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defcription of Agra and Delhi, capital cities of that empire,
many particulars of that court, the dodlrines, cuftoms, 6«:c. of
the Indians, the mogul's journey to Cachcmire, and many other
curious obfervations made by the author in his travels in that

Relation d'un voyage en la Mauritame. Par lejieur Roland Frcjiis,
8^. The author of this voyage into Mauritania was fent by the
king of France's order in the year 1666, to fettle trade in the
kingdom of Fez, and gives a very juit, though brief account of
his voyage and negotiation. There is added to it a letter of
monlicur Charant, who lived twenty-five years in Suez and Mo-
rocco, giving an account of the religion, manners, trade, Sec. of
ihofe people.

P'oyagcs en Ap.e^ Jfrlque, ^ I' Avier'ique. Par vionfieur 'Jean
Mocqudj 8^. See this among the englilh, 8^.

Voyage par monfieur du ^lefne aux hides en 1 69 1 ^ 1692, dffr.
See more of this the cnglilli, 8"^.

Voyages hijloriques ilf eun'eux en Alleniagney Bdjemej Suijpy Hol-
land, iffc. de jncnjieur Charles Pat in y 8^. See this among the

Voyages aux Indes, de Dellon. 2 vols. 12^^.

Hijioire de la Chine Jons la domination des Tartares. Par le P,
GreJi'Ai de la c<)}np. de JeJuSy 8'^\ Paris 1 67 2. We have here a
fuccin6l hiitory of China from the year 165 1, till 1669, delivered
by a millioner reiideiit there many years; his principal fiibjc(^,l
is the adrcnomy of China, which gained the firll admillion to
the millioners ; of which, and all its parts, and how ufed and
praftifed there, he treats very ingeniouliy and learnedly, Giorn,
de Letter.

Voyage du Levant. Par vionjieur de Loir, 12^. A voyage to
the Jvcvant in ten letters, containing all tilings remarkable in
the iflands of the Archipelago, Kphclus, Smyrna, Conitaniinople,
Scutari, Negropont, Greece, the Morea, and all t!'e coalts to
\ enire ; in which are all the ancient and modern names of
places, and what authors have faid of them, compared with
what was when the author travelled. A work no lefs learned
;han curious. Giorn. de Letter. An. 1673.

Voyage d Angle ferrcy par rnonjieur SorbierrCy 12^. Th'F a.count
of England is not methodical, but contains fomc obkrvuti'-ns
Vvorth reading, . .

ypl-. JX, M 11a Rclatiotk

530- A Caiahgue and QjaraSter of

Relation un'iverfelle de V Afrique anclenne i^ modcrnCy par k fieur de
la Croix, 4 vols. 12^. Ly:n 1688. This is the fulleft and mod
perfe6l account yet extant of that great part of the world, being
a judicious and laborious collection of all the bcfl that has been
writ on the fubjecl. Giorn. de Letter. An. 1689.

Hijioirc de liJJe de Ceylon y^ par le cal'itaine Jean Rihcyro,^ tr adult e
du portiigaii en fru}i(^oisj 12^. Paris 1701. This fhort hiftory of
Ceylon, though writ originally in portugucfe, and publifhed in
the year 1685, is here inferted in the french tranflation, becaufe
the tranllator Mr. le Grand has added to it feveral chapters, col-
leded from the beft authors that have writ of that ifland. It
is divided into three books : the firfl is the defcription of the
iiland, its government, religion, produ6l, &:c. the fecond treats
of the wars there between the portuguefes, the natives, and
the dutch: and the third, of the errours the portuguefes committed
in their conquers of India, and the power of the dutch in thofe
parts. Journ. des Scav. vol. XXIX. p. 389.

Nouveau 7?iemoires fur tejiat prejent de la Chine, par le P. Louis
le Comte, 2 vols. I2^. Paris 1696. F. le Comle's memoirs of
China have appeared in englifh \ they have abundance of very
remarkable paHiiges and fingular curiofities, and have been too
much talked of to require much to be faid of them. Journ.
des Scav. vol. XXV. p. 58.

Derniercs defcouveries dans V Amerique Jeptentrionale de monjieur
de la Sale, niifes au jour par vionficur le chcvdier Tonti, ^cverneur
du fort S. Louis aux IjUnois, 12^. Paris 1 697. This is an ac-
count of a valt difcovery in North America, being tb.e whole
length of the river Mifliitipi, from the french plantations in Ca-.
r.ada down to the gulph of Mexico to the fouthward, and from
tho fame plantation to the fource of the faid river northwards.
Journ. des Scav. vol. XXV. p. 31 1.

Relation dun voyage fait en 1696 ^ 1 697, aux cojles de V A-
frique, dctruit dc Magellan, Brczil, Cayenne, Cf ijlcs Antilles, par
le ficur Froger. Thij> is a relation of an expedition of fix french
iliips fitted out during the war with Spain in thofe years ;
it is l(X)ked upon as very faithful, and adorned with a great
number of maps and cuts of all forts. Journ. des Scav. vol. XaVI.

p. 164. . , . . .

Memoirs du chevalier Beaujeu, contenant divers voyages en Pohgney
AUemagne, ifS ni Hongru\ 12°. J^aris 1679. '1 he author of
thtfc memoirs having travelle.i in l^oland, Germany and Hun-
gary, undertakes to rcclify many miftakes in the maps as to dif-
tinces of places; he gives a particular account of thefe countries;
and moll efpecialJy of Poland, and all things relating to it,
Journ. de3 Scav. vol. XX\'i. p. 284.

Relation d'J voyage dufeur de AJontauhan capitain des Flibujliers ei\
Guinee, dans I annee 1 695, This Wijs a privateer voyage,
which ended in the blowing up the fhip \ but lo that the captain.


m^fl Booh cf Foyages and Travels . ^^t

efcapcd, and got afhore on the coafl of Afric, of which he
gives fome account ; thence he got over to Barbadoes, and thence
into France.

Relation curieufe & nouveUe de Mofcovie, contenant Vetat de cet
efupircy 12^. Paris 1698. This account of Mufcovy is coin-
pofcd by Mr. de Neuville, envoy from the king of Poland to tlie
czar, who during bis refidence there colk(5led the beft account
of a way through Mufcovy and Tartary to China, as convenient
as any for travellers in Europe, which he fays he was told by
one that travelled it twice ; but that the czar at the requeil of the
dutch has prohibited merchants trading that way.

Journal du voyage des grandes hides ^ contenant tout ce quij'y efi fait
b' pajje par Vef cadre de J a majejie, cnvoye fous le commandement de
J\^, de la Haycy 12^. Orleans 1697. This is a voyage of the
french fleet to the Indies in the year 1 670, it defcribes Goa,
and gives fome account of thefe coafts, of taking the city of S.
Thomas or Meliapor, and the lofuig it again to the dutch and
inhdels, with the return of the french.

Voyage d'ltaVie ^ de Grcccy avec une dijfertation fur la bizarrcrie
dcs opinions des hommesy 12". Paris i6gS, This author fet out
from France in the year 1691, and gives fuch a defcription of
the countries he palfed through, and of the adventures that befcl
him, as renders it extremely diverting ; concluding with a re^
fle6lion upon the extravagant humours of men, whofe behaviour
he condemns in many particulars, which are .rather pleafant and
diverting than folid, Journ. des Scav. vol. XXVI. p. 535.


Hi/ioria del Gran Tamorlan. Itinerarioy y relacion de la emlaxada
que Ruy Gonzales de Clavijo le hizo por mandado del fenor Rcy D.
Henrique tercero de CafliUa, Sevil 1582. fol. This is the firfl
fpanilh book of travels, at leali: of any reputation, now extant,
and is of no lefs than 300 years antiquity ; for though the book
was publifhed as above, the embaify was in the year 1403, in
which the author fpent three years, faw a confiderable part of
Afia, following Tamerlan's camp, and befides what he faw
during thofe years, had an ample account of all that mighty
prince's wars : it is a book rare and of great value.

Comentarios do grande Alphonfo de Albuquerque capitao general da
Indiay collegidos por feu filho das proprias cartas y que elk efcrivio ao
rcy D. Mancel. Lifboa 1 5 76. fol. This is a large relation of
the actions of that great man, who was one of the Hrft portugueie
conquerors of the Eaft-Indies; and a particular encomium of it
is given by Anthony Ferreira in his poems.

Naufragios de Alvar Nunez Cabcca de Vaca, y

Comentarios de Alvar Nunez Adelantado y govtrnador tie la frO'
vincid del Rio de la Plata, Valladolid 1555- 4^. The firft was

M m 2 writ

532 A Catalogue ami Chamber cf

writ by Alvar Nunez himfelf, wherein he gives an account o}
his (liipwreck, and unppralkllcd ruifcrings in Florida. The fe-
cond was compofed by his order by Peter FcrnandvZ his fecrctarv,
and is an account of tlic province of the river of Plate, where he
was governor : both curious and fcarce.

hvero dt'fcuhrmiento del gran Ciitir:^^ o reynos dc Tlhct en el anno
de 1624. Madrid 1627. It is writ by F. Anthony de Andrada,
a iefiiit, who in it gives an account of his travels in the moft:
remote eaftem countries.

I'erdndi'ra dfjcriptiori de la Ticrra Srwfa como ejluva cl anno dc 1 530.
Alcala 1531. ^^. It is an exaft account of the Holy Land at that
time, writ by F". Anthony de Aranda, \\\\q> travelled it all over as
a pilgrim at that time.

El divcto per/grino v'lage de la Tlcrrn Santa. Madrid 1 654. 4^.
The defcription of the Holy Laud in a pious flyle, for the help oi
pilgrims, by F. Antony del Caftillo, a francifcan ; who was fu-
periour of the monaft( ry at Bethlehem.

Rclaclon de lo Jucecido a los padrei de la compania de J ejus en la
Ind'Cfy yjapon, en IdS anos de 1630;' 1631. Valladolid 4^. An
account of the travels and adUons oi' the jcfuits in India and
Japan, by F. Antony Collaco.

Jornada de areelifpo dc Goa D. F. Aleino de Mencfes, iffe. as ferras
de Malabar^ & lugares cm que moram on antigos chriftaos de S.Thome^
Coimbra i6c6. fol. It was writ by F. Antony tic Gouve of the
brder of St. Augullin, who treats very curioufly of the inland
parts of Malabar, and chrillians of S. Thomas there. '

Hijloria general de los hcchos de bs cajlellanos en las ijlasy y ticrra
firma del mar occano, efcrita po9- Antortio de Herrera, Madrid 1 61 5.
4 vols. fol. A rnoll: excellent and complete hillory of the dif-
'icdvery and conquclf of America by the fpaniard«, not omitting to
mention' the difcovcries made at the (luuc time by other nations.
It readies from Columbus's fu-fl: difcovery An. 1492 till 1554.
divided into four" volumes, and thofe into eight decads, with a
very jun" defcription of that vafl continent.

H'Jioyid gt^neral de la India cricnfalj los defcuhriemientos y conquijla
que hon hecho los armos de Portugal en cl Brafil^ ^e. h'Jla el ano de
■'1562. Valladolid 1603. fol.' This though ancient is the fuUcft
account there was till that time of the portugiiefes in the Eafl:-
Indics and Brahl, writ by F. Antony de S. Roman of the order
of S. Bfincdia.

' H'Jloiia dd la conquijla cfpiritual de la provincia del Paraguay. Ma-
drid 1639. 4^. It is an account of the progress of the preaching
jcfuits irf'that province, and written by one of them, who was
re^^oi* of fomecollegcs in that country.

' Itinerario da India <i Portugal per terra anno 1 5 20. Coimbra
T^6'5. 16^. AjoiVnal of Antony Tcnreiro's travels from India
by land into Portugal. It was more rare in thofc days than now,
vet there are good remarks to be found" in it. - • • ^
/-' ■ ■ :" Viage,

moft Booh af Voyages and Travels. 5J3

yjage dejde Manila, a la China. This voyage wa5 performed by
F. Augultin de Tordeiillas, a francifcnn, but publiihed by John
Gonzales de Mendoza, An. 1585, being a voyage from the Phi-
lippine i (lands to China; which I have not fccn, nor met with
any further account of it.

Hijiorta del dtfcuhrlmienfo, y conqwjla del Peru, de Augv.J^in de 7.a~
rate, Sevilla 1577. 8^. The author was an examiner or controlsr
of accounts in the king's hoiifhold, and font over to Peril to iu-
quire into the king's revenue, durins^ the rebellion in thofe parts,
where he gathered materials for his hiftory, which has always been
in good efteem where known, as appears by its having been twice
tranflatcd into italian.

Hijioria da Ethiopia alt a, do P. Bait afar Tcllcz.^ fol. ITc was a
portuguefe jefuit, who collected this hillory of Ethiop'a from the
■writings of the jefuits, who refided there. He is highly com-
mended by D. Francifco Manoel in his epi files and his hiilorj,
and no leis by Georgius Cordofus in Agiologio.

Conquijla de las ijlas Molucas, dc Bartohmc Leonardo de Argenjola,
Madrid 1609. fol. This author was hiiloriographer of the king-
dom of Arragon, and the moft accom.plilhed maiter of the fpanirn
tongue in his time : fo that his hiftorv is not only valuable for his
excellent account of the Molucco illands, but for its language,
v/herein he has outdone moil: men.

Manual y rclacion de las ccfas del Peni, de F. Bernardino de Card^^
vas. Madrid 1634. 4^. The author v/as a native of Peru, and
bilhop of Paraguay; fo that his birth, education, and learning,
qualified him to give a good account of that country.

Navigacion de orient e v noticias de la China, 1577. 8^. It is 'a
fhort but ingenious treatife of the eailern voyages, and fome affairs
of China.

Hijioria de Yucatan, de Bernardo dc Lizdna. The author was a
milTioner in the province of Yucatan, whofe hiftofy he writes, but
intermixed with much devotion.

Hijhria de la^ cojas antiguas 'que los ijidios ufavan en fu injidelidad,
por F. Bernardino de Sahngun. This hi (lory treats of the idolatry,
rites and ceremonies of the indians, and of their government,
laws and politics. The fame author alfo writ La ConquiRa, or
the conqucft of Mexico.

Hijioria verdadera de la Cmqxiijla de la Nucva Ejpana, for Eer-
nal Diaz del Cajlillo. fol. The author of this hi(tory of the con-
qucft of Mexico, ferved in it under Cortes, from" the beginning
till the laft ; and therefore fpeaks as an eye-witnefs, having been
in all the expeditions of note, and received what he could n6t
be prefent at from thofe that were. He fays he finiflied his
work in the year 1568, but it was not publiihed till fome years
lifter. . '

Rclacion dc las grandczas de Pern, Mexico, y Ics Angchs, de Ber-
nards de la Vega. Mexico r6oi. 8^. This is only acolledlion of

M m 3. rarities

5 ;4- ^ Catalogue and CharaSfer cf

rarities In thofc parts, as the title Imports. The author was canon
of the church of Tucaman in South America.

Sitlo naturalcza y propriedadcs de A'frxicOy de Diego de Cjfneriff
1618. The author was phyiiclan to the marquis De Guadal-
cacar viceroy of Peru, and gives a very good account of that

Dtcadas de Afta^ de Joao de Barros. He fini/hed three decades,
in as many volumes, of the hiftory of India; of which work the
learned Nicholaus Antonius, in his Bibliotheca Hifpana, p. 498.
fays it is a moft complete wf rk, which will laft for ever to the
honour of the compiler. His 4th volume and decade, which he
left imperfect, was finiflied by John Baptift Labanha, hiftorio-
graphcr to k. Philip H. But after that James de Couto under-
took to continue the hiilory from the third decade, where Bar-
ros ended, and writ nine more ; fo that the whole work confifts
of twelve decades, but of thefc only fevcn have been printed at

Relaciones del PtgUy de Duarte Fernandez. Of this relation I
find no further account.

Relacion de la provincla de Tucumariy de Fernando de ^uin/ana,
Thi^ relation is of good authority, and the author was one of the
firft that went over to inhabit that country.

Meincrial y relacion las iJJas PhilippirmSy de Fernando de los n'os
CoroneL The author was a prieli: in good repute, and gives an
account of the wealth, not only of the Philippine, but of thtf
Moli:cco iflands, rcprefenting at the fame tiine what faults there
are in the governments of thofe parts to be rcdrcflcd.

Verdadeira informazao do Prrjje Joao das IndiaSy de Francijco AU
varez^ Lifboa 1540. fol. The author, a man of great probity,
was fent by king Emanuel of Portugal into Ethiopia, with his
cmbalTador Edward Galvao, and refidcd there fix years, returning
thence in the year 1533, and during his flay there had time to
•colle£l this hiftorical account, in which he gives a defcription of
the covmtry, of its trade, and all things that happened there during
the (lay of the portuguefes. das pm'incias de yapaoy M(dalnry Cochinchiuay iljc, do
P. Francijco Cordhn. The author was a portugucfe jefuit, who
had been in thofc parts ; and his work was fo well approved of,
that it was thought worthy to be tranflaied into french, and printed
at Paris 1645.

H'floriii general dc las In^ias dc Francijco Lopez dc Gcjnara. This
author wrote in a commendable llylc ; but his liillory is of no
credit, being full ot falfe relations, as is made out by all other
authors that write of thofc parts, fomc of whom were cye-wit-
nefe ot the things he mifreprefcnts, and others received them
upon much better information.

Conaiiijla dri PerUy por Francijco de Xeres. Stilamanra I547.«
fol. The author was fecrctary to Francis Pizarro the great difco-


moji Bools of Vopges and Travels, §3^

verer and conqueror of Peru, and wrote this account of the con-
queft of that valt kingdom, as an eye-wit nefs, which he prtfcnted
to the emperor Charles the fifth.

Comment art OS de los reges Incas del Peru. Lijhoa 1 609. fol.

Hijioria general del Peruy 1 6 1 7 . Fol .

Hijioria de la I'lorida, y Jornada que hizo a ella cl governadof
Hernando de Soto, 1 695. 4^. Thefe three by Garcilafo de la
Vega, who calls himfelf inc?, as being the fon of a fpaniard, who
who was one of the conquerors of the kingdom of Peru, by aa
Indian woman of the imperial race of the incas, from whom he
took that name. The hiftory of the ancient incas he received
from the natives, that of the a6lions of the fpaniards from his
father and others, who had a fhare in them.

Trafado em que fe contam muitopor ejienfo as coufas da Chl?ia, e
affi do regno de Ormuz^ pelo P. Gafparda Cruz, Ebora 1569. 4^*.
The author, a dominican friar, travelled as a miflioner in India,
Perfia and China, where he made his obfervations, and dedicated
his work to king Sebailian of Portugal. Several authors of note
make mention of him.

Hi/ton a general de las Indtas, Salamanca 1547. fol.

Hijioria del EJlrecho de MagalloneSy 1552. fol.

Navigacion del Rio Marannon. Thefe three by Gonzalo Fer-
nandez de Oviedo, who after many honourable empbyments in
Spain, was fent governor of the city of Santo Domingo in Hif-
paniola, where he refided ten years, and compiled his hiftory of
the Indies mentioned in the tirft place, which he had divided
into fifty books, whereof only nineteen are in the volume above-
mentioned ; to which is added one called, Of fliipwrecks. The
reft have not appeared, unlefs we allow his hiftory of the ftraits
of Magellan, the fecond here fpoke of, to be his 20th book,
which is publifhed by itfclf. His account of the river Marannon
is in the 3d volume of Ramufio's travels.

Tratado de la ccnquijla de las ijlas de Perfia y Arabia y de las vuichas
gentes, diverfas gentes, y eflranas y grandes batallas que vioy por "Juan
Angler, Salamanca 151 2. 4^. The author, of whom we have
no further account, alfures he faw all he writes, which is all the
charader we can here give his work, but only that he treats of
the conqueft of the illands on the coafts of Arabia and Perfia, and
of feveral nations where he travelled, and the battles he was in.

Hiforia de las cofas mas notables j ritos y cojiumbrcs del gran regn9
de la China, Madrid 1586. 8^. This hiftory of the moft re-
markable things, and the cuftoms and manners of China, was
writ by F. John Gonzales de Mendozd, of the order of St. Au-
guftin, who in the year 1580 was fent into China by k. Philip
the 2d. of Spain, where he gathered the materials of his hiftory,
and compofed it at his return.

yirtudes del India, de D. Juan de Palafx y Afendoza, obifpo de
la Puebla d( los Angeks. 4^. This is a treatilc writ in defence of

M ra 4 the

^2 6 A Cnfalogue and Charaflcr of

the Indians by llic good bifliop, and gives an account of their
difpofition and manners, in oppofilion to thofe that reprcfcntcd
them as brutal, and fcarce endued with reafon. Ihis, iho' it
fecms not a book of travels, being tlie manners and cuftoHLS
of ftrangc nations, and by a traveller to thofc parts, very well dc-
fervcs admittance among them.

Ethiopia oricntaly e varia hijl .rin dc c:ufas notaveis do orientc, do
P. F. "Joao dos Santos. Ehora 1 609. fol. It treats of the ealtcrn
parts of Afric, where the author, who was a dominican, refiJcd
eleven years as a, making his collections on the fpot,
which he after mcthodifcd in ids own country.

Hijiorin nut and y moral dc las Indias, por el P. J'^fcph de Acojla.
AUarid 1610. 4^. This hiflory is fo well known and generally
eiteemed, that little needs be faid of it ; the univerfal character
of it beins; better than what it can here receive, being the hiltory
natural and moral of the Welt- Indies.

Difcriptim del nmvo orhcy y de los iiaturalez del, por el P. F. Luis
Jeronyfuo dc Ore. Lima 1598. fol. The author was an american
by birth, a great traveller in thofe parts, an able fcholar, and of
excellent natural parts ; all which rendered him capable to write
well upon this fubject.

Dcjcription general dc Africa, por Luis del Alatmol Caravajal.
3 vols. fol. This is the fullell account extant of Afric, generally
cfteemcd in all parts, and has been tranflated into french. The
2uthor being a flave at Morocco, there read and heard thofe ac-
roimts he afterv/ards publKhed, of the interiour parts of Afric
which remain inacceifible to chrillians. lluianus and Ambro-
luis Morales, in their hillories commend this work.
Hidoria dc Ethiopia, y

Flijhria de la orden de predicadires en Ethiopia, por F. Luis de
IJrreta, 2 vols. 4^. Both thefe generally condemned as fabu-
lous, and particularly by F. Nicholas Godlnho in his book de
Abyilinorum rebu5.

Hip.'.ria dc las ifuis del Archipelago, China, Tar I aria, Ccchinchina,
Malaca, Sian, Camboja, y Japon, por el P. Morccllo de Rihadcncira.
Barcelona 1601. 4^. I'his liiftory of thofe eailern countries was
colle£led there by the author, who travelled the greateft part of
them as a milTioner.

Relacioii del notnhre, fttio, plantas, ilfc. dc regno de Sardenha,
'per el Dr. Martin Camillo. Barcelona 1 61 2. 4^. This was a
doctor of the civil law, who being fent by king Philip of Spain
into Sardinia, to infped all the courts there, travelled over the
whole illand of Sardinia, and took that opportunity to write this
learned trcatife of its name, fituation, plants, conquells, converfion,
fertility, towns, cities, and government.

Rclacion del Govierno de los .^nxos en Indius. 1608. 4^. An ac-
count of ihc province called Los Qj^iixos in South Aiiicrica writ

ynofi Boohs of Voyages and Travels. 537

by Dr. Peter clc Caftro Eorle of Lemos. What more to fay of it
I do not find.

Rddc'ion de PhilippmaSy por el P. Pedro Chirino. Roma 1604. 4^.
The author of this account of tlic Phillippine IHands, fpcnt the
greateil part of his life, and ended his days there, fo that he
well acquainted with what he writ ; but a great part of it coiiiills
of the adions of the jefuits in thofe parts, lie bcir.g of that io-

P?-i?nera parte de la Chronica de Perii^ de Pedro Circa dt: Leon.
Antiverp 1554. 8^. It treats of the limits and defcription of the
provinces of Peru, the founding of cities, and the cuftoms and
manners of the Indians. Only this tirll: part is extant, the other
four, which tb.e author promifes, and were hillorical, having never
been piibliflicd ; which is a great lofs, for by the value of this
lirfl: we may judge of the reil.

H'tjloria da pr:vlncia de Santa Cruz, a que vulgarmente chcmaynos
Brajtl. I'he hiilory of the province of Santa Cruz, vulgarly
Brafil, by Peter de Magalhaens Gandavo. Lifbon 1579. 4^. It
is commended by Antonius Leo, in his Bibliotheca Indica.

Relacion dos reges de Perfia y OnnuZy viage da India oriental a Italia
per terra no anno de 1604. An account of the kings of Perfia and
Ormuz, and travels from India to Italy by land, in the year 1614.
4^. The author Peter Texeira a portuguefe, who performed the

Itincrario de las miffiones oricntales, con une fianaria relacion del im-
perio del gran Aiogor. An account of the eallern millions, and of
the empire of the mogol. Rome 1649. 4^. Compofed by Se-
baftian Manrique, of wl:ich we have no other particulars.

Cor/as de D. Hernando Cortes A^Iarque del Valle, de la conrpdjia de
Mexico, al ernperador. The original letter writ by Cortes the
famous conqueror of Mexico, giving the emperor Charles the
5th an account of his expedition. There is no need to fpcak of
the value of fuch papers, than which nothing can be more au-
thentic, as being the relation of a commander in chief to his
fove reign.

Corta do P. Gonzalo Rcdrigues do fua cmhaixado a Eihiipia, e do
que la le fucedeo com feu Rey Claudio. A letter giving an account

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