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eldest, was married to a Miss Slattery, of Thurles ; Ellen, to a Mr. White, of Thurles ;
Anne, to Mr. Lynch, of Kilmurry, Barony of Muskerry ; Jane, to the late James
Baldwin, of Macroom ; Eliza, to a Mr. Murphy, of Macroom ; and Samuel, to a Miss
©'Esmond, of Cork.

One of these Mrs. Riordans, had two daughters — Mary Anne, and Catherine ; Mary
Anne married a Mr. Feely, Bank Manager in Tramore, co. Waterford, and had a son
Maurice, a Barrister-at-Law ; Catherine married her cousin, Daniel O'C^nnell Riordan,
Q.C. This Catherine died in June, 1879.

116 MAC.


MAC. [part III. ;

1850, to John Spence, has
two sons, and six daus., some
of them married, they reside
in London, Canada West,
North America.

2. Ehzabeth-Jane ; second daugh-
ter of William ; b. 12th April, 1835,
m. 10th June, 1860, at St. Luke's
Church, Chelsea, London, to James
Howell. Issue: — three children — 1.
James-Philip-Edward, b. 24th June,
1861; 2. Arthur- William, b. 22nd
Feb., 1864 ; and 3. Elizabeth Ellen
(Bessie), b. March 8th, 1866. James
Howell, d. 21st Feb., 1870, and this
Elizabeth- Jane, m. secondly James
Lidbetter, of Buckland, near Has-
tings, Sussex, August 13th, 1877, at
St. Peter's Church, Pimlico, Lon-
don ; he died s. p. May 11th, 1881,
buried at Fulham Cemetery. This
EHzabeth-Jane and her three chil-
dren are alive in London in 1887.

3. Mary Anne ; third dau. of
William; b. Nov. 11th, 1842, m.
Feb. 9th, 1862, Joseph Topley, at
St. Philip's Church, Kensington,
London. Issue : — One dau., Eliza-
beth-Jane, b. August 13th, 1864, d.
Jan. 24th, 1874. Joseph Topley d.
Jan. 3rd, 1871. This Mary- Anne
m. secondly to Richard Cole of
Nighton, Radnorshire, at St. Paul's
Church, Hammersmith, Feb. 4th,

1873. Issue: — One son — Charles
Alfred, b. AprU 7th, 1874. This
Richard Cole d. July 28th, 1874.
Mrs. Cole and her son are living at
Old Brentford, Middlesex, in 1887.
William ("Welply") MacCarthy
Mor; died May 12th, 1873, aged
73 years, and was buried at Ham-
mersmith cemetery.

(IV.) Elizabeth, m. twice ; 1st, to
George Good (or O'Guda),.
of Reen, parish of Murragh,
CO. Cork; issue extinct, the
last being Anne of Crooks-
town, d. 5th Nov., 1881, and
buried at Moviddy. This
Elizabeth m. 2ndly, to John
Payne, only son of Thomas
Payne,* of Garryhankard,
near Bandon : surviving issue
being Jane-Elizabeth, m.
John Curran of Coothill, who-
was subsequently teacher in
Fermoy College, more lately
Manager of the Turkish
Baths of Bray, and lastlj^ of
Lincoln Place Baths, Dublin,
where he d, in 1886, leaving
no issue ; this Jane-Eliza-
beth lives (1887) at Rath-
core Rectory, Enfield, co.
(V.) Mary, m. William Rose, of
BallincoUig, near Cork, both

* Payne : Thomas Paj'ne was married to Rebecca, daughter of the Rev. Mr.
Harrison, of Limerick, and Kector of Kilbrogan, Bandon. This Thomas had a brother
named George, who had issue two sons. The late Rev. Somers Payne, of Upton, was
this Thomas Payne's uncle's son. The Rev. Somers Payne's mother was sister of John
and Henry Shears, Merchants, in the City of Cork, who perished on the scaffold for
alleged " high treason" at the opening of the present century.

This family of " Payne" is, we understand, now represented by John-Warreu
Payne, Esq., J. P., Beach House, Bantry ; James Henry Payne, Esq., J. P., Beach-
mount, Upton ; and the Rev. Somers H. Payne (Vicar Gen., Kilaloe), Upton. A few
others reside in parts of West^^Cork, and in Bandon, as farmers and shop-keepers.
About forty years ago Richard, son of John, son of Thomas Payne, emigrated, and
now lives in Cincinnatti, Ohio, TJ. S. America.

The ancestors of the gentlemen here alluded to were natives of the south-east of
England ; and, as early as a.d. 1400, settled in Ireland. " Seon Pauint" (John Payne),
was bishop of Meath in 1500. On the confiscation of the lands of The O'Mahony and
MacCarthy Riabach, portions were purchased by the ancestors of this family. The
head of the name is Sir Coventry Payne, Bart., Wootton House, Essex, England.
There are various gentlemen of the name in the south of England, and in London.



MAC. 117

d., leaving issue : Alexander,
and Mary : Alexander (d.
1879), m. twice: 1st, to a
Miss Lee, by whom he had
a numerous issue ; by his 2nd
wife, Miss Kelleher, he had
no issue : Mary, m. Cornelius
Sporle, of Essex, England ;
only surviving issue is Louisa,
m. to Joseph Eainsbury.
{VI.) Jane, m. Eichard, son of
Walter De Val (or Wall)
of Lower Bellmount ; d. leav-
ing an only dau. Jane-Anne,
who m. Eoberb O'lSTeill, alias,
"Payne,"— See the " O'Neill"
Prince of Tyrone pedigree,
No. 133.
(VII.) Catherine d. unm.
(VIII.) Anne, m. Michael Cunning-
ham, of Bantry, subsequently
of Lower Bellmounfc : — Issue
— 1. Michael, who m. three
times: 1st, to Mary Lynch,
2nd to Mary Healy, and 3rd
to Mary Broe ; issue by the
first marriage extinct ; by
the 2nd marriage he had :
1. John (in Boston), m. and has
issue; (2.) Maria (d.), m. a Mr.
Kelly. Issue: — Annie, Frederick,
Cecilia ; 3. Annie (d), m. a Mr.
Graham. Issue: — Arthur -John-
George ; 4. Marmaduke, d. an in-
fant ; 5. Patrick (in Boston), unm.
in 1887 ; 6. Nora (in Chicago), unm.
in 1887 ; issue by the 3rd marriage
— 7. Nelly (or Eleanor), b. 3rd
Sept., 1865; 8. Edward, b. 8th
June, 1876 ; 9. Sadhbh (or Sarah)
d. an infant ; and 10. Alexander, b.
12th Dec, 1871 ; these three with

their mother live at Lr. Bellmount,
1887. 2. William, the second son
of Anne, m. a Miss Jeffers, of
Waterford; lives (1887) in Dublin,
and has issue. 3. Daniel, the third
son of Anne, lives in England.
4. Margaret, d. unm.

IX. Sadhbb(or Sarah), m. Eichard
Swords, of Bandon; lived
and died in Cork ; buried at
St. Finn Barr's. Issue —
William, Eobert, Edward,
Joseph, Mary-Anne, Sarah,
Elizabeth, and Jane ; Eichard
Swords, d. in Cork; Mary-
Anne (1887) lives in Cork;
the others reside in Wash-
ington, U.S. America.

130. John : eldest son of William;
m. Anne O'Crowly, of Kilbarry,
barony of Muskerry; d. leaving
issue —

I. John; of whom presently;
IL Joseph; IIL Dake ; IV.
Margaret; V. Anne.
IL Joseph, is unm.
III. Dake has been a Captain in
the U.S. Army; resides at
Oxford, Ohio, U.S.A., and is

IV. Margaret, m. and d. leaving a

dau. Maggie.

V. Anne, m. Thomas Walsh, of

Kilmurry ; alive in Cincin-
natti, 1886, no issue.

131. John MacCarthy Mor,* alias
" Welply :" his son ; m. a Miss Lane
a native of Moss Grove Commons,
CO. Cork, and emigrated to America
about forty-six years ago ; living in
Cinciunatti in 1887; has six sur-
vivinor children.

t MacCarthy M6r: There is now (1887) in Hanley, Staffordshire, England, a Mr.
MacCarthy, aWine Merchant, who claims to be the lineal descendant of " TheMacOarthy
Mor ;" he is the son of Thomas, son of Justin, son of Donall, but we regret that we are
at present unable to trace the lineage back any farther.

118 MAC.


MAC. [part III.


Prince of Carhery.
Arms and Crest : Same as MacCarthy M6r. Motto : Fortis, ferox, et celer.
DoNAL Goth ("goth," Jr., straight), second son of Docal M6r-iia-Curra,
King of Desmond (see No. Ill on the "MacCarthy Mor" pedigree), was
the ancestor of MacCarthaigh Riahhach (" riabhach" : Irish, swarthy^ etc.),
anglicised MacCarthy Beagh.

112. DonalGoth; son of Donal
M6r-na-Curra ; known also (see
MacFirbis) as Donal Glas ; lord of
Carbery, A.D. 1205 to 1251. This
Donal dethroned Dermod Fitz-
Mahon O'iMahony, lord of Iveagh,
after the sanguinary engagement of
Carrigdurtheacht, in which the three
sons of The O'Mahony, and O'Coffey
(or O'Cowhig), chief of Coillsealvy
were slain. Donal, who was in 1251
slain by John Fitzthomas Fitzgerald,
commonly called "John of Callan,"
left six sons, viz. ; 1. Dermod Don,
who succeeded his father, and whose
descendants, known as the "Clan
Dermod," possessed an extensive
district in Carbery, and the Castles
of Cloghane and Kilcoe ; 2. Teige
Dall, ancestor of the " Clan Teige
Dall ;" 3. Cormac, of Mangerton, so
called from having defeated the
English at the foot of that moun-
tain, in 1259 y 4. Finghin Eaghna-
Eoin, so called from his having been
slain at this place by the attendants
of John de Comcy, in 1261 ; 5.
" The Aithcleirach ;" and 6. Donal


113. Donal Maol : his son ; be-
came lord of Carbery, 1262 to 1310;
defeated the de Courcys of Kin sale
in several engagements, and liber-
ated Donal and Teige MacCarthy,
who were kept in close confinement
by their Kinsman Dermod Mac-
Carthy M6r of Tralee. Donal Maol ^

* Doncgh of InisJican : Frcm this Dorogh descended the *' Slught Dermod" of
Iniskean (in Carbery, west of Bandon), and the MacCarthys " Rabach," — many of
■whom still live around Bandon. From Dermod, son of Finin, son of Cormac, son of
Do^^c^A, are descended the former ; and from Finin, son of Donal "Eabach," son of
Coimac, son of same Bonoyh, the latter branch.

left two sons — Donal Caomh, and

114. Donal Caomh (or the Hand-
some) : his son ; upon the death of
his father became, in 1311, Prince
of Carbery; he died in 1320, leav-
ing, besides other children, Donal
Glas ; Cormac Donn, the ancestor of
MacCarthy Glas; and a daughter
married to Dermod FitzConnor
O'Mahony, by whom she had Donogh
O'Mahony of Iveagh. Donal Caomh
married the widow of Dermod
O'Mahon, and daughter to Eobert
de Carewe, "Marquis of Cork,"
who settled in Carbery, having built
a castle near the Abbey of Bantry,
called " Carewe Castle," a/iasDowni-

115. Donal Glas: eldest son of
Donal Caomh ; Prince of Carbery
from A.D. 1326 to 1366. This Prince
rebuilt the Abbey of Timoleague
upon the ruins of the ancient abbey
of the same saint (St. Molaga), and
in this abbey he was buried in 1366,
leaving by his wife — a daughter of
O'Cromin — two sons, Donal Eeagh,
and Dermod; and a daughter Mary,
who married Bernard O'Sullivan

116. Donal Glas, MacCarthy
Eeagh, Prince of Carbery : son of
Donal Glas ; married Joanna Fitz-
maurice, by whom he had Donogh
of Iniskean ;* Dermod an-Dunaidh ;

litCHAP. I.] MAC.


MAC. 11&

Donal Glas* (d. s. p. 1442) ; Eoghan,
slain 1432 ; and Cormac na-Coille.
This Donal was sirnamed Biabhach
or "swarthy," on account of his
appearance ; from him the family has
been named "Eeagh;" he died

117. Dermod an Dunaidh Mac-
Carthy Riabhach : his son ; Prince
of Carbery in 1452 ; married Ellen,
the daughter of Teige, lord of
Muscry, and had issue : Finghin ;
Donal, who predeceased his father ;
and Dermod, who had a son Fing-

118. Finghin MacCarthy Eeagh,
Prince of Carbery : his son ; married
Catherine, daughter of Thomas
Fitzgerald, the 8th "Earl of Des-
mond," who was beheaded at Dro-
gheda ; he left issue : Donal,
Dermod, Donogh, and Cormac.

This Finghin was in high favour
with Henry VII., King of England,
who " authorized " him, in con-
junction with Cormac MacTeige,
lord of Muscry, to get the homage
of the independent Irish chiefs.

119. Donal MacCarthy Reagh,
Prince of Carbery : his son ; go-
verned Carbery for twenty-six
years ; assisted Cormac Oge Laidir,
lord of Muscry, against the English
in Munster, in 1521. He married
twice : first, to the daughter of
Cormac Laidir, lord of Muscry, by
whom he had two sons and one

daughter — the sons were : 1. Der-
mod, who was slain by Walter Fitz-
gerald, son of the Earl of Kildare ;
and 2. Donal, who died s. p. ; the
daughter was Ellen, who married
Teige M6r O'Driscoll. Donal Mac-
Carthy Reagh married secondly to
Eleanor Fitzgerald (daughter of
Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kil-
dare), whose sister Alice was wife
to Conn O'Neill, Prince of Ulster :
the issue of this marriage was four
sons, who were successively (by
usage of tanistry) " Princes of Car-
bery:"— 1. Cormac na-Haine ; 2.
Finin, married Catherine, daughter
of Donal an-Drumin, Prince of Des-
mond, he left no male issue ; 3.
Donogh (d. 1576), married Joanna,
the daughter of Maurice Fitzgerald,
by whom he had Finin, who married
Elana, Princess of Desmond, and
who was made The MacCarthy Mor
by Aodh O'Neill, Prince of Ulster ;
Donogh had also Dermod Maol, who
m. Ellen, the dau. of Teige
O'Donoghue of Clenflesk ; and Julia,
who married Owen O'Sullivan Mor.
Donogh married, secondly, to a dau.
of John, lord Power, by whom he
had Donogh Oge, who m. Graine,
the dau. of Dermod, lord Muscry ;
was interred at Timoleague ; 4.
Owen {'' of the Parliament") d. 1593;
m. Ellen, dau. of Dermod O'Cal-
laghan, by whom he had two sons
and six daughters : — the sons were

* Donal Glas : This Donal left illegitimate sons, the founders of the " Slught
Glas;" these possessed most of the parishes of Ballinadee and Ballymoney, on the
Bandon. Their chief residence was the Castle of Phale, in 1601, the stronghold of the
brothers, Donogh, Donal, and Finin Mac Carthy, the acknowledged heads of the Slught
Glas. Finin fled to Spain in 1601, and Donogh died soon after, leaving his brother
Donal the head of the Phale Carties. Owen, son of Donogh, was " attained" (attainted)
in 1642. His son Owen-Roe-Glaughig MacCarthy is still remembered, and the site of
the gallows, on wbich he hanged evil disposed people, is yet pointed out. The Old
Castle of Phale was standing some seventy years ago ; its stones were used to build
Ballyneen Village and Ballymoney Protestant Church, and not a vestige of it now
exists. Superintendent MacCarthy, who presided some years ago over the Dublin
Metropolitan Police, was the Head of this tribe. For a time Kilgobban Castle also
belonged to the Slught Glas. Some of them settled as farmers at KUnacronogh, where
their descendants may still be found.

120 MAC.


MAC. [part III.

— Finin, who m. Eleanor, the dau.
of Edmond Fitzgibbon, the "VMiite
Knight, and widow of his cousin
Cormac ; and had by her several
children : one of these, Catherine,
m. Dermod MacCarthy, younger son
of Teige an-Duna; Ellen, who
married Finin O'Driscoll; Julia, who
m. Dermod, son of Donal O'Sullivan
Mor ; Eleanor, who m. Finin
M'Owen Carragh Carthy of Kil-
brittain ; Joanna, who m. Donal
O'Donovan ; Honoria, who married
Edmond Fitzgerald, Knight of the
Valley ; Graine, who m. twice, first,
Barry Oge of Buttevant, and,
secondly, Cormac, son of Cormac
MacTeige, of Muscry.

120. Cormac na Haoine, Prince
of Carbery : son of Donal ; married
Julia, dau. of Cormac, lord of Mus-
cry, and had by her a son called

121. Donal-na-Pipi, Prince of
Carbery (d, 1612) : his son ; became
Prince on the death of his uncle
Owen ; he married Margaret Fitz-
gerald, dau. of Sir Thomas Eoe
Fitzgerald, and had by her a numer-
ous issue : — 1. Cormac ; 2. Donough
(proprietor of Kilbrittain, d. s. p.);

3. Teige, chief of Kilgobane, d. s. p. ;

4. Donal ; 5. Owen ; 6. Julia, who
m. Edmond, Lord Barry ; 7. Ellen,
who m. Teige MacCarthy, of Balli-
kay (co. Cork), by whom she had
three sons who died young, and two
daughters; 8. Finin, of Bandubh,
who left a son Donal, who married
Honoria, dau. of Owen O'Sullivan
Bere, by whom he had a son, Finin
of Bandubh, who became a lieu-
tenant-colonel in the liegiment of
Donal MacCormac MacCarthy
Eeagh, in the service of James II.

122. Cormac : son of Donal; m.
Eleanor, dau. of Edmund Fitz-
gibbon, the White Knight, and who
afterwards married Finin Mac-

Carthy, of Iniskean, and had by
him a son Donal. This Cormac
died before his father.

123. Donal, Prince of Carbery:
son of Cormac No. 122 ; m. Ellen,
dau. of David Eoche, lord Fermoy,
and had by her a son Cormac.

124. Cormac MacCarthy Eeagh,
Prince of Carbery : son of Donal ;
m., before his father's death, Eleanor,
dau. of Cormac Oge, Lord Muscry ;
was commander of the Munster
Clans in 1641, his lieutenant being
Teige an-Duna. This Cormac (or
Charles) had by his wife issue : — 1.
Finin ; 2. Donal (who raised a regi-
ment of Foot for James 11. ), m.
Maria, dau. of Colonel Ei chard
Townsend, of Castletown, and dying
in 1691 was interred at Timoleague;
3. Donogh, who m. Margaret de
Courcy, by Avhom he had : — 1.
Alexander, who served on the side
of James II. at the Boyne and
Aughrim ; 2. Donal, who died in
the French Service ; and 3. Eleanor-
Susanna, who m. Baron de Hook of the
French Service; 4. Ellen,who m. John,
Lord Kinsale; and 5. Catherine,
who m. Pierre St. John, of Macroom,
by whom she had a son and three
daughters. This Cormac was alive
in 1667. Most of his estates were

i confiscated by Cromwell (1652), but
i at the Eestoration, he got back a
I portion. After the taking of Kil-
brittain Castle, he led a wandering
life in Carbery, in Bere, and in

125. Finin MacCarthy Eeagh,
Prince of Carbery : his son ; bom
in 1625; went to France in 1647;
married there the dau. of a French
Count ; had by her two sons — 1.
Cormac; and 2. Dermot (b. 1658),
m. in France and d. circa 1728,
there leaving a son Donal. This
Donal MacCarthy Eeagh was b. in
France 1690, eame to Ireland, and



MAC. 121

lived near Dunmanway, where he
m. Kate O'Driscoll, by whom he
had : — 1. Margaret, who m. Eichard
O'Neill, Hereditary Prince of Uls-
ter (see the "O'Neill Princes of
Tyrone" pedigree, No. 131); 2.
Cormac ; 3. Donal ; 4. Owen ; and
another son and a daughter.

126. Cormac: son of Finin;
Prince of Carbery ; returned to Ire-
land, married there, and died leav-
ing one son Owen.

127. Owen: Hereditary Prince
of Carbery; married, and died in
1775, leaving issue a son.

128. Cormac (or Charles) Mac-
Carthy Reagh : his son ; born about
1721, married Catherine, daughter
of Charles Bernard* of Palace- Anne
(near Iniskean). This Cormac, who
was a solicitor, was Seneschal of
the Manor of Macroom, Recorder of
Clonakilty, and Clerk of the Crown
for the County. His wife died in
Bandon, aged 104 years.

129. Francis-Bernard MacCarthy
Reagh : his son ; Hereditary Prince
of Carbery ; in 1793 married Eliza-
beth (who d. January 1844) daugh-
ter of William Daunt of Kilcascan,
by his wife Jane Gumbleton of
Castle Rickard. She was sister of
the late Captain Joseph Daunt of
Kilcascan, who died 1826 : issue of
Francis Bernard — five sons and four

^ 130. William MacCarthy Reagh :
his son ; Hereditary Prince of Car-
bery ; born 7th October, 1801;
married on 10th February, 1827, to
Margaret-Foster, daughter of the
Rev. Mountiford Longfield, of

Churchill, Co. Cork, and sister of
the Right Hon. Judge Longfield.
Her mother was a Miss Lysaght.
This William and his wife, in 1848,
or thereabouts emigrated to Wis-
consin, U.S., America ; died, leaving
issue, all settled in America : — 1.
Francis-Longfield MacCarthy ; 2.
Grace-Lysaght, b. 5th March, 1829;
d. 12th July, 1839 ; 3. Elizabeth, b.
15th October, 1830; m. 1852, to
Arthur Beamish Bernard, son of
Samuel Beamish, of Maghmor (near
Bandon) ; heir of Entail of Palace
Anne, which he sold, and is now
settled in America ; 4. Margaret-
Anne, b. 4th March, 1833; m. on
9th June, 1852, to George, son of
the late Dr. Beamish : Issue, one
son and two daughters ; 5. Mounti-
ford-Longfield, b. 4th June, 1835 ;
m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel
Beamish, of Maghmor, niece of
Arthur Beamish-Bernard, of Palace-
Anne, who, in 1855, died in America
(she died on the 15th Jan., 1862,
leaving two sons) ; 6. William-
Henry, b. 27th Oct., 1837; 7. Henry-
Longfield, b. 24th March, 1839 ; d.
14th April, 1840; 8. Mary-Caroline,
b. 16th May, 1840; 9. Robert-
Longfield, b. 30th August, 1842 ;
living in 1880; 10. Grace-Patisnee,
b. 16 th June, 1845, at Palmyra,

131. Fran cis-L. MacCarthy Reagh:
son of William ; Hereditary Prince
of Carbery; born 30th December,
1827 ; married a widow, by whom,
issue, one son, whose name we have
not learned.

* Bernard: " Beamish" was his patronymic. His mother was a Bernard of the
same family as the " earls of Bandon." On the death of his uncle Tom Bernard, in
1795, he adopted the simame Bernard, as a condition of inheriting Palace Anne. The
house (pn the Bandon) is now (1887) in ruins; and the place occupied by a dairyman

122 MAC.


MAC. [part III.

MacCAETHY. (No. 3.)

Lords of Muskry.

Armorial Bearings : Same as those of the " MacCarthy Mor.

CORMAC MacCarthy Mor, Prince of Desmond (see the MacCarthy Mor
Stem, No. 115,) had a second son, DermodMdr, of Muscry (" now " Mus-
kerry") who was the ancestor of MacCarthy, lords of Muscry, and earls of
Clan Carthy.

116. Dermod M6r : son of Cormac
Mor, Prince of Desmond; b. 1310;
created, by the English, in a.d.
1353, "Lord of Muscry;" issue:—
1. Cormac; 2. Felimy; who was
ancestor of MacCarthy of Tuona-
dronan ; and Donoch, whose descen-
dants are called Carthy (modernized
"Cartie"), of Cluanfada. This
Dermod was taken prisoner by
MacCarthy of Carbery, by whom he
was delivered up to his (Dermod's)
mother's brother the Lord Fitz-
Maurice, who put him to death, a.d.

Another authority states he was
slain by the O'Mahonys in 1367.

117. Cormac, lord of Muscry : his
son; b. 1346. This Cormac was
slain by the Barrys in Cork, and
interred in Gill- Abbey, in that city,
on the 14th of May, 1374. From
his youngest son Donal are de-
scended the Carthies of Sean Choill

118. Teige (or Thadeus), lord of
Muscry : his son ; b. 1380, d. 1448 ;
governed Muscry thirty years;
issue: — 1. Cormac; 2. Dermod, an-
cestor of the MacCarthy s ofDrishane,
and founder of the castle of Carriga-
fooka ; 3. Ellen, who married
Dermod-an-Duna MacCarthy, Prince
of Carbery; and Eoghan,* of Rath-

119. Cormac Laidir : his son; b.
1411 ; married to Mary, dau. of
Edmond Fitzmaurice, lord of Kerry,
by whom he had Cormac Oge, and
a dau. who married Donal Mac-
Carthy-Eeagh, of Carbery. This
Cormac, in 1465, founded the Fran-
ciscan Monastery of Kilcredhe or
Cill-Credhe (now " Kilcrea"), in the
parish of Kilbonane, dedicated to
St. Bridget, founded five additional
churches ; and also built the donjon
of Blarney Castle, together with the
castles of Kilcrea, and Ballymacca-
dan. The Four Masters record his
death as follows, under A.D. 1494 :

"Cormac, i.e. the MacCarthy, the son
" of Tadg, son of Cormac, lord of Mns-
"kerry, was killed by his own brother
" Eoghan, and by his (Eoghan's) sons.
'• He was a man who raised and revered
" the church, and was the first founder ©f
" the monastery of Kilcrea ; a man that
" ordained that the Sabbath should be
" kept holy in his dominions as it ought
"to be ; and he was succeeded by Eoghan,
" son of Tadg."

He was buried in Kilcrea, in the
middle of the choir ; the inscription
on his tomb runs thus : —

" Hie jacet Cormacus, fil, Thadei, fil.
Cormac til. Dermidii Magni MacCarthy,
Dans de Musgraigh-Elayn, acistius con-
ventus primus fundator. an. Dom. 1494."

120. Cormac Oge, lord of Muscry :

* Eoghan : From this Eoghan descended Donogh MacCartie, who lived tem'p.
James II,, and married Eva O'Donoghue, of Glenflesk, by whom he had a son, Charles,
■who married a Miss Barrett, of Barretts. By this lady Charles had a son, Charles,
who married Mary O'Leary, daughter of Art. O'Leary (and niece of Col. MacCarthy



MAC. 123

8on of Cormac Laidir ; b. A.D. 1447 ;
d. in 1537 ; buried at Kilcrea. Mar-
ried to Catherine Barry. Issue : —
Teige ; and Julia, who was married
thrice : first, to Gerald Fitzmaurice,
lord of Kerry ; secondly, to Cormac
MacCarthy Eeagh, of Kilbrittain
Castle ; and thirdly, to Edmond
Butler, lord Dunboyne. This
Cormac defeated the Fitzgeralds
in several engagements; fought
the battle of " Cluhar and Moor"
(Mourne Abbey), where he, assisted
by MacCarthy Reagh and other
chieftains, defeated James Fitzgerald
— earl of Desmond — who ravaged
Munster in 1521. This Cormac at-
tended Parliament in 1525, as "lord
of Muscry." He had a dau. Ellen,
m. to James Barrett ; and another,
Mary, married to O'Sullivan Mor.

121. Teige, lord of Muscry : his
son; born, A.D. 1472 ; died in A.D.
1565; buried at Kilcrea. This
Cormac married Catherine, the
daughter of Donal MacCarthy
Reagh, prince of Carbery, and by
her had issue : — 1. Dermod ; 2. Sir
Cormac MacTeige, lord of Muscry,
who was ancestor of the families of
Courtbreack, Bealla, Castlemor,*
and Clochroe; 3. Owen, who was
slain at Dromanee; 4. Donal-na-
Countea,f who died in 1581 ; 5.
Ceallachan, who was ancestor of

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