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Townfhend, (Horatio, lord) his

character, 24.1

Travels, inllruftions for tnofe who

travel, S^^

— catalogue and charader of

books of travels, 5 1 3> «-^'<^«

Triremes, &c. what, 5^9

Turky, the expedite way of jultice

there, 3^4


VINEYARDS, the method of
planting and managing, in
J^ngucdoc, 329

' Uniformity (aft of) the confeque^-
ces of it, 202

Unity of God, vide God.

Voyages round the world, 490, Sec.

inftru(^tions to thofe who go

long voyages, 507

catalogue and charafter of

books of vo)ages, 513, &c.

Ufher, (James) archbifliop of Ar-
magh, his opinion that monarchy
is of divine right, 245, n.


voyage, 473

Weft-Indies, not vifited by the an-
cients, 364.

difcovered, 424

Wharton, (Philip, lord) his charac-
ter, 203
Whichcot, his fermons commended,

Whitby, (Daniel) his commentary
on the New Teilament, com-
mended, 310
White's (John) voyages, 470
Wine, the method of prefllng, and
Ordering, in France, 334
Will, and underftanding, are not
really diftinft faculties, ic6, &:c.

freedom is not properly af-

cribed to it, but to the man, loy
Willoughby's, (fir Hugh) unfortu-
nate voyage, 378
Winchelfea, (Heneage Finch, earl
of) iiis charafter, 240
Winchefter, (Charles Powlet, mar-
quis of) his charafter, 237
Windham's (Thomas) voyages, 402
Wood's (Benj.) voyage, 405
Wood's (John) attempt to difcovcr
a norlh-eaft paflage, 382
Wynne, (John) his abridgment of
Mr. Locke's efl'ay concerning hu«
man underftanding, 287




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Online LibraryJohn LockeThe works of John Locke (Volume 9) → online text (page 51 of 51)