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No. 14 on that Roll, while his brother Failbhe is No. 16 thereon. The MacCarthy's,
in our opinion, owed the prominent position they held in Desmond at the period of the
English invasion of Ireland, not to primogeniture, but to the disturbed state of Munster
during the Danish wars, in which their immediate ancestors took a prominent and
praiseworthy part.

72 BRA.


BRA. [part hi.

I. Luke, b. at Rosscarbery.

I. Alice, who m. Laurence
Clayton, of Mallow, brother
of Sir Randall Clayton.

II. Nicholas, of whom presently.

III. Gerald, who m., but d. s. p.
I. Elizabeth, d. unm.

126. Nicholas, second son of
Hu£jh : was "Escheator" of Con-
naught in 1606 ; m. and had :

127. Major Nicholas Brady, of
Richmond, in Surrey ; and of Ban-
don, CO. Cork ; m. Martha, dau.
and heiress of Luke Gernon, Esq.,
of Cork (who was Second Justice of
the Presidency Court of Munster,
1618—1660), and had two sons :

I. ( ), whose descendants
have long been settled in Eng-

II. Rev. Nicholas Brady, D.D. ;
b. at Bandon, co. Cork, on
28th October, 1659; d. at
Richmond, Surrey, on the
22nd May, 1726. This Doctor
Brady published, in conjunc-
tion with Mr. Tate (Poet
Laureate) the version of the
Psalms which first appeared in
1698, and which still remains
in the Books of Common
Prayer; of him more pre-

128. Rev. Nicholas Brady, D.D. :
second son of Major Nicholas ; m.
on the 29th June, 1690, Letitia
Synge, and had four sons and lour
daughters :

I. Nicholas, LL.B., was Vicar of
Tooting, in Surrey, d. 11 th
Dec, 1768, and was bur. at
Clapham. He m. Martha, dau.
of William Lethulier, Esq., of
Clapham, and had an only
son ;

I. "William, of Sydenham, who
m. Susannah Le Keux, and
d. s. p. on 12th Sept., 1773.

IL George, b. 26 th July, 1705.

III. ( ) Name unknown.
TV. Thomas, of whom presently.

I. Elizabeth, m. a Mr. Morgan.

II. Letitia, m. a Mr. Woodhouse.
IIL Mary, m. a Mr. Baton.

IV. Martha, d. unm.

129. Thomas Brady, of Rich-
mond, Surrey ; fourth son of Rev.
Nicholas, D.D. ; m. Eleanor, dau.
of Rev. Dr. Cheyne, of Clapham,
and had a son and a daughter :

I. Nicholas, of whom presently,

b. at Richmond in 1734; and

d. 18th May, 1808.
I. Letitia, who m. John Collins,

Esq., of Woolmers, Herts,


130. Nicholas-AVilliam, the son
of Thomas ; m. on 4th November,
1758, Dorothea Creighton (d. 2nd
Feb., 1824), of Penrith, in Cumber-
land, and had, with other children :

131. Francis Tempest Brady (d.
11th April, 1821), who m. on the
9th March, 1789, Charlotte (died
10th July, 1822), dau. of William
Hodgson, Esq., of Castle Dawson,
CO. Antrim, and had three sons and
eight daughters :

I. Sir Nicholas William Brady,
of AVillow Park, co. Dublin ;
b. 16thFeb.,1791;d.28thNov.,
1843; Alderman and Lord
Mayor of Dublin (1839-1840):
Knighted by King George IV. ;
in Oct., 1815, m. Catherine-
Anne-Emily (d. 12th July,
1839); dau. of Peter-Jacob
Hodgson, Esq., Comptroller of
the Customs, Dublin, and had
four sons and two daughters :

I. Hodgson-Tempest-Francis.

II. Cheyne.

III. George.

IV. Rev. William Maziere,*
D.D., formerly Rector of
Newmarket, co. Cork, who,

* Maziere: Rev. William Maziere Brady, D D., Author of *' Clerical and Parochial
Records of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross" (Dublin : Alexander Thorn. 18G3).



BRA. 73

in 1851, m. Frances, widow
of Hugh O'Reilly, Esq., of
New Grove, and daughter of
William Walker, Esq., of
High Park, co. Dublin.

I. Elizabeth; who m. in 1852,
J. H. Wharton, M.B., of

II. Amelia.

n. Maziere, created a Baronet,
and of whom presently.

III. Rev. Francis-Tempest (d.
1873), Rector of St. Mary's,
Clonmel, co. Tipperary ; b. 2nd
Mar., 1808; m. Frances (d.
2nd June, 1854), and had two
sons and five daughters :

I. Horace-Newman, b. 1843.

II. Frances-Tempest.

I. Susannah-Frances.

II. Charlotte-Isabella, who m.
Ven. Archdeacon Richard
John Thorpe.

III. Letitia-Dorothea, who m.
Rev. W Hamilton Oswald.

IV. Anne-Frances.

V. Harriett, who, in 1879, m.
Christopher J. H. Johnson,
Esq., of Kirkby Overblow, in

Of the eight daughters of Francis-
Tempest-Brady were : 1. Elizabeth-
Mary, who d. in 1789 ; 2. Dorothea,
who d. in 1793 ; 3. Mary, who d. in
1793 ; 6. Charlotte, who d. in 1799;
6. Mary- Anne, who d. in 1817 :
these five daughters d. young. The
seventh and ev^h th daughters* were :

VII. Dorothea (d. 1874), who on
the 1st June, 1842, m. the Rev.
David Carlyle Courtney, Rector
of Glenarm, co. Antrim, and
had issue.

VIII. Charlotte (d. 1876), who
on the 21st Sept., 1825, m.
John Mollan, M.D., of Fitz-
william square, Dublin.

132. Sir Maziere Brady, Bart.,
Lord Chancellor of Ireland : second

son of Francis-Tempest; b. 20th
July, 1796. Was twice m. : first,
on the 26th July, 1823, to Eliza-
beth-Anne (d. 15th June, 1858),
dau. of Bever Buchanan, Esq., of
Dublin, and had two sons and three
daughters :

I. Francis- William, the present
Baronet, of whom presently.

II. Maziere-John, Barrister-at-
Law ; b. 28th Sept., 1826 ; m.
in 1853 Elizabeth, youngest
dau. of Rev. Robert Longfield,
of Castlemary, co. Cork, and had :

I. Robert-Maurice, Lieutenant,
in Royal Artillery ; b. 13th
Dec, 1854.

II. William-Longfield, b. 16th
July, 1863.

I. Emily-Augusta-Mary, who
on 4th Nov., 1879, m. H.C.
Philpotts, Esq., R.H.A.,
eldest son of Lieut. -General
Philpotts, R.H.A., and
grandson of Henry Philpotts,
Bishop of Exeter.

IL Maud-Oherry-Elizabeth.
The three daughters of Sir
Maziere Brady, Bart., were :

I. Eleanor, who on the 20th
July, 1853, m. the Rev. Ben-
jamin Hale Puckle, Rector of
GrafFham, Huntingdonshire.

II. Charlotte-Louisa, who in 1864,
m. the Rev. John Westropp
Brady, Rector of Slane, county

III. Eliza- Anne.

Sir Maziere Brady, m. seeondly,
oil 15th Dec, 1860, Mary, second
dau. of the Right Honbl. John
Hatchell, of Fortfield, Terenure, co.
Dublia ; and was created a Baronet
oa the 19th Jan., 1869 ; he d. 13th
April, 1871.

133. Sir Francis-William Brady,
Q.C., D.L., County Court Judge for
tiie county of Tyrone, and living in
1887 : elder son of Sir Maziere;

* Daughters : We have not ascertained the fourth daughter's name.

74 BRA.


ERE. [part III.

m. on the 7th Nov., 1847, Emily-
Elizabeth, youngest dau. of the
Eight Rev. Samuel Kyle, Bishop of
Cork, and has had issue :

I. Maziere-Kyle, b. 25th Mar.,

I. Marion-Eleanor,

134. Maziere-Kyle Brady, Capt.
RE. : son of Sir Francis William ;
b. 25th March, 1849, and living in


Of O^Brenan, County Kerry.

Arms : Gu. two lions ramp, combatant supporting a garb or. in chief two swords
in saltier, and one in fesse ppr. Crest: An arm in armour embowed, the hand grasping
a dagger, all ppr. Motto : Virtute et operibus.

1. John Brexan, of O'Brenan,
CO. Kerry, interred in the church-
yard of St. Michan's, Dublin, in
1699; father of:

2. Daniel Brenan, married to
Mary Anne O'Sullivan ; will proved,
1721 ; father of :

I. James Brenan, Doctor of
Physick, born 1635, old style ;
married to a daughter of the
Hon. Richard Barnewell, of
Turvey. By his will, proved
1738, he directs his mortal
remains to be " interred in
his family's burial place, St.
Michan's Churchyard, in the
Suburbs of Dublin." He left a
daughter, Anne, who d. young.

n. John Brenan, born 1700,
O.S. ; interred in St. Michan's,
1732, O.S.

III. Daniel Brenan, born 1702,
O.S. ; died s.p.

lY. Catherine, born 1703, O.S.

V. Peter Brenan, Chirurgeon,
born 1705, O.S. ; founder, in
1738, of St. Catherine's Hos-
pital, Meath Street, which was
united with St. Nicholas's Hos-
pital, Francis Street, in 1765.
Living in Kennedy's Lane, 17 63
(Gilbert's History of Dublin) ;

will proved 1767. He left a
dau. Jane, who died young.
YI. Rev. Thomas Brenan, S.J.,
born 1708, O.S., entered the
Roman Province of the Society
of Jesus, 1725 ; returned to
Ireland 1744; employed in
one of the Parish Churches of
Dublin for nearly ten years,
and gained distinction as a
preacher; Superior of the
Irish Seminary at Rome, 1754 ;
j Rector of a Jesuit College in

Derbyshire, 1769, and died
there in 1773, shortly after
the suppression of his Order.

3. Charles Brenan, born 1707:
will proved 1767 ; father of :

I. Martha, born 1741, who m., in
1762, Nicholas Keatinge, who
died in 1767, leaving Maurice
Keatinge, Q.C., who was father
of the Right Hon. Richard
Keatinge, Judge of the Probate
Court, and a Privy Chancellor
of Ireland; b. 1793, d. 1876.

II. Mary-Anne, a spinster, born
1750, will proved 1825.

HI. Eleanor, married in 1785,
to Quin Braughall ; will proved

4. Catherine Brenan, bom 1757,



CAR. 75

died 1832; married in 1780, to
Don. John Brett, of Coltrummer,
Brevet-Colonel of the Kegiment of
Hibernia in the Spanish Service,
who left issue :

I. Jane, born 1783, died 1853 j
married to Mark Monsarrat,
and left issue.

II. Catherine, born 1785, died
1834; married to William
Allen, and left issue.

III. Alicia, born 1786: married
to Joseph O'Meagher, in 1827,
died 1867 : had issue :

I. John William O'Meagher,
born 1829; died 1854, un-

II. Joseph Casimir O'Meagher,
born 1831, living 1887.

III. Alicia (living in 1883);
married to Michael John
O'Grady, Esq.


CAEROLL. (No. 1.)
Of Maryland, United States, America.

Arms : Gu. two lions ramp, combatant ar. supporting a sword point upwards ppr.
pommel and Mlt or. Crest: On the stump of an oak tree sprouting, a hawk rising all
ppr. belled or.

In the " Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association
of Ireland," for October, 1883, No. 56 (Vol. VI., 4th Series), is given a
very interesting paper, communicated by the learned Frederick John
O'Carroll, A.B., Barrister-at-Law, and entitled " Stemmata Carrollana, being
the true version of the Pedigree of Carroll of Carrollton, and correcting
that erroneously traced by Sir William Betham, late Ulster King-of-
Arms." That Pedigree commences with Fionn (slain 1205), who is No.
114 on the "O'Carroll" (Princes of Ely) Pedigree; and proceeds, as
follows :

114. Fionn, King of Ely (slain
1205), who had :

115. Teige, Chief of Ely, who
had (Maolruanaidh and) Donal who
settled at Litterluna.

116. Donal, Chief of Ely, who

117. Donough Dhearg (d. 1306),
Chief of Ely, who had :

118. William Alainn (the Hand-
some), chief of Ely, who had :

119. Donough (d. 1377), Chief of
Ely, who had :

120. Roderic, who had:

121. Daniel, who had:

122. Roderic,* who had :

123. Donough,* who had :

124. Teige, who had :

125. Donough, who had :

126. Daniel, who had:

127. Anthony, who had:

128. Daniel of Litterluna, who had
four sons : I. Anthony ; II. Charles ;
III. Thomas ; IV. John, who d. in

I. Anthony, of Lisheenboy, in
the CO. Tipperary (will proved
1724), who had four sons:

I. Daniel.

II. Michael.

* Roderic and Donongh : Omitting these two names, this pedigree corresponds
exactly with the Linea Antiqua, and, says Mr. F. J. O'Carroll, " it is actually so given
in another part of the Carrollton MS. A comparison of the dates with the number
of generations, however, corroborates the accuracy of the version given in this text."

76 CAR.


CAR. [part III.

III. James, a Captain in Lord
Dongan's Eegiment of Dra-
goons, from whom descend :
Anthony R. Carroll, and
Redmond F. Carroll, of
Dublin ; and Alfred Ludlow
Carroll, of New York.

IV. Charles (will proved 1724).
II. Charles: second son of

Daniel ; settled in Maryland,
in 1688. (See No. 129.)
129. Charles : second son of

Daniel ; received a

large grant


land in Maryland, and arrived there

1st Oct., 1688, with a commission
constituting him Attorney-General.
He m. a dau. of Colonel Henry Dar-
nall, a Kinsman of Lord Baltimore,
and was appointed by that noble-
man his Agent and Receiver-Gen.

130. Charles : son of Charles.

131. Charles, who d. 1833: his
son j was the last survivor* of the
Signers of American Independence,!
in 1776.

This Charles left one son and two
daughters, — 1. Mary, married to
Richard CatonJ of Maryland; 2.

* Survivor: This is the Charles Carroll, Maryland's "First Citizen," who was the only
Signer that fearlessly wrote his address on the Declaration of American Independence ;
" as became him, he was the most earnest and active in every measure taken in
opposition to the encroachments of the British Government." His latest words
were :

" I have lived to my 96th year, I have enjoyed continued health, I have been
blessed with great wealth, prosperity, and most of the good things which the world can
bestow — public approbation, esteem, applause : but what I now look back on with the
greatest satisfaction to myself is, that I have practised the duties of my religion."

The line of Carroll of the Caves, expired, says Mr. F. J. O' Carroll, in the male
line in the person of Charles, son of Charles Carroll, of Annapolis (the descendant of
the celebrated Ferganainm 0' Carroll) . . . " and is now represented, through the
female line, by General John Carroll of ' The Caves,' Baltimore, the name ' Carroll'
having been assumed in compliance with the will of the last male representative in
bequeathing his vast estates and possessions."

t Independence : The following were the Signatories to the " Declaration of
American Independence," in Congress, on the 4th July, 1776 : — 1. John Adams.
2. Samuel Adams. '6. Josiah Bartlet. 4. Carter Braxton. 5. Charles Carroll, of
Carrollton (the Charles Carroll above-mentioned). 5. Samuel Chase. 6. Abra. Clarke.
7. George Clymer. 8. William Ellery. 9. William Floyof. 10. Elbridge Gerry.
11. Button Gwinnett. 12. Lyman Hall. 13. John Hancock. 14. Benjamin Harrison.
15. John Hart. 16. Joseph Hewes. 17. Stephen Hopkins. 18. Fras. Hopkinson.
19. Samuell Huntington. 20. Th. Jefferson. 21. Thomas M. Kean. 22. Francis
Lightfoot Lee. 23. Bichard Henry Lee. 24. Faans. Lewis. 25. Phil. Livingston.
26. Thomas Lynch, jun. 27. Thomas Mayward, jun. 28. Arthur Middleton.
29. Lewis Morris. 30. Robert Morris. 31. John Morton. .32. Thos. Nelson, jun.
33. AVm. Paca. 34. Kobert Francis Paine. 35. George Read. 36. Casar Rodney.
37. George Ross. 38. Benjamin Rush. 39. Edward Rutlidge. 40. Roger Shearman.
41. James Smith. 42. Richard Stockton. 43. Thos. Stone. 44. Geo. Taylor.
45. Matthew Thornton. 46. Geo. Walton. 47. Wm. Whipple. 48. Wm. Williams.
49. James Wilson. 50, Jns. Withinpoole. 51. Oliver Wolcott, and 52. George Wythe.

X Richard Caton : This Richard Caton had by his wife Mary Carroll four daughters
— Marianne, Elizabeth, Louisa, Katherine, and Emily. Marianne married Robert
Patterson, and afterwards, on Oct. 25, 1825, Richard CoUey, Marquis of Wellesley,
the eldest son of Garrett, the first Earl of Mornington. The Marquis was Lord
Lieutenant of Ireland, Governor-General of India, and the elder brother of Arthur
Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. Elizabeth married Baron Stafford, and Louisa
Katherine married first Sir Felton Bathurst Hervey, Baronet, and after his death, in
1828, she wedded Francis Godolphin D*Arcy, the seventh Duke of Leeds. Emily
married John Mactavish, for a long time the British Consul in Baltimore, and father
of Charles Carroll Mactavish, who married a daughter of the late Lieutenant-General
Winfield Scott.



CAR. 77

Catherine, m. to General Robert
Goodloe Harper,* of South Caro-

132. Charles Carroll of Carroll-
ton Manor : only son of Charles of
Carrollton ; m. Harriet, dau. of the
Hon. Benjamin Chew, Chief Justice
of Pennsylvania; had four daughters
— Mary Carroll, who married Richard
H. Bayard ; Louisa Carroll, who mar-
ried Mr. Jackson ; Harriet Carroll,
who married the Hon. John Lee ;
and Elizabeth Carroll, who married
Dr. Richard Tucker.

133. Charles Carroll : son of
Charles; in October, 1825, married
Mary Diggs Lee, a granddaughter
of the Hon. Sim Lee, the second
Governor of Maryland. This Char-
les Carroll had several children,
viz. — Mary, Charles, Thomas-Lee,

the Hon. John Lee, Louisa, Oswald,
Albert-Henry, a second Thomas-
Lee Carroll, Robert Goodloe, Har-
per Carrol], and Helen-Sophia.
Thomas-Lee Carroll and Oswald
Carroll died young. Mary Carroll,
in 1866, married Dr. Acosta, and
resides in Paris. Governor John-
Lee Carrol], April 24th, 1856,
married Anita Phelps, the daughter
of Royal Phelps, a prominent mer-
chant of New York. She died
March 24th, 1873, and Governor
Carroll, in April, 1877, married
Miss Mary Carter Thompson, the
daughter of the late Judge Lucas
P. Thompson, of Staunton Va,
and a sister of the wife of his brother
Charles. Louisa Carroll, in 1858,
married George Cavendish Taylor.

CARROLL. (No. 2.)

Arms : Ar. two lions ramp, combatant gu, supporting a sword point upwards ppr.
pommel and hilt or. Crest : On the stump of an oak-tree sprouting, a hawk rising, all
ppr. belled or. Motto : In fide et in hello forte.

Daniel Carroll, of Litterluna, who is No. 128 on the pedigree of
" Carroll of Maryland," United States, America, had four sons : 1.
Anthony of Lisheenboy ; 2. Charles, who settled in Maryland in 1688 ; 3.
Thomas (of whom presently) ; and 4. John, who d. 1733. [For the
descendants of (1) Anthony of Lisheenboy, and of (2) Charles, who
settled in Maryland in 1688, see " Carroll of Maryland " pedigree.]

129. Thomas : third son of Daniel
of Litterluna ; was Lieut.-Colonel in
King James's Army, Commander of
Carroll's Dragoons, was killed at the
battle of the Boyne on 1st July,
1690; m. and had :

I. Thomas, of whom presently.

II. John.

130. Thomas: son of Thomas;
m. and had :

L John (b. 1708), m. Sarah, dau.
of Henry and Sarah Greer, of

II. Edward, of whom presently,

131. Edward (b. 1715), who in
1738 m. Sarah, dau. of Archibald
and Jane Bell, of Trummery, and
had five sons and five daus. Of the
sons were :

I. John, of whom presently.

* Harper : Three children by his wife Catherine Carroll survived General Harper,
viz. : — Charles, who married Miss Chafelle, of South Carolina ; Eobert, who died on
board of one of the packets returning from Europe ; and Emily.

78 CAR.


CAS. [part III.

II. Edward (b. 1750), who in
1775 m., and went to and
settled in America in 1801.
Had five sons and one dau. ;
his fourth son Thomas, M.D.,
of Cincinnati, m. and had
among other children, Robert-
William, Counsellor-at-law, now
of Cincinnati, who m. and has
three sons and two daus.

132. John, of Hyde Park, Cork :
son of Edward (131); b. 1740; on
the 19th April, 1776, m. Sarah, dau.
of Charles and Deborah Corfield,
and had five sons and two daus. Of
the sons were :

I. Joshua, of whom presently.

II. Thomas (b. 1784), m. in 1816
Mary Hatton, and had three
sons and one dau. Of these
sons, Joseph the second son,
now of Cork, m. his cousin
Caroline Hatton, and has three

133. Joshua: son of John (132);
b. 1777 ; on the 6th June, 1805, m.
Sarah, dau. of John Barcroft, and
Sarah Haughton, of Cleve Hill,
Cork, and had three sons and four
daus. The sons were :

I. John (b. 1807), m. in 1832

Janetta Hargrave, and had two
sons and two daus.

II. Barcroft Haughton, d. unm.

III. AVilliam (b. 1814), m. his
cousin Susan Eliza Grubb, of
Cahir Abbey, and had one
son and one dau. The daus.
of Joshua were:

I. Helena, of whom presently.

II. Susan, m. Alexander Lawe.

III. EHzabeth, m. Henry Olliflfe,
brother of Sir Joseph Ollifife.

IV. Mary Anne, m. Thomas

134. Helena: eldest daughter of
Joshua (133) ; b. 1811 ; on the 19th
May, 1836, m. Alfred Greer, J.P.,
Dripsey House, Co. Cork, and had
five sons, the eldest of whom was
Thomas, No. 135 on this pedigree.

135. Thomas Greer (b. 4th April,
1837), of Sea Park, Carrickfergus,
J. P., and late M.P. for Carrick-
fergus ; m. 28th July, 1864,
Margaret, only child of John
and Jane Owden, of Sea Park, Co.
Antrim, and niece of Sir Thomas
Scambler Owden; living in 1887.
(For the children of this Thomas
Greer see the " Greer" Pedigree).

CASEY. (No. 1.)

Of MuTister.

A rms : Ar. a chev. betw. three eagles' heads erased ga. Crest : A hand fesseways
issuing from a cloud. Motto ; Per varios casus.

CoRaiAC, a brother of Conla, who is No. 87 on the "O'CarroU Ely " pedi-
gree, was the ancestor of O'Cathasaigh, i.e., Na Saithne ; anglicised Casey,*

87. Cormac : son of Tadhg (or

88. Gailineach (" gailineach " :
Irish, flattering) : his son ; a quo
O'GaUineigh, anglicised Galinagh.

89. Glasaradh : his son.

90. Faghad : his son.

91. lonrosa: his son.

92. Beag : his son.

93. Brogan : his son.

* Casey : The patrimony of this family was at Coiltemabhreenagh, in the parish of
Mitchel8to\\Ti, barony of Brigown, and county of Cork.



CAS. 79




Fionnachtach : his son.
Lulagh (or Lulgach) : his

Echtbran : his son.
Feargus : his son.
Broghurban : his son.

99. Coreran : his son.

1 00. Maolmichil : his son.

101. Cathasach ( " cathasach " :
Irish, hrave) : his son ; a quo

102. Gairbith : his son.


CASEY. (No. 2.)
0/ Dublin, TFestmeath, and Longford,

Arms : Ar. a chevron between three falcons' heads erased, gu. Crest : A hand
fesseways, issuing from a cloud.

Robert Casse married Margaret
Caddie, and had :

2. William, who married Joanna,

daughter of Blanchfield, and


3. Stephen, who m. Anastace
Young, and had :

1. Stephen, of whom presently;
2. Symon, who married Margaret,

daughter of Cleere, and had

two children — one of whom
was John, who married Honora
White, and had a daughter

2. Patrick, who had William, who
had Margaret.

5. John : the elder son of Stephen
(2); m. Rose, dau. of Cant-
well, and had :

6. John, who m. Alsona Swaine,
and had :

7. Stephen (3), who m. Lucia
Walsh, and had : 1. Lawrence, of
whom presently; 2. Joanna, who
m. George Burke.

8. Lawrence : son of Stephen (3) ;
was Supervisor of the Port of
Dublin; m. Joanna Andrews, and
had :

9. William Casey, of Ballygav-

4. Stephen (2) : the elder son of
Stephen ; m. Kath. Morphee, and
had: 1. John, of whom presently;

This family is descended from the same ancestor as "Casey" No. 1.
These O'Caseys were lords of Saithne, in the County of Dublin (a terri-
tory which was co-extensive with the barony of Balrothery, West), of
which they were dispossessed by DeLacy at the time of the Anglo-Norman
Invasion :

O'er Saithne of Spears (here Delvan rolls his flood),
O'Casey rules, whose sword is stained with blood. — O'Dugan.

The O'Caseys were also styled lords of Magh Breagh or Bregia, which
comprised five of the thirteen Triocha Ceads of the ancient principality of
Heath. Saithne was a subdivision of Bregia of which the O'Caseya
assumed sovereign authority. Bregia extended from Dublin City to
Beallach Brec, west of Kells, and from the Hill of Howth, to the mountain
of Fuad on the south of Ulster. We read in the Irish Annals, that :
a.d. 1018. Oisin O'Casey, lord of Saithne andFingal, was slain.

1023. Ainbeth, lord of Saithne, was slain.

1049. Torloch O'Casey was put to death.


1045-1061. Mention is made of Garvey O'Casey, "lord of Breagh."

1066. Mulcarn O'Casey, lord of Bregia, was slain.

1073. Maolmora O'Casey, lord of Breagh, and his kinsman Kuark

O'Casey, were killed in a domestic feud.
1140. Donal, lord of Saithne, died, and was succeeded by his brother

1146. Cathasach O'Casey; and Cormac O'Casey, Archbishop of

Leinster, died.
1153. Donal O'Casey, lord of Saithne, was slain.
1171. Ivar O'Casey's wife died, she was named Tailt^, and was dau.

of O'Melaghlin, King of Meath.
1179. Ivar died.
1323. Giolla Airnin O'Casey, erenach of Cluan-da-rath, died. This

place is now named Clondra, barony of Longford.
1381. Thomas Casey, Governor of Athlone Castle, for the English.
138S. Thomas Casey, Governor, died ; his son John succeeded him.
1367. William O'Casey was consecrated Bishop of Ardagh.
1370. William, Bishop of Ardagh, died; was interred in his

1542. Thomas Casey obtained from Henry YIII. a grant of the

Carmelite Monastery of Athboy, Co. Meath, with all the

appurtenances, including a Castle. The country around

Athboy was called Leuighne ; it forms and gives name to the

now barony of " Lune," Co. Meath.

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