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reduced Nenagh, as appears by the following letter which he wrote to his friend.
Colonel David Crosbie, Governor of Kerry :

" I have reduced Nenagh, and am this day marching after Owen Roe (O'Neill), either
to the Boyne or Borris-in-Leix. Preston is before Athy, and being possessed of part
of it three days since, it is confidently believed he is Mr. (Master) of it by this tyme.
I have now only to advise you to use your best care in keeping ye country in good
order, remayneing

" Yor affectionate friend,


17th Sept., 1648."

Of Murrough-an-Toitean we read in De Vere's Wail of Thomond :

" Can it be ? Can it be ? Can O'Brien be traitor ?

Can the great House Dalcassian be faithless to Eire ?
The sons of the stranger have wrong'd — let them hate her !

Old Thomond well knows them ; they hate her for hire !
Can oar Murrough be leagued with the rebels and ranters

'Gainst his faith and his countrj'-, his king and his race ?
Can he bear the low wailings, the curses, the banters ?

There's a scourge worse than these — the applause of the base !

" Was the hand that set fire to the churches descended

From the band of the King that uprear'd them, Boroimhe ?
When the blood of the priests and the people ran blended.

Who was it cried, * Spare them not ?' Inchiquin, who ?
Some Fury o'er-ruled thee ! some root hast thou eaten !

Twas a demon that stalked in thy shape ! 'Twas not thou !
Oh, Murrogh ! not tears of the angels can sweeten

That blood-stain ; that Cain-mark erase from thy brow !"

Soon after the reduction of Nenagh, Murrough-an-Toitean changed sides : Early
in 1649, he openly espoused the cause of Charles II., who in a letter from the Hague
appointed Murrough President of Munster ; and on the 14th of April of sams year he
was pronounced a traitor by the Commonwealth Parliament. On the Ist of June
following he sent the subjoined communication :

" To the Officer commanding in Cheeffe, Castlemaine.
*'By the Lord President of Maunster :

" You, and the rest of the Warders of Castlemaine, are hereby required to be
obedient to the directions and commands of Coll. David Crosbie uppon all occasions,
and to deliver him, if occasion shall require for his Maties. (Majesty's) service,
admonition (ammunition) out of the said Castle ; thereof you may not faile at yor pill
(peril) ; and for yor soe doeing this shall be yor Warrant.

' Inchiquin.

" Dated the first of June, 1649."

166 o'br.


o'br. [part III.

his castle of Rostellan, near Cloyue,
in 1691. Married jMary, dan. of
Edward Yilliers, Knt., and sister
of Edward, Earl of Jersey, and

I. William, who d. 1719, m. Anne,
Countess of Orkney, and had :

I. William, Lord O'Brien, who
d. s. p.

II. George, Lord O'Brien,
in. Augustus, d. s. p,
IV. Murrough, d. s. p.

I. Mary, who mairied Mur-
rough, the fifth Earl of

IL Anne.

IIL Frances.

IV. Elizabeth.

II. James, of whom presently.

III. Charles, who d. unm.

IV. Donal, who d. 1768.

I. Mary: the elder daughter
of William ; married Eobert
(died 1744), 19th Earl of Kil-
IT. Henrietta.

128. J^mes (died 1771), M.P. for
Youghal : second son of William
(d. 1G91); married Mary, dau. of
Very Eev. William Jephson, Pro-
testant Dean of Kilmore, and had :

I. Murrough (d. 1808), the fifth
Earl, who was created Marqvis
of Thcmcnd ; m. the Lady
Mary O'Brien, but d. without
male issue : in default of which
the remainder was to the
issue of his brother Edward,
who d. in 1801, in the lifetime
of Muirough.

II. Edward, of whom presently.

III. John, who was a Lieutecant
in the English Navy.

I. Mar5^

II. Anne, who m. the Most
Eev. Dr. Cox, Protestant Arch-
bishop of Cashel; and had a
son :

I. Eichard Cox.

III. Henrietta, whose first hus-
band was Teige O'Loughlin, of
Burren, in the co. Clare.

129. Edward: the second son of
James; d. 1801; married Mary,
daughter of Carrick, and had :

I. William, the second Marquis
of Thomond, who d. 1846;
succeeded to the title on the
death of his uncle, Mur-
rough, in February, 1808 ;
married Elizabeth, daughter
of Thomas Trotter, Esq., of
Duleek, by whom he had four

II. James, of whom presently.
IIL Edward, E.N.

130. James; the third Marquis:
second son of Edwaid; was the
seventh Earl, and the twelfth
Baron. Was an Admiral of the
White G.C.H., and commanded the
"Emerald" at the capture of St.
Lucia and Surinan. Married twice :
first, in 18C0, to Miss Bridgeman

Willyams; and secondly, to

Jane, daughter of Thomas Ottley,
Esq., but died in 1855, without
surviving male issue, and on his
death the Marquisate of Thomondy
and Earldom of Inchiquin became
extinct. The " Barony" devolved
on the Drcmoland branch of the
O'Brien family, in the person of Sir
Lucius O'Brien, who is Ko. 131 on
the " O'Brien" (Lords of Inchiquin)
pedigree, infra.

CHAP. I.] o'BR.


o'BR. 167

O'BRIEN. (No. 3.)

Viscounts Clare

Sir Donal, the third son of Connor O'Brien, the third Earl of Thomond,
who is No. 123 on the "O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree, was the
ancestor of this branch of that family :

124. Sir Donal: son of Connor;
Lord of Moyarta and Carrignoulta
(now Carrigaholt) ; created Viscount
Clare by King Charles II., in 1662 ;
m. Catherine, dau. of Gerald, Earl
of Desmond, and d. in 1662, leaving :

I. Connor of whom presently.

II. Donogh, who d. 6 August,

III. Murrough : who left issue.

IV. Teige, who m. Mary, dau. of
Gerald Eitzgerald of Ballig-

125. Connor, the second Viscount :
son of Sir Donal; d. in 1670; m.
Honoria, dau. of Donal O'Brien, of
Dough Castle, and had one son and
six daughters :

I. Daniel, of whom presently.

I. Margaret, who m. Husfh (Fitz-
Philip) O'Eeilly, Lord of East

II. Ellen, who married Roger
O'Shaughnessy of Gorfc.

III. Honoria, who m. John Fitz-
Gerald, Knight of Kerry.

IV. Catherine, w^hose second
husband was John MacNamara,
of Moyreisk.

V. Sarah, who m. Donal O'Sul-
livan Beare.

VI. Anne, who d. unm.

126. Daniel, the third Viscount:
son of Connor ; fought and fell at
the Battle of the Boyne, in 1690, in
the cause of King James II. ; m.
Philadelphia, eldest dau. of Francis
Leonard, the Lord Darce, and sister
to Thomas, Earl of Sussex, and

I. Daniel, the fourth Viscount,
who d. unm. in 1697.

II. Charles, the fifth Viscount.

127. Charles, the fifth Viscount
Clare* : son of Daniel ; was mortally
wounded on " Bamillies' Bloody
Field;' on the 11th of May, 1706,
and dying at Bruxelles was interred
in the Irish Monastery in that city.
He m. the dau. of Henry Buckley,
and had :

I. Charles, of whom presently.
I. Laura, who m. the Count de

128. Charles, the sixth Viscount,
who d. 1761 : the son of Charles;
was presented by his cousin Henry,
Earl of Thomond, to King George
the First, who assured the said
Charles of pardon of the outlawry
in which he continued by the
attainder of his grandfather in 1691,

* Viscount Clare : This is the Lord Clare to whom the following lines refer
When, on Ramillies' Bloody Field,
The baffled French were forced to yield,
The victor Saxon backward reeled
Before the charge of Clare's Dragoons.


Viva la, for Ireland's wrong !

Viva la, for Ireland's right !
Viva la, in battle throng,

For a Spanish steed, and sabre bright !

168 o'br.


o'br. [part IIL

provided he (No. 128) conformed to
the Protestant Religion ; but Charles
declined, and joined the Irish
Brigade in the service of France.
He commanded Sit Ftmtenoij* (1745),
and distinguished himself at the
head of the Irish Troops in that
well-contested field ; and on the eve
of that Battle was promoted to the
rank of Lieutenant-General, and
Marshal of Thomond, Governor of
New Brisack (in Alsace) ; and
Captain-General of the Province of
Languedock, for his^ distinguished

services at Laufeldt, in 1747. In
1755, he m. .Mary-Genevieve-
Louisa Ganthier de Chiffreville,
INIarchioness de Chiffreville, in
Normandy, and had a son and a
daughter :

I. Charles, of whom presently.
I. Antonietta- Maria - Septimanie,
who m. the Duke de Choiseuil-
Praslin, and had issue.
129. Charles, seventh Viscount,
who d. s. p. at Paris, 29th Dec,
1774; since which time the title
has remained in abeyance.


Branch of Viscounts Clare.

MuRROUGH, the third son of Sir Donal, the first Viscount Clare, who is
No. 124 on the '' O'Brien" (Viscounts Clare) pedigree, was the ancestor of
this branch of that family.

124. Sir Donal, created Viscount
Clare by King Charles IL, in 1662.

125. Murrough : his third son ;
was called Murrough-en-Casa ; to
escape persecution, he migrated to
Kerry under the protection of his
relative The MacCarthy M6r.

126. Murrough : his son.

127. Murrogh Oge : his son ; m. a
dau. of O'Rourke.

128. Brian Ban : son of Murrough
Oge ; m. Ellen Moriarty, and had :

I. Teige, of whom presently.

II. Murrough.

III. Donogh.

129. Teige: eldest son of Brian
Ban ; m. Joanna, sister of Silvester
Moriartj^, Eear-Admiral of the Blue.

130. Bryan, of the co. Kerry : son
of Teige; b. 1740; m., 20th Nov.,
1797, Ellen, dau. of Justin Mac-
Carthy (by Joanna Conway, his
wife), and had :

I. Eichard, who d. unm. in Jan.,

II. Lucius, who d. unm.


America, in March, 1865.
III. Turlogh-Henry, author of the

* Fonfenoy : At Fontenoy the Irish saved France from defeat -w-hen the battle was
almost won by the English. As a last resource, Marshal Saxe ordered up his last
reserve, the Irish Brigade, of which this Viscount Clare held the command :

** Lord Clare," he says, " you have your wish ; there are your Saxon foes I"

The Marshal almost smiles to see, so furiously he goes !

How tierce the look these exiles wear, who're wont to be so gay :

The treasured wrongs of fifty years are in their hearts to-day :

The Treaty broken, ere the ink wherewith 'twas writ could dry,

Their plundered homes, their ruined shrines, their women's parting cry.

Their priesthood hunted down like wolves, their country overthrown ;

Each looks as if revenge for all were staked on him alone.

*' On Fontenoy, on Fontenoy ;" nor ever yet elsewhere

Bushed on to fight a nobler band than these proud exiles were.


CHAP. I.] o'BR.


o'er. 169

''Round Towers of Ireland,"
who d. unm. in 1835.
lY. Rev. Edward, Vicar of
Thornton, Curtis, Ulceby, Lin-
colnshire, England.

V. Rev. John, M.A., Vicar of
Henfield, Sussex, England, 'who
m. in 1843, Elizabeth, dau. of
J. Hunt, Esq., and has issue.

VI. Rev. James, D.D., of Mag-

dalen Hall, Oxford, England;
Incumbent, Founder, and
Patron of SS. Patrick and
James, Hove, Sussex, England;
m. in August, 1844, Octavia,
second dau. of Charles Hopkin-
son, of Wotton Court, Glouces-
ter, and of Cadogan Place,

O'BRIEN. (No. 5.)
Barons and Earls of Inchiquin.

DONOGH, the youngest brother of Dermod, who is No. 122 on the
" O'Brien" (Marquis of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch
of that family :

122. Donogh ; the third son of
Murrough, the first Earl of Tho-
mond ; d. 1582. His father assigned
to him the Castles and lands of
Dromoland, Leamanagh, Ballycon-
nelly, Corcumroe, etc. ; m. Slaine,
dau. of John MacNamara Fionn, of
Crathloe, and had one son and two
daughters :

I. Connor, of whom presently.

I. Margaret.

II. Finola, who m. Uaithne
O'Loughlin, of Moyrin, in

123. Connor (who d. in 1603), of
Leamanagh: son of Donogh; m.
Slaine, dau. of Sir Turlogh O'Brien,
of Dough Castle, and had a son :

124. Donogh (2), who was knighted
by King Charles I., and who d. in
1634. This Donogh m. Honoria,
dau. of Richard Wingfield, an ances-
tor of the Viscounts Powerscourt,
and had three sons and one daugh-

I. Connor, of whom presently.

II. Donogh, of Tobbermaile.

III. Murrough, who m. Hannah,
dau. of his kinsman Turlogh
O'Brien of Cluonan, and had a
son named Teige.

I. Margaret, who m. Turlogh, son
of Teige O'Brien of Dromore.

125. Connor (2), of Leamanagh,
who d. 1651 : the eldest son of
Donogh ; m. Mary, dau. of Sir
Turlogh MacMahon, and had two
sons and two daughters :

I. Sir Donogh, of whom presently.

II. Teige, who m. the dau. of
Captain Edward Fitzgerald, of

I. Honoria, who married Donogh
O'Brien, of Dough.

II. Mary, who m. Donogh Mac-

126. Sir Donogh, of Leamanagh
and Dromoland : son of Connor ; d.
1717. Was created a Baronet on
the 9th of Nov., 1686. He was
twice married : first, to Lucia, dau.
of Sir George Hamilton, by whom
he had a son Lucius, of whom
presently; and secondly, to Ehza,
dau. of Major Deane, by whom he
had :

II. Henry.

I. Honoria.

II. Elizabeth.

127. Lucius : son of Sir Donogh
by his first marriage ; d. (before his
father) in 1717 ; m. Catherine, dau.

170 o'br.


o'er, [part ixi

of Thomas Keightley, of Hertford-
shire, and had two sons and two
daughters :

I. Sir Edward, of whom presently.

II. Thomas.

I. Anne.

II. Lucia.

128. Sir Edward, of Dromoland,
M.P. : son of Lucius ; was the
second Baronet; d. 1765. Sir
Edward m. Mary, dau. of Hugh
Hickman, of Fenloe, and had :

I. Sir Lucius-Henry, of whom

II. Douogh.

III. Edward.

I. Henrietta.

II. Anne.

III. Mary.

IV. Catherine, who m. Charles
MacDonnell, of New Hall, near

V. Lucia.

129. Sir Lucius-Henry, of Dromo-
land, M.P., the third Baronet : son
of Sir Edward; d. 1795; m., in
17G8, Nichola, dau. of Robert
French, of Monivea Castle, in the
CO. Gal way, M.P., and had :

I. Sir Edward, of whom presently.

II. Lucius.

III. Eobert.

IV. Donogh.

V. Henry.

I. Nichola.

II. Henrietta.

III. Catherine.

IV. Lucy.

V. Anna-]\Iaria.

VI. Charlotte.

130. Sir Edward, of Dromoland,
the fourth Baronet, who d. in 1837 ;
son of Sir Lucius-Henry ; m. in
1799, Charlotte, dau. of William
Smith, of Cahirmoyle, Newcastle
West, in the county Limerick, and

I. Sir Lucius, of whom presently.

II. William Smith O'Brien, M.P.
(b. 17th Oct., 1803; d. 18th

June, 1864), heir to the estates
of his maternal grandfather
William Smith ; the "Wallace'
of his country, who, on the
19th Sept., 1832, m. Lucy-
Caroline (d. 13th June, 1861),
eldest dau. of Joseph Gabbett,
Esq., of Limerick, and, besides
a daughter Charlotte-Grace
(living in 1887), the good and
philanthropic Miss C. G
O'Brien, of Emigration fame in
Ireland, had Ed ward- William,
J.P., (b. 23rd Jan., 1837, and
living in 1887), of Cahirmoyle,
CO. Limerick. William Smith
O'Brien d. in Wales, but his
remains were brought to Ire-
land and interred at Eath-
ronan, co. Limerick.

III. Edward.

IV. Robert.

V. Henry.

Sir Edward's daughters were :

I. Granna (or Grace).

II. Anne.

III. Harriet.

IV. Catherine.

V. Leney.

131. Sir Lucius, of Dromoland,
the fifth Baronet, and thirteenth
Baron of Inchiquin : son of Sir
Edward; b. 1800, d. 1872; m
twice : first, Mary, dau. of William
Fitzgerald, Esq., of Adelphi, co.
Clare, by whom he had one son
and three daughters :

I. Edward-Donogh, of whom pre-

I. Juliana-Cecilia, b. 1839.

II. Charlotte-Anne, b. 1840.
IIL Mary-Grace, b. 1848.
Sir Lucius was secondly m. (on

25th Oct., 1854) to Louisa, dau. of
James Finucane, Esq.

132. Edward Donogh O'Brien, oi
Dromoland, the sixth Baronet, and
the fourteenth " Baron Inchiquin
son of Sir Lucius ; b. 1837 ; living
in 1887.

lAP. I.] o'er.


o'br. 171

O'BRIEN. (No. 6.)
OJ Ara^^ in the County of Ti])]^erary.

Irian Ruadh [roe], second son of Connor-na-Siuddine, who is No. 112 on
lie " O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this
ranch of that family.

113. Brian Ruadh, who was mur-
dered at the Castle of Bunratty, by
.'homas le Clare, had :

I. Donogh, who was drowned in
the Fergus, leaving five sons :
1. Dermod, 2. Mahon, 3. Teige,
4. Connor-na-Feasoige, 5. Mur-
togh Gharbh.

II. Donal, of whom presently.

III. Murtogh.

IV. Teige Roe.

V. Brian.
YI. Turlogh.

114. Donal: second son of Brian
^uadh ; married Margaret, dau of
Curlogh Dubh MacMahon, of Clon-
larala, and had :

I. Bryan, of whom presently.

II. Donogh.

III. Donal.

115. Brian : the son of Donal ;
ettled in Ara, in the county of
Cipperary, and m. the dau. of
lenry de Burgo, by whom he had :

116. Murrough-ra-Ranaighe, who
Q. Mdr, dau. of O'Kennedy, of
)rmond, and had :

117. Turlough, who m. Honoria,
lau. of De Barry Oge, of Buttevant,
,nd had :

118. Teige, who had:

119. Donal Mor, who had :

120. Murtogh Caoch, who had :

121. Turlogh, who m. Mdr, dau. of

Donogh (FitzJohn) O'Carroll, and
had five sons and one dau. :

I. Murtogh, of whom presently.

II. Donogh, who died in his
father's lifetime.

III. Turlogh Carrach, the pro-
prietor of the Castles of
Bealanath and Cnockan-an-

IV. Teige-na-Buile, who possessed
the Castle of Kilcolman.

V. Murrough-an-Tuath, of the
Castle of Aos-Greine.

I. Winifred, who m. Connor, thje
third Earl of Thomond.

122. Murtogh: eldest son of Tur-
logh ; possessed the Castles of
Monroe, Pallas, Cahirconnor, and
Castletown. This Chieftain con-
formed to the Protestant Religion,
entered into Holy Orders, and was
appointed to the See of Killaloe.
He d. in 1613, leaving two sons and
four daughters :

I. Sir Turlogh, of whom presently.

II. John, who d. s. p.

I. Slaine, m. to Teige (Fitz-
Murrough) O'Brien, Baron of

II. Honoria.

III. Mdr.

IV. Margaret.

123. Sir Turlogh : the son of Mur-
togh ; m. a sister of Donal O'Brien,
of Annagh, and d. s. p. in 1626.

* Ara: See the Pedigree of " MacUi-Brien Ara," in Vol. H. 1. 7, MSS. Lib.,
trinity College, Dublin. " Ara" is a small mountain tract, south of Lough Dearg,
nd north of the Keeper Hills.

172 o'br.


o'br. [part III.I

O'BEIEN. (No. 7.)

Of Doughy Neidoivn, and Ennlstijmon.

Sir Donal, the second son of Connor, who is No. 121 on the "O'Brien''
(Kings of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch of that
family :

122. Sir Donal: son of Connor;
m. his cousin, Slaine, daii. of Mur-
rough, first Earl of Thomond, and
relict of Patrick, the twelfth Lord
of Kerry, and had :

I. Sir Turlogh, of whom presently.

II. Murtogh, who m. Mary French,

III. Connor, who m. Mary, dau.
of Teige MacMahon, of Carrig-
an-Ultach (" Carrigaholt "), and
had Mary, who m. Teige
MacNamara; and a son Daniel.

I. Mary, who m. Turloiigh Ruadh
MacMahon, and had two
daughters, of whom one m.
O'Donnell, "Earl" of Tircon-
nell ; and the other m. Mathew
Maol MacMahon. of Clynagh.

II. Sarah, who m. O'Sullivan

III. Finola, whose second hus-
band was Anthony O'Loughlin,
of Barren, co. Clare.

123. Sir Turlogh: eldest son of
Sir Donal ; m. Annabella, dau. of

Sir Lynch, of Galway, Knt.,

and had :

I. Donal, of whom presently.

II. Donogh, of Xewtown Castle,
who m. Margaret, dau. of Sir
John Burke, of Derryma-
claghna, Knt., and had :

I. Slaine, who m. Connor
O'Brien, of Leamanagh ; and

I. Connor, who m. Elena,
dau. of SirDermodO'Shaugh-
nessy, Knt., of Gort, in the
county Galway, and had
Donogh, who m. Martha,
dau. of Henry Ivers, of

124. Donal: son of Sir Turlogh
m. Ellen, dau. of Edmond Fitzgerald
Knight of Glin, and had :

I. Teige, of whom presently.

II. Murtogh, who m. Slaine,
dau. of John MacNamara, oi

I. Mary, who m. Sir James

II. Honoria, who m. Connor, the
the second Lord Clare.

125. Teige, of Dough, the sot
of Donal ; m. Mor, dau. of ^Murtogh
O'Brien, of Arra, and had :

I. Donogh, of whom presently.

II. Murtogh, who m. Mary, dau.
of Turlogh O'Neill.

126. Donogh, of Dough : son of
Teige ; m. Honoria, dau. of Connor
O'Brien, of Leamanagh, and had :

127. Christopher, who removed
to Ennistymon, and was twice m.
first, to Elizabeth, dau. of Theobald
Matthew, of Thomastown, co. Tip-
perary, and by her had :

I. Donogh, who d. young.

I. Elizabeth, who m. twice : first,
to Charles MacDonnell, and
secondly to Thomas Keane.

Christopher, of Ennistymon,
secondly m. Mary, dau. of Randal
MacDonnell, and by her had :

II. Edward, of whom presently.

III. James.

128. Edward, of Ennistymon :
second son of Christopher; m.
Susanna, dau. of Henry O'Brien,
of Stone Hall, and had one son
and three daughters :

I. Christopher, of whom presently.

SAP. I.] O'bR.


o'br. 178

I. Mary.

II. Anne.

III. Harriett.

I 129. Christopher : son of Edward ;
living in the early part of the
nineteenth century..

O'BEIEK (No. 8.)
Of Ballynalachen, County Clare.

Arms : Gu. three lions pass, guard, in pale per pale or. andar. Crest .* An arm
Qbowed, brandishing a sword ar. pommelled and Mlted or. Motto : Viguer de

'ONAL, a younger son of Turlogh Donn (d. 1528), who is No. 119 on the
O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of this branch
F that family ; and possessed the territories there mentioned.

wellian Settlement of Ireland ; he
m. Honora, dau. of O'Connor of
Corcomroe, and had :

125. Brian, of Leitrim, who, under
the Act of Repeal passed by King
James II. in the Parliament held in
Dublin, A.D. 1689, possessed him-
self of the Estate of Carruduff^
aforesaid. This Brian m. Mary,
dau. of Lochlin MacConsidine of
Lac, in the co. Clare, Chief of his
name, and had four sons :

I. Dermod, Knt. of the Military
Order of St. Louis; was in
the Begiment of Lord Clare ;
and d. s. p.

II. Torlogh, of whom presently.

III. Teige, of Lanna, who d. s. p.

IV. Morrough (or Morgan), who
d. in 1774. He was a Captain
in Lord Clare's Regiment ;
Knight of the Military Order
of St. Louis, in Oct., 1736,
married at Landrecies, Maria
Louisa de Thomak (a French
lady), and had :

I. Brian (or Bernard), wha
was an Aid-Major, in Lord
Clare's Regiment, and died at
Vitre in Brittany in 1758.

II. Florence Dermod (or Darby),
born at Landrecies, 3rd
October, 1743 ; Captain in
Clare's Regiment ; Knight

120. Donal, who was known as
►onal Bacach (" bacach :" Irish,
me) : second son of Teige-an-
homhaid : m. Saibh, dau. of
'Loghlin, Prince of Burren, and
ad four sons :

I. Brian.
IL Teige.

III. Connor, of whom presently.

IV. Mortogh.

Brian, Teige, and Mortogh left

issue ; but their brother Connor
iherited their lands.

121. Connor, of Carruduff: third
m of Donal Bacach ; m. Celia,
au. of O'Dea, Prince of Ive-
'ermaic, and had :

122. Donogh, of Carruduff, who
I. Honora, dau. of O'Hehir, lord of
^e-Cormaic, and had two sons :

I. Dermod, of whom presently.

II. Connor, a quo Donal Cam
and his issue :

123. Dermod, of Carruduff: son

1 Donogh, m. Eleanor, dau. of
eige MacMahon, of Dangan-an-
illy, in the barony of Moyarta, co.
lare, and had :

I. Donal, of whom presently.

II. Morrogh.

124. Donal, of "TJarruduff: son of
►ermod. In 1652, (see the "Book
i Survey and Distribution") this
>onal lost his estate by the Crom-

174 o'br.


o'br. [part II

of Eoyal and Military Order
of St. Lonis ; and Com-
mandant of St. Germain de
Calberte in the Sevennes.
On the 6th September, 1774,
at Bogny, in the diocese of
Reims, he married Dame
Maria Theresa de Covarru-
viasde Leyva,dau.of Charles,
Marquis of Covarruvias de
Leyva, Colonel of the Life
Guards of the Duke of
Modena, and Inspector-Genl.
of his forces; andhad : Marie-
Theresa-Thadee O'Brien, b.
at Bogny, aforesaid, on the
9th October, 1780.

126. Torlogh, of Leitrim : second
son of Brian of Beatath-Corick,
Esq. (by Catherine, dau. of JeoflPry
O'Connell, of Breantry, Esq., and
sister of Colonel Maurice O'Connell,
•who d. s. p.), and had two sons and
one daughter :

I. Torlogh, of whom presently.

II. John, who m. Miss Foster, of
Kells, and had :

Terence, who d. unm. in Oct.,
I. Catherine, a professed Nun at

127. Torlogh, of Cross or Elm-
vale : son of Torlogh ; m. Eleanor,
dau. of Mortogh O'Hogan, of Cross
-(by Eleanor Butler, niece of Sir
Toby, Butler, Knt., M.P., Chief
Commissioner of the Inch, at the
Capitulation of Limerick), and had
two sons and one daughter :

I. John, of Limerick, who m.

Margaret, dau. of

Macnamara, Esq., of London ;
and d. s. p. in 1792 (Will dated
1st Feb., 1792; and pioved
20th Dec, 1792).

II. James, of whom presently.

128. James, of Limerick (d. 21st

Feb., 1806) : second son of Torlogt
in Feb., 1791, m. Margaret* (d. 6t ]
April, 1839), dau. of Peter Lon;
Esq.jOfWaterford, and had four son;

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