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of the embalfy of F. Gonzalo Rodriguez, f nt by the king of
Portugal to the emperor of Ethiopia. It is to be {^cv\ in F. Ni-
cholas Godinho de rebus Abyflinorum, lib. II. cap. 58.

Relacion del viage que hizieron los capitones Bartolotnc Garcia ^€
Kodai, y Gonfalo de Nodal hcnruims al defcuhrim',itj del Ejlreco Nuev9
de S. yincente, y reconocimiento del de Alagalhanes. This is an ac-
count of a voya- e performed by the two captains ab.)vc-namcd
to the ilraits of St. V^inccnt, which wc call Itrait Lc Mayre, and
to view that of Magellan, in the years 161 8 and 161 9. Madrid
1 621. A.^. It is an"c.\ad journal of their vovagc and obfervations


538 A Catalogue and Chara^er of

whilft ihcy \vcrc out, which was 1 1 months ; and they were both
able fcamcn, who had fcrvcd the king many years.

V'tnge a la fanta c'ludad de yerujakmy dejcripcion fuya y de toda la
*ricrra Sania^ y peregr'macion al montc Sinaiy per el P. Bernardo Ita-
liano. Naples 1632. 8^. A journey to Jcrufalem, the defcription
of that holy city and country, and a pilgrimage to mount binai,
performed by the author a francifcan friar.

Relucion de los fagrados lugares de Jerufalcniy y toda la Tier r a Santa.
The author F. Blaze de Buiza, a francifcan, and collector of
the charity gathered to pay the turks the tribute for the privilege
of thofe holy places. It is a curious relation, printed at Sala-
manca 1624. 8^.

Tratado de las drogas, y rnedidnets de las Indias orlentalcs. Burgos


T rat ado del vinge de las Indias orientates y hque fe navegapor nqueU
las partes. Both thcfe by Chriflopher da Cofta, a native of Tan-
gier, who fpent many years in his travels in Afric and Afia, and
was a dodor of phyfic, which enabled him to write that mofl
excellent treatife firit mentioned of thefe two, of the plants and
drugs of the Eaft-Indies. The fecond is of the Eaft-India voyage,
and of thofe fcas.

Relaxao da navigazao de Diiarte Lopez a Africa, c Congo, no anno
de 1578. Or Lopez his voyage to Afric, and the kingdom
of Congo, which is to be feen in latin in Theodore de Bry's
col le 61 ion.

Fiage de D. Fradrique Henriquez de Rihera a Jerufaleni. Lijhoa
1580. 4*^. This is a pilgrimage to Jcrufalem performed by
this nobleman, who was marquis of Tarifa, and fpent two
years in it, fetting out in novcmber 15 18, and returning in
odober 1520. when he left this monument of his piety and in-

Peregriuacno de Fcrnan Mendez Pinto. Lijhoa 1614. fol. Pinto's
travels in India, fo fabulous that the general confent of the world
has exph^ded them, though fomc few have taken the pains to de-
fend thofe chimeras.

yiagc que hiz'j a fcrufalem Franafco Cuerero. Sevil 1645. This
is another pilgrimage to Jerufalem, by a demi-canon of the cathe-
dral of Sevil, and can only be a repetition of what we fee in the
others above mentioned.

Chorographia de alguns lugares que flam cm hum caminho que Fez
Gafpor Barreiras, anno de I 546, de Bndajoz em Caffel la ate Milan
en Italia. Coimbra 1561. 4^. The author gives an account of
the places he paffcd through in his journey from Badajoz in Spain,
to the ciiy of Milan, l^ut Andrew dc Rcfende complains that
he (lolc notes which he friendly communicated to him, and in-
fcrtcd them as his own.

Itinerarij da India per terra ate Portugal, com a defcripzao (k
Jerufalem. Lijha 1611. 4.^. This journey was performed and


mojl Books of Voyages and Travels, 5^59

book writ by F. Gafpar dc Sa, a portugucfe francifcan, being a
journal of his travels from India to Portugal by land, and a
defcription of Jcrufalem ; but of this fort there are feveral,
and this I do not find has any thing more remarkable above

Fiage dc yeronirno dc Sanhjlcvnn dc Cctiova por el Cairo a la (n-
dia, y fa huelta a Portugal. A voyage by Jerome de Santi/ievan
from Genoa by the way of Grand Cairo to India, and his return
to Portugal. It is to be feen in italian in the firil volume of Ra-
mufio's collection.

Itinerarto de Efparca a las PhilipplnaSy y dc cUi ala China ^ y huclfet
por la India oriental. This is a voyage round the world by F.
Martin Ignatius de Loyala, a francifcan, who look his way from
Spain to America, thence to the Philippine iilands, thence to
China, and fo round home by the Eaft-Indies. It is prin'ed ia
F. John Gonzales de Mendoza's hiftory of China, with the au-
thor's name to it, in the edition of the year 1585, but the name
is left out in that of 1586.

Jornada da Terra Santa. Another holy land pilgrimage, b/ F.
Nicholas Diaz, of the order of St. Dominic.

ItinerariQ da Terra Santa, e odas las fiias part icularidades. Ano-
ther pilgrimage ftill to the Holy Land, by F. Pantaleodc Aveiro.
Lifbon 1593. 4^.

Relazao de Pedro Alvarez Cahral da fua navcgazao a India oriented.
This Cabral was the next after Gama fent by Emanuel king of
Portugal into India ; and accidentally being drove thither br
0orms, difcovcred Brafil. This relation is to be fccn in italian in
John Baptifta Ramufio's collection.

Relazao de Pedro de Cintray da fua navcgazao a cojia dc Guinh^
y a India, A voyage to the coail: ^i Guinea and India, by Peter
tic Cintra, of which I find no more, but that it was tranflatcd
into italian by Aloillus Cadamuflus.

Relazao do viage de Pedro Covillam de LlJh^M a hidia fer terra, e
'i^'olta ao Cairo. 1587. This Covillam was one of the firft fcrit from
Portugal to difcover India by land, before the way to it had hQQn
opened by fea ; and this is the account of his travels thither, and
back to Grand Cairo.

I'^iagc que hizo a ferufalc^n el P. F. Pedro de Santo Dzminf'c, de
Aa orden del mifno fatito. This was a dominican lay-broihcr, who
-gave an account of his pilgrimage \ but enough of them. It was
in the year 1600, and printed at Naples in 1604.. 8^.

Fage de yerufalem de Pedro Gonzales Gallardo. Another Holy-
Xand voyage printed at Sevil 1605. 8*^.

Naufragio y percgrinacion en la ecfla del Peru, de Pedro Govet
de Vi^ioria. This is an account of a fliipwreck and travels
in America by this Goveo in his youth, a bo(^k of no great
fame, and therefore hard to find any account of it. Printed ia
l6io. 8^

4 y'a^

f 40 ^ Catalogue and CharaBcr of

Viage del mwulo^ por Pedro Ordonez de Ze-vallcs. 4^. This though
the author calls it the voyage of the world, only fhows a piece
of vanity, for it reaches no further than America, a part whereof
the author favv, and writes of.

Relacion del voyage que f'J'^o fi ^^' Irulia Tomas Lopez ^ e J anno de 1 502.
Tliis voyage to India by Lopez, is to be feen in itulian in Ramu-
lio's collc6):ion.

Nuevo dejcuhrimiento del gran Rio de las dmazonas. A new dlf-
covery of the great river of Amazons, by Chriftopher de Acuna,
a jefuil who went upon that expedition by order of the king of
Spain. Madrid 1641. 4^'.

Relacion del voyage de los Lermanos Nodales, de Diego Ramirez.
This is a relation of the voyage made by the two brothers Bar-
tholomew and Garcia de Nodal to the ftraits of Le Mayre ; their
own journal of this voyage was mentioned before, yet this rela-
tion is much commended by Anthony de Leon in his Biblioth.
Ind. Occident, p. 91.

■ Relacion del naufragio de la nao Santiago^ y itinerario de la gente,
que dlhi fe fcdvo el anno de 1585. .This is an account of a por-
ttiguefe ihip cafl: av*ay, and of the great fufFerings of thofe that
were favcd. It is a very remarkable relation, and printed An.
'1602. 8^.

Relacion del dcfcuhrunicnto de las fwte ciudadeSy de Fernando de
Alarcon. The difcovery of feven cities in the north America by
Ferdinand de Alarcon. It is to be found in italian in Ramulio.s
collc(flion, vol. in.

Relacion del dejcuhrimiento de las fete ciudadeSy de Francifco
Vafquez Coronado. The difcovery of the feven cities lall men-
tioned by Coronado, and to be found in the fame volume of

Tratado de las gucrras de lis chichimecas. An account of thofc
northern people in America, C::lled chichimecas, and the wars
with them, by Gonzalo dc los Cafas, a native of Mexico, and lord
of the province of Zanguitan in that country.

Relacion de lo fuccdido a los padres dc la compania de Jefis en fa
India oriental y Japon en los anos 1600, looi, 1607, y 1 608.
This account was firfl writ in portugucfc, and tranflatcd into
fpanilli, and has not very much but what relates to religious

Hiforia ccrhfafica del Jtrpon defie del ano 1 602, hfa el de

1621. This is an ccclefialHcal hiltory of Japan for thofe years
above-mentioned, compofcd by F. James CoUado, and printed
at Madrid, An. 1623. in 4". It was continued to the yc^r

1622, by F. Jacintus Oftanel of the order of St. Dominic, as
was the other.

Hiforia evangelica del regno de la China del P. F. Juan Baptifa
Morales. This hiflory of China has been al\v;;ys in good repute;
the 'auth^^r \Vas a dominican and millroner lirll in Camboya, and



7noJi Boohs of Voyages and Trawls, 541

Aen in China, where he fnffcrcd much, being put to the rack,
twice whippe'd, atid then baniilicd. Coining to Rome he gave
the pope a good'accoirit of the afRiirs of that country, whither
he rctur;,;.u hnd fpe'pt there the remainder of his life, dying at 70
years t)f age" in the province of Fokien. Thus much has been
faid of him, to ihow that he well acquainted with what
Jie writ, and well dcferves the ^^neral approbation he has met

' Emhaxacia de D. Garcia de Si ha Figiieroa a la Pcrfia. This
embaffador was a man curious and knowing;, and obferved many
Conlidcrable things v.hich otiier authors have not fpokc of, and
made learned rctiedions on what ancient hiftorians have writ
of the ealtern countries. He gives an account of the manners
and cuftoms of the people, and defcription of all places in the
way he went from Goa to Ifpahan, the capital of Perfia. The
relation of the perlians taking Ormuz from the portuguefes, a
defcription of Chilminara the ancient palace of Perfepolis,
burnt by Alexander the great when he was drunk. This is a
book of great value in the original fpaniOi, the french tranflation
being vitiated by the tranllator, fo that there is no relying
on it.

Conquifa y ayitiquedades de las iJJas de la GraJi Canaria, fii dej-
cripciotiy ^Jfc. Per el licenciado 'Juan Nunez de la Pena. 4^. Aia-
drid. The conqueft and antiquities of the Canary illands, being
perhaps the beii: relation we have of them, both as to their prcfciit
fiate and antiquities.


Hackluyt a minifter by profellion, is the firfl: englifhman that
compiled any colle6tion of travels now extant : he himfelf was no
traveller, but only delivers what he could gather from others.
His work was publifhed in the year 1598, and reaches down to
?597 i ^^ *^ divided into three parts, compoling one thick volume
in folio. The firfl contains the following voyages: i. K. Ar-
thur to Ifeland, an. 517. 2. K. Malgo to Ifcland, Gotland, hz,
an. 580. 3. K. Edwin to Anglcfey and Man, an. 624. 4. Ber-
tus to Ireland, an. 684. 5. Oc^lher beyond Norway, an. 890.
6. 06lher into the found. 7. Wolflan into the found. 8. K.
Edgar round his monarchy, an. 973. 9. Edmund and Edward
into Hungary, an. 1017. 10. Harald into Ruflia, an. 1067.

11. An englilhman into Tartary, Poland and Hungary, an. 1243.

12. F. de Piano's wonderful voyage, an. 1246. 13. F. dc Ru-
briciii's journal, an. 12^3. 14. V . <\<:. Linna towards the north
pole, an. 1360. 15. \\{:\\, e. of Dciby into PruOia, an. 1390.
16. F.'of Woodflock into Pruflia, an. 1391. 17. Sir H. Wil-
loughby to Lapland, an. 1553. 18. Chancellor's difcovery of
Mufcovy by lea, an. I5s3. 19. puirough to the river Ob, an.


5i(2 A Catahgue and CJ?ar oiler of

1556. 20. Jobnfon to the Samoeds, an. 1556. 11. BurrongHv
to WardhoTife, an. 1557. 22. Jt-nkinfon to RufTia, an. 1557.
23. Jenkinfon from Mofcow into Bacliia, an. 1558. 24.. Jen-
Icinfon through Ruflia into Perfia, an. 1 561, 25. Alcock, &:c.
by land to Pcrfia, an. 1563. 26. Johnfon, &:c. by land to Pcr»
fin, 1565. 27. Soiitham and Spark to Novogrod, an. 1566. 28.
Jenkinfon to RulFia, an. 1566. 29. Edwai-ds, &:c. by land to
Pcrfia, an. 1568. 30. Banifter and Ducket by land to Perfia,
an. 1569. 31. Burrough to Livonia, an. 1570. 32. Jenkinfon
to Rnffia, an. 1571. 33. Burrough by land to Perfia, an. 1579.
34. Pet and Jackinan to the north-eafl, an. 1580. 35. Horfer
iby land from Mofcow to England, an. 1584. 36. Ruflians to
the north-eaft. 37. Voyage to Siberia and the river Ob. 38.
Vanquilhing the fpanifh armada, an. 1588. 39. Voyagie to
Cadiz, an. 1596. Thus far the firll volume; the firlt 16 of
which voyages are not of much moment or authority, and the
two laft are warlike expeditions, which were not properly placed
among difcovcries; the reft of the volume is filled with treaties,
patents and letters. Thus it appears all thefe, except the two
iaft are northern voyages. The fecond volume contains voyages
to the ftraits, coaft of Afric, and the Eaft- Indies. Of thef^
the greatelt part are pilgrimages to Jerufalem, many of very
little moment, expeditions for the Holy Land, common trading
voyages, that have little or nothing of curiofity, and fea-fights ;
all which being a great nunle , and of no moment, are not
worth inferting here: the fmall remaining part are voyages to
Guinea, and other courts of Afric, and fome few to the Ealt-In-
dies ; of all which there is a. much better account in Purchas and
others, and therefore they are not inferied in this place. Befid:-?,
as in the firfl part, there are abundance of letters, difcourfes,
patent', and fuch original papers. The third volume, not to
rr.ennon many of no worth, has thefe confidernble voyages, Se-
haftian Cubot's to north America, three of lir Martin Forbilher
to the north-weft palTag'^, two of Davis's to the north- weft, Horc
and Gilbert to N^wfo-mdland ; Granpre, and others to the iflc
of R;nrea ; three of Jacques Cartier to Newfoundland, Canada,
^'C. Roberval to Canada ; Amadas, Balow, Greenvil and others,
to Vir^jir.ia; Verazzano, Ribault, Laudonnierre, and Gourges
to Florida ; Marco dc Nica, Francis Vafques Coronado, and An-
tony de Efpcjo to Cibola, Culiacon and New Galicia ; I'lloa,
Alarcon .nd Drake to California; Ovalle to the Philippine iilands,
Lefi'i'. OS, China, and back to Acapuico ; Tonfon, Botlenham,
C!>.ilton, Hawks, Philips, and Hortop to New Spain, Peru and
PariMco ; Pert and Cabot to Brafil ; Tifon and Hawkins to the
Weft-indies; Hawkins to Guinea and the Weft-Indies; Drake
to Nombre de Dios; Oxnam, Barker, Drake, Michelfon to
Mexico, ^c. Newport to Puerto Rico, &c. May to the ftraits
of Magellan \ Dudley, Prefton, Drake, Sbcrley, Parker, to feveral


fncjl Boohs of Voyages and Travels. 54.3

parts of the Weft-Indies ; Raleigh to the ifland Trinidad, and to
Guiana ; Hawkins, Reniger, Hare, Lancafter to Brafil ; two
engliOimen and Drake up the river of Plate; Drake round the
world; Silva through the llraits of Magellan ; Winter into the
South-fea ; Fenton to Brafd ; Withrington to 44. degrees of
fouth latitude ; Candifli round the world ; Ship Delight to the
ftraits of Magellan ; Candilh his laft voyage. Thus have we
briefly run over the contents of Hackluyt's collcdion, precifcly
fetting down all in the firft volume, to give the reader a tafte
of the author's method of heaping together all things good and
bad, which has been abridged in relation to the fecond and third
volumes, to avoid being tedious. The collc6lion is fcarcc and
valuable for the good there is to be picked out ; but it might be
wiflied the author had been lefs voluminous, delivering what was
really authentic and ufeful, and not ftuffing his work with fo
many ftories taken upon truft, fo many trading voyages that
have nothing new in them, fo many warlike exploits not at all
pertinent to his undertaking, and fuch a multitude of articles,
charters, privileges, letters, relations, and other things little to
the purpofe of travels and difcoveries.

Purchas was the next great englifh colle£lor of travels after
Hackluyt, whom he has imitated too much, fwelling his work
into five volumes in folio. The whole colledion is very valu-
able, as having preferved many confiderable voyages which might
othcrwife have periihed. But to particularize with him, as has
been done before with Hackluyt ; his firll: volume is divided
into five books. The firft contains the travels of the ancient
patriarchs, the apoftles and philofophers, with the warlike ex-
peditions of Alexander the great, and other princes ; to which
is added an inquiry into languages, and an account of the fe-
vcral forts of religions. The fecond book treats of navigation
in general, the difcoveries made by Henry prince of Portugal,
king John of Portugal, Columbus of the Wcit and Gama of "the
Ealt-Indies; then follow Magellan, Drake, Candilli, Noort
and Spilbergen round the world, and Le Maircs difcovery of
the new (trait of his name. The third book is filled with fome
private voyages to the Eaft-Indies, and the feven firft made by
the eaft-india company, with dcfcriptions, and an account of all
thofe parts, their product, trade, government, religion, tvc. but
all, as delivered by the firft that reforted ihcre and made no long
ftay, imperfed, and far fhort of what we have had fince. I'he
ft)urth book contains the 8th voyage of the eaft-india company,
capt. Saris to Japan ; Finch to India; 9th, loth, nth and I2tli
voyages of the company ; obfervations for failors ; Steel to the
mogul's court ; Milward to India; Pevton to India; an extradl
of fir Thomas Roe, embadador from king James to the mogul,
his journal ; Coryat's travels. The fifth book ftill continues
upon accouais of the.Eait-lndies, of all parts thereof, and from


^^ A Catalogue and Claracier of

many feveral hands, upon diffcrcnoes between the dutch and en-
glilh, wars of the natives, cnj[jagcii cnts of the engliih and por-
lu£;ncl"cs, and many other pallagcs and occurrences to the fame
purpofc. The lixth book, being the hrH: in the ftcond vohimc,
K-gms with colleclions of John Leo's hiOory of Afric, and R.
C's hiftory of Earbary : then follow Nicholay's defcripfion of
Argier : an expedition to Argier under fir Robert Manftl ; and
fome relations of Afric. 'Ihe fcvcnth book begins Jobfon's
voyage to Guinea ; jjattle's account of Angola is next, then Pi-
gafeita's relation of Congo, Alvarez's voyage to Ethiopia ; D.
John dc Caflro from India to Suez; Rermudez the patriarch to
Ethiopia, and Nunhes Barreto of the fame countrv. The eighth
contains fcveral pilgrimages to Jcrufalem, chrillian expeditions
to the Holy E::ud ; Barton's (q. Elizabeth's embartador to the
great turk) account of his voyage and the adventures of J. Smith.
The ninth book confifls of SherLy's travels into Perfia; Benjamin
the fon of Jonas his peregrination ; Terrey's voyage to the m.o-
gul ; Burlhcma's to Egypt, Syria, Arabia, Perfia and India;
culledions of Afia out of arabic ; Menefess account of India;
Figueroa to Ifpahan ; J. de Santos to Etiiiopia; J( bfon on Gambra
river; account of the grand fignior's feraglio; Sanderfon's voyages
in the ftraits ; Timberley from Cairo to Jeriifalem : Newberry
of the caitern parts of the world -; Fran. Pyrard de \a Vol to the
Eall-Indies. I'he tenth book has a colleciion of fpaniih and
portugucfe vovages out of Galvan ; Trigaulius his voyage to In-
dia ; letter touching Japan , Frederick's indian obfervations \
Balbi to Pegu ; Pitz to Goa, and other parts of India ; Pimcnta's
obfervations of India ; Linfchoten's voyages to India ; relation of
Ormuz ; fir Rob. Sherley to Perlia ; Coryate's travels ; Lithgow
Scot to the Holy Land, cVc. Intelligence out of Turl y ;
Brown's indian voyage ; Dutch proceedings at Amboyna ; an I
defcription of the bay of Todos os Santos. The third volt me,
book the tirlt, contains as follows : W. de Rubricis' travels into
the eaft ; relations of Bacon, and Balvacenfis ; Wendover of the
Tartars; Mr. Paulus Venetus his voyages; S. J. Mandevile's
travels ; extracts of an Arabic h flory of Tamerlan ; travels of
Chnugi Memet, a Perfian ; trealifc of China, of F. Crafpar da
Cruz; Pcreira of China. The fecond book has, Sir H. \\ il-
longhby, Chanceller, and Jenkinfons voyages to the north-eall ;
Extracts of Fernan Mendez Pinto's travels ; difcovery and
planting of the Philippine iilands ; Goes travels from Lahor to
China by land ; Jefuits firll: entrance into China and Japan ;
Pantoja's account of China ; Difcourfe of China out of Riccius
and 'irigautius. The tliird bock, Fletcher's ticatife of Rullia ;
Edu'c's northern voyages ; Barents into the norih-fea ; Gerart
de Veer's northern voyages ; Iver Boty of IceUnd and Greenland ;
defcripfion of Siberia, Samoieda and Tingoefia ; Gourdon to Pe-
cora ; Logan to Pecora, and his wintering there; Pufglovc ti>
Vecora, ami wintering there; Gourdon wintering at lidlozra ;


tnoji Booh of Voyages and Travels. 545

Voyai^es to Cherry ifland ; Hudfon's northern voyages; difcovery
of Nicholas and Anthony Zeni ; Qiiirino's lliipwreck ; Barklcy's
travels in Europe, Afia, Afric and America ; Broniovius embaf-
fador to the crim tartar ; JBlefken's voyofgcs and hiftory of Ice-
land and Greenland ; Afigrim Jonas's hiltory of Iceland. The
fourth book, hr T. Smith to Cherry ifland- Poole to Greenland;
Baffin to Greenland ; Fofterby to Greenland ; fcveral northern
voyages; revolutions in Ruffia ; CoH'ac's travels out of Siberia to
Catay ; difcovery of tlic river Ob; Cabot, Thorn and Wey-
mouth's voyages to the fouth-wcft ; Hall to difcovcr Greenland ;
Knight to the north-well palfage. Other northern voyages. Tlie
fifth book, Herrera's defcripiion of the We(l-Indies, Acoftii
and Oviedo of the Weflwlndics, Mexican hiftory in cuts, con-
qucft of Mexico by Cortes, other particulars of America. The
fourth volume begins with the (ixthbook, andinitas follows; the
iirfl: book, carl of Cimiberland's voyage, Cabot, Pert, Hawkins
dnd Drake's voyages and fea-figkts, Carder living among the ra-
vages in Brafil, Candilli's unfortunate voyage to the Itraits of
Magellan, Knivet's adventures with Candiih, Turner in Brafil,
Parker taking Puerto Bello, Middl-ton and Geare to the WelU
Indies. Defcription of the ifland Trinidad, country of Guiana,
and river Oronoko, by F. Sparrcy. Leigh's voyages to Guiana,
maffacre of englifli in Guiana, Wilfon's relation of Guiana,
Harcourt to Guiana, defcription of the river of the amazons.
The feVenth book, a treatife of Brafil written by a portuguefe ;
extrads of Leri's hiltory of Brafil ; Schnirdel's 20 years travels,
Hawkins to the South-fea, Ellis of the fame voyage, relation of
an englilhman 13 years prifoner in Peru, Urfino of the coall ot
the firm land, and fecrets of Peru and Chili ; notes of the Wcft-
Indics out of Peter Ordonez de Cevallos. New difcovery in the
South-fca by Peter P^ernandez Qj-iiros, Lope Vas of americaa
affairs, extracts of Benzo of the new world, and of Garci-
Jalfo incas of Peru ; Pizarro's concjuefl: of Peru, occurrences in
Peru after the conqueff. The eighth book, Alvar Nunez of
Florida, Soto to Florida, difcoveries to the northward of Mexico
by Nuno de Guzman, Marco de Nica, D. Fr. Vafquez Coro-
nada, and D. Ant. de Efpejo ; Cafas of the cruelties of the fpa
niards, voyages and plantations of french in North- America,
Gofnol to Virginia, oth.T voyages to Virginia. Defcription of
the A/.ores. The ninth book, defcription of Virginia, and
proceeding of the englifh colonies there, wreck of iir Thomas
Gate, and account of the Bermudas ; Argol fi;om Virginia to
Bermudas, affairs relating to Virginia, fight of an engMlli and
two fpanifh lliips, voyages to the Summer Illands, and hidory
of them. The tenth book, difcovery and plantation of New
England, Chalton's vovage for North Virginia, extracts of Smith
of New England's trials, other accounts of Kcw England; New
Scotland the lirit planting of it, Newfoundland the firll f^-ttlc-
\oL. JX. N u incnts

54^ -^ Catah^ue mid Characfer of

mcnts there, an^I account cf t!ic iOand ; Avarlike fleets fet out
by qnccn Elizabeth agaiufl the fpanianis, the duke of Medina's
for inA'afion of England, fquadron of the galeons of Portugal ;"
the expedition to Portugal by fir John Norris and lir Francis
Drake, fuppofed to be writ by colonel Antony Wingfield ; ex-
pedition to Cadiz, and the fuccefs againfl: the fpanifh fliips, and
in taking the town ; the carl of Eifcx his fruiilcfs expedition to
the Azores, the conchifion of the work. The hfth volume is a
theological and geographical hiflory of the Avorld, confiding of
tlie dcfcription, and an account of the religions of all nations.
This author like Ifackluyt, as was obferved at firfl:, has thrown

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