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Bowers (see Bowers family) — ch., I., Helen E. II., Charles B., d. young.
III., George Albert.

Benjamin P. Wood, native of Alstead, s. in Acworth, 1859, m. Matilda
E. Carter— ch., I., Ella E.

Alvan Wood, son of Jesse Wood, b. in Berlin, Mass, 1792, s. in
Acworth, m. Betsey Prentiss (see Prentiss family), rem. to Vermont — ch.,
I. and II., twins, Orange and Orrin. I., Orange, m. Rachel S. Morse (see
Morse family) — ch., 1, Lucy A., m. Jerome C. Clough (see Clough family);
2 George 0., d. unm ; 3, Lizzie J. ; 4, Olive R. II., Orrin, m. Jane Keyes
(see Keyes family) — ch., I., Albert A. ; 2, William ; 3, Emma J. ; 4, Ella
D. ; 5, Duane; 6, Josephine S. IIL, Luther P., m. Edna Town — ch., 1,


Ida J. ; 2, Dan ; 3, Cora; 4, Duane, residence Barre, Vt. IV., Elizabeth,
ni. Jolin Adams, residence Groton, Vt. — cb., four.

Zachariah Woodbury came to Acworth from Salem, 1790. His sister
Hannah, wbo was then widow Raymond, came in 1795. His ancestors for
three generations bore the name of William ; the first William, his great
grandfather, came from Wales to Beverly, Mass., in 1628 ; the second Wil-
liam was pilot on board of the fleet in the expedition against Port Royal,
1704; the third William, m. Martha Woodbury, d. aged 93. Zachariah, m.
Hannah Corning (aunt of Warren Corning), d. aged 85 — ch., I., William,
served three years in the Revolutionary war, m. Hannah Kelly and s. in
Acworth, 1789 — ch., 1, Samuel, graduated at Dartmouth College in 1810,
studied divinity, was s. at North Yarmouth, m. IMary Lawrence, sister of
Abbott Lawrence of Groton, Mass. — eh., (1) Sarah E., m. Rev. David Fos-
dick of Groton, Mass. — ch., [1] Samuel, [2] Mary, [3] George, [4] Charles,
[5] Frederic, [6] David, d. young, [7] Rose, [8] Lucy, [9] Sarah W. ; 2,
Martha, m. Thomas Montgomery (see Montgomery family) ; 3, Ruth, m.
Henry Silsby (see Silsby family) ; 4, Polly, m. Robert McClure (see McClure
family) ; 5, Ira, ra. Betsey Reed, rem. to Ohio, 1810 — ch., (1) Samuel R.,
m. Margaret B. Horton— ch., [1] Edith, [2] George, [3] Amy, (2) Maria
L., m. first John E. John.son — ch., [1] Stephen H., [2] Maria; (2) Maria L.,
m. second Peter Martlett — ch., [1] Ira A., [2] James H., [3] Louisa L., [4]
Samuel P., [5] Richard, [6] Frances M., [7] Reginald G., [8] Harriet M.,
[9] Andrew J., (3) Saturnia A., d. young, (4) Phebe L., m. Lyman B.
Stilson — ch., [1] Betsey L., [2] Theresa L., d. yoUng, [3] Cordelia J., [4]
Mary M., [o] Elmina, [6] Sylvester, [7] Henrietta, [8] Eveline, [9] Eliza,
[10] Lucina, (5) Therc^sa L., m. first Russell H. Spieer — ch., [1] Mercy, [2]
Asher, [3] Frank, [4] Mary, [5] Ella, [6] Phebe, (6) Cordelia J., m.
John Hymes — ch., [1] Mary, [2] Harriet, [3] Henry, [4] James, [5]
Nicholas, [6] Anthony, [7] William, [8] Cordelia, [9] Louisa, [10] Frank,
(7) Corinda A., m. A. D. Pinkerton — ch., [1] Cornelia W., [2] Charles
W., [3] Carrie, [4] Frederic, [5] Kate, (8) Cornelia R., m. John Field—
ch., [1] Frank, [2] Flora, [3] Charles, [4] Carrie. [5] Lillian, [C] Eva,
(9) Sarah M., m. Alexander R. Eckcrt — ch., [1] Sarah A. ; 6, Amos, m.
first Mary F. Carlton (see Oliver Carlton family) residence Claremont —
ch., (1) William 0. C, m. Polly A. Spencer, (2) Mary L., m. John W.
Spencer — ch., [1] Sarah A., d. young, [2] Mary J., [3] George W., [4]
Edward D , d. young, [5] Nellie E., [0] Ada L., [7] Charles A., [8]
Hattie A., d. young, [9] Albert R., d. young, (3) Hannah K., m. Samuel
H. Raymington — ch., [1] Isabella J., [2] Angle E., [3] Jane E., [4] William
H., [5] Louis M., (4) Eliza C, d. unm., (o) Amos 0., m. first Eliza Clark
— ch., [1] George W., m. second Deborah Wilcox — ch., [2] Hattie G.,
(B) Amelia J., m. E. G. Cummings (see Curamings family), (7) Angelina
H., m. first Philander Dickey (see Dickey family), m. second Samuel W.
Jones of New York city, (8) Sarah ; 6, Amos, m. second Louisa Chandler



— ch., (0) James C, d. young, (10) Samuel I.; 7, Lyrlia ; 8, Judith, m.
Horace Howe (see Howe family). II., Lois, m. Hezekiah Smith (see Smith
family). III., Zachariah, m. Hannah Vinnen, s. in Acworth in 1789, rem.
to Ashtabula Co., 0., in 1810 — ch., 1, Wheeler, m. Maria Pease; 2,
Nehemiah, m. Esther Beckwith, daughter of Jason B. ; 3, William, m.
Polly Hall; 4, Lois, m. Edmund Blood; 5, Sally, m. Nathan Blood (see
Blood family) ; 6, Betsey ; 7, Abigail ; 8, Hannah ; 9, Susanna ; 10, Daniel.
IV., Andrew built the first mill where G. F. Nichols now lives on Cold
River, also a nail factory where O. R. Kemp lives. He m. first Ruth Ray-
mond, m. second Polly Carleton (see Carleton fiimily), rem. to Ohiojn 1815
— ch., 1, Zachariah; 2, Ruth; 3, Hiram ; 4, Harriet; 5, Abigail ; 6, Caro-
line, v., Hannah, m. Enoch Stevens (see Stevens family). VI., Rebecca,
m. William Grout (see Grout family). VII., Martha, d. young. VIII.,
Judith, m. Stephen Yeomans — ch., 1, Joseph; 2, Timothy; 3, Andrew; 4,

Henrv Woodbury, b. 1753, rem. from Salem to Acworth, 1788, was the
son of Ebenezer Woodbury, the son of the second William mentioned in the
preceding genealogy, whose ancestors came from Wales, in lt]2S, and s. in
Beverly, Mass. His brothers and sisters were Ann, Hannah, Ebenezer,
Elizabeth, John, Hezekiah, Lydia, Abigail, Mary, and Andrew, ni. Eunice
Woodbury, 1775 — ch., I., Eunice, m. Benjamin Chatterton (see Chatterton
lamily). II., Jonathan, d. young. III., Ebenezer, m. Abigail Himes
(see Himes family), rem. to Middlesex, Vt. — ch., 1, Theda ; 2, Henry; 3,
Mindwell ; 4, Roswell ; 5, Joseph; 6, Polly. IV., Lydia, m. Thomas
Clark (see Clark family). V., Jesse, m. Lucy Critchet, residence Unity.
VI., Betsey, ra. Durin Tinker (see Tinker family). VIL, Edward, m.
Dorcas Thornton (see Thornton family), 1812 — ch., 1, William C., m. Cor-
nelia Stebbins (see Stebbins family) — ch., (1) Mary E., (2) Willie S. ; 2,
Charles M., m. Louisa G. Currier (see Graham family), 1842— ch., (1)
Charles E., (2) William L., (3) Ellen L. ; 3, Mason M., m. Mrs. Betsey M.
Archer (see Graham family), 1865 — ch., (1) Edward; 4, Isaac, m. Mary G,
Brooks (see Brooks family), 1853 ; 5, Jacob, m. Maria M. Davis (see Davis
family), 1855 — ch., (1) Frank E., (2) and (3) twins, William M., d. young,
Charles I. VIII., John, m. Hannah Davis (see Davis family), 1817 — ch.,
1, Mary, m. Willis Straw, rem. to Dalton — ch., (1) Amelia M., (2) An^elia
L., (3) Alice A., (4) John W., (5) Grace A., d. young, (6) Luke E° d.
young, (7) Lydia W. ; 2, Luke; 3, Jonathan, m. Jerusha L. Stevens of
Claremont; 4, Hiram ; 5, Lois, m. Timothy Carwin — ch., (1) Dora A., d.
young; G, Lydia, d. unm. ; 7, Dorcas, m. Nathaniel Wheeler — ch., (1)
Clarence, (2) Frank, (3) Lois ; 8, Edward ; 9, H. Martin, d. in army. IX.,
Dolly, d. unm. X., Hannah. XL, Lovina. XII., Fanny,

William C. Woodbury, son of Curtis Woodbury, was b. at Beverly,
Mass., 1768, m.^first Rebecca Dodge of Beverly, 1792, s. in Acworth, 1827,
and rem. to Francestown, 1837— ch., L, Rebecca, b. 1794, m. George Grocc


of Beverly. IT., William, d. young. III., Sally, d. young. IV., Wil-
liam, m. Lydia Morse, d. in Manchester. 1852. Y., Hannah, d. young.
He m. second Patty Dodge of Wenham, Mass. — ch., VI., Ebenezer, b. 1806,
m. Lydia Holbrook, d. 1868. VII., Henry, b. 1808, m. Hannah Davidson
(see Davidson family) — ch., 1, Adoniram J., b. 1833, m. Harriet E. Far-
rington — ch., (1) Henry J., (2) Neflie A., residence Manchester; 2, Sallie
D., residence Denver, Colorado ; 3, Eri D., graduated at Dartmouth Col-
lege, 1863; enlisted in the 1st Vermont Cavalry the same year ; captured
a confederate standard in Sheridan's " twenty miles fight," for which he re-
ceived a Congressional medal ; was twice wounded ; at the close of the war
was Captain by brevet ; is now professor in the Episcopal Academy at
Cheshire, Conn. ; 4, Samuel S., residence Colorado; 5, Roger W., m. Emma
G. York. At the commencement of the war enlisted in the 3d N. H. Vols. ;
was ordinance officer of the 2d Division 10th Army Corps ; was promoted to
Captain; is now editor of the "Colorado Tribune," at Denver — ch., (1)
Frank S. ; 6, Hannah R., d. young; 7, Mary A., d. young. VIII.,
Adoniram J., m. Elizabeth Stratton. IX., Samuel H., m. Sally L. David-
son (see Davidson family), d. in Texas, 1840. X., Perliuda K., m. Joseph
E. Burpee of Cambridgeport, Mass. XI., Joseph L., d. young.

Joseph Woodbury was a native of Sterling, Mass., his father having rem.
there from Beverly, Mass., m. Lavinia Weber, and s. in Acworth, 1830 —
ch., I., Lavinia, b. in Beverly, m. first Richard Colburn — ch., 1, Orissa, m.
Stockwell Parker; 2, Benjamin, m. Sophia Balkcom; m. second Henry L.
Eaton, residence Candia. II., Willam W., d. young. III., Joseph, d.
young. IV., Mary. V., Joseph F., fitted for College at New Hampton,
graduated at Waterville, Me., studied medicine, now residing at Atlanta,

Ga., m. first Emory. VI., Albert M., m. Lucy Wadleigh, residence

Elmore, Vt. — ch., 1, Charles A., killed in the army; 2, Urban A., lost an
arm in the war; 3, Herbert; 4, Ida; 5, Carrie. VII., William W., fitted
for college at New Hampton, graduated at Waterville, Me., 1840. " His
college course was marked by great religious fidelity, and by indefatigable
zeal in study, and the records of the Institution show him to have been the
first scholar in his class." On leaving college he was for three years prin-
cipal of the High School in Augusta, Me., and for five years was at the head
of the Bath High School. In 1848 he rem. to Suflfield, Conn., and became
principal of the Connecticut Literary Institution, where he remained until
his death in 1856, m. Clemelia Hallet — ch., 1, William H. ; 2, Emma; 3,
Edward D. ; 4, Irving. VIII. , Winthrop H., m. Mary Wadleigh, residence
Boston — ch., 1, Adelaide ; 2, Helen; 3, Luella, d. young; 4, Eugene, d.
young. IX., Edwin C, m. Chastina Jenks, residence Winchester, Mass. —
ch., 1, Edwin E. ; 2, Chastina; 3 and 4, twins, 3, Charles E., and 4, Eva-
line. X., Melissa A. P., ra. Roswell George (see George family).

James Young came to Acworth from Salisbury, 1813, m. Eliza

ch., L, Cynthia, m. W. J. Stevens (see Stevens family). II., Elizabeth,


m. Dea. Joseph Smitb (see David Smith family). III., Daniel, m. Laura
Mason, residence Hill — ch., 1, Charles; 2, Shuah F. ; 3, Oscar; 4,
Augusta. IV., Phebe. V., Milton, ra. first Jane Avery — ch., 1, Eliza,
m. second Eliza Ward, residence Jamaica Plain, Mass. VI., Judith J.,
m. Milton Mason of Hill — ch., 1, Eli^ J.; 2, Frank; 3, Harriet; 4,
Luther; 5, Sarah; 6, Lucetta ; 7, Emma. VII., James A., m. Nancy J.
Burke, residence Boston — ch., 1, Louisa. VIII., Emily, ra. James R.
Adams of Hill — ch., 1, Warner; 2, Ellen A. ; 3, Susan ; 4, Martha. IX.,
George W., m. Sally A. Cummings (see Cummings family) — ch., 1, Ar-
thera G. X., Sarah, m. Charles G. Livingston of Unity — ch., 1, Mary; 2,
Katie ; 3, Abncr.

George F. Youngman, native of Lempster, m. Catherine S. McKeea
(see McKeen family), s. in Acworth, 1865 — ch., I., Etta.




[The namea of the original proprietors are In small capitals, and those of the

present owners in italics. A star (*) prefixed indicates

another homestead on the same lot.]


Lot No. 1, Ephraim Adams.
West part, Samuel Drury,

Wyman Cbeever.
East part, Thomas Hardy,

Eleb Hardy,


Lot No. 2, .Tames Nevins.

West part, James Miller,
Moses Miller,
Samuel Waldo.
Leonard Whitney,
Edwin Green,
Seneca Sweet,
Moses Moulton.

East part, Rufus Hardy,
Eleb Hardy,
Liberty R. Hardy.

Lot No. 8, James Nevins,
David Copeland,
Jonathan Knowlton,
Jeremiah Weatherhead,
Levi Weatherhead,
Samuel King,
Benjamin S. King,
Asa M. Fisher.

Lot No. 4, Ebenezer Bridge,
Thomas Spear,
Thomas Dickey,

Ebenezer Place,
David Buss,
George P. Dickey.

Lots Nos. 5 and 6.

J. Miltimore,
Hugh Hodge,
Capt. James Dickey,
Joseph Dickey,
John F. Dickey,
James A. Dickey,.
Solon S. King.

Lot No. 7, Vryling Stoddard,
James Rodgers,
Jonathan RodgQrs,
Thomas Rodgers,
Horace K. Rugg.

Lot No. 8, Theodore Atkinson,

Lot No. 9, Nath. Butterfield,
John Wilson,
Joseph Wilson,
Zenas Slader,
Norman G. Slader,
Paul Cummings.

Lot No. 10, William Thompson.
South part, Benjamin Dickey,



Zenas Slader,
Nathaniel Poland,
Eansoin Severance,
J. and H . Barney,


Joseph G. Silsby,
James W. Fiske,
George Lamb.
North part, William Rndgers,
Timothy Putnam,
Samuel Finlay,
Francis S. Trow.

Lot No. 11, J. Wentworth,
Hugh Finlay,
Joseph Finlay,
William Warner,
Hugh F. Warner,
Barnet F. Warner.

Lot No. 12, JoNA. Blanciiard,
Frederic Keyes.

Lot No. 13, Wm. Thompson,
James Pease,
Joseph Chatterton.

Lot No. 14, Timothy Dustin.
West part, Joseph Chatterton,

Lot No. 15, Benjamin Bdtterfield,
Thomas Davis,
Samuel W. Blodgett.

Lot No. 16, William Robey,

Lot No. 17, S. Fitch,


Lot No. 18, S. FiTcn,


RANGE No. 2.

Lot No. 1, A. Clark,

Calvin Williams,
Samuel Waldo,
Butterfield Williams,
David Whitney,
Daniel Peaaley.

Lot No. 2, CoL. Greeley,
Isaac Foster, Jr.,
James Prentice,
Robert Huntley,
Joseph Whitney,
Leonard Whitney,
David Whitney,
Stephen Miller,
Henry Heard, Jr.,
Jehial Gowing,
William Minard,
Alba M. Bragg,
Scfil house, Dist. No.\2.

Lot No. 3, Vryling Stoddard,
Lieut. James Dickey,
Mrs. Anna Dickey,
Johrw-F. Dickey,
Jonathan H. Dickey,
Samuel King,
James A. Dickey.

Lot No. 4, S. C. Gould,

Samuel Shorey,
Thomas Templeton,

Moses Templeton,
George M. Gowen.

Lot No. 5, Epii. Adams,

William Duncan,
James Davidson,
Samuel McKeen,
Pelatiah Clark,
John W. Clark,
Henry Heard, Jr.

Lot No. 6, A. Blanchard,

Col. John Duncan,
Theron Duncan,
Freeman E. Brackett.

Lot No. 7, Reuben Killicdt.

West part, John Rodgers,

John Humphrey,
John Hayward,
Allen Hayward,
Joseph Brackett,
John S. Osgood.

East part, John Wallace,

Capt. Joseph Gregg,
William Warner,
Daniel Warner,
Mrs. Betsey Warner.

Lots Nos. 8 and 9,

Benjamin Butterfield,
Samuel Campbell,
John Dickey,



Adam Dickey,
James Dinsmore,
John Haywavd,
Orrin Taylor,
Mrs. Deborah A. Taylor.

Lot No. 10, Stephen Powers,
John iMcMurphy,
Robert McCoy,
Eobert McDole,
Alanson C. Brown,
Levi H. Griffin,
Saw-mill on this lot,
Thoinas Ball.

Lot No. 11, S. Powers,

Jonas Keyes,

William Clark.
South part, Ebenezer Lancaster,

John Lancaster,

James Rawson,

T/iomas Ball.
North part, Joshua Lancaster,

Harvey Lancaster,

John Moore,

JRohert Finlay,

John F inlay,

ScKl house, Dist.No. 3.

Lot No. 12, James Rodgers,

Capt. Joseph Finlay,
Samuel Finlay, Esq.,
Hugh Finlay,
Aaron S. Finlay.

Lot No. 13, Jonathan Blanch ard,
Capt. William Keyos,
John Keyes,
Jesse Slader.

Lot No. 14, S. Barron,

Samuel Smith, Jr.,
William Clark, .
Stephen Thornton,
John Grout.

Lot No. 15, Jonathan Hardy,
Edward Keyes,
Ebenezer Place,

Lot No. 16, N. Bdtterfield,
Andrew Grout,
Darius J. Eaton.

Lot No. 17, S. Fitch,

Stephen Keyes,
G. Keyes,
Russell Adams,
James Youno;,
William J. Stevens,
^Richard Clilford,
Richard Clifford, Jr.,
*Eli Smith,
*Samuel Clark,
Daniel Clark.

Lot No. 18, S. Fitch,


RANGE No. 3,

Lot No. 1, Saimuel French.

West side, Phineas Blood,
William Boyd,
Ephraim Clark,
Philo Thayer,
Robert Morrison,
Solon D. Morrison,
Charles M. Fish,
Edwin Green.

East side, Alexander McCollom,
William Anderson,
Stephen R. Chapin,
Samuel Osgood,
Thomas A. Hardy,
Benjamin S. King.

Lot No. 2, J. MiLTIMOKE,

John Perkins,
Asa Coburn,
William Prentice,
Abram Moore,
Lemuel Blood,
Leonard Whitney,
Daniel Peasley,
Isaac Neu'ton.

Lot No. 3, Alexander Clark.

South side, Samuel Prentice,
Durren Tinker,
John Osgood,
John Osgood, Jr.,
Joseph Osgood,
Mary and Sarah Osgood.



North side, Samuel McKeen,
Eijhraim Clark.

Lot No. 4, 0. Farwell,


Lot No. 5, Eph. Adams,

Stephen Thornton,
James Wallace, Jr.,
Thomas Murdough,
Barnet C. Finlay,
Nehemiah Hayward,
Joseph Provence.

Lot No. 6, 0. Farwell,
James Wallace,
James Wallace, Jr.,
Joseph F. Wallace,
Sylvester A. Reed.

Lota Nos. 7 and 8,

Benjamin French,
Lieut. John Rodgers,
Capt. John Rodgers,
Georofe iMarch,
Henry Gleason,
Alonzo A. JMatheivson,
Sdil-house, Dist. No. 2,
*Jonathan Rodgers,
*Stephen Warner,
John Davidson.

Lot No. 9, Jonathan Parker,
William Farwell, Jr.,
John Wilson,
John Wilson, Jr.,
Aaron Nelson,
John L. Slader,


Horace Collier,
Iddo Church.

Lot No. 10, Jonathan Hardy,

Lot No. 11, James Rodgers,

Lot No. 12, William Robey.

West end, Solomon Bigalow.
Capt. Daniel Mack,
Jacob Hayward,
Jacob Hayward, Jr.,

Joseph Hayward.
East end, Moses Lancaster,
William Lancaster,
James Davidson,
Amos J. Lock,
Ebenezer Buswell.

Lot No. 13, William Story,
Joel Bigalow,
James Campbell, Esq.,
John L. Slader,
William Lancaster,

Lot No. 14, Reuben Killicut,
Elijah Parker,
Walter Himes,
Warren Corning,
Joshua G. Silsbey,
Grist-mill once on this lot.
Jesse Wallace,
Timothy 0' Larry,
Lauriston Keyes.

Lot No. 15, AuGDSTOs Blanchard,
David Cross,
Eliduran Stowell,
Lasell Silsby,
Charles Perkins,
Ira A. Wheeler,
Daniel Hart,
Lauriston Keyes. ■

Lot No. IG, William Pierce,
Henry Woodbury,
John Woodbury,
Jonathan Woodbury,
Edward Woodbury,
Daniel G. Walker,
Schl-house, Dist. No. 4.

Lot No. 17, 0. Farwell,
Eli Smith,
Samuel Clark,

Lot No. 18, Maj. Wentworth,
Benjamin Webster,
John Orcutt,
Daniel Orcutt,
Zephaniah Johnson,
Gcorye P. Johnson.



K A N G E No

Lot No. 1, James McOregore.

South 2)art, Archibald McCollum,
Larnard Thayer,
Laniard Thayer, Jr.,
Harvey Hoicard.

North part, Ezekiel Thayer,
Warren Thayer,
Samuel Watts,
*Johii Williams.

Lot No. 2, S. Barron,
James Miller,
John Williams,
Orison J. Williams,
Ezra Tarbell,
Frederic Tarbell,
Juhal B. Buck,
*Colburu Williams.

Lot No. 3, A. Clark,

Hugh McKeen,
Joseph Ball,
Ebenezer G. Stevens,
Jehial Gowing,
Dustin G. Osgood,
Elijah Huntley.

Lot No. 4,

Stoddard, Jr.,

Isaac Butterfield,
Lewis Brigham,
. Uninhabited.

Lot No. 0, John Parker,
Stephen Warner,
John Prentice,
Thomas Ball,
Thomas Murdough,
John F. D. Murdough,
George W. Leighton.

Lot No. 6, S. Cummins,

William Addison,

Lot No. 7, John Hardy.

AVest part, Robert Davidson,
John Davidson,
Joshua G. Silsby,
Marvin F. Silsby,
Windsor Gleason,
John Hayward,
Thomas B. Hayward.

Lot No. 8, James Davidson,
Kobert Davidson,
Augustus Bradford,
Abner Gage,
Benjamin Kemp,
Aaron Kemp,
Daniel Nye,
Iddo Church,
Azel H. Church,
*Miss Betsey Hovey,
Mrs. Patty Davidson,
Miss Fanny Bradford,
Allen Hayward,
• Horace Whipple,
William Whipple.

Lot No. 9, Nathl. Garfield,
Peter Ewens,
*Edward Keyes,
James Ewens,
Peter PoUey,
Flint Policy,
Horace Whipple.

Lot No. 10, B. Byam,

Mehuman Stebbins,
Frederic Stebbins,
Thomas Dickey,
Tow'n farm,
David Blanchard,
Solon Blanchard.

Lot No. 11, David Burge,
Samuel Harper,
Daniel Grout, Esq.,
Alexander Grout,
Thomas Clark,
N. B. Boundy,
Levi Gowing,
Joseph Hayward,
Hiram N. Hayward.

Lot No. 12, William Pierce,
Samuel Harper,
Joseph Chatterton,
Alpheus (Jhatterton,
Lyman Buswell.

Lot No. 13, William Story,
William Lancaster,
Jehial Gowing,
Sanford Mason,



Chapin K. Brooks,
I John P. Davis,

Thomas McQuiggin,
Nehemiah Hayward.

Lot No. 14, J. Blanchakd,

Lot No. 15, N. Garfield,

Lot No. 16, William Pierce,
William Clark,

Thomas Clark,

Lot No. 17, 0. Farwell,

Samuel Lufl^in,
Ezra Luflvin,
Charles M. Lufkin.

Lot No. 18, Maj. Wentworth,
Thomas Davis,
Cotton W. Davis,
Marquis D. Gould.



Lot No.

1, Benjamin French,
Larnard Thayer,
James Morse,
Joseph Ware,
Joseph Ware, Jr.,
Joseph Evans,
Hananiah Allen,
Daniel Peasley,
George Hatch.

Lot No

Lot No. 2, Jonathan Pierce,

Lot No. 3, K. KiLLicuT, [lot,

Beryl Mountain on this

Lot No. 4, Vrtling Stoddard,
Thomas Hill,
Joseph Markham,
Seth Markham,
Jeduthan Waldo,
Joseph Thayer,
Benjamin Nichols,
Asa Webster,
*Samuel McDuffie,
Sylvester A. Keed,
Ruel G. Bascomb,
Dustin G. Osgood.

Lot No. 5, J. Blanciiard,

Thomas Putnam, Esq.,
First saw and grist-mill in

* Lewis Slader,
Isaac Clark,
Orville L. Slader,
Joseph Brackett.

6, J. Dustin,

Thomas Putnam, Esq.,
Silsby Stevens,
Elisha Parks,
James M. Warner,
George M. Warner,
Mrs. Betsey G. Stevens,
Alexander G. Graham.

Lot No. 7, James Rodgers,
Joseph Webb,
Moses Coffin,
Daniel Nourse,
Daniel Nourse, Jr.,
W^illiam Hayward,
William Prentiss,
Levi Prentiss.

Lot No. 8, Eli Smith.

Lot No. 9, Moses Esterbrook,
Samuel Smith,
Edward Smith,
Daniel Robinson,
W^inslow Allen,
Winslow C. Nenl,
* Granville Gibnore.

Lot No. 10, Reuben Gould,

Dr. Benjamin C. Parker,
Samuel Finlay,
3Irs. Lucinda Finlay,
*Daw.«on Russell,
Lemuel Lincoln, [ing,
]\lrs. Cliarlotte Spauld-
William Prentiss,
John P. Davis,
George H. Chatterton,



William Prentiss,
Mrs. Sarah F. Prentiss,
Rev. J. L. Merrill,
*Dr. Daniel Grout,
John Grout,
Rev. Phineas Cook,
Nathaniel Warner,
*Natlianiel Grout,
Cliapin K. Brooks,
Gihnan Breed,
Dr. Edwin T. x\twood,
Thomas M. Dickey,

Hollister Archer,
*Saniuel Slader,
Thomas Dodge,
Nath'l and John Grout,
Thomas Dickey,
Stillman Vilas,
Cyrus K. Vilas,
Aaron W. S)3arling,
Charles A. Gould,
Luther S. Davis,
*Sainuel Slader,
INIiss Corrina Slader,
Joseph G. Silshy,
*Dean Carlcton,
*Williara Heywood,
John Moore,
John Davidson,
Hezekiah Copeland,
Henry Gould,
*Orlin R Kemp,
Mrs. Lusina Crosby,
*Levi Crawford,
Mrs. Lucy A. Moore,
*Edward VVoodlmry,
Mason M. Woodbury.

Lot No. 11, Samuel King,
Jacob Hayward,
William Hayward,
Barnet C Finlay,
*Henry Silsby, Esq.,
Eliphaz Silshy,
Levi Hayward's .store,
Levi Hayward,
Ithiel Siishy,
Francis Brown, '
WiUard xAI. Perham,
Mrs. Susan Perham,
* Charles A. Snow.

Lot No. 12, Jacob Farmer,
Julius Silsby,
Solomon Grout,
Samuel Silsby,
Nathaniel Huntley,
John Albree,
Lemuel Lincoln,
Joseph Albree,
Asa Dodge,
*Hugh Henry,
Robert Holmes,
Josiah Boutwell,
Capt. Joseph Gregg,
James Morse,
Orange Wood,
Granville Mitchell,
Tannery once on this lot.

Lot No. 13, J. Blanchard.

West part, John Reed, ,

Bezaleel Beck with,
Jonathan H. Reed,
Daniel Warner,
Joseph G. Silsby,
Benjamin P. Wood.

East end, *John Albree,
Asa Partridge,
Oliver Carlton,
Joshua G. Silsby,
JEliphalet Bailey,
George Bailey.

Lot No. 14, William Stacy,

Lot No. 15, Benjamin French.

West part, Charles Mathewson,
Horace Mathewson,
Charles C. Mathewson,
Albert J. Straw,
John F. Page,
David H. Whipple.

East part, Amasa Mathew.^on,
Harvey Liscomb,
James Raw.son,
Granville Mitchell,
Isaac J. Page.

Lot No. 16, Jonathan Gilmore,

Lieut. Thomas 31cLure,
William Lyon,
Robert Walker,
Roswell Walker.





Lot No. 17, For First Minister,
Capt. James McLure,
• E. Clifford,
Eoyal Bailey,

Lot No. 18.

]Ma.i. Wentwortii,
Phiuoas Blood,
Daniel Straw,
Winslow Copeland,
Hezekiah Copeland.


Lot No. 1, Robert Adams,

Alexander Brown,
William Woods,
Moses Chase,
A. Chase,
Pelatiah Clark,

Lot No. 2, J. Craige,

Christopher Ayres,
Benjamin Mayo,
Alden Gee,
Luke Nichols,
John Buckminster,
Americus K. Howard.

Lot No. 3, A. Blanchard,

Dea. Alexander Houston,
Alexander Houston, Jr.,
George Houston.

Lot No. 4, J. Davidson,

*Mariam Buckminster,
*Truraau M. Silsby,
Ebenezer Grout, Jr.,

* Sylvester A. Heed,
^ William Osgood,
*A. C. Field,
George B. Field,

*Adna Keyes,

* Union Hall,

* Baptist 3Ieeting-House,
^Methodist Meet'g-House

* Joseph Ball,
Zia Peck,

INIrs. Sally Peck,
Jacob B. Eichardso)i,
Joseph Markham,
Seth Markham.
John Hayward,
James Dinsmore,
Pelatiah Clark,
Henry Woodbury,
James Bowers,
Mrs. Nancy D. Boivers,
James A. Wood,

* Hannah Gates,
Joseph S. Bowers,
Horace Campbell,

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