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names of Tullagh Glas, Gortnidihy,
MaulcuUanane, and Carrigatotane,
in the parish of Kilmeen, barony of
Carbery, co. Cork ; and the town
and lands of Curryboy, Coolmontane

and Tnllagh, lands in Inchigeela.
Those possessions were seized on by
English adventurers and his widow
and son expelled therefrom.

124. Tadhg an Duna (2) : only son
of Tadhg an-Fhorsa (2) ; known as
" Nominal lord of Glean na-Croim ;"
was only eight years old on the
death of his father, who secured the
possessions by obtaining a " Decree
of Innocence," so that although the
lands of Togher were confiscated
after the war of 1641-52, those of
Dunmanway were then saved. But,
after the 3rd of October, 1691, in
conformity with the terms of the

Violated Treaty" of Limerick,
Tadhg's patrimony was seized by
the Williamites, so that in 1696, he
died situated as the National Poet
describes : —

122 on the

" Ni Tadhg an-Duna d'ainim !

' ' Acht Tadhg gaa dun, gau daingean ;

' ' Tadhg gan bo, gan capall,

"I m-bothainiu isiol deataigh,

' ' Tadhg gan bean gan leanbh !" etc.

Interpreted :

Not Teige of the Dunthy name !
Bat Teige without Dun, without Dain-
gean ;
Teige without cow, without horse,
In a low smoky cabin —
Teige without wife, without child ! &c.

And asrain

" Crioch a bheatha sa marbh a aonar (an

" A n-aras cumhang a luib chnuic sleibhe."

Interpreted :

The end of his life, and death together,
In a narrow dwelling in the curved ridge
of a mountain.

This exactly describes the fate of
the last lord of Glean-na-Croim.
Married Honora, dau. of Donal
O'Donovan, lord of Clancahill.
Tadhg left issue two sons ; one, it
seems was of weak intellect, and
" no better than no son at all."

125. "Captain Jacques (James)
MacCarthy Duna or Dooney: his
son ; an officer in the service of
France, of whose fate we learn that
he fought and fell at Landen, 1693.
We know not whether he had issue.


Of Balhjneadig mid Lyradane.

Tadhg an-Duna of Dunmanway Castle, who is No. 122 on the "Mac-
Carthy Glas" Stem, was the father of the founder of this Family.

132 MAC.


MAC. [part III

123. Eoghan; son of Tadhg an-
Duna; b. 1601 ; d. 20th of October,

124. Tadhg : his son ; was captain
of a Kerry regiment of infantry,
which James II. imported to Eng-
land as "men on whom he could
rely." After the attainder of
Donagh, Earl of ClanCarthy, in
1691 and 1696, tbis Tadhg admin-
istered, to his father, a leasehold
interest in the town and lands of
East Ballyneadig, co. Cork, which
claim was adjudged within the
Articles of Limerick. This Tadhg
was buried in the choir of Kilcrea

125. Cormac of Leyradane : his
son ; m. a dau. of Kadly, of Knock-
rour, and had issue : — Tadhg ; Cor-
mac ; Callaghan ; Dorothy, m. to
George Fitton; Catherine, m. to
Owen MacCarthy, " Maister na-
Mona,"who d. 1790.— See "Mac-
Carthy na-mona" Family No. 126.

126. Tadhg: son of Cormac; b.
1714, d. January, 1763; m. Joanna,
dau. of Denis MacCarthy, of
Dooneen, leaving issue by her : —
Cormac ; Callaghan, who m. a Miss
Hennessy; Tadhg; Mary, m. to
O'Leary, of co. Kerry ; and Ellen,
m. to Nagle, of Mallow. By his
will, dated 11 November, 1763,
this Tadhg bequeathes all his estate,
right, title, and interest of, in, and
to, the lease and lands of Rathduff
to his eldest son Cormac, who is to
lose a pecuniary legacy "if he
should at any time intermarry with
any daughter of Eliza O'Donoghue,
widow of O'Donoghue, late of the
county of Kerry ;" his interest in
the lands of Monalahy, Lisavoura,
and Lyredane to Callaghan ; and
Ballymartin to his two sons Cormac
and Callaghan, equally.

127. Cormac of Kilbane (White
Church) and Lyredane: son of

Tadhg; b. 1738; m. in 1764 Mary
eldest dau. of Geoffrey O'Donoghue
of the Glen, by Elizabeth, dau. of
Randal MacCarthy Mor, (See " Mac-
Carthy Mor" Stem, No. 126.) She
died in childbirth with her infant
son. Cormac m. secondly, 12th
November, 1766, Mary, eldest dau.
of Michael Finucane, M.D., of
Ennis ; and by this lady had fifteen
children, of whom only two sur-
vived him : 1. Michael-Stephen-
Joseph ; and 2. Bridget-Ellen, m. to
Francis Lord Morgan. She d. 18
May, 1818, leaving issue : — 1.
Elizabeth-Frances, m. to Robert
Mahon, of Ashline Park, co. Clare ;
and 2. Sarah, d. unm. 1837. This
Cormac, on the 14th May, 1796,
conformed to the Protestant Re-
ligion, and died 25th January, 1807.
128. Michael : his son ; b. at Ennis,
December 26th, 1771 ; m. 24th
Jan., 1791, Mary, dau. of Capt.
Samuel Meade, R.N., and by her
(who d. 30th Dec, 1837, aged 71),
he had issue : — 1. Charles-Edward ;

2. Richard-Moore (b. 1802), lieu-
tenant in second Regt. of Foot;

3. Rev. Francis-Michael, A.M. (b.
1804), who m. Frances-Mary, dau. of
William Robinson, LLD., barrister-
at-law, by whom he had six sons : —
1. Revd. Egerton-Francis Meade,
A.M., m. Laura-Margaret, dau. of
Hedley Yicars, barrister-at-law, and
had with other issue Egerton-
Hedley-Desmond ; Walter-Emilius ;
Alfred-Finucane, d. unm. ; Herbert-
Charles ; Ernest-Gambier, d. unm. ;
Arthur Stephen Noel; Frances-
Mary, m. to Rev. Charles Baker ;
Ellen-Augusta, d. unm. ; Florence-
Caroline ; Constance-Amelia, m. to
Albert Hartshorne. The daus. of
Michael were : — Mary, m. to Capt.
Charles Harvey Bagot ; Margaret-
Elizabeth, m. to Mark Ranclaud,
M.D. ; Charlotte, m. to Col. Robert

:;hap. I.] MAC.


MAC. 133

Owen ; Elizabeth, d. unm. ; Sophia.
Phis Michael died 19fch June, 1829.
129. Charles-Edward: his son; b.
7th March, 1800 ; appointed Ensign
in the 22nd Eegt. of Foot, 16th
Dec, 1815; m. 4th August, 1831,
Elizabeth-Augusta, second dau. of
John Goldsborough Eaveushaw, a
Director of the East India Company,
and by her (who d. 1871) had

issue : — 1. Charles-Desmond ; and
2. Henry-Mead, b. 1834, d. 1851.
This Charles-Edward died 31st
July, 1861.

130. Charles Desmond MacCarthy,
M.A. : his son ; born 13th Decem-
ber, 1832 ; educated at Eugby, and
Triaity College, Cambridge ; living
in 1887.

MacCAETHY. (No. 10.)

Of Cloghroe.

Armorial Bearings : Same as those of " MacCirtliy, Lords of Muscry."

Teige, lord of Muscry, who is No, 121 on the "MacCarthy Lords of
Muscry" Stem, was ancestor to the Cloghroe MacCarthy family.

122. Cormac MacCarthy, of Ballea,
Castle more, Courtbreac, and Clogh-
roe, usually styled "Sir Cormac
MacTeige" : son of Teige lord of
Muscry; had three sons, viz.: — 1.
Teige ; 2. Donogh MacCarthy na-
Mona, commonly called the "Master
of Mourne;" and 3. Charles.

123. Charles of Cloghroe: third
son of Cormac.

124. Charles: his sou; his estate
was confiscated in 1641 under the
Cromwellian settlement.

125. Cormac Oge of Cloghroe : his
son; living in 1677. Married a
sister of Teige of Aglish, by whom
he had issue: — 1. Denis; 2. Alex-
ander ; 3. Margaret ; 4. iSTelly ; 5.
Mary, married to Florence Mac-
Carthy M6r (see MacCarthy M6r
Stem, No. 126) ; 6. Catherine ; and
7. Ellen, married to a Mr. Anketell,

126. Denis MacCarthy : his son ;

married Mary, the daughter of Sir
J, Meade (by his wife, the Hon.
Lady Elizabeth, and sister of Sir
Eichard Meade, afterwards Earl of
Clanwilliam), by whom he had
issue: — -Elizabeth who married
Joseph Capell, by whom she had a
daughter Jane, who married Eobert
MacCartie of Carrignavar ; and a
son Justin, who died sine prole, in
1762. This Denis died on the 2ni
of April, 1739, at Ballea, in th3
45th year of his age ; and was
interred in the Monastery of Kil-
crea, where the following inscription
may be seen on his tomb : —

" Let honour, valour, virtue, justice

Cloghroe's MacCarthy, lifeless in this

urn ;
Let all distressed draw near and

make their moan,
Their patron lies confined beneath this



184 isixc.


J^IAC, [part III.

MacCARTHY. (Xo. 11.)

Of Aglish.
Armorial Bearings : Same as those of " MacCarthj, Lords of Muscry."

CoRliiAC, Lord of Muscry, was the ancestor of this Family. — See Stem of
the "MacCarthy (Muscry)" Family, Xo. 123.

124. Tadhg MacCarthy of Aglish :
son of Cormac, lord of Muscry.

125. Dermod : his son ; died at an
advanced age, leaving two children,
— a son, and a daughter who married
Charles of Cloghroe.

126. Tadhg of Aglish: his son;
suffered for his adherence to the
Stuarts, by having his lands of
4,005 Irish acres seized on by the

Williamites, and himself expelled
from his home.

127. Charles: his son, of whose
career very little is know^n : many of
his descendants still live at or near
the old lands. This Charles had a
sister Joanna, who m. John
O'Connor "Kerry," who, in 1652,
was cruelly put to death by the
followers of Cromwell. — See the
O'Connor Kerry pedigree, Xo. 122.

MacCARTHY GLAS. (Xo. 12.)
Of England.
Armorial Bearings : Same as "MacCarthy Glas."

125. Cormac Glas (otherwise
^'Charles of Lorraine"): third son
of Felim, who is Xo. 124 on the
" MacCarthy Glas" pedigree ; was a
captain of the Eoyal Irish Regi-
ment of Foot Guards to King James
IL He m. Angel, dau. of ^Randal
Oge O'Hurley, of Ballinacarriga
Castle, by whom he had two sons : —
I. Donal of Dunmanway, and If.

126. Donogh Glas : son of Cormac ;
m. Catherine, dau. of Malachy
O'Crowly, by whom he had three
sons : — I. Donogh, II. Cormac (these
two left no male issue), III. Donal ;
and a dan. Angel, who m. O'Dono-
van of Banlahan, by whom she had
three sons — the youngest of whom
Thomas, was a celebrated Irish poet.

127. Donal Glas: third son of
Donogh; m. Mary Kelleher, by
whom he left issue : — I. Donogh,
II. Donal, IIL Thomas, lY. Justin.
This (I) Donogh m. Mary Mac-
Carthy and had issue : — Sir Charles
Justin MacCarthy, Knt., Governor
of Ceylon, who m. Sophia, dau. of
Sir B. Hawes (Under Secretary of
State for War), by whom he had
two sons : — Felix, a Member of
Council at Bermuda, and Police
Magistrate, who d. s. p. ; and
William, a Registrar-general of lands
at Ceylon, who was alive in 1871,
but had no issue. This (III) Thomas
{Montalto) died of yellow-fever, at St.
Domingo, left no issue. (lY)
Justin, d. s. p.

128. Donal Glas (2) : second son of




MAC. 135

Donal ; m. Mary Ward, by whom

< he left an only son, Donal (No. 129).

129. Donal Glas, of Glean-na-

'ij Croim : son of Donal ; m. Harriet

( Alexandrina Bassett, youngest dau.

of the late Admiral Sir Home

Popham, KM., G.O.B., by whom

he had issue : — I. Henry Popham

Tenison, a captain in the Eoyal

Artillery, who died unm. aged 28

yrs. ; II. Elizabeth Eadcliff, who d.

at Bath, aged 15 yrs. ; and HI.

Florence Sbrachan. This Donal

Glas, d. at Southampton, England,

in 1884. He was a gentleman of

refined taste and high literary

attainments ; author of the Siege of

Jflorence, MassaniellOf the Free Lance,

Life and Letters of Florence Mac-
Carthy Mdr, and Historical Pedigree
of the Sliochd Feidhlimidh.

130. Florence Strachan MacCarthy
Glas : his son ; m. Alice, youngest
dau. of the late Kev. James Linton,
of Heningford House, Huntingdon-
shire, England (by his wife Eliza-
beth, dau. and co-heiress of the Rev.
Thomas Maria Wingfield of Torking-
ton), by whom he has had issue : —
I. Finin, 11. Charles, III. Donal,
lY. Eugene, Y. Kathleen, YI. Mary,
YII. Aileen (or Eibhlin), all living
in 1887. This Florence Strachan,
residing in 1887, at Clydesdale, Sur-
biton Boad, Kingston-on-Thames,
Surrey, England.

MacCARTHY. (No. 13.)
Of Carrignavar,

Arms : A buck trippant, attired and un
couped below the elbow, grasping a lizard.

124. Donal : son of Cormac Mor
MacCarthy, lord of Muscry, by his
wife Maria Butler, was ancestor of
this family ; he had two sons — 1.
Donal, and 2. Cormac Spainach.

125. Donal (2) : his son, died at an
advanced age, leaving a son Cormac
who forfeited Carrignavar, etc., for
the part he took in the Revolution
of 1688-9. His estates were put up
for sale in 1702 at Chichester House,
in Dublin, and subsequently came
into the possession of the family by
purchase. This Cormac died with-
out issue, whereupon the estates
reverted to the descendants of the
second son of Donal No. 124.

126. Donal (3) : son of Cormac
Spainach, the second son of No.
124; died at Carrignavar in 1692,
leaving two sons : — Donal, and

guled or. Crest : A dexter arm in armour

Motto ; Same as MacCarthy Mor.

Cormac (or Charles) called of
" Carrignavar," who in 1718 became
a Protestant ; he was thus able to
purchase his estates.

127. Donal (4) : son of Donal.

128. Donal Oge (5) : his son ; had
two sons : — 1. Justin, who pre-
deceased his father in 1762 ; and 2.
Robert. This Donal's will bears
date 23rd of August, 1763.

129. Robert : his son ; m. in Octo-
ber, 1784, Jane, the dau. of Joseph
Capell, of Cloghroe (see "MacCarthy
of Cloghroe" Pedigree, No. 126;,
and his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Denis
MacCarthy of Cloghroe. They had
issue : — 1 . Justin MacCartie ; 2.
Joseph Capell MacCartie; and 3.

130. Justin MacCartie: his son.

136 MAC.


:MAC. [part III.

MacCARTHY NA-MONA. (No. 14.)

Armorial Bearings : Same as those of " MaeCartliy, Lords of Muscry."

The founder of this family was Sir Cormac MacTeige, lord of Muscry.
who is No. 121 on the "MacCarthy, lords of Muscry" Stem.

122. Donoch MacCarthy, called
" Maister-na-Mona" : son of Sir
Cormac MacTeige by his first wife
Ellen Barrett, who was daughter of
James Barrett, by Ellen, sister of
Teige (No. 121), and consequently
his (Sir Cormac's) first cousin. He
got the name Na-Mona from the
preceptory of Mourne and the lands
around this religious establishment,
which his father willed to him.
This Donoch m. Ellen, dau. of Donal
MacOwen MacTeige Illoyghie Mac-
Sweeney, Chief Warder of Blarney
Castle. He died in February, 1605,
leaving a son Cormac, then twelve
years old.

123. Cormac MacDonoch Mac-
Carthy : said son ; born 1593 ; m. a
dau. of Donal 0'Donovan,of Eahine,
by his wife Joan, dau. of Sir Owen
MacCarthy Eeagh ; left issue:— 1.
Donoch ; and 2. Teige, whose dau.
Mary m. Donoch O'Donovan, of

124. Donoch MacCarthy, '-Maister
na-Mona" : his son ; had by his
wife Catherine (living in 1700)
twelve children : the eldest named
Charles; another, Daniel, d. 1766.
This Donoch died in February, 1683,
intestate, leaving to his widow and
his children the management of his
estate. Under a lease of 99 years,
at a yearly rent of <£ 5 6 lis. 3jd.,
granted by Ellen Countess Dowager
of Clancarthy, and Donoch, earl of
Clancarthy, dated 30th October,
1677, he entered into the lands of
Courtbrack, Ballmarypeak, Claune-

ballycullen, and Lahackaneen, in
the Barony of Muscry, which lands
were in 1641 the ancient property
and inheritance of his ancestors.

125. Charles MacCarthy, "Maister
na-Mona" : his son ; he had sixteen
sons, thirteen of whom emigrated ;
in 1700 he claimed and was allowed
the benefits of above lease, the re-
version of which was forfeited by
the attainder of Donoch, earl of
Clancarthy ; which claim was ad-
judged within the " Articles of

126. Owen MacCarthy, the last
" Maister na-Mona" : his son ; born
1706 ; married Catherine (living in
1764), dau. of Charles MacCarthy,
of Lyredane ; died 5th November,
1790; was interred in Kilcrea
Abbey, leaving an only son, and
three daughters, residents in Cork:
1. Mary, married to Barry ; 2. Anne,
died aged 76 ; and 3. Catherine died
in 1832, all buried in Kilcrea, " pur-
suant to their dying wishes."

127. Charles MacCarthy : his son :
entered the service of the King of
Portugal, was colonel of a regiment
of horse, and Governor of Miranda,
in 1790. He died in Portugal in
1792, leaving an only daughter, who
d. s. p. in 1832 ; and was buried in

(Mourne Abbey passed through
the Encumbered Estates Court, and
was purchased about the middle of
the present century by a Colonel
Beamish, of Lota Park, Cork.)



MAC. 137

MacOAETHY. (No. 15.)
Of Minnesota,
: Armorial Bearings : Same as tliose of " MacCarthy, Lords of Muscry."

Donal, eldest son of Donoch, who is ISTo. 125 on the "MacCarthy" (lords
of Muscry) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCarthj of St. Paul, Minnesota,
U. S. America.

125. Donoch, the eighteenth lord
Muscry, Baron of Blarney, the first
"earl of Clancarthy," Confederate
Chieftain and Commander of the
Munster forces, in the wars of 1641-

126. Donal, popularly styled the
JBnachaill Ban : his eldest son ;
married a daughter of MacCarthy
Derreacha of Glean-na-Chroim.

127. Donal-Cormac, of Drinshane
Castle : his son.

128. Fingin (or Florence), of Coom :
his son ; had four daughters.

129. Fingin Mor : his son ; took an
active interest in the Irish Insurrec-
tion of 1798, and was by his fol-
lowers acknowledged the " Mac-
Carthy Mor;" died imprisoned in
Cork jail, A.D. 1818, aged 98 years;
had issue by his wife, Margaret
O'Connor, five sons* and five daugh-
ters t

130. Donal MorJ : his son; a

* Sons : The sons were— 1. Donal Mor ; 2. Finsfin Oge ; 3. .Tohn ; 4. Cornelius ; 5.
Charles ; and the daughters were— 1. Margaret ; 2. Ellen ; 3. Catherine ; 4. Mary ; and
6. Johanna. Fingin Oge, here mentioned, married Mary O'Crowley, by whom he had
issue who migrated to America ; John married a MacCarthy (TuUig), and had issue
who died in Ireland without issue ; Cornelius married Kate Forbish, by whom he had
issue who went to America and settled in Vermont ; and Charles married Nancy
O'Donovan, and emigrated to Canada. Margaret married Owen O'Connor (Cathal), who
took part in the Irish Insurrection of 1798; the issue of this marriage was Ellen,
married to Timothy Collins, also a " '98" man ; John, father of John O'Connor, C.E.,
Ottawa, Canada ; Timothy, father of the Eev. John S. O'Connor, P.P., of Alexandria,
Canada ; and Owen, father of Eugene and Edward O'Connor, of St. Paul, Minnesota.
Of the other daughters of Fingin Mor, Ellen married Samuel Beamish; Catherine
married John Callanan ; Johanna married John Beamish ; and Mary married Hurlihy,
the chief of his sept, by whom she had a son named Denis, who removed to

^Daughters : The four daughters were married— one to O'Mahony (Coin) ; another
to O'Connor (Cathal), of Coom, a descendant of Cathal-craobh-dearg O'Connor, King of
Connaught ; another to 0' Sullivan, of Curragh ; and another daughter to O'Leary, of
Ive-Leary, called *' Teige-na-Post." The issue of this last marriage was Professor
Arthur O'Leary ; Jeremiah O'Leary, father of Professor Jeremiah O'Leary of Lindsay,
Ont., Canada, living in 1877, and father of Arthur and Hugh O'Leary of the same place
Barristers, etc. ; and a daughter, Nancy, who was married to Jeremiah O'Brien, of
Dunmanway, county Cork. Of the children of this last marriage were the late Very
Rev. Canon O'Brien, P.P., of Bandon, County Cork, and his brother Dr. O'Brien.

X Donal Mor : His sons were — 1. John ; 2. Cornelius ; 3. Charles ; and his
daughters— 1 Mary ; 2. Ellen ; 3. Johanna. Mary, his eldest child, born a.d. 1790,
married Hayes, by whom she had two children — John and Johanna ; Mary survived
her children, and was in 1877 living in Canada. John and Cornelius, sons of Donal
M6r, went to Canada, where they died without issue ; Ellen married Martin Donovan,
of Dunmanway ; and Johanna went to Canada, where she married Joseph DeFoe, by
whom she had a son, surviving, named Daniel MacCarthy DeFoe, Barrister, etc., of
Toronto, and a daughter Eliza, married to Paul Whyte.

138 MAC.


MAC. [part III,

captain in the Insurrection of 1798 ;
and commanded the Irish forces in
the battle of Ballynascarthy ; res-
cued General Roger O'Connor from
a troop of horse, and received the
French fleet at Bantry ; left Ireland,
and died in America A. D. 1828. By
his wife Mary O'Callaghan-Richeson,
this Donal Mor had four sons and
three daughters.

131. Cormac (Charles) : his son ; b.
2nd February, 180S ; left Ireland
in 1828, living in St. Paul, Minne-
sota, United States, America, in

1880 ; sole male representative of
his family ; by his wife Ellen
O'Connor-Collins, had issue living
three sons, and two daughters Mary
and Johanna.

1 32. Cornelius Mor MacCarthy :
his son; b. 6th October, 1846;
Counsellor and Attorn ey-at-Law,
St. Paul, Minnesota. This Cornelius
has two brothers — 1. Daniel-
Francis* MacCarthy, 2. John-
Collins MaCcarthy — the names of
whose children are given below, in
the Xote under "Daniel-Francis."


Of MunsUr,

As in page 80, we give the genealogy of this family, it only remains for
us here to observe that the MacFlanchada or MacFlancha a quo MacClanc//,
Clancy, etc., were chiefs of the district called Flaith-Ui-Hallurain, situated
between Tulla, in the barony of TuUa, and Clare-on-Fergus, both in the
county Clare.

In 1192, Raghnail (or Eeginald) MacClancy was promoted to the See
of Emly, from the position of erenachship ; he died in five years after-
wards, and was interred in the Church of Beallach-Conglais. In 1483,
Conor Oge MacClancy, head professor of poetry in Thomond, died ; and
he was succeeded by his Kinsman, Hugh MacClancy. The Hugh here
mentioned was chief historiographer, poet, and professor of Brehonism (or
Law) in Thomond ; he died in 1492.

In 1575, Hugh, son of Boetius MacClancy, professor of Brehonism and
poetry, in Thomond, and " one of the most upright of Irish Brehons,"
died; and, in the year following, his kinsman, Boetius Oge, son of
Murtogh MacClancy, chief professor of Brehonism to the Dal-Cas ; and
keeper of a Biatach. or house of hospitality, died.

A.D. 1578, John, son of Donal, son of Thomas, son of Teige MacClancy,
chief professor in Brehonism, to the Earl of Thomond, died ; " and there

* Daniel- Francis : This Daniel-Francis ilacCarthy, of St. Paul, Minn., married
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Allen, by whom he had issue — Charles- Allen, Catherine-
Louise, Joseph-Pius, Ellen- Frances, and Daniel. His brother, John-Collins MacCarthy,
of St. Paul, Minn., married Anne-Eliza, daughter of John H. Grindall, by whom he
had issue — Charles-Grindall, Daniel-Francis, Mary-Agnes, John- Edward, and Annie-



MAC. 139

was not a Brehon in Ireland who had a more extensive estate or a nobler
mansion than he."

A.D. 1585, Boetius, son of Boetius MacClancy, represented the county
of Clare in Perrott's Parliament. This chieftain died at his residence at
Knock-Fionn, now Knockfinn Hill, parish of Killileagh, co. Clare, in the
month of April, 1598.

A.D. 1641, the Clan Teige O'Brien, commanded by Boetius Clancy, a
celebrated chieftain, and " a man of great property and influence in Clare,"
made a descent on the Isles of Arran, but was defeated with some loss, by
the united forces of the Lords Thomond and Clan Eicarde. This Boetius
had his residence at Knockfinn, now known as St. Catherine's, in the
barony of Corcumroe, but no vestiges of his once well-defended and
hospitable mansion now remain. The stones were long since used for
building purposes, and a large mound of earth marks its site.


Of Cloghauj King's Couiity,

A dexter arm embowed.

Arms* : Gu. three lions pass, guard in pale ar. Cr^
vested gu. holding in the hand a sword, both ppr.

*' MacCoghlan now deserts his Kme-white towers."

Rtman Vision.

According to some genealogists, the MacCoghlans derive their descent
and sirname from Coghlan, son of Flatile, of the race of Cormac Cas ; as
we are informed by O'Cleary in his dedication of the Reim- Rioghraidhe (or
succession of Irish Kings) to Torlogh MacCoghlan, Chief of his name, in
the second quarter of the seventeenth century. — See " Coghlan," which is
taken from the Linea Antigua.

92. Dealbha, 9th son of Cas.

93. Aindealaig : his sod.

94. Sithe : his son.

95. Blad : his son.

96. Comghal Breac : his sod.

97. Braccan : his son.

98. Saraan : his son.

99. Comghal : his son.

100. Clochcon : his son.

101. Dougosa: his son.

102. Caindighe : his sod.

103. Coghlan : his son.

104. Mulvihill : his sod.

105. Coghlan : his son.

106. Fionn : his son.

107. Uathamaran : his son,

108. Faghartagh: his son.

109. Anbith : his son.

110. Gormagan : his son.

111. Flatile : his sod.

112. Coghlan : his son.

113. Murtogh: his sod.

114. Longsidh : his son.

115. Hugh : his son.

116. Connor : his son.

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