb., I., Juditb. II., Nabby. III., Ptebecca. IV., Lydia. V.,
Hezekiab. VI., Samuel C.

Thomas Smith s. in Acwortb, 1866, m. Almira Chase — ch., I., Ora.
II., Norman. III., Alba.

John M. Smith came from Hopkinton to Acwortb in 1862, m. Catherine
A. Stevens — cb., I., Georgianna. II., Martha C.

Henry Smith came from Marlow to Acwortb, 1800, m. Rebecca Bisby
— ch., I., Harry, m. Eunice Smith — cb., 1, Hannah, m. David Nash of
Alstead — ch., (1) Martha. II., Edward,- m. Elizabeth Beaverstock —
ch., 1, Sarah. III., Joel, m. Juditb Collins— ch., 1, Wilbur; 2, Edward

E. ; 3, Franklin; 4, ; 5, Arthur. IV., Mindwell, m. Nehemiah

Flint of Walpole — cb., 1, Lucy, m. Thomas Feltcb — cb., (1) Augustus,
(2) Irving. V., N. Gardiner, m. Eleanor Bignal — cb., 1, George W.
VI., Franklin A., m. Sarab Collins — ch., 1, Electa, m. Gilman Temple; 2,
Henry; 3, Nancy, m. Freeman Hoyt; 4, Betsey; 5, Sarab A. VIL,
Phebe, m. Hiram Hudson of Keene.

Charles A. Snow came to Acwortb from Charlestown, 1865, m. Susan
0. Pond (see Pond family) — ch., I., Charles E. II., George E., d. young.
III., Mary J. IV., William E. V., Lucy E. H. VL, Clarence L.

Aaron W. Sparling m. Mary Bailey (see Bailey family) — ch., I.,
Marvin, d. young. II., Julia A., d. young. III., Ladoiska, m. Cbarles
E. Spencer. IV., Laura E., d. young.

Mehuman Stebbins came from Ashford, Ct., to Acwortb about 1771, m.
Hannah Keyes (see Keyes family). They were the first couple married in
town. Every person in town was present at their marriage, which was at
Henry Silsby's during the Sabbath service — ch., I., Elizabeth, d. young
II., Amos H., residence Rutland, N. Y., m. Mrs. Hannah Keyes — ch., 1

Cornelia, m. Munson — ch., (1) Henry, (2) Frank. III., Ruth, d

young. IV., Ruth, m. John L. Slader (see Slader family). V., Hannah
m. John Grout (see Grout family). VL, Mehuman, d. unm. at Berlin, Vt
VII., Frederic, m. Hannah Slader (see Slader family), residence Nortb
field, Vt. — ch., 1, Mary L., m. Ellis; 2, Anson, m. first Ad&


line Strong — ch., (1) Edwina; m. second Emily Strong — cb., (2) George
A., d. young; ra. third Mrs. Maria D. Norton — eh., (3) Freddie A.; 3,
Cornelia, m. W. C. Woodbury (see Woodbury family); 4, Camilla F., m.
Samuel F. Hayden of Ohio— ch., (1) George S., (2) WilUam C; 5, Juli-
ette E., m. Ellis of Northfield, Vt. ; 6, Amos H., m. first Louise

Forbush, ra. second Allie Forbush — ch., (1) Jennie G., (2) Ella L., (3)
Eda, (4) Carrie A.; 7, Orson F., m. Pamelia Baldwin — ch., (1) Freddie
A., (2) Juliett S. VIIL, Kaross, d. young. IX., Derrick, d. unm. X.,
Reynolds, m. , residence Carrolton, Ky.

Enoch Stevens of Salem s. in Acworth, 1791, rem. to Ohio in 1810, m.
Hannah Woodbury (see Zachariah Woodbury family) — ch., I., Martha, m.
Dr. Benjamin Gates (see Gates, family). II., Seth, drowned in the mill-
pond. III., Elsie, m. Curtiss. IV., Judith. V., Hannah, m.

' Burrows. VI., William, m. Burbank. VII., Virginia.

VIII., Rebecca. IX., Isaac. X., Hammond. XI., Cynthia.

William J. Stevens, a native of Salisbury, s. in Acworth, 1865, m.
Cynthia Young (see Young family) — ch., I., George W. II., Eliza J.
III., Harriet C, d. young. IV., Ira W. V., Hattie C. VI., Ruth E.
VII., William H.

Oliver Studley b. in Wrentham, Mass., 1788, m. Elizabeth Gould,
daughter of William Gould of Reading, Mass., s. in Acworth, 1815, rem.
to Lancaster, Mass., in 1843; was deacon in the Congregational Church
while in Acworth. He was a useful man; his influence, especially over the
young, was strong and promotive of religion and good morals — ch., I., Fred-
eric G., b. 1812, m. Mary E. Harmon of Portland, Me. — ch., I., George R. ;
2, Edward A., d. unm. ; 3, Sarah A., residence Cleveland, 0. II., Warren,
ra. Elizabeth Morton of Bristol, Me. — ch., 1, James W. ; 2, Sarah E., m.
B. F. Mead of New York. III., Harriet S., ra. James H. Harmon of
Portland, Me. — ch., 1, Elizabeth H., m. Charles W. Holden of Boston; 2,
George A. ; 3, Caroline M., m. Robert B. Swift of Philadelphia; 4, Charles
H., d. young; 5, Alice B., d. young. IV., George W., d. unm. V.,
Elizabeth M., m. William Sheer of Watertown, N. Y., residence San Fran-
cisco — ch., 1, Theodora. VI., Otis, m. Elizabeth Cook, residence Brook-
lyn, N. Y.— ch., 1, Thomas C; 2, Jennie, d. young; 3, John. VII.,
Sarah M., m. Charles J. Strout of Gorham, Me., residence Lancaster, Mass.
— ch., 1, Charles 0.; 2, Frederic H., d. young; 3, George S. VIII., Hi-
ram, ra. Elvira Shorey, residence New York — ch., 1, Hattie B. ; 2, George
B.; 3, Ella D. ; 4, Carrie L., d. young. IX., Emily, m. Charles A. Cod-
man of Boston, residence Thompson Station, L. I. X., Caroline, b. 1830,
m. Charles W. Haynes of Bolton, Mass. — ch., 1, Willie 0.

Sargent Straw, afterwards Sargent Symonds, was b. in Sandown, m.

first, Richardson, s. in Acworth 1820 — ch., I., Lois, m. Stephen

Gould of Greenfield — ch., 1, Mary M., m. Orna B. Burnham (see Burn-
ham family) ; 2, John S., d. young; 3, Franklin K., d. young; 4, Alma


L., d. young; 5, Harriet D., m. first .Tames Dunbar, m. second Erastus
Austin; 6, Rachel A., d. young; 7, William H., m. Nancy J. Lewis; 8,
Lois A. A., d. young; 9, Cynthia M., m. Wm. Wood of Alstead ; 10,
Henry G., d. young. II., Abigail, m. Capt. James Patterson of Greenfield.
III., Rachel, ra. Frederic A. Dyke, their daughter Rachel S., m. John D.
Bradford (see Bradford family). IV., Harriet, m. Willard Cram (see Cram
family). V., John S., m. Mary E. Dickey (see Dickey family) — ch., 1,
Dean, m, Edna M. Boyce — ch., (1) Mary E. ; 2, Harriet, m. first Christo-
pher McAdaras — ch., (1) Hattie, m. second Charles Wheeler (see Wheeler
family) ; 3, Almira, m. Rufus Howe (see Howe family) ; 4, John ; 5,
Marion ; 6, George ; 7, Eugene. Sargent Symonds, ra. second Sarah
Gould — ch., VI., Cynthia, m. Benj. Gregg (see Gregg family). VII.,
Samuel F., m. Mary R. Mayo (see Mayo family) — ch., 1, John F., d. unm. ;

2, Benson, d. young; 3, Onii. VIII., Sylvester, ra. Mary J. Whittemore
— ch., 1, Frank, d. young; 2, Charles S. ; 3, Harriet S. ; 4, Irving; 5,
Myrtie B. IX., Mary A., m. Daniel Gay (see Gay family). X., Louisa,
m. first Cyrus Richardson — ch., 1, Sarah M., m. Francis Ps Fletcher (see
Fletcher family) ; 2, Ellen ; 3, Josephine. Louisa, m. second Horace Bus-
well (see Buswell family). XI., Almira, m. Thomas Batchelor (see Batch-
elor family).

Orin Taylor s. in Acworth, m. first Charlotte M. Hayward (see Hay-
ward family) — ch., I., Lucy. II., Sumner, m. Almira Johnson (see John-
son family). III., Lauretta, m. Herbert Miller, residence Charlestown —
ch., 1, Charles 0. IV., Barnet C. F., d. young, m. second, Deborah Kid-
der — ch., v., Lura. VL, Lunette.

Thomas Templeton, came from Francistown to Acworth in 1802, m.
Polly Spear — ch., I., Dolly, m. Thomas Richardson, residence Topsham, Vt.

II., Mathew, rem. to Topsham, m. — ch., 1, Hannah ; 2, Mathew.

III., Jane. IV., Peggy, m. Henry Barney, residence Windham, Vt. — ch.,
1, Polly; 2, Nancy; 3, Manoris ; 4, Pamelia. V., Polly, d. unm. VL,
Sally, d. unm. VII., Moses, m. Tryphosa Pierce of Alstead — ch., 1, An-
geline J. ; 2, Allen T. ; 8, Mary S. ; 4, Electa A. ; 5, Almira C. ; 6, Henry
W. ; 7, Charles A. VIIL, Betsey, m. Willard Emery, residence Plymouth,
Vt.— ch., 1, Charles; 2, James; 3, Moses; 4, Willard. IX., Fanny.

Daniel, Earned, Ezekiel, Peter, Hannah, Patty, Huldah, and Esther,
were the children of Ezekiel and Huldah Thayer of Bellingham, Mass.
Larned and Peter Thayer, s. in Acworth, 1796, Larned, m. first Polly
Parnel — ch., I., Joseph, m. Marinda Fcnn — ch., 1, George, m. Mary
Brewer — ch., (1) George, rem. to Danby, 111. ; 2, Lucy, m. Oscar L. Bab-
Lit of Castleton, Vt. — ch., (1) Jennie; 3, William, d. in U. S. service in
late war ; 4, Helen, d. young. II., Ezekiel, m. Mary Atwood — ch., 1,
Charles B., d. young; 2, Elizabeth A., m. S. J. Kelso of Ohio — ch., (1)
Ella H., (2) Clinton, (3) Mary, (4) Amelia J., (5) Rosa L., (0) Elsie E. ;

3, Joseph, d. young ; 4, Edward C, d. unm. ; 5, Amelia A. ; 6, James M.,


d. unm. ; 7, d. young ; 8, John, d. young ; 9, d. young ; 10,

Elsie M. III., Polly, d. unm. Larned, m. second, Lydia Silsby (see
Silsby family) — ch., IV., Larned, m. Serena Fay — ch., 1, Henry, m. Sarah
J. Allen — ch., (1) Albert L., (2) Jennie S. ; 2, Julia, m. William Ray
mond of Winchendon, Mass. — ch., (1) George L. Y., Ithiel, d. young
VI., Lima, m. Harvey Howard (see Howard family). VII., Sophia, m
Thomas Prentiss of Alstead — ch., 1, Frederic, m. Gratia A. Chatterton — ch.
(1) Mary S., (2) Harvey E. ; 2, Luella ; 3, Estella. VIII., Adeline, m
Paschal Banks of Alstead — ch., 1, Charles, d. young. Peter Thayer, m
Abigail Blake — ch., I., Lucy, m. first, Schuyler Parks — ch., 1, George; 2
Elizabeth; 3, Otis; Lucy, m. second, Vernon Palmer — ch., 4, Allen; 5
Adeline; 6, Henrietta. II., Nancy, m. Calvin Tucker — ch., 1, Albert
2, James; 3, Eliphalet ; 4, John ; 5, Ellen; e,-^harles; 7, George; 8
Herbert. III., Fisher, m. first, Eliza Rand — ch., 1, Helen; m. second
Mary Roberts~ch., 2, Mary F. ; 3 Charles; m. third, Rhoda Albree. IV.
Warren, m. Pamelia Jackson (see Jackson family) — ch., 1, William M.
m. Maria Marvin — ch., (1) Myrtie, d. young, (2) Walter, (3) Warren A.
2, Erskine D., d. young ; 3, Laura E., m. Rev. S. L. Gerould of GofFstown
— ch., (1) John H. ; 4, Leonard E. ; 5, Hiram 0., d. in army; 6, Daniel
J. ; 7, Annie L. ; 8, Hattie M. ; 9, Lyman H. V., Abigail, m. Rensallaer
Tupper — ch., 1, Charles; 2, Mary; 3, Adeline ; 4, Ellen ; 5, Emma ; 6,
John. VI., Huldah. VII., Peter B., m. Mary Kent — ch., 1, Harvey Kent.
He was born in Alstead but spent his boyhood in Acworth, graduated at
Bangor Seminary in 1847, ordained and installed pastor of the Congrega-
tional Church in Garland, Me., in 1848, with which people he has labored up
to the present time. VIII., Belinda, m. Jacob B. Rand — ch., 1, Herbert;
2, Douglass; 3 George; 4, Alonzo ; 5, Nettie ; 6, Nellie.

Philo Thater, m. Bathsheba BuUard, came from Swanzey to Acworth

in 1817, rem. to Chelsea, Vt., 182 ch. I. Hopewell, m. Jonas Blood

(see Blood family). II., Theron, m. Rebecca Whitney (see Whitney
family) — ch., 1, Perilla ; 2, Mary ; 3, Calista ; 4, Emma ; 5, Harriet. III.,
Luther B., rem. to Pittsford Vt.

Stephen Thornton, native of Gloucester, R. I., probably came to Ac-
worth from Ashford, Ct., previous to 1785, m. first Elizabeth Rogers, 1783
(see Rogers family), m. second Zilpha Haven — ch., I., Sally, m. Richard
Clark of Langdon — ch., 1, Corinna F., m. William Logan; 2, Horace F.,
m. Caroline Bissell — ch., (1) Jane, (2) Levi, (3) Carrie, (4) Mary; 3, R.
Hammond, m. first Lucinda Baker, m. second Oliva Dexter — ch., (1) Ste-
phen, (2) Lucinda, (3) Abbie ; 4, Harvey T., m. first Charlotte Earl, m.
second Delia Boyce — ch., (1) Martha, m. H. H. Earl — ch., [1] Etta, [2]
Eddie, (2) Harriet, (3) Sarah, (4) Zilpha, (5) Dorcas; 5, Sumner 0., m.
Marian White, residence Garden City, Minn. — ch., (1) Merrill M.,* m.
Lavinia M. Fall, residence Minnesota — ch., [1] Harry, (2) Abbie E., (3)
Lilly M., (4) Rose A., d. young; 6, Sarah J., ra. William M. White, resi-


dence Washington County, N. Y. — ch., (1) Celicia, d. young, (2) Sopbia,
(3) Corinna, ra. Hosea Pierce of New York — ch., [1] Grace A., (4) Elsie,
(5) Sabra, (6) Hatty, (7) Louisa, (8) Harvey, (9) Sumner, (10) Julia, (11)
Franklin, (12) Merrill, d. young; 1 , Stephen, m. Lavinia Lord, residence
Warehouse Point, Ct. — ch., (1) Horace and three others. II., John, m.
Lucy Corbin — ch., 1, Clement C, m. first Elsie Stevens — ch., (1) John, m.
Helen Dudley, residence West Concord — ch., [1] Cbra Bell, (2) Sarah E.,
d. unm., (3) Albert C, m. Mary E. Newell— ch., [1] Ida M., [2] Bertie.
[8] Jennie A., residence Woodstock, Vt., (4) Stephen M., m. Annie Gilson
of New York, where they reside, (5) George H., d. in army, (6) Clement
C, m. Ellen M. Smith, residence Grantham, (7) Charles E; 1, Clement,
m. second Ann Bartlen — ch., (8) Norman C, (9) Thomas J., (10) David
A., (11) George H., (12) Benjamin F., (18) Sullivan C. ; 2, Elizabeth A.,
d. young; 3, Ann, m. first Erastus Carpenter — ch., (1) Frank, d. young,
(2) Erastus; m. second Jonathan Lines; 4, Sabra, m. Solon Blanchard (see
Blanchard family); 5, Milton P., m. Julia Silsby (see Silsby family) — ch.,

(1) Ellen P., (2) Charles M., (3) Anna. III., Jesse Thornton, m. first
Betsey Campbell (see Campbell family), rem. to Moretown, Vt. — ch., 1,
Stephen C, m. Sarah Bulkeley, residence Middlesex, Vt. — ch., five; 2,
Chastina B., m. Cyrus C. Spaulding — ch., (1) Justin, d. young, (2) El-
vira, (8) Justin L., m. Ada Styles, (4) Jesse T., residence Bloomington,
111.; 8, George A., m. first Nancy Ashley — ch., (1) Nancy J., m. Charles
Dutton; m. second Eliza M. Bulkeley — ch., (2) Lizzie; 4, Zilpha H., m.
Marvin F. Silsby (see Silsby family) ; 5, Samantha J., m. Moses Davis,
residence Lempster — ch., (1) Julia A., m. George Heard of Lempster,

(2) Cornelia J., d. young, (8) George E. III., Jesse m. second Lorinda
Carpenter — ch., 6, Sylvester, d. young; 7, Nancy A., m. G. H. Crossett.
III., Jesse m. third Phebe Moxon. IV., Baptist, d. unm. V., Stephen,
m. Peggy Wallace (see Wallace family) — ch., 1, Solon; 2, Sumner; 3,
Chastina; 4, John. VI., Dorcas, m. Edward Woodbury (see Woodbury
family). VII., Ariel. VIII. , Calvin. IX., David, m. Sally Slader (see
Slader family) — ch., 1, Solon, m. first Malanca Bryant, m. second Cordelia
Tilden— ch., (1) Charles S., (2) Hattie T. ; 2, George, m. first Mary E.
Thrasher — ch., (1) Alice; m. second Anna A. Mann — ch., (2) George A.,

(3) Frank E., (4) David, (5) Mary E., (6) Helen L., (7) Jennie M. ; 3,
Orson H., m. Mary L. Maynard— ch., (1) Orson L., (2) Edward A., (3)
Frank E., (4) Julia W., (5) Mary E. ; 4, Charles, m. Caroline Luce; 5,
Sarah E. ; 6, Mary E., m. Charles E. Fay— ch., (1) Edward A., (2) Al-
bert T. ; 7, Edward, m. Georgianna Maynard; 8, Martha, m. Carlos C.
Wellman — ch., 1, Frank E. X., Lucy, m. John Keyes (see Keyes family).
XI., Elizabeth, d. young.

DuRBN Tinker of Lyme, Ct., s. in Acworth in 1802, afterwards rem. to
Marlow, m. first Polly Lanphier — ch., I., Richard, m. Orphah Gale, of
whose children Willard m. Emily George and s. in Acworth (see George


family) — ch., (1) Delphine L. II., Betsey, m. Rawson Angier (see Angier
family). Duren m. second Betsey Woodbury (see Woodbury family) — ch.,
III., Mary, d. young. IV., Duren. V., Nancy.

Owen Tract, an emigrant from Ireland, m. Theulah Willard, s. in Ao-
worth, 1787, d. in 1816 — ch., I., John, m. Jemima Welch, rem. to the
West — ch., 1, Lucinda; 2, Susan; 3, Lestina; 4, Theulah; 5, Owen, 6,
Omar; 7, George. II., Polly, m. John Spauldiug. III., Betsey, m. Isaac
Guild, residence Lowell — ch., 1, George F., m. first Mary A. Barnett — ch.,
(1) George B. ; m. second Ada Marsh — ch., (2) Charles M., d. young, resi-
dence Arlington, Mass.; 2, Charles M., d. unm. in California; 3, Caroline
E., m. Charles F. Livingston, residence Manchester — ch., (1) Emma Y., d,
young, (2) Frank C, (3) Edward G., d. young; 4, Henry C, m. Lucy M.
Sawyer of Lowell, residence Lowell — ch., (1) Henry T., (2) Albert S., (3)
Thomas G. ; 5, Emily B., ni. James T. Fisher, residence Jamaica Plains,
Mass. — ch., (1) Herbert G., (2) Arthur L., d. young; 6, Isaac 0., m. Mary
J. Paul, residence Lynn, Mass. — ch., (1) Irving T., (2) Sydney P.; 7, Al-
bert D., m. Marion F. Grinnell — ch., (1) Charles G., (2) Carra F., residence
Chicago, 111. IV., Phebe.- V., Huldah, d. unm. VI., Joel, m. Maria
Pettengill (see Pettengill family) — ch., 1, Homer D. C, m. Ellen M. Rob-
inson (see Robinson family); 2, Austin W., m. Eliza A. Thurston; 3, John
C, m. Catherine A.,- Cloxton — ch., (1) Elizabeth M. • 4, Joel B., m. Joseph-
ine L. Neal (see Neal family) ; 5, Helen M., m. Dwight Smith of Lempster
— ch., (1) Freddie A., (2) Willie, (3) Alva D.; 6, Lucian N. *

Retire Trask of Beverly s. in Acworth, 1793, rem. to Ohio, 1810, m.
Lydia Foster (see Foster family) — ch., I., Retire. II., Benjamin. III.,
Lydia. IV., Hannah. V., Amy.

Francis S. Trow, son of William and Hepzibah Trow, s. in Acworth,
1858, m. Pamelia M. Davis— ch., L, Helen A. II., Ella J. III., Fred
B. IV., Martha A. V., Mary E. VL, Frankie E. VIL, Susie W.

Joel Turner of Mendon, Mass., s. in Acworth previous to 1793, m.
Eunice Rawson — ch., I., Olive, m. Joel Angier (see Angier family).
II., Deborah, m. Alpheus Crosby of Francistown. III., Levi, m. Delia
Currier (see Currier family) — ch., 1, Eunice, ra. John Lcavitt ; 2, Delia,
m. Elijah Chase of Claremont; 3, Levi C, like most Acworth boys who
have obtained an education, he assisted himself by teaching, beginning in his
sixteenth year with a school of sixty scholai's. He fitted for College mostly
at Claremont, to which place his father had removed; entered Dartmouth
College in 1825, and removed to Union College in 1827; after graduating,
attended the law school at Schenectady, N. Y., was acTinitted to the bar.
He m. a daughter of Robert Campbell, Esq., of Cooperstown and entered
into partnership with his father-in-law in 1830. His time here was divided
between the duties of his profession, speech-making, and newspaper corres-
pondence. He was admitted to the bar of the United States Superior
Court at Washington in 1836; in 1838 made a tour in Europe; opened


a law office in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1839, writing at the same time for the
" Cleveland Herald ; " in 1848 became one of the editors and proprietors of
the " Cincinnati Gazette ; " sold his interest in the paper in 1851, receiv-
ing an appointment in the Treasury Department in Washington. After
spending the winter of 1852-3 at Key West, Florida, he returned to Coop-
erstown and held the office of County Judge for about eight years, at the
same time corresponding with several leading newspapers, and editing a
paper himself. In 1862 he received the appointment of Judge Advocate of
the War Department, with the rank of Brig. Gen., which office he held
until his death in March,, 1867. 4, Nancy, m. Geo. Barney of St. Johns-
bury; 5, Lemuel, d. young. IV., Joel, m. Malison Orcutt (see Orcutt
family) — ch., 1, Relief; 2, Crosby; 3, Abigail, d. unm. ; 4, William; 5,
Mary; 6, Charles. V., Polly, m. Orange Hart, rem. to New York. VI.,
Nancy, m. David Swallow of Weston.

Ezra Vinton came from Townsend, Mass., to Acworth, 1864, with his
eon John C, whom. Mary J. Stevens — ch., I., George.

Jeduthan Waldo s. in Acworth in 1817, m. Lucy Markham (see Mark -
ham family)— ch., I., Edward T. II., Jerusha. III., Seth Spencer.

Thomas Wallace emigrated from Coleraine, Antrim Co., Ireland, to
Londonderry, N. H., 1726, m. Jean Wallace, whose acquaintance he formed
on shipboard. After the birth of their eight children they rem. to Bedford,
being the eighth family in town. Joseph Wallace, their son, s. in Acworth
in 1797— ch., L, Thomas. II., Margaret. III., Mary A. IV., Susan.
v., Martha. Jesse Wallace, son of John, second son of Thomas Wallace,
came from Bedford to Acworth 1819, m. Betsey Lyon— ch., I., Calvin, m.
Emily Spaulding (see Lincoln family). II., Harvey D., m. Lueina Ingalls
(see Ingalls family)— ch., 1, Eugene C. ; 2, Ada L. III., Freeman, m.
Mary E. Bixby— ch., 1, Charlie A. William, third son of Thomas Wallace,
m. Ann Scoby, s. in Merrimac — ch., Joseph, James, David, John P., Adam,
Jane, Ann, and Sally; Joseph, m. Sally Mclntyre and s. in Vermont;

David, m. Janet Wallace, residence Merrimac ; Jane, m. Hadley of

Dunbarton; Sally, m. John McAflfee of Goffstown ; John P., m. Jane Oit,
residence a little while in Acworth ; James, b. 1778, s. in Acworth 1797 or
1798, m. Martha Nesmith (see Nesmith family)— ch., I., Nesmith, d. young.
II., Cranmore, graduated at Dartmouth College 1824; taught at New
Ipswich, Chelmsford, Marblehead, and Boston, Mass. ; rem. to Cheraw, S. C;,
1830, and taught five years; was ordained deacon in the Protestant Episco-
pal Church, 1836, and not long after a Presbyter ; was Rector of St. John's
Church, Berkeley,"^. C, and of St. Stephen's Church, Charleston ; m. Juliette
Farwell; d. 1860, m.uch lamented, having spent an active and useful life,
III., Maria, d young. IV., Ann, m. Lucius Parmalee of Vermont; of their
six ch. two are living, Edward C, civil engineer, and commissioner of deeds,
Central City, Colorado, and Martha F. who m. Edward Wells of Burlington,
Vt. v., Electa, m. E. S. Gage, residence for a time in Acworth, rem. to

/i^^i£/) ^i^tS^ ^:0



Iowa— ch., 1, Cranraore "W. ; 2, Theodore S. VI., John P., m, Mary
Dodge, d. in Reading, Mass., 1836. VIIL, William V., m. Maria Keen,
residence E. Braintree, Mass. — ch., six. VIII., Rusina, d. unm. IX.,
Velina, d. young, a twin with Rusina. X., James, d. young. XI., Velina,
a twin with James, has beop for the last ten years connected with Ladies
Boarding-Schools in North Granville, N. Y., and West Brattleboro, Vt.,
winning for herself an enviable reputation. XII., Daniel R., d. at Water-
bury, Vt., 1857. XIII., Mary M., m. Dr. J. P. Connor who d. in Astoria,
L. I., m. second William H. Woodward, who is also dead, residence, Provi-
dence, R. I. Adam, m. Martha McClure (see McClure family) — ch., I.,
Caroline, m. John P. Davis (see Davis family). II., John. III., William,
d. unm. IV., Margaret. V., Thomas. VI., Milton. VII., Orr. VIIL,

Mathew, James, Martha, and Agnes were the children of Robert Wal-
lace, who emigrated from Scotland to Ireland, and from thence to London-
derry, N. H., previous to 1750. A daughter of Mathew m. Daniel Camp-
bell (see Campbell family). Martha, m. William Mitchell (see Mitchell
family). Agnes, m. Alexander Houston (see Houston family). James s. in
Acworth, 1775, m. Margaret Archibald (see Archibald family) — ch., I.,
George, b. 1776, m. Harriet Menough, residence Cleveland — ch., 1, James
W., m. Adeline Hanchett — ch., (1) George, m. Cassie McKisson-7-ch.,
[1] James, [2] Etta, [3] William, (2) Hiram, m. Marianna Means — ch.,
[1] Adaline R., (3) Mary E., (4) Warner, (5) Joseph, d. young, (6)
Leonard C, (7) Margaret S. H. ; 2, George Y., m. Ellen Reynolds — ch.,
(1) William, m. Miss Grant — ch., one, (2) James, m. Henrietta Snyder, d.
from wounds received at the battle of Fredericksburg, (3) George Y., m.
Miss Belden, residence Omaha City ; 3, Perkins, m. Rebecca Reynolds —
ch., (1) Harmon, d. young, (2) George, (3) Maria, (4) Emma, m. Isaac

Connard, (5) Harriet, m. Ballard, (6) Cora; 4, Emeline. II.,

Robert, m. Rebecca Menough, rem. to Ohio — ch., 1, Sabrina, m. A. C.
Stewart — ch., seven, 2, Caroline, m. A. P. Paine — ch., two, 3, John S.,
residence Chicago, m. first Harriet E. Bevins — ch., (1) Thera, m. N. B.
Rapply — ch., one, John S., m. second Sarah Rich — ch., (2) Frances, m.
third Celia Whipple — ch., (3) John S. ; 4, Harriet A., m. J. M. Buel —
ch., four, 5, Jane, m. George Stanley, M. D. — ch., five, residence Iowa ; 6,
Robert W., m. Mrs. Briggs — ch., five, 7, Adaline A., m. Henry A. Smith
— ch., six, residence Mich. III., Jennie, m. Noah Page — ch., 1, Wallace,
d. young ; 2 Louisa ; 3, Margaret, d. young ; 4, Rebecca ; 5, Jane ; 6, Mar-

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