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leaving one son William (d. in
San Francisco, 7tli March,
1877), who m. and left two
V. Anne, m. — Maclnerney, of
the CO. Clare, and with him
emigrated to America, where
they died, leaving a son Thomas
■who, in 1876, represented the
9th ward of his city (San Fran-
cisco), in the Legislature. This
Thomas m. an American lady
of Irish descent and has (1887)
two sons — 1. Thomas Fennessy,

2. Daniel Fennessy ; and three
daughters : 1. Mary, 2. Kate,

3. Anne — all taking the name
Fennessy before that of Mac-

VL Susan, m. a Mr. Considine,
and had a son.

VII. Eliza, m. a Mr. Eyan ; left
no issue; she d. Dec. 1879.

VIII. Margaret, m. another Mr.
Ryan ; and d. at Nenagh, co.
Tipperary, April 1880, leaving
no issue.

4. Eichard (alive in 1835) : second
son of William (No. 3) ; established
a Nursery in Tralee ; m. Anne |
Eeary of Derk, co. Limerick, and
had two sons and one daughter :
I. William, of whom presently.
IL Edward (alive in 1887), a
farmer at Ballybrood, Pallas
green, co. Limerick ; m. Maria
Mulrenin, of Limerick, and had
two daughters — 1. Angelina (d.
1880), 2. Ada; and a son,
Claude, living in 1887.
I. Maria, only dau. of Eichard
(No. 4), m. Eobert Smith wick, of
Cottage, near Tipperary, and had
two sons and five daughters. The
sons were :

I. John, living in 1887, and
managing his father's lands.

II. Eichard, a Civil Engineer,
and B.A., living in 1887 at
Gordon, Sheridan County,
Nebraska, U. S. A.

The five daughters were; 1.
Annie, 2. Georgina, 3. Cornelia, 4.
Alexandra, 5. Florence.

5. William F. E. Fennessy (alive
in 1887) : elder son of Eichard (No.
4) ; is a Civil Engineer ; migrated
to America, and lives at Avon,
Fulton County, Illinois ; was twice
married : first, to Cornelia Woods,
of New York State, by whom he
has had (besides two daughters — 1.
Sophia, 2. Euphemia), six surviving
sons :

I. William-Barton, of whom pre-

IL Ernest, a stock-farmer, living
ingin 1887 at Avon, Illinois; m.
Minnie Bliss, and has a daugh-
ter, Ethel-Cornelia.

III. Edward-Clinton, who is
Chief Clerk in the Office of the
P. P. C. Co., St. Louis, Mo.

IV. Maurice, Clerk in the Office
of the P. P. C. Co., St. Louis,

V. Effie. VL Florence.
William F. E. Fennessy married,

secondly, in 1881, Lucy Eobertson
of St. Louis, Mo.

6. William-Barton Fennessy, of
Lichfield, Illinois : eldest son of
William ; alive in 1887 ; is a Cigar
and Tobacco Manufacturer; m.
Bella Harry of Charleston, Illinois,
and has a son Clinton-Lloyd, aged
two veavs.



Arms : An oak tree eradicafei ppr. on a chief gu. three birds ar. beaked and legged
sa. Crest : An arm in armour em bowed, the hand grasping a scymitar all ppr»
Motto : Nee flectitur nee mutat.

Sneaghra, a brother of Daolagach who is No. 98 on the " MacCarthy
M6r" pedigree, was the ancestor of Oli-Eigeartaigh ; anglicised O'Reqarty,
Hegarty, Hagerty, Haggerty.

98. Sneaghra : son of Nadfraoch.

99. Conall : his son.

100. Dorahnall : his son,

101. Artgal: his son.

102. MaoJfhionnan : his son.

103. Cearbhall : his son.

104. Ceallachan: his son.

105. Cormac : his son.

106. Egeartach ("eig-ceart :" Irish,
injustice) : his son : a quo Oil-


The O'h-Ailche family (*' ailce :" Irish, manners, heJiaviour), anglicised HaUey\
and Hally, is a branch of the O'Kennedys of Ormond, descendants of
Cormac Cas. Tuatha-Fearalt, a district in the county of Tipperary (the
exact situation of which cannot now be ascertained), was the lordship of
the family, whom O'Heerin mentions in the following lines :

" Tuatha-Fearalt, of the fair- woods,
Is the lordship of O'Ailche ;
A plain of fair fortresses, and a spreading tribe ;
The land resembling Teltown of rivulets."

From the topographical description here given, it would appear to
have been that portion of Hy-Fogharty, in Tipperary, lying between
Lyttletown, in that county, and Urlingford, in Kilkenny. Tuatha-Fearalt
signifies "the country of hardy . men ;" from tiiatha, "a district," or
"country," and Feara-alt, "hardy men," or "men of sinew." Or, it

* Hagerty : Of this family was William Stuart Hagerty of London, whose ancestors
for some 200 years were settled in England. His daughter, Maria Henrietta Stuart
Hagerty, m. Thomas J. Leary, who was connected with the building trade, and with a
slate quarry in the rale of Avoca. Their only surviving son was the late Doctor William
Hagerty O'Leary, M.P. for Drogheda, who resumed the prefix 0' to his patronymic; was
bom at Dublin in 1836 ; and died in London on the loth Feb., 1880. Wm. H. O'Leary,
M.P., m. Ptosina Rogers, of Dublin, and left nine children. Of him, Sir Charles A.
Cameron, in his History of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Dublin : Fannin
and Co., 1886), says: '* Mr. O'Leary spoke very eloquently, though somewhat floridly.
In stature he was very short ; three Irish members (of Parliament) were, in his time,
the shortest, tallest, and stoutest members in the House — namely, W. O'Leary, Mr.
O'Sullivan (co. Limerick), and Major O'Gorman."

Mr. O'Leary died while attending his Parliamentary duties in London, from con-
gestion of the lungs ; his remains were brought to Ireland, and interred in Glasnevin
Cemetery, Dublin.

t Halley : It is worthy of note that the celebrated astronomer, Halley, was a descen-
dant of this family, who were hereditary physicians in Ireland.

92 HAL.


HAM. [part III.

may signify " the possession of Fearalt,'' Tvho may have been some
remarkable progenitor of the family under notice. Few, if any, of the
name are to be met with at this day, either in Kilkenny or Tipperary.


Of Ballyhahj, Co. Cork

Arms : Vert, three bars wavy ar. in chief a mullet pierced or. Crest : A mer-
maid with comb and mirror all ppr. Motto : Sapiens dominabitur astris.

The Ch-Algaith or O'h-Algaich ("algach:" Irish, nolle, brave), anglicised
CHaJy and Hahj, are descended from Cosgrach, son of Lorcan, who is
No. 103 on the "O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree; and are to be
distinguished from the O^Ailches, who, although of the same descent, are
a distinct family. (See the " Healy" pedigree.)

The O'Halys are of old standing in the county of Gal way, as appears
from the Four Masters, under a.d. 1232. The representative of the
senior branch of the sept, in 1730, was Simon Haly, Esq., of Ballyhaly,
who m. Eleanora, dau. of Teige O'Quinn, Esq., of Adare, an ancestor of the
Earl of Dunraven.


Duke of Ahercorn.

Arms : Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. three cinquefoib pierced erm., for Hamilton ;
2nd and 3rd, ar. a ship with sails furled and oars sa., for Arran" ; in the point of
honour over all an escutcheon az. charged with three fleurs-de-lis or. and surmounted
by a French ducal coronet, for Chatellerault. Crest : Out of a ducal coronet or. an
oak fructed and penetrated transversely in the main stem by a frame-saw ppr. the blade
inscribed with the word '• Through," the frame gold. Supporters: Two antelopes ar.
horned, ducally gorged, chained, and hoofed or. Mottoes : Through ; and Sola nobilitas

Walter (the il/o'r Mhaor Leamhna or " Great Steward of Lennox"), lord
high steward of Scotland, who is No. 115 on the "Stewart" pedigree,
was the remote ancestor of Hamilton* duke of Abercorn. This Walter,
lord steward, married Margery, the only daughter of Robert Bnice (called
*' King Robert the First"), King of Scotland ; upon whose issue by the
said Walter the crown was entailed by the Scotch Parliament, in default
of male issue of the said Robert Bruce's only son, David, King of Scotland,
who died without issue, A.D. 1370.

115. Walter, lord "Steward" of
Scotland : son of John of Bute ;
ancestor of Stewart and Stuart.

116. Robert Stewart or Robert the
Second, King of Scotland : his son.

117. Robert the Third, King of

Scotland: his son; his first name
was John.

118. James the First,
Scotland : his son.



* Hamilton: This simame is derived from the Irish "amhail" (Gr. '•omal-os,"
Lat. " simil-is") like, and " thonn,"a wave ; and implies that the ancestor of the family
was as impetuous in battle as the billows are at sea."





119. James, the Second, King of
Scotland : his son ; had a brother
named Ninion.

120. Princess Mary of Scotland:
his daughter, who married James,
the first lord Hamilton.

121. James Hamilton, first earl of
Arran : their son.

122. James, second earl of Arran:
his son.

123. Claud, the first lord Paisley :
his SOD.

124. James, first earl of Abercorn :
his son.

125. Sir Geoege Hamilton : his
son : created a baronet, A.D. 1660.

126. James: his son; who died
in his father's lifetime.

127. James: his son; the sixth
earl of Abercorn.

128. James, the seventh earl: his

129. Hon. John Hamilton: his


130. John- James, the ninth earl of

Abercorn : his son ; was created
" marquis of Abercorn."

131. James, viscount Hamilton:
his son.

132. James Hamilton, marquis
of Abercorn : his son ; created in

1868, "marquis of Hamilton and
duke of Abercorn," in the Peerage
of Ireland; living ia 1885; was
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, in
1876 ; had a brother named Claud.

133. James, marquis of Hamilton :
his son; living in 1887. This
James had 7 sisters, named — 1.
Lady Harriet. 2. Lady Beatrice.
3. Lady Louisa. 4. Lady Catherine.
5. Lady Georgina. 6. Lady Alberta
Frances Anne. 7. Lady Maud
Evelyn ; and five brothers, named —
1. Claud John. 2. George Francis.
3. Eonald Douglas. 4. Frederick
Spencer^ and 5. Ernest William.

134. James Albert Edward Hamil-
ton, lord Paisley : his son ; born in

1869, and living in 1887.


Of Munster.

Aedh (or Hugh), brother of Anluan
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Anr

100. Hugh : son of Nathun.

101. Fionn: his son.

102. Foghmail : his son.

103. Aongus: his son.

104. Muireadhagh: his son.

105. Eoghan (owen) : his son.

106. Cu-Ultagh : his son.

107. Faolan : his son.

108. Donghaile : his son.

109. Seagha : his son.

110. Maithan: his son.

111. Teige na Lann (" lann :"
Irish, the blade of a sivord; Lat.
" lan-io," to cut) : his son ; a quo
O^Laine, anglicised Lane, and Laney.

112. Ricard Mor: his son.

who is No. 100 on the "O'Brien"
aghain ; anglicised Hanrahan.

113. Eicard Oge : his son.

114. James : his son.

115. Murtogh: his son.

116. Donogh : his son.

117. Brian: his son.

118. Shane (or John) : his son.

119. Donall: his son.

120. Donall Oge : his son.

121. Thomas: his son.

122. John (2) : his son.

123. William Mor an Racan (an
racan : Irish, " the rake"), called
William Oli-Anragham (or William
the Rake); his son; who lived in

94. HAN.


HEH. [part III.

124. William O^^e
his son.
125.Teige: his son.
126. Donall (3): his son

O'Hanraghan :

127. Eory : his son.

128. Brian (2): his son.

129. Denis O'Hanraghan : his son.


AoNGUS Cor ^neas) Ceannattin, brother of Blad who is No. 92 on the
"O'Brien" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Iffernain ; anglicised
Hefferan, ffeff'ernan, and Heyfron.

92. uEneas Ceannattin: son of

93. Conall : his son; had a
brother named Baoth ('•' baoth :"
Iriah, simple), a quo Booth.

94. Colman : son of Conall.

95. Geimhdealach : his son.

96. Culen (or Ulen) : his son.

97. Cathbharr (or Abhartach) :
his son.

98. Conor (also called Core) :
his son.

99. IfFernan ("ifearn :"t Irish
hell ; Lat. " infern-us") : his son j a
quo Oh-Iffernain.

100. Faolchadh : his son. '

101. Conligan : his son.

102. Sioda : his son.

103. Donoch : his son.

104. Conn : his son. Some an-
nalists make this Conn the ances-
tor of Muintir Cuinn or Quirif of

105. Meil (or Neal) : his son.

106. Faolach : his son.

107. Core : his son.

108. Moroch (or Mortogh) his son.

109. Donoch (2): his son.

110. Giollaseana : his son.

111. Donoch (3) : his son.

112. Donall : his son.

113. Thomas: his son.

114. Donall : his son.

115. Donal Oge : his son.

116. Conor O'Heff'ernan: his son.


The Oli-Aichir, O'Haithchlr, O'Hehir, Hehir, and Hare, are all one family, of
the Dal-Cas sept. They were formerly chiefs of Magh-Adhair, a district
in the County Clare, lying between Ennis and Tulla ; but, having been
driven thence by the Hy-Caisin in early times, they settled in the country

* Heffeman: Of this family was Paul Heffernan, M.B., who was horn in Dublin
in 1719, and who, as a poet, associated with Foote, Garrick, and Goldsmith. Intended
for the Catholic priesthood, he was sent to study in France, and lived there seventeen
years. On his return to Dublin he took the degree of Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.), and
in 1750 conducted the Tickler, a periodical paper in opposition to Lucas and his friends.
"He died in June 1777. In Notes and Queries, 2nd and 3rd Series, will be seen references
to him ; and a full memoir, with lists of his works, is given in Walker's Magazine for

t I/earn : Some genealogists derive *' Hefieman" from the Irish afrionn, the
or Eucharistic offering.


now forming the barony of Islands, where they became possessed of the
districts of Hy-Cormac and Hy-Flanchada, according to O'Heerin :—

" Of the race of Eoghan of Orior-Cliach,

Are the Hy-Cormac of the smooth fair plain ;

The fertile land is the lordship of O'Hehir,

The ancestor of powerful chiefs.

The head of many a powerful house

Are of the noble clan of O'flaithchir ;

They govern Hy-Flanchadha of hospitable mansions,

And are valiant and well-armed Fenians."

The district of Hy-Cormac, comprised the Callan mountains, and
extended to the town of Ennis. In A.D. 1094, Amhlaobh O'Hehir was
slain ; and, in 1099, Donogh O'Hehir, lord of Magh-Adhair, died. This
Magh-Adhair was the place of the inauguration of the O'Briens as princes
of Thomond, and the O'Hehirs always assisted at the ceremony.

In 1197, died, Gilla-Patrick O'Hehir, Abbot of Innisfallen, in the 79th
year of his age ; and, in two years afterwards, Aulifife O'Hehir, a religious
of the same establishment. By the late Dr. O'Donovan, the " O'Hares "
are set down as a tribe of the Hy-Feigeinte, of the race of Eoghan-

We believe this family is now (1887) well represented by various
gentlemen in the County Clare,



Arms : Gyronny of eight sa. and or. on the first four acorns, and on the last as
many oak leaves counterchanged. Crest : A lamb reguard, holding over the dexter
shoulder a flag, charged with an imperial crown.

EiNSiODA, brother of Maolclochach who is No. 101 on the " MacNamara"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Iocaigh, and Maclocaigh anglicised Rickey/,
and Eickie.

* HicJcey : Rev. William Hickey ("Martin Doyle"), well known for his efforts to
elevate the condition of the peasantry of Ireland, was eldest son of Rev. Ambrose
Hickey, rector of Murragh, co. Cork. He was born about 1787, graduated at St. John's
College, Cambridge, and subsequently took the degree of M.A. in the University of
Dublin. He was ordained a clergyman of the Established Church in 1811, and
appointed to the curacy of Dunleckny, co. Carlow. In 1820 he was inducted into the
rectory of Bannow, co. Wexford ; in 1826 was transferred to that of Kilcormick, in
1831 to Wexford, and in 1834 to Mulrankin, where he ministered the remainder of his
life. As a parochial clergyman he was esteemed alike by Catholics and Protestants.
He commenced his career as a writer in 1817, his first work being a pamphlet on the
State of the Poor in Ireland. Afterwards followed a series of letters under the pseudonym
of "Martin Doyle," under which he continued to write. He wrote numerous works ;
his latest production, published a few years before his death, was Notes and Gleanings
of the County Wexford. In all his writings he took the broadest philanthropic views,
studiously avoiding religious and political controversy. He was awarded a gold medal
by the Royal Dublin Society, in recognition of his services to Ireland, and enjoyed a
pension from the Literary Fund. He was a man of an eminently charitable and
feeling nature, and died comparatively poor, 24th October, 1875, aged 87.


96 Hic.


HOG. [part III.

101. Einsioda : son of Cuilean.

102. Ainiochadagh : his son.

103. locaigh (" ioc :" Irish, a pay-
ment) : his son ; a quo O'h-Iocaigh
and Maclocaigh.

104. Michliagh : his son.

105. Ere: his son.

106. Donall OTIickey: his son;
first assumed this sirname.

107. Deagbadh : his son.

108. Aedh : his son.

109. Cormac : his son.

110. James : his son.

111. Cormac (2) : his son.

112. Teige : his son.

113. Owen : his son.

114. Muireadhagh : his son.

115. John : his son.

116. Aedh (or Hugh) : his son.

117. John (2): his son.

118. John (3) O'Hickey : his son.

The O'llickeys were formerly Chiefs of a district in the vicinity of
Killaloc, County Clare, also of a cantred in the barony of Upper Connello,
in the County of Limerick. They were hereditary physicians to the
O'Briens, Kings of Thomond; to the MacNanamaras, lords of Hy-Caisin;
and to the O'Kennedys of Ormond ; and several of them are said to have
compiled and translated valuable medical works, amongst others Nichol
O'Hickey, the translator into Irish of a Latin Medical Work, called " The
Kosc," known also as the " Book of the O'Boulgers." The O'Hickies
possessed a copy of '' The Lily," a celebrated Medical Work, compiled in
A.D. 1304, of w4iich several transcripts are known to exist.

1. James Hickie, Esq., of County Clare, whose estates were seized on'

by the English in 1652. ,

2. William ; his son. |

3. William (2): his son.

4. ]\Iichael : his son.

5. William (3) : his son.

6. William (4) : his son.

7. William Creagh Hickey, Esq., J.P. : his son ; the representative of
this family, living at Killelton, County Keriy, in 1864.


Arras\ : Gu. tliree lions pass, in pale or. each holding hetw. the forepaws au ;
esquire's helmet ppr. Crest : A dexter arm in armour embowed, the hand grasping a
sword all ppr.

CoSGRACH, brother of Cineidh [kenneth or kenneda] who is Xo. 104 on j

* Hogan: Of this family was the late celebrated sculptor, John Hogan, who, in
1800, was born at Tallow, in the County of AVaterford. Shortly after his birth his
father, who was a builder, removed to Cork. His mother, Frances Cox, was great-
granddaughter of Sir llichard Cox, the Chancellor. Exhibiting in his youth a strong
taste for art, some friends who were attracted by his works, raised sufficient funds to
enable him to sojourn at Rome for a few years. Hogan reached Eome on Palm Sunday,
1824. His best friend was Signer Gentili, then a lawyer, and afterwards a popular
Catholic priest and preacher in Dublin. In 1838, Mr. Hogan married an Italian lady,
and in I8-48 returned to Dublin. He died on the 27th March, 1858, aged 57 years.

t A rms : The ancient arms of this family were — Sa. on a chief or. three annulets
of the field (another the tinctures reversed).



the "O'Brien" pedigree, was the ancestor of Oli-
anglicised O'Eogan, Hogan^ Ogan^ and Ougan.


KEA. 97

of Munster;

104. Cosgrach : son of Lorcan :
a quo Cosgrave,^ of Munster.

105. Aitheir : his son.

106. Ogan (" ogan :" Irish, a youth):
his son ; a quo O'h-Ogain.

107. Teige : his son.

108. Conor : his son.

109. Teige (2): his son.
no. Giolla Padraic : his son.

111. Aodh : his son.

112. Edmond: his son.



113. Edmond (2): his son.

114. Edmond (3) : his son.

115. Diarmod : his son.

116. Conogher : his
died A.D. 1635.

117. Conogher (2), alias Giall-
garbh f [gilgariv], O'Hogan, of
Cranagh, county Tipperary: his
son ; a quo Kilgarriff. This Giall-
garbh had a brother named Der-
mod; living in 1657.


{Of Cashel).

Arms : Ar. a chev. betw. three buglehorns stringed sa. Crest : A swan's head and
neck erased, in the bill an annulet.

AONGUS, brother of Eochaidh Ball-dearg who is No. 94 on the " O'Brien's
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cearnaigh (Chaisil) ; anglicised Kearney,
0' Kearney y Carney, Kerny, 0^ Carney, and Carnie.

94. Aongus : son of Carthann

95. Eonan : his son.

96. Dioma : his son.

97. Ainleach : his son.

98. Cearnach (" cearnach :" Irish,
lidorious) : his son ; a quo OCear-
migh (chaisil).

99. Torpa : his son.

100. Domhnall Na Catha ar
Fhocht : his son.

101. Cathal : his son.

102. Donchadh : his son.

103. Donchadh : his son.

104. Cu-ar-phairc : his son.

105. Murchadh : his son.

106. Bran : his son.

107. Seaan : his son.

108. Bran : his son.

109. Conchobhar : his son.

110. Bran : his son.

111. Conchobhar: his son.

112. Seaan : his son.

113. Donchadh : his son.

114. Uilliam : his son.

115. Donchadh : his son.

116. Giolla Padraic Mor : his son.

117. Domhnall : his son.

118. Donchadh : his son.

119. Pilip : his son.

120. Eisteard : his son.

* Cosgrave : The Irish Cosgar, *• yictory," is the root of the simame O'CosgrigJie :
inglicised Cosgrave, M'Coscry, MacCusker, Lestrange, and L'Estrange.

fierce) means

t Giallgarhh : This name ("giall," Irish, a hostage, and " garbh,
ho " fierce hostage."


98 KEE.




Conn, brother of Cairbre Eadhbha who is Xo. 91 on the " O'Donovan"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'CaoiU and MacCaoile ; anglicised Keehj,
Keihjy Kiely, and Cayley.

91. Conn: son of Brian.

92. Caoile ("caoile: Irish, lean-
ness) : his son ; a quo 0' Caoile and
MacCaoile, chiefs of Eij MacCaoile,
now the barony of •' Imokilly,"
county Cork.

93. Brian : his son ; had a
brother named Donn, who was the
ancestor of Cull en, of Muster.

94. Conn (2) : son of Brian.

95. Donall : his son.

96. Direach (" direach :" Irish,
straight : Heb. " derech," a way) :
his son ; a quo O'Dirighe, anglicised
Derry and Leering.

97. Donn O'Caoile : his son ; first
assumed this sirname.

98. Maccon : his son.

99. Cairbre : his son.

100. Flann : his son.

101. Cumhal : his son.

102. Mathun : his son.

103. Dermod na Glaice : his son.

104. Donagh Nimhneach (" nimh-
neach :" Irish, lyeevish) : his son ;
a quo O'Nirnhnighe, angUcised

105. Mathun Gharbh : his son.

106. Muirceartagh : his son.

107. Maolseaghlainn : his son.

108. Donogh O'Keely : his son.


The family of KelleJier or Keller, in Irish O'Ceileachair ("ceileach": Irish,
uise,])rudent), derive their sirname from Ceileachar, son of Donchuan,
brother of Brian Boroimhe [Boru], the 175th Monarch of Ireland, who is
No. 105 on the " O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree. In the twelfth,
and even so late as the sixteenth century, the O'Kellehers were possessed
of lands in Munster ; but the pedigree of the family is, we fear, lost.
" Donogh O'Kelleher," successor of St. Kieran of Saiger, i.e. Bishop of

Ossory, died, A.D. 1048. The late Eev. Kelleher, P.P. of

Glanworth, county Cork, represented the senior branch of this Sept.
A younger branch of the family is represented by Alderman Keller, of


{Of Munster).

Arms : Sa. three helmets in profile ppr. Crest : An arm embowed vested az. hold-
ing a scymitar all ppr.

DoNCHUAN, a brother of the Monarch Brian Boru who is No. 105 on the
"O'Brien" pedigree, was the ancestor of C Cinnidh ; anglicised JTe/mefZy.

105. DonchaCuan: son of Cineadh.

106. Cineadh (" cineadh :" Irish,
a nation or Jdnd, Gr. "gen-os;"

Lat. "gen-us"): his son; a
107. Aodh: his son.


CHAP. L] ken.


KIL. 99

108. Donchuan : his son.

109. Mahoun O'Kennedy : his son;
first assumed this sirname.

110. Teige : his son.

111. Giollacomin (or Giollaca-
oimhghin) : his son.

112. Donall-Oathaleitreach : his

113. Teige : his son ; had a bro-
ther named Giollacomin.

114. Giollacomin (2) : his son.

115. Giolla Padraic: his son.

116. Aodh : his son.

117. Donall : his son.

118. Gillcomin : his son ; had two
brothers— 1. Patrick, and 2. Donail

119. Padraic (or Patrick) :

120. Philip: his son.

121. Dermod: his son,

122. Mai than: his son; a
" Clann Maithan Donn O'Kennedy."

123. Teige: his son; had three

124. Eory: his son.

125. Dermod O'Kennedy : his son ;
had four brothers.




Chiefs in the Barony of Clonderlaw, County Clare,
When the county Clare, like the other parts of Ireland, was devastated

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