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the Carthys of Carrichnamuck ;
6. Donoch, who was ancestor of
the Carthys of Carew ; 7. Eleanor.

122. Dermod, lord of Muscry : his
son ; born A.D. 1501 ; m. Elana, dau.
of Maurice Fitzgerald, and niece of
James, the 15th earl of Desmond;
died in 1570, buried at Kilcrea.
Issue : — Cormac ; Teige, ancestor of
the MacCarthy s of Insirahell (near
Crookstown, co. Cork); Julia, mar-
ried to John de Barry, of Laisarole ;
and Grain^, who married Donogh
Oge MacCarthy Eeagh, of Carbery
In 1563, this Dermod fought and
defeated Sir Maurice Dubh (duff)
Fitzgerald, his father-in-law, who
was beheaded by his guard.

123. Cormac Mor, lord of Muscry :
his son ; born, A.D. 1552 ; married to
Maria Butler. Issue : — 1. Cormac ;
2. Teige, ancestor of the MacCarthy s
of Aglish ; Donal, ancestor of the
3IacCarthys of Carrignavar ; smdJnlia,,
who married twice: first, David
Barry of Buttevant ; and, secondly,
Dermod O'Shaughnessy of Gort, in
the county of Gal way. This Cor-
mac Mor attended parliament in
1578 as "Baron of Blarney;" con-
formed to the Protestant church;
died in 1616 ; and was buried at
Kilcrea. He also contested with
Florence MacCarthy Eeagh for the
dignity of " MacCarthy Mor," but
did not succeed. Acted as Sheriff
of Cork; and on the memorable
21st October, 1601, when all his
kinsmen were ranged under the
O'Neill, the Bed Hand of Ulster, at
Kinsale, this Cormac assisted the

of Drishane), by whom he had a son Denis, who married Joanna O'Donoghue Dubh, and
had Charles, who married Mary O'Donoghue of Killaha (niece to the O'Donoghue of
the Glenc), and Jeremiah, who was the father of Denis MacCarthy of Wood view, co.
of Cork. Charles, the eldest sou of Denis, had by his wife, Mary O'Donoghue, a son
Denis, who married Catherine, daughter of D. O'Connell, of Tralee (by bis wife Ellen,
sister of Daniel O'Connell, M.P.) ; and a son Daniel MacCarthy, of Headford Castle,
in the county of Kerry.

* Castlemor : This castle is now a ruin near the Bride, on a limestone rock ; built
by the MacSweeneys. It was possessed by Phelim MacOvven MacCarthy, who was
driven from it by Oliver Cromwell in the Commonwealth period.

f Donal-na-Countea : This epithet na-Countea means "of the county." In the
State Papers, temp. Elizabeth, this Donald is styled "Dcnyll ny-Countie."

124 MAC.


MAC. [part III.

English against the Irish, who were
there commanded by O'Neill and
O'Donnell. For this act he received
many " honours" from the English.

124. Cormac Oge, 17th lord of
Muscry: his son; born A.D. 1564;
married Margaret, the daughter of
Donogh O'Brien, by his wife Elena
Koche ; and died in London, on the
20th of February, 1640. This
Cormac was educated at Oxford
(England), and on the 15th of
November, 1628, was created
" Baron of Blarney" and *' Lord
Viscount Muscry." Issue : — 1.
Donogh ; 2. Maria, who married Sir
Valentine Brown, ancestor of the
Earls of Kenmare; 3. Ellen, who
married Colonel Edward Fitz-
maurice, only son of Thomas, 18th
lord of Kerry ; and 4. Eleanor, who
was the first wife of Cormac Mac-
Carthy Reagh.

125. Donoch MacCarthy, lord
Viscount Muscry : son of Cormac ;
born A.D. 1594; created "Earl of
ClanCarthy" by Charles II., in
1658 ; was confederate chieftain and
commander of the Munster forces
in the civil wars in Ireland of 1641-
52; exiled to the Continent, and
his property conferred on his second
wife Ellen (a sister of the first Duke
of Ormond) and her issue ; returned
to Ireland at the " Eestoration" of
Charles 11. ; contested the right of
Florence and Donal to the dignity
of MacCarthy M6r (See Appendix,
Annals of the Four Masters") ; died
in London (England), July, 1665.
By his first marriage this Donoch
had a son named Donall, who was
known as the Buchaill Bdn (or " the

fair-haired boy"). By his second
marriage he had three sons: — 1,
Cormac; 2. Ceallachan, who con-
formed to the Protestant religion ;
3. Justin,* created " Lord Mount-
cashel" by King James II., in 1689 ;
and died in France, 1st July, 1694,
at Barrege, of the effects of wounds.
Cormac, lord Muskerry, above
mentioned (who d. 24th Dec. 1675),
was, in 1665, engaged in a sea fight
with the Dutch off Harwich, whilst
in the same ship with the Duke of
York, afterwards James II. ; he
(Cormac) died on the 22nd of June,
1665, of wounds received in this
action. He married Margaret, the
daughter of Ulick de Burgo, 1st
Marquis and 5th Earl of Clanrickard,
and 2nd earl of St. Albans, by
whom he had two children : — 1.
Charles-James, b. 1663, who died
young; and 2. Francis, born 1364.

126. Ceallachan MacCarthy: second
son of Donoch ; married Elizabeth
Fitzgerald, sixth daughter of George
Fitzgerald, the 16th earl of Kildare ;
had issue by her one son, Donoch ;
and four daughters, one of whom,
Catherine, married Paul Davis, who
was created " lord Viscount Mount-
cashel," by whom she had a daugh-
ter, who was married to Justin, son
of Donoch, 4th earl of ClanCarthy.
This Ceallaghan, who died in 1676,
was being educated in France, for
Holy Orders, but when the news of
his brother's death reached him, he
quitted his monastery, became a
Protestant, and married.

127. Donoch MacCarthy, the 4th
Earl of Clan Carthy : son of said
Ceallaghan; born 1669; was edu-

* Justin : This Justin married Arabella, second daughter of Thomas Wentworth,
Earl of Strafford, and bad issue : Margaret, married to Luke, Earl of Fingal, who died
in 1693; and Ellen, who married William de Burgh, Earl of Clanrickarde, by whom
she had a daughter Honoria (or Nora), who married twice : first, to the celebrated
Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan ; and, secondly, on the 26th of March, 1695, to James
Fitz James (Stuart), Duke of Berwick, natural son of King James II.



MAC. 125

cated in Oxford, and having, like his
father, conformed to the Protestant
religion, was, before he was sixteen
years of age, privately married to
Elizabeth Spencer, second daughter
of Robert Spencer, earl of Sunder-
land. In 1688, he received and
entertained King James 11. , on his
arrival in Ireland, having become a
Catholic when James II. became
King. In 1690, on the taking of
Cork, he was taken prisoner by John
Churchill, Earl of Marlborough, and
confined in the Tower of London,
from which, in 1694, he escaped to
France ; in 1698, he returned to
England, was arrested, and exiled
on a pension of £300 a year ; his
estates, worth over £200,000 a year,
were confiscated, and sold in viola-
tion of the " Treaty of Limerick ;"
he died at Prals-Hofi", in the terri-
tory of Hamburg, on the 19th Sep-
tember, 1734. By his wife, who
accompanied him into exile, and
died abroad in June, 1704, he left
issue : — 1. Eobert ; 2. Charlotte,
who married John West, Lord Dela-
ware ; and 3. Justin, who married
his own first cousin, the Hon. Miss
Davis, dau. of Paul, lord viscount

128. Eobert, hereditary Lord of
Muscry, earl of Clan Carthy,
Baron of Blarney, etc. : his son ;
born 1686, and died in a chateau
near Boulogne, a.d. 1770; married
twice : by his first wife, Jane Plyer,
daughter of Captain Plyer, of Gos-
port, Southampton, he left no issue ;
at the age of 63 years he married
a young wife, who brought him two
sons: — 1. Dermod j 2. Cormac.
This Robert was a Commodore in
the English Navy. Having failed
to regain his father's estates, he
threw up his commission and joined
the "Pretender." At length he
settled at Boulogne-Sur-Mer, in
France, and obtained from the

French King an annual pension of
£1,000. His estates were seized by
the English, and sold to the Hollow
Swords Blade Company ; Chief
Justice Payne ; the Very Rev. Dean
Davis, of Cork ; General Sir James
Jefi'ries ; and others. Blarney
Castle and surrounding estate is
now (1887) possessed by Sir George
Colthurst, who married a Miss

129. Deimod : son of Robert; an
officer in the French service, at the
time of the Revolution in France ;
threw up his commission, and with
his family (having married inFrance,
in 1772, to Rose, youngest daughter
of Nial O'Neill, Prince of Ulster),
returned to Ireland j died in 1815,
and was buried in the family vault
in Kilcrea. Left issue three sons
and four daughters.

130. Cormac, hereditary Earl of
Clan Carthy, etc. : his son ; re-
sided in comparative obscurity in
the City of Cork ; married there to
Nora, dau. of William O'Neill, of
Ulster (see "O'Neill, Prince of
Tyrone" Pedigree, No. 130), and
died in 1826, leaving issue : —
Donogh, Dermod, Teige, and Ada
(or Adelaide). Buried at Moviddy.

131. Donogh, hereditary Earl of
Clancarthy, etc. : his son ; married
Eva MacLoughlin, granddaughter
to Mary O'Neill, who was dau. to
Nial, Prince of Ulster ; died in
1871 j buried at Kilcrea ; left issue
four sons : — 1. Justin ; 2. Robert ;
3. Cormac ; 4. Finghin ; and three
daughters: — Elana, Elizabeth, and
Ada. Eva died in 1874, and was
buried at Moviddy.

132. Justin MacCarthy, hereditary
Earl of Clan Carthy, etc. : his son ;
married Margaret O'Daly, in Cork,
prior to leaving thence in 1878 ;
had issue: — 1. Teige; 2. Cormac;
and 3. Charlotte ; living in St. Louis,
America, in January, 1887.

126 MAC.



MAC. [PAUT ni.

Of Spring House ; and Counts of Toulouse, France.

Armorial Bearings : Same as those of the " MacCarthy Reagh."

This family is descended from Donal na-Pipi MacCarthy Reagh, Prince of
Carbery, who is No. 121 on the - - - .

122. Owen : son of Donal

son ot jjonai na-
Pipi ; married Honoria, daughter of
Taige-an-Duna MacCarthy, of Dun-
manway (see " MacCarthy Glas "
Stem, No. 122).

123. Donal : his son ; proprietor
of Knocknahinsy ; m. Honoria, dau.
of John O'Hea, of Corably, co. Cork ;
died 16th December, 1666.

124. Donogh : his son; pro-
prietor of Spring House, co. Tipper-
ary, which he purchased in his
father's lifetime. Married 27th
July, 1660, Elizabeth, daughter of
Edmond Hackett, of Ballyskillan,
county Tipperary; died in 1713;
interred at Bansha, in that county.
His children were :— 1. Justin; 2.
James ; 3. Charles (of Laganstown),
m. Clara O'Ferrall, d. s. p.; 4.
Denis, m. a Miss Herringman; 5.
Alexander ; 6. Elizabeth, married to
Michael Kearney, proprietor of
Fethard and Kilbrogan ; 7. Honoria,
m. James Fox, of Kilmalchy, King's
County ; 8. Joanna, m. John Therry,
of Castle Theny, co. Cork; 9.
Margaret; 10. Catherine, married
to Francis Kearney, of Knockinglass,
CO. Tipperary; 11. Eleanor, m. to
Jeremiah O'Donovan, of Kinograny,

JVIacCarthy Prince of Carbery" Stem.

CO. Cork; 12. Maria, m. to Daniel
O'Mahony, of Dunloe Castle, co. of

125. Justin MacCarthy : his son ;
b. 28th February, 1685 ; m. on 14th
February, 1709, Marie, dau. of John
Shee, of Ballylogue, co. Tipperary ;
died in April, 1756 ; buried at Ban-
sha. By his wife (who d. 15th
Nov. 1744), he left issue : — I.Denis;
2. John,* b. 6th April, 1725 ; m.

Anne, dau. of Thomas Wyse, of
Waterford, by whom he had four
sons and four daughters; 3. Maria,
m. James Mandeville, of Ballydine ;
4. Elizabeth, m. Daniel Ryan, of
Inch, in the co. Tipperary ; and 5.
Margaret, who d. unm.

126. Denis of Spring House : son
of Justin ; b. 21st June, 1718; m. on
the 29th September, 1743, Christine,
dau. of Robert French, of Rahasane,
near Craughwell, co. Galway; died
13 th September, 1761, at Argenton,
Berry, in France.

127. Justin : son of Denis ; born at
Spring House, 18th August, 1744;
m., on the 16th September, 1765,
Maria Winifred, dau. of Nicholas
Tuite, of Tuitestown, Westmeath ;
d. in 1812, leaving issue : — 1. Denis-

* John : This John's descendants are here traced —

126. John : the second son of Justin ; b. 6th April, 1725 ; m. Anne Wyse, of
Waterford in 1747; issue: — James, b. 1749; Charles, b. 1752; Justin, b. 1755;
Dermod, b! 1756 ; Anne, b. 1750 ; Eliza, b. 1751 ; Maria, b. 1754 ; and Christine, b.
1755. This John d. 1779. . .

127. Charles : his son; m. (1776) MissMorrogh, co. Cork; was a Lieutenant mthe
Bengal Navy; had issue : Joseph, b. 1777; Charles, b. 1778; Robert, b. 1780; and
Anne, b. 1779 ; besides other children.

128. Charles ; his son : b. 1778, d. circa 1846 ; m. a Miss Tuite, and had many
children ; was a Civil Engineer, and a Lieutenant in the Tipperary Mihtia.

129. Rev. Charles F. MacCarthy, D.J). : his son ; b. 1818, d. 1877. Resided in



MAC. 127

Joseph, b. 18th July, 1766; 2.
Nicholas-Tuite (the Abbe Mac-
Carthy), b. in Dublin, 19th May,
1769 ; d. at Annecy (France) on the
3rd May, 1833; 3. Eobert- Joseph j
4. Joseph-Charles, b. 1777 ; 5.
Joseph-Patrick, b. 1799, m. 1818,
and left issue : — 1. Nicholas-Francis-
Joseph (b. 1833) ; 2. Winifred (b.
1819); 3. Anna-Maria (b. 1825);
4. Maria-Theresa (b. 1828); 5. Justin,
b. 1785 ; 6. Anna-Maria, b. 1767 ;
7. Christine-Maria, b. 1772 ; and 8.
Maria, b. 1780.

This Justin was only seventeen
years at the time of his father's
death, who was obliged to leave Ire-
land on account of the penal laws.
Immediately on the death of his
father Justin hastened to realize all
that his family had been able to
preserve of the debris of an immense

fortune, and selected for the future
home of himself and his posterity
the city of Toulouse, in France.

In September, 1766, this Justin
became the Count MacCarthy
Keagh, of the City of Toulouse, in
the Department of the Haute Gar-
onne, receiving letters patent from
Louis (Capet) XVI., the French
King, and on the 25th of February,
1767, formed a part of the Court of

128. Eobert- Joseph MacCarthy
Reagh, Count of Toulouse : his son ;
born June 30th, 1770. On the 9th
of May, 1809, he married Emilia-
Maria de Bressac, and died at
Lyons, on the 11th July, 1827.

129. Justin-Marie-Laurent-Robert
MacCarthy Reagh, Third Count of
Toulouse : his son ; born May 6th,


Prince of Duhallow.

This is the senior of the various Scions of the *' MacCarthy Mor " family,
being descended from Cormac Fionn, who is No. 112 on that Stem, and
the fifth in direct descent from Carthach, a quo the sirname MacCarthy.

Ealla, i.e. " The estate on the
river Alio," which territory forms
and gives name to the present
barony of " Duhallow." Mac-
Donogh's Castle of Kanturk was a
fortress so strong and extensive,
that the " Lords of the Council " in
England {temp. Elizabeth) trans
mitted an order to Ireland to have
the work stopped.

113. Dermod: third son of Cor-
mac Fionn MacCarthy Mor.

114. Donogh : his son.

115. Cormac: his son,

116. Donogh: his son.

117. Donogh Oge : his son; d.

118. Cormac: his son; lived in

This family possessed Duthaidh

128 MAC


MAC. [part III.

MacCAETHY GLAS.* (No. 6.)

Armorial Bearings : Same as those of " MacCarthy Reagh."
DoNAL* Caomh who is No. 114 on the "MacCarthy Eeagh" pedigree, was
the ancestor of MacCarthy Glas.

115. CormacDonn: son ofDonal
Caomh, Prince of Carbery ; obtained
from his father for himself and his
descendants the territory of Glean-
na-Croim — the country for miles
around Dunmanway. This Cormac
became Chieftain of Carberry, and
was slain in 1366. He left issue : —
1. Dermod, who was taken prisoner
by his cousin MacCarthy of Car-
berry ; given over to the English,
and by them murdered in 1368 ; 2.
Felim; 3. Donal j 4. Eoghan; 5.
Tadhg; 6. Finghin ; 7. Cormac ; and
8. Donogh, who had a son Finghin,
who had a son Cormac, whose dau.
m. Donogh O'Crowly.

116. Felim : his'son ; a quo Sliochd
Feidhlimidh — the tribe name of the
MacCarthys of Glean na-Croim ; was
chieftain of his family ; had two

and 2. Finghin.
Dunmanway : his

118. Finin : his son ; lord of Glen-

119. Cormac : his son ; had issue :
1. Finin ; and 2. Dermod na-n Glac.
(1) Finin succeeded his father as
chieftain ; m. Ellen, dau. of O'Sulli-
van Bere, and had issue Cormac (who
was killed by his cousin Cormac
Donn in a quarrel respecting the
succession to the chieftaincy) : this
Cormac m. More, dau. of Dermod
Oge O'Leary, by whom he had a son
Finin, who petitioned Queen Eliza-
beth in the matter of his father's
inheritance. The other sons of this
Cormac were : — Felim, slain in 1641;
and Cormac Reagh ; and a dau. m.

sons — 1 . Tadhg ;
117. Tadhg of
son ; succeeded his father as

to Dermod O'Crowly, of Coillseal-

120. Dermod na-n Glac : second
son of Cormac ; was known as
"Dermod of the conflicts;" m. in
1563, Eleanor, dau. of Teige, the
11th lord of Muscry; left issue two
sons — 1. Cormac Donn; 2. Finin;
3. Teige an-Fhorsa. (1) Cormac
Donn, who slen^ his cousin Cormac,
son of Finin, and who was murdered
in Cork by the English. This Cor-
mac Donn m. More, dau. of Connor
O'Leary, by his wife, a dau. of Mac-
Finin Dubh, by whom he had a son
Felim, and a dau. who m. Art
O'Crowly. (2) Finin d, s. p. And
(3) Teige an-Fhorsa.

121. Teige : his son ; called
" Teige an-Fhorsa" (or Teige of the
forces); chieftain, 1578 to 1618.
Died in Cork City, 3rd July, 1618.
Was twice married : first, to the
widow of Torlogh Bacchach Mac-
Sweeney, Constable of Desmond,
and dau. of Donal MacFinin of Ard
Tully ; and, secondly, to Eleanor,
dau. of Rory MacSheehy (this lady
survived him), by whom he had
issue: — 1. Tadhg; 2. Dermod, of j
Dyreagh, and proprietor of Togher
Castle, and the lands of Shanacrane,
etc., near Dunmanway ; and a dau.,
who m. Randal Oge O'Hurley, of
Ballinacarrig Castle.

122. Tadhg-an-Duna (or
the Hospicious") : eldest
Tadhg an-Fhorsa ; b. A.D,
chieftain from 1618 to 1648
in command of the Munster forces in
1641. This Tadhg was twice mar-
ried : first, to a dau. of Brian Mac-

" Teige i
son of ;

1584; !
second j


* Glas : This word in Irish means a lock, lamentation, the sea, green, pale, poor,
This Donal possessing a sea coast, was naturally called "Donal Glas."



MAC. 129

Owen MacSweeney of Cloghda
Castle : by this lady, who wa^ grand-
daughter to Owen MacSweeney, of
Mishanaglas, he had two sons, viz. :
— 1 . Tadhg-an Fhorsa ; and 2. Der-
mod, ancestor of MacCarthy Glas.
He married, secondly, Honoria, dau.
of Donal O'Donovan, lord of Clan
Cahill (by his wife Joan, dau. of
" Sir" Owen MacCarthy Reagh), by
whom he had : 3. Honoria, who m.
Owen, fourth son of Donal " Pipi ;"
4. Joan, who m. Cor mac MacTadhg
MacCarthy, of Ballea, and grandson
of Sir Cormac MacTadhg, lord of
Muscry ; 5. Eoghan, founder of the
Ballynoodie Family ; and 6. Ceal-
laghan, living in Dunmanway Castle,
1652. Tadhg-an-Duna,d. 24th May,
1649, and was the last chieftain of
this clan who exercised the rights of
his position.

123. Dermod (called in English
official documents "Jeremy Cartie,
Esq.") : second son of Tadg-an-
Duna; restored to the lands of
Glean-naCroim (1684), under the
" Commission of Grace," by Charles
II. ; m. Catherine, dau. of Finin
MacCarthy, of Iniskean (son of Sir
Owen MacCarthy Reagh), by his
wife Eleanor, dau. of Edmund Fitz-
gibbon, the White Knight, by whom
he had Felim, and a dau. Elizabeth,
who m. Edmond Shuldham, crown
solicitor, to whom she brought the
lands regranted to her father in

1684, together with the lands of
Ardtully, and three townlands near
Kenmare. This Dermod died in

1685. The lands and Castle of
Togher, comprising 1,419 acres, were
not restored to Dermod ; these were
left in possession of the "patentees,"
Edward and William Hoare, whose
descendants are (1887) in possession
to this day.

124. Felim : his son ; had no in-
heritance but the sword; was a
Captain in the Irish Army ; fought

on the side of James II., both before
and after the King's arrival in Ire-
land, 22nd March, 1689 ; he left
Ireland with the " Wild Geese," was
in France at the time of his sister's
marriage, upon hearing of which he
hurried back, but was shot (assas-
sinated) before he reached his native
glen. By his wife Mary, dau. of
Tadhg MacCarthy, of Knocktemple,
Felim left three sons : — I. Dermod
an-Duna ; II. Owen ; and III.
Cormac Glas. (I) Dermod an-Duna,
m. Ellen, dau. of Ceadach O'Donovan,
by his wife Margaret, dau. of Sir
Finin O'Driscoll, by whom he had
two sons : — 1. Charles ; and 2. Teige
na-Feile. This (1) Charles (called
"of Butler's Gift") married Kate
O'Donovan, of Balleedown, great
aunt to Timothy O'Donovan, of
Donovan's Cove, and sister to
Timothy the " Swordsman." By
this marriage said Charles had
two sons, who d. (s. p.) before him-
self ; and four daus. : — 1. Ellen, m.
O'Sullivan of Carriganass ; 2. Mary,
m. Maurice Hennigan, who had a
dau. Ellen, m. to her cousin Charles,
son to Jerry an-Duna ; and two
other daus., one m. to Timothy
O'Leary, of Glasheens, and the other
to Daniel Callanan, of Caheragh.
And this (2) Teige (called "na-
Feile") m. Elizabeth O'Donovan, and
had issue : Jerry an-Duna, and
Charles (who d. s. p.). Jerry an-
Duna m. a Miss Calanan of Kinsale,
and had issue two sons and one dau.
— the eldest son, Charles, d. s. p. ;
the younger emigrated to Canada
many years ago ; and the dau. Mary
died unm. This Jerry an-Duna
lived during the end of his life with
Timothy O'Donovan, of Donovan's
Cove, and died in 1826, aged 84;
interred at Kilbarry, one mile west
of Dunmanway.

125. Owen ; second son of Felim ;
m. Faby O'Herlihy, and had by her


130 MAC.


MAC. [part III.

two sons : — I. Donogh (or Denis) ;
and II. Florence. (I.) Donogh m.
a dau. of O'Leary, of Ive Leary, and
had issue :— Donogh Oge, a noted
man remembered still in Glean na-
Croim; and Angel, who m. Owen
Calanan, the father of Dermod Mac-
Owen, a celebrated physician, who
resided at Clonakilty, and who is
still remembered in Carbery. Owen
Calanan had also issue by his wife
Angel, a dau. Mary, m. to Cornelius
MacCarthy (Clan Dermod), brother
to the then Parish Priest of Inishan-
non, and by whom he had a dau.
ISTora, m. to John ]\IacDonald, ef
Dunmanway, by whom he had a
dau. Mary, who m. Eugene MacFinm
MacCarthy, (brother to the Very
Rev. Dr. MacCarthy, Vice-President
of Maynooth College, who subse-
quently became the Paght Rev.

Bishop of Kerry) : the issue of this
marriage was a son Randal Mac-
Finin MacCarthy.

126. Florence MacCarthy Glas :
son of Owen ; had two sons — I.
Donogh, and II. Charles, and a
daughter. III. Angel. This (11.)
Charles had a son Denis, and a dau.
Angel : Denis was father of Mrs.
Shorten of Kilnacronogh, parish of
Kinneigh, who was b. 1791. (III.)
Angel was mother to Daniel O'Leary,
of Shanlarig, parish of Kilmichael ;
b. 1796.

127. Donogh: son of Florence.

128. Owen : his son ; known as
'' The Old Root ;" m. Julia, sister to
Dean Collins of Cork.

129. Eugene MacCarthy Glas of
Dunmanway (The Old Boot) : son of
Owen ; b, 1801 ; living in Dunman-
way, 1871.


0/ Dunmanway.

Armorial Bearings : Same as tliose of " MacCarthy Eeagh."

CORMAC Glas, third son of Felim, who is No. 124 on the "MacCarthy
Glas" pedigree, was the founder of this branch of that family :

125. Cormac Glas: third son of

126. DONAL (or Daniel), of Dun-
manway : elder son of Cormac Glas ;
m. Catherine Collins.

127. Donogh (or Denis) : their
son ; m. Ellen the dau. of Florence,
son of Dermod MacCarthy, heir of
Millane, and grand-daughter of
Timothy O'Donovan of Loghernth.

128. Daniel : their son ; m. Eleanor
MacCarthy of Muires. This Eleanor
is (1887) living in Dunmanway,
and is dau. of Charles MacCarthy of

Muires, by his wife Ellen, dau. of
Owen, whose father was Charles
of Cloghroe. Owen's wife was a
Miss Coghlan.

This Daniel Glas, died leaving a
numerous posterity.

129. Justin : his

AVe understand that Messrs Denis
and Eugence MacCarthy, National
Teachers, residing (in 1887) in Dun-
manway, are cousins to this Justin,
son of Daniel Glas.

son; Hying in




MAC. 131

MacCAETHY DUNA. (No. 8.)

Or MacCarthy Dooney.
Armorial Bearings : Same as those of "MacCarthy Glas.'

This Family was descended from Tadhg-an-Duna, who is No,
" MacCarthy Glas" Stem.

123. Tadhg an-Fhorsa (2) : eldest
son of Tadhg an Duna ; was living
at Togher Castle, in 1641. Married,
on the 22nd October, 1641, Gennet
Coppinger, the widow of Nicholas
Skiddy of Cork, by whom she had
one son. This Tadhg died in 1650 ;
he possessed in fee the town and
lands of Fearlaghan, known by the

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