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garet A., d. young ; 7, Clarissa A. ; 8, Noah B., m. Delia E. Thompson —
ch., (1) Carrie A. IV., John, d. in Texas. V., Anna, m. Hezekiah King
(see King family). VI., James, m. Betsey King (see King family) — ch., 1,
Emeline, m. John Currier of Langdon — ch., (1) Orson, m. Ellen Smith ; (2)
Frances, m. Harvey Dickey (see Dickey family); 2, James D., m. Sophia
O'Brien, residence New York city — ch., (1) Elizabeth A., m. H. Roddy —


ch., [1] George W., (2) George, d. unm., (3) Emeline, m. W. W. Meade

~ch., [1] Emma, [2] William, [3] Charles, (4) William J., m.

Kearns — ch., [1] William, [2] Edward, (5) James W., m. Miss Coleman,
residence Brooklyn ; 3, Samuel K., d. young ; 4, Joseph F., m. Calista Dart,
residence Marlow — ch., (1) Emmarvy, m. Albert Sterling — ch., [1] Frederic,
(2) James B., d. unm., (3) Oscar, d. unm. ; 5, William W., d. in Ohio, m.
Mary Morrison (see Liscomb family) — ch., (1) Henry, (2) Emma ; 6, George
A., m. Clarinda Whitney (see Whitney family)— ch., (1) Julianna, (2)
George, (3) Sumner; 7, Betsey, m. Sylvester Reed (see Reed family).
VII., William, m. Mrs. Polly C. Wallace. VIII., Peggy, d. young. IX.,
Peggy, m. Joseph Finlay (see Finlay family). X.,' Nancy K., m. Stephen
Thornton (see Thornton family). XI., Jonathan, d. young,

Robert Walker, a native of New Boston, s. in Acworth, 1801, m.
Deborah Woodbury (see Woodbury family) — ch., I., Asa, m. Betsey Mathew-
Bon (see Mathewson family), residence Barnard, Vt. — ch., 1, John J. ; 2,
George W.; 3, Lydia A.; 4, Rebecca. II., Jesse W., m. Polly White,
residence Whitefield — ch., 1, Mary A., m. Simeon Sear; 2, R. Henry; 3,
Betsey J. ; 4, Calvin W. ; 5, Alice ; 6, Deborah W. ; 7, Plummer S. ; 8,
Franklin P. ; 9, Roswell M. ; 10, Luretta. III., Sally E., m. Alexander
Walker, residence Unity— ch., 1, Horace; 2, Woodbury; 3, Louisa; 4,
Arvilla; 5, Angeline ; 6, Emory. IV., Betsey, m. first Kinsman Marshall

— ch., 1, Dexter ; 2, Chester, and 3, Chauncey (twins) ; m. second ■

Thorapkins — ch., 4, Jane. V., Roswell, ra. first Florinda Clark, (see Clark
family)— ch., 1, Hammond, m. Phebe Walker— ch., (1) Florinda, residence
Claremont; 2, Willard C, residence Montpelier, m. Laura Clark (see Clark
family) ; 3, Pamelia A. ; 4, George ; 5, Martha J. ; 6, Lyman H. V., Roswell,
m. second Lydia B. McMillan— ch., 7, Sarah M. ; 8, Flora T. ; 9, Roswell.

Daniel C. Walker moved from Springfield to Acworth, m. Eliza A.
Eaton(see Eaton family)— ch., I., Luella S., d. young. II., Edgar D.

John Warner, native of Ipswich, Mass., m. Mary Marden of Portsmouth,
in 1775 — ch., Susie, d. young; James M. ; John, m. first Susan Orr, m.
second Jane Humphry; Daniel, m. Lucy Gregg; Betsey, d. young; Sally,
d. unm. 1858; Betsey, m. first Morrison, second Wilson; Joseph, d. ;
Stephen, mortally wounded in a naval action in 1812, near Halifax, was the
second officer of the vessel ; Nancy, ra. Samuel Johnson — ch., William (see
Johnson family), William, lost overboard at Sumatra from a vessel which he
commanded; Nathaniel; Stanforth ; Mary, m. Guy Spencer, d. 1834 —
ch., 1, J. Warner; 2, Elizabeth, m. John Dinsmore, residence Alstead ;
Martha, m. first Brown, m. second Smith; Susan, m. Thomas Rogers (see
Rogers family). James M. (see Rev. Dr. Wright's letter), m. Patty Grout
(see Grout family), a. in Acworth about 1795 — ch., I., Daniel J., m.
Marietta Cram (see Cram family), d. 1868— ch., 1, Frances H., m. Oliver
Dodge— ch., (1) Edward S. ; 2, J. Marden; 3, Edward D. ; 4, Leavitt.
II., George M., m. Sarah H., daughter of Rev. Joseph Merrill— ch., 1,

^. ^z.




Ellen M., m. Chapman — ch., (1) Nellie; 2, George E., m. . Nathan-
iel, s. in Aoworth, 1805, m. Lucy Slader (see Slader familj) — ch., 1., Pamelia'
G., m. Kev. Lyman White — ch., 1, Mary ; 2, Carrie A. W. II., Milon M.,
m. Caroline D. Slader (see Slader family). III., Mary A. S., m. John
Blanchard (see Blanchard family). Stanfortu, m. Maria Kenyon — ch.,
I., Henry. II., Jane, d. unra. III., Franklin, d. unm. IV., Orlando.
V. George, d. a prisoner of war at Atlanta.

William Warner, cousin of John Warner, m. Betsey M. Finlay (see
Finlay family) — ch., I., Barnet C, m. Clarissa Blanchard (see Blanchard
family) — ch., 1, Clara; 2, Frank. II., Benjamin M., m., Frances Dins-
more — ch., 1, Benjamin. III., Hugh, m. Susan Millikin — ch., 1, Willie;
2, Minnie E„ d. young ; 3, Susie B., d. young; 4, Lillie F. Daniel War-
ner, brother of William, m. Betsey Keyes (see Keyes family) — ch., I.,
Lucius, d. young. II., Charles. III., Daniel. IV., Elizabeth. V., Cur-
tiss. VI., John.

Moses Warren, b. in Northboro, Mass., 1760, enlisted in the Continental
army 1776, remaining till near the close of the war, s. in Acworth, 1782 or
1783, rem. to Warrensville, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, of which his son Daniel was
the first settler, having removed in 1808, following his brother-in-law Ebene-
zer Duty of Acworth, who subsequently s. in Ashtabula Co., Ohio. Mr.
Warren accompanied his son to Ohio, was pleased with the country, returned
for his family, walking the whole distance, 600 miles. Being hindered he did
not emigrate till 1815, when he and his family started for Ohio with a yoke
of oxen, four horses and two wagons. They reached their destination after
seven weeks' journeying. Here at the age of 55 he commenced pioneer life
anew, building the first frame house in the township of his adoption. He,
however, lived to see the comforts of civilization multiplied around him.
Died at the age of 91. His wife Priscilla Nourse, sister of Daniel Nourse
(see Nourse family), .lived to the age of 78 — ch., I., Sarah, m. Ebenezer
Duty of Acworth, rem. to Ohio — ch., 1, Andrew W. ; 2, Daniel W. ; 3,
Persis ; 4, Louisa ; 5, Lovisa ; 6, Sarah A. ; 7, Mandana ; 8, Chloe. II.
Daniel, the first settler in Wan-ensville, Ohio, m. Margaret Prentiss of
Langdon — ch., 1, Hiram V. ; 2. Lovina; 3, Prentiss; 4, William H. ; 5,
Moses N.; 6, Paulina A.; 7, James M.; 8, Othello V. ; 9, Julietta C.
III., Persis. IV., Priscilla, m. Kobert Prentiss of Langdon — ch., 1,
Sophrona ; 2, Warren ; 3, Almira ; 4, Alphonzo ; 5, Lovisa ; 6, Robert ;
7, Moses; 8, Margaret. V., Chloe. VI., Mary L. VII., Anna W., m.'
Samuel M. Prentiss of Warrensville — ch., 1, Elizabeth ; 2, Loren ; 3, Lucy ;

4, Solon; 5, Sophia; 6, Laura; 7, Chauncey ; 8, Martha; 9, Mary; 10,
Perry; 11, George; 12, Susan; 13, Emily. VIIL, Moses, m. Sarah N.
Hubbell— ch., 1, Milan H ; 2, Leora H. ; 3, William M. ; 4, Lucelia C. ;

5, Priscilla S. ; 6, Rolan N. ; 7, Mary L. IX., William.

Joseph Ware of Winchester s. in Acworth, 1812, m. Susannah Nichols
— ch., I., Susan M., m. Isaac Kent, residence Alstead — ch., 1, Elisha E. ;


2, Mary; 3, Ellen ; 4, Samuel E. II., Ziba, d. young. IIL, d.

young. IV., Pamelia, m. Anthony Walker of Alstead — cb., 1, Josephine;
2, Joana; 3, Melvin ; 4, Abby, V., Joseph, m. Mrs. Philinda Hardy —
ch., 1, Harriet A. VI., Hannah C, m. Henry King, residence Boston —
ch., 1, Walter; 2, Arthur. VII., George H. P., m. Addie Spencer, resi-
dence Alstead. Hannah Ware, sister of Joseph, was probably the most
benevolent person that ever lived in Acworth, giving much of her earnings
to charitable objects.

Dr. Abraham Watson s. in Acworth previous to 1788, m. Lucy — ch.,
I., Lucy. II., Sophia.

The maternal grandfather of Samuel and Eadey Watts was John Cockle,
an Englishman by birth. When only sixteen he was seized in a ball-room
by a' press-gang and put into the army. Although foiled in their attempts
to make him take the required oath, they nevertheless enrolled him, and in
process of time he was sent as a soldier to Boston previous to the Revolu-
tionary war. He deserted, and married, and when the war broke out, he
left his wife and child and enlisted in the American army. Preferring a
soldier's life he remained in the army nine years after the war ceased. John
Watts, m. PoUy, daughter of John Cockle, and two of his ch., Samuel
and Eadey b. in Acworth. Samuel Watts, m. Susan Williams — ch.,
I., Mary M., m. George W. Neal (see Neal family). II., George F.
IIL, Charles E. IV., Martha E. V., Emma A. VI., Stella E. VII.,
Flora A. Eadey, m. Aaron Brown (see Brown family).

Jeremiah Weatherhead s. in Acworth, 1795 — ch., I., Levi, m. Betsey
Ritchie — ch., 1, Freeman; 2, Lucinda; 3, James; 4, Nancy J. ; m. second
Mary Cobb — ch., Sybil, d. unra.

William Welch, native of New Brunswick, m. Ellen Thompson, s. in
Acworth, 1854 — ch., I., Josephine, m. George D. Woolcot of Claremont —
ch., 1, Etta M. ; 2, George. II., Henrietta. IIL, Arthur W. IV., Wil-
liam F. v., Victoria A. VI., George M. VII., Wilmot W. VIIL,
Alma C, and IX., Elmer A. (twins).

Rev. Jubilee Wellman, m. Theda Grout (see Grout family), although
not a native of Acworth, resided in town from early childhood, and as his
character was formed here, he deserves a notice. He was born, 1793,
in what is now Gill, Mass. He is first remembered in Acworth as living
in the family of Moses Warren. While a lad he resided in the family
of Nathaniel Grout. He was a wild, reckless youth, but was convei'ted in
one of those powerful revivals under Mr. Cooke's ministry, and became an
earnest follower of Jesus. He graduated at Bangor Seminary in 1823 ; was
ordained pastor at Frankfort, Me., in 1824, and dismissed in 1826; was in-
stalled pastor at Warner, N. H., in 1827, and after a very successful min-
istry was dismissed in 1837. He was installed at Westminster, Vt., in
1838, dismissed 1842 ; preached two years alternately at Plymouth and
Cavendish, Vt., afterwards for five years at Cavendish alone ; was installed

'-^^ '^^^




at Lowell, Vt., in 1850, -vvliere he continued until his death in 1855. Rev.
Pliny H. White in his sketch of the Congregational Church in Westminster,
Vt., published in the Congregational Quarterly, January, 1869, says : "As
a preacher, Mr. Wellman was always acceptable and instructive, sometimes
earnest and impressive, and occasionally even eloquent. He could be plain
and pointed without being personal and giving offense. His prayers were
appropriate, never tedious, and often accompanied with tears. He was
aignified and gentlemanly in appearance, but readily adapted himself to all
his parishioners however humble. His people both loved and reverenced

S. Sprague West s. in Acworth previous to 1791, m. Phebe Carleton
(see Carleton family) — ch., I., Catherine. II., Royal, b. 1793, taught
school in Trenton, Utica, and Salina, N. Y., was licensed to preach in
1834 ; preached at Enfield, Walworth, Churchville, and Fairport, N. Y. ;
afterwards became a Tract Missionary in New York City, d. 1852. III.,
Jane. IV., Sophia. V., Thomas. VI., Thomas. VII., Eliza. VIII.,
Keziah. IX., Francis.

John W. Wheeler, m. Nancy J. Buswell (see Buswell family) — ch.,
I., Charles, m. Mrs. Harriet (Symonds) McAdams (see Symonds family) —
ch., 1, Warren D. II., James. III., Herman. IV., John C. V., Alma.
VI., J. Edgar. VII., Mary E. VIII., Elmer E.

David H. W^hipple, native of Bow, b. 1815, m. Clarissa Saltmarsh, b.
1811, m. 1841, 8. in Acworth, 1867— ch., I., Sarah E. II., Sanford.
III., George E., d. in U. S. service at Fort McClary, Me., 1863. IV.,
Annie A., d. unm. V., Edgar L. VI., Minnie B.

Horace Whipple, a native of Dalton, s. in Acworth 1865, m. Sarah
Bingham — ch., I., William M. II., Henry R., m. Maria S. Cram. III.,
Benjamin H. IV., Susan M. V., Adaline I.

Asa Whitcomb of Alstead, m. Rebecca Ball, sister of Samuel Ball (see
Ball family) — ch., Thomas, Betsey, Asa, Rebecca, Abigail, and Hannah.
Asa, a soldier in the war of 1812, s. in Acworth 1818, m. first Olive Vickery
— ch., I,, Olive, m. Harvey Huntley of Lempster — ch., 1, Henry, m. Isabel
Parker — ch., (1) W. Addison ; 2, Olive, m. Irving Baker of Marlow — ch.,
(1) Cora, (2) Flora B. ; 3, Minerva A. II., Abigail. Asa, m. second
Phebe Beckwith, grand-daughter of Rev. E. Beckwith of Marlow.

Joseph Whitnet of Pepperell, Mass., was a soldier in the Revolutionary
■war, was at the battle of Bunker Hill, m. Mary Woods of Pepperell, s. in
Acworth 1807 — ch., I., Polly, m. Phineas Parker, rem. to Vt. — ch., 1,
Mary A. ; 2, Marinda ; 3, Charles; 4, John; 5, Caroline; 6, Fanny; 7,
Sally ; 8 Phineas. II., Emma, m. Elijah Dickerman, rem. to Chelsea, Vt.
— ch., 1, Mary; 2, Amy; 3, Elijah; 4, Enoch; 5, Rebecca; 6, Edmund;
7, Lewis; 8, Sally. III., Joseph, d. young. IV., Joseph D., m. Susan
Drury of Alstead, rem. to Brookfield, Vt. — ch., 1, Susan; 2, Pamelia; 3,
Rebecca ; 4, Sarah A.; 5, Eliza ; 6, Leonard. V., Isaac W., m. Polly Blood


(see Lemuel Blood family), rem. to Vt. — eh., 1, Mary J. ; 2, Lucy; 3,
Sally ; 4, Dianna ; 5, Arvilla ; G, Jackson ; 7, Alva ; 8, Janet. VI., John,
m. Polly Lewis, rem. to Chelsea, Vt. — ch., 1, Mary; 2, Emma; 3, Eliza;
4, Amanda; 5, Lewis. VII., Leonard, m. Philinda Blood (see Blood
family) — ch., 1, Philinda M., m. Josiah Guillow of Gilsum — ch., (1) Melvin,
(2) Lyman E., (3) Lester, (4) Edward J., (5) Ellen, (6) Frederic, (7)
Albert, (8) Charles, (9) Jennie, (10) Albra, (11) Emma; 2, Clarinda M.,
m. George Wallace (see Wallace family) ; 3, Parthena A., m. Howard S.
Colburn of Alstead ; 4, Caroline N., m. George Nash of Gilsum — ch., (1)
Nancy J., (2) Edgar H. ; 5, Elisha S., m. Jane M. Howard ; 6, George L.,
m. Lucetta E. Miller ; 7, Horace L. ; 8, Abbie J. VIII., Rebecca, m. Theron
Thayer, (see Philo Thayer family). IX., David m. Lydia C. Chase — ch.,
1, Mary A., m. Cutler S. Angler of Langdon. X., Edmund, d. unm.
XI., Alvah, d. unm. in Mich.

Nathaniel Whitney s. in Acworth, 1782, m. Joanna Hayward (see
Hayward family) — ch., I., Lydia. II., Nathaniel, rem. to Ohio.

F. WiLLODGiiBY WiLLARD, m. Deborah Blood in 1772 — ch., I., Elias.
II., James. III., Roswell. IV., Philena.

John Williams, m. Sally Colburn, came from Dracut, Mass., to Acworth,
1785 — ch., L, John, m. first Margaret Henry, m. second Mary Henry —
ch., 1, Irving, d. unm. ; 2, Orison J., m. Mrs. Smith, II., Sally d. unm.
III., Colburn, m. Aseneth Tenney — ch., 1, Darlena ; 2, Gilbert ; 3, Aseneth;
4, Alfreda S. IV., Huldah, m. Ephraim Clark (see Clark family). V.,
Calvin, m. Hannah Mayo (see Mayo family) — ch., 1, Lucina D. ; 2, Lo-
rinda; 3, Mary M. ; 4, Hannah 0. ; 5, Calvin B. ; 6, Issachar M. ; 7, Wil-
lard A., d. young; 8, Lydia S. ; 9, Willard. VI., Benjamin, m. Esther
Blood. VII., Butterfield, m. Iluth Danforth— ch., 1, John M. ; 2, Sabrina;
3, Sarah; 4, Colburn ; 5, Charles; 6, Frederic. VIII., Bradley, m. Lydia
Johnson — ch., 1, John E,. ; 2, James.

John Wilson, known as " little John," was the eighth child of Joseph and
Rebecca (Kimball) Wilson. Tradition traces back his genealogy to Rev.
John Wilson, first minister in Boston. John, m. Jane Lynn, fourth child of
Nathaniel and Agnes (Tupper) Lynn who came from England in childhood in
the same vessel, and were bound as servants to pay their passage, Nathaniel
to the then minister of Boston, and Agnes to the Governor of Mass. In
1773, with his aged father, wife, and two ch., John Wilson settled in Ac-
worth — ch., I., Joseph, b. 1771, d. 1847, m. Jane Pinkerton of Derry —

ch., 1, Gardiner, b. 1798, m. Martha A. ch., (1) Albert P.; 2,

Anna McC, d. 1850; 3, Melintha, m. Deacon Zenas Slader (see Slader
family ; 4, James P., studied medicine at Castleton, Vt., practised at Fair-
field, Ind., m. first Lucretia Oakes — ch., (1) Joseph, d. 1856, (2) John
H., (3) Mary E., ra. J. B. McCain, (4) Sarah A., m. W. F. Kumler of
Ind. — ch., [1] Jessie, [2] Mary; 4, James P., m. second Sarah Kidd — ch.,
(5) James P. ; 5, Norman, residence Boston, m. first Caroline Dickey (see


Dickey family) — ch., (1) Ann J., m. C. A. Chamberlain of Salem, 111,,

(2) Caroline M., m. Swift— ch., [1] Carrie, (3) Juliette S., (4)

Henry M. ; 5, Norman, m. second Lucy Harris; 6, Lucinda, m. first Na-
thaniel Polland — ch., (1) Susan, m. Hall, (2) Sarah, d. unm., (3)

Lucretia, m. Britton ; 6, Lucinda, m. second Charles Rawson, East

Westmoreland, Vt. — ch., (4) Isaac, m. Lucy Fuller, (5) Emma, m. Frank
Hall of Putney, (G) Charles E. ; 7, Eliza, d. young; 8, Betsey, m. David
Morrison, residence Keene — ch., (1) Licetta G., b. 1834, m. G. Spaulding ;
(2) Oscar, (3) Julia A., (4) Lauretta A., (5) Joseph G. W., (6) Lucy A., b.
iSoL II., Nathaniel, s. in Peachara, and afterwards in Cabot, Vt., ra. Abi-
gail Varnum of Dracut — ch., 1, Jennie, b. 1800, ni. Reuben Atkins — ch.,
(1) Henry, (2) Leonard ; 2, Sarah C, m. J. Whitaker ; 3, John, d. young;
4, Jesse, m. Sophronia White, d. 1860— ch., (1) William, b. 1835, (2)
Joseph, (3) Freeman, (4) Sarah J., residence Cabot; 5, David, m. Abigail
McGee— ch., (1) Eleanor A., m. J. W. Houghton, (2) Lydia G., (3) Na-
thaniel L. ; 6, Hiram, d. young; 7, John, d. unm.; 8, Theophilus, m.
Rosetta Lyford— ch., (1) Louisa, b. 1841, (2) Martha W., (3) Edward F.,
(4) Emma; 9, Nathaniel, m. Mirinda Dodge, residence Barre, Vt. ; 10,
Rachel, d. unm. III., John, s. in Utica and afterwards at Forestville,
N. Y., m. Anna McPherson of Acworth — ch., 1, Nancy J., b. 1807, d.
young; 2, Theophilus; 3, Caroline, m. Rev. Homer Gregg, d. 1853 — ch.,

(1) Homer, (2) Helen A. ; 4, John W., m. Eliza Lamb, d. at Sugar Grove,
111., 1866— ch., (1) Theophilus, b. 1846, (2) Caroline, d. young, (3) Ann
G., (4) John, d. young, (5) Jesse, a twin with John, (6) Milton, (7) Wil-
liam, (8) Joseph ; 5, Licetta G., d. 1853. IV., Jesse, m. Mrs. Rachel Par-
sons, v., David, d. unm. 1853. VI., William, m. Eliza Fogerty, residence
Thomastown, Me. — ch., 1, Nancy, b. 1808, d. 1843, m. Richard Rivers —
ch., (1) William W., (2) Abbie, m. Archibald McCahom— ch., three, (3)
Joseph m. Jennie Davis — ch., one, (4) Eliza, m. Joseph Bracklin — ch.,
two, (o) Joshua; 2, Jane, m. Thomas J. Ryder — ch., (1) Jane, b. 1867,
d. 1867, (2) John T., (3) Nancy E., (4) Alice C. ; 3, Joseph-m. Emeline
T. McClellan, d. 1860 on board a vessel of which he was captain — ch., (1)
William J., b. 1739, m. Mary L. Coburn— ch., [1] Sarah, [2] John, (2)
Emma E., d. young, (3) George McClellan, (4) Frederic, d. young, (5)
Frank L. ; 4, Eliza, d. unm. ; 5, Mary, m. Joshua Smalley — ch., (1) Ed-
win S., b. 1888, (2) Thomas W., (3) Mary E., (4) Nancy J., (5) Caro-
line J., (6) Joshua, (7) Wilson, (8) Ada, (9) Sarah (10) Alice R., (11)
Frederic, d. young, (12) John H.; 6, Theophilus, d. 1839; 7, Mitchell, m.
Henrietta O'Neil, d. 1857— ch., (1) Alden, (2) Charles, (3) Lysander ;
8, Richard (twin with Mitchell), m. Lucy A. Robinson — ch., (1) FuUerton,

(2) Eliza, (3) Anna; 9, Jesse, m. Harriet Young — ch., (1) Wilbur, (2)
Frederic, (3) Lizzie; 10, Charles, m. Harriet Robinson — ch., (1) Aldana,
(2) Frank. VII., Theophilus, graduated at Dartmouth College. 1811,- in-
tending to study for the ministry, but ill-liealth deterred him. He received


the degree of M. J)., 1814, began to practice at Cazenovia with flattering
prospects, when he died in 1815 from the effects of poison taken by mistake.
He m. Grace Staples — ch., 1, Wilford L., who studied theology and
preached a few years; his children were (1) Thomas, (2) Stewart, (3) Wil
ford. VIII., Samuel, m. Sally Nesmith (see Nesmith family), s. in the
edge of Charlestown, d. 1857 at Cottage Hill, 0. His wife still survives
him and was present at the centennial, having come from College Hill though
eighty-two years of age and unable to walk except upon crutches. Though
not a native of town she came to reside here in 1800 with her sister Mrs.
James Wallace having been left an orphan. She succeeded her aunt Peggy
McClure as the " tailoress of the town;" she was also an efficient nurse
during the prevalence of the "spotted fever," beginning with the first case
Jenny Grier ; she thus had an opportunity of becoming acquainted with the
families and the history of the town. Her age, her opportunities, and her
retentive memory combined have rendered her a most valuable assistant in
gathering up the traditions of " ye olden time," and the reminiscences she was
able to narrate added much to the interest of the centennial. Her likeness
inserted was taken on her seventy-fifth birthday. She was m. to Samuel
Wilson, 1814, the first m. in Acworth by Rev. Mr. Cooke — ch., 1, Theophi-
lus, m. Lydia F. Haddock. He was a pioneer settler of Jay Co., Ind. ; has
been State Senator in Ind. ; now resides at Avondale, 0. — ch., (1) Mary C,
d. young, (2) Morris H. ; 2, James M., d. young; 3," David M., studied
Divinity ; was fourteen years a missionary in Syria, now preaches at Athens,
Tenn., m. Emiline Tomlinson— ch., (1) Mary T., (2) Samuel T. ; 4, Sarah
A., d. 1868; 5, Jesse P., m. Minerva Ruffnor. He was killed on picket
duty in Tenn. ; Capt. of the 4th Reg. Ohio Vol. Cavalry, 1862; 6, Mary
J., taught eighteen years in Ohio Female College, m. Rev. George W. Pyle
— ch., (1) Theodore W., b. 1844, now teaching in Lagrange, Oregon, (2)
George W., graduated at West Point, d. at Fort Union, New Mexico, 18G8,
a Lieut. U. S. A. ; 7, Harriet N. for many years a teacher; 8, Joseph G.,
graduated at Marietta College, is one of the Judges of the Supreme Court ot
Oregon, m. Lizzie Miller — ch., (1) Gardiner M., d. young, (2) Albert D.,
d. young, (3) Genevieve, (4) Grace. IX., Nancy, m. Edward Porter, resi-
dence Ann Arbor, Mich. — ch., 1, Nathaniel, b. 1817 and d. 1852, m.
Eliza McLindon ; 2, Cornelia ; 3, David W. ; 4, Martha S. ; 5, Theophilus,;
6, Nancy A. ; 7, Mary C.

John Wilson (known as "big John "), son of Benjamin and Margaret
Wilson, came from Londonderry, Ireland, to Londonderry, N. H. He was
a triplet, and at his birth was put in a quart measure, m. first Margaret
McFarland and s. in Acworth, 1774, d. 1811— ch., I., Hannah, b. 1754,
d. 1775. II., Margaret. III., Rebecca. IV., Jane, d. 1811. V., Eliza-
beth, m. James Rogers (see Rogers family). VI., Sarah. VII., John, ra.
Polly McCoy — ch., 1, Nancy, b. 179.^, m. Lewis Slader (see Shider family),
2, Margaret, m. Daniel Nourse (see Nourse family) ; 3, John, m. first Laura



Hayward (see Hayward family), rem. to Genesee Co., N. Y., 1822 — ch.,
(1) John P., b. 1823, residence California, (2) Solon H., residence Colum-
bus, Ohio, (3) Simeon B., d. young, (4) Mary L., (5) Hiram, (6) Milan, d.
young, (7) Emeline F., (8) Lucius S., b. 1833, residence California; 3,
John, m. second Mrs. Nancy Hood of New York ; 4, Hannah, m. Kalph
Keyes (see Keyes family) ; 5, Gilman, m. Nancy Cooper, residence Ohio —
ch., (1) Mary, (2) Elizabeth; 6, Andrew, m. first Lurancy Thomas — ch.,

(1) Harriet, b. 1830, (2) Nancy, (3) Andrew, (4) Hiram P., (5) Abbie A.
(6) John W., (7) Solan N., (8) Mary J., (9) Martha L. ; 6, Andrew, m.
second Nancy Thomas, residence Ohio ; 7, William, m. first Pamelia Hart-
son — ch., (1) Charles, d. young, (2) William M., (3) Leonard, m. second
Mary Wagner — ch., (4) Mary, (5) Elizabeth, (6) Hannah, (7), Eliza J.,
(8) John W., (9) Caroline R., (10) Hester A., (11) Sarah F., (12) Benja-
min S., b. 1859 ; 8, Daniel, m. Margaret A. Palmer — ch., (1) Benjamin, b.
1837, (2) Mary E., (3) Charles, (4) James A., (5) John W., (6) Margaret
E., (7) Henry B., (8) Daniel J., (9) Florence L., b. 1859; 9, Hiram, m.
first Hannah M. Hubbard— ch., (1) John J., b. 1840, (2) Lydia M., (3)
Mary E., (4) George S., b. 1847, m. second Mary Holland ; 10, Benjamin,
m. Elizabeth A. Abbott, residence Iowa — ch., (1) Boylston S., (2) Frances
J., (3) Caroline E., (4) Solon N., (5) Mary A., (6) Flora A., (7) Lizzie L. ;
11, Charles, m. first Hannah Andrews — ch., (1) John M., residence Iowa,

(2) Mary E., (3) Hannah A., (4) Chester M., (5) Margaret E., residence
Ohio ; 11, Charles, m. second Ann Brice ; 12, Mary, d. unm. ; 13, Oscar, d.
young; 14, Austin R., b. 1812, m. Marinda Olcott of New York, residence
Pendleton, N. Y.— ch., (1) Harriet, (2) Charles W., (3) Mary, (4) Reuben,
(5) Emma. VII., John, m. second Mi-s. Sarah R. Stone, rem. to Ohio —
ch., 1, James R., b. 1816 ; 2, Joseph D. ; 3, Eliza; 4, Samuel ; 5, Sarah ;
6, Eleanor J. All except Samuel live in Ohio, and all are married and
have large families.

J. William C. Woods, native of Prussia, s. in Acworth, 1803, d. 1847,
m. Nancy Priest — ch., L, Betsey, m. Moses Chase (see Chase family). II.,
Nancy A., m., Pelatiah Clark (see Eph. Clark family).

James A. Wood, native of Alstead, s. in Acworth, , m. Mary E.

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