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depiiis deux rnois de cc nouveau pais, on il park de la route quil faut
tcnir pour y aller le plus fur cine at ^ U de Vet at on il a trauve cetfe
nouvelle contree. A la tiaye 16S6. 12°. This is a modern ac-
count of Florida, its eltate in the year 1684, and the bell way to
it. The book has a good reputation ; and as Florida is one of
thofc amvrican countries we have not the bell account of, this is a
confiderable light into it.

Relation du voyage de mofieur Vevcfque de Beryte par h: Turquie,,
la Perfe, les Indes jufques au Royaume de Sianiy ^ autres lieux,
tfcrit par jnonfieur de BourgeSy Prejlre^ 8". An account of the
bifliop of Berytus'sjourhcy by land through Turkey, Pcrfia, and
India, into China", by a priell that went with him ; very cu-
rious in the defcription' of thofc countries and manners of the


moji Booh of Voyages an J Traveh, ^11

people, with inftnidions for travellers to thofe parts. Jouiti. dcs
Scav. vol. I. p. 591.

Lemhajjade de D. Garcia de Silva Figucrra. This is a tranfla-
tion out of fpanifh, and the account of the book is among the
fpanilli under the title, Embaxada, &'c. to which the reader may
turn ; only he is advertifed that he may fee more concerning
this tranflation in Journ. de Scav. vol. I. p. 205.

Les voyages' de motifteur de Monconys. Monficur Monconys's
travels in three volumes, 4°, The firll through P Ttugal, Italy»
Egypt, Syria and Conflantinople. The fecond into Ein<land,
the Low-Countries, Germany and Italy. The third into Spain.
Befidcs the general account of thofe countries and particular
places, they contain abundance of rare and extraordinary' ob-
lervations and fecrets in phyfic and chemiiiry, and mathematical
inventions. But the author dying before the work was ritted for
the prefs, it Is in fome meafure impcrfe6l, and has many parti-
culars of no ufe to any but himfelf" ; which there u no doi:bt he
would have omitted, had he lived. Journ. de Scav. vol. I p.
339, and 424.

Defcription des cojies de VAmerique Jcp'.cnincnaly avcc I hij^oire tfr
re pays, par monftcur Dcnys^ 1 vols. 12**. The tirlt volume is a
defcription of the northern coafts of America and the countries
adjacent, with a map of them, rendered extraordinary divert-
ing by fevcral (lories related. The fecond is the natural iuf-
tory, very curious and learned. Journ. des Scav. vol. HI. p.


Relation ou journal d'un voyage fait aux lades crientaksy cojitenant
les affaires du pais, iff les ejiablffemcnts des plufieurs rMtions, iljc. 1 2*
This author fet out on his voyage in the year 1671. He is worth
reading for feveral obfervations not eaiily to be found in others,
but molt for his account of the fetilements ct" curopean nations,
yet all fhort.

NouvcIIe relation en forme de journal d\m i)oynge fait en Egyp.\
par le P. Vanjleh en 1 672, Cif 1 673. I2**. The author to what
he faw himfelf, for the better information of his reader, adds
all that is to be found remarkable in other late travellers relating
to Egypt.

Voyage d^Italie, de Dahnatie^ de Grccey iJ dit Lvvanty aux nnncc;
1675 & 1676. par Jacob Spon^ 12". 3 voU. This work, befide>
the general obferxatioi.s of travellers, is fmgular for its cuiiofity
in the fearch of antiquities. Journ. des Scav. vol. VI. p. 12S
snd 185.

Voyage de Francois Pirard de la Val aux hides orientates y Mahhvr^^
Moluquesy y ail BrnfiU cfr. 4°. This is one of the exaclell
pieces of travels, and the moft diverting hitherto made public.
M. Pirard the traveller furnifhcd the materials, which were di-
g'lled and method! fed by feveral very able men in France. Many
who have travelled after him n;cntioa wuch pt wh^t he does, and


222 A Catalogue and CJ.^araS^ir of

yet he has fomc curiofitics which others have not touched 'ipon.
Joiirn. des Scav. vol. VII. p. 85.

Ainhoj]adi ils la c^tnpagn'-e des hides cruntaki des Provinces unirj
fjrrs les enipercurs du JopjUy An. l()\\.fd. It is a pcrfccl accoiinf
of all that happened 10 ihc faid emba'.rador.s, and full dcfcripiion
of ihn country, towns, cities, &:c. v.ith variety of ruts. loiirn.
des Scav. vol. Vlll. p. 130. and Bibiiolh. Univerf. vol. IV. p.


hmvellc rchtr.n d iin voyage de Conjlimt'.noflcy prej^ntcc au r:i p.-rr
ie Sleur Gtrloty An. 1680, in 4". A curious account not only of
lliat city, hut cf all places to it, with cuts drawn by the author
up<'>n'the fpot. Juurn. des Scar. vol. VIII. p. 296.

Rdalior.s des vvjji:n> iff des vrjages des evecfucs vicar.'es eip'^Pio^
l/fiteSj tf dc Icurs ecclefiajllques en annl-es 1676 ^ 1677. in 8".
This is a relation of what thofc preachers obfcrved in their travels
in Afia.

Les voyages de "Jean Stni\s en Mfcovie, ^f. in 4". In thefe
travels through Mufcovy, Tartary, PerHa, India, the ifle of
Madagafcar, und other places, being a vail exti-nt of gronnd,
ar.d to be travelled many feveral ways, therj are alundance o\ no-
table obfervations, not to be found in other books of this fort;
ihe whole very inflrudivc and diverting:. lourn. des Scav. vol.
IX.p. i6o. \ ° -^

Rciaiion nouvclle particidtcr du z^A-age des peres dc la mercy aux'
royaumes dc fez & de MoroCy cnl'an \(j%ly 12^. Beiides what
thele fathers did, as the pecnliar hufinefs of their religious pro-
folhon, this book contains many cr.riofities rela*inc; to the


of Morocco and the CMdoms of the country. Joiirn. dcs Scav.
vol. X. p. 354-

Rciaiion de la ri7)iere des /fmr.zons traihiit par M. GoKdjcr'/dle, fur
l original ef pa gml du P. AAcufa jeftiitc. This Is a relation of the
iiid father's voyvje down this vult river ; t(> v/hicfi the tranllator
has added a diiilrtntion, the principal matters treated of therein
being the towns of Mano?, Dorado, and ihe lake of I\i:i:na.
Journ. des Srav. vol. XI. p. 107.

Relation du voyages de Venife a Corffiantinoplc d Jajues Ca^oty I 2*.
This author, il.ough l.c writ above a hunurec: \ear5^ ago, is va-
luable for many Ciuio'as obfervati(^MS not to be found in later
travellers. Journ. dcs Scav. vol. XII, p. 139.

Relation du v:ycge des Indes oricnfMles, pai^ AI. D^'Hcn, two volumes
12**. The author aifiims, he has inierted nothing but what he
faw ; mnch of wh^r he rehtes iias been delivered bv other authors:
but he is very particufar, and out-rfocs them all in his account
of the coaft ok ?»'la!;.^mr^ and conclude!; with a trcatife of dif-
cafts in ihofe puts, «ry.l their cures, journ. des 5>cav. vol. XIII.
p. 121.

Hijhire de la con-jucfte de la Fl'rid<: par les rfpagnrb^ traduit du
porlugaisy 12^. 'i his is a very exadl accou-.u of tlv^t country,


PI oft Boihs of Fey ages and Tra^'els. 523

.«nd all that happened In the conquen: of it, writ by a portu-
gucfe gentleman, who fcrvcd in thai war, and was an eye-witncfs
of all that paiUd. Journ. des Scav. vol. XIII. p. 394.

Foynges de I'enipereur de la Chine dans la Tartaric, aujquels on a
yAnt une nouvcllc decouverte au Mcxique, 12^. It trrats of two
joiirnies the emperor of China made into the eaftern and the
wedern Tartary. The other part Ihovvs the fcttlcnicnt made by
the fpaniard.s in the iiland of California, An. 1683. jjurn. des
Scav. vol. XIII. p. 446.

Relation de 1' etnhajj'ade de Mr. le chevalier de Chaiimont a la cour
du rot de Siam, 12^. He writes not like a c ^mmon traveller,
but like an embailbdor, and is therefore more political, and
treats of higher matters than others, though often defccnding to
things of lefs moment worth the general obfervation, as the def-
cription of the country, cuiloms and manners of the i nr. abitants,
and other tilings of that nature. Journ. des Scav. vol. XIV. p.
396. and Biblioth. Univerf. vol. III. p. 521.

jGurjud du voyage du Chevalier Chardin en Perjc, ds' aux hides
Qrlentalcs par la mer Noire^ C^ par ki Colchidt*, fol. Thoi.'gh fo
many travellers as have viiited thofe parts before him, feem to
have left him nothing new to write of, yet in him are found
abundance of rarities not to be feen in any otlier, and remarks
no where elfe to be found, and particularly the expofition of
feveral padkges in fcripture, which the author makes out by
cufioms preferved in the enlt from tlie time of Mofes till our day.
Journ. des Scavans, vol. XIV. p. 535. and Biblioth. Univerf. vol.
III. p. 520.

AmbafJ'ades de la ccmipagnie hsUandoife d'c^ricnt vers Tcmpcrcur du
JapQv, 2 vols. 12°. It is an abridgment of a volume in tolio,
printed in the year 1680, and is divided into three parts: the iirll
is the defcription of Japan ; the fecond an account of the em-
baffy there ; and the third of five other embadics. To which ig
added a relation of the civil wars in Japan. Journ. des Scav.
vol. XV. p. 139.

yournal du voyage dc Siam, fait par monjieur Vahhe de Cholft, 4°.
It is compofed of feveral letters writ by this gentlemaii, who
was fent by the king of France with the cliaradler of embalfador
in cafe the king of Siam had embraced chridianity, as was
hoped ; and does not only inform as to all particulars of that
great kingdom, but of many others about it as far as Tonquin
and Cochinchina, without neglecting in the way to treat very
Accurately of the dutch colony at the cape of Good Hope. Journ.
<ies Scav. vol. XV. p. 301.

Hifioirc des Indes orient ales, 4". It is divided into two parts.
The lirrt treats ^{ the voyage to, and obfervations at cape Verde,
of the ifle of Madagafcar, and feveral palfuges which happened
in Argicr and Conlluntinople. The fecond vf two voyages into


524- ^ Catahgue and Clara^er of

India. Joiirn. des Scav. vol. XV. p. 436. and Hill, des ouvragcs
des Scavans, vol. II. p. 307.

Hifio'ire natureUe i^ politique du r^>yaume de Siam^ 4^. It is di-
vided into four parts, which treat, i. Of the fituation and nature
of the country. 2. Tlie laws and cuftoms of the people.
3. Their religion ; and, 4. Of the king and court. Monfieur
Gervaife the author of it refided there four years, underftood the
language pcrfc<5llv, read their books, and converfed with the
mod intelligent pcrfons, and therefore got good information of
what he writes, having been careful to deliver as little as he
could of what others had before made pi;blic. Journ. des Scav.
vol. XV. p. 612.

Relation nouvelle i5 exa^ dun vynge de la Terre Sairte, 12°.
Contains an exadl defcription of all the places where the principal
paffages of our Saviour's pallion happened, and many other things
well worth obferving, being very Ihort, and yet full enough.
Journ. des Scav. vol. XVI. p. 204. and Hift. des ouvragcs des
Scavans, vol. III. p. 417.

Voyage en Mojcovii dun amhnlYcdeur de lonpereur Leopold j 12^.
Jn. 1661, He dcfcribes the great rivers, the chief towns on the
banks of them, the manners, government, and religion of the
people. Journ. des Scav. vol. XVI. p. 232.

Qcjciiption hijicrique du royaumc de Macar^ary 12^. It is divided
into three books, the firft the defcription of the country, the fccond
the manners and government of the people and kingdom, the tliird
the religion. Journ. l\^s Scav. vol. X V I. p. 532. and Hiih des
ouvrages des Scavans, vol. V. p. 324.

Relation de la Nigritie, 12^. It contains an exafl defcription of
the kingdoms of the blacks, their government, religion, manners,
rarities of the country, with the difcovery of the river Senega, and
a mnp of it. By four fruncifcan friars, who went thither upon
the milTion in the year 1689, from Frangc. Journ. des Scav. vol.
XVJLp. 311.

P\yage du pcrc Tachard Ly da jr/ui/es envoy ft par la rot au r^v-
eiumc de Simny An. 1685, 4". This is an hiitorical, phyfical,
geographical and aftronomical account, being taken by learned
men, and great mathematicians. The firil book is mollly aftro-
nomical obfervatious in the voyage to the cape of Good Hope;
the fecond a relation of the table-mountain, and many other
things about the aforefaid cape ; the third palfagcs at Batavl.i
^nd Macalfar ; the fourth of atFairs of Siam and others ; the Hfth
continues the faiuti maUcr ; th^ fiAtb much natunl hiilorv, con-
chiding with the king of Siam's letters tq the pope, king of France,
and !•. le Chaife ; the feventh the fathers return home ; and the
eighth from tiience to Rome. Juurn. des Scay. vol, XVII. p,
415. and Biblioth. Ui.iverf. vol. IV. p. 472.

Second i'cyagc du pcre Tachurd i'^f des jcfuites cnvoyez par k roi an
r-^ume de Siam^ 1689, Ji*^. This fatUcr returned trom his tirl^

tnoji Books of Voyages and Travels. 52^

voyage to carry more milTioners ; and this fccond voyage, "which
he divides into eight books, like the other contains many hiflorical,
phyfical, geographical, and allronomical remarks, bcfides abun-
dance of other obfervations and curiofities omitted in the firft
voyage. Biblioth. iiniverf. vol. XIV. p. 445.

Hijioirc dc regl'ije du Japoru p^^' Mr. I'abue de T. 1 vols. 4^.
It was writ by F. Solier, a jefuit, and publilhcd by Tabbc, who
refined the language. This, though an ecclcfialUcar hiflory,
contains all the diverting parliailars to be found in books of
travels, as being compofcd by thofe fathers, who were all tra-
vellers in that country. It is an excellent work, in. twenty books.
Journ. des Scav. vol. XVII. p. 486.

yom'nal da voyage fait a la nier du Sudy aire les fibufiers de
rAmcri(iU€y en 1 684^ ^ amices fuivanteSj par le fieur Ravenau de
Lufj'andy \2^ , It is a buccaneering expedition, containing very
much of robbery, with an account of the Kthmus of America and
countries about it, where the author with his gang travelled much
by land. Journ. des Scav. vol. XVII. p. 721.

Hijioirc de monfieur Conjlance premier minijlre du rol de Slam, ilf
de la derniere rel;olution de cet ejlat. Par le P. d^OrleanSy 12^.
It is a relation of that gentleman's wonderful adventures in Siam,
where he attained to be full minifter to that great monarch
in the year 1685 and thofe that followed, with the revolution
of that kingdom, and the perfcciition that enfued againfl the
chridlans. Jcurn. des Scav. vol. XVIII. p. 373.

Du royaimie de Siam. Par Mr. de la Loubere, envoye extraordi-
naire du roi apres du roi dc Siam, en 1687, ^ 1688. 2 vols. 12^.
In this there are many particulars not to be found in other re-
lations. The firrt volume divided into three parts ; the firft
geographical, the fecond of cufloms in general, and the third
of manners in particular. The fccond volume begins with ffrange
fables and fupcrftitions, proceeds to the pradices of the religious
men, and many other particulars extraordinary curious and re-
markable. Journ. des Sca\'. vol. XIX. p. 256 &: 269.

Relation du voyage d' Efpagne, 3 vols. 12*^. Treats of the
country in general, of the fituation of its towns, of public and
private ffru6lurcs, of palaces and churche!^, with their orna-
ments, 6cc. of the king's power, government, councils, employ-
ments, benefices, and their revenues \ of the orders of knight-
hood, and the itiquifition ; with many pleafant adventures, in
which there is much of the romantic. Journ. des Scav. vol. XIX.
p. 364. It is writ by the countcfs d'Aunoi, and has much of
tlic woman.

Nouvelle relation de la Grfpcfie, Par le P. Chretien le Clercq, I 2^.
This is a complete account of the manners and religion of the
favages called gafpefians, carrying crolfes, anJ woriliipping the
fun i and others nations of Canada in north America. It was


5 26 A Catal'gue and Charade r of

taken in twelve years, the author rcficling there n.s mifTioner, be-
ginning An. 167^. Jonrn. dcs Scav. v.ol. XIX. p. 395. and Bib-
Iioth. tjniverf. vol. XXIII. p. 86.

Prcynicr cjlahhffiment dc In fct dans h NouvcJIc France, Par k
P, le CUtcq^ Tn'llionairey 2 vols. 12^. It is the complete hiflory of
Canada, or New- France, from the firft difcovery of it till this
time, containing the difcoverics, fettling of colonies, conquers,
and all other paffages from thofe northern parts down to tlic
gulph of Mexico, Avith tie battles with the cnglilh and iroquois.
An. 1690. Jonrn. dcs Scav. vol. XX. p. 131.

yoyag.'^ en divers ejlais d' Europe ^ d\4fiCj piur drcouvrir un vm-
veau chemin a la ChinCy 4^. 'I'hcfc travels were writ and per-
formed by F. Avril, a jcfuit, who fpcnt five years traverfmg
Turky, Perfia, Mufcovy, Poland, PrnfTia, Moldavia and 'Fartary,
and embarked in feveral feas to find out this wav to China, to
avoid the tedious voyage bv the cape of Good Hope and India.
The relation is phyfkal, geographical, hydrogrnphical, and hif-
torical. Journ. des Scav. vol. XX. p. 187.

Les avantnres dc Jaqucs Sadeiir dans la decauvertCy ^' le voyage de
la Terrc Aujlrale^ 12^. This is a very extraordinary account of
Terra Auftralis incognita, infinitely exceeding all that has been
writ of it by others ; the author being ca(t upon that country after
thelofs of the (hip he was in, and living thirty years among thole
favages. He therefore treats of the manners of the people, their
religion, employments, Itudies, wars, of the birds and bcalls, and
other rarities. Journ. dcs Scav. vol. XX. p. 2s6.

Voyages hifioriqucs dcYV.uropey 8 vols. 12^. 'Fhe firft of thefc
volumes treats only of France ; the fccond of Spain and Portu-
j:;al ; the third of Italy ; the fourth of England, Scotland, and
Ireland; the fifth of the feven United Provinces; the fi\th of \\\z
empire ; the feventh of Mufcovy ; the eighth of Poland, Lithu-
ania, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. Thefe volumes
are travels into the moft confiderahle parts of Europe, and contain
abundance of fingularities not obferved by other travellers and
writers. Journ. des Scav. vol. XXI. p. 93, 95, 276.

Relation du vosngCy iff retour des hides orienfales, pendant les annh;
1690, 1 69 1, par un garde dc la marine jervant Jur le lord de M.
Duquejne conifuandant de lEjeadrey 12^. It has many curious
obfervations during the voyage outward and homeward bound, and
an account of all places the fquadron touched at. Journ. dc£
ijcav. vol. XXI. p. 177.

Les VA'nges ditfieur le Mai re aux ijles CanarieSy Cape Verde, Senegal
y Cantbicy 12^. In this are many parliculiirs of thofe african
countries, little known, and fcarce to be found in other travellers.
Journ. des Scav. vol. XX II I. p. 364.

Nouvclte relation de la Chine, en iannie 1668, par le R. P. Ca-
kriel de Magaillansy de la compagnie de Jejus^ 8^. This was ori-


I?i9ji Books cf Vcjagn avj Trdveh, r^J

gma\]y writ in portugucfc, and ought to have been amonf,^ thfe
travels in that language, had wc any number of them, if
thought worth tranflating into french hrf>, and from that into
englilli, but was never printed in its original Language. It has
the reputation of an cxadl and faithful account. HilL des ouvragcs
dcs Scav. vol. II. p. 203.

Relation unhctjclle dc V Afnque anacrme ^' modern?^ par Ic ftrur
de la Cro:Xy 12^. 4 vols. Bclidcs the chronoloay ;ind gio^rraphv,
it has the cwfioms, manners, religion, trade,^ p]ant<; :u:d oiher
^-)ariiciilars oi the continent and iljands, and what the king of
France has done againft the baibniy coi fairs, An. 1688. A Lyon.

Le houdier de V Europe, contemmt des avis pditiqucs ^ chrcttcjiT^
ijfc. Avec unc relaUon de voyages fails dans la Turfjuicy la Thehnidc,
^ la Barharie. Par le R. R. Jean-Coppin, 4^. This father
was fird a foldier, then conful ior the french nation at Dami-
etta in Egypt, and Ia(tly, a religious mail. Tl.c Mign of his
work is to Uir up chriiiinn princes to make w-r on the turk,
and accordingly his hr(t and fccond books are taken up in fljowing
of how great confequcncc that war is, the methods of m.ana^nn"'?-
it, the ci.ufes of the rife and decay of the Ottoman empire, and-
much more to that effect. In the following books he nroceeds
to his travels; (irft in Egypt, v/here he lias many curious ob-
fcrvations not to be found in other travellers, but more parlicn-
larly, in that he took the pains to travel the great dtfart of
rht4)aida, where few behdes him have been "in thcfe latter
times; and this is the fubjecl of his third and fourth books,
'i he filth treats of Barbary, Phoenicia and the Holy Land: and
the work concludes with an exacf defcription of the city Da-
mietta, where he refided fome years. Kis relation is faithful,
and defen'es all credit, efpccially in ihofe things he delivers as
i»n eye-witnefs. It was publilhed at Paris in the year 1686. Bib-
iioih. Uiiiverf. vol. V. p.- 103.

Journal y cu juite du '■j:yagc de SiaT?tf en finnc de Icftrcs familieref^
f<u! en 1685 cif 1686, par rnotifteur I'ahhc de Choifi, 8^. It is
che tiiird account of the french amballadors fent to Siam ; mon-
fieur de Chaumont, and P. IV^hard, both before mention-v-d,
being the two others. It contains an cxaiH journal of that
voyage, has rll the fea-teims, much of the fame as F. 'Fachard,
and feveral other remarks. He treats of the Vv-ar in Bant;;m,
'^l the illand of Java, of Batavia, lb • power of the (hitch in
India, of Siam, Tonquin, Cochinchina, tvc. Biblicth. Univcrf.
vol. VI. p. 274.

Hijloire naru relic b' politique du royaurae de Siam, par monjieur
Gervuije, 1688. 4^. l"l:e author. liv d four years at the court
of Siam, and affirms nothing but what he fivv, or f )und in th^
bell books of that country, as alfo by di fcourfc by the belt people
there. He fays little or nothii^g oi what iias beijn nieniioncd by

5 2& A Catalogue md ChnraSfcr of-

other travellers to Siam, and adds much, wliich they, as being
only palTengers, could not obfcrvc. The work is divided inta
four parts: the firft contains the defcription of the country; the
fecond the laws, cu^oms, manners and government of that na-
tron \ the third the religion ; the fourth fpcaks of the king, royai
family and court. }>iblioth. Univerf. vol. X. p. 516.

Relation muveUe iJ exalte dun voyage de la Terre Sainfr, cu
defcription de I'etat prrjnit dies lieux, ou Je font pofft-es les^ Pf^'^^i'
pales anions dc la vie dc Jcfus ChrijL Paris 1688. 8^. This is
a pilgrimage to the Holy* Land, and therefore writ in a religious
ftylc, and contains an account of all the holy places in Paleltine,
and defcription of Malta ; and is a gooil guide for fuch as defire
to travel into thofc parts.

V'-.ync^e^ de M. de Thcvcnot en Afic Iff en Afriquc. Paris 1689.

1 vols.* 1 2^. It is to be obferved, that whereas before mention is
made of Thcvenoi's travels, that is a coUedlion of other men,
as appears there, but thcfc are M. Thevenot^s own travels, di-
vided into three parts ; the firit of the eaflcrn countries under
the turk ; the fecond continues other ealtern parts, proceeding
towards Perfia ; and the third the Eaft-Indics. It is one of the
mofl curiou*; and exad works of this nature hitherto publillied,
and well deferving to be read by all that are curious of travels.
Biblioth. Univerf. vol. XIII. p. 24.6.

Voyages dAmerique^ hijloire des avanturicres qui fe font ftgnakz danS
les Ind-Sy iSc. Par Alexander Olivier OexvieHn. Paris 1 688.

2 vols. 12^. This was a furgeon fent over in the fervice of the
french welt-india company, and fold in America, where he lived
feveral years. The author of the Biblioth. Univerf. gives a
great character of this work, and fays, no man has yet given
fo good an account of the manner of living in thofe parts, bclides
very good defcriptions, and all that is requifite in fuch avvork \
of which fee more in the laid Biblioth. Univerf. vol. XVIII. p.

Kouveau voyage d' Italic fait en Vannie 1688, aire un memotre
contcnant dcs avis utiles a ceux qui voudrcnt faire le vume^ voyage,
A la Hayey 1 69 1. 2 vols. 12^. Par monfteur Mifln. This au-
thor gives a general accotmt of all things obfcrvablc in Italy,
and tnercforc is the more diverting. He begins his travels^ in
Holland, of which he gives a (hort account , then eroding Ger-
many and Tirol, he runs down Italy by the Adriatlck Ihore, and
returns on the other fide through Tufcany, Genoa, Piedmont,

Voyage en divers ctats d'Europc iff dAfe, cntreprii pour decouvrir
un ncuveau chemin a la Chine, Par ie P. AvriL Paris i6()T,. 12^,
The full hook contains the author's tr.ivels from Marfcillcs to
Erivan in Perfia; the fecond from Erivan to Mofcow ; in the third
he gives an account of 1 artary, but it was fuch as he received


mzj} Books of Voyages and Travels. ^29

from others, for he was not in that country ; and in the fourth,
of his return to Pohmd, thence to Conftantinople, and thence
for want of heahh to France. Eiblioth. Univcrf. vol. XXIV,

P- 20-^- .

H:Jioire de la nvolutic?! de rempirc du mogd. Par mcnjleur F,
Beniicr^ 8^. This hiitory of the revolution of the empire of the
mogul, contains the whole account of Aurcngc Zcb dethroning
his father, with all the intrigues and wars on that account \ the

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