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by Ellen, daughter of William Butler, of Balliboe, county Tipperary, gent., 1. John,
his heir, which John married Ellen, daughter of Daniel Magrath, of Mountaincastle, in

254 pow.


POW. [part III.

of Ireland, no " barony" is so much prized (because of its antiquity) as
that of JVrit of Summons to ParHament.

So early as A.D. 1368, the Le Poers (or Foicers) were very numerous in
the county Waterford, and in possession of a very large portion of the
county called " Powers' Country;" and, besides the family of Curraghmore
(the seat of the marquis of Waterford), there were those of the baron of
Donisle, and the house of Kilmeaden — both of which were destroyed by
Oliver Cromwell, during his " Protectorate."

Of the Le Poer family (which has existed in the county Waterford for
the last seven centuries) there have been many branches and offshoots ;
one or two of which we are able to trace down to the present time. I. The
following is one of them as far as we can trace it :

1. John Power, of Kilmeaden. 1 7. John (3) : his son ; had two

2. Nicholas : his son. brothers ; died (before his father)

3. Piers : his son. in 1693.

4. Sir William : his son. 8. David Power : his son ; living

5. John (2) : his son. in 1709 ; had one brother.

6. David : his son; died A.D. 1696.

II. Pierce Power,* by his second wife, Grace, daughter of Sir T.
Osborne, was the ancestor of the following branches of the Power
family :

1. Pierce Power ; had three
younger brothers — 1. Eichard, of
Carrigaline, county Cork; 2. Breine;
3. Robert.

2. Pierce (2) : son of said Pierce ;
had six younger brothers — 1. Milo,
2. Richard, 3. David, 4. John, 5.
Thomas, and 6 Anthony.

3. Nicholas : son of Pierce ; had
a brother, the Rev. John, who died

4. Pierce, of Ballyhane, near
Whitechurch, county Waterford :

son of Nicholas ; had three sisters —
1. Penelope, 2. Eliza, 3. Alicia ;
married, in 1762, Elizabeth, dau. of
Valentine Browning, son of Major
Browning, who came to Ireland
with Cromwell. The male issue of
that Major Browning having failed,
the said Elizabeth Browning became
the heiress of Afifane, near Cappo-
quin ; and thus the Afifane property
came into the possession of the said
Pierce Power, who died in 1815.
5. Rev. William Power : his fifth

the county Waterford; Pierce, whose daughter Judith was married toMrDacket;
James, Ellen, and Anne, and founded the family at Rathcormac, in the county Water-
ford) ; 3. Robert ; 4. John, who died unmarried in Dublin ; 5. Da%-id, who died there.
17th August, 1661, and was buried at St. Michan's ; 1. Ellen, married to Thomas
Walsh, of Piltown, sen., Esq. ; 2. Catherine, married to John Fitzgerald, of Dromana,
Esq. (whose only daughter, Catherine, was mother of John, late earl Grandison) : 3.
Margaret ; and 4. Mary.

In Notes at foot of the foregoing. Lodge gives the following references : MS. Pedig.
Trin. Coll., 1676 ; and again MS. Pedig. Trin. Coll. Plea and Ans. ViUers to Poer.
14:th November, 1676.

* Pierce Power :
named Eoger.

This Pierce was twice married : by his first marriage he had a son







son ; had four brothers — 1 . Samuel,*

2. Nicholas (who died young, s.^.),

3. John,t 4. Pierce ; and three sisters
— Alice, married to John Drew,
Esq., of Frogmore, county Cork,
2. Catherine, married to Sir Chris-
topher Musgrave, Bart., of Tourin,
county Waterford, 3. Jane, married
to Eev. George Miles. This William
succeeded to Affane, in 1815 ; mar-
ried, in 1807, Mary-Araminta, dau.
of the Eev. Thomas Sandi^ord ; and
died 1825, leaving issue — 1. Samuel
Browning, 2. Edward, 3. Eev.

6. Samuel Browning Power :
eldest son of William : succeeded

to AfFane in 1825; was a J.P. for
county Waterford ; in 1831 married
Mary, daughter of Thomas Wood-
ward, Esq., of the Forest of Dean,
Gloucestershire ; died in 1867, leav-
ing issue three sons and three
daughters : th^ sons were — 1.
William, 2. Eichard-Charles, 3.
Frederick-Edward ; the daughters
were — 1. Frances-Susanna, 2. Mary-
Araminta, 3. Susanna-Louisa.

7. Captain William Power, of
Affane : eldest son of Samuel-
Browning; in 1869 married Cath-
erine-Mary, only surviving child of
Captain Jervois, RN., of Winifred
Dale, Bath ; living in 1880.

POWEE. (No. 2.)

Lords Power.

EiCHARD, Lord Power, had :

2. Thomas of Cullefin, county
Waterford, Arm., who had :

3. James, who had :

4. Thomas, who d. 15 Dec, 1637.
He m. Margaret, dau. of Peter
Butler of Monyhory, co. Wexford,
and had four sons and four daus. :

I. Peter, of whom presently.

IL Eichard, who m. Gyles, dau.

of David Power, of Culroe, co.

III. John. IV. James.

The daughters were :

I. Joan, who d. s. p.

II. Gyles, who m. Jeffrey Fanning
of Fanningstown, co.Tipperary.

III. Katherine.

TV, Margaret, who m. Eichard

Power, of Ballincurry, county


5. Peter Power : eldest son of

Thomas ; m. Katherine, dau. of

William Wale, of Clonymuck, co.


* Samuel : This Samuel Power was married to Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir
G. Browne, by whom he had three sons and three daughters: the sons were — 1.
George-Beresford, married to Elizabeth Eeeves, by whom she had one son (Samuel) and
one daughter (Dorothea-Carttor) ; 2. Samuel; 3. Rev. Henry. The daughters were—
1. Anna, married to D. Blake, Esq. ; 2. Elizabeth ; 3. Georgina.

t John : This John was twice married : first to Anna Ross, by whom he had three
children — 1. Pierce, 2. Elizabeth, married to W. L. Ogilby, 3. Mary, married to J.
Earrell ; his second marriage was to Jane Bennett, by whom he had five children — I .
Samuel, married to Rebecca Danver, 2. Philip, 3. John, 4. Philip, 5. Anna-Ross. The
children of this Samuel Power and his wife Rebecca Danver, were — 1. John-Danver, 2.
Florence-Danver, 3. Frederick-Danver, 4. Arthur-Danver, 5. Lilian Danver, 6. Philip-
Danver, 7. Norman-Danver, 8. Arnold-Danver.

256 Pow.


QUI. [part hi.

POWER. (No. 3.)
Of EathcwrnacJc, County Waterfcn'd,

John, Lord Power, had :

2. Peter (his second son), who

3. Pdchard, of Rathcormack, Esq.,
who d. Feb., 1635. He m. Ellen,
dau. of William Butler, of Ballybor,
CO. Tii^perary, gent., and had issue :

4. John, who m. Ellen, dau. of
Donagh McGrath, (or Macrath), of
Mountaincastle, co. AVaterford. This
John had four brothers : — 1. James,
2. Edmund, 3. William, 4. Peirce ;
and one sister Ellen.


Amis : Erm. on a canton vert, a calvary cross on three grieces or.

an-Gaircedh who is No. 97 on the
ancestor of O'Cuill ; anglicised Quaile^

Reachtabra, a brother of Fiachra
" Vera-0'Sullivan" pedigree, -was the
Quill, Penfeather, and Fennefather.

97. Reachtabra : son of Seach-

98. Flann : his son.

99. londrachtach : his son.

100. Maonach : his son.

101. Bran: his son.

102. Maolfohartach : his son.

103. Donchadh: his son.

104. Flann : his son.

105. Cuill (" cuille" : Irish, a quill):
his son ; a quo 0'' Cuill.

106. Aodh : his son.

107. Donchadh : his son.

108. Ceannfaoladh : his son.

109. Aodh : his son.

110. Mathghamhnach : his son.

111. Ceannfaoladh : his son.

112. Seaan: his son.

113. Donchadh O'Cuill : his son.


Earls of Dunraven,

Arms* : Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. a hand coupedhelow the wrist grasping a sword
ppr., on each side a serpent, tail nowed, the heads respecting each other or., in chief
two crescents ar., for O'Quix, of Munster ; 2nd and 3rd, az. a chev. betw. three lions'
heads erased or. with a mullet for diff., for Wyxdham. Crests: 1st, Quixn : A wolf's
head erased ar. ; 2nd, Wyxdham : A lion's head erased within a fetterlock and chain
or. Supporters : Two ravens with wings elevated ppr. collared and chained or. Motto:
Qnce sursum volo videre.

^NEAS (or Aongus) Ceannathrach,t a younger brother of Blad who is No.
92 on the " O'Brien" (Kings of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of
CCuinn or Muintir Cuinn, of Munster; anglicised O'Quin, Quin, and Quain.

* Arras : The arms of O'QriN, of Munster, were : Gu. a hand couped below the
wrist grasping a sword all ppr. betw. in chief two crescents ar., and in base as many
serpents erect and respecting each other, tails nowed or. Crest : A boar's head erased
and erect ar. langued gu.

t Ceannathrach : This is the epithet ("ceann" : Irish, a head; " atrach," a boat
employed in some Irish MSS. in the case of this ^neas ; while Ceannattin (" ceann"
Irish, a head ; " attin,"/Mrse) is the epithet in others.



QUI. 257

92. f ^Qeas Ceannathrach : a
younger son of Cas, a quo Dal Cais,
or Dalcassians.

93. Rethach : his son.

94. Seanach : his son.

95. Diomma : his son.

96. Dunsleibhe : his son.

97. Cuallta (" cuallta" : Irish, a
v:olf) : his son ; a quo O'Cualltaigh,
angUcised Kielty, Quiliy, and Wolf.

98. Fermac (" fear" : Irish, a man;
" mac," bright, pure, clear) : his son ;
a quo Cineal Fearmaic, of Thomond.

99. Fercinn (" cionn" : Irish, head,
cause, account) : his son ; a quo
0^ Fercinn, by some anglicised Perkin
and Perkins.*

100. Flann Scrupuil : his son

101. Flancha: his son.

102. Dubhsalach : his son.

103. Donn : his son.

104. Donal : his son.

105. Deadha (" deadhachd :" Irish,
godliness) : his son ; a quo O^Dead-
haichd, anglicised O'Day, O'Dea,]
Day, JDee, and Deedy.

106. Conn Mdr ("conn": Irish,
wisdom) : his eldest son ; a quo
O'Cuinn or Muintir Cuinn. Had a
younger brother Donoch, from
whom descended the O'Dea (of
Thomond) family ; and another
younger brother, Flaithertach, who
was the ancestor of Roughan.

107. Niall : son of Conn Mor ; had
a younger brother named Donal. —
See the Linea Antigua. This Niall
was slain, A.D. 1014, at the Battle
of Clontarf, fighting on the side of
the Irish Monarch Brian Boroimhe
[boru], against the Danes.

108. Feadleachair : son of Niall.

In this generation the sirname was
first assumed in this family.

109. Core : his son.

110. Murrogh: his son.

111. Donogh : his son.

112. Giolla-Sionan : his son.

113. Donogh : his son.

114. Donal : his son.

115. Tomhas : his son.

116. Donal : his son.

117. Donal : his son.

118. Connor O'Qain : his son ; who
lived in the second quarter of the
14th century.

119. Donal: his son.

120. John : his son.

121. Donogh : his son. This
Donogh had, besides his successor,
another son John, who was Bishop
of Limerick.

122. James, of Kilmallock : son of

123. Donogh : his son; mar. Miss
Nash, of Ballynacaharagh, by whom
he had two sons, namely — 1. Donogh
Oge; 2. Andrew, mentioned inci-
dentally in a letter from Lord Kerry
to Col. David Crosbie, dated 3rd
October, 1648.

124. Donogh Oge : son of Donogh ;
m. a Miss O'Riordan.

125. Teige.: their son. Had a dau.
Elenora, who was m. to Simon
Haly, of Ballyhaly.

126. Valentine, of Adare : son of
Teige; m. Mary, dau. of Henry
Wyndham, of the Court, county
Limerick; d. 1744.

127. Wyndham : son of Valen-
tine ; in 1748 m. Frances, dau. of
Richard Dawson, of Dawson's Grove.

128. Valentine-Richard : their son;

* Perkins : According to MacFirbis, " Perkins" and "Perkinson" were in Gaelic
rendered MacPiaruis, and sometimes MacPeadliair, which are by him classed among
Saxon families {Sloinnte Saxonta) settled in Ireland.

t O'Dea : This family of " O'Dea," who are of the Cineal Fearmaic, of Thomond,
and of the Dalcassian race, are a distinct family from O'Dea, of Slieveardagh, in the
county Tipperary.


258 QU]


QUI. [part III.

created " Earl of Dunraven and
Mount Earl," on the 22nd January,
1822. He m., in 1777, Frances,
dau. of Stephen, first Earl of
Ilchester, by whom he left, at his
decease in 182 J:, his successor, an-
other son Richard-George, and a
dau. Harriet, who m. Sir William
Payne- Gall wey, Bart.

129. Windham-Henry Wyndhara,
the second Earl, who d. 1850 : son
of Valentine-Richard ; m., on 27th
Dec, 1810, Caroline, dau. and sole
heiress of Thomas Wyndham, Esq.,
of Dunraven Castle, Glamorgan-
shire, and had :

I. Edwin-Richard-Wyndham, of

whom presently.
n. Windham-Henry-Wyndham
(d. 1865), Captain Grenadier
Guards ; b. 1829 ; m., in 1856,
Caroline, third dau. of Vice-
Admiral Sir George Tyler, K.H.
(she re-married in 1867 Col. N.

0. S. Turner, R.A.), and left
with other issue :

1. Windham-Henry-Quin ; b.

I. Lady Anna-Maria-Charlotte (d.
1855), who m. in 1836, the
Right Hon. William Monsell

(now Lord Emly), of Tervoe,
CO. Limerick.

130. Edwin-Richard-Wyndham,*
the third Earl (whod. Oct., 1871) :
son of Windham-Henry-Wyndham ;
b. 1812. Was twice married : first,
to Augusta, third dau. of the late
Thomas Goold, Esq., Master in
Chancery; and secondly, to Anne,
dau. of Henry Lambert, Esq., of
Carnagh (who, as the Dowager
Countess of Dunraven, m. secondly,
on the 26th April, 1879, Hedworth
Hylton Jolliffe, second Baron
Hylton). The children of Edwin-
Richard-Wyndham by the first
marriage were :

I. Windham-Thomas- Wyndham,
of whom presently.

I. Lady Caroline-Adelaide ; b.
1838; d. 1853.

IL Lady Augusta-Emily ; b. 1839.

HI. Lady Mary-Frances ;b, 1844;
m. in 1S68 Arthur Hugh Smith-
Barry, Esq., of Marbury Hall,
Cheshire, and of Fota Island,
Cork (who was M.P. for Cork,

IV. Lady Edith.

V. Lady Emily-Anna.

131. Windham-Thomas- Wyndham

* Wyndham : Edwin-Richard-Wyndham Quin, third Earl of Dunraven, -was a
prominent archaeologist. At Eton he showed a strong taste for astronomy ; and he
afterwards spent three years at the Dublin Observatory under Sir William Ilamilton.
Natural Science occupied much of his attention ; he was also deeply interested in the
study of Irish antiquities, and was a prominent member of the Koyal Irish Academy,
the Celtic Society, and several Ai-cha^ological associations. His chosen friends were
men such as Graves, Stokes, Petrie, Reeves, and Todd. He accompanied the Comte de
Montalembert to Scotland, when engaged upon his Monks of the West, one volume of
which is dedicated to Lord Dunraven : " Praenohili viro Edvino Wyndham Quin,
Comiti de Dunraven." Attended by a photographer, he visited nearly every barony in
Ireland, and nearly every island on its coast. He made his investigations with a view
to the publication of an exhaustive work on the architectural remains of Ireland,
profusely illustrated with photographs, his main object being to vindicate the artistic
and intellectual capabilities of the ancient and mediaeval Irish. Having died before
the completion of the work, the result of his labours has been given to the world, at
the expense of his ioxmly— Notes on Irish Architecture, by Edwin, third Earl of
Dunraven : Edited by Margaret StoJces. (London : 1875 and 1877) : two superb
volumes, with 125 illustrations, most of them large photographs. What may be called
the spirit of ancient Irish architecture is brought out in this book in a style never
previously attempted in pictorial representations.

CHAP, l] qui.


KIN. 259

Quin, of Adaref Manor, Adare, co.
Limerick, and of Dunraven Castle,
Bridgend, Glamorganshire, late 1st
life Guards : son of Ed win- Richard -
Wyndham ; living in 1887 ; b. 12th
Feb., 1841 ; m., 29th April, 1869,
Florence, second dau. of Lord and

Lady Charles Lennox Kerr; suc-
ceeded his father, as the fourth
Earl, on the 6th October, 1871.
Issue :

I. Lady Florence Enid.

II. Lady Rachael-Charlotte.

III. Lady Aileen May.


Arms : Ar. on a bend gu. three crescents of tlie first,
cuffed or., holding a roll of paper.

Daire Cearb, a brother of Lughaidh who is No. 88 on the
was the ancestor of O'mBillrin ; anglicised Ring.

Crest : A hand vested sa.

Line of Heber,"

88. Daire Cearb : son of OlioU

89. Fiacha Fidgente : his son.

90. Brian : his son.

91. Cairbre : his son.

92. Ere : his son.

93. Aill Ceannfhoda : his son.

94. Lapadh : his son.

95. Aongus : his son.

96. Aodh : his son.

97. Crunnmaol : his son.

98. Eoganan : his son.

99. Aodh Ron : his son.

100. Dubhdhabh : his son.

101. Ceannfaoladh : his son.

102. Ball ("dall": Irish, blind):
his son; a quo O^Dhaill Gabhra,

anglicised O^Dally, O'Dell, Odell, and

103. Fursach: his son.

104. Duneadach : his son.

105. Aongus : his son.

106. Dubarthach : his son.

107. Billrian ("bill" : Irish, small,
" rian," a footstep) : his son ; a quo

108. Ecthighearn : his son.

109. Suthan (*'suth": Irish, soot,
the weather, " an," one ivho) : his
son; a quo O'Suthain, anglicised

110. Maolruanadh O'mBillrin : his

t Adare :

Oh, sweet Adare ! oh, lovely vale !

Oh, soft retreat of sylvan splendour I
Nor summer sun, nor morning gale,

E'er hailed a scene more softly tender.
How shall I tell the thousand charms

Within thy verdant bosom dwelling,
Where, lulled in Nature's fost'ring arms,

Soft peace abides and joy excelling.

— Gerald Griffin.

2()0 ROU.


SHE. [part III.


Flahertach, the third son of Deadha who is No. 105 on the " O'Dea"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Roglmn; anglicised Bowhan, Eocm, and

106. Flahertach : son of Deadha.

107. Searragh Koghan ("seair-
riach" : Irish, a/oal, and " rogha,"
a choice) : his son ; a quo O'Roghain.

108. Faolan : his son.

109. Feach : his son.

110. Olioll: his son.

111. Eanna : his son.

112. Criomthann : his son.

113. Feareadhach : his son.

114. Foalusa : his son.

115. Donogh Claragh : his son.

116. Ainbhleithe : his son.

117. Ceallach : his son.

118. Morogh: his son.

119. Eoghan (or Owen) : his son.

120. Muireadhagh : his son.

121. Murtogh: his son.

122. Dermod O'Roughan : his son.


[Arms : Gu. a bend or. Crest : A demi talbot sa.

COSCEACH, a brother of Cineadh (or Cendedach) who is No. 106 on the
" Kennedy" (of Thomond) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Seanchain ;
anglicised Shanahan, and Shannon.

106. Coscrach : son of Donchadh

107. Flaithbeartach : his son.

108. Seanchan ("seancha": Irish,
an antiquary, or genealogist) ; his
son ; a quo O'Seanchain.

109. Donchadh Dubh : his son.

110. Ruadhri: his son.

111. Donchadh : his son.

112. Aodh: his son.

113. Flaithbeartach: his son.

114. laidhg: his son.

115. Ruadhri: his son.

116. Donchadh : his son.

117. Aodh : his son.

118. Flaithbeartach : his son.

119. Taidhg ; his son.

120. Aodh O'Seanchain : his son.


According to some genealogists, Sioda, who is No. 62 on the "Mac-
Namara" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacShioda ; anglicised MacSheedy^
Sheedy, Silk, and Silke. But this family directly descends from Sioda,* a
younger brother of John an Ghabhaltuis (or John the Conqueror), who is

* Sioda : According to a description of the County Clare, preserved in the Library
of Trinity College, Dublin, Clann Coilein (situate in the western portion of that county),
the_territory of the MacNamara, known as the * ' MacNamara Fionn," comprised the



SPE. 261

No. 117 on the " MacNamara" genealogy : that Sioda who was the ancestor
of " MacNamara Fionn."

117. Sioda (" Sioda" : Irish, SiUc) :
son of Maccon ; a quo MacShioda.

118. Maccon-Dal : his son.

119. Sioda: his son; had a bro-
ther John Fionn.

120. Florence : his son.

121. Lochlan : his son.

122. Florence : his son.

123. Florence : his son.

124. Sioda: his son.

125. Daniel Sheedy: his son. Had
two brothers — 1. Donoch (or Denis),
2. Thadej living in 1691.


Owen (Eoghan), brother of John who is No. 118 on the "Hickey"
pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Slafiairaidh ; anglicised Slattery.

118. Owen O'Hickey : son of John ;
was called An-Slat-Iairaidh (" Slat" :
Irish, a rod, and " iair," to ask), as
if he deserved the birch ; a quo

119. William O'Slattery : his son ;
was the first that assumed this sir-

120. John O'Slattery : his son.


Arms : Sa. a fess erm. a bend gu. guttee d'or ; another : Sa. a fess erm. a bend
or, guttee de sang ; another : Sa. ten bezants, four, three, two, and one, betw. two
flaunches ar. ; and another : Gu. a cbief erm.

This family is variously called O'Spealain, Spellan, Splaine, Sj^oUerij S;pellman,
and Spilman ; and is descended from Mahon, son of Kennedy, the brother
of Brian Boroimhe, who is No. 105 on the '' O'Brien Kings of Thomond"
Stem. The O'Hanrahan family is also descended from this .Mahon or
Mahoun. The tribe-name of the O'Spellan sept was Hy-Leughaidh, a
name subsequently given to the lands of which they were possessed in the
barony of Eliogarty, county of Tipperary ; and a name derived from
Leughaidh, a remote ancestor of the family. O'Heerin says :

*' The chief of Hy-Leughaidh of swords,
Is O'Spellan of the bright spurs;
Majestic is the march of the warrior,"

Of this family was the learned author of the Manual of Therapeutics. A
branch of the house of Hy-Leughaidh in early times settled in the

following parishes : Killaloe, Aglish, Killurin, Kilkeady, Kilbrooney, Tullagh, :Moynoe,
Kilnoe, Killokennedy, Kiltrinanela, Feakle, Kilfinaghty, and Inishcaltragh.

As the O' Grady' 8 were seated in Tomgrany, Scariff, and Moynoe, it may be
assumed that they were tributary to the Chiefs of the MacNamaras.

After the Cromwellian Settlement the ' * Sheedy" family were scattered : some of
them settled in the county Cork, some in Tipperary, some in Limerick, and some in
West Clare ; but few, if any, of them are now to be found in their ancient patrimony
of Clann Coilein.


barony of Galmoy in the county of Kilkenny, and gave name to " Bally-
spellane," celebrated for its mineral waters ; another branch settled in the
barony of Barrymore, county of Cork, and gave name to " Ballyspillane,"
a parish in that barony.

We believe the present representative of this family is Philip Splaine,
Esq., The Green, Passage West, county Cork, whose ancestors, for many
generations, resided in Templemartin parish, barony of Kinalmeaky, co.
Cork, their chief residence being built in the centre of an old fort in the
townland of Gurranes, in that parish, and convenient to the old palace of
the O'Mahonv Princes.

STEWART. (Xo. 1.)

High Stewards of Scotland.

Arms : Or. a fess chequy az. and ar.

CoRC, Ko. 89 on the stem of the " Line of Heber," was married to Mong-
fionn, daughter of Feredach Fionn (also called Fionn Cormac), King of
the Picts. Main Leamhna, one of the sons by that marriage, remained
in Scotland with his grandfather, Feredach Fionn, who gave him land to
inhabit, called Leamliain (anglicised Lennox), which his posterity enjoyed
ever since Avith the appellation or title of Mur MJiaor Leamhna, i.e.
" Great Steward of Lennox ;" and at length became Kings of Scotland and
of England. This terra " Steward" is the origin of the sirnames Stewart
and Stuart.

89. Core : King of Munster.

90. Main Leamhna : his son.

91. Donal : his son.

92. Muredach : his son.

93. Alen-(or Alan), the elder, first
" Great Steward of Lennox :" his
son j a quo Steicart.

94. Alen, the younger: his son.

95. Amhailgadh [awly], the elder:
his son.

96. Awly, the younger : his son.

97. Walter : his son.

98. Donogh (Doncan or Duncan) :
his son.

" Here the old Irish copy of the Genealogy of this Eoyal Family is defective,
some leaves being either torn or worn out with time, wherein the pedigree (in all
likelihood) was traced down to the time of the writing of that hook some hundreds of
years past ; and no other copy extant to supply it. I am (therefore) necessitated to
follow the Scottish writers, where they begin to take notice of this noble and princely
family, in the person of Bianco, who was lineally descended from the above-named
Donogh or Duncan, who was Thane of Lochquaber ; was one of the chief nobility of
Scotland ; and near Kinsman to the good King Duncan, who was murdered by the
usurper Macbeth, as were this Bianco and all his children except his son Fleance." —
Four Masters.

[As this Bianco was murdered by iMacbeth, he must have been contemporary with
his " near kinsman the good King Duncan," who (see p. 39) is No. 108 on the "Lineal
Descent of the Royal family ;" we may therefore reckon Bianco as, at least, No. 107 on
this family stem.]

107. Bianco, lineally descended
from Duncan, who is No. 98 on this

108. Fleance : his son.

109. Walter : his son.

110. Alan Stewart : his son. This

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